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Fan art of what?

Is he so cheap that he won't even commission fanart like the Kamen America guys do?

How the fuck what anyone know who to make fanart of when it hasn’t even shipped.

Before we begin: I preordered the books on Day 1. I ordered Cover A and Cover B. I don't remember if I got signed. I did not get extras like cards or shirts, etc., though I might still yet. I want the book, I want to read it, and I want to talk about it. I'm waiting patiently. In the meantime...Who tf is Isom? What are his powers? What can he do? What is his education level? What has he done for a living? What does this guy know and what makes him special? I want to know and I want to know badly. I've listened to hours and hours of Rippa content...I listen every day...but there's simply no way for me to watch or listen to everything so I miss things. At the end of the day, as of right now I don't know who Isom is and it's really bugging me. I know what he looks like and that's it.I gather that he lives on a ranch somewhere in Texas, probably outside of Dallas. I hope he can ride horses. Maybe bulls. That would be badass. I gather that he's an ex-Superhero of some sort, alá Jessica Jones, which is a concept I dig, and I imagine the story will play out in flashbacks and dreams. Yet: I don't know what Isom can do. I truly do not know how powerful this man is or what motivates him as a person. I want to.I ordered the books because I wanted a piece of the action. I'm a fan, and I'm just not entertained by the current runs of my favorite heroes. I've listened to Rippa for a few years now and I like how he does business. I want to know what Isom can do. What makes him super? And how did he get that way?I can speculate all day long. Was he injected with something? Was he born that way? Was it an accident? Is he an alien? Does he have gadgets? What is it with this guy? Can he fly? (My guess is that he cannot fly, but it would be cool if he could "kind of sort of" fly, if you catch my drift.) Is he super strong? Is it his moustache? Is his moustache magical? Can he use it to pick things up and sneak attack people? These are things I don't know.

Yaira too. But Isom is the main character, so he's who I want to know. Are we going to watch him fight a bull? Because I would like to see him fight a bull, maybe saving a kid or something, but fighting a bull for sure. Depending on his power just being like: "Pow!" And it's over. That would make me happy. But could Isom take on a bull head on? What about a bigger bull? Like a giant bull or a buffalo. Or maybe an elephant. Could Isom realistically take on an elephant? What if the elephant is really pissed off and out for blood and wants to take all of it out on Isom? Could Isom stop the charge? Could he grab that sucker's trunk and Bam-Bam him over his head? Could he knock it out with a punch? Would he have to run and dodge and be nimble and quick so the elephant couldn't get him? Would get picked up and ripped apart? Tell me please! What if it was a dinosaur? Or a giant robot?How strong is this guy in relation to a Power Ranger? To Superman? What if he got stabbed or lasered? Does he bleed? Does he heal? Can he die? (Probably.) Will he die? (Possibly.) How should I feel about that? I don't even know if he's a good dude. I assume he is because he's a hero, but not every "hero" is actually good. The best ones are mostly human. What if a ghostbuster opened up on him full blast with a proton stream? Would he be busted like a ghost? Or he be burned alive? Or would tickle him? Does he have an accent? Ooooh! If he can ride a horse, can he use a rope and lasso? Does he wear a cowboy hat and a bolo tie? Because I would like that. It's appropriate in Texas.What is his stance on pickles? Does he think they're good or hate them? What about sushi? How spicy does he like it? Does he think chili has beans or no beans? Does he own a tiger? I think you can own a tiger in Texas. (And if not, why not?) Is he a people person or does he hate life?So yeah. Isom. Whatcha got for me? Please and Thank you.

>>133050987Stop being a hater.#wewillwin

>>133050745Threw this together pretty quickly

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>>133051040I like how it exists and I can read it.

>>133051052Thanks user, high praise. I wish my twitter wasn’t screwy I’m not suspended, but I need to verify my account and it’s not letting me otherwise I’d send it to him to enter


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>>133050782how the fuck is still fan art if you had to commission someone to do it, you fucking retard?

>>133051084See, it's totally on time.

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>>133051723Look, we have to move the goal post for Rippa and Kamen to win. We have to move it a LOT.

Rippaverse toys when?

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>>133052377When it can maintain threads without you having to "stealth" bump them from page 10.

>>133051723The artist was a fan of their money

>>133050745lmao wtf is this the first issue never been release and he had guts announcing fan contest

>>133050745Fan art contests are a scam by assholes who want a lot of mostly free art of their IP and attention from the artist's followers.

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>>133051040there is now more fanart than actual rippaverse comics

>>133051040The artistic talent you can expect from Rippa's haters. Also looks like it comes from a Homestuck fan, which is a double deduction>>133050764You've seen characters. People have made fanart from less with big corporate releases, like Pokemon silhouettes

>>133050987>Who tf is Isom? What are his powers? What can he do? What is his education level? What has he done for a living? What does this guy know and what makes him special?Buy the book and find out if you wish to know so badly.>>133050794Gay fan art of Isom and that green Superman clone.

>>133053453>The artistic talent you can expect from Rippa's hatersSo Rippa supporters have more talent? Let’s see your artistic talent guy

>>133053453Of all things you could have living in your head rent free why the fuck did you choose Homestuck

>>133053531>Gay fan art of Isom and that green Superman clone.You know, at the moment there's no actual proof that Isom is heterosexual.

>>133053453Schizo's back!

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>>133053571Good point.

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I enjoy watching other men fuck my wife

>>133053739I enjoy fucking this man's wife

>>133053539>>133053568>>133053630Lmao owned you stupid troll, I'm going to make sure to save that image>>133050987Good Lord man this wall of text, absolutely seething in rent-free butthurt.People make fanart of things they haven't even seen, there is no need for this insane obsession. You're probably just upset because nobody would want to make fan art of the ugly designs you doAnd if you really pre-ordered it just to get mad that's sad, but I'm going with obviously lying

>>133053954You selected my post but didn’t respond to what I said…

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>>133053453You participating?

