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/hyw/ - How's Your Webcomic? - Reflection Edition Thread Question: What other medium have you considered for your characters? A show? A book? Why did you decide on a comic?Thread challenge: Turn your comic into a different medium. Make a short animation. Write a book chapter with your characters. Branch out. >Current /hyw/ comics list. docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BHWvGGdywh188DAo5Y9YywzSz4uyrAEt6ba19NQ50W8/edit?usp=drivesdk Where should I publish my webcomic? webtoons.com/en/ tapas.io/ comicfury.com/ theduckwebcomics.com/ mangaido.com/en BRUSH PACKS AND FONTS CSP: mega.nz/#F!5xlV2IzJ!bg8BZB-oYaVrmD31S3fJHw KRITA: conceptartempire.com/free-krita-brushes/ fontmeme.com/fonts/ Current Storytimes:Wings of Daera >>133040193Tad Danger:>>133031704Please keep drama out of the threads.

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>>133041550>Please keep drama out of the threads.Please keep yourself in your discord tranny.

>>133041550>Thread's dead before it even startedDamn

>>133041550>Thread Question: What other medium have you considered for your characters? A show? A book? Why did you decide on a comic?I've considered some indie video games.

>>133041550>What other medium have you considered for your characters? A show? A book? Why did you decide on a comic?Wings of Daera was a novel initially, I even wrote the first chapter but I think its lost. That said it was an incredibly different story, only the world remains and even then the ice-age thing had different origins.

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>>133041550>thread questionNot really, i cant write, so a comic is the only good idea since at least i know how to slightly and badly draw

>Looking up at Ardi's Pixiv account.>Wings of Daera pages are tagged with "shota" and "oneshota".What could that mean?

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>>133044276>surely user must be shitposting >check moonrunes website>mfw it's realArdi, I say this as a friend- bruh

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>>133044276>pixivisnt it a site only for gooks?

>>133044276Marketing. Tag is used for porn but doesn't need to be porn as far as I am concerned.All I'm gonna say is, if you are entertained keep reading, you are going to hate me, but not for oneshota reasons for sure.

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>>133044420Nah don't worry. I still love to read your comic.

Sometimes i wonder if me having fun is a good enough reason for draining the sewage that is my shitty comics with horrible art and a demented story onto the internet. I could have just kept it for myself but boy am i a self serving narcisist.

>>133044420>Tag is used for porn but doesn't need to be porn as far as I am concernedSure... do you expect others to see it that way? Unless your comic is literal shota porn, it's not great marketing

>>133044546>Sometimes i wonder if me having fun is a good enough reason for draining the sewage that is my shitty comics with horrible art and a demented story onto the internet.Are you me??

>>133041550>Thread questionWas considering trying to make an RPG so that I could have a branching storyline and allow for the player to make decisions that impacted how things would end up going. However, that was going to end up involving even more time and dedication than the webcomic route, and thus, even less likely to actually be done.On another topic, though. While I'm still working on getting my world planning together, and deciding on whether or not I'm going to be collaborating with others on this, I have done some work on character design, at least.

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>>133044558I don't get many views on pixiv anyways with any tag so it's a shot(a?) in the dark, clearly they do not appreciate the lack of porn but maybe someone just wants a story with an older girl and a boy, here, read my comic!Other tags seem to be completely useless.Beyond that I am doing something, but spoiling the ride would make me sad. For now I hope readers enjoy it as it goes.

>>133044638You need to make the tags in Japanese if you want them to have any effect.

I just dropped a 25 page update last night. The main villain has finally arrived.nukeronomicon.com/What do you guys think of Head Space?

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>>133044997I need to add that one.

