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Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog.Wiki:the-conservatory.fandom.com/wiki/The_Holla Forumsnservatory_WikiPast threads:desuarchive.org/co/search/text/the-conservatory wiki/type/op/

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>How does this work?>It works like a community toy chest. In the /coc/ threads you are free to post whatever ideas/settings/characters you want, but you have to be OK with other people playing with them (tweaking them, putting them in stories, using them for things, etc.)>There's no guarantee that what you post will catch on either.>If the OC you are posting is YOURS for something you are personally doing, then it would go to the "How is your webcomic?" threads.>If you just want feedback on an OC of yours, then it would go in the "donut steel" threads or drawthreads.If the thread dies suddenly or you still want to discuss something when there's no thread:boards.plus4chan.org/coc/Last time:-More of that sticc blonde prince and thicc readhead who still don't have names-Progress on the Highway Robbery comic-Trying to come up with a Roller Betty plot-Arthurian stuff in the context of tSitS with Hazel continued-Progress on THEFAPV comic-Doodles and new pics-NTH is still loitering-Bullion editing began, will it continue?-Progress on JH: CMM-Other stuff I didn't mentionIt's mostly been a lot of progress the past couple months, hasn't it? Not that I'm complaining.

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Some Guinevere lore from the previous thread.

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Wish it was possible to sticky these threads. It's a nuisance keeping them alive and they almost always die before hitting the bump limit.

>>133059042Dying before bump limit is the norm for most threads that aren't generals, premiers or outrage bait.The best way to keep these threads alive is to have an on going topic.

>>133059042That would make the thread keep going until they decide to unsticky it

>>133059472>>133059694I guess there's always the /coc/ board as an alternative, but I haven't been there in years.

I have a test tomorrow so NTH wiki page is on hiatusWho woulda thought that my major would have so much work involveCertainly not iI'm gonna draw NTH tutoring some kids in his neighborhood because they are dumb

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>>133059895I still post there to update the threads with new pics and stuff.

>>133060612Is there still a Hazel thread?


Slow thread today

>>133060871No one made a new one after the boards switched over to their current format.


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>>133062347Damn, that's a shame.

>>133062694You can always make a new one and start copypasting all the new ideas into it.

>>133062030The only idea I have right now is Quiz Master has taken GG hostage or has poisoned some candy and has called in the press to make a special announcement so they'll be there to see SQ steal candy from a baby to ruin her reputation.It's GG related though, and so it vexes me because I'm trying to come up with other plots for other things right now.

>>133062951I could...

slow progress with CMM, trying to do perspective and set dressing. challenge here are objects rotated with their own vanishing points.

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>>133064987Nothing like two great buds just chilling in a nice day.


I feel like Aoko is going to become much more prominent the further in we go with JH, so that makes me think Kurt will need something to keep his character engaged with the story. Something to keep him relevant, not becoming a cape himself though. Is just being Jack's confidant a good enough hook?

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Anyone want to try adding more to the lore of Morgan and Guinevere?

>>133067153Can't wait to finally see her more.

>>133068229Is Guin a visiting character or just sticking around permanently now?

>>133068828I'd rather we put it to a vote.

Did anyone else wander over to that "Let's make a 80s show/toyline" thread that was happening a while ago?

>>133068828Is there a reason to make her a permanent resident?We know she'll be hanging around more down the line due to the fiancé angle but I think she works well as an occasional destabilizing element for the others living there at the moment

>>133069200I saw it, but I didn't open it.>>133069272So are we aiming to do a retelling of Arthurian legends or are we just aiming to make up some stories somewhat inspired by them?

>>133069272Works for me.

>>133069519Both. Some of them are original content inspired by them, others are straight up retellings. But it's eventually going to end with Camelot falling into ruin because of Morgan turning evil and Guinevere cheating on Arthur. But that's forty or so years from the events of the story and the events of the theoretical series would only imply that was happening in the future.

>>133069606So Hazels presence there has no effect on there possibly having a happy ending?

>>133069692Maybe? Who can say?

>>133069606Eh... I'd rather have a story building on what's already there with Hazel about Arthur doing what he can to avert his fate or at least prevent his "destiny" from taking down those around him as well.If I was gonna do a crazy AU thing with Disney Medieval content, there's only so much to pull from in The Sword in the Stone, Robin Hood, The Isle of Naboombu (from Bedknobs and Broomsticks) and maybe possibly The Black Cauldron since that's also swords and sorcery.

