>Tfw no retarded braindead loyal bimbo gf What’s a scumbag like Joker got that I don’t...

>Tfw no retarded braindead loyal bimbo gf What’s a scumbag like Joker got that I don’t? I’m a reasonably nice person. I don’t harm people, at least. Where’s my retarded horny evil slut gf I could treat like shit (but wouldn’t). When’s it gonna be my turn, huh?

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>>133055553Harley wouldn’t want a nice guy. We’ve been lied too this whole time. The Joker’s a Chad. Harley’s Veronica.

>>133055553Nice guy is code for creep.

>Harley wouldn’t want a nice g-

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>>133055553>I’m a reasonably nice person. I don’t harm peopleNice guys are gay, unironically. They almost universally lack confidence and desperately crave affection.


>Joker has motorboated these boobas and put his clown penis inside them

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>>133055614>lack confidence and desperately crave affection.And what's wrong with that? It's not evil to have no confidence and hate yourself, that's not a crime.

>>133055623Hol up does girl on right have bigger tits than harl?

>>133055614It's also a common front for abusers

>>133055638Some girls are into that, but most aren't. And the point is, Harley and girls like Harley definitely aren't.

>>133055598Batman is a good guy.He isn't a nice guy.

I'm glad we dismantled a word as innocent as 'nice' and made it mean something it isn'tThanks AmericaAnyway I'd fuck Harley Quinn (BTAS)

>>133055706>And the point is, Harley and girls like Harley definitely aren't.We really live in a society.

>>133055598Batman is like the polar opposite of a nice guy.

>>133055675Yes. Punchline's milkers are gigantic.

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>>133055675Yes. There's a couple images in the comics that show them and you can see Punchline is bustier.

>>133055703>It's also a common front for abusersHow am I supposed to know if I'm an abuser if no woman will give me a chance?

>>133055553That's DOCTOR retarded braindead loyal bimbo gf. She didn't fuck her way to a PhD for people to forget her title.

>>133055623Really want the joker to just walk into whatever place she's in and tell her to stop being a clown girl or he'll murder her.

>>133055553Harley's the Holla Forums version of IRL girls who get wet for serial killers like Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, etc.

>>133055853No she is not that anymore. She has daddy issues cause joker looks like her dad and gat as fuck now.And recently she's all strong and was always Harley and a dyke and just became Harley as a career as jokers equal partner This is Harley now. Something NO WOMAN WANTS TOBPLAY AS FOR FUN AND MEN WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH.Yeah, all strong and shit.

>>133055848>DOCTORYeah, I'll be sure to indulge her with her silly meaningless titles. Female humiliation is really hot.

>>133055898DC can push Harley into being a dyke all they want but Harley will always be popular as the partner and lover of Joker. Though this is a classic case of faggots pushing for bisexual erasure.

To me she's just a trashy chick.

>>133055976Anon.This only ONLY works if there is constant popular media pushing that.There is literally none.Name 3 pieces of media released in the last ten years that has that dynamic done well. It's all unlikable strong dyke Harley who hates joker and is a murderous skank of the lowest kind.

>>133055638Legally it isn't, but it makes you a burden to everyone including yourself. Self esteem is 50% what we choose it to be, the other half is earned by being better and doing better. Find something to believe in, the joy of doing, and at least one good deed to do for someone else no matter how small.

>>133055623>TwoMore than 2

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>>133056048Only Injustice 2 comic pushed that

>>133055675She's supposed to be her replacement so the bigger boobs was the cherry on top.

>>133055998She was loony trashy not derby girl trashy

>>133055675>>133056126Harley's always been about the ass anyway

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>>133056135She was approachable trashy, a nerdy dream. Now she is what she was meant to be from the start

>>133056154>Now she is what she was meant to be from the startNever. I won't accept that.

>>133056119Yeah. For zero issues.Nigga died quickly. O stand by my post. Harley I'd no longer that anymore. And the top gay agenda groomer in western music for a while Lady "born this way & pokerface" Gaygay is playing Harley. Yeah. Harley 8d fucked now

She was the maniac pixie dream girl like the Ramona that everyone hates these days. I like the unapproachable trashy chick better, but I don't like her heroic heel turn

>>133055949>Yeah, I'll be sure to indulge her with her silly meaningless titles. Female humiliation is really hot.I'm not sure how calling her Doctor Quinzel is humiliating

Did Harley bimbofy herself? Open question.

>>133056138Do you think that if Batman found Harley like this, they'd end up banging?Before he let her out, obviously.

>>133056232depends on your definition of bimbofication I guess

>>133056194>She was the maniac pixie dream girl like the Ramona that everyone hates these daysnot even close

>>133056222Because she's retarded and I would remind her of that while destroying her (already very little) intelligence even more.

