What if the Powerpuff girls were black?

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theyd be in jail

twerkin an smokin crack

>>133061953>all these PPG threadsnew schizo just dropped?

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>>133061953What are they dressed like that?

>>133061953Then it'd make sense that their creation was a mistake

>>133061953I can’t even tell which one is supposed to be which

>>133061953Which one is Buttercup?

>>133062475going to the club. In all seriousness, I was raised in a mixed black/white/hispanic area, and I am never going back to white women. They're the most entitled, whiny humans on earth. Black women actually appreciate romantic gestures and effort and return the love given.

>>133062566>return the love given.Sounds blessed.

>>133061953left two look like ganguro, not black


>>133061953We don't say black here we say nigger.

Where is professor Utonium?

>>133062557The blackest one

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>>133063668Something's off.


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>>133063714yeah, princess doesn't belong there

>>133063467He's still not back from getting milk

>>133064118Take that back

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>>133064408Only because Mojo got him


>>133061953They'll be anti heroes despiste acting the same.

>>133064601How's that?

>>133063714Princess doesn't have fingers.

>>133064630Police assume blacks are no good.

>>133064634That's right.

>>133064097You cant wash out the white. They can only be black but not niggers if one of them is man is white.

>>133061953Each would have kids from fathers that aren't around any more/are in jail.

>>133062566>appreciate romantic gestures and effort and return the love given.Too good to be true.

>>133064436The fourth member.

Nothing much would change in the show. Kids tend to act the same


>>133066001And the strongest smartest and cutest member

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>>133061953What if evil?

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>>133062566WTF I love black women now!?

>>133063668Woah, Buttercup has got the timbs!

>>133062164The annoncement of a new show has awakened usyoutube.com/watch?v=iCa6o_zzZXs


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>>133061961No jail can hold Da Bomb BaDonk Gurls.

>>133064656Oh you're one if those


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>>133062807ganguro or gyaru; tanned Japanese chicks

>>133061953don't have that but I do have one of them as Japanese

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>>133061953>>133066481what if they sucked my cock?

>>133067315I like this artist's stuff.

>>133061953>Chemical N

>>133061953Diva starz

>>133061953I desperately want to kiss right's belly tattoo

>>133061953God damn. They have no fingers but--but god damn.

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>>133061953Less time fighting, more time on twitter. Also a lot more ass hots.

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>>133066663This one can we designed it so you can’t open the door window or break through the floor or walls without ruining your nails.

>>133062566Black women have a higher skill floor but they're actually women underneath when you break their shell. Not men.

>>133068092Their one weakness. Even without hands, the concept of breaking a nail is enough.

>>133067315Looks disgusting and misses the appeal of their aesthetic entirely.>>133068183Anon are you saying you'd rather fuck men?

>>133068600Yes user I love fucking sweaty, hairy men. All the time.

>>133067315This artist's prinack stuff is good

>>133062566>Dating nigsngmi

>>133061953Would that mean Blisstina is white?


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>>133064436Best girl.

>>133062566You white guys take white women for granted, some of us have to grind really hard for a white gf, specially if you live in a shithole where you can only fins white people in the upper classes

>>133062566>Black women actually appreciate romantic gesturesSo is that why Black women have the highest rates of single motherhood? Because they're soooooo wonderful? You sound like a coping negress

>>133070108thats because black guys are pieces of shit in general and they're most black women partners i think


>>133070055>Professor Blackopiummy sides are in orbit

>>133070055>Professor Blackopium accidently added an extra ingredient to the concoction: Fentanyl!

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it's over

>>133062566>tfw black nerdy girls will talk about their interests and will happily suck your dick later in between episodes of your favorite show just because they like you that much

>>133070126>t. black woman

>>133070055Should be Professor Yakub

>>133071803Yakub only makes White People.

>>133066269she's a bad bitch no doubt

>>133071559Not him but pretty sure it's statistically proven that WMBF have the lowest divorce rate in the US.

>>133071877because they never get married or just break up without getting the courts involved

>>133071487>tfw you will never have a girl like thatWhy even live?

>>133061953made before faggotry took hold, so it should be fine. assuming they still live in the same neighborhood of Townsville.

We already came up with a good pitch.>Prof Utonium donated sperm at one point in college>Years later, three girls born from his donation are sent to live with him so they can have a better life>The girls have their same personalities, but they bicker a bit more because they didn't grow up together>One day, they accidentally smash an experiment by the Prof. dousing them with Chemical X>Now gifted with superpowers, they and Prof grow as a family and learn about responsibility and togetherness

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>>133061953Prof. Utonium would be missing

>>133073277But Dah professor purposely left his experiment! And thus the Da Bomb BaDonk Gurls were born!

>>133072831Buttercup looks cute.


