Was Kataang being underdeveloped the reason why Zutara was so popular?

Was Kataang being underdeveloped the reason why Zutara was so popular?

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Zutara became popular because fangirl fantasy

No, I think Zuko was just more attractive to viewers of the time period. He was a hot, older, bad boy prince and 12 year old girls love that. Aang just wasn't drawn or depicted to be as attractive. Not only was he younger and shorter than Katara he was also depicted to be rather childish.

>>133055908>Kataang underdeveloped>zuko and katara just interacted like 4 episodes or something

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Katara and Aang never made sense.

>>133055908no, as Zuko and Katara interacted even less. The problem is that Aang simply was too young and wasn't a hot brooding teenager with daddy issues which fangirls love.

>>133056064>Aang simply was too youngone hundred years user, kataang is actually grooming

>>133056097both his body and mind were frozen during those 100 years, it means nothing

>>133055908Reason why Zutara was appealing back then was mostly due to Zuko's bad boy image.

>>133055908I am against this ship on the notion that Zuko is my self-insert and I believe that he can definitely do better than frigging Katara.

No, Zuko being an angst ridden older boy with hidden heart of gold who ended up with swoopy hair is why Zutara is popular

it is merely blatant shipfag schizophrenia

>>133055968Aang and Katara didn't really have "chemistry", it was too much "team mother" instead of "pixie boyfriend"

>kataang>underdevelopedat least kataang was written into the fucking show, while "zutara" is something that only exists in fanfiction. there were never any romantic moments between katara and zuko on the show. not even once.

>>133056111Does that count as?

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Nothing will ever top zutarafags retardation though, especially since this shit is a crack ship with ZERO canon backing.

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>>133055908It's not that Kataang was underdeveloped, it's that Aang did not have as much character development as Zuko in general. Aang remained mostly static over the course of the series, which works for the plot since he is treated as a positive force in the change of others.But because he doesn't change, there's no reason why his relationship with Katara would change - especially when Katara is the one who is most hesitant about the relationship in the first place.

>>133057755I kinda see what you mean but I disagree, Aang went from running away from his fears to willingly going to face the firelord when he was overpowered by the comet. With Katara, he went from screaming at her like "I'D RATHER KISS YOU THAN DIE, THATS A COMPLIMENT!" to flirt/dancing and holding her like "Don't worry about the people watching, it's just you and me right now." Even his fighting style changed if you compare the first and third season. Both him and Zuko got character development, they just had different obstacles to overcome.

Only reason I tolerate zutara is because i like imagining season 1 Zuko raping Katara.

>>133057860Evil Zuko x Katara is a thousand times better than Reedemed Zuko x her


Zutara is popular for a multitude of reasons.1. Kataang wasn't handled as well as it should have been. Aang's side was fine, but Katara's side came out of nowhere and the drama in book 3 is one of the biggest blemishes on ATLA.2. Zuko X Mai is one of the worst ships in the franchise, including imaginary ones. She just wasn't that interesting and the pairing isn't compelling.3. Female self inserters. Female fans make up a huge portion of the Avatar fanbase, and they practically all self insert as Katara. Don't blame them, she's perfect self-insert fuel (just as Zuko is perfect self insert fuel for boys). As their self insert, they naturally want her to be paired with the most desirable guy, which is unquestionably Zuko.Zutara is basically the perfect formula for successful millenial/early zoomer female fantasy. Even better than Edward and Bella. I don't think it makes sense in universe, but I don't begrudge the female fans from feeling this way. They were only ever eyerolled for being annoying/overly prevalent and rabid. Hell, my ships are definitely more autistic, but don't get attacked as much because the shipbase isn't annoying.


>>133058001Zutara got better because Katara and Zuko acted more like peers then Aang and Katara did.

>>133055908Kataang: yes, they are true romance!Zutara: ok but they hug to become from their foe. They are embarrassed for someone says his girlfriend.

>>133058001Why do people keep talking about twilight when this type of couple was common before twilight?

>>133058510Because it's an easy and timely example for ATLA?

>>133058510Twilight is the easiest/most well known example of this phenomenon>>133058475no matter how many times you repeat this just isn't true

>>133058543It's objectively true. Katara and Zuko's relationship is more based on mutual resepct then Aang and Katara's friendship .