>>133055591>creepliterally a code word for unattractive faceotherwise he's mysterious

>>133055622she doesn't know that

>>133056764His chin gives him away. And she's flirting with Bruce earlier in the same episode she kisses Batman.

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>>133055598>Dark brooding buff person that beats the shit out of criminals>Nice guy

>>133056787>criminals>nice guys

>>133056811I didn't say Batman is a bad person, he's just not a "nice guy"

>>133055553kinda hhoott ngl

>>133055553Women are attracted to sociopaths and psychos. If you became a serial murderer and went to jail, you would receive tons of love letters. Unless you're a balding fatass.

>>133056932Neither are criminals.

>>133055553>Harley will never be this cute again

>>133056777then why did she toss the dress symbolically away in that clip you posted?

>>133055724so what makes a good guy different from a nice guy? nice guy doesn't simp and will occasionally hit a woman if he thinks it's necessary? I tried that and got a restraining order

Harley wanted a chance to redeem the Jokerthen, in listening to his ramblings, actually started believing them herselfShe wanted someone to save, not a nice guy. The professor she blew in college to get a passing grade was a nice guy and she probably wishes he was dead now

>>133057544>The professor she blew in college to get a passing grade was a nice guy and she probably wishes he was dead nowWhat exactly is he to blame for? Accepting her advances?

>>133057487I didn't post a clip, weirdo.

>>133057544None of this is even remotely true. Harley just wanted to be famous.

>>133056102Not all of them were lookers though.

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the moment a gamer was born

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>>133058131Is this REAL?

>>133058142no it's a comic


I miss old Harley


>>133055553>>133055598A face made for facials

>>133055553That's the problem, you're too nice and don't hurt people.

>girls should be attracted to me because I'm niceGlad you value nice so much. I'm sure all the fat, ugly girls you know will be ecstatic that you're coming to sweep them off their feet for how nice they are.

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>>133060085>fat, ugly girls>Sweeping them off their feetNot even good bait

Ivy treats her right.

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>>133055553>What’s a scumbag like Joker got that I don’t?Unlimited confidence.

>>133055675Harls even admits in one of her issues that Punchline is younger and hotter than her.

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>>133057018thoughts on batb harley? i think she's the closest we'll ever get to the original. unfortunately they butchered her in the scooby crossover. tara strong ruins everything she touches nowadays.

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>>133055553I love Harley

Blondes are truly something else

>>133055553We only come to this planet to suffer OP, remember at the end dont go to the light is a soul trap.

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>>133055553The joker is a genius manipulator.


>>133055848>She didn't fuck her way to a PhD for people to forget her title.Oh yeah, probably one of the most hilarious details that DC is trying to hide!

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>>133060085Cry some more femcel

>>133055598Batman is VERY nice, especially when he cripples criminals!

What would an unreasonably nice person be like?

>>133058201>no it's a comic

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Give me a comic about Harley being a sociopathic stalker again. She's the original yandere gf and has tried to kill then kiss joker multiple times.

>>133060085You Holla Forumsmblr faggots sure chose an irrelevant part to fixate on. Did you actually read the OP post?

>>133067386Where they fucked up was making Harley and Joker an actual couple. In Harley's first costumed appearance the relationship established makes her out to be a delusional kid with a huge unrequited crush, rather than The Joker's second in command or lover. If anything she was originally more like the Buddy to Joker's Mr. Incredible.

>>133067511Pretty much this. Harley originally wasn't meant to be anything beyond an eye-catching female thug to go undercover where Joker can't. But her design and her VA's performance were so damn good people liked her so she actually got a backstory, episodes dedicated to her, and a personality beyond just a thug with a great ass.

>>133067786Nothing about what made Harley a fun and likeable character to begin with exists anymore. She was originally a 30s-style Jewish gun moll and classic dumb blonde in the spirit of Jean Harlow, Mae Clarke, and Judy Holliday. Now she's a crass millennial white woman.

>>133057611ShhhhHarley dindu nuffin.She Is a good strong femi ist that was manipulated by an ebul nice man and super genius joker!!!

>>133067511What in God's name are you trading on about you insane cunt.That's not true of any fucking continuity.Not only that but Harley would NEVER be a thing if that was even remotely the case.I think you're confusing her for proto Harley from the 90s flash TV show. Oavyhm

>>133066203They're not trying to hide it, that only ever applied to the animated canon. That was never part of any of her comics origins.

>>133068335I said first costumed appearance as in her first episode.

>>133060245>her literal bushNice

>>133055598I'd personally like if Harley sees Batman as a stable father figure/mentor than anything else. Maybe if she was still a teen when she fell in love with the joker and then became an antihero in her early/mid 20s, she'd carry on his legacy by the time he retires.

>>133069382Personally, I think you're queer.

