The Heroic Honey-Bee

Somewhere in the infinite Multiverse, there exists a version of the Marvel Universe where, instead of a Peter Parker who was bitten by a radioactive spider, there exists a Petra Parker who was stung by a radioactive honey bee, becoming the heroine: The Heroic Honey-Bee!here's a rundown of the rules of this universe:>Only Peter Parker and his costumed friends and enemies (be them hero or villain) are changed, except for Dr. Connors, because it's funny>Non-costumed folks (i.e. JJJ, Aunt May and Uncle Ben, MJ, Gwen Stacy, Harry, etc.) are unchanged>The outside Marvel Universe (Avengers, F4, X-men, Daredevil and Hell's Kitchen group) are unchanged>Swaps are more than just gender, but also in concept (i.e. Instead of a proficient illusionist, we have an incompetent witch. Instead of a villain themed to an aquatic creature with multiple limbs, we have a villain themed to a land animal with multiple legs, etc.)Wiki: thread:

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>>133038855We are missing solo art for the following characters:>Maxima (formerly Ringleader)>Craven the Bug Catcher>Lurker>Sculpture>Flame Fatale>Undead Heart>Empress

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>>133038868And we are missing pages for the following characters:>Audrey Haven/Haven the Bug Catcher (formerly Craven the Bug Catcher)>Lurker>Sculpture>The Door>Bee Keeper(s)

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>>133038890If anyone wants to start filling in the wiki with other story arcs, the ones we have listed that are missing articles are:>The introductory arcs (i.e. how does Petra meet the rest of the cast?)>Quake's Malfunction>Centipede's Sinister Six>Dazzla's Depression>Toxic's True Heritage>Civil War and Clone Saga>Gwen's Corruption>Maximum Carnage>Superior Honey-Bee>Mutant Honey-Bee>Reverse Evolution>Earth 616 Crossover (i.e. Petra and Peter swap bodies)Of course, new ideas for story arcs are also appreciated!

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>>133038907And of course any ideas for just character interactions, such as "Dazzla and Toxic being roomies pre-Doom" or "Girl's night outs" or whatever are also appreciated!" Imaginary bonus points for using characters we rarely use, like Gadgetrix

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>>133038918I guess we should continue our discussion regarding Harry Osborn when he takes over for Purple Pixie. Did we ever come to an agreement whether he went full Ranma 1/2, fully female, or just became a femboy?

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>>133039010And that's the end of the art from last thread!

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>>133038938And while we're at it, we should also go back to debating whether we should split the Scorpion influences of Dragonfly with Hornet. We still have not come to a consensus on this

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New Kamen Rider pose, new Bronze Bear pic!

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>>133039062Just Bronze Bear

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>>133039075And just Tora

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>>133039044Here's a controversial opinion: if we split Dragonfly and Hornet, Hornet should be the Venom counterpart, not the Scorpion counterpart due to the similarities to Honey-Bee. Of course, that means redesigning Agent Dragonfly into Agent Hornet, but it would make more thematic sense with Tarantula Hawk than Dragonfly

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>>133038975BEES! indeed!

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>>133038868>Maxima (formerly Ringleader)>Sculpture>EmpressThere was the art where they are all together to the waist, we can take it as a basis. And I think the last time that Sculpture was just a living sculpture, no?>>133039062>>133039075>>133039089cute!

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>>133039596Yeah, we have group art, but for the wiki, I think it's better if we had standalone art of every character

>>133039877That's understandable>>133038918I recently thought that they would suit the title 'Double Trouble', you know, like a Marvel comic with the same name, small stories and interactions with other characters included

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>>133040096Who, Dazzla and Toxic? If so, I totally agree. Just Dazzla and Toxic interacting with other characters independent of Honey-Bee would just be fun to watch/read

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>>133040198What other antics can these two idiots get into?

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Harry is femboy

>>133040393I personally don't know, but takin ginspiration from >>133040198 , I'd say we could parody Konosuba with them.Honeybee is Kauma (for being the usually serious one)Dazzla is either Aqua or MeguminDoe could be a Megumin tooToxic is either... well she could be either of the three girls. She's cheeky like Aqua (and got things blowing up at her face because of it), her villain shtick kind of reminds me of Megumin chuuni personality and she is pretty lustful after the bee (in our own parody ways)

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>>133040393I think it would be fun if Dazzla somehow transported the two of them to Asgard, just for a fun Viking adventure

I’m not a drawfriend and I don’t know if this might eat up posts but I thought this might be worth giving a shot. Reply to this post with any suggestions for art you’d like to see for any of the characters. Any drawfriends here looking for ideas can refer to these for inspiration.

>>133040552Yeah that is true. And honestly pretty telling of the dynamic. You have one serious nerd and three absolute maniacs with only sometimes an older sister figure to help. Makes me wonder if HB has some of Maguire Peter Parker’s temper

>>133040711I wouldn’t mind seeing all of the frenemies and HB together in civilian outfits

>>133039062>>133039075>>133039089>>133039596All incredible artwork! Nice job user!

>>133040552>>133040742We don't even need Petra in this, just make it solely on the Frenemies with Petra popping in for the occasional cameo or passing mention. We even already have their basic archetypes to come up with scenarios>Dazzla, the clumsy magician>Toxic, the attention whore who steals the credit from everyone else>MJ/Tora, the prankster>Gwen/Gremory, the edgy goth>Liz, the normal one/Straight man>Maddie, the chill one>Doe, the naive, sheltered one>>133040711Maybe a group shot of all the Frenemies? Also, any one of >>133038868

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>>133040831That’s true, though MJ/Tora is technically two pranksters for the price of one, I still wonder if MJ ever exploits Gwen’s already weakened mind by letting Tora completely possess Gwen so that the two can physically hang out together

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>>133040901I think Tora possessing Gwen would cause way more confusion than it's worth, because that would be one more potential personality to keep track of. Best keep it to just Gwen and Gremory to keep it simple, I think

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So Flash Thompson is her love interest?