>>133053954>I'm going to make sure to save that imageI can see why you’d want the only piece of Rippaverse art currently available user. I’m going to repost it in every Rippaverse thread from now on

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GOOD MOOOOOOOORNING Holla Forums! Just wanted to remind you that we’re another day closer to ISOM #1 (yes, THE ISOM from Rippaverse) getting printed and shipped! Make sure to save your tears for the upcoming release when ISOM shits all over Spidercuck!Hate to disappoint you Poisonivyfags, but there are still TWO (2) companies that are releasing unreadable garbage so you can feel good about yourself, though I feel the need to point out to you that they made her a lesbian so fat that they had to cut out Batman from the current issue due to space constraints. Making her a fat lesbian not only proves that DC doesn't have the writers to actually tell a story, but they also hate their readers so much that they refuse to give them something nice to look at. But feel free to continue the denial, Batman will soon be ISOM's bitch and there's nothing you can do to stop it.There's just one (1) week left of my ISOM #1 funding campaign and you'll have the chance of being part of history my dear customers, no point in waiting, order now. Let's make ISOM real again!

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>>133054167imagine still being mad because blacks became free men

>>133053453>Pokemon is comparable to RippaverseAlways count on Guy to give us the freshest retarded takes.

>>133054207Especially since black people like YuGiOh more than anything.

>>133054111Typical desperation to get someone to care about your artwork as a hater failed 'creative', along with being desperate for attentionAnd you're too lazy to notice that he already received fan art which inspired the contest>>133054207Haters are truly braindead, this dude only understands that two properties are being compared - was probably raised on corporate stuff, which is why he defends giant companies from independent competitors like Mom and Dad

If you are asking if I am a student of Eric D July and a member of the Rippaverse, then yes, I am.This is a side-hustle of mine.

>>133054283>hater failed 'creative'Why do you project so hard guy? This just describes you

>>133054283If you believe in comicsgate so much and if you're such a good artist, why haven't you joined it?

>>133054283Why wouldn’t he want to receive more fanart? He made the comic to get more fanart, and he’s getting some

>>133054299Now you're talking to yourself while quoting someone else - typical Homestuck fan use of second-person narration, they have nothing worthwhile to contribute to Artistic discussions.>>133054320Discuss the comic.>>133054329Do you think that your crummy doodle is going to be something big to him? I'm going to check out now as Rippa's haters will be just looking to spew out their mental issues instead of discuss the comic.

>>133054320Why do you retards get so mad when someone gets out of line, it's kind of fascistic.

>>133054397comic not out yet tho

>>133054432>Defending guyAre you a newfag?

>>133054432Because guy is out of line with reality itself and it's pretty funny

>>133051052>I like how it exists and I can read it.underrated

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>>133050764This lmao, every page of fanart would be more pages than there are comics at this point.

>>133054491Who the fuck is in tune with reality anymore, Europe is marching into a food crisis and we're just screaming at Putin here.

>>133051052>>133051040Based as fuck

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>>133054478I don't like fascism.

>>133054572>it's fascist to call an idiot an idiot

>>133054569>this counts as basedno wonder you people can't make funny memes

>>133054591always has been

>>133050764>Fan art of what?

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>>133054625All of Rippaverse!

>>133051052>I like how it exists and I can read it.

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It's just 7 days, what's the fucking big deal? Can wait 4 months for a fucking Mario movie cuz covid, but two weeks is just absurd?

>>133054749Anon I don't care about the Mario movieI didn't even know it got delayed

>>133054397>Now you're talking to yourself while quoting someone elseNigga yous do the same shitalso quit hiding from the niece thing.

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>>133054749It's a month >>133051084And he delayed it because he refuse to do a first come first serve model like every active seller in modern history.

>>133050764rippa, now get drawing

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>>133055174>now get drawingThat's what the backers said.

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Fan art contests are always a scam. Basically they're a way to get content for use for free, because the artist is willing to give all the rights for their work.I don't know what Eric wants to do with this art specifically but there are many options.

>>1330553891st place will get 1000$ to cover art.

>>133050987>>133050998This is verbatim from the isom subreddit for those of you that don't get the joke

>>133053531>Buy the book and find out if you wish to know so badly.>Too tarded up to read the first sentence

>>133051084This is turning into the Mighty No. 9 of indie comics

>>133050745>Fanart for something that isn't even out yet and barely has any content shown outside the MC and the white girl.

Spawn, Hellboy, Radiant black , invincible . All those universes works because it began relative small and improved slowly.Rippaverse is going to flop like the dark horse heroes.


Look at all these memorable and unique characters! Wowee, don't you wanna just make fanart of:>scowling black man>scowling black man with gun>scowling white man>Aryan Wonder Woman>The Green Lantern Corps I assume>Jacket Guy>Bobby McFerrin

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>>133056272Make the ginger, black. Or draw him like Katara with those hair loopies.



>>133050745>Fanart contest for a comic that was never releasedWhat even is this?

>>133056450It is the literal brappaverse.


>he doesn't even have exposure to pay artists withWhy would anyone do this. At least when you do the Vtuber ones you get Twitter points even when you're a shit-tier artist with no chance of winning.Also he's totally the kind of guy to actually use the ownership clause and sell prints of the entries he likes

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See, this is why it's important to give them the money AFTER you get the comic

I can't believe it took me this long to realize. No, actually, I realized it right away, I just didn't want to admit it. Rippa did the very same thing I once criticized another person for.Now granted, many writers pair with artists to bring their stories to life. Not everyone can be good at both. Still, for some reason, cases like this just don't seem quite the same to me. It comes off less like a genuine partnership, and more like a crutch. These Literally Whos can't stand on their own, so they hire others with more talent than they'll ever possess to dress their work up in a fancy package.

here I filled out the card based onhis tweetshis videoshis general behaviorcg's past "works"

>3.5 Million?! By a guy I've never heard of, with a completely new IP, making three times the money of Keanu Reeves, Power Rangers, several decades long popular webcomics and industry professionals, with the barest of previews, localized entirely on a platform with no way to verify that the numbers are legitimate?>Yes!>....Can I see it?>...No.

