ITT: European Waifus and Husbandos

Last thread archived because I accidentally fell asleep Post any European Waifus, Husbandos, Daughterfu or sonfu.

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Lego is European.

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>>133048721Is that a comic tho?

>>133048379If a thread died because you were not there as the ONLY one to bump it, it wasn't really about to go off in the first place.

>>133048856Yeah I know about that. This will be my last thread as of now

>>133048379So you're saying you want Turkish and Arab Holla Forums characters?


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>>133048924Can also count too.

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>>133048817Yes, as well as an animated movie.

>>133049014Oh ok now I know

What if Jucika had a daughter?

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>>133048379Don't ask me but Jucika looks like one of those background characters in the powerpuff girls.


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Would you a Czechoslovakian doll?

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>>133049342Or a Soviet doll

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>>133048721So is she.

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Does she count?

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>>133049480Who is she again?

>>133049665Her name is Rita

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>>133049868>>133049241these two images can cause a lot of reactions

remember this comic?

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Manka from Rumcajs

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>>133049611Fine i'll post this screenshot instead.

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>>133049909>Seething>Clapping>Onionface>Compulsive masturbation

>>133050179You forgot one:>nightmares

>>133049711Whats this about? Besides what seems to be some coom?

would you?

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>>133049711Is this related to this thread's topic?

Post Amalka!

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>>133050179>Compulsive masturbationkek

I want Esmeralda to Dom me

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Kriszta Bump

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>>133050299Just from the tits I can only assume italian

>>133048379Too bad Jucika lost over a propane gas tank

>>133050724Yes please.

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>>133049105>>133049083>>133049058This comic is from the 1990s by the way

what are your predictions?

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>>133050738I wonder what the reboot would have been like had the Hungarian economy not going to shit at that time?Looks promising.I hope the script for the rest of the 11 episodes are found.

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Here is a Pallina Rosetta I drew earlier.

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Bloom is Italian

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>>133050872Isn't shes Canadian?

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>>133051023Pallina looks really sad looks like she quit her job

>>133051513British-French actually

>>133051661What will she do now as a source of income?

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>>133049277>>133049909this gif can cause a lot of reactions..


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>>133049002Amalka the doll fairy!


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>>133052613what is it about that jam that makes it so delicious?

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He's so goddamn attractive

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>>133052772what's inside her box?

>>133049480>>133049679I've been meaning to rewatch this ever since Rita was first posted on Holla Forums, reminding me of the cartoon. Fuck, I've been putting it off for 16 years now. I recall the ending was very bittersweet and sad; then the second movie was more of the same but the ending was now happier (but not as memorable).

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>forgot the wings >Cleaned it up a bit.>>

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>>133050898it wouldn't have been good because they didn't have the original writers. Just for comparison, the original writer also localized Flintstones in such a way that every single sentence had several rhymes in it on top of an onslaught of puns. It was so legendary that at one point they wanted to translate it back to English.Without a talent like that, they wouldn't be able to get the show any good.

>>133052859This is the first Menyus art I've seen from this artist. Can't wait for it to be colored.

>>133050239Demon lady learns has a crush on another CEO but ends up falling for a slutty delivery boy instead. Not the type of thing I read normally but I actually liked it for more then just coom.

>>133052904By the way, this chicks design has been re-used for another comic by the artist. It's title is: Wat.

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>>133052998Wat as in what or some other word?

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>>133052801idk it might be their favorite food or something.

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>>133052971who's the artist again?


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>>133053405I think it's HB.

>>133053656Is it HB or the name is much longer?

>>133053803Thats all I know. They put HB then whatever year it is.

>>133053829Oh ok.

>>133052548I know

>>133053829>>133053803>>133053656HB is short for hentaiboy.He occasionally posts on plus4chan, and he has an account on hentai-foundry but he hasn't touched that in a while.

>>133054013thanks, is he the same guy behind hentai land or is it another anonymous?

>>133054013>but he hasn't touched that in a whilewhat happened?

>>133050239>Whats this about? Besides what seems to be some coom?A stuck-up, high achiever business lady deals with her daddy issues. It's actually pretty good read.