>>133041152No, that would be Johnny Storm, among others. Flash Thompson we turned into Flora Thompson, the head cheerleader who eventually becomes Agent Dragonfly

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>>133038918>GadgetrixThis time around, that art reminded me of Tomator from The Lost Vikings games for some reason.>>133039044I don't really know what to suggest here. Nothing comes to my mind besides the idea from previous thread: Hornet is the original Dragonfly post-symbiote.I think that's a fine balance between two options.>>133039062Awesome.>>133040711>>133040742>if HB has some of Maguire Peter Parker’s temperWell, let's give it a try. Bonesaw scene, but its Honey-Bee and Bronze Bear.>Petra is flying in the air.>Bronze Bear tries to reach her. Doesn't use his Axe-Gun as the latter because "it's cheating".>"What are you doing up there!?">"Staying away from you!.. That's a cute suit. Did your weeb-faggot gave it to you?">"...what?"I can't write dialogue and even staying true to source material doesn't help.

>>133040831A lot of scenarios can start with either>Dazzla's magic gone wrong>Tora pranks someone and it spirals out of control>Doe finds something dangerous and the Frenemies have to dispose of itOr any combination of the three, like>Tora decides to prank Dazzla while Dazzla's working on a spellor>Dazzla accidentally summons an eldritch monstrosity that Doe finds cuteor>Doe finds something that needs to be disposed of, but Tora sabotages every attempt because she loves the chaosNot many plots I can think of that have Liz and Maddie or Gwen at the center

>>133040711Honey-Bee tied up in a ribbon and carried by Toxic.

>>133040552This is just begging for an edit of Aqua being eaten by a giant frog, except instead of Aqua it's Dazzla, and instead of a giant frog it's >>133039596. Maybe Dazzla's spell backfired and turned Toxic into a giant frog? see more in you Than the rest of them doAnd I’m not gonna let you fall

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>>133041079That’s true, but regardless, I think MJ would like to physically talk to the fox

>>133038868>Flame FataleI'm thinking of taking a crack at this one. What should her outfit be? She's named after the "Femme Fatale" trope, I'm thinking she might be wearing either a tight dress or a red catsuit, but I can't decide

>>133042559Probably a red catsuit with some fire designs along it It’s Easier to fight in

>>133042527I mean, they can speak to each other through the necklace. I'd imagine whenever Tora speaks, the necklace flashes, and only MJ can hear her, and likewise when Tora's in control, MJ (if she's conscious) could speak to Tora through the necklace as well

>>133043187That’s true I guess, I just thought there’s be more substantial interaction I guess that happens when the fox leaves the jewelry

>>133042694How's this? I kept the design simple because I felt that adding the hotrod flame patterns made it look a bit too trashy for a femme fatale. Plus the blonde hair and red jump suit reminded me a bit of Ann Takamaki from Persona 5, so there's that vibe, too

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>>133044329And without the flame effect

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>>133043787There can be some substantial interactions between them. If you want them side by side, you could visualize it as the two talking in MJ's brain side by side, instead of just her talking to her necklace

>>133044329>>133044353Oooh! I really like this! Yeah this definitely fits her character >>133044456Suppose that works, and yeah she’s a spiritual being so it’s normally like that I wonder if she ever just runs around the rooftops because she needs to

>>133044573>I wonder if she ever just runs around the rooftops because she needs toI imagine MJ instinctively goes on the rooftops and jumps from building to building to avoid crowds, and doesn't realize it until Petra make fun of her for it, and then MJ realizes that a bit of muscle memory from Tora's nights out has bled into her life

>>133044655Might be annoying at first, by as MJ is a party girl who hates being held down I think she will eventually love the kitsune free spirit and instinctual powers

>>133044758Yeah, and soon the line between MJ and Tora blur to the point where some people can't tell who they're talking to. Petra and Gwen always seem to know who's who, though

>>133044935I like that. It s showing that both MJ’s relationship with the spirit and her friends has grown much stronger despite Tora’s evil beginnings

Be honest how do you think Marvel would actually unveil Honey-Bee if she was first hinted to in a Spiderverse event as Shathra’s first fully successful totem?

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>>133045269I think she'd just pop up out of nowhere. Hell, I'd imagine some dumb artist would accidentally put Honey-Bee on a cover like that one guy did with Spinnerette recently, because they had no idea Spinnerette wasn't a Marvel Character

>>133045331Lol yeah, imagine if that’s actually how HB becomes canon. Someone mixes her up with the 2099 bee and puts her on a cover, then the fans discover what we did here and campaign to have her as an actual alt spider

>>133045372>campaign to have her as an actual alt spidereither that, or learn that she's associated with 4chan, decry her as a racist/homophobic icon, and then she gets co-opted by Holla Forums and everything we did here gets sent to shit

>>133045478>everything we did here gets sent to shitLet's be real here, that would happen if mainstream fans found out about Honey-bee regardless of if they like it or call her a hate symbol

>>133045699I dunno. Something tells me they’d have a different use for her

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Any ideas for Haven/Craven's backstory? The only things we have so far are:>Dresses like an old timey Victorian explorer, complete with pith helmet>Wants to capture insect/bug themed heroes and villains and put them on a preserve to protect them from each other and from other heroes

>>133045478There are two paths out of 4chan The path of Wojack or the path of Pepe. Both have ups and downs

>>133046324I don’t think there is much to her, in this universe it’s the reverses lesser rogues who are interesting

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>>133046324Maybe we need expand her biography - Will she be with her family or single? How exactly does she catch villain\heroes? Will she have a feud with Maxima? (Because Maxima uses other bug-themed heroes/villains for her wrestling show) Is she trained? Does she use potions? Or is she more smart and not strong kinda gal thats makes all sorts of traps? Does she has a job or is she a descendant of a wealthy family? etc etc

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>>133046753I was thinking she'd be a bit of a joke villain compared to Kraven's actual physical threat, and she just has a comically large butterfly night with electrified netting in order to stun people and carry them back to her compound

>>133046884heh, well then she is already done. All she need is art

>>133046753I think her being more of a trapper would contrast nicely with Kraven's appearance. But yeah, I agree with >>133046884 in that she should also have a massive butterfly net

slow thread, eh?

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>>133047928It always starts off a bit slow. That being said, there are still a lot of things to discuss>Lurker/Bee-verse Prowler>Bee Keepers>Dragonfly-Hornet Split>Frenemy shenanigansThe real question is, does anyone here right now want to discuss any of those?

>>133047928It’s because I’m following the last thread’s advices and restrain myself from spamming Toxic and gay shipping

>>133048096You can still post it, you just have to limit yourself and remind yourself that Toxic's personality trait isn't just "Gay for Petra", but also "total attention whore"

>>133046324>>133046884>>133047233>>133047267Like this?

