How would Kamala Khan fare in DC comics

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>>133044879Well first off who she is going to be a Mega fan of who has recently changed their name?2 Are there any kind of groups like in humans are mutants in DC Comics?

>>133044879I want to tongue punch her hairy peach.

>>133044879She gets breeded by supes>>133044917The meta gene is DC's great value X-gene

>>133044879Just like in the hypothetical Hal in the Marvel universe, she winds up having a lot of sex with Green Lantern Hal Jordan

>>133044879Made for seducing Clark Kent at the Daily Planet.

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>>133044879She's Billy's girlfriend.

>>133045763How does Lois feel

please don't put her in teen titans. I'd rather she not dieor get raped by dr. light though I'm sure it's been a decade since they even mentioned that aspect of him in comics

>>133045746Does he meet her family

>>133045910Lois only has eyes for Superman. She's not aware her new intern Kamala is Ms. Marvel but she is jealous Superman is spending time with Ms. Marvel.

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>>133045763>>133045957Now that is a treat

>>133045957>Constantly complains to Kamala about that little brown tramp cozying up with Superman

>>133045763Fuck off Bendis.

>>133044917...the other captain marvel?

>>133045974>I-I'm sure she's actually a r-really nice girl if you got a chance to talk to her, Ms. Lane...>Ugh I'd sooner go on a date with Smallville than give that floozy the time of day!

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>>133046073>Lois’ reports on Ms Marvel always bring up her ass and how she should show more modesty>Ironically ends up encouraging Kamala to go out with Smallville and teasing the two

>>133045943Yeah, her brother’s been painting rocks yellow to prepare for the stoning.

>>133046108>Clark when are you gonna give your Pa & I some grandkids?>Ma please!>I know you're seeing that little middle eastern girl now. Hope you plan on converting her. I wanna show my grandbabies to all the ladies at the church, y'know?

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>>133046245>Kamala always Christmas gifts from the Kents despite not celebrating it>Last year was a cross necklace she only wears on dates

>>133046285>Ma Kent gets Kamala a variety of gifts like books on motherhood & raising babies>one cheeky year she gifts some Victoria's Secret apparel with a good luck card

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>>133046398>Same year she gave Clark his grandmother’s wedding ring to give to Kamala

>>133046410>Jimmy routinely has to console Lois over the phone or in person>Why is big blue spending so much time with Ms. Trollop?! Even my intern is spending so much time with Smallville! You're all I have left Jimmy!>Lois I get it but you've been making me buy you ice cream tubs & rub your back for 3 weeks now. Have you thought of getting a constructive hobby?

doctor light tries to snuggle with a struggle but is saved by GUY from GL who then proceeds to sexually harassed her

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>>133046547>It’s a Kamala and Clark undress in the same phone booth issue

>>133046890Guy would just end up being freaked out when Kamala turns out to be a bigger horndog than him

>>133046901>they end up in each other's costumes & don't realize till they're already back out ready to fight

Elongated Man tries to teach her how to be a good detective while Plastic Man tries to teach her to transform more. They argue with each other over whose sidekick she is and end up in a tug-of-war, stretching her. She snaps back and they accidentally knock heads and get dizzy and she runs away and writes fanfiction

>>133044879>Kamala KhanMore like, uh, Kamala Corn!

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>>133047047>Kamala getting a full view of that nice ass>Clark seeing how adorable she looks in his suit

>>133046245>>133046285>this has the opposite of the intended effect>Kamala gets annoyed and starts dressing and acting even more stereotypically Muslim whenever she's around ma and pa Kent

>>133047148She’ll break They always do

>>133047158She'll always have Ma's influence at the back her mind whenever she's alone with Clark.

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>>133047366>Starts subconsciously replacing Allah with God whenever she prays

>>133046072 Isn't his actual name something magical. that activate his powers and makes him from a kid into an adult ?

>>133047458Shazam, yeah. Either way I like her dating him like Stargirl

>>133044879Kamala would be Billy Batson's sidekick and eventual girlfriend.

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>>133044917I mean there's the meta gene, also there's the Bloodlines parasites if you want to be more obscure.

>>133047566This is some roundabout lesbian but not really fetish right here.

>>133047566I wish she'd look at me like that

>>133047566That might be interesting if they're around the same age

>>133047778I prefer Shota billy

I want to hold Kamal's hand while she takes a piss and poops

>>133047778>Billy starts highschool and decides to join the superhero fan club>There he meets Kamala>Turns out she's obsessed Captain Marvel leading to wacky romantic high jinks.