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>>133044970it's kinda stupid

Bumping just to say I'm currently writing the the first chapter while also drawing a design for the first bad guy( post that later today when it's done )Meme image is unrelated to the current story, I just thought it was funny to share lolWebsite is up to check out zeta-hero.com

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>>133044970Can I first just say your website design is fucking killer like hoy shit this place looks fun (might take some ideas if you don't mind cause mine needs more engagement) As for the comic I read a bit of it to get a feel and the pacing is pretty good so far

Work continues on Heliumädchen #2 later tonight. I’m still stuck at Waffle House.Read HELIUMÄDCHEN VS COPPER here! -> nukeronomicon.com/comic/heliumadchen/

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Oi! Tales of Bardic Fury spoiler alert

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>>133045799Yeah, smacky is the only one here with a good site

>>133046077I said it was great, and I like it alot, but putting others' down for it is kinda lame as fuck, my man. there's also mpscomic thats cool although they don't really post here lately

>>133045799>>133046077I kinda had no clue what I was doing. Glad to here you like it.

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>>133046399Agreed. Praising someone by calling everybody else garbage will just foster resentment. There’s enough infighting here as is.

The request from the previous thread.

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>>133046859Triple date.

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>>133047623>>133047629Whoa, this is new to me. Nice to see some professional- level artists lurking these threads.


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>>133047623>>133047629Hot damn dude. Got any tips/guides on linework/brushes? Ideal resolution maybe? I love how crisp this all looks

>>133044420>>133044558>>133044638You're good man. The Oneshota tag is used for both SFW /ss/ and NSFW. I know quite a few published series that started out on pixiv using it, like Yanota

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>>133048200>>133049466You’re wasting your time; the guy who posts this only writes it. He doesn’t draw it


>>133049747That’s how everyone feels

>>133049787>That’s how everyone feelsi actually dont give a shit and i dont understand why anyone does.

>>133049718I don't believe it

>>133041550I'm back from my visit out of state.tapas.io/episode/2643877:)Have a very strange new prologue part two.

>>133041550>Thread QuestionI started making an indie game spinoff of my webcomic, but like all of my projects, it sprawled too big/too confusing and I don't have time to work on it. Takes time away from drawing precious webcomic pages. Have any of you guys tried making a game? It's more accessible than ever before, but shit's harder than it looks.

>>133050203I dig the art style, man. Your forms amd expressions are still pretty stiff but the shading and stylization is strong, and you draw clothing folds well. It looks gritty and cool. You have steady penmanship. Those action panels with the fuzzy movement lines are sick as hell. I dig the idiotic banter between guys but I don't really have any reason to care about them , so when they get hit I don't really...feel it. Keep up the good work though. You'll keep getting better as you go.

>>133041550>Thread Question: What other medium have you considered for your characters? A show? A book? Why did you decide on a comic?i am thinking of making a long musical video of my comic with original songs, maybe even make an album out of it. i started making my comic because just writing a story can be boring and i am more into visuals, but i cant afford to make films, so comics are a happy middle.

>>133047629What's the name of your comic user? I've seen you around here but these are the first pages I actually sat down and read, I want more.

>>133046859pretty freakin cute

>>133050416Renata Tate Goddess for Hire.Can be read on most major webcomic sites webtoons.com/en/challenge/renata-tate-goddess-for-hire/list?title_no=665104https://tapas.io/series/Renata-Tate/infohttps://mangadex.org/title/e2d3e993-c76c-4fa3-ba0a-7f23e2989bcf/renata-tate-goddess-for-hirehttps://www.renatatate.com/

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>>133050789nobody asked homo

>>133050870umm actually...

>>133047623>>133047629Color it you fucking hack

>>133051898Manga artists get along just fine homie

Having a difficult time balancing the filters in an attempt to imitate crappy CRTs from the 90s. It feels fitting for an Ocarina of Time project.

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Almost done with this chapter, it's pretty short cuz I wanna update every week and I'm very slow at drawing. Fyi the chick is trynna confess

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>>133052454Look for some CRT/ scan line png's to overlay