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>>133044329>>133044353I like it, especially the hair covering the eye, very in femme fatale style

>>133048319Oopoooooop cute >>133048096Do what you like, limits kill fun

>>133048319Ha, glasses are good for a comedic character! Not sure about clothes, maybe a little change? For example, instead of a full shirt, make a vest with a couple of potions? But clothes can always be changed, so it's okay.It seems to me that she is quite a beautiful woman, but the glasses, hat and tied hair hide this

>>133048416or pull on a jacket with potions inside, but again, it depends on the situation for her

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>>133048416>>133048500Well the original idea was that she was dressed as a Victorian era explorer. You could give her a vest or jacket or a long skirt, but I think the Victorian explorer look should still remain

>>133048217>>133048364Ok, well… to go with her attention whore personality, >>133040711 I’d like to see Toxic wearing picrel

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>>133048691You know, she might do it for a water park prank I just think Toxic is funnier being kind of a gadfly streamer but still being suggestive

>>133048612Yeah, I know. Just a vest / jacket can be vintage, anyway I don't think it's that important. So Audrey is done, thanks for artwork

>>133048722Or it’s her regular underwear, and she wears something more modest on special occasions

>>133048722>a gadfly streamerDo you think Toxic took part in the whole "prank-tubing" thing? You know, "It's just a prank, bro!" type of shenanigans?

I just added pages for Audrey Haven and The Door, so we're only missing>Lurker>Sculpture>Bee-KeepersI know we had three different ideas for Bee-Keepers, but did we come to a consensus on what to go with?

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Can Petra be convinced to dress up like this?

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>>133049399>I know we had three different ideas for Bee-Keepers, but did we come to a consensus on what to go with?Three? Can you reminder them?

>>133049921Well, the three pictures for the concepts were already posted:>>133049399>An army of Sentinel-like bots designed specifically to hunt Honey-Bee and her clones>>133049419>A Bio-mechanical suit based on one of the Spider Slayers (I think Alistair was the one named?)>>133049565>One of the aforementioned Sentinel bots that became sentient

>>133049975Do we have to choose? Why not do it in stages? First, there were bots. Then an experiment was carried out on Smythe (or she do it to herself consciously), and then the first bots become sentient. And we get a whole story arch with them

>>133049912maybe for Halloween, provided the suggestion comes from someone not named Jeanne Von Doom

>>133050112Toxic will have to get creative using proxies to do it

>>133050281And avoid involving Dr. Connors at any cost!

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>>133049912>Petra gets involved in the Axis event and becomes an edgelord>Looks just like VampBee

>>133050694Would axis turn her into a true evildoer? Or just a pathetic mischief maker?

>>133050739I think Axis would make her a true Queen Bee, right down to the high school clique personality. Like even her one clone who wants to be Emma Frost pales in comparison

>>133050774lol yeah. But she’s dangerous because she still has Petra’s intelligence Like a miniature Superior Iron Man

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>>133050917I imagine the moment Petra gets "Axis'd", she immediately calls in the clones and starts renovating NY into her new hive

Another pic idea if anyone is up for sexy Toxic … could even add a bee

>>133051001Yeah probably, just makes the frenemies into a hyper efficient evil team. Of course she feels really bad about it once the event is reversed

>>133051547>just makes the frenemies into a hyper efficient evil teamI think the Frenemies would actually be against Queen Petra, and lead the charge against toppling her regime. It would be cool to see everyone vs. the Petra clones

>>133051592Good point, but either way she’s gonna feel bad after the fact

>>133050739Completely twisting her persona?She'd be a super efficient vigilante with an iron will, who would be obsessed with running the city as "her hive" and using her pheromones on the drones to a degree that not even Iron Man's control managed to achieve during the civil war. Somewhere between Superior Spider-Man and Injustice Superman in terms of seeing herself as the only one who can keep the city safe. And just to keep with the lighthearted tone, she'd be almost comedically villainesque; with other characters glaring at her everytime she throws a grandiose speech.Almost like Bubbles when she became Mojo Jojo.

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She is more assertive and bossy because of her bee genes.

>>133039062>>133039075Incredible. Love our Kamen Rider boy

>>133047928This just makes me think of Petra and the clones trying to work together as a super-team early on after their liberation (The clones are the ones who want to serve their queen, and Petra is to nice to tell them they're being a nuisance and getting in the way of her fights)and like, Quake or someone, pinballs them against eachother as they whoop adorably as they ricochet off and slam into one another

>>133038855She doesn't get pregnant like a normal human, and she learns that during the embryo's development her body undergoes serious changes. physically she starts to look like an alien queen

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>>133049912Just get her to read trashy vampire romance novels, or turn her into one temporarily. Actually, in the Vampbee universe, how did Petra get turned to begin with? Does it involve Morbius and Blade? or just some random spell gone wrong by Dazzla? Plain bad luck with a certain Transylvanian count who then got ashed by a very angry frog?

>>133054159I think it’s like darkhold Blade but it happened a while ago so society just ran with it

I love that the idea of a bee woman writes itself, it's the perfect coming of age plot for women

>>133054280Yeah… singers are gross though

>>133054159>>133054256There's nothing established about it, except the Vampire universe is pretty much how Honey-Bee would come up looking if she was created by someone like Brian Pulido or Jim Balent in the late 90s, so full-on edge and fanservice-ish as possible. And despite being a vampire living in a vampire world, she's still a good person, except a little bit more violent. For all we care, she probably comes from an earth similar to Earth-666 where everyone is a monster/vampire/zombie/ghost/demon.

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>>133054411Would Critter be one of the only normal people there? As a reversal of her usual, racoon person state?

>>133054411What if Tora is an alt MJ and that’s the yokai world

>>133045269Shathra is connected to Loomworld and the web of life to a degree, if I remember correctly. She was locked in a prison until she recently got freed by Annie May Parker. The way I see it:>Shathra mentions she has been trying to create an antithesis to the spiders>Wasps don't work because of how unreliable they are, so she went with bees>Turns out she planned to do a big fuck you to the Great Weaver by causing an alternate Peter Parker (in this case, Petra) to be bit by a radioactive bee instead of a spider>And it backfired, because no matter how many times she tries to recreate it, all bees turn out to be good in nature even when they're vampires, zombies or monsters>Shathra decided to call it quits after a while and went with creating more spider-wasps, because her bees will never fight the spiders, and might in fact, turn against her >And don't mention Hornet, that's something she regrets to this day

Screw the frenemiesWhere them blood pumping fightsWhen Leopard Seal vs Maxima Rematch

>>133055378What about Flame Fatale fighting the Line


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Bully the doe

>>133055624Calm down, Leo. Go fight with Maxima or something

>>133055624Give her a wedgie in front of her crush!