>>133047975Imagine when he finds teh fanfiction

>>133047975This could work

She'd end up molested by Bueno Excellente.on that note, was this pic ever finished?

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>>133048230Can’t sayEither way, Bueno seems like a cuddler


>>133048230Nope he vanish like the wind

>>133045746Hal probably met her through Carol


>>133047458>Isn't his actual name something magical.The Hero is Captain Marvel.The old Wizard whose name he invokes to transform is Shazam, which is also an acronym for his patron gods.

>>133048230Wait, who is that on the left, Courtney?

in dc she would have some forgettable story where she does girl stuff. DC chick books are worse than marvel.

>>133046245>>133046285This is the pic you're missing.

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>>133046285>>133046245How op would their kid be?

>>133050357Could absorb sunlight from parallel versions

>>133050324 What is your problem? Nobody was talking about anything close to that and you just upload that where people are not expecting to see it ? I have Asperger's and I can tell you need to see a psychiatrist.

>>133050289I'm guessing barbara gordon.

>>133050357>super strength>polymorphThose alone make the kid unstoppable.>>133050337Kamala when she finally breaks & goes to church with the Kents.

>Kamala grew up idolizing and writing stories about Superheroes, her favorites being Captain Marvel and Superman(she might have a thing for nice guys shaped like a flying brick)>there's enough people flying around Metropolis with an S, so she based her fantasy superhero persona around Captain Marvel, so hers wouldn't get crowded out>something something falls into a vat of Glimgold cola syrup concentrate on a fieldtrip something>wakes up with stretchy powers>gets an internship at the Daily Planet>she's not 100% she wants to be a Journalist, but it's interesting, she's good at it, and it pays surprisingly well, so that makes for a solid career choice, plus it lets her practice her writing skills>Lois personally takes her under her wing, she likes the girl>grows to almost be part of the family>also she's a reliable babysitter for Jon >sometimes shadows Clark, but she always seems to lose him for a while at some point>one day accidentally catches a glimpse of Clark peeling off his shirt revealing the costume underneath>she just wanted to see if Mr. Kent was a buff as she thought>has a bit of a panic when she gets home as she pieces everything together>Mr. Kent is Superman. Lois is married to Superman. Jon is half Kryptonian and probably going to be Superboy one day and then Superman>what can she do?>How can she help?>she starts to carry the costume she made in her backpack any time she's on an assignment with Clark or Lois>she knows she's not ready to fight crime, but she can help Superman by dealing with civilians and collateral damage>they eventually find her out and confront her about it>no way a superhero could hide from ace investigative journalist Lois Lane-Kent for years on end, no sirree>they inadvertently give her the good cop/bad cop routine>Lois is pissed that she'd throw herself into danger like that

>>133050757>Clark realizes he can't really tell her to stop being a hero and that she had good judgement in saving people instead of trying to fight a villain, but she probably needs training and he knows just the guys to teach her>Elongated Man teaches her good ethics and detective work, as well as where her powers come from>Plastic Man teaches her bad ethics and practical and impractical application of her powers>Plas isn't satisfied with her training until she can properly mock Batman>they and Supes all agree she still needs more practical training and leverage her to being accepted in the Teen Titans>eventually meets Stargirl and Cyclone and starts hanging out more with them and the JSA>starts to practice specific embiggining after meeting Power Girl>still acts as Jon's babysitter and realizes the boy has a crush on him>thinks and decides that he's already a sweet boy and is almost sure to get even better being raised by Clark and Lois>and allah have mercy if his parents are that hot how will he look once he hits puberty?>remembers a story she kept seeing referenced in those Japanese comics that Robin got her into>operation Reverse Hikaru Genji starts>really simple, just got to keep the course, make sure Jon becomes as much of a boy scout as his daddy and be an attractive and nearby companion to the boy as he develops into a beefcake of a man>doubles down on her embiggining practiceSomething like that, I think

>Kamala sees me>I sex herThe end

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>>133051021>>still acts as Jon's babysitter and realizes the boy has a crush on him>>thinks and decides that he's already a sweet boy and is almost sure to get even better being raised by Clark and Lois>>and allah have mercy if his parents are that hot how will he look once he hits puberty?>>remembers a story she kept seeing referenced in those Japanese comics that Robin got her into>>operation Reverse Hikaru Genji starts>>really simple, just got to keep the course, make sure Jon becomes as much of a boy scout as his daddy and be an attractive and nearby companion to the boy as he develops into a beefcake of a man>>doubles down on her embiggining practiceHot. How long until she practice kissing


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>>133052059>Arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf arf

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>>133051944She'd already been practicing on the body pillow with the Nightwing(?) cover that her parents don't she ordered from Japan.Not sure when Jon asks her to help him. Maybe after his first run-in with Poison Ivy?

