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rededicating this thread to alastor.

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I want wholesome stories about Loona before she got adopted

>>133057046would cuddle

>>133056646gonna write a story where Loona gets sold off into forced prostitution and sexual slavery to all sorts of customerswhat fetishes would you wanna see?

>>133057425Getting diapered and told she can't use the bathroom

>>133056690Radio Demon

>>133057425Pet play humilation. Maybe have a bit where Moxxie comes into money and revenge fucks her while Millie is away

Is she still in Mexico?


>>133059480I don't know

>>133059488That face makes her look like a Chuck E. Cheese animatronic.


>>133060799I’m serious look at it

So clearly the show production is a big mess? because after the big delay of the last episode from season 1, I was expecting at least 1 episode every two months with season 2 but it isn't clear we are getting an episode this month because they will have one for sure for halloween

>>133060896I did and then I checked your 777 digits

>>133061142Been a mess for a while now. I'm honestly surprised we've gotten anything so far.

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>>133061627Oh I see, I deleted the post with the power of Jesus.



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>>133062714Here's S&M

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>>133056646Would Loona date a human?

>>133056646I hope we will get this chad at some point. A dignified Ars Goetia worthy of respect.

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>>133056646Loona? more like Losa


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>>133057425Submission.Getting beaten every time she acts like a bitch until all the sacrastic has been purged away and she's a good, loyal pet.I want her broken.


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>>133065414Both cute and hot

>>133065414Blitzo would see this and try to join them



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>>133066430Why is Blitzo so fucking determined to force his way into their marriage? What makes him actually think they'd want a third wheel?


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>>133067866I dont know how anybody is supposed to like that creep

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>>133067866I don't know

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>>133068133>>133068293>I suddenly realize part of why I like Moxxie, Millie, and Loona threesome is because Loona can get actual positive influences in her life.

>>133068133Because Brandon says so

>>133067866I think it's supposed to be funny, but it's mostly just grating. Especially since Millie seems to be encouraging him.

>>133069118>>133068690Blitzo being the lead of Helluva boss is like any other movie/show trying to make a failed spin off of the zany comedy character, only Helluva boss IS the zany comedy character spinoff. Think about it, threads upon threads of discussion get filled with loads of debating about every character BUT Blitzo. And when we do happen to talk about him, it's pretty only only about his relation to Loona and Stolas. Hell Loona just sulks on her phone and is sexy, yet loads of conversation happens around her. Making the designated comic relief role the lead basically never works because what dumb execs don't realize is that people love them because of how they interact with the other characters, not so much the character itself. If Aqua Teen Hunger Force starred Carl who occasionally interacted with his weirdo fast food neighbors the show wouldn't be half as good. Carl's not funny because he's a cranky bum boomer, he's funny because he's a cranky bum boomer forced to deal with the leads.

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>>133057425She grows giant and then stomps and sticks everyone up her twat and ass.

When is Loona getting her own show?

>>133064978Who killed Carlos and sent him to hell

Looloo is a cute cute!A CUUTE CUUTE!

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>>133056646Will she chill-the-fuck-out this season or continue to be a moody bitch having a perpetual mentrual period?

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>>133069463I see what you mean. Blitzo is the worst character in his own show.

>>133067866>>133068133>>133068293>>133069118>>133069463You guys hit the nail with the accuracy of a needle's eye. I could not put my finger on why he felt so out of place for the show compared to everyone else and the constant focus on him was making it worse. If they maybe had him act with less of Brandon jerking himself off to his kooky "cool" character I would be able to stomach it.

>>133071424Kind of want to beat him to death with a crowbar or piece of lead pipe in almost every episode except 2 and 3, and even then he was still trying my patience when he was not getting his shit verbally ruined.

How are there people are who do not get by now that Blitzo’s invasive and voyeuristic behavior towards Moxxie and Millie is because he’s jealous of the kind of relationship they have? The kind of healthy, loving relationship he believes he’s incapable of having or maintaining based on past experiences.

>>133065414>I guess I can come back with the exorcist later.

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I want to see them broken and abused. They suffer the worst the human realm has to offer and raped into complete nihilism and self hatred.

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>>133071759Jealousy doesn't usually manifest as wanting threeways and filming people have sex

>>133071759It certainly didn't start jealousy, Blitz is just a total scumbag and lusts for his coworkers. They try to frame it as him wanting companionship now, but I still remember how Blitz threatened to rape Mox and Mills in the first episode and he was dead serious about it.