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>>133056905ok cool thx awesome

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>>133056201I wouldn't say Radiant Black improved slowly. The first issue came out in 2021 and they already have some kind of multiverse going on.

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>>133057001Nice work user, you found some literal whos on twitter

just remember we never had this conversation

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>>133057017>there are no leaders, but there are people who lead

>>133057008imagine taking 5 figures for a project and still being one

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>>133056984>outsoldHe hasn't "sold" shit until he delivers. Fucking Samurai 8, the garbage Naruto follow-up, is worth more than Isom because you can actually get a physical copy of it. No one's ever seen a physical copy of Isom in person.

the comic book equivalent of a facebook conservative memethats all this book will be, assuming it ever comes out

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>Only Open to US ResidentsMy man has 3.5 million and doesn't want to pay international shipping

>>133057017>>133057041Give EVS some credit, he released his comic. He released multiple comics. He delivered on what he promised.>>133057033Rippa could be pulling the world's most elaborate scam for all we know. Yeah he showed a factory, he could have rented it for a day. Yeah he showed the inside of a tube, but not what was on the poster inside. Yeah he showed books, but not what was in them. This is what happens when you don't fulfill your promises, people start doubting you, and they have every right to do so. I was totally onboard the Rippaverse train at the beginning, but the doubts just kept piling up. Now I'm actually glad I have no means to financially support this, because I might have ended up throwing my precious money away for nothing.

All that this has accomplished is make me respect the furry/other niche fetish porn artist/writer industry more. Even the ones that run on the Patreon or Subscribestar model.

>>133057078If foreigner's get their hands on the comic the entire project might get infected

my favorite rippaverse account is Rippaverse Shills Calling Things Racist

>>133057091Is that a real thing?

getting Mighty No. 9 vibes here

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>>133057103Nta but 3 seconds in

>>133056272I mean , it looks good but it's a Mighty Number 9 tier of scam and it feels like the typical Image comic miniseries that prefer to attract netflix guys to adapt the comic that tell a story.Which is the worst mix possible

>>133057119I really gotta ask, but in what way does it look good? the art looks atrociously ugly, and there's absolutely nothing else that sells the comic to me.

>>133056028>>133057110>>133057119At least Mighty No. 9 came out eventually.As a sub-par buggy mess that killed all its franchise potential.But hey, maybe Isom will get a brief second wind as a guest star in someone else's comic.

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>>133057078so why is there a bold "Yes, there’s INTERNATIONAL shipping" on the site?

>>133057240Okay, then why is there a pointless geographic restriction on a fanart competition?

>>133057265He's not smart enough to figure out how to hire and pay someone who lives in another country, which is the entire point of the 'contest.'

>>133057265Oh you meant the contest. Fuck if I know.

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I see troons are seething as hard as ever.>>133057084>Rippa could be pulling the world's most elaborate scam for all we know. Yeah he showed a factory, he could have rented it for a day. Yeah he showed the inside of a tube, but not what was on the poster inside. Yeah he showed books, but not what was in them. holy shit now that is what I call schizo posting.>>133057091well the bar for being racist has been set so low recently that, by twitter's standard anyway, they can't be wrong no matter who they point at.

>>133057216The comic itself looks terrible. But as an IP you can sell without the political bullshit attached and dressed up to look better by Netflix can be profitable. Which is probably the real goal here. Use his idiot fanbase's money to create a shell of a project then completely sell out to the same people he criticizes. It'll be spun as a win, even if the comic never gets past issue 2.

>>133057580>the bar for being racist has been set so lowYou mean like how you’re constantly lowering the bar for what makes people “seething troons”?

>>133057580>>133057938You both prove that dictators are the good guys of history.

>>133057979>muh both sidesThe right has been showing support for dictators and authoritarians more than the left. They had one speaking at CPAC this year and hesitate to publicly criticize Russia. They praise Duterte.

>>133058077Yes, both sides. I’m under no obligation to side with retards

>>133058077And the right would point to you praising dictators such as Castro or Maduro. It's okay, you both can just admit that the paradox of a State that protects freedom is a failed experiment.

>>133058224The left doesn't though. There is no left-wing media defense force for them. People like them don't get invited to speak at democrat conventions or rallies. Orban got Fox News support and spoke at CPAC.

>comics & cartoons

>>133058305>There is no left-wing media defense force for themAt least you admit there's a left-wing media defense force.>but muh fox newsWhat have I said thus far indicates that I care?

>>133058378I don't expect you to care because I don't expect you to be honest if "muh both sides" is your cope and everyone knows there is left-wing and right-wing media bias.

>>133058485My point was that "muh both sides" are overgrown children stuck in the rebellious phase their parents should've Pavlov'd them out of.

>>133058512Yes people who say "muh both sides" are children.

>>133058571Glad you admit to your condition.

>>133058580I don't say "muh both sides", I draw rational distinctions and criticize substance with examples instead of just assuming that somehow Castro and Maduro get the mainstream support from the left enjoyed by people like Orban on the right.

>>133058611>I don't say "muh both sides">>133058077>>133058485>>133058571>>133058611

Spoon-feed me in the Rippaverse. Is it a scam?

>>133058643It's made by an open eleutheromaniac, what do you think?

>>133050745y u griftin blak man

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>>133058665His entire ideology is a grift.

>>133058643It's a "scam" like the rest of the Comicsgate shit has been; beg for money "Because it'll make (((them))) SOOOOO mad to see us succeed! XD", they get the money, they eventually release a piece of shit, Casualgate seethes and then tries to cope with "W-we didn't even think it'd be good, we just wanted to teach you WOKE faggots a lesson about how much more money you would make if you were BASED!". Rinse and repeat, over and over and over again.

Attached: look at how BASED this is!.jpg (847x643, 138.15K)

I have no interest in buying this, I think it looks like utter shit and I will not blink when the entire comic medium dies, but I do enjoy these threads. It is very funny to see the masks fall as the same fights spark again over and over.