>>133055624Bully the Bee, she can handle it.

>>133055913Handle it? Have you seen her self esteem?

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>>133054411Would Monster-verse Doe be a Wendigo?

>>133055910Bronze Bear?


>>133056398That ain’t nice. Though given his status as a toku hero he’d probably just challenge the bully to a fight for her honor

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>>133055624Bully the Doe

>>133056150I was thinking maybe a dryad, a nymph or a sprite. Some sort of woodland spirit with antlers, because the point is not making them fully monstrous, but more of "sexy" supernatural beings like VampBee.

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>>133055624>>133055913You choose the two targets whose friends would probably beat the shit out of you for bullying?

>>133055474How about Flame Fatale fighting Maddie, for the whole Fire vs Ice thing? Maybe Flame Fatale was hired to distract the Frenemies by Centipede so Centipede could face off against Honey-Bee alone?

>>133056625POV: You just bullied DoeBronze Bear: "Now, count up your sins!"

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>>133041211Q: Did this version of Flash lose her arms instead of her legs?

>>133058782Considering this setting is lighter and fluffier than 616, I'd say she doesn't really lose anything

>>133058847She loses her credit card and because part of the symbiote is attached to her, SHIELD gets her a job. Flora is totes for it since she’s thrilled to be working with Petra.>>133051103>>133048691Last inspiration pic for now. Had to crop this one since it came from a lewd.

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>>133059110>because part of the symbiote is attached to herThis is Flora we're talking about, right? Flora isn't the original Dragonfly host. I think it's more like Flora joins SHIELD to help out Petra and her friends, and SHIELD just so happens to reclaim the Dragonfly symbiote, so Flora volunteers to become Agent Dragonfly

>>133059526or that the part of the symbiote escapes the lab and attaches to Flora, who got upgraded from desk job to field agent

Dumb idea:>Petra is no longer allowed to eat hot dogs, bananas, popsicles, churros, or shish kebabs while in costume>All because someone (Toxic) commissioned artwork (from Dazzla) of Honey-Bee eating above objects suggestively and JJJ is concerned it would ruin Honey-Bee's image

>>133058595It would play out like the one piece battle of admirals and might make a little Yin Yang island off NY’s coast

>>133060480And Maddie wouldn't normally get so worked up about this stuff, but this time, she sees Flame Fatale threatening her sister, which really pisses her off. It's probably one of the only times we'd see Maddie actually explode for good reason instead of just Petra teasing her early in her career

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>>133049399Did we ever have anything for Lurker/F!Prowler? If anything, shouldn't Prowler be different in this universe?


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>>133062037Well, I think originally people just wanted Bee-verse Prowler to just be the same as regular Prowler but female and with a different color scheme, but I think that's kind of boring. I think we should think about what the opposite of "Prowling" would be, and see how to tie that into the design.Also, I know Prowler has a clawed glove, why don't we give Bee-verse Prowler a taloned boot? Or two if you don't like the asymmetry?

>>133060929Yeah and it’s really fun to see her just Fully let loose and summon and ice storm

Just spitballing some potential storylines to work on, seeing that we have all these characters that ultimately get ignored>Following the leaving of the clones, Maxima starts a supervillain wrestling league. It all goes well, until it starts boiling out into the streets and beefs start going public and viral, forcing Honey-Bee to step in>Guard Dog is protecting some important genetic sample that SHAPE wants, and has to team up with both Honey-Bee and Bronze Bear to protect it from Pteryx and her SHAPE goons>Redcap and Purple Pixie (Harry) vie for the title of Norma's legacy (maybe tie this in with Harry's feminization/identity crisis?)>Frenemies night out. Toxic, Dazzla, Doe, Tora, and Gremory go clubbing while Petra's out doing stuff with the Avengers or F4. Shenanigans ensue

Attached: Toxic Bronze Bear Doe 1.png (672x1500, 1.65M)

>>133063280>Gadgetrix buys Stark Tech off the black market, with the sole purpose of targeting Honey-Bee. Petra is forced to make peace with Iron Man following Civil War and the clone thing in order to shut down the Stark Tech. Maybe this is where we tie in the robotic Bee-Keepers?

Attached: Gadgetrix1.png (1754x1240, 567.22K)

>>133062642I like the idea of her potentially being a wall crawler in the absence of Spidey. Maybe using rockets to go from wall to wall

>>133063332So she just rocket jumps everywhere? I'm down for this. Would she have wrist and leg-mounted rocket launchers, then? Or would she carry an actual rocket launcher?

>>133063364I imagined to more like shoulder mounted rockets or leg ones. Sort of like in spiderverse

>>133063462So what would we call her? Rocket? Launcher? The rocket launchers would naturally eliminate any semblance of stealth

Damn Taylor looking cute in the OP image.

>>133063487Well, let’s not get too similar to rocket racer since he’s another spider foe but I was thinking of making, idk whatever is the opposite of Prowling

>>133063616Well, "Prowl" implies it's meant to be stealthy, sneaking around, so the opposite of Prowling would be something loud and over-the-top, or at the very least rush in head first

>>133063792The ah yes, someone who rushes! We shall call her the Russian

>>133063872On a serious note, how about "Blitzer"? She goes in, does her job, gets out as quickly as possible? She uses heavy armaments like rocket launchers and explosives, opposed to crawling on walls with a claw

>>133063947I like it, it implies a much more bombastic character

>>133063327Maybe something with Redeemer? How about her interactions with the Avengers and the Hell's Kitchen group?

Attached: Redeemer1.png (1200x1920, 465.5K)

>>133064290I guess she'd have a more striking color scheme other than purple and green? Any ideas that doesn't step on the toes on the other characters?