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Who is dc's biggest fuck up? Biggest woman fuck up? Is there an alternative to metahumans that is functionally the same?

>>133052361Sounds right, Kamala might even feel the need to outdo Ivy after finding she used a cheek kiss on Jon

>>133052473I can’t think of any

>>133050481what was it?

Does DC Kamala become a delinquent of her own will or does something happen to her to make her a little hellraiser and tease?


>>133054657Diddled by Hal

>>133055725So she travels to the DCU, realizes she's stuck, realizes she has nobody who knows her and she can do whatever she wants?

kamala is pure

>>133054657Finds the right person and discovers it on her own.

>>133057819pure slut, agreed.

>>133044917>Captain Marvel>Mary Marvel>Wonder Woman>Mera>Starfire or batgirl>Batwoman>supergirl>ZatanaIt could work with any if them

She would be put in a Teen Titans book and would then die in the next event

>>133044879Probably better. I'm just really bitter and against the "normal person who does nothing and exhibits zero heroism suddenly getting powers from an established superhero" but that kind of thing would probably fit right in in DC. Take Kamala and keep her.

She could be Mary Marvel's archenemy.

i real question is who is the first DC hero or villein to hypnotize her

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>>133058756Mad Mod trying to turn her from her americanization.

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>>133058756Does DC have any uber-Muslim-type supervillains, the kind that exemplify all the negative stereotypes?

>>133058715More like bitter rivals, they're both good girls after all. They just fucking hate each other.



Thread needs more ugly AI vomit

>>133044879Stop trying to make me hard for sandmonkeys

I look forward to her family performing an honor killing. I am offended that she shows her hair and legs. This is an affront to Allah. This we all know.

>>133061924You can save her from the scam of islam.

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>>133062197Cute art, now I want Kamala trying to be like Karen

>>133062224She's gotta grow into it.

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>>133062285I like to think Peeg teases her

>>133062197Built for Shota Jon

>>133044879Pretty good

>>133044879Marvel would never her or any other woman wear that outfit these days

>>133044879>Clark Kent risks getting fired for fucking a muslim highschool girl

>>133045763Would her wearing Superman panties be a turn on or off?

>>133047566>Hey Kamala just how good is your shapeshifting.

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>>133044879You know when you think about ti, Kamala would make a good sidekick to Superman, both aesthetically and conceptually

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>>133046901Did that reporter from the Daily Planet just fuck a highschooler in a phone booth?

>>133066976Brown girls will do crazy things to a guy

>>133066976No, but I swear she copped a feel.His hands were busy with his clothes, but his eyes sure were pinned to her.

>>133066602Sidekick & lover.>>133065987The panties aren't part of the costume you silly billy. But yes.

>>133067241Does Lex launch a smear campaign

>>133067310Only after Kamala rejects his offer to be his company's mascot to clean up their image.

>>133067340Will Superman’s reputation ever recover

>>133067399Technically no one knows her true identity so there's plausible deniability. Plus Superman can't exactly be reached for comment. Besides, who would read the tabloid rumors of a crazed billionaire with a robot suit who's own moral character is called into question. Maybe even a few rumors of Lex's sexuality make it into the Daily Planet gossip section.

>>133067457True, Kamala’s parents won’t have to worry about that at least. Does Clark ever meet them

>>133067457I could see Lex using a couple of plant reporters to trap Kamala Khan into a series of deliberately compromising and vague questions as punishment for refusing his offer. As Kamala Khan is Superman's (unofficial) sidekick, they can use that angle to use her as a surrogate to drag Superman down.

>>133067491>IKamala getting asked about the age of consent

>>133067485He's invited over for dinner to celebrate Kamala's internship going on for a year. Kamala's dad keeps wondering how much he makes & her mom asks about his current love life/living situation. While Kamala just fidgets in her chair toying with her food in embarrassment.>>133067491>W-well... you'd never ask Batman about his Robins! Maybe you're all just so curious because I'm a gi- woman of color!Gotta use their own dirty tactics against them to get em to back off.