>>133058643More than likely. The guy is an entertainment industry producer who is marketing minded and connected. He was able to spin a story about leftwing outrage about him when no one gives a shit and made rounds on rightwing outrage culture retard shows, even landing an interview on Fox News. He raised a lot of money quickly and assuming that was from real supporters or him cashing out favors, he hasn't shown anything for it. Not even preview pages, not even artist names. In any other situation, this would universally be seen as a bad deal and too risky, but the politics involved keep the retards in denial if not just supporting it to troll.

>>133058684>>133058707It's amazing how people use so many words to come to the same conclusion as >>133058650

>>133058635>You both prove that dictators are the good guys of history

>>133058788Yes. You and that other user are... well, >>133058512

Can we talk about how this is the most non character design, character design possible?

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What's the matter user? Afraid of getting Ripped?

>>133058804How so? I've backed up what I believe, it's not the mindless rebellion of leaving it at just "both sides".

>>133058814He's got a cross belt buckle though. Based! I'll take 20!

>>133058814>isom poster>imposter>rippa>rip offIt's really obvious when you think about it for two seconds.

>>133058707It's possible that he donated a million to himself, thinking that seed money would encourage enough real donors to fund the project. He probably fell short, causing delays in hiring an artist.

>>133058814#blessed #wewillwin

>>133058881"Both sides" ARE the mindless rebels. They both think they have a say in what the State does. Tacitly supporting a dictatorship and saying, "We should be like them!" is just another version of that. It's breaking out of the mindset, granted, but it's still missing the bigger picture.

>>133058814For me it's the lack of anything obscuring his identity. I know some anons are like "lol black people all the look the same" but realistically if he had a secret identity then it would be found out in a heartbeat. But yeah it's super generic and his powers are just being a flying brick or something.

>mfw the "interior" is just the preview page

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>>133059002Umm ... Superman!?

>>133058980You aren't making any sense. People voting so that their candidate gives them their way has been basic but only one side has it's mainstream actually supporting dictators saying "we should be like them". Yes, you can find fringe tankies on the left but hardly anyone likes them, even among leftists.

>>133059175>only one side has it's mainstream actually supporting dictatorsAnd the other "side's" mainstream says, "We should be dictators, but like no other dictatorship in history!"And both give meaningless platitudes about freedom. But, I repeat myself.

>>133059246You're not telling me where that comes from or where you're getting that. You're saying that's mainstream but posting no examples. I've backed up my position with examples and this has been going on long enough to look like you're just telling me about the feelings you get from Dark Brandon memes. At which point I'll just have to call you autistic because you can't sense the irony or understand the context as to why they get posted.

>>133057063>marxist centrist foaming at xer mouthit's pretty accurate desu

>>133059292>Dark Brandon memesOh, the red-backgrounded speech in front of the White House was a meme, I see... Now I'm disappointed.

>>133058814The entire book looks like the shit you'd see in "How to draw your OWN COMICS!" books from dollar stores. CG shit is almost never particularly impressive, but this entire project seems like he just went with the cheapest fucking option he could find.

>>133058571what's wrong with saying that both sides belong in mass graves? do I really have to take the side of conservatives?

>>133059357And yet you can't quote anything from that speech, just the republican color behind him. If that's what you're talking about you could have been specific but you've been quoting your feelings.

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>>133059417You seem to have no problem that I'm against the "principle" of freedom, just that I've equated you to your perceived enemy.

>>133059397Because there are better solutions and specific criticisms you can provide that would more effectively illicit positive change. Calling out the bad actors and the bad actions while supporting better alternatives will get better results sooner than trying to organize mass executions.


>>133059417whoa, you're just like a Trump supporter, but democrat? fucking epic

>>133050745I can’t draw but if I could I’d enter a fan art of Jon Kent Superman fucking Isom in the ass.

>>133059483le heccin CLASSICAL Liberinos?!

I'm going full conspiracy mode. The Isom comic does not exist. There's cover art, a preview page, but nothing else has been drawn. The Fanart Competiion is a ploy to make the fans draw the comic for free.

>>133059454Nothing you've presented has been of substance. You aren't making any sort of case, you're telling me about the vibes you get and narratives you like without supporting them like you've been in some sort of low information retard echo chamber for years.

>>133059483>muh both sidesAre you mossad agents sent to make the left look good?

>>133059517>You aren't making any sort of caseIt's a shame I need to make a case for how society works...

>Gamergate>ComicsgateWhat's next in the self-humiliation parade?

>>133059459just because I think you belong in a oven doesn't mean I think it's something actively worth pursuing, the only solution is to rout out socialists locally and just wait it out, it might end up with a repeat of the civil war that happened in my country a little over 100 years ago.

>>133059499what's the based political stance faggot?

>>133059586they tried to start a "wrestlinggate" a few years ago, that was something

>>133059537nothing can make the left good, except being a midwit

>>133058684who would willingly eat red hots? just eat mike n ikes. that's like choosing cinnamon gum like big red instead of any other gum.

>>133059700*look good

>>133058933checked and underrated

>>133059703red hots is the high test choice

>>133053539Here you go!>>133054432>>133054550>simping for the schizoiest schizo that ever schizo'd>>

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>>133059841you got so mad that you had to "no u" a 10-hour old post? attaboy

>>133058665The Dick Show has been unlistenable since he arrived Josh Moon was right

>>133059562You do because you can't just vaguely "you know what I mean" with people you're disagreeing with. If you're trying to say that having presidential elections every four years is dictatorship, you're a retard. If you mean it in that people want power and often want to maintain it, you're not making a case for "both sides want to be dictators".

>>133060022how many people does it take to stage a coup?