>>133056783Honestly I have a feeling her life before being adopted wasn’t that wholesome, probably quite the opposite. Wouldn’t be surprised if she had to deal with one or more shitty foster homes growing up.

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>>133071924It's okay, they'll retcon all of that in season 2. Sexual predator?? Voyeuristic weirdo? All around creep? All gone, replaced by sad demon who just secretly loves his gay owl bf but can't say it for whatever reason.


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>>133071988Why can't he be an obnoxious pervert and have a dedicated relationship?

>>133071814I want to see the one in the middle sheepishly ask for a diaper change

>>133056646I just want to see her and Octavia become friends.>>133070353Loona & Octavia show lol xD

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Come on Barbie let’s go party

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>>133071924>>133071988It was very distasteful given the tone of her other show which did depict sexually predatory behavior as a horrible thing despite being in Hell. They gave him a pass for some bizarre reason and I do not understand it when tumblrinas find creepy behavior worse than genocidal maniacs (Kevin and The Diamonds from Steven Universe respectively). Its like they have the weirdest moral code possible.

What is your honest opinion about this show?>this is viv

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>>133072968Deerie should be atleast 100lbs heavier

>>133072968I love the music and the cast except Blitzo, he is only good when interacting with Loona. Stolas is just tolerable when interacting with anyone but Blitzo and kind of wish he had more cajones in general rather than soft boi twink dilf.

>>133072968I haven't watch the last two episodes, at first because I had a bad signal when they dropped, now I'm just apathetic. Apparently the infidelity's good now, so who knows what other bullshit wrench gets thrown in.The one thing I want, pic related is NEVER going to happen, and the only reason Vivzie would every acknowledge it would be to take a fat shit on it because het/incelposting/she'sgaynow/whatever reason, I know that furry cunt's type and I remember what a retarded bitch she was when she was spamming the die young animations... so I don't have a reason to stick around. I only popped into the thread to see if anyone's mentioned it; they aren't, so I'm leaving. Fuck Viv, fuck uninteresting demonic/angelic concepts, fuck America why the fuck haven't we gotten into nuke war yet I want fucking nuke war I don't wnat to go wagie tomorrow.

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>>133072968I love the show. It’s not perfect but few shows are.

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>>133072968I watched maybe 3-4 episodes and just follow the show now for Stolas porn


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Collin's human form gonna be Carlton

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>>133073102Anon, don't do anything collin wouldn't want you to do...

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>>133073102I kind of wanted to see a human make an actual deal with Stolas for like a living space during the purges and some magic to get a leg up on other demons. An actual deal not just whatever is going on with Blitzo. A human wanting to live out Taxi Driver/Doomslayer fantasies.

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>>133073177No it’s Seinfeld

>>133067866tl;dr:He thinks they can fix himMostly envy, as others have said. But I'll go a step further. MnM are possibly the only people besides Loona that hand out with him at all(either out of obligation or genuine friendship) for extended periods of time. Blitzo covets their relationship so bad because he believes that their saccharine bond can handle Blitzo's self-destructive tendencies unlike the rest of his romantic history. Its no secret that he also respects them, especially in bed. High praise from him since there's no way Blitzo doesn't have a high body count.

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>>133071968She has to have a few cute stories about friends or something

>>133072968I'm so glad this came out today and not 6 years ago. But for real though. I actually really like the show. There's tons of (for the most part)attention to detail both storywise and background wise. I'm not usually a musical guy but there's been a lot more hits than misses right from the start which is definitely a feat to me. There are some concerns which I hope will be addressed(like how Millie and Loona haven't gotten their own episodes) but I'll either learn to accept these flaws or they'll be addressed later. Off-topic but I hope more creators get the shot that Viz has in the future.

>>133072968I only started watching the show because I saw a youtube thumbnail stating that the M&Ms were the a great coupleNow I watch the show only for them and just tolerate everyone else.

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>>133074162Imagine M&M being turned into Eminem or a bowl of M&M

>>133074188I ship that bowl.

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>>133074214What about turning them both into Eminem?

>>133074237Forcibly fused together and injected with immense rapping skill.I used at art generator to make this

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>>133074397I actually imagined someone taking random body parts and sticking them together, to create a Frankenstein monster of Eminem.Now that I’m typing this, this would make a good request on the draw thread.

>>133074443Also what’s the ai you used?