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I have finally completed my summary for Admiral Pizza issue 8 and i will share it with you. B Plot 300X Zan and eddie are outlaw cops- Zan has 3 Wives, A computer wife DOT-A Samurai Fish wife Isana- And a Cat Wife Aptly named "Kitty" Admiral Pizza exists in future. Admiral Adrian Pizza. He is a Secret Commander in the resistance to the federation. He Was a cook in the space navy. After a great battle 300 years ago He got injured and they brought him back to life with a pizza ovenin his chest. He can breathe in Space. He hired Jacob Slade and his son Kidd Slade to retrieve Missing Issues of the original ADMIRAL PIZZA-to learn how he defeated the green ghost originally- AP300X and Zan and Eddie go deep inside the center of the earth, retrieving the issues-Green Ghost has a Robot Body and seeks to rule time and space. His attempts have destroyed the universe.He finally gets his dream of a brand new civil war- Between machine and man. AP300X believes Machines and man should work together. A Plot 1865 Marshall Pizza and Vampire Hunter J have been fighting the supernatural KKK wizards and confederate remnants. Lem and Marshall Pizza go on a double date at fords theater and prevent the assassination of Abe Lincoln. After a secret moon mission,They have received reports the green ghost is alive and active. He is working with the vampire dinosaurs.The green ghost betrays the dinosaurs with a mysterious Gem- Marshall Pizza carelessly jumps in, cocky and hoping to reunite with Lem and ask her for marriage.But he gets Vampire Hunter J killed and turned to dust, he gets thrown deep into the land of the dead- He meets The original capt' Pizza-He tells the tale of his last adventure, After finding the mysterious red stone. They celebrate with a tremendous Pizza party. The Crew begins the argue over dishes, distracted, the Ship crashes into an iceberg and sinks underground and Captain pizza knocks overboard, killing him.

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>>133053765The Red stone is a demon that is powered by hate, Green ghost discovers OG Capt pizzas corpse and takes the gem. Og Capt' Pizza Regrets what happens and their pizza powers combine, he gets a new outfit New Capt Pizza drags his frozen ship up through the underworld. But it's not enough to escape! To get out, He must complete the 3 challenges of the Giant Flying Roc After completing the challenges, He Receives a Roc feather allowing him to -effortlessly Leap into the air. Now, in the world of the living his ship begins to thaw- In the Sky, Green ghost is using an air balloon to assault Snergaville city- He fights the green ghost, crashing them into the hillside, Destroying the green ghosts body, And Impaling capt' Pizza, causing him to bleed out. The Demon inside of the red stone tries to leave but discovers he's powerless. For The Green Ghost has taken his spirit and energy..Because the green ghost hates himself more then anybody. Turning into Green fire energy, He possesses a train,Goes off the rails into Snergaville...! A bottle with vampire hunter J's Ashes Spills onto Marshall pizza's blood, And He Poof's Back to life. He Gives him a blood transfusion. capt' Pizza Suplexes the train, Crashing it into simitherees thinking he's won... He proposes to Lem. The green ghost transfers his soul to a watermelon.. and vows his return.

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>>133053883A+B Plot -An Epic Space Battle between AP3X’s fleet and the Green ghosts machines ensue-Capt' Pizza And crew Crash into an Ice burg to re-freeze themselves Waiting For the year 300X to return to Fight the Future Green ghost.-They trap him inside a Glass Bottle because earth has no sand, all the silicone and sand has either been mined or tuned into water by the Atlantis artifact. -They realize he is impossible to defeat. But Adrian saysif they change the past this timeline will be destroyed.Time is like a river, sometimes it crosses..Loops..Some paths, dry up and wither away.. -Adrian Pizza outfits the captains ship and promises to send him into the pastNot guaranteeing the location but assures the time..Lemerence the librarian assures The captain that she'll be waiting. She Stay behinds and writes Dime novels of Admiral Pizzas Adventures, Thus inspiring comic artists and other superheroes, And Zan and Eddie.-AP300X Reveals that He is Captain pizza's Father, His mother was attacked while pregnant and saved the fetus with an artificial womb inside the oven in his chest. His Head pops off and his body transforms into a pod that travels to earths past. This completing the circle. They go into the portal and the timeline changes. Deep in space, they begin a long voyage home.

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Not supposed to be coloring yet but I couldn't help it, I found some nice palettes for my scenes I'm happy with. >>133041550>Thread Question: What other medium have you considered for your characters? A show? A book? Why did you decide on a comic?It was going to be a book originally. I've written stuff before but got into art 2 years ago and decided to try a comic since I've always loved em.