>>133058814Fuck, at least the dimwits at Image slapped pouches onto everyone - this is so fucking generic.>>133059292As somebody who was diagnosed with Apserger's when they were 4, I object to being lumped in with complete and utter fucking idiots like the one you're having an internet slapfight with>>133059676I mean, the people defending The Lollipop Guild after CM Punk called them out on their bullshit posses the same cult-like devotion that goobergate and casualgate have

>>133050745Fan art contest of a comic that isn't even shipped yet. People have waited 2 months for them to be shipped and only gotten excuse after excuse.

>>133059949>what are time zones?>what are "people coming in late to lurk in guaranteed shitshows like Scammaverse threads"?Thanks for being triggered by somebody pointing out that you're full of shit, I guess.

Attached: guy 08.png (650x488, 17.53K)

>>133059650And you do that by calling out the bad actors and the bad actions while supporting better alternatives. Reducing this all to just sides so you can say "both sides belong in mass graves and by both sides I mean socialists" is really dumb and a waste of time.

>>133059021lmao that's a good find

>>133060123it's a fucking "no u" post faggot

>>133060283>showing how the right are shit at memes is a "no u" postjfc, get over yourself, you complete and utter fucking snowflake

Attached: guy 11.jpg (1024x1536, 314.26K)

>>133060405>it's not a "no u" we have peer reviewed studies!


>>133059082At least he has the hair and glasses.

Attached: 1639197148580.jpg (1536x2048, 252.85K)

>>133060795NTA but a lack of marketable iconography is a bit of an issue. A lot of indie capeshit suffers from this though.

Attached: il_fullxfull.1287361256_9vvf.png (1201x800, 844.27K)

>>133060895>lack of marketable iconographyIsn't it because they want to differentiate themselves from mainstream comic super heroes?

>>133061009It doesn’t differentiate, it makes it look more bland. If you showed me Isom and told me “this is a random side character from DC” I’d believe you

>>133061075Isom may get a different suit later, one more iconic.

>>133061105Well, he’d need to be in a story for that to happen

>>133061009Honestly in cases like this it's not entirely sure what the creators want because they can never stop talking about how they're going to replace the mainstream rather than explaining their creative choices. It's not just a matter of logos either, colors play a role in art design as well. There's a lot of history and symbology to explain why the characters you know and recognize at a glance look they way they do. Superman wears primarily blue instead of red for a multitude of reasons. Hulk's particular shade of green has behind the scenes stories behind it, etc. What do the color choices for Isom mean, if they mean anything at all?But let me give an example. July's selling Rippaverse shoes right? The preview image shows them as being chuck taylors in a shades of brown with a gold stripe. That is his wont and he's entitled to do so and if someone buys it I hope they get it and are satisfied. But I have questions.What do those colors mean? Isom is black yes, but his costume isn't brown/gold. In fact unless I missed something there doesn't actually seem to be any characters in his universe with a brown/gold color scheme so I'm not sure what the shoe is even referencing. And here a logo that you can put on that style of shoe would come in handy wouldn't it? Something people can immediately see and ask "what's that symbol" and then he's got word of mouth?

>>133061133The ring would represent Isom perfectly though.

>>133060895>>133061009he's got a cross for a logo

Attached: 1663423772388668.jpg (1000x1518, 374.58K)

>>133061258>>133058814Wait so this dude's symbol is a literal, no-frills cross? Is the book meant to be super Christian? Or is the author?

>>133061258So he's just a ripoff of Bibleman then?

Attached: 1642821804545.jpg (1000x750, 71.51K)

>>133061258Then there's not enough emphasis on it for that.

>>133061352My favorite part is when Isom holds his crotch (cross) and mutters a prayer ending with "muh Christ"

>>133050745fuck DeputyRust etc. etc.

Attached: deputyrust.jpg (720x720, 69.44K)

>>133061368no, Bibleman isn't cool

>>133061352>Is the book meant to be super Christian? Or is the author?nigga don't ask me questions like that I know as much as you do

Attached: 1663345621459827.jpg (676x446, 100.5K)

>>133061258>cross on the pelvisSo to pray does he grab his crotch?


>>133053630God I remember being in that thread

>>133061416Does he get villains to pray in front of his BigBlackCross before he beats them into submission?

>>133061416>>133061454This is edgelord shit but it honestly sounds more entertaining and memorable than whatever the fuck Isom is supposed to be.Also something tells me that the Rippaverse comics despite being 'anti-PC' will be VERY respectful of Christianity


>>133050745Remind me again why I should be excited for this? The premise seems generic, the art is forgettable, I have no idea his the guy has written anything of not note before this.

>>133056201At least the Dark Horse superheroes had comics that you could read.

>>133058707>Not even preview pages, not even artist namesHe does have three unlettered pages on his website and the artist is Cliff Richards.

>>133061503It's anti-woke.

>IsomI liked him better when he was called Icon

Attached: 950744E5-8444-40BE-88B9-83AA4669D2AF.jpg (600x568, 66.96K)

>>133061532I don't give a fuck which way it tries to lean politically, why should I be excited? If "stick it to the libs lol" is the only selling point, it sounds like an attempt to polarize people instead of giving them an entertaining read.

>does nothing>lives rent free in co's head

>>133061733Welcome to modern American made media. It's tiresome.

>>133061733Only dishonest people say they care about unity.

>>133061733/co/ likes things just because they trigger other people, as long as someone will be mad they will like it.

>>133061503If you don't give your life savings to the brappaverse then you are literally a tranny.

>>133061784>$30 is Holla Forums's life saving's

>>133061818>only giving brappa 30 bucksSo when is your bottom surgery scheduled?

>>133061818You also need to buy all three covers, then all three covers but signed, plus the shirt, the hat, the trading cards, the poster, the shoes, and you pay for shipping and handling. Plus taxes. If you don't you're just a hater.

>>133061857>the trading cardsHold on, this comic has a TCG?

>>133061874Limited Edition™, $100 for a pack based on your favorite Isom characters, available only during the campaign.


>>133059841was this made by an ai?

>>133061962Because if you don't you will have revealed yourself to be a confirmed seething leftoid tranny.

>>133061837>you have to donate money to participate this thread well I didn't

>>133061987You don't have to donate money but if you don't then you have to dilate. We are WINNING!