>>133072968I watched all episodes and I quite like it. Animation is really nice, character designs are fun, writing can be very nice with great detail put into many episodes and it can get a laugh out of me... However I have quite a few issues with it from writing standpoint. First one being the horrendously hamfisted nature of Blitzo and Stolas relationship, there is fair bit of complexity in it, but it also feels VERY forced with how 1 dimensional character of Stella is and her being so awful feels like a cop out to make their relationship justified while also absolving Stolas from most of his faults in the most lazy way possible. And them meeting as fucking children, just... no. That was stupid. And this relationship derails main premise of the show, this being Assassins in Hell. It's like Ed, Edd and Eddy mainly focusing on Eddy's relationship with his brother instead of scams. That doesn't make sense.And then there are Ars Goetia themselves and BOY are they boring... Most characters sadly are. Every second character we get is just another shithead, it becomes stale like the comedy of this show, which can be funny for a while, but at some point it gets TIRING. Paimon I think is one of the biggest faults, one of Ars Goetia Kings who is supposed to be a very big deal is just another boring shithead, someone like Paimon should be ANYTHING, but boring. And making Ars Goetia have normal ages robs them of having a unique feel and potential stories about how hundreds of years of living affects them. Lost potential. Plain and simple.And then there is Blitzo who is mostly a perfect imp who was top pornstar, is better than most of his race, makes an Ars Goetia fall for him and of course always has to look better compared to the character voiced by more famous voice actor... Check Brandon's ego please. This amount of jerking himself off can really affect writing of this show. For future DO NOT give writers main roles... EVER.

>>133074505>who was WITH a top pornstarLittle fix

>>133073102What cut does she like the most?

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>>133074918hint; it rhymes with hump

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>>133074451beta.dreamstudio.ai/dreamI used pic related as the base image then messed with it until I was happy.

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>Vivzie's fursona

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>>133074918Never knew until now that there is a cut called chump.

>>133074986>"Dude... is this your search history? Wow..."

>Blitzo's VA.Is there just some rule in hollyweird that gay guys have to LOOK like they have H.I.V/A.I.D's even when they [assumedly] dont?

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>>133075873He was actually a massive fat-fuck earlier in life, That's actually how a lot of people who used to be huge that shave a lot of pounds end up looking - pretty bleak + Almost 100% will take it to far in the opposite direction and give himself an eating disorder.

>>133065230>>133065414the only pairing where i'd totally fuck both of the participants

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>>133072968Needs to focus more on IMP and less on the Blitzo x Stolas romance.And need to actually have episodes finished and released on a decent schedule.

Why did Loona go to Mexico?

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>>133076259To eat their food and meet K-pop bands

>>133056646Built for Imp cheating

Here is Blitzo as a dragon

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>>133071814I want to rape the yellow one

>>133072968Writing is amateur but I enjoy the world and the characters regardless. Wish the writers weren't such flufffags and didn't try to normalize Blitzo and Stolas by portraying them as if they were sad misunderstood teenagers.

>>133074505someone said this in a previous thread but with the age thing and what eles it feels like viv doesn't want to fully commit to the whole demon angle thing

>>133077608This version of Hell is pretty pointless. All the sinners are relegated to one circle, the worst of the worst don't suffer at all and what suffering there is isn't eternal.

>>133075354Do I have to pay for it?

>>133056646When will Sallie May come back?

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>>133078151I just realized:>Transgender>Has bigger tits than her biologically female sisterPoor Millie.

>>133078241HB is an ass man's show anyway. No one is drawn with a large chest

>>133078241>also has a bigger dick than Millie

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>>133078281Based af

>>133078281Love it, wish the women with serious donks got more screentime than the tumblr sexyman wannabe manlet

>>133078320>also smarter

>>133078782>also sexier voice

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>>133078865>also is best at evading taxes

>>133078241>trooni missed that completely

lmao, what a dum dog

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>>133079126Who left the cookie out?

>>133076963>>133076882>>133067478Who made these and why are they literally perfect


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>>133056646I want to cuddle with her, I feel like she'd be really comfortable to lay on

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>>133079126I'd eat her cookie.

>>133072732Liberals have a bigger problem with creepy people than actual murderous tyrants.

>>133079126Would a world with talking canines have chocolate substitutes, like how people with celiac can't have gluten so they have gluten-free bread and stuff like that?

>>133079637probably but Hell isn't known for it's safety measures

>>133077608Yeah, at this point it would make more sense for this to just be some hell looking world with some hellish names and symbols. Not hell itself because it literally doesn't make much difference. At this point I don't know if I want this series to put in Furcas (only knight of Ars Goetia) because he may most likely end up as another boring shithead like every other character (besides some like Moxxie), but this may also make Furcas a bit more well known and I would like to see more stories featuring this Hellknight.