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>>133041550Thank you user who included me on the webcomic list. I appreciate it.Here is the newest page of Cosmic Dash.>What other medium have you considered for your characters? A show? A book? Why did you decide on a comic?I actually have written a novella and several short stories with the setting and characters of Cosmic Dash. One of my readers also produced a radio play for my birthday with some voice actors featuring the characters which was a lot of fun.If I had the time I would love to learn how to make some simple games.As for comics, I went that route because it seemed to be the most efficient way to show my story, beyond the fact that I have loved comics since I was a kid.

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>>133049223God damn it user


I'm sick of ardi and his dumb comic. where can i migrate where i don't have to see him

post a /hyw/ comic without posting one

This explains a lot about him

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>>133050387The goal for me was trying to write military guys being military guys: 18-26 year olds with no real life experience outside the military, and bantering because they're just bored. Thanks user. :)youtu.be/3FTuBU-wy3U

>>133057296Merchant and Pike



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>>133057473>pic related

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>>133057219When do I get popular enough to get a hater?

>>133058600when someone starts hating you.

>>133058600>Implying Betz is popular

>wrote a loose outline for the whole comic>wrote the dialogue >now I actually have to draw the damn thingMan this is a slog, how do I not get bored

>>133058600You can be hated for being a lolcow, you can be hated by seethers for being popular, or you can be hated because you're a faggot. There are no other options.

>>133050789Nice, I read the first chapter and it was pretty cute. The heavy text reminds me of the writing style of the Sailor Moon manga, surprisingly it works really well. Love the art style most of all though. It is a beautiful webcomic. The concept of the goddess hoping for tribute in the modern world is what I found most interesting. Something about the plot overall seems unfocused and aimless to me, but the characters are excellent, so perhaps it will sharpen up as it goes. Looking forward to reading more.

>>133054021Beautiful work.>>133057473It was great banter man, entertaining and stupid, just like it oughta be. Just don't forget to show us a little of their good side, their doubts, fears, hopes, dreams... every once in a while.>>133059026Make the story shorter. Simplify the fuck out of your art style. Keep it black and white. Otherwise you will either give up, or work on the same project for 10 years with no end in sight.

>>133058600when half of every webcomic thread is your gay little comic

>>133059680Thanks. There's going to be a lot of post-service adventures for a lot of them and Don is gonna see something really bad in both Cacoethes and the MSR Houston incident, with two of the characters, one main, one side, having incomplete pieces of the puzzle.

>>133059595Fuck off Renata.

>>133058123the green knight


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>>133041550>Thread Question: What other medium have you considered for your characters? A show? A book? Why did you decide on a comic?I'd love TTWP becoming a pencil drawn animated story similar to Akira and Cowboy Bebop with Don being voiced by Insurgency Mikee(look up Insurgency security voicelines or Black Mesa's HECU).


>>133060265Sounds like it'll be a lot of fun, man, there's no greater joy as an artist than getting to work on your own creation.

>>133061076Is Renata in the thread with us right now?

Hmm. I haven't jumped in a thread for several months here, seems it is a bit more dead than expected. What happened to you lazy fucks? I hope the lack of posting means you're all working on your webcomics.

did my own take on Copper from Heliumadchen.

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>>133061677It's Nela's art, I just write the funny words and graphic actions.

>>133061783>pic also related

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meanwhile in Tower City>>133061715Ssssssslinky!

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>>133041550Tom N Artie Issue 5 is coming soon and here's the cover art. Color is also coming back to the comic this issue! tapas.io/series/TOM-N-ARTIE>What other mediums have you considered for your characters? Always intended a comic as I couldn't really picture anything else for them.

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>>133061922Always good to see Tom n Artie

>>133061279anon, i enjoy some of your strips, the calarts one was pretty funny, can you please post that stuff instead of same character sheets over and over?


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>>133062841yeah, make more of that for us, gotta use those characters for something eh?

>>133063098Sure. My newest project is actually a We Feast comic page, for practice.

Ded thred on a lazy Sunday. I will take dubs in exchange for some doodles. >>133059680>Beautiful work.Thank you!