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>>133054013>>133054196Oh, hey guys... you might have better luck finding my work on FurAffinity, Newgrounds,, or Paheal Rule34. I post my stuff on a ton of different sites, but I got fed up with HF because they took a long time with their review process and often rejected my pictures. That was a long time ago, though... I've been considering posting there again sometime.

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>>133054414It's ok, at least you're doing good as of now

>>133054428Aw, thanks. I'd like to think I've grown a bit since then.Oh, I guess as long as I'm going on about different sites, I should probably plug my Discord server. Members who stick around long enough can get a free request.

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>>133049277What gets me is everyone talks about Dr. Livesey but no one says shit about Jim Hawkins just fucking beating the shit outta that guy

>>133054918Jim Hawkins may be young but he can be strong.

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>>133049711>>133050748>italianyes, by Mirka Andolfo, colorist for several comics, Italian, US and French. She used to do Sacro e Profano, picrel.

>>133055210I think you mean as this

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>>133055264pic missing

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Some new content for you nice folks. Boing!

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That sexy big bro energy.

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>>133056599I will eat that chip instead

once more

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>>133052875The second movie is an outright shipping movie, and I am still surprised it was even made. It was released for digital download in 1080p in Denmark, and a kind user brand new fansubs!

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>>133056954Really hope these won't get taken down.


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>>133056965These aren't even the original links, and they been up for at least 2 years.

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>>133056954shit, that's nice, I...turns out I already had these. Damn. It's been that long since I've been planning on watching this.

>>133056976woah two years still there?

>>133056997The perks of actually having an account and being an early adopter. MegaUpload 4 lyfe!

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>>133057004I actually have an account too! I mean a few at least

>>133054536Ok I might thinking about joining later

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>>133056818Jucika got a reboot?

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>>133057400It won't end up well tho.


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>>133057400no stupid

>>133056219Will you finish it like some coloring?

>>133049909>>133052481we know

>>133049705No problem

>>133048379>sonfuImpossible, it's been established that nobody on Holla Forums likes sons. Get out of here with your silly hypotheticals user.



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>>133048856Looks like this thread surpassed the previous thread posts

>>133052756Please answer my question.Why you want to rape children?

>>133058196because I'm a proud lgbtq person.

>>133056955>watterson mobilethat's a cute reference

rum rhymes with what?

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>>133048721>Lego>Created in DenmarkYup

>>133049002Reminds me of...

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>>133058214>because I'm a proud lgbtq person.So you are a tranny?

>>133050898It was written by out of touch 60+ year old relics from the socialist age who still considered things like home computers and the internet to be newfangled inventions in the mid-2000s. I can respect their old works from the 60s-80s because those came from a cultural background they were familiar with, they had relevant jokes and satire for their time, but their attempt at a modern reboot was kinda pathetic. They also insisted on using an expensive and clunky animation method to keep things "old school" even though they had no budget for it.And yeah, like >>133052951 said, one of the original writers was long dead, and most of the wit and humor from the golden age of Hungarian cartoons died with him.

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Somewhere in Europe though I don't know exactly where.OK, so she's older than I am.I can live with that.

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>>133048968>Jucika had to show her pussy just to get the audience to reactSad.

>>133058516how old is she then?

>>133056219Great Magyar crossover.

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does she count? would she count?

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>>133058703>originated from an american cartoonno

>>133058732Ccuuttee art nonetheless

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>>133050315Why is she pointing that thing out?

>tomboy and femboy combo

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>>133058901i wish that could be one of us

>>133048379stealth vatnigger thread

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>>133057400Just one guy's wip 3d model he's been working on

>>133058960>tfw you understand civilians are never guilty of starting wars>and yet civilians are always blamed anyway

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>>133058196Guy i don't know how you ended up here for all of the things.

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>>133059146ook ook

>>133059149>>133058196I mean we all know what you did to your neice

>>133058703Looks like kuckyweck made it

>>133058532119 years old.

>>133059289It's not the age, it's the condition. If it's fresh, it's fresh.

>>133059289Kinda like one of those 1000 year old dragon girl memes

a reminder

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>>133059580Wait until that guy's life is ruined by a propane gas tank.