>>133064321I liked the idea of her trying to train younger heroes to be better >>133064335Not really sure, maybe try the color wheel and see the opposites

>>133064413>maybe try the color wheel and see the oppositesThe opposites of Purple and Green on the color wheel are yellow and red, which is Quake's color scheme, and honestly, most people would associate that with heroism instead of villainy.

Blitzer vs LeoNone of that frenemy tea party stuff

>>133063487>So what would we call her?Ranger. Not making Quake joke here. It's too easy.

Attached: RangerRun.gif (151x200, 56.43K)

>>133064596>Blitzer unloads her entire arsenal in one massive, well, blitz>Leopard Seal just face tanks everything and walks through the explosions like a badass

Attached: Leopard Seal2.jpg (1519x2048, 232.81K)

>>133064577>>133064643I still wanna see Quake v Quake legal battle

>>133065109Maybe that's why Blitzer gets renamed to Blitzer? She loses the legal battle? Who represents who, though? One Quake gets She-Hulk, the other Quake gets Daredevil?

>>133065457Yeah probably either that or Saul Goodman inexplicably now exists in the marvel universe

>>133065751So which "Quake" gets which lawyer? I guess the Daily Bugle sends Honey-Bee to report on the proceedings, for some reason?

>>133065828Or Petra herself just gets stuck on Jury duty

>>133065896I think the fact that she's a member of the media automatically disqualifies her from jury duty, since she can't guarantee a biased outcome? Also, this would technically be a civil suit, which doesn't require a jury

>>133066015Fair enough. Maybe it’s just a private thing that explodes out onto the streets later

Attached: 842AB766-155F-47FC-AA93-9FBE2BBF44FC.jpg (679x585, 61.25K)

>>133064577Maybe instead of trying to give her the opposite on the color wheel, maybe make Blitzer primarily green with purple accents instead of purple with green accents? Especially if she has a more obnoxious shade of lime green or light green instead of just regular green?>>133066206I could see She-hulk and DD try and restrain their respective clients before they explode out into the streets. Especially if Blitzer!Quake calls out regular Quake's "incident" with Honey-bee to rile her up

>>133066428Huh? Wait I was talking about Daisy Johnson. You know, marvel’s actual Quake…This just got funnier

>>133066509Well, then it's a three-way legal battle, that leads to one being renamed Blitzer, and Shocker!Quake getting renamed to something else

>>133066640That could be fun also Daredevil interactions

>>133066768We do need more interactions with the larger Marvel Universe, so I think this would be a fun way to bring them in outside of major events. Also, the fact that it's a legal battle gone out of hand does reel in Honey-Bee

>>133066817Yeah. Like I said before interactions are really easy as HB is a reporter. It’s literally her job to let people know what’s happening when weird stuff goes down

>>133063280Lets finish that with the idea of a royal rumble. A bunch of HB's enemies and other supervillains get into a wrestling ring, with the winner getting a literal mountain of cash. Crazy things happen, and by the time it ends, the only one still standing on the ring is Maddie, who simply curled into a ball in the corner and waited for everything to blow over.>Doe defeats a bunch of heavyhitters only to get down from the ring when she sees an ice cream salesman>Toxic flaunts herself and devises an overtly complicated strategy that involves teaming up with Dazzla (and then betraying her), only to lose her balance and fall when she tries to do a grandiose entrance

I liked how in one of the past threads, user suggested that Doe and Gadgetrix are friends, so I want to develop this idea a little. I think this is quite possible - both of them have quite rich families who could well know each other. I think that Gadgetrix is a little younger than Doe, although she acts more mature than her. It can be assumed that both were friends since childhood, when Alexis was sick, and Fionn brought her all sorts of video games. After Doe acquired her abilities, Fionn decided to use them to her advantage and tested / trained her robots with Doe, like if the bots can at least delay Doe, then they are quite suitable for big battles. Of course, she doesn't want to hurt Doe, but she can't resist the temptation to play with the big robots (and Alexis herself tried to understand her strength, she considered it a healed workout). After that, Doe falls under the influence of the Centipede, and a little later becomes a very close friend with Frenemies. And in this period of time, Fionn and Alexis do not communicate with each other very much. I think it's possible to add a childlike zealous note to their relationship, for a bit of drama - I'm not making Fionn the villain in this scenario, I'm just making her a more private person than Alexis. Fionn values Alexis in her own way, but seeing that everything is much better for her than for herself, she could envy this and be childishly offended.This still all work in progress, but I wanted to share with the idea. What do you think? And while there is an opportunity, I want to ask - it turns out that Doe is inferior in strength to Leo and Maxima, right?

Attached: 1445109844301.gif (500x446, 661.04K)

>>133067035You know what, I kind of like it. I think it has a bunch of potential fit both robot fights and basic schemes as well as the whole group getting kidnapped because Fionn isn’t sure how to invite them for gaming

>>133066975>Final two>Maxima and Leopard Seal rematch>Both knock each other out>Ice ball in the corner crack>Maddie steps out to claim the title and the prize

Attached: Leopard_Seal_Vs_Ringleader_start.jpg (1280x1024, 376.02K)

>>133067035It's a good start, and a good way to pull in interactions with another character!Also>it turns out that Doe is inferior in strength to Leo and Maxima, right?Doe is strong, but she's also still a teen, and is therefore still growing, so yes, she'd still be weaker than Leopard Seal and Maxima and Juggernaut, if we're being real

>>133063280>>133066975Which two fighters would most likely have their beef/"story line" spill out into the real world, and how much of the story is actually planned/manipulated by Maxima?

>>133067642They'd have to be two incredibly egotistical villains. I'd imagine it would be either Juggernaut and Maxima (Maybe Juggernaut doesn't like how he's being written out in favor of more "unique" wrestlers?) or something

>>133063280>>133063327Spitballing more ideas:>Empress and Cheshire's territory war escalates, and Honey-Bee and the Hell's Kitchen gang are caught in between>Doe gets caught up in it due to her naivety, only for Honey-Bee to bail her out and has Maddie and Liz keep an eye on her (Although Black Swan is also somewhat involved)>Toxic is trying to play both sides for attention>As is Tora, but moreso because Tora thinks the chaos is fun>Bronze Bear and the Wild Pack are called in to protect the people, though Cheshire threatens to leak Glass Lass's former involvement as a criminal to evaporate the people's trust in the Wild Pack

>>133067965Or Juggernaut just shows up, beats the shit out of everything then leaves

>>133068646I don't think that the last part is possible, because Bronze Bear already knows about her past. Because of it that she got there in the first place. But everything else sounds fun.