>>133068771Nigga Mad Love IS a comic


>>133069107No it's not.The fuck are you talking about?

>>133073371Go back and actually rewatch the episode. A romantic/sexual relationship isn't established between Joker and Harley until after The Laughing Fish.

>>133066203>never studied>pop pyschologistHuh, so her being an accomplished psychologist was a retcon to clean her character up.

Somehow I never made the connection between "Harleen" and "Arleen"

>>133055553She's bi, so not worth it


>>133070601Yeah, a tie-in comic to the animated series. It's not main universe Batman comics canon.>>133074341Not so much a retcon as it was a slightly different take on her origin.

>>133074847Who's Arleen?

>>133075935Harley's original voice actress. Arleen Sorkin.

>>133075935>Who's Arleen?You can't be serious.

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>>133055553Reasonably nice person and retarded horny evil slut gf dont mix.Plus you dont want a retarded horny evil slut gf theyre actually retarded daddy issue pieces OF SHIT

>>133069382I agree, batman cant always be the fucking pimp of dc.

>>133077060>theyre actually retarded daddy issue pieces OF SHITah, projection.

>>133055598>>133055614>>133055638>>133055706>>133055724>>133055775>>133056787>>133056811>>133056932>>133059869>>133067031>>133077060Im guessin you dudes dont like Superman or Mickey Mouse.

>>133056671Yeah what a great code, ugly people will NEVER find out they're unattractive that way. Haha, fucking idiot. That's like some pervert thinking they can write a beautiful character as "hot, but doesn't know it". That just doesn't happen, beautiful people are told all the time that they're beautiful, people know it's a positive quality so they'll blurt it out regardless of how that kind of attention can make someone uncomfortable.

>>133055848shes a fucking psychologistA literal bottom feeder in the medical field

>>133062342>tara strong ruins everything she touches nowadays.Nah, I don't see it

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>>133055848She's a psychiatrist, so her degree is in medicine and not a Psychology PhD.>>133066203That's not her usual origin. Here she fucked her way to a Bachelors in Psychology, which she uses to become a Jordan Peterson-style self-health author. That's completely different from having an MD and using it to diagnose mental illnesses and prescribe medication to Arkham patients.

>>133075935Arleen Francis Sorkin. You know, the original voice actress of Harleen Francis Quinzel? The entire reason Harley is blonde -- and Jewish, in the first place?

>>133077795>That's not her usual origin.What's her usual origin? Making Harley smart was a mistake

>>133056048The TMNT Batman cross over did it. Harley was only miffed at joker for calling her nurse instead of doctor fpr their mitered gag and that was only played for laughs. Snake Joker and Hyena Harley even have a gross make out session.

>>133077956>Snake Joker and Hyena Harleywhat?

>>133077161Not particularly but that doesn't really matter as neither of those things are real. Hot Psychotic women are.

>>133077844A psychiatrist. Can you read?

>>133055553I've long thought about getting some damaged BPD whore to have an unhealthy controlling romp with but I don't even want to leave the house.

>>133078014TMNT Batman crossover has Joker and Harley both get exposed to mutagen ooze

>>133055553>implying Harleen is a genius and is actually one of the most intelligent heroes on Batmans roster. The blonde bimbo has never been real sorry to crush your dreams


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>>133078843She was a bimbo in the cartoon, which is where she was created.

>>133079083Surprisingly cute. Especially the crazy eyes at the end.

>>133079262The same cartoon where she had Batman beat by herself until Joker threw a tantrum?

>>133055598Wait, that happened?

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>>133079547Isnt this the same comic that made bruce a cuck again?

>>133055553>>133055598They made her so damn cute in this episode.

>>133055835 calling them "retarted brained bimbos"is a dead giveaway youre a "nice guy" and not a nice person

>>133079779That kind of description can be said without malice.

>>133055553>I don’t harm peoplewell there's your problem

>>133077734She looks like she's about to lose her feet from frostbite.

>>133055797>>133055623Is it okay I dislike Punchline? Nothing really makes me interested in her character-wise. Neither design or backstory. It's like a forced meme

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>>133055553What if harley was fat

>>133055553>What’s a scumbag like Joker got that I don’t?ZazzHaye to say it user, but you're totally lacking in zazz


>>133055553That is the issue, you aren't a shit man. Women love those.

>>133082172Society as a whole favors shitty people. It's not just limited to women.

>>133055598>>133055622>>133055724Harley's idea of a nice guy is an invincible daddy that slaps her when she misbehaves.

>>133055553You're entitled.

>>133058142Diana believes in a permanent solution.

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>>133077442No, that would be chiropractors.