>>133050231also forgetting this too:>chad

>>133059593>>133059580What if he made this instead of jucika?

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>>133059580Age old truth: controversy, real or fake, will get you and your creation more attention.

>>133059813Why does his wife hate her so much?

>>133058308Why do people say that comic had some dark and edgy stuff in it?

>>133059762>>133059593I will never forget that

>>133059898>you cannot have fictional crushes now that you have me

he's so dreamy

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>>133056869Cedric is such a great comic I wish more of it got translated, or at least some English subs for the YouTube channel.

>>133060012Why is the girl on a nightie outfit anyways?

>>133060028>why is she dressed like you would be, in your own bed

>>133059133Oh ok, wonder who made it?

>>133060028Because she's sick and resting in bed.

>>133060061She does not look sick. She looks fine.

>>133060073Well she and her mom thinks she's sick at least so she's spending the day in bed and Cedric is delivering her homework to her.

>>133060118oh ok

>>133059146>50% still support the Special Operations

>>133060295>polls controlled by the government are totes accurate, state sponsored truth is the truth (simple as)One day you will have an independent thought. Just kidding, you'll die an NPC.

>>133059242Kuckyweck is a child.You're not a child.Hence you're a pedophileNow report yourself to FBI or kill yourself.

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>>133059146It's a good thing Ukraine has only been killing combatants. They're obviously the protag.

Any thoughts on Zagreb film?

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>>133056599>>133056803>>133058659Thanks!>>133057675At some point, yeah. I've been starting too many pictures and not finishing them lately, it's a bad habit. I've got a bunch to work on before I get to this one.>>133058452>sheYeah, I know. But, I like drawing him as a girl, and I wanted to stick to the meme format.

>>133060914But most of FBI are into that shit themselves.

>>133058532A century+ is still young for a witch.She's still in school and her aunt is 4 or 5 hundred years old. Said aunt looks like a hag, so they're not immortal and time does catch up with them eventually.Melusine's cousin, Melisande, is also a looker (and a Disney-esque fairy) but she's dumb as a rock, so I'd pass.

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>>133058308>kid's throat gets deepthroated by a beak and even showing itgee i dont know

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>>133059914Shit goes from 0 to 100 in that comic. It looks cutesy but that's very deceiving.

>>133060005Keep it in your pants, Moomin.

>>133050809Looks at least 20 years older

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>>133048379Imagine these being your daughters.

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>teenage boy with big fat cock>teenage girl with big fat uddersYes, the perfect sonfu and daughterfu.

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>>133068625What's this?


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>>133069908I already found this thru sourcenao but thanks

>>133057096xadhoom is underrated

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>>133060046hi there, just saw this thread, im the guy who made the model, proof in picrel if you careanyway not pleased with this model nowadays, been sort of decomposing on my hard disk for like 7 months now, I feel like I might be able to do a bit better these days. That aside, I'm very glad someone cared enough to save one of my renders, gives a smile to my face since I'm not a very well known or popular art figure.IDC if she was just a fad waifu like 3 years ago, Jucika is the GOAT to me and I will rep her til the day I die, and that rep may or may not come in the form of a total re-do of this model in the near future.

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>>133070072Can you give a link to download the render?

>>133070105i can send you all 3 of the renders i did if that's what you meanif you mean can i upload the .blend somewhere with the rig and mesh in it, i'll try but i don't usually share my .blend files with anyone and i don't know if file dependencies would carry over cleanly.Just let me know what you meant and I'll get on it.

no Seccotine?I'm pretty glad Tintin never had these sorts of distractions.

Attached: 3708678-secco.jpg (229x282, 24.77K)

>>133070167Which distractions?

>>133070072the grainy quality made me think she was made of felt at first.

>>133070237ah yeah, i geuss that would look weird to someone unfamiliar, that's just because its a viewport preview of the Cycles render, which is a raytraced render and therefore works off of samples, when you're in preview mode you use low samples to be able to actually work on it without the PC dying and it gives a grainy quality, but that's all smoothed out in the actual render with both higher sample rates and denoising.