>>133068830Well Bronze Bear knows, but the public might now>"Are Wild Pack a bunch of grifting villains?">"What is Bronze Bear hiding if he's willing to hire a villain?"

>>133068867In that case it really works. Sorry I didn't understand right away.

>>133068895Never underestimate the stupidity of the Marvel Public! Of course, Petra and the Daily Bugle would have to go all in on Bronze Bear PR in order to protect her friends, but then they risk the public turning on them

Attached: Bronze_Bear_Drone_1.png (1920x1200, 412.13K)

>>133069054The public never turns on Bronze Bear because he’s equally stupid but his stupidity is louder and different. Like a penguin leading an army of lemmings

>>133058150Yeah I can see that

>>133069097I don't know if I'd call Bronze Bear "Stupid". Dorky and melodramatic, sure, but he's pretty keen when it comes to detecting evil and dedicated to protecting people

Attached: Bronze Bear Kuuga Pose.png (1200x1920, 471.98K)

>>133069157Good point. He’s hyper focused is what he is. And I think that total lack of doubt would make it easy for him to manipulate the public

Attached: A200637F-DCF3-4BAB-B8E9-4859BFD9A4F2.jpg (1094x867, 770.38K)

Going back to the Blitzer/F!Prowler idea for a bit - Is she the Hobie Brown counterpart or the Aaron Davis counterpart?>>133069328>manipulate the publicThat makes it sound like he's doing it on purpose. I don't think Bronze Bear particularly cares about how the public feels about him, just that they're safe from evildoers. He's earnest and upfront, but I wouldn't say he's manipulative, or even cognizant of the fact that he may be emotionally manipulating people

Attached: Mantis_Bronze_Bear.png (767x1302, 1.53M)

>>133069604Yeah that’s kinda what I meant. BB doesn’t try to manipulate the world. He just charges blindly forward and people make justice sentinels in misguided attempts to help

>>133069963>misguided attempts to helpMisguided? Yeah, I could see that

Attached: Honey-Bee_Bronze_Bear1.png (1200x1920, 925.45K)

>>133069604>Going back to the Blitzer/F!Prowler idea for a bit - Is she the Hobie Brown counterpart or the Aaron Davis counterpart?I guess this would depend on if we're adapting Miles Morales into this AU. What's the consensus on Miles Morales, or any of the other Spider-folk? We already have Drone, and I think we had an idea for Jessica Drew (Moth, I think?)

Attached: Drone1.png (1158x1392, 375.39K)

>>133070540On one hand, I think we already have a lot of characters who get brainstormed, and then never used. On the other, that's just the nature of western comics, and we may as well go and adapt all the other spider-folk, just to say we have their counterparts in this AU

Attached: Radia2.png (1177x1276, 826.17K)

>>133069604A combo of Aaron and Hobie. There were mentions of her in the earliest threads.>F!Prowler is a well-known vigilante by the time Petra becomes Honey-Bee, so naturally she idolizes her to a degree>However, Petra discovers F!Prowler isn't entirely altruistic, since Petra catches her stealing some loot from a crime scene>Petra thinks the worst, and attacks>F!Prowler completely demolishes her in a fight, and it forces Petra to use her stingers and jab F!Prowler out of desperation>Paralyzed, F!Prowler tells Petra about why she steals stuff, because she's actually using it to fund her niece's education (first mention of F!Miles/Miley)>Petra, being a bleeding heart and an absolute naive person, decides to let F!Prowler go and eventually does some snooping on her own to confirm the storyI see this happening very early during Petra's career, and probably might even be her first encounter with "morally grey" characters.

>>133071221I like how we are more slice. Of. Like

I love glass lass

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>>133073140We all do. Now draw her being mistaken for doe's mother at the ice cream shop

>>133073709Interesting premise

Does anyone have the drawing of Josie picking up Doe?

>>133073737Here it is

Attached: 7887F8A7-40D0-4ACE-8451-BE5A68264118.jpg (1890x2472, 2.17M)

>>133073737>>133073891I think Josie is Pillowface, not Leo

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>>133073906Oh right wires crossed

>>133073906CuteWhen will drawfag make another comfy art involving the goldmane sisters

Mephisto being bullied by Buzzy!

>>133074261Bully the doe instead

>>133074261Buzzy is for dying

Attached: 639E1607-84F3-47FE-9E8E-B7F4AA054FE7.png (1013x813, 316.93K)

>>133074452I wonder how the other clones feel about buzzy constantly dying.

>>133074622If they even know about it. They are studing in Xavier School, and Buzzy was made in Latveria. Although even if she dies, she resurrects pretty quickly, so for sure many people in the castle think that she was just out on business. Thought it would be funny if she brought up topic about death in a conversation with someone, who doesn't expect it.

Attached: 49f.png (1077x1576, 1.32M)

>>133074622Terrified and later sympathetic

>>133073965Has drawfag made another new art?

>>133075543That particular drawfriend hasn't posted in this thread yet. It's strange, usually two or three drawfriends pop up by now, but so far it's only the one

What would be the clones first successful superheroing outing?

>>133075896I guess it would depend if you count their Civil War appearance to be their first "super hero outing", since they believed they were superheroing

Attached: Honey-Bee_Clone.jpg (1180x1180, 132.79K)

>>133075896>>133076099I guess the clones' first outing post-civil war would have to be with the X-men, considering they're living in the mansion, although individual clones like Bumble-bee, Lilith, and even Hanii-Bii would have already "debuted" as individual heroes by then?

Attached: Bumble-bee2.png (1200x1920, 454.02K)

Attached: HaniiBii1.png (742x1350, 502.19K)

>>133076292Maybe Xavier has the clones go on minor missions, since they're not Mutants the same way the X-men are? And their big chance to shine is when Petra and the Frenemies are on the back foot against someone like Cheshire or Centipede or something, and the clones come in to turn the tides?

>>133076922I think they just help out around the mansion as friends Possibly during the island era too

>>133076922I don't know why, but this makes me think Xavier tries to dress them, initially , in standard xmen attire, and when JJJ and Mary Jane catch wind of it, that's when they get their proper costumes/outfitsSince if great value brand Honeybees are going to be running around, JJJ wants them to at least look good and totally not because he feels sorry for them running around in hand me down tights, and Mary Jane is dying at the chance to test out costumes that wouldn't fit Petra herself due to personality or body type.