>>133067619And then Lex plays a reverse Uno card and flips the accusations Kamala. Taking offense that she would use her status as woman of color to deflect questions when his reporters were simply asking questions. As is their right with Freedom of the Press. It'd be a very dangerous minefield for both sides until Supes comes to break up the meeting, says there's no time for questions and that Kamala is respectable and honorable hero whose values are entirely just, and fly her out of there.

This is the cutest Kamala has ever been

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>>133067943Then they share a picnic on some skyscrapers overlooking the city.

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>>133068425Hypnotized Kamala would just be Doctor Psycho’s girlfriend

>>133068452>Dr. Psycho looks inside her brain and quits upon being touched by all the Superman fanfic ideas infesting her mind. Alongside that of other heroes

>>133051864>Kamala dressing up for Clark and thinking it would be a good idea to surprise him for their get-together>What she should've done was to remember to enlarge her pussy for the absolute pounding Clark gave to her

>>133069266Imagine the morning after

>>133069287Kamala is deflated both physically and metaphorically, but still thinks it was worth it

>>133069344How does Lois react

>>133069375Slyly gives her condoms because teenage pregnancy is bad & gets in the way of her internship. Unaware who her boyfriend is.

>>133066602Yeah, she has a certain enthusiasm which would work well. The Super Family is mostly other Kryptonians or non-powered people so having someone with a different set of abilities (like Traci 13 back when she was part of it) would be neat.

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>>133069447Would she notice Clark having a thing for her

>>133066602>>133069561I like how they could have an a color scheme going on as well. Mainly with Kamala sort of being the inverse of Superman's colors, while also retaining the yellow on her chest. As well as the two of them having a red cape thing going, even though it's a scarf for Kamala. But it does fit with her being the junior to Superman and his sidekick.

>>133069611If they were ever telling the story to their kids in the future, I belive Clark would say it was Kamala who came on to him first. With her cute and awkeard flirtations. At first he was charmed and flattered by her interest, but he would still resist and try to put her down gently by minding the age difference between them. But Kamala was persistent and never gave up, instead she got to know him a lot better and eventually started to get through his barriers. Her being his assistant as well was also a bonus.But the real attraction came when both of them were out fighting crime together. Maybe it's the rush and adrenaline of being in danger, but crimefighting sure has a way of making you care for other people. Especially when you don't know each others identities. But once they learned each others, they started getting closer. Until one Valentine's day, she gave him a kiss and then Superman gave CPR to Ms. Marvel. The next day, they ended up changing in a booth together. By the end of the day, Kamala slept over at Clark's apartment. And then after that is history.

>>133069611Lois still see's Clark as a dope but knows Superman is spending too much time with his new young sidekick.

>>133070099>While they both appear to be the ideal superhero-sidekick duo, Lois has noticed the way Ms. Marvel gushes about Superman a lot>And the way Superman's sidekick stares at him longingly sometimes is suspicious

>>133070099>Lois notes that while Supes is capable of handling almost all situations on his own, he often brings Ms. Marvel along to help out.>Normally some would think the idea of the Man of Steel having a sidekick would be a silly and redundant idea, but this Ms. Marvel character has proven to be quite scrappy.>While Superman is the Man of Tomorrow, Ms. Marvel is the Girl of Today who follows in Superman's footsteps to grow bigger everyday.>Perhaps following a bit too closely, thinks Lois.>Part of this comes from the fact that, in order to help Kamala keep up with him, Supes often carries her along as he flies.>While regular onlookers have fun with it and call her Superman's kite, the eagle-eyed Lois sees Kamla enjoying being carried by Suoerman a bit too much>Lois has seen that look of content and comfort on the faces of many girls on the arms of corrupt officials she's exposed before.>So why would a girl like that have the same look?>She could chalk it up to her just being a dumb, young fangirl, but Lois has seen the way Superman lifts and carries her around. Even while celebrating and encouraging her.>Something's going on with the Big Blue Boyscout and his Stretchy badge, and she's going to find out why.

I wonder what happens when Clark and Kamala are at the Fortress of Solitude. Completely on their own, isolated from any and all prying eyes, with no one around for miles and miles.

>>133071666Movie night, Satan. Obviously.


>>133072057>>133072066>Clark and Kamala cuddling while having their weekly movie night at the Fortress of Solitude



>>133070875Getting interesting

>>133044917Meta gene exists but honestly metahuman as a classification in DC is a broad term, so there's less unifying groups and storylines available unlike marvel with the inhumans and x-men

>>133062285>>133062224Shapeshifter. She can just embiggen

>Kamala lands in the DCU>decides to take after superheroines she sees>one of them is Power Girl>Kamala decides to become a curvaceous Shazam-styled heroine using her shapeshifting>lots of DC superheroes fall in love with this new strange heroine>mousy regular Kamala working in obscurity at the Daily Planet

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>>133075911True but imagine the strain of keeping it up all day.