Attached: 055af7c8030404f3d73dda248d40c3d5--code-lyoko-in-love.jpg (444x554, 34.13K)



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>>133048379>>133051227Waifu: the show there afew fanservice moments in the first 3 seasons to especially 1 but no one talks about winx. It’s always code yoko or something

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>>133056219can you draw krizta rubbing sunscreen on her back?

>>133072423Hmm... It's possible, but considering their positioning, most of Krizta would be blocked behind Jucika's head is he were rubbing on the lotion. Perhaps if she were more to the left of Jucika, preparing to do so (and I extended the frame to the left), she would fit better.Anyhow, I'll consider it.

>>133073113>Jucika's head is he wereSorry, suffered a minor stroke. I meant>Jucika's head if she were

>>133059146Well...they CAN be at fault when the state government's propaganda works TOO well.Like oh say, to the point where the civillians want their government to go to war with an enemy that they have no intention of actually fighting and are content with just saber rattling.

>>133071829Would the west get away with this? The episode is about a beauty pageant

Attached: Trix laugh uncensored .webm (720x544, 1.64M)

>>133073354Yeah I think they'd get away with a one-piece swimsuitAlso retard France is part of the west

>>133073721I know because France is from western europe

>>133073721the show is from Italy.

>>133070065because there is Lyla

Attached: lyla_lay_by_mariooscargabriele-d8dzx9b.jpg (786x1016, 113.27K)

>>133073953I know

>>133073113Alright then tell me when you're done.

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>>133052772>ten million popes in a box and counting for every dead monarch

>>133052772Reminder that Ireland is a British isle, and the Irish are also British.

>>133073354>>133073721>>133073894>>133073953Also the the girl laughing is kind of suprising

>>133074357No the fuck they ain't, Northern Ireland is apart of Ireland as well arsehole

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>>133074426>Northern Ireland is apart of IrelandAgreed.And Ireland is British, just like Great Britain.If you don't want this to be the case, get a better name for your archipelago.

>>133074455>And Ireland is British, just like Great Britain.By that logic we're all British.

>>133074462>By that logic we're all British.Only people on the British Isles.

>>133074479What about the Scots? They were around in the 800s before the Brits.

Any of them

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Freja from Valhalla

Attached: 0b539f3b4195f700c22c43c563a9e3e9.jpg (960x615, 273.46K)

>>133074510Also Brits.Thrice so, since Scotland is on the British Isles; If you only consider Great Britain as British, it's located on it; and it's part of the UK, whose people are colloquially called brits.Northern Ireland is twice British, since it's on the British Isles, and a part of the UK.

>>133070624who's that?

>>133074569Why do yous simp for the king so hard? Also Cornwall, and Livonia is not part of Britain. Theys have they own language.

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>>133074789>Megamind imageI swear dreamworks from the 2000s and the early 2010s is a meme factory

>>133049302Omg...... I'M GONNA COOOOOOOOOOM

>>133074789>Why do yous simp for the king so hard?I'm not British. I'm just stating geographical facts.>Also Cornwall, and Livonia is not part of Britain.Cornwall is British, Livonia was Baltic.>Theys have they own language.That have no baring on wether or not they're British.Are you conflating British with English? Or do you think it means a part of the UK?

>>133074858Cry about it.

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>>133074981About what.Nothing in that images was changed that would change the fact that all of those Isles are British.Again I ask, do you conflate British with the UK? Also, as your image is suggesting, do you also conflate the UK with England?

>>133075020>Again I ask, do you conflate British with the UK?yep >do you also conflate the UK with Englandnope. I don't know why yous insist with defending the UK, shit after all the stuff theys did to India, Rhodesia(Zimbabwe), Pakistan, Bangledesh, and many other. Also selling Hong Kong out, was a dick move. I just don't see why they need a king, they have to pay a royal tax for it tho.

Attached: Bruh 136.png (1055x1086, 137.88K)

>>133071829they even referenced hentai shows like viper gts

>>133075065>yepAh, I see, that's your problem.Here's a little tip for you user. Britain as a concept is older than the UK by about 1700-1800 years.>I don't know why yous insist with defending the UKI have done no such thing. The UK is a cultural Frankenstein's monster, and in fact, it should be broken up into it's founding countries again, and most of England should be given back to Denmark. All of it would still be British though.