>>133077288Yeah, I think it's better for a majority of the clones to just help out in the background and train while the more insistent ones go on missions>>133077302I mean, it's also in JJJ's interest to keep the Honey-Bee brand from getting genericized, so obviously he and MJ are going to keep them "standardized" in order to protect the trademark

>>133077302>Mary Jane is dying at the chance to test out costumes that wouldn't fit Petra herself due to personality or body typeI'm not going to lie, I do want to see some more crazy "out-there" designs from MJ, kind of like what Tony does with his Iron Man suits, and the clones would be perfect for this! Especially if we go through with the idea that the later clones have some deviation that give them more specialized abilities (That Maxima intended for her wrestling league)

Attached: Honey-Bee8.jpg (1004x1345, 162.65K)

>>133077679Yeah me too. It would be fun seeing her finally stretching some of her unused creative muscles. I also wonder if she’d occasionally seek out battles for inspiration

>>133077679>>133077935That'd be fun. Like having a new villain being weirded out by the chick asking them to pose so she can see how they made their cape/ mantle and with what material.

>>133077935She'd probably sit on the sidelines, or behind some kind of monitor to keep an eye on what areas need more reinforcement, and what kind of trouble she needs to design around, and occasionally take input from Petra (in terms of use cases) and HR (in terms of marketability) I could also see her getting lectured by Petra, Pym, and Reed on space-age fabrics in order to help design practical yet fashionable outfits, or even working with Wasp once she comes around on Petra

Attached: Toxic HB Clones 1.png (1052x1500, 2.91M)

>>133078182>New villain shows up on the scene>After Honey-bee defeats her, the new villainess gets "harrassed" by MJ, who's running around, looking at every inch of the outfit for new ideas>The cops had to literally drag MJ away because she's messing with the criminal>And more than once MJ got mad at Honey-Bee for "messing with the fabric" by coating it with honey

>>133078526I like the idea of MJ acting as both a designer and an actress later like in 616. I feel like people in universe would probably view her as a slightly eccentric actress later on

>>133078590Not sure how that acting gig's going to last considering the whole "Tora" thing we have going on. I think her becoming a full time fashion designer is more on track for her in the Bee-verse. It's a steady paycheck, designing and repairing suits for Honey-Bee and her clones, and it gets her fame and fortune, and it's freeing enough for her to vanish and let Tora do her thing

>>133078942That is true, though I could see her going in multiple directions for fun Might do the band thing too

>>133078526Whose this villain?

>>133079383Could be any of the new ones. One of the Mantises, maybe?

Attached: Mantis1.png (1797x2989, 2.96M)

>>133079443I could see MJ and Cleo hitting it off when it comes to designing superhero suits

Attached: Mantis4.png (1480x1156, 892.07K)

>>133079921Definitely, especially cause she designed her own suit too

>>133080440We should do more with the Mantises. Cleo has a fashion buddy in MJ, and based on the wiki, Sari has a bit of hero worship of both Honey-Bee and Bronze Bear? Maybe she'd join the Wild Pack with Doe and Glass Lass? Not sure what to do with the other Mantises, though

Attached: Mantis5.png (1094x1138, 724.17K)

>>133080578May as well post the other ones for reference.This one's Clover Jenkins

Attached: Mantis2.png (1082x1220, 653.41K)

>>133080971And this one's Skyler

Attached: Mantis3.png (1302x1188, 753.14K)

>>133079443I'd be cool with that

>>133080986I like Sky

>>133080578>>133080971>>133080986dude, those are really good!

>>133081186I like her design, too. In fact, I just noticed her whipsword is also her belt>>133081213I'm not the original artist, these Mantis designs were from an earlier thread that I pulled from the wiki

>>133075848Has the drawfags abandoned us?Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

>>133081397Well, we do have the one drawfag who gave us Flame Fatale and Haven. Give it some time, some drawfags work faster than others

>>133064643Seriously though, just make her ex-pro Quake player with her suit resembling either Ranger or Enforcer. That's when rocket jumping was truly born in video games, so that's how she gets inspiration from. Maybe we can go even further with it, but carrying around a rocket with some kind of special boots just to pull off this video game trick may be too ridiculous. Even for this universe....or you run with some bits from past threads >>133071695: a noble vigilante that leaves behind total destruction because of her movement. Maybe Bee-Prowler (or whatever her name is) starts doing crimes to get a new PC just so they can play more Quake. Only for her to accidentally destroy her new setup after ragequiting a Quakeworld or Arena server. And there she goes again.>>133067035There's some potential to it.>>133069604>Is she the Hobie Brown counterpart or the Aaron Davis counterpart?Hobie. He's the original Prowler, after all.>>133070540Less is more. I don't think there's any need in more Bee-folks* here. There're clones already. Its best to focus on fleshing out existing characters or coming up with something new while sticking strictly to comic 616 for key reference (for better or worse) as that seems to be the main focus for Honey-Bee's development.>>133078942Well, Tora is her acting gig in some way.>>133081397He's probably busy IRL. I didn't post in his thread as much as in previous month. Although I'm a newfag, so that doesn't really matter.

Attached: monster_quake_enforcer.png (640x640, 19.71K)

>>133081804I guess we can go the Quake design route with Ranger or Enforcer, but I think Blitzer is a unique enough of a name, considering we already have a naming crisis with Quake and Marvel's pre-existing Quake. So what would the female form of Hobie?

>>133082413Oh, I wasn't suggesting "Quake" as a name. Blitzer is fine. You can even go an extra mile and be like "It's actually BL1TZ3R" because that was the style at the time.>So what would the female form of Hobie?No idea. Again, this sudden idea of Quake addict is slowly starting to grow on me. Just a videogame nerd with addiction that is willing to go an extra mile to satisfy her desires.I'll probably go to bed now though, so hopefully thread keeps living on for some time.

>>133082814I'll try and keep it alive, and hopefully someone else could jump in to the discussion on Blitzer's design and name. How about Hope Brown? it's an actual name, and people could call her "Hoppy" because she "hops" around via rocket jumping?