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I’ve been thumbnailing today, but it just looks like scribbles to anyone besides myself, so here’s a Lord Helium (RIP) pic that I’m also working on.Have a nice rest of your Sunday!

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>>133063477Robin hugging another character of your choice.

>>133063477this but with any /hyw/ girls of your choice.

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>>133063477Robin with her nipples erect.

>>133063477Robin, stuck hanging around new age mall witches.

>>133063477Draw Fitz in a bunnygirl outfit.

>>133064344oh no

>>133063169Please, I beg of you, just post something new. A sketch, a WIP, or even a tiny cropped section of a panel would be good.



>>133061701God I hope not.

>>133064344>every lewd Robin request fails>bunnysuit Fitz winsFeels good to be gay.

>>133041550>What other medium have you considered for your characters?I'm considering making a renpy VN because fuck everything. Do people play non-porn VNs made by baka gaijin?

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>>133064492wait til your butthole falls out

>>133063477Draw muh girl Jessica singing.

any inspiration stories about real autists making it, either in comics or cartoons? I'm an autist, I feel like I used to be good at creativity, but after getting depressed for a bit I have no creativity whatsoever. I heard struggling with creativity was a symptom of ASD, so I'm feeling really fucking hopeless over the fact that my dead creative drive is just a result of that

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>>133064492fags ruin everything.

>>133064492Based gay user

>>133064492Based af

>that moment when the shit you throw at the wall actually sticks and you menage to do something you had no idea how>it takes you right into the mood for drawingfuck it feels good, name the moment /hyw/, mine was just understanding how to make a semi decent texture

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>>133065311>”oh cool, low angles aren’t as tough as I thought”Congrats on the texture breakthrough!

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Wonder if it’s better to sketch the entire comic before filling it in, rather than page by page

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>>133065515Y-You are alive!

>>133065515whoa buddy, whats this? you been holding out on us?

>>133065515>the return of SecretlyCanonI hope animation school served you well. >Wonder if it’s better to sketch the entire comic before filling it in, rather than page by pageSome professionals do that, I would think doing that saves time.

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>>133059595Thanks for reading.A lot of the threads in chapter 1 and 2 are intentionally obscure. The first arc is told over chapters 1-6, so I can see why you might consider it aimless upon an initial read. It does for an episodic feel but with story progression in the background.Also chapter 1 is the longest by far, every other chapter is half that length.

>>133061852looks great

>>133065862nobody is reading homo

Also taking doodles requests for dubs.

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>>133066244Asha and Fiadh but drawn in the style of KO and Enid.

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>>133066244this with HYW girls, you choose.

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>>133066244draw someone explaining Asha what a bra is

>>133066244your sisters feet

>>133066244Your sister

>>133065311>>133066244>mr blanky and ardi's requests in the same threadit was meant to be, draw fiadh in this uniform for some freezing kino crossover, the scurvy is optional

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>>133066699NO SATAN NO


>>133066244Azu getting disciplined

>>133066244Azu x Star Seal while Aideen watches.

>>133066766it's over wankfag go home

>>133066699No, but have this old pic of that one story I never got around drawing.>>133066725Mr Blanky was based as fuck so I actually want to draw this.

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>>133066841fuck you draw your sister bitch

>>133065487thanks breh, i was absolutely lost on how to make the texture for that kind of bumpy leather, but after fucking around with the airbrush for a bit i menaged to pull out something that looks better if i pulled out a texture and overlayed on it

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>>133066841That's not your sister

How exciting, a WIP!

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>>133064344Please no bully, he's a little shy.

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>>133067810I kneel Fitz-sama.>>133067387Damn you are going all out with these.

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>>133065813This image never stops being funny The weirdest thing is how this face isn't even indicative of the actual character.

>>133065664Yeah but I don’t want to post until my sketches are sorta decent

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>>133068373>Ah, for just one time>I would take the Northwest Passage>To find the hand of Fiadh>Reaching for the Beaufort Sea

>>133069758That song fucks me up having been off the Alaskan coastline in strong waves fishing and listening to it while taking in the sea breeze. >pic related, it is me, the author after a long day out at sea

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>>133041550>Thread questionEither a cartoon or a live-action, although I don't know which actors would look like my ocs, neither I have an idea of their voices irl.

