Cute Boys

It's a cute boys thread

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I just think he's neat.

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>>133057418Sealth azazelnigger thread

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Wish Nightcrawler was normalized as being cute. As much as I hate comic book X-men, Evolution really did a lot of things I like.

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>>133057418The only thing cute about this thread is the fact that you'll commit suicide someday.

Amazon Prime delivery.

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Post boys, nerds!

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Fujos and fagd get out.

>>133062405cry faggot

Do puppets count as Holla Forums?

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>>133062706I don't see why not. >>133058885Nightcrawler is simply too...out there to be considered cute by anyone other than monsterfuckers.

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>>133062876Yes but that exotic flavor is appealing.

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>>133062944There is such a thing as too exotic.>>133059320Prime Earth Amazone Prime Delivery

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>>133062976Yes but I don't think we've reached that point yet.

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>>133062917>tfw no mesoamerican twink bf

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>>133063313>t. spaniard

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>>133063335That's not a boy

>>133064069That's where you're wrong.

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>>133064069Just because Izel looks like an emaciated Korra doesn't mean he isn't a boy.

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I like these two.

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>pedos now roam freely on Holla ForumsWhatever happened with this board

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>>133066909You saved and posted an image of a little girl. That must mean you're a pedophile that wants to molest little girls. See the flaw here in your logic?

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Dib is a good boy.

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>>133067226Liking cute things =/= wanting to molest childrenApply yourself, pedo freak

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>>133067361What if I apply myself to pedophilia?

Groomer thread

>>133067361And thus again you assume the worst rather than anons likewise enjoying cute things.

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>>133067407You're right! This scruffy boy needs serious grooming

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>>133067760Good luck getting him to sit still to brush that mop.

Season 3 when?

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>>133067923In a perfect world, the whole series would've been the magical adventures of The Collector with no lesbians or nonbinary old men.

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>>133068311In a perfect world, The Owl House would've actually been good.

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>>133068441That's what I said!

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I want to bad-touch him

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>>133068781Careful user. He bites.

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>>133068781Why not good touch?

Why is this cosmic shota so popular?

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>>133069851He’s wild and silly.

>>133069851Well when your protagonists are boring wacky teens of the diversity squadron, you gotta find something to like among it all. The fun chaotic shota who just wants friends is that.

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>>133067115Chubby shotas are best shotas for the most part

Wake up, boys! Where's your enthusiasm?

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>>133071568Sorry. I was fawning over the new Genshin shota.

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>>133073356does he wear black like the spirit girl?i keep seeing his art everywhere i bet hes not as cute as xingqui

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>>133071568Collie a cute.

>>133058134>Kevin so soonThank you based and good taste user.

pedos get the rope

Boys got me shooting ropes.

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>>133075765>Obvious 4*I sleep

>>133075793Genshin needs more 4* boys anyways. There's only like what, 7?

>>133075765It's just Len Kagamine in a blue jacket.

>>133075648>LucaI miss milt posting

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Why is he so perfect

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>>133077366he would look so cute with a dog collar on

>>133077366>>133062944>>133058134Boys in the unfortunate ‘haven’t shown up onscreen pantsless’ club.

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>>133078800He's a cup.

>>133079314He's still a cute boy.

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>>133079377Don't seethe over him, he's the cutest.

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Cups aren't cute.

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>>133078800They should explore each other's bodies

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For man voice actors trying to sound like a kid they sure are still cute.

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>>133057418So, what's up with him? Is he an Insect King or something?


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>>133080660They turned a one-time gag from the books into a character trait for the show.

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>>133068856why not both?

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>>133081865Not allowed.


>>133081865thread ruined

>>133081828How does that work? You bad touch then snuggle under the covers?

>>133082020Do you not?

>>133082020you bad touch him then give him kisses and snuggles as a reward. then give him more snuggles if you were too rough with him.

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He doesn't want to collect rent anymore.He just wants to be happy.

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>>133076060Needs more Alberto

>All these CollectorchadsDoes Dana have any idea what she has unleashed upon the internet?

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>>133083816No & she'll surely fuck it up. Either by killing him as some irredeemable evil or doing more last minute gender politics crap.