>>133061977that's cool, I just participate in the shitflinging cause it's the fun part

>>133061736>says he'll do something>does nothing>makes excuses>shitposts>lives rent free in co's head

>>133062172It's bad, because it just is! OK!

>>133062172>>133061736>cosamefag shill

>>133054283People make Pokémon fanart on release because Pokémon has been delivering for 25 years. Nobody was making Pokémon Red fanart before release.

>>133062395And everybody loves pokemon.

>>133062447I only like the porn

>>133050745 The prophecy is already coming true...

Attached: aProphetSpeaks.png (994x333, 89.52K)

>>133062599Coming true? The book won't be shipped for another week and then it's another 1-2 days before someone gets it and posts it.

>>133062685>The book won't be shipped for another weekHahaahaha

>>133061736Is it really living rent free when shills spam his shit here?

>>133062599>actual discussion>genuine fans

Attached: 1663339576440659.png (706x961, 386.28K)


Attached: 1660709525735457.jpg (1280x800, 670.22K)

>>13306274076 posters

>>133062685Where does it say he's gonna shell out for 1-2 day shipping?`

>>133063362I was being extremely generous.

>>133063700how much did you buy?

>>133050745I don’t understand, Holla Forums, you told me that conservatives would save comics.


>>133063884Maybe one guy in a single thread that barely reached 10 replies told you that, but most of Holla Forums just wants generic fun capeshit, regardless of what the writer's politics are.

>>133050745what does Isom even look like?

Attached: isom 1_042027.jpg (856x480, 209.32K)

>>133064075>most of Holla Forums just wants generic fun capeshitGo watch more marvel movies.

>>133058814>cross on crotchwhat the fuck


I think the worst part of this is that Isom will do that thing, a lot of indie comics can't balance which is "Character details" and "Character design" or something.Isom will probably be "Just kind enough" and "Just heroic enough" to never stand out from the millions of indie heroes that are also "Kind enough and heroic enough". There will probably be no panel in this comic that will make you go, "Oh, someone put their soul into this" or "Oh this is new"

Attached: k3PaqT6.jpg (960x720, 79.59K)

>>133057078>Only Open to US ResidentsA tenner says there's a transfer of ownership clause hidden somewhere in the agreement, so he owns all submissions. That shit doesn't legally fly outside of corporate bootlicker shitholes, and could end causing a lot of trouble if he tries to sell entries from outside burgerland.>3.5 millionCompletely unverifiable data from a guy that's been doing clickbait for a living for over a decade. Some skepticism is advised.

>>133064462how many times are you going to remind us?

>>133057008>>133057001John Del Arroz is a whiny comicsgate loser who latches on to the dick of every grifter. Of course that crybaby spic is slurping up that Rippa jizz.

>>133057580Troonfag is here to continue the Rippaorgy Guy started! Where's the comic at, retard?

>>133063347I too have a phone and know what flightmode is.

>>133058217>I’m under no obligation to side with retardsA grown ass man thought this looked like a passable photoshop edit and other grown ass men believed it was real. Retard.

Attached: 1662074807012273.jpg (1280x720, 189.58K)

>>133064703why are you inflating the numbers?

>>133059586>>133059676Old Man Luke Weber tried to make cartoongate and that shit went nowhere. Some retard on twitter tried to make mangagate that also didn't do shit.

>>133064723>it's fake because I say so.

>>133061696Now that is a good read.

>>133064769>mangagateHow the fuck does that work when manga is produced in another country?

>>133064768Never said I did. I was illustrating why the IP counter shouldn't be taken at face value. Especially not in a shill thread like this one.

>>133064723>noo you can't use photoshop to make marketing material!

Attached: 1662081824995.png (810x887, 1.01M)

>>133064846so which side is inflating the numbers?

>>133064665>that stupid smug profile (s)pic>that cringe self-written bioIt's easy to call yourself the leading voice of something when you're the only and loudest one.

Attached: literalwho.png (1017x668, 593.32K)

>>133064872What am I supposed to be seeing here?

>>133064890schizo delusions

>>133052377Battletoad looking ass

>>133064826You are literally retarded.

Attached: rippawherehouse.png (1271x999, 723.87K)

>>133064435can anything new be done with superheroes at this point?

>>133064884>Especially not in a shill thread>acting retarded for (You)s Last one's on the house.

>>133064950>shills inflate numbers, and there's only 2 obsessed retards screaming how bad it isnot a good look desu senpai

>>133064942You could try writing them well, instead of marxist tranny propaganda.

>>133064856>>133064941How about using photoshop to actually work on the shit comic you promised?

>>133065000Where's your comic at?

>>133064910Not as delusional as trying to make a fanart contest for a nonexistent comic.

>>133065029Right here.

Attached: land_of_delusion-1536x1144.jpg (1536x1144, 678.1K)

>>133058814They should have just worked the cross motifs into the costume like picrel (2 hours in mspaint btw). At least make the cross into a necklace instead of a weird embedded belt buckle

Attached: isomloveschrist.png (1920x1080, 25.2K)

>>133064845DO not question their methods! What are you, a libcuck tranny commie?!

>>133065084gonna submit this to fanart contest

>>133065070Is Isom flying behind the plane?

>>133065125Can he even fly? Or is he just black Mr. Incredible?

>>133064885>>133064665Wanna know what's funny?Him and Gail Simone actually bonded on twitter over being mutually tired of EVS' shit

>>133064885>writing steampunklollmao even

IP count once again proving that its a tiny set of spamming shills running these threads.

>>133065115Ok but make sure to credit me when you get hired as lead artist

>>133065213>writing any kind of science fiction Why are people so retarded nowadays?

>>133065223How can you ruin a topic that is inherently garbage?

>>133065213What's wrong with that?

>>133065223There's not much to talk about as long as we don't get the comic.

>>133065239>>133065256Sorry Jon, Steampunk isn't a real genre.

>>133065256It’s cringe user. Like writing superheroes or cartoons.