>>133073354>>133071829I saw tv tropes said a docter costume in the Halloween episode is a reference to a pretty bad one and even says a linefrom it

Attached: B94626C0-095A-4816-8C21-9BAFC11B9FA1.jpg (1536x1173, 1.09M)

>>133074538Laying on grass on a sunny day is one of the best memes ever.

Attached: five_mouse_band_by_lalunafelis-d3ai615.jpg (1036x799, 137.11K)

>>133075360Maybe next time you should touch some actual grass

>>133075536I got rek'd,

>>133052998>another cazenove book i'll never get to readIt's not fucking fair. It looks like more spoopy stuff like his Tizombi book and that shit's right up my alley.

>>133055264>Sacro e Profano>not shilling a comic with its english nameUn-Sacred.That aside, Mirka isn't exactly what you'd call a stellar writer but her art is nice.

Attached: 1649192934615.jpg (427x642, 131.67K)

>>133055264speaking of Mirka Andolfo

Attached: 01.jpg (1280x1968, 207.16K)

Keep in mind that Madjackrabbit is from ireland

Attached: images (16).jpg (534x330, 14.72K)

>>133075618>I'll never get to readWhy is that?

>>133075886Babbys first sexymanwolf story, but god damn it I would that cute porker.>>133075909Because I don't speak frog? Looking at pictures is not the same as reading.

Attached: 1660544943187020.png (1832x1954, 542.85K)

>>133076169Mistakes into miracles.

Attached: 1660449190792.jpg (640x480, 29.67K)

>>133076443>be smol>watch cartoon>hahaha girls sneaks sweets without permission, what a brat>grow up>see people post the girl because fuck little girls I guess

>>133075347 >>133071829 >>133073354 >>133051227For me it’s her especially the laugh scene

Attached: Storm fly.webm (1920x1080, 2.35M)

Attached: Sandy Blue 2.png (1280x2015, 3.25M)

>>133076762are they robots?

>>133076782Yep. Series is Sky Doll. Heaven Dolls are some comedic short comics in the albums.

Attached: Not quite a nandroid from Sky Doll.png (246x345, 155.13K)

>>133070065So is her fellow Xerbian.

Attached: Xalya.jpg (480x411, 37.94K)

Attached: images (7).jpg (183x275, 9.62K)



>>133077990>>133075934What's with the animal stereotypes?

>>133077383That poland ball art style?

>>133076854Sounds like serbian to be honest

Attached: images (19).jpg (200x200, 5.77K)

>>133076567Which cartoons have you watched back then?

>>133074426Is she holding vodka or beer?

what does this reaction of them feel?

Attached: 1651713329615.jpg (629x461, 68.57K)

>>133078430I mean what reactions of this image convey?

>>133078156Whatever's on TV and if I didn't like it, of course I'd change the channel or go outside and play. Keep in mind all of these I watched in re-runs, wasn't alive when they premiered.

>>133078614Which channel?

>>133070440Isn't she a doll looking fairy?


Attached: 1652035732292.jpg (532x391, 77.8K)

Attached: 166085913301.jpg (840x630, 69.82K)

>>133057615I just recently found out the site is fucking dead. rip.

>>133079282Anyways just asking if anyone still has the comics or not?

>>133079529try the wayback machine

>>133079567Yeah but the images won't fucking load for some reason.

Attached: fuckingscammed.jpg (535x329, 24.92K)

>>133049665>>133049679>Jungledredd Hugo

Attached: jgd.png (659x657, 36.9K)

>>133079646I mean if I can't see the full image then is it partially lost?

Attached: bandicam 2022-09-20 01-21-39-663.jpg (497x528, 132.29K)


Attached: bandicam 2022-09-20 01-21-47-431.jpg (497x528, 146.29K)


Attached: bouilhac_cl_maudmutante.jpg (450x137, 12.34K)

>>133056865can you post more?