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>>133067938I wanna push myself as far as everyone else here is! I think I’ve already run out of steam, though. This’ll be the One Elaborate Page of the chapter.

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>>133070229looks great

>>133070448Thank you! Here it is again with werdz.youtu.be/fAHSb5WwADU

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>>133067938>>133068373he’s so cute ToT

>>133045729Ay sis Lazarus looks like a snack. I hope the best for your comic.

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>>133058600All the popular people get bullied out of here eventually. Swords Guy gave me some good advice here once but he ignores me on twitter.

>>133065862It's a common webcomic mistake to have the first chapter be unfocused like that, we tend to find our footing along the way. It won't stop me from reading the rest, but it may ward off other new readers. Those first pages of a story can easily make it or break it. Speaking from experience here.

>>133070486Wtf your comic is looking beautiful. Anywhere to read it?

>>133072584It’s not unfocused though.I set it up that way deliberately as an introduction to the premise and characters.You know who the entire cast is, what their personalities are, why they are working with the main character, the central conflict, and what balances everyone out.On top of that, several plot threads that are later elaborated on are introduced in chapter 1. I think my biggest flaw was writing such a long chapter.

>>133073049It feels less like a story that's about anything and more like a collection of things you've seen in various weebshit and cartoons for children

>>133072549He has appearances to keep up.

>>133068373youtube.com/watch?v=y2yl2P6ti3Q>>133070152>watched the terror while in svalbardnot the same experience of being at sea... But i sure had the joys of having to be paranoid about polar bears

Attached: wings of lead poisoning.jpg (1000x1416, 142.31K)

artists are such shit writers

>>133074330I fucking loved The Terror, that said, I never even tried season 2 because everyone told me it was a waste of time.

>>133074330You know the funniest part is that The Terror definitely influenced my writing for the events of chapter 3. There will be a tuunbaq and everything.

Attached: 1662583028307262.jpg (1360x1488, 569.5K)

>Next chapter of Wings of Daera:youtube.com/watch?v=vBHSnrqOh6I

>>133075316Based, the terror went hand to hand with my love of artic exploration, the initial idea of my comic was something similar to your ice age before i couldnt get a decent plot besides “they fuck around with an half track and meet monsters” and cannibalized it for my cringe ww2 hell isekai plot. Cant wait to see asha and fiadh reenact the italia blimp disaster

>>133072611I’m glad you like what you see! The first chapter is up right now. -> >>133045875 Next update will be next week or perhaps the week after.

wow all of you are so talented! keep it up!

>>133075511Despite being an horrifying survival situation there is some kind of comfiness from it, I just love the snow, those kind of landscapes, the idea of being protected from the cold inside a small enviroment, high calorie survival food, literally nothing all around you, etc.>ww2 hell isekai plotUnsure which comic is yours, are you Don?Also one of my characters is pretty much just James Fitzjames and now I'm not gonna get away with it, damn it.

Attached: índice.jpg (268x155, 7.5K)

>>133041550Latest Starbord comic page. After exiting the superhell wormhole, they're completely lost.>thread questionI've always wanted to make Starbord into a show. I know that sounds like the ultimate autistic desire but it's true. That's sort of the reason why I'm planning to have an animated segment at least once per chapter, voiced by some friends and such who are following the comic.

Attached: page 2-8.png (940x1763, 396.11K)


>>133074458Absolute writer cope. Go learn to hold a pencil, drawlet

>>133057287is this real?

Here's the new Puffer and Clarissa page: pufferandclarissa.com/

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Who's ready to see Sigfread commit actual war crimes in Terriverse #1?

Attached: IMG_20220919_113935.png (2190x1158, 1.02M)

>>133073049It is unfocused. Your cast is very large and the pacing is extremely slow. While the dialogue is cute and entertaining it is not natural or punchy. The beginning is not particularly eye grabbing but it is undeniably cute. This is not a dig, dude, I genuinely enjoyed the comic, and I expect to see it improve as it goes.