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>>133076049Lol, that gave me the idea of Kamala worried about if Clark likes her smaller chest or not. And in response, Clark grabs and kisses her, while also blowing into her and inflating her chest up.

>>133076117It was cute till you included the inflation fetish.


>>133076128She's a stretchy person so it just came to me

>>133077433Alright just calm down, Dobson.

>>133077701No no no, not as an inflation fetish thing. Just an idea I thought would be funny, like what you would see in a cartoon

>>133077891>I just think it'd be kinda funny if her chest inflated like a balloon haha>Just imagine she blows into her thumb & her butt got really big that'd be hilarious hahaha

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>>133078424But it is funny, like a classic cartoon. But if that's the way it truly seems, then I can change it.

>>133078745Fine line between liking classic cartoons & body modification fetishes.

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>>133071666She raids Supergirl's closet.


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>>133079195I don't want that shit. Who do you think I am, Plastic Man? Huh, this actually gives me the idea for how Kamala would react to people asking inappropriate questions on how her shifting abilities work.

>>133079589Plastic Man's a lot of things but he isn't into underage girls. Not like the Chad Superman.

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>>133079807>Clark and Kamala's photos of their vacation attracts questions as others wonder about the pictures they took>While innocent and fun, the closeness of the two alongside Kamala in her bikini does raise eyebrows

>>133079932Obviously he's just keeping his young co-worker safe.

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>>133080021By pressing her into his crotch in away that looks like they recently finished making out?

>>133080069Obviously he was just keeping for from falling after she tripped. She's such a clumsy girl.

>>133079589Well, that was pretty much what her powers were off the beginning, until someone in Marvel whined and had her nerfed.

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>>133080124And the picture of Kamala with a bunch of white stuff on her face and licking it off of her fingers?

>>133080333Ice cream mishap. Obviously.

>>133080361Okay now surely you can't discard this one. Why the hell would Clark be grabbing her hair like that?

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>>133080421She had a bad itch & Clark had to dig his hands deep onto her scalp to get it. He's very good at massaging.


>>133080436>Lois, I think you need to stop asking questions already. Clark's a dope, but he's a farm boy. I bet he never even got a hay ride at one of his hoe-downs>You can't be serious right now? Look at these pics, the girl's even kneeling down between his legs and doing a peace sign.>Clark said that he was able to capture her good side and the angle was perfect for the sunset. I gotta say, he was right.>Yeah, and I bet he was right about these gravure pictures too.>Those were Kamala's idea and its for her portfoloio if she ever decides to pursue a modelling career. I got no idea what these kids do nowadays with their phones and internet, but she's a good kid. Have some faith in her.

>>133080842Lois really should get a hobby already. Clearly she's obsessing over nothing.

>>133080870I know right? I even caught her eavesdropping on Clark's office while he was working on a case with Kamala. She swears they weren't even there. But the second she says that, the two of them walk out and say they're on their lunch break. Maybe if she didn't spend so much time stalking them, she wouldn't have missed out on that big scoop of Superman and Ms. Marvel taking down Metallo.

>>133080937Kamala was actually blowing him under the desk. They only took Metallo down after he came

I wonder who Kamala's arch would be here

>>133047366Perhaps Kamala shoudl try dressing up for Clark in some Daisy Dukes and a halter top?

>>133081993Who’s a crazy fangirl character

>>133083427Old Harley Quinn? Punchline?

>>133083941Those work



>Kamala trying to stop herself from eyeing Superman's super bulge

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>>133087596She knows it's her job to help take care of it. That's why she can't resist

>>133088103How will Lois react when she learns the truth

>>133088507She'll go full Lex Luthor.

Marvel Kamala and DC Kamala meet and decide to live in each other's universe for a week. What do they do?

>>133088643>marvel kamala doesn't understand the sexual "harassment" mr. kent keeps giving her during work hours>dc kamala doesn't know any of the heroes or friends she has in this universe so everyone's worried she may have been replaced by a skrull

>>133088671>Marvel and DC Kamala's later get dicked down by Superman and Spider-Man

>>133050337Ultimate Earth Kamala.

>>133050337I'd tap that