>>133065271Or claiming to write superheroes.

>>133065269“Genre fiction” aren’t real genres. Where are the mysteries, the romances, etc?

>>133065197He's always sucking off to the Kamen America fags and creepy uncle Luke Weber. That would explain that.

>>133065343What if I draw Isom giving the BBCGC to Kamen America?

>>133065562Do it. They're both good Catholics/Christians/cultists.

>>133052377It look like those monster toys that Sid made in toy story 1

>>133064890Not the user that posted it but it's probably the fact that he's not casting any shadows on the background. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt though and say it's just his excessive body hair that makes him always look chroma keyed and kinda blurry at the edges.

>>133052377I know nothing about the stupid story. A plain old wasp is a character?

>>133050764You'll know when the comics come.

>>133065755I got more Small Soldiers vibes myself.

>>133050745Lmao tf is a Rippaverse nigga

Attached: -5161153464372406656_121.jpg (1148x1280, 120.06K)

>>133064941>the UK

What the fuck is this man doing for 12 hours in the warehouse?

Attached: Eric.png (1112x592, 110.19K)

>>133066823Writing Isom 2

>>133066823according to warehouseanon >>133064941 photoshopping images with a pissfilter.

>>133066823Writing Isom 2

>>133056984he doesnt call anyone racist, you get called racist for supporting him

>>133051084Hey now, he said August. He never said what year.

>>133067019>he doesnt call anyone racist,>>133057033

>>133067595well deserved

Attached: 1663369357970960.png (600x281, 44.7K)

>>133068024>but you tangentially mentioned it, "waaaaah!"

>>133060127that's exactly what I'm doing by calling out socialists

>>133066823Seeing his universe come together.

>>133056968The Massive-Verse can still be read independently from each other like how you can read Invincible without reading Kirkman's other works like Tech Jacket or The Amazing Wolf-Man or titles that were also part of Image's 2000s superhero universe push like Firebreather and Noble Causes

>>133066221They're an alien race of space wasps who invade and take over EarthThe toy is an army builder

>>133070386Can someone make a comic with that premise but the space wasps are just thinly veiled allegories for WASPs, I think that could be funny

>>133067595You retarded? hes making fun of the people who called him racist for not liking when they cast black actors for white charactersHow stupid and braindead can you be to miss that?

>>133070386That's dumb and boring. It's like if Animal Planet made an action figure series.

>>133072083>That's dumb and boring. It's like if Animal Planet made an action figure seriesRevogeo is sick

Attached: 80347234-c214-4ec2-83eb-d8303779fb36.jpg (1000x750, 122.31K)

>>133052377RIppaverse should get toys a little after it comes out. We can expect them around the same time Valve announces Half-Life 3.

Yoo this comic... Bernie bad, Trump good

>>133058814He looks like a FedEx mascot

>>133058814Bibleman 2.0?

>>133072222Waste of quads. We already got Half Life 3 with Half Life Alyx.

>>133072506Fed Ex's superhero mascot is unironically better designed. The short sleeves add a more blue collar appeal to it.

Attached: CslE__KXYAAhA4d.jpg (1886x2063, 480.35K)

>>133071392Actually that could be pretty cool. Steal some plot elements from Attack the Block and make it a metaphor for gentrification.

>>133072890It's literally some Japanese Romanian hammer thrower


>>133058814There's a million superheroes with "unique" designs and powers that never went anywhere because they don't have what is substantial in classic characters. Like the juxtaposition of Batman with his very wealthy upbringing and his inability to enjoy it, instead dedicating himself to bringing criminals to Justice with his money

>>133073542That's cool and all user but Batman also has an iconic design

>>133073542>they don't have what is substantial in classic charactersAnd what's that exactly?

Can someone submit one that's a homage cover to something he wouldn't like?It's a dead horse but I nominate Issue 1 of Gabby Rivera's America

>>133050764Lmao lol rofl

>>133073736A perfect idiot>>133073687So why don't you just copy it and have an instant success and do way better than Rippa's Millions. Oh wait you don't know shit about making art as this image from the haters shows >>133051040"Iconic" is a marketing phrase these days, conveys nothing meaningful besides that you recognize a famous character

>>133074055>Oh wait you don't know shit about making artYou know what they say about glass houses, guy

>>133066823writting Isom #2

>>133074175Your single come back, and I wonder how much authentic rage is behind it. Give up and stop abusing others with your bad artist garbage >>133066823>>133074220Lul at how mind broken the dumb haters are that his multi-million dollar comic is coming out, as everybody with a brain knew already

>>133074268>and I wonder how much authentic rage is behind itI mean, none. I don't feel anger towards you man, You're sad and pathetic, not rage worthy

>>133073750Fuck that's tempting.

>>133074277Of course you find pretending that you feel no emotion as the most important thing - aside from emotions like finding yourself sad and pathetic you project.>>133073750>>133074289Not only are you merely reminding him of woke failures, you are also showing him how poor his haters grasp drawing.

Attached: 1000_F_101491561_sXmyUOnedpAo8wXu66yA18A1y2MYP2m7.jpg (1000x667, 124.93K)

>>133074351Where's your submission?

>>133074351>guy in his natural habitat

Attached: large-salt-pile.jpg (800x600, 57.42K)

>>133074351>Of course you find pretending that you feel no emotion as the most important thingIt's honestly really sad that you think anger is the only real emotion.

>>133074351>Not only are you merely reminding him of woke failures, you are also showing him how poor his haters grasp drawingSomeone should just do it to spite you at this point

>>133056984Is that a real BIC headline?

>>133074351I'm surprised you can even tell up from down with how far you're taking Eric's dick down your throat.

What the fuck happened to guy in the last year? Before he'd just seethe about nobody respecting him as an artist, but it seems recently he's gone full culture warrior.

What does 'Isom' even mean?

>>133074955You decide.

Attached: Isom.png (955x225, 29.12K)

>>133074955According to urban dictionary it can mean: >Island South of Miamior>To Not Shower After A Long Day Of Work

>>133074996>isom>isham>shamChecks out.

