Mods may be asleep.Let's have an Hilda thread

Mods may be asleep.Let's have an Hilda thread.

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Yes hello there young master Hilda. When exactly was the last time you received a proper gynecological exam?

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Remindere that there is an Hilda

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>Still no news on season 3

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There will be a season 3 and that's the important thing.But yeah, news would be appreciated.

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>>133061948>Angry Hilda.jpgThat Hilda just looks a little annoyed.

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>>133062020Didn't had your pic.Now things will change in my Hilda folder


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>>133062051Downloaded that too.Now my folder has 111 pics Including the comic

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You know this was coming

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>>133062626And this

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>>133061531Lesbian pedophiles love her

>>133063386>Lesbian pedophilesWhat?

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Oh no, Hilda lost her face!I'm sure anons will help her make a new one.

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Any old Hilda fag remeber the Hilda x Doom crossover posting?

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Found some better images on the archive

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Found another image in te archives

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Found some Hilda doom stuff going to dump it now.Pic related.

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>>133064490I'm finding pure gold lmao.

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>>133064206Nailed itI'll take my masters of arts degree now, thank you please.

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>>133064647This guy wanted to write a fanfic with Hilda and doom guy, don't know if he ever done it or

>>133064831Don't know if doom related

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>>133064853Last media i found on the archive.Has been a nice memory trip.We should continue to make Hilda x Doom stuff.

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>>133064448Doom Guy doesn't seem to realize that Konata swapped places with Hilda a long time ago.

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Cute troll.

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>>133061750That's amazing. It really do be like that.>>133061841It's weird how universal her aesthetic is in these. No matter the design of her swashbuckling/adventuring/knighly outfit somehow they all tie back in perfectly. >>133061878>he wants to watch Frida s2

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>>133061750Who is hell monster wears a crown???

>>133061531>Let's have an Hilda thread

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>>133061531this is a david thread now

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>>133065738Cute troll

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Would you still love Hilda if it was made by canada, thus making her a braphog every single episode? EVEN if the art style was the same?

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>>133061841I forgot about making that booru. I reenabled registration, so you guys can make an account and upload stuff, enjoy.

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>>133070558Thanks, I had no idea that booru existed until now actually.


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>>133061948Chances are we aren't getting s3 until the end of next year.

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>>133070549the show would be better if it was like that

Look for the comic. Plovart.

>>133071786>You will never be Hilda Stepdad Why even

>>133072849How would you raise her user? Would you still let her go and adventure? Would you have stayed in the forest? And how would you treat Johanna?

Good night.

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>>133072913>>133073303I didn't mean to reply but I guess that also works as an answer to your question.

>>133073303>Ywn be Hilda Stepdad And that a good thing

>>133070549Sauce or gayDon't wanna fap to it now I'm just curious

>>133070636Damn, that looks pretty high effort.

>>133061841>Poke around>This is one of the latest postsWhat the fuck is wrong with people.

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>>133073444on the hilda booru its listed as swii_(artist)

>>133061798all of these shows are British right?

>>133073771Interesting. Thanks user.I will not be nutting to this, however.

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holy crap mum it's the wood man

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>Hilda GoldbergHilda is Jewish Brit daughtru

>>133073316Night sweet prince

Marrachads rise up!

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>>133074802MarraCucks!!!HildLads Rise up!!!

>>133074833Think again...

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>>133074914Reggiod deserve the booth of Hilda

>>133074928You need a kind of taste to appreciate

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Good morning, fellow trolls!

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How would you guys rewrite Hilda to actually be good every episode and not just the first 2 which are still mediocre as shit?

>>133074954Regions deserve to be alone and Hilda is Based

>>133064095I don't undertsand.

Why are these threads so fucking slow?

>>133076028Because we rarely have a discussion worth carrying out. It all boils down shitposting more or less.

>>133076028>>133076200We'll have more to talk about once we get news on season 3. For now, all we can do is post waifus.

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>>133076236Or ye know you can actually pick up a pen and learn to drawfag and also write fanfiction or reboot the show better. Provide a better comic book than the original Hilda.

>>133076458I can't draw and I never cared about fanfics.

I haven't seen a single second of Hilda, however I have a lot of images of her.

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Forgot to post pic related.Found it while i was searching for doom stuff in the archive

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>>133076684That's awesome. I love Aisling!

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>>133076900>>133076894Haven't seen that one either. I blame my ADHD. It's very hard for me to sit down and watch something in full.

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>>133076924Watch an episode when you eat your lunch or something. That's what I do.

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>>133077196Alright, hopefully that was enough Hilda for you all

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Hilda a cute

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Keep it down, she's sleeping!

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When ranking daughterus by>how much they ought to be protected and given love and affection>how much they ought to be coddled and doted on and treated like a little girl>how much they ought to be cleaned up and dressed up in cute dresses and taught how to be a proper young lady>how much they ought to be taught good behavior, and spanked or otherwise disciplined when they've been a bratHilda's not at the top of any category, but she gets high marks in all of them and has the highest score overall. Truly, the ideal daughteru.

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>>133064377>The means by which you achieve your Sparrow Scout badges don't matter, Frida. Only the results! In this world, only the results matter!!

Ca someone translate it?

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Hear me out, lads.Hilda immersive sim. You get the entire city of trollberg + outside to some extent. Likely open world but I could be convinced to scale down. You slowly uncover a vast story/conspiracy doing smaller seemingly side quests. Each of the trio have their own abilities. Frida obviously has her magic (balanced against the other two by it being amateur and unpredictable), Hilda communicates with various wildlife the best, David is David.The genesis of this idea was thinking how cool of a mechanic/npc the Rat King could be. A vendor that trades in secrets, and then that spiraled into how cool a lot of the little quirks of the world would be as game mechanics or NPCs.

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>>133076815Hilda turning in to Andrea

>>133076684Holy shit these two work so well together, not just Secret of Kells but the other 2 movies as well.

>>133080395And also how they can kick some serious @$$ and take name, 'cause it's a mean, dangerous, bad world out there.

Okay listen every Hilda thread I want you guys to post Northern Journey and meme it across the fandom till Hilda's voice actor does a Let's Play on it.

Fuck it, I'm rewatching the show.

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I forgot how comfy it is.

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Lets up the comfiness

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>>133077015How'd they get away with giving The Marra such a kinky weakness?

>>133081938Right before the show and the comics ruined everything by making her go in the city 24/7.

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>>133080930HildChads cucking against FandeRetards

>>133080832The wide smile of the kid in (Johanna's) her cellphone was like if she took the photo yesterday.>>133080849On this days, there are moments where my friends carefully ask me about the matter. Still, i told them that i am ok...However i got weakened a bit.>>133080861But the pain does not go away, when i see kids happily running, or when i see David, Hilda's friend, going to work in a formal suit.>>133080878The mementos with her are like the sunlight, intense and uninterrupted. I can't stop them with my hands or with curtains, until my life goes away

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>>133082165>comfinessNot with that image set

Good night, lads!

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>>>You will never be Hilda stepdad

I want season 3 now dammit

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What are they excited about?

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>>133061531The Episode of Hilda where Hilda says "Mum where's Alfur?" and there's a bit of muffle from Joanna's pants before Joanna rubs her groin silencing the muffles while biting her lip saying "No idear, maybe he's writing a report somewhere."

They are amazing friendship!

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>>133061531>Mods may be asleep.Are they now?

>>133087808Molly deserves worse

>>133088712I created the thread while they were asleep so they don't insta kill it.Now that we are going they have no reason to delete it.

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post hilda smoking

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