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>>133083816She most likely doesn't care.

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>>133081865Fuck off

I want to molest him.

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>>133084393t. Jo

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>>133084410Around elves...

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>>133084410>>133084433>DARK elvesNot allowed!

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>>133084393I think Dipper is somewhat more molestable.

>>133057508What the fuck did he meme by this


>>133085092It's not a contest on being more or less molestable. Kid is way cuter than Dipper though.

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>>133084393evil mother fucker

Lincoln Loud seems like a endearing kid character with great character arcs brimming with character development

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Remember what they took from you.

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>>133085331I’m not into clowns so no.

>>133085396Why is his hair graying at 10?

We will never be able to match the determination of Japanese fujoshi. God bless them.>>133084393I'll just shoot my shot and ask: does any one have that that edit (or maybe it wasn't an edit) of Kid's shorts being pulled, revealing his purple briefs? Thanks.

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>>133085867Clowns don't have anything to do with Kid vs. Dipper.

>>133057418Gus is my favorite niglet.>>133062917God Onyx Equinox was so bad. I was really excited about it going in but all the characters were insufferable and all the dialogue from the god characters might as well have been "Listen to us flex our knowledge on Aztec mythology."I was able to look back on it fondly by pretending that it was supposed to be like a Greek Epic where the characters are less important than the adventure. But if I need to rewire my thinking just to get some enjoyment out of this then something is very wrong.

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>>133086263Character in that pic literally looks like a clown with that get up and face paint.

>>133086263Yes. He has nothing to do with what I said though.


>>133086457That's The Collector; a character from The Owl House.

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>>133085878Isn't it literally canon that it's the stress of growing up with the sisters?

>>133086942No. He inherited it from his grandfathers. Not joking.

>>133086370>Aztec*MayanAnd I don't see how that's a bad thing. Mesoamerican mythology is a very overlooked medium when it comes to stories. Granted, I watched up to episode 6 and lost interest, but I liked what we got. Can't expect much from Mexicans in quarantine working on a shoestring budget.

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>>133070040>Being hispanic is "wacky"I thought it was political

>>133087028It's neither. Luz being a quirky teenage lesbian is what's wacky & political. Then there's Gus the black elf, Amity the lesbian self insert of the showrunner as a teenager, & some nonbinary old man love interest of Eda.

>>133069851Trickster entity with a child appearance is a popular trope. I think he's overrated and mainly liked by Twitter teens with basic anime tastes.

>>133087065Most teenagers are quirky and being a lesbian isn't politics. Stop falling for rightoid brainworms

>>133087214It is when it's shoved into a children's show.

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>>133068311does anyone know the artist?

>>133087553Drawfren here. It's on the booru.

>>133086587To me it does.

>>133088303Well you're silly!

>>133087231>ShovedMost younger queers like having media representation, no matter what projecting neo nazi groomers on 4chan say.

>>133088519>younger queersTeenagers can have "representation" in media aimed at them. There's no such thing as a queer kid. A prepubescent child does not feel or understand sexual attraction. Gays in children's media are there purely for the purpose of grooming.

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>>133088549I knew I was attracted to males as a child though, wasn’t raped or anything like that either.

>>133088768Yeah. Sure you did, bud. Doesn't mean it should be normalized in children not ready to understand it.

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stop arguing fags nobody cares post cute things

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>>133088787And you don’t know how many that even is, since you’re already wrong about me.

All this talk is very ironic coming from a groomer thread.

>>133088549>There's no such thing as a queer kid. A prepubescent child does not feel or understand sexual attraction.You can find people attractive and have crushes on them without it being sexual, you reactionary retard. The majority of people do. There is no sex in The Owl House.>Gays in children's media are there purely for the purpose of groomingI doubt you've ever complained about Timmy being into Trixie on Fairly OddParents or Dipper liking Wendy in Gravity Falls or Starco on SvE. It's a double standard plain and simple.

>>133088932Let's save the Holla Forums shotas for Holla Forums. The boards where shota threads that get pruned in either half an hour or half a day.

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>>133088549>nobody has sexual interest until their an adult!Fucking boomer opinions, they cant even remember being a kid