>>133075088>shamWill that be the comic's nickname now?

>>133074996Probably the first one.

>fan art contest>no fan art postedrippa shills keep a dead thread on life support

would you smash ?

Attached: 2022-09-19 isom rule 64 doodle.jpg (766x910, 102.01K)

>>133075878>rule 64watYou might be thinking of rule63.Add a slav hat and make it a proper slav squat, then send it in :^).

>rule 64lmao rippa shills ngmi

>>133075914>>133075933>AUthat's the universe where the book actually came out?

>>133076009That's not rule64. Stop trying to fit in.

Attached: 1285458853483.gif (730x1198, 84.37K)

>>133075878I would.

>>133076101why is this a gif?

Attached: 1662244743083754.jpg (693x1540, 188.67K)

>>133076638pic unrelated.

>>133076101man reading the full list nowadays is a trip. the internet really was in a "lul so random" phase for quite a while, huh?

>>133058814If I had to redesign him I'd give him an animal man-style jacket and change the belt buckle to a necklace, to sort of play up how he's supposed to be a blue-collar, grounded type of hero and add some 3-Dimensionality

>>133074055>Comics from Rippaverse haters: the one panel comic posted in this thread.>Comics from Rippaverse: error 404 comics not foundRippaverse haters 1, Rippaverse 0

So the people that hate this definitely bought it right? That is the only reason to explain why they are so invested in it.

>>133073750>>133058814Huh, I guess somebody beat you to it.

Attached: americachavez.png (582x764, 774.4K)


Attached: download (25).jpg (215x234, 8.61K)

Lel, would you look at that. One of the sections also tl;dr's as "all entries must be worksafe". I was right, he's fishing for free stuff he can slap on merch to sell. The agreement also says any legal disputes must be held in TX, prohibits class-action suits and suing for anything but out-of-pocket expenses incurred due to the contest/legal disputes. No damages.

Attached: brappa.png (1270x263, 43.09K)

>>133050764of the dumb fucks who fell for the scam of course

>>133077748>it's only okay when big companies do it

>>133077859>damage controlling

>>133077866>noo, you're not allowed to protect yourself from legal disputes unless you're in the same camp as me!

>>133077859Thats something rippa would say to save his ass

>>133077941because it's true


>sorry you didn't win, it's just a coincidence it's a 1:1 copy of whatever you submitted bro :^)

Attached: Screenshot 2022-09-19 at 17-11-12 Rippaverse-Fan-Art-Contest-Terms-and-Conditions.pdf.png (852x173, 24.26K)

>>133077985so the campaign ends & he doesn't start shipping books right away>fulfillment datetop kek

>>133078292he never told anyone when he'd start shipping, you're delusional for thinking he ever did


Attached: (You) alium doggo_114109.gif (400x400, 335.22K)


Attached: 1662622379994.jpg (1586x1920, 343.2K)

>>133078419baited for this exact response

>>133078419>brings up the 2 week nothingburger delaylike clockwork


Attached: 1662295715904.png (745x319, 50.97K)

>>133054283>corporate stuff,Like Ren and Stimpy show?


Attached: what isom.png (554x260, 34.55K)

>>133078641Is html editing it into a le fahnny lucky luke story supposed to make it seem like the other pic is fake? It's not. Up your damagecontrolling game,

>>133078641kek that would be a better story that what I paid for

>>133072172What are these? They look so cool.

>>133079777Kaiyodo RevoGeo

>>133079945Thanks, I need the scorpion.

>>133075878First fanart for the contest, neat.

>>133078419So he had to go back to the printers to get more copies. Are the first run he printed going to be labeled as such? And are the ones he had to rerun to fulfill his unexpected orders going to be labeled 2nd printings? This is serious shit for real collectors.

>>133080921Real collectors buy comics to send a message and enjoy non woke entertainment at $35.00/issue (+taxes and shipping).


>>133080921First and unlimited edition.

>>133080975>enjoy non woke entertainmentThese are real comic fans.

>>133082316>t. gay superboy fanboy gayboy


Attached: 1659895227515717.jpg (675x900, 140.17K)

>>133053982Because he's a retard who perceives any sort of critical thinking as an attack on his IDpol god.

>>133074351Pay for your reaction images, fag.

>>133072172That looks a million times better than whatever EVS did.

>>133074055>>133074268>>133074351Guy? More like Gay for Eric.

Please rate my fanart submission, I call it "how this make you feel whiteboy"

Attached: isom.png (2048x1927, 302.28K)

>>133082772will the video showing these off be delayed as well? that I cannot abide

>>133082772truly powerful.

>>133082557He's a strong, powerful man.>>133082772Based.

Attached: 1663619851038789.jpg (802x437, 49.93K)


>>133051052>I like how it exists and I can read it.

Attached: laughs-in-dick.jpg (630x1200, 41.27K)


>>133077748so get the guys working on AI art to generate shit>free samples from a free generator that go to a rent free company in your head

>>133085879>>133085956>1 forint has been deposited in your bank account

>>133056570It's never about money with Rippa, it's about bringing change and him giving others to help with it is actually cool as fuck

>>133086130>guys workingyou mean my wife? she's busy with Trevor at the bar


>>133050745I'm tempted to just spam the upload portal with random sneed pics.>>133050987Yeah how the fuck can you even make fanart of characters that no one knows fucking anything about? Also he never even lists the characters in the video and presumes you need to go digging through his channels to find reference images.

>>133061258>dime a dozen skin tights costume>no secret identity for heroes here, not even going to pretend to clark kent it up since his whole face is just out there>"original powers" but all his arts just make him look like a typical luke cage style brickI hope he trolls and makes his powers be another electric black man. But seriously being so secretive that you cant even reveal a superheroes super power is weird as hell


>>133086876He said he didn't want spoilers.

>>133086876His powers are almost certainly going to be "he's strong and can punch good" so I don't know why it has to be such a big secret