>>133057507Good Guy: Someone who will naturally make the effort to do good things out of the kindness of their heart. Might have some apparent flaws, but they're pretty much good at heartNice Guy: Someone who virtue signals around people in an attempt to hide how much of a shitty person they actually are. Those who are guilty of something serious will virtue signal even harderFor Example: Johnny Depp is a good guy, Jared Fogle is a nice guy

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>>133083120I wanted to give my post better detail, the Family Guy image I just added on a whimyoutube.com/watch?v=yC432eD7oNQ

>>133082172We live in a society.

>What’s a scumbag like Joker got that I don’t?In a word: charisma

>>133081981Her name would be Hardly Thin

>>133079083What's this from?

>>133079779Good reply. I was drunk when I was made this thread, but I was being purposefully malicious (horny) when I said that. You've been the only one so far to call-out my mean spirited and degrading language.

>>133056274Batman would know the Joker would be jealous and he doesn't commit adultry, and he probably wouldn't trust her anyway regardless.

>>133083944>>133083800 superbDouble doubles

>>133077101Batman always shows up in Gotham like a giant ominous black cat.

>>133056194It started out she was basically a girl joker working with the system and she got caught with the joker. The joker turned her into his pokemon and she liked it better than working in the insane asylum.

Tara’s Harley voice is actually pretty sexy when shes not yelling. Try listening to her Multiversus lines, especially since in a lot of them she’s directly speaking to (you)

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>>133084826Tara Harley is awful. She either sounds like Timmy Turner or Bubbles.

>>133082613From where is that from? Poor Oswald, I imagine how come Diana does not go for Ra and Ra after the Amazons.

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>>133058403We all do.

>>133083012Who the hell is Jared Fogle?

>>133055553Idk why but it's always the blonds who made their skin darker for some reason

>>133085542You serious? He was a spokesperson for Subway for many years after becoming famous for losing a shitload of weight by just eating their sandwiches. He's now currently serving prison time for diddling kids and having CP in his possession

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>>133079083Again, where is this from?

>>133085914NTA but I don't think Jared was used for ads outside the USA>>133088376the new Batwheels cartoon

>>133088397Batwheels? Is that the superheroes as cars thing? Why is Harley in that?

>>133088486Because she's a batvillain, the joker, mr freeze and the pinguin are there too.

>>133088628And they're people? Not cars? I thought everyone was a car in that movie?

>>133088661they are people and the cars talk because they're given computer boards.And it's a TV show.

>>133088700Oh. Is it good? I guess I'll check it out. I thought it was supposed to be Batman but like Cars.

>>133088725Honestly it's more like paw patrol than cars.I saw the first episode this afternoon and tho it looks gorgeous it's still very stupid and very much for toddlers.Watch it at your own risk.

>>133088905Thanks. I assume its Tara Harley then, right?

>>133055553I've seen this episode a ton of times but something kept bugging ,e about this particular screenshot.Then I finally realized what it is; Harley's design without her makeup is a grownup version of Penny Gadget.

>>133055553>send my retarded braindead loyal bimbo gf to the store for groceries>she gets chicken nuggets, ramen, cookie dough, cat food (we do not own a cat), a rainbow unicorn stationary set, and a Bratz doll>also a birthday card for herself (her birthday was nearly a week ago)

>>133088928I don't know sorry.

>>133089009She's not THAT dumb

>>133089020No problem, Jesus this show is weird. Has none of the usual voice actors. Harley is voiced by a random Indian woman. Gina Rodriguez is Catwoman, and Ethan Hawke is Batman? What the fuck.

>>133089047I am not exaggerating that is what she boughtFirst she said the cat food was for a cat in the neighborhood but then she admitted she wanted to try it for herselfI told her it would not taste goodand she tells me 'how would you know? have you eaten cat food before? it must be like canned tuna that's what's in it'also she put the change from shopping in the birthday card to herself and made a big show of opening it and the doll too

>>133089100Oh you meant your actual girlfriend. Well, Jesus. Did she not get a birthday card from anybody? And the Bratz doll... why? Is she genuinely stupid?

>>133089167She got a card from me, but she can be rather impulsive and decided she wanted another. She likes fashion dolls and Bratz is nostalgic for her, I guess.

>>133089249How old is she? She's not BPD, right?

>>133089319Early twenties, troubled childhood, likes to think of herself as a kid at heart. I don't think she's BPD, though.

>>133089387>troubled childhoodWell, there you go, that explains it. She's probably fine.

>>133056102The little smile in the floor was a nice touch.

>>133089455yep, she's fine, just a braindead bimbo.

>>133089473You shouldn't be so rude if you love her. It's not nice to call people stupid.

>>133089500she giggled for several minutes straight the first time I called her a bimbo, she loves it. I don't call her stupid in a mean way either.

>>133089552In that case, congratulations. That's an envious relationship you have there.

>>133056102what is this gay shit

>>133055553She's a cartoon, dumdum. She's not real