>>133079637What if Millie left the cookie out since she's sick of Moxxie being picked on by Loona and Moxxie is too nice to do something like that

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>>133080448There was a good point made that after Pilot Millie really seemed to stop giving a shit about Moxxie being picked up on which is another problem I have with HB. Not only is Millie barely a character at this point, but she is also extremely inconsistent to boot with her supposedly loving Moxxie so much, but barely doing anything when he is abused by everyone.

Am I the only one who wants to lick Loona’s toe beans?


>>133079584"If someone is great in the sack/conventionally attractive then it is cool to be a rapist yoooou guuuuuys."

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>>133080448I want to see more antagonism between Millie and Loona.

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>>133080029I love how every Loona ship requires the love interest to be extremely OOC, to the point of being a stand in for the author.

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Oh shit!

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>>133082457Millie is hot as fuck here, kind of gives me the impression she is about 3 3/4 feet tall rather than cat sized. It is confusing how tall anyone is supposed to he if I am being honest

>>133057436>>133059424>>133065250>>133067432>>133069798all good ideas

>>133082457No matter how the fans depict Loona being a serious stalker of Moxxie, it still comes across as more tasteful than her dad being an actual sexual predator.

>>133082457I love Millie and Loona's fat hips, always nice af to see the fans share the sentiment.

>>133064238I dont remember Metallica making the album cover that...

>>133078065I didn't, had to set up an account with them though.

>>133082457I'm still making more. Here's a peek of the next comic I'm working on.

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>>133074505The more I think about it the more I realize blitzo is just a worse murdoc

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>>133057425She gets fed food that makes her boobs and butt bigger to appeal to more customers

>>133084672Blitz starts putting Loona in IMP commercials for sex appeal?

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>>133084212That's a nice Millie you got there.

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>>133084798One thing I liked about Blitzo is his protectiveness of Loona, the only relationship he still has that does not revolve around his oversized johnson.

>>133085327>>133085347God Millie and Loona are still hot as fuck no matter what.

>>133084672>butt expansionbased taste

>>133082457>>133084212Your work is good, but if I could suggest something as an artist because of the noseless style of the show you should consider making their heads a little fatter and rounder and that their mouths don't have to be wholly anatomically correct - the second page is already better in this regard.

>>133084212Nice Millie butt

>>133082457>>133084212Why is it whenever furries draw Loona it's mostly on model but whenever they draw the imps it's always off.

>>133085327>>133085347I like the grainy look, fits the aesthetic. Also, is there a Verosika, Stella, and Blitzo one?

>>133072968It would be a better show if it didn't try to be edgy every single minute with the killing and the swear words and such.

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>>133086109When was the last time someone got killed or used profanity? I think it was the cherub episode?

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>>133085889Because there's nothing that needs to be changed with Loona's design. It's already perfect.

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>>133085996There's quite a few of these but I don't think there is a Blitzo one

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>>133086173>profanityS2E1 "That was the sound of a FUCKING DIVORCE!">killedLumberjacks in S1E7

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>>133065230>>133065414That's hot.>>133076408Same.

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>>133072968I posted this comment a few days ago but it looks like it got deleted for having a Loona lewd attached, so no image this time.I've tried to watch Helluva Boss multiple times, but the characters swearing every other line is a constant reminder that I'm watching something made to appeal to teenagers and not people my age. That, and Stolas' talk about sucking Blitzo's dick or how hard he wants Blitzo to fuck him is really offputting. All the characters are extremely 1-dimensional as well, with Blitzo and Stolas being the only ones with any depth, but at the same time, they're horribly uninteresting.Overall, I don't like the show too much. The only value I get from it is sexy Loona fanart and porn, which there is thankfully plenty of.

>>133057425Forced pregnancyForced nudity/non-consensual exhibitionism

>>133087130Artist sauce before you get banned

>>133087130I want to be Collin in that situation more than basically anything

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>>133086810I like the rest of the cast sans Blitzo and Stolas when he isn't being a dad or a degenerate whoremonger. In fact both of them are better when being dads, just Blitzo's wannabe Rick Sanchez is excruciatingly painful to listen to and much like Rick I do want to beat him to death with brass knuckles.