>>133058567continue to be deluded


>>133056025not op but just to play devils advocate, for the bulk of Aangs interactions with Katara she acts as the nagging mother character and initially rejects Aang's advances on top of Aang being both younger and shorter than her. If Aang was a year older and a bit taller with more mature features fewer people would look at it like the kid who has a crush on his babysitter. I don't really like both ships but I can understand why Zutara got so much attention

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>>133058859>for the bulk of Aangs interactions with Katara she acts as the nagging mother character. I've never understood this, Katara nagged almost exclusively on Sokka and Toph. The only time where she did nag on Aang was a brief gag in the Runaway where she commands Aang to stand up straight. Katara typically is remarkably supportive and personable towards Aang, especially during their training scenes together.

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>>133055908I first watched AtLA like 3 years ago and thought Zuko and Katara should have ended up together. I didn't know Zutara was a thing or that others felt the same so I made a thread on here asking if anyone else felt the same. Everyone just told me I was a retard who should stop spamming, it made me a bit sad. I just wanted to talk about the show.

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>>133055908Pretty much. A lot of it was one sided for the bulk of the series with little supporting it until season 3

>>133058943Point is that not once did Katara had a romantic attraction to Aang for the bulk of the show.

>>133059083She didn’t have an attraction to anybody but Jet, and she was over it after that episode.

>>133059003Why? They show literally no attraction to one another. I get “this would be a fun ship” but not “this should be canon”.

>>133059083Zutards really are something else, I can get feeling underwhelmed with how Kataang was handled towards the end, but to deny that Katara had ZERO romantic attraction to Aang is laughable

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>>133059315No, it was BULK

>>133059338yeah no shit, romance was never ATLA's focus

>>133059264Near the end of s2, that's where I thought the show was going so I just kept waiting for it during s3. So when it didn't happen it felt anticlimactic.

>>133055968This. Guys like Kataang because we all want a sweet caring girl like KataraWomen like Zutara because they want the brooding bad boy with a wealthy powerful family.

>>133056771I would argue that Katara is an upgrade from who he actually ended up with. Mai was easily the weakest girl in the series both in looks and power level.

>>133059315Uh I don't get your point, you uploaded a gif of her being attracted to Kuzon Fire, not Aang.

>>133059380No I’m a guy and I also like Zutara. Tbh I never cared about Aang or his problems

>>133058001>1. Kataang wasn't handled as well as it should have been. Aang's side was fine, but Katara's side came out of nowhere and the drama in book 3 is one of the biggest blemishes on ATLAIt felt really one sided.

>>133059505Yooo isnt that Sapphire?

>>133059264NTA, but Toph/Aang made more sense. A pairing I never understood was Toph/Sokka

>>133059505>>133059628>Why is Kuzon making out with his own mom?

>scene in the play comes when not-Katara says she likes not-Zuko>Real Zuko and Katara physically recoil from one another>people still thought they would or should end togethermental illness

>>133059652Toph mostly lets her guard down when he's around

zuki makes more sense than zutara ever did yet its a crackship

>>133059925>What would Wang Fire think of this matter?

>>133057539More or less.

>>133055908Neither were fully developed, but Zutara was slightly more compelling because it was a dynamic based on emotional growth rather than classic puppy love. For an audience going through puberty, romance based around emotional passion and “opposites attract” was an easy appeal, and it just seemed spicier than a cliche goody two shoes getting with the token responsible good girl. I personally didn’t finish Avatar until my 20’s, and so I actually half expected Katara and Zuko to kiss after beating Azula. But it’s not as if Katara and Aang had no chemistry or romantic build up, it’s just wasn’t as grown up feeling.

People say that Aang and Katara had little development when Katara went from "I'll fucking kill you if you so much as side eye Aang" (When everyone else had basically accepted him) to "We're frens now :)" towards Zuko in one fucking episode.And saying that they didn't have romantic tension for the bulk of the show is retarded, NOBODY had romantic tension for any more than 1% of the show. Sokka and Suki get a little but it's a couple moments over 3 seasons. ATLA just wasn't a mid-late teen show, it wasn't a hormone fest like Korra. That's a hormone riddled mess, when the main character has dated their entire friend group.

>>133056111Ok, pedo.

>>133058001>Mai hatersMai was one of the coolest characters in the goddamn show. Funny(dead pan mastery), confident(she was always forward about what she thought) and a master of a the most r rated fighting style basically a master knife throwing ninja. But i agree she didnt belong with Zuko.

>>133059947>>Real Zuko and Katara physically recoil from one anotherAnon, that’s a classic romance thing. The couple says they would never ever date each other or act disgusted at the thought when it’s really what they want

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>>133062159>Tsundere Katara hmm

>>133055908>Was Kataang being underdevelopedNot really, it because girl dream of themselves as Katara.And girls hate dating manletAnd love dating rich and tall boy

>>133059380>a sweet caring girl like KataraKEK

>>133061917>NOBODY had romantic tension for any more than 1% of the show>What is S3

this thread is and odd place, Kataang was teased over the course of the entire series


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>>133064834It's only one zutaranon that keeps trolling with their delusional shit.