>>133082859>How about Hope Brown? it's an actual name, and people could call her "Hoppy" because she "hops" around via rocket jumping?>HoppyI'm not sure if that was intentional, but that's kind of case some folks here need more explanation, just watch pretty much any Quake

>>133081804>a noble vigilante that leaves behind total destruction because of her movement. Maybe Bee-Prowler (or whatever her name is) starts doing crimes to get a new PC just so they can play more Quake. Only for her to accidentally destroy her new setup after ragequiting a Quakeworld or Arena server. And there she goes again.Well maybe she stays a villain in this universe instead of becoming an ally like Hobie Brown? Maybe she gets an adrenaline kick by rocket jumping irl that she can no longer replicate in game, so she starts committing crimes to get her adrenaline hit?

Any AU mafia characters here?

>>133083158>Well maybe she stays a villain in this universe instead of becoming an ally like Hobie Brown?Uh-h-h... How about neither?>Maybe she gets an adrenaline kick by rocket jumping irl that she can no longer replicate in game, so she starts committing crimes to get her adrenaline hit?I would say that she won't even be all that interested in commiting crimes besides updating/restoring her PC. Sometimes she might just try literally speedrun Queens or Hell's Kitchen for the sake of it. Although that is also a crime due to all destruction.

>>133083251We have>Empress (Kingpin)>Goldmanes (Silvermanes)>Cheshire (White Rabbit)>Leopard Seal (Walrus)as various mafiosos, with Empress and Cheshire leading opposing gangs>>133083268>I would say that she won't even be all that interested in commiting crimes besides updating/restoring her PCHere's the thing, Peter talks Hobie out of committing crimes for money, and I could see Petra do the same for Hope/Blitzer. We need some kind of reason for Hope to continue rocket jumping across the neighborhood, whether it's disregarding Petra's advice, or because she's an adrenaline junkie. I'd normally say let's make Blitzer an ally like Hobie!Prowler, but with the Frenemies, I think we have enough characters to balance on that front>Sometimes she might just try literally speedrun Queens or Hell's Kitchen for the sake of it.This would make sense if we made Blitzer an adrenaline junkie. She doesn't get monetary value from it, so why would she try to do this if she's only concerned with upgrading her PC?

Attached: Goldmane_1.jpg (2048x2732, 1.34M)

>>133083398>Leopard Seal (Walrus)I thought she was just a force for hire

>>133083415It's not really clear, but considering Walrus and White Rabbit work together due to their Alice in Wonderland theming, I'd imagine Cheshire has Leopard Seal on his payroll as an enforcer

>>133083398Adrenaline junkie that disregardes Petra's advice, which could've been trying out new games instead of being addicted to just one title or multiple games within the same franchise.In case she's not just an original Quake nerd, we take an inspiration for her suit from another Quake games. Third game (Arena) has a few options for female>She doesn't get monetary value from it, so why would she try to do this if she's only concerned with upgrading her PC?>Blitzer records a new speedrun & uploades it online.>New comment.>"this run sucks lol you can't even cross the street in 5 minutes">"I CAN CROSS ENTIRE QUEENS IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!111!11!!!!">She is upset. >Blitzer decides to proof her claim in the comments.>Jumps away from Wild Pack and gets home.>Hope didn't notice that she wrecked her PC on the way out.The more it goes on, the more she comes off as a joke character. Another joke character, don't forget Door.It's almost 1AM for me, so I'm heading off for now.

>>133078590I kinda agree with >>133078942In addition, in 616 she even thought of becoming a fashion designer, but chose acting. So it would be interesting if we had the opposite - a designer instead of an actress. She could still take on some small roles, for advertising or something, but not very big one. But certainly not a Broadway show or a play for the theater.

>>133083627So is that a yes on Adrenaline junkie Blitzer? Also, I can't help but feel like "Doing something to prove someone on the internet wrong" is kind of stepping on Toxic's toes

>>133084139I guess I'll put that stuff on the wiki for now, and we can remove it later if we back track on it?

>>133083627Now I need to see a team-up between Doe and Blitzer against Video-Girl using all sorts of videogame cliches. Speaking of, we need to come up with a design for Video-Girl/F!Video-Man or an actual name; considering she's a psychotic AI using an anime girl as her avatar instead of an Atari monster from the 80s.

Attached: O9cDVYG__400x400.jpg (400x400, 37.51K)

>>133084728I'm sure there are a bunch of basic cyberpunk anime girls or even vtuber character designs we can finagle for G4m3rgrl or whatever we're calling her. Maybe she challenges Doe and Blitzer to an arena deathmatch?

>>133084728>>133084781Well Video Man was supposed to be themed to 80's arcade games, right? So Game Girl (or G4m3Grl?) would have to be themed to a FOTM vidya waifu, right? Like a character from Overwatch or Apex or Valorant or something? Or maybe her base design (i.e. hair color/style, eye color, BWH measurement, skin tone) stays the same, but her outfit changes by genre and setting? So she'd wear a racing suit for a racing game, military gear for a COD clone, etc.?

>>133084781Her original appearance has her hijacking the World of Warcraft expy that exists in the Marvel Universe (the one Ms. Marvel plays), and defeating everyone, until Doe shows up and destroys her. I definitely see her popping up here and there, and challenging Doe and Blitzer to the arena deathmatch that takes place in a Doom/Wolfenstein/Halo parody.

>>133085146I think it would be funnier if (whatever we're calling her) hijack's Toxic's stream, and challenges Toxic to defeat her, and Toxic goes through all her friends and only Doe, the one girl she doesn't call, is the one who beats her.

>>133084728>>133085124Just spitballing what I see in my mind when I think about this:>she'd have kind of pale-ish skin, with like blue circuit trace patterns across her body? >Maybe electric blue or neon pink hair?>Tends towards skintight suits that accentuates her boobs and butt?

>>133085485Maybe she also has those gaudy cat-ear headsets with the RGB lighting?

>>133085146>>133085193I liked the idea of a video game gauntlet that Toxic and the Frenemies has to compete against G4M3grl (or whatever) against, and Toxic only relents on letting Doe join, only for all the other girls gets eliminated and Doe just barrels through all the challenges like nothing

>>133085485>Rogue AI>Builds herself an avatar/body by taking inspiration from the internet>Kinda like DALL-E or Stable Diffusion, G4m3Grl builds her image from different character parts to become THE ultimate waifu>i.e., Cortana's blue glow, wears a catsuit like Samus