>>133086810The writers are adult children, they are still stuck in middle/high-school emotionally and are guided by their loins. Viv especially with her weird fixation on making Moxxie the rape bait bitch boy like her other character she made porn of a while back that got fucked by snakes in a bathtub and shown to be in bondage gear.

>>133084212Can't wait to see when it's finished.

>>133087180>>133087227I want to be Loona

>>133087263I hate Rick Sanchez as well but I can't really say Blitzo is a particularly similar character. Rick is a "smart" cynic while Blitzo is more of a le quirky psycopath. Blitzo is more like if Bojack Horseman in his first 3-4 episodes was cranked up times ten and then written by Dan Harmon.

>>133086449made ones of everyone but biltzo and maybe stolas something telling about that to be honest

>>133087362She made porn?

>>133087745Niggas really trying to get banned ittJuno and Porsha


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>>133087745Who's the rabbit with the pink hair?

>>133087745Diane, T'ana, Belladonna, and Tasque Manager.

>>133056646>This thread is dedicated to LoonaMore like, your eternal virginity.

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>>133087745Tasque and Belladonna easy.

>>133086155>>133086171>long hair>and>BIG>FLUFFY>TAILRoxane reaffirmed it and these pics are driving me up the wall I tell you what

>>133087745Tasque and Rivet


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>>133085327>>133085347>>133086155>>133086171>>133086193>>133086449>>133086520>>133086610>>133086746>>133086682>Let's just make them all look like the same vague species instead of doing anything interesting!They could've made Sally a hyena, M&M toy breeds, Striker an australian cattle dog, etc...

>>133088194What's the matter, tickled a nerve?

>>133088207I think those were made back when we only had Loona and Vortex as reference. It was assumed all hellhounds were like them.

>>133088228loona is actually pretty plain for a hellhound in universe. nothing special, she's basically just your basic bitch white chick.

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>>133087696Yes, I wish I could find it because I think if she cranked up the depravity in her show it would at least be more engaging in either a titillating or interestingly fucked up way. The character was a 17 year old gay boy/man and she hid it so hard and fast a bit after she posted it a while ago. That is why the crew is weird about Octavia porn because of that incident (I found seeing her introduced as a small child made it hard to see her as an adult)

>>133088350I'm surprised I haven't see someone make an SFM with FNAF Security Breech models as Helluva Boss scenes and audio plays over it.

>>133087180What was deleted? Also, which archive is update with Holla Forums threads?

>millie wants to know what sex with a pop star is like>she and moxxie approach verosika>millie wants verosika to fuck moxxie while she watches>verosika agrees to do it for a pile of cash and access to blitzo's office>the deal is made>back at the M&Ms place>verosika is dancing and singing to set the mood>moxxie starts playing his guitar and singing along to verosika's surprise>they head to bed>verosika's about to go down on moxxie>moxxie intercepts her and starts kissing her>she's too shocked to pull away>he starts fondling her tits>she doesnt remember the last time a man has done foreplay on her>verosika practically goes limp in his arms>he brings his hands lower>verosika is now a sweaty mess of moans and twitches>moxxie puts his leg on her stomach>oh wait thats not a leg>he fucks her brains out missionary style>he finishes and verosika can do nothing more than babble incoherently as she tries to catch her breath>moxxie relaxes on the other side of the bed and turns to his wife>"So, was it as good as you imagined?">"It was good, but, it's not THAT different than what we usually do.">"Oh really?">the couple turns to see verosika standing by the bed wearing a strap-on>she licks her lips as she drizzles lube on the dildo>moxxie stares at it while sweating bullets>"Well now it's the exact same."

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it's up

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>>133075446I would reduce that doe to atoms

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>>133072968I don't like blitzo. I also don't like the music, though I think that's bias from watching the shitty musical breaks in the later seasons of futurama when I was a kid (I don't even hate musical comedy, I love operetta and frank zappa)the humor is not great, but most of the worst lines come from blitzo. I don't even think it's bad joke writing exactly, I think they just wrote a crass character who tells crude jokes. maybe he'll become funnier as the show goes on, if they choose to keep up with it once hazbin hotel starts airing.season 2 is off to a good start just because it pivoted from comedy to drama, which they can evidently do much better

>>133089097Colin fucking Loona with a warm loving embracedesuarchive

>>133089693>>133073102my headcanon is that they open an orphanage together. Loona knows what it's like being an orphan so she'd want them to have a better life and Collin truly believes even hellspawn can do good after seeing how righteous Moxxie and even Blitzo can be.

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>>133072312I'm getting Puffy AmiYumi vibes from this and I like it