>>133055988He was a child, so it made the seriousness of the love plot look silly. They really needed a time skip to age him up.

>>133065486>here's your timeskip Aang bro

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>>133065116It’s old as hell man

>>133055908This shit again?

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>>133055908Zutarang, an all bender 3 way. Bend on bend on bend.

>>133064834It was teased but was largely one-sided and whatever romantic interest she did return felt weird and out of place to most considering her interactions toward him were motherly while Aang's was romantic.

>>133055988>I think Zuko was just more attractive to viewers of the time periodZuko is more attractive to the viewers no matter what time, Aang is just a naive child that had it his way because plot convenience while Zuko is actually a more complex character with a lot of inner conflicts.

>>133064834Makes me remember how everyone bitched about Hermione ending up with Ron instead of Harry, as a kid even from the first few books I thought it was obvious they were building her up with Ron

I was always a tyzula fag myself.

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>>133062159Lol your tsundere anime =/= real life

>>133066887This isn’t real life it’s a cartoon and it’s why people shipped Zuko and Jatara

>>133066910This isn't a cartoon, nick just knew how to look into other dimensions using a TV user. This is well known and has been documented.

>>133066910I'd say it's more likely for Zutara to happen on real life than a cartoon tough, or that's at least according to the VAs of the characters themselves.

>>133059380>>133059546You're overcomplicating things. Katara is slightly older and taller than Aang. That's it. That's all it takes for teen girls to hate it.

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>>133066331I hate Aang's adult design so fucking much

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>>133066556>that had it his way because of plot convenience I mean did you expect anything else from the guy that solves every problem ahead of him with spiritual shit?

>>133066556>>133067981I'm starting to think you guys don't even like Avatar

>>133067569Aang is also kind of ugly

>>133068148No idea what makes you say that, but I guess it's half true since I only like the og series and consider S3 was the start of the trainwreck that the franchise suffered, going from the hated 2010 movie, passing through Korra's flop to the latest Yangchen novels.

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>>133068148It’s a good show but Aang was never appealing

>>133068436>it's a good show but the main character was never appealing

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>>133068554Yeah? Everyone knows Aang was the least compelling of the cast

>>133068580>The kid with the entire fate of the world on his shoulders and who lost his people to genocide is the least compellingyou can't be serious

>>133055908Kataang wasn't underdeveloped, you just have daddy issues

>>133068339Zuko literally had the face of a burn victim. The only reason girls weren't all over Aang is because Sokka was such a pussy magnet.

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>>133055988Yes, he was extremely childish in the first episode when he nobly and stoically let the fire nation arrest him to protect the southern water tribe. Aang was an optimistic young protagonist with a sense of humor made during the tail end of pop culture's obsession with edgy, brooding protagonist.Your memory is skewed by your past perspective.

>>133068637Him having a responsibility doenst make him interesting to watch

>>133059960Understanding, never noticed it.

>>133058859Katara was literally only ever nagging to Sokka except for one interaction in the episode that addresses the joke that she's the nagging mom character. For most of her time with Aang she was at worst aloof toward him except on the occasions when she was frustrated, like when she was jealous of his waterbending talent or the attention the kyoshi islanders gave him. For the most part, however, Katara was often pretty eager to join Aang in whatever fun he wanted to get up to and even invited him to also cause some trouble. It was her idea to steal the scrollIt was her idea to have him teach her bending behind Paku's backIt was her idea to help the river villageKatara was not the angelic mother figure people remember her to be.

>>133068436>>133068580I mean, dont know what that has to do with the thread, it's true (Toph isnt that behind tbqh) since the guy doesnt have much of a personality apart from being a childish, enthusiastic kid, when he tries to get serious with his morals and all I always felt Iroh was 'a much better Aang' than Aang himself, but at the same time he doesnt gets much in the way of the other characters arcs, so I've never seen this as a problem. I was more annoyed when Bryke self-inserted their problems onto him by making the guy a deadbeat parent, the fact that we barely know anything about Katara's adult life also makes me sorta think Aang treated her as his seedbed, really dont know why Bryke suddendly decided everyone on the gaang as adults were le bad apart from Zuko and Katara.

>>133066786I am sure most are movie-onlies , re-watching the movies after reading books was weird.