>>133041550Hello anons. This is just a draft of a page from my prologue. I'm sorry if the narration isn't clear. They're more placeholder until I add in the final words.>What other medium have you considered for your characters? A show? A book? Why did you decide on a comic?I wouldn't mind a videogame except for the tremendous amount of work required for it. I chose a comic because I have a very specific vision for my story and characters. And I want to challenge my art skills along with my writing skills.

Attached: E-Fm9ofWYAAAKZk.jpg (1590x2048, 667.83K)

>>133057287Is this Betz?

>>133078143Possibly. There's a rumor going around that he self inserted into his comic literally.>>133079017I think so. I don't know where the original image came from.

>>133079035>There's a rumor going around that he self inserted into his comic literally.The guy I heard who made Terriful? I haven't read it but it surely can't be that bad. There's self-inserting and then there's putting aspects of yourself into your characters.

>>133079129Supposedly the issue comes out soon where Betz himself comes into the comic and reboots it. At least that's according to an user who read the script. It could be bullshit

>>133079035>rumorNo one but Shut Up Betz is invested enough in Terriful to gossip about it. If this isn’t an obvious viral marketing thing, I don’t know what is.

>>133041550>Thread Question: What other medium have you considered for your characters?I tried making animation and games, but I felt that I wasn't learning fast enough to be good enough to produce proper project, and at the time it felt more like a distraction.

Attached: 2022-09-11 rococo and betaman pencil.jpg (936x1200, 210.46K)

>>133079376Are you suggesting that Shut Up Betz user is Betz?

>>133079545I wouldnt have dragged this out this long if it was me.

>>133079570Assuming you're Betz, is it true you are self inserting photos of you in to your comic? Do you like gay sex?

>>133079722Yes, my boyfriend and I enjoy it very much and I'm proud of it.

>>133079722I didn't post the picture.

>>133079539This fat fuck ruins everything

>>133079768>>133079796Which of these anons is the real Betz?

>>133041550>Thread Question: What other medium have you considered for your characters? A show? A book? Why did you decide on a comic?I want to do everything with my world - game, movies, shows, all of it. I'm graduating in game design and working with a few friends on adjacent projects to gain the skills I need to make things real, but I've started with a webcomic because it stretches all the creative muscles if I do it right, and especially my art and speed which is what I want to work on the most, I'm working on being faster so I can actually get the story somewhere.

Attached: panel-22.gif (800x600, 211.19K)

Did a style test/character line up. I am unsure if I should just stick with flat colours and not want to kill my self or shade it and have it look good at the cost of my sanity >Thread question I have considered pitching it for a second but no one would in a million years take a chance on my garbage so I gotta do it myself

Attached: lineup 2 jpg.jpg (1738x700, 877.9K)

>>133080746I personally recommend flat colors and doing shading for closeups/dramatic moments where details actual matter, then those moments have more impact, you don't tear out your hair for the moments people are going to speed-read past anyways, and if you preserve your layers and keep things organized you can always go back and do shading on earlier panels if you have free time and change your mind.

>>133080746>I have considered pitching it for a second but no one would in a million years take a chance on my garbage so I gotta do it myselfThis how Original Content spawns. Quick! Someone offer this user MONEY, so he forgets his dream!

>>133080792Hmm very true. Flat to start then. >>133080848Ha yeah I also like having full creative control and the rights to my own work. I dont want some suit telling me what I can do. Im very happy with web comic development for my idea... though if I got a show offer I wouldn't turn it down if I kept all rights

>>133041550>Thread Question: What other medium have you considered for your characters? A show? A book? Why did you decide on a comic?Comics were the easiest choice for Heliumädchen. A cartoon miniseries would probably be doable, but then I’d have to hire Kristen Schaal and Rich Evans to voice the MCs and I just can’t afford them.

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>>133080968>spoilersKino choices


>>133080746I like owlhair and frens

>>133075703Very nice user, I'll check it out and get back to you.

>>133079892I see, interest. tell me more.

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>>133078582God fucking dammit that is gorgeous!

>>133082309>>133079539good ship

>>133082309>why is drills the bestBlonde. Rich. Clearly the smartest. What lacks in tit and ass makes up with confidence. Nympho but has class. Probably best-smelling of the bunch. Sugar-mommy.