>>133061953They look Irish.

>>133071868You're damn right

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>>133061953They'd use electric powers all the time.

>>133075000But they're not sponsored by DC.

>>133073460Looks like Jaden Smith.

>>133070055Almost feels out of the boondocks.

>>133070096It's almost like guys are sick of girlfriends who never tell you how they feel then get mad at you for not being more sensitive to said feelings and use it as their justification to treat you like shit

>>133075841>girlfriends who never tell you how they feelWhy do they that? I hate it.

>>133061953how do they have feet but no hands?

>>133075857Partially blame modern media for this. There's this notion of "mr.right" coming from modern romance stories being flung around and one of his core traits is he just magically knows how his girlfriend feels. Doesn't simply suspect or question, but knows what gesture means what feelings. Girls like to act that guys get tons of wrong ideas about how relationships should work from media consumption but they're the exact same way

>>133075000Kek>>133075061A lot of black character have electric powers, hell Miles Morales despite being both Spider themed and spider powered has electric powers.

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>>133075841Anon has yet to experience the Black Woman "Okay", it would seem.

>>133061953What if you made porn of them instead of taunting me all the time?Fuck your /c/ shit, fuck your /e/ shit, give me /aco/ right fucking now.

>>133076063Be the change you want to see, go make a PPG thread on /aco/.

>>133076063What's stopping you?

>>133075996Yeah why the fuck there are so many electric niggas?

>>133062566nigger lover



>>133070096I've lived my entire life around them, Pedro, they're nothing special.

>>133076294Most of them are either inspired by black lighting or are legally distinct copies because DC didn't want to pay residuals to the creator of the character.

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>>133076577I feel like Storm doesn't belong in that category since her thing is weather manipulation.

>>133076577Electro should be there.

>>133075706lol no

>>133061953I'd love itThis aesthetic makes my pp the big pp

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>>133072831Sounds kino.

>>133074962Could she be redeemed?

>>133062164PPG is getting another show.

>>133076577This. DC kept screwing over the guy who made Black Lightning by making knock-off after knock-off instead of paying him his dues.


>>133073383Using their ultra-super thicc g-banger hangers, they've dedicated their lives to fighting crime n' sheeit.

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>>133061953Pretty sure those are gyaru


>>133079711Yeah she could be redeemed but Craig Doesn't really care about any villain besides mojo.

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>>133076577Tell me the comics industry is run by Jews without saying it's run by Jews.

>>133082227>Craig Doesn't really care about any villain besides mojo.When did he say this?

>>133072831artstyle is gross as fuck

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>>133064798>>133070108It's because black male culture is toxic and monolithic as fuck. Black men are the only group who will shame each other for speaking English correctly, for not listening to a particular genre of music (rap - nothing else is "real nigga shit"), for being gay (mostly), for being trans (the vast majority of murdered transpeople are black transwomen), and in general for not following the herd.Black male culture is not only alienating from the rest of the US, but there's even cults within them. Hoteps essentially hate women and think all ancient Egyptians were black. NOI and Moors hate all non-blacks, and are essentially Christians in Islamic garb. They have their own incel group, and their own black nationalists, like that Kuzu Kozi asshole.>>133071487Nerdy black girls are kind of a rarity, but it is super different being the forbidden fruit in a relationship. A shit load of black girls have white guy fetishes. True story - I was at a civil war reenactment, and people were just walking around before the events. Dude in a confederate uniform, literally carrying a confederate battle flag, walked by some other confederate who were on their phones. Someone called him. His wife, a black woman in pink jeans she was poured into, walks over with a little kid. He jams the flag pole in the ground, and starts picking sand burs out of the little kids socks. It was cute as fuck.

>>133082246He didn't, but its clear he prefer focusing on him then other characters


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>>133081101This one is the best design so far

>>133081101Looks like Bratz dolls like this.

>>133083598they look SOOO cute together

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>>133061953>What if OP wasn't a faget?Only in dreams.

>>133082379This is more like it, thank you. Bubbles a qt.

>>133085640Unfortunately the best approaches are the ones that move away from the PPG style, and then they get rougher because most of them age the girls up.

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>>133085640Is it me or Bubbles is always fans' favorite girl?

>>133071487It’s damn shame most of them look bad and are obnoxious.

>>133062566I want some of that.

>>133076106Me.I am stopping him.

>>133082379Looks like it came from Tumblr

>>133088394Everything comes from tumblr when you don't like it.

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>>133087736you can literally just message a black girl on dating apps, or facebook groups, and chance is that you'll get a responce. Black women are basically starved for love due to a web of toxic cultural dynamics, just like white men.

>>133089068Don't get user's hopes up like that. You still need to be y'know ATTRACTIVE.