>>133059083The bulk of the show wasn't about romance. This was being made fun of as early The Fortuneteller when Aang wanted to know his romantic future.

>>133068760 >guy gets his face torched by some guy that's able to produce fire >'face of a burn victim' Dont. You. Say.

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>>133068861I blame the Runaway for this wide misconception of Katara's character

>>133068760Yeah but the part that was not burnt was WAY above Aang

>>133055908Let it go, user.

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>>133069283it's generally pretty good the fanart this pairing gets, always appreciate it

>>133069500if only we had more porn of them together as well.

>>133069845it's also high quality in general, the only three solutions to that are requesting, doing it yourself or paying an artist. Editing also exists too I guess.

>>133068861It was less "her idea" and more "she did it behind everybody backs".>>133069034There is the fur shedding episode too.

>>133070207yeah but she only butts heads with Toph in that episode, The Runaway REALLY pushes this idea that Katara is a mother figure to rest of the gaang which she really wasn't

>>133060110>Wang FireThere's a cream for that, I believe

>>133068368I've never met anyone who saw season 3 being a the weakest one like I did. I still lik it, but the first 2 were better.

>>133064834Oh of course, you could easily guess that the two would end up together from the first episode.And by the fourth episode it's confirmed, we see that Aang has a crush on Katara, and we get a hint of Katara being jealous of Aang's popularity with the girls of Kiyoshi island.The only thing is that is was rarely shown what Katara saw in the relationship, or if she liked Aang.We did get confirmation, but it was irregular and scarce compared to Aang. The main two times before the finale are in the Cave of Two Lovers and The Headband.And, honestly, the relationship is more of a reward for Aang than a character moment for Katara, which is why some of the writers of ATLA weren't big fans of it.Bryke insisted though, and they were probably right too

>>133070493Really? I loved season 3, they tied it up as best they could.

>>133072391I still like it, I just thinks its comparatively weaker. I can't explain it, but it just seems a bit too Joaquin Dos Santos sometimes towards the end.

>>133066331 >>133071250Bryan is so up his own arse it gets annoying. >>133070493too much filler episodes for the first half although I DID like the dynamic between Azula-Zuko-Mai-Ty Lee but people only remember the middle and race for Sozin's comet. then suddendly Zuko comes face to face with his father, the plan to invade the capital, Azula losing her mind and being betrayed by her only two friends etc. Terrible pacing that some people even assumed it was done in the last second when in reality it was just bad writting. Also Bryke to this point discovered shipping and that's also at fault of some of the worst things at Sozin's comet.

>>133071250>the relationship is more of a reward for Aang than a character moment for KataraThis

>>133055908Aang never abused Katara, so average girls can't possibly understand why she'd like him.


>>133056045This. No woman in the entire history of the world ever fell in love with a guy she treated like an annoying little brother. It cannot happen.

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>>133069283Based ZuKINO chad

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>>133055908no, it was because one was a bald kid, and the other a hot brooding teenager

>>133074964Katara never treated Aang like an annoying little brother, see >>133068861 please watch the show before commenting on it

Imo pic related was the best, because it was the only relationship which didn't have retarded angsty teen drama tied to it.Only thing of the sort was Sokka being hesitant at first because of Yue, but that's understandable having your first gf die in your arms messes you up.

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>>133059083arent they like 12 lolAang has a childlike crush on the first person he sees in 100 years and the first female he sees in who knows how long since the air temples are gender segregated for whatever reason. Katara sees him as a goofy kid but has like reverse Florence Nightingale effect after she resuscitates him and realizes how much he means to her. She takes most of season 3 to sort out her feelings, as she still says she's confused in the Ember Island Players episode.

>>133066331>>133067656>>133072953>Aang went from being Tibetan to being Amish

>>133070419She also did with everybody.

>>133055908Not really. It was about as developed as you could hope for in a show where the romantic subplot was only a very minor part of it. The main reasons>zuko is perfect bad-but-I-can-change-him bait>katara works pretty well as a self insert>mai and zuko have zero chemistry

>>133057732What the fuck is this autism lmao

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>>133075814>it's realwhat the flying fuck

>>133075483>cucked Yue>cucked Toph>cucked Ty LeeSuki-sama I kneel

>>133075980You cant cuck what's already dead

>>133075980Toph gets the last laugh when she actually has Sokka cum in her and gave him children.

>>133076031Well she's the moon now and watches Suki have her way with Sokka every full moon

>>133076125Do you think she knows about picrel? >>133075814

>>133069283>>133074995I'm conflicted about Zuki, I like the idea of them being together but I don't like how it's usually implied(cheating on Sokka etc.)