>>133082183Aww thanks user! I also never realized that his hair horns look like the horned owl. Im never going to unsee it older art but its cute

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Drew a Carbon from Heliumadchen.

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Question: Frankenstein girl, neck bolts or no neck bolts?

>>133082875Everyone draws him so chadly. T_Tb>>133082956Neck bolts, natch.

>>133082956Metal choker/collar thing with bolts sticking out of it

Dubs decides what Daniel's t-shirt will say this chapter



>>133083999THOT PATROL

>>133083999FBI-federal boobie inspector



>>133083999Booty Blasters Ltd.


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>>133083999>>133084255FUCK I didn't even get to roll

>>133076330>Unsure which comic is yours, are you Don?nah, im the one with the cringe plane comicspeaking of which, except some minor imperfections that i gotta fix later the page is done fuck

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>>133084721link to your comic?

>>133076330>James FitzjamesMy nigga.Shame the second half of the show was perpetually crippled by the monster.

>>133084881>My nigga.That's racist.

Doodled Asha's mentor, Mersault the Hermit.>>133084721Alright, I'm very curious now, I wanna read it.Asking for link too if there is one.>>133084881Half agree in that a polar bear or two could have taken the same role and made the story feel more grounded, but on the other hand, Mr Blanky making the Tuunbaq his bitch to the end was incredible.

Attached: mersault.jpg (624x710, 77.26K)

>>133084255Probably the best outcome I could have asked for besides >>133084071>>133084972Everybody in the WoD universe just has their tits out

Attached: starfish.png (1800x1200, 583.04K)

>>133084796>>133084972i havent shared it outside this thread yet, but fuck, might as well start to considering im five pages in, hopefully when i switch to color after the prologue it wont make my life too hellish... Originally i wanted to make it black&white, but then i decided that i should try color because i like to inflict suffering on myselfIn the meantime i made a small imgur album with the pages i have done so far and a few early concepts and sketches, the pages still need some touch ups tho (like the planes not having markings and some changes i want to do in the dialogue)imgur.com/a/o22gBqP>>133084881Thankfully the manbearpig doesnt show up too much leaving the second half decently free to enjoy some cannibal bonanza, and at least propped up blanky to make him even more of a badass

Attached: 4987894hds.png (850x601, 1.09M)

Finished this page. More to come hopefully later.>>133041550>What other medium have you considered for your characters? A show? A book? Why did you decide on a comic?Not really anything. Maybe a show as I often picture my pages as an animation/movie to figure out the flow of the pages.>>133078266Damn that's nice. You gonna ink everything ?>>133066244Rau holding a dying Azu, Pieta style.

Attached: 2FINISHED.png (1506x2028, 3.76M)

>>133084881>filtered by a plantigrade

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>>133066244Taco Tuesday>>133084255>>133084446>>133085218Agree, it's for the best.

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>>133041550Here's a We Feast WIP, featuring Gelato, and some chocolate milk.

Attached: We Feast Practice Page.png (1275x1650, 1.83M)

>>133085646My dude those are some extraordinary gains, keep it up!

>>133085389She’s thicker than a jar of peanut butter.

Shut the fuck up Betz.

Booty Blasters Ltd.

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>>133085389>gay manlet comics be like

>>133085389I ink digitally

and finally Heliumadchen herself, Atta!

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>>133086875>HeliumadchenThis is the worst name anyone on /HYW/ has ever come up with, congratulations.

>>133085218Even Fiadh?

>>133086914How can you say that when Terriful exists?

>>133086955Who? Is that a newfriend comic?

>>133085646Seconding >>133086054You’re making strides. It’s good to see.

>>133086875Holy shit, Smacky is still in these threads?

>>133088718He’s been back for a while! Did you get to see his latest update?

>>133086678Cute dork

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>>133089083Pagan coochie

>>133084024>still no spongo>>133078266those shark themed robots and ships are adorable

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>>133041550>Thread Question: What other medium have you considered for your characters? A show? A book? Why did you decide on a comic? If I had the time I'd animate a few comics I made. Unfortunately I don't

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