>>133080184sure, I'm a massive Taliafag so I'll take any free chance

Attached: scythe thingy.gif (500x280, 1.93M)

Attached: 289429438.jpg (353x403, 48.86K)


Attached: 1655033457672.jpg (155x189, 15.18K)


Attached: 1655132459020.jpg (1159x1600, 303.33K)


>>133058308>Auschwitz's the E-girl and her simps>Falls in love with the Russian version of the Unabomber

Attached: 1649245397446.jpg (1278x1230, 289.81K)


Attached: SF-5999_bd-w-superhigh_orig.jpg (1280x720, 55.52K)

>>133078692Are you a fucking chatbot?

>>133080618Read the filename, and go from there.

Attached: Burne Out - Bastien Vives - BD Cul Twitter sample.jpg (1462x2024, 421.27K)

>>133080762No I'm not I'm asking which network did the toons aired?

>>133080867Do you think I remember which channels in fucking Russia my cartoons were on when I was between ages 3 and 10?

>>133080890No sorry about that

>>133068789>>133080863Scans of this are out?

>>133080945It's oh K.

>>133075886thought I recognized the style, i want the pig's fat udders in my face

>>133049868Jesus Christ

>>133054918>t. Rom fan

Attached: de9.jpg (960x540, 125.79K)

>>133049555snitches get stitches

>>133081036>Scans of this are out?Not that I know of, no.

Attached: 34-BV-BurneOut-S.jpg (799x550, 248.03K)

>the fuckin biker revealkino. the whole comic is very fun too

Attached: 9782800171579-us.jpg (363x500, 53.15K)

>>133081730Shame it'll never be finished since the authors split up.

>>133081730>>133081743I don't mind talking about it, but I should point out that it's Canadian (Quebec), not European.

>>133081743Kidnap their mothers, and force them to cooperate via Skype or something.

>>133082425Oh, if only it were that easy.

Attached: 954CE3F7-00C2-4A1D-A77D-3B60A8A812E7.jpg (600x453, 64.43K)


Attached: 6tyq7a.gif (360x202, 1.56M)

>>133052801Communist countries had no sugar.Jam was the sweetest thing possible over there, giving them quite a sugar shock.But then again, maybe she is glad she can eat food above her ration.


I thought I posted Werner in here, where did my man go

Attached: 6703a0ef01e74086a867ef44abb2615f.jpg (480x360, 43.8K)


>>133082575That whole segment is a 10/10.It made me laugh SO hard every time.

>>133061266Don't worry.In every war, the good guys always won (what incredible odds!)

>>133078030French eat frogsUkrainians eat Salo (salted pig lard)

>>133073721>>133073953I can never tell them apartFrance is the one with the Colosseum, right?

>>133082575Sadly it's also the only funny part of the whole series.I can't really warm up to German 90ies prole and beer romanticism.

>>133070263god, i had such a crush on her when i was younger

>>133070263Bit of an odd style, but cute

Attached: FrenchAnon.jpg (915x1707, 302.43K)

Why so many pedos? Let's do bestiality instead.

Attached: 97f78624-bagira-drug-maugli_0.jpg (531x480, 25.61K)


>>133059898Husband became obsessed with a fictional woman. It's kind of like marrying a normal girl only for her to turn into a stinky yaoi obsessed neet that somehow gets her softcore smut published in the national newspapers. In reality my theory is that she was seething because her husband managed to earn a living wage in a communist country off of his comic about a cartoon girl

Attached: E04v6Q9VkAMIzcO.jpg (1200x900, 123.97K)

>>133084734Either is possibru.


Attached: E7R9SIoXMAAtbDX.jpg (2000x2000, 481.84K)

I think Manka is hot

Attached: images (16).jpg (635x357, 31.75K)

Attached: Son of the White Mare Princesses.jpg (1480x1080, 78.61K)


Attached: Son of the White Mare Princesses.2.jpg (1480x1080, 237.8K)

Attached: images (16).jpg (631x486, 38.77K)

>>133048379Even French cat is fine too

Attached: kpGMCjy6Lns.jpg (604x340, 77.73K)

>>133085652Trash unfunny cartoon.

Attached: Finnish girls from the 1940s in modern wear.jpg (1372x870, 1.9M)

>>133085734Don't know them.

>>133084734Kinda like sonichu?