>>133076697Idk why people ship that, sure they become are close friends but Suki and Sokka are all over each other whenever they reunite

>>133077216More or less, they havent interacted im like a decade, I'd say Sokka even interacted more with Azula or that EK girl from Toph's academy

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>>133059380>a sweet caring girl like Katarawhat show did you watch

>>133076697Tbf the reverse is an implication for a lot of Sokka fanfics


>>133068339The truth has been spoken.

>>133079116It's really not a secret

>>133075814I dont get it?

>>133075483What about Jinko

>>133055908>Aang is most people's self insert (probably watched it as a naive kid like aang, he wakes up to a new world like isekai)>Katara is annoying and uppity and her cockroach loops are weird af>The viewers didn't want to self insert as katara's partnerThe new generation's kids don't watch this stuff and everyone who watched avatar are 20-40 years old so they find Zuko more relatable. This is why you see a lot of backlash for zutara and support of kataang these days more than before

>>133080519Pretty sure most of the newest fans decline for Zutara rather than Kataang >>133068339Aang is cute as a monkei boy

>>133081150Cute like a dog but not like sexually attractive. He looks like a cancer patient

>>133059652Aang/Toph > Aang/Suki > dogshit >> Zutara=Kataang

>>133081205Maybe it's true, but he's a beauty compared to his adult design >>133066331

>>133055908Zuko’s tall, fuck bitches, determined, strong, in good shape, has a battle scar, killed multiple people and has an attractive sounding voiceHe’s literally an edgelord chad, Katara was gonna jump on his dick first chance she got if he didn’t turn on them in the cave and thats obvious, just go watch the scene she lambasts him for trying to kill her and he just goes “k” and she breaks down and offers to heal his wound, she likes bad boys she can “fix” like JetAang is a child, a bald one at that, hes strong and all but Katara wouldn’t have liked him like that, yea she gave him pussy after he saved the world but thats the equivalent of Nicki Minaj giving Drake pussy after dropping Views From the 6, its congratulatory pussy for reaching the top, a feminist whore like Katara wouldn’t settle with a guy like Aang in her SEXUAL PRIME, also Aang would have had so many bad bitches lusting after his Avatar dick no way he wouldn’t have cheated on KataraTL;DR Aang is a simp fantasy and Zuko chadcock, a teenage girl on hormones is picking option B every time

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>>133081763>she likes bad boys she can “fix” like JetThis

>>133082412>>133081763Katara immediately attacked Jet and froze his balls solid without hesitation once she learned his true nature


>>133077639What this bitch doin'?

>>133075980Didnt Ty-Lee stop being interested on the guy since the S2 Finale?

Aang should have been a celibate monk.

>>133084150what's that

>>133084162Celibacy is basically abstinence.

>>133055908Honestly I was kinda worried we were going to end up with Zaang.

>>133083796Suki claimed him before that tho

>>133084304It was 2008, woke was barely a thing, although picrel made Aang a bi to justify Korra's ending >>133066331

>>133068760As much as Aang being the Avatar and only attracting 6 years olds is non-sensical, the girls on Avatar are obviously gonna be thirsty when all the men are out fighting the war

>>133055908I've been told that the reason was that girls liked Zutara more because they saw Aang as a little brother. Dunno if that is true, but Aang probably isn't a fangirls ideal boyfriend or anything.

>>133085595More or less, by the time of S3 Katara herself tells him that 'he's not anymore the little boy they found at the iceberg' but then again, Bryke were desperate with pairings that season, in fact shipping is at fault at one of the worst things at Sozin's comet.

>>133080519>The new generation's kids don't watch this stuffMy youngest sister did, I don't think she is a shipper.

>>133068368Morganagod stuff is damn good

>>133080519Avatar is one of the popular shows in netflix.

>>133080435>JinkoMy favorite ship, it's so underrated.

>>133088614all of Zuko's ships with the Earth Girls are cute

>>133068637Katara, Sokka, and Zuko are all more compelling than that, yeah, and Toph gets a pass purely for being an entertaining character even with her story not being very interesting

>>133055908Netflix literally ruined Zutara beyond everything. Ah what the hell, it had lots of shit and annoying fans, but I still liked since most of their content were just fanarts and fanfics without those shit long speechs talking about it

>>133089129How so?

Katara is the sort of bitch other bitches love to self-insert.Zuko is the type those lame ass bitches would want:>rich>strong>traumatized>hotheaded>fit>royaltyKatara straight up sucks and im tired pretending she does not.