Night bump!

Does The Quizmaster have any henchmen? Like puzzle pieces or something?

>>133071511Probably just robots maybe

>>133067153>Is just being Jack's confidant a good enough hook?i think it is good that kurt will be jack's confidant, he could also serve as his like intelligence or like a "handler" type of person. Also I think by the time Aoko knows JH's identity she'd be protecting him in the shadows. Which got me thinking... should Kurt be taking Architecture? wouldnt be a more ideal fit if he were taking up computer science? like it would kinda make sense that he'll be really techy and stuff?also have a shark, i think i found the head to body proportion i want for her if i plan to make short comics

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>>133071760Hmm. I bring it up because I just have this idea stuck in my head for when Silver Queen finally talks him down/breaks his villainous resolve.I don't know how much build up it needs.Should it just start with SQ and GG entering the building and the Quizmaster going "Right on cue. Here's a pop quiz for you!" before issuing his demands before he does... something. Maybe poisons the city's water supply?Or he reveals he's given out a lollipop with the center laced with poison to a baby and SQ has to track the babe down and take it from him while GG is left to face off with the Quizmaster.When SQ arrives back with the seemingly stolen sweets something like this screencap happens.>>133071943I think Kurt should pursue the career he wants to pursue. He doesn't strike me as the computer sort or a gadget maker. Maybe he has a passion for drafting?Is she gonna eat that fish whole?

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>>133069904>The Black Cauldron since that's also swords and sorcery.There would probably be a crossover episode.

>>133072792There's a lot of potential in meeting folks from other kingdoms.

>>133072970Where does the Black Cauldron take place anyways? Germany?

>>133073144The mythical land of Prydain.I don't know if it's based on any real country.Anyway, goodnight everyone.

>>133073513gud nite

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>>133073513Prydain is the welsh name for Britain, so it's a lot like calling the world "Albion".

>>133068828>Is Guin a visiting character or just sticking around permanently now?I'd say visiting, whenever her father sends her to England with the French delegation. I can't think of a reason for her to be permanent if she doesn't marry Arthur yet.

>>133073144>Where does the Black Cauldron take place anyways?Prydain is based on Wales, which is why all the characters and places have Welsh names, but the setting is a fantasy world, not earth. So if you want a crossover, you're looking at a magical portal situation.

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>>133075481>you're looking at a magical portal situation.Which could be caused by Merlin, Morgan or Mim in our world or by Achren or Eilonwy in Prydain.

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Not so fast there, page 10 scum!

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>>133067153For a while I had the thought of if JackHammer was part of DC, and something that came to mind is how those characters would interact with each other. What scenario comes back the most, is Ras Al Ghul threatening Aoko to kill Jack if she doesn't join the League of Shadows. Probably because her amulet is special, only her can use it, and that her clan was once part of the LoS.

>>133078257You just need to pick a different villain from the /coc/ roster (or make one up) and that still works.And do they know that Jack is JackHammer or are they telling Blue Moon to kill JackHammer without knowing he's Jack?

>>133078339>You just need to pick a different villain from the /coc/ roster (or make one up) and that still works.I don't know them well desu>And do they know that Jack is JackHammer or are they telling Blue Moon to kill JackHammer without knowing he's Jack?Well in my mind I was guessing the LoS are the type to know just because, but I guess in /coc/ it was the latter

>>133078752I think it would be Don Darkness who is the leader of this villainous syndicate and demands Blue Moon kill JackHammer to join.I think she'd double-cross the syndicate and spin it to her bodyguard that she's not subservient to anyone.

first time actually visiting this tread. I think I got the idea what this is about.So, this question might be better in the drawthread, but from the looks of it, the general atmosphere would be better here:Can some of you post a character of yours that you might want to see (not-porn) fanart of?I just need something relaxing to draw. I will be up for a few more hours, but I might come back tomorrow if this thread is still up then.If this thread isn't for this kind of request as well, then ignore this.

>>133079115I’d like to post JackHammer, but I don’t have the pics on my phone

>>133079115With Splatoon 3 being out, I'd like to see more of Deelette. She was actually created before the first Splatoon game was even announced I think.

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>>133079170maybe once I have time I can find it in the older threads?>>133079322That might be doableat the moment I still have some work to do, but in half an hour or so I think I can start

>>133079115If you want to draw some fanart of these twopic was drawn by another artist>>133058462Is my own

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>>133079115Stella hasn't received any new art for a while, would you kindly?(I know that she technically has her own threads, but I've seen her being posted in these as well.)

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>>133079322sorry this took a while, but I'm happy how this one turned out. I needed to draw something random>>133079633>>133080220I will give these a try, but it's possible I might only be able to finish one of these today, the other will have to wait until tomorrow

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>>133080330Thanks either way.Have more Stella reference pics in the meantime.

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>>133080330Thank you!Looks great.

>>133079322Who is she?

>>133079633probably not what you expected, but here you go!When I saw them, I figured drawing them serious might be fun(it was)Next I will do that Stella one for tonight, and that will be the last for now

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>>133079115There's a couple of Morgan requests in the drawthread no one's touched yet>>133034575>>133037276

>>133081208It wasn't what I expected but it looks niceI'm curious how they would look like in a normal style

>>133081105Deelette is Holla Forumslette's first born daughter.

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>>133080220alright, that's it for now. Thanks guys for the suggestions. I missed drawing just for fun.See you guys tomorrow sometime

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>>133082241Thanks man, have a good one.

Question for you guys: Frankenstein girl, neck bolts or no neck bolts?

>>133082976Bolts, always.

>>133082976Without the bolts it's hard to tell them apart from a regular zombie I think.

>>133082976Always bolts but not always neck. I tend towards head bolts personally since you can make them look like giant hair decorations.

>>133081208Really cool drawing! Who's the artist?

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>>133081612Cute Halloween is just around the corner too.

>>133084712If you want /coc/ plans, you should be pitching them now.

>>133084575Nothing /d/ loves more than dickgirls, after all.

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>>133081208Did some personal tweaks to make the characters look more on-model while keeping your serious style

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>>133086773You know, they kind of feel like characters in one of those dating games.

>>133078888Nice quadsWasn’t there a bit where Don Darkness traps JH in his inescapable shadows and mercilessly beats him half to death, all in a show of strength to the other crime lords (including Blue Moon)? Aoko used her illusions to have the Don believe JH did the impossible and actually escaped the shadow bindings, which forced him to retract his darkness to defend himself. Aoko used that opportunity to sneak JH away and brings him to Kurt.We could find a similar situation to work on. We could come up with other villains.

>>133088204Here's what I'm thinking:After the I2Eye plot is when KillFeed returns. He's tracked JackHammer down to this college and is looking to have another go at him.Jack is still being tutored by Aoko. By Kurt's suggestion, he's asked her to meet him at the rooftop student cafe thing. Kurt is trying to set Jack up on a date because it's obvious to him that Aoko is kind of into Jack.During their not-date is when KillFeed arrives on campus causing a ruckus. Jack has to come up with an excuse to bail. Aoko isn't stupid and suspects something, so she follows him and sees that Jack is JackHammer. She also knows that he DOESN'T know that she's Blue Moon. So while JackHammer confronts KillFeed for the second time, Aoko creates a fake Jack to be by her side and very visible so when KF reviews the footage, Jack is cleared from suspicion.In a following issue:This is when the bodyguard realizes that Aoko has a thing for Jack and leads into him kidnapping Jack for secret ninja training in the Blue Moon cave, to test and see if he can survive being in a relationship with Aoko. So Jack can't let him know that he's JackHammer while being forced through this death gauntlet.Then other villains show up in later plots with Don Darkness being the local big shot villain whom all the other supervillains have to get approval from to operate in his city.

>>133083815Thanks. I'm the artist. I go by Kibate or MBartolovic on the internet.

>>133088722You're welcome! It's great work, Thanks for sharing.

She's dressed as a vampireBut has GG dressed up as the other Universal movie monsters before?

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>>133089392Be interesting to draw oneDoes a mummy count?

>>133089392Pretty sure she dressed as a bed sheet ghost once.Goodnight everyone. We'll see if we're still having a thread tomorrow.

>>133089392Could someone draw her as Tinkerbell or any kind of fairy?

>>133089779Which Holla Forums characters would dress as which monster?

>>133089783/coc/ characters or just Holla Forums characters?

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>>133089392Shame Briana had to kill Audrey after she became a creature of the night.

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>>133089783Would shark girl accuse anyone dressed as creature from the black lagoon of cultural appropriation?

>>133089802Would Holla Forumsnrad be Phantom or the invisible man?