Wheelchair waifu

Attached: 41fdRxZb4PL.jpg (363x500, 27.08K)

Lou's mom was hot as fuck

Attached: file.png (1200x675, 270.61K)

>>133085652based bushy cat connoisseur

>>133085786They're from Lotta Svärd, a Finnish webcomic.

Attached: 5th anniversary.jpg (600x853, 228.95K)

Attached: Пригоди малюка Гіпопо (українською)1974.jpg (214x319, 28.62K)

>>133086005First time hearing.

>>133085601free the titties

Attached: SPOILER_Jucika-recolor.png (650x278, 317.51K)


Attached: 1635898719030.jpg (243x388, 39.38K)


Attached: tolagetscaughtcheating.jpg (544x564, 41.21K)


Attached: images (20).jpg (588x521, 34.06K)

>>133086085Free the frostbitten titties?

>>133049302what the fuck, what's the name of this russian cartoon I've been looking for this

>>133086522Ha Зaднeй Пapтe from 1974 till 1985

>>133086372I used to go skiing when I was younger... sometimes you'd get so hot in your parka that you could easily take it off for a while just to vent and cool down.

>>133086597tank you

Attached: 450.png (360x450, 140.01K)


Attached: 1576335276044.jpg (750x750, 47.52K)

>>133087306fuckin yum

>>133073354>the westyes. there have been plenty of beauty-contests in western cartoons>americaonly if played for laughs. I think Johnny Bravo did one & TTG did one

Attached: 47mkgN[1].gif (320x180, 1.26M)

Attached: 742[1].gif (597x336, 2.75M)

>>133048379I wish I can be with her in bed

Attached: E7GbOmeWYAI79Eb.jpg (1200x519, 63.3K)

>>133087548>panties under gartersCome on Jucika. You should know better than that.

>>133052613>cute slav loli taking huge jar of VARENIE by herself>18+, USSR, not democracy

>>133083673Baghira is a boy, so USSR Baghira is a trap.

Attached: 1576247455602.png (1024x1024, 150.88K)

>>133087885>he never heard of changing a character's gender in an adaptation

Attached: burgers?.png (326x306, 33.1K)

Attached: product_b_a_bar01p-barbarella-comic-set[1].jpg (400x619, 219.89K)


Attached: Maud 5.jpg (3644x1196, 782.81K)

Attached: bluelfbooty.jpg (795x598, 56.98K)


Attached: Maud 4.jpg (4036x1332, 1.2M)


Attached: Maud 3.jpg (4060x1468, 1.22M)

Attached: Maud 2.jpg (4028x1424, 1.22M)

>>133070133not that user, but if you want to upload the .blend of her I'd love a DL. Got a 3d printer recently and need more models to play around with.

>>133089371not THAT user, but if you do end up printing it, make sure you take pictures, it might be fun to see.


Attached: Maud.jpg (3232x1184, 742.5K)

Attached: lonci1.jpg (790x1549, 221.75K)

Attached: lonci2.jpg (1498x1675, 197.58K)

Attached: lonci3.jpg (507x5065, 722.99K)

>>133089600I'm going to miss reading her comics in that website

Eastern Euro

Attached: 1635135418274.jpg (310x293, 43.14K)

>>133090221>Half of the links deadkek

Attached: CB048777.png (1280x1464, 2.36M)


Attached: 1647532941148.png (517x823, 450.09K)

Too bad all the characters look dead nowadays.

Attached: 149affichePublicitaireT10Dupuis1_03082012_123546.jpg (692x500, 118.31K)

>>133056219>>133072423>>133073113Awwright, you convinced me.You might want to save this one in case the mods take exception. I took care to hide everything, but you know how they can be sometimes.

Attached: hbkockasfulujucikakrizsta1sketch.jpg (1218x819, 228.46K)

I'd post him here but he's probably a bit too much for co.


>>133090406Looks nice. Now can you draw Kriszta from the mezga family and kriszta from a kockafulu nyul in a similar topic you drew?

>>133090578Unlikely, at least not any time soon. I have a lot of other pictures to finish first, including that one.

>>133082575i remember you. it was in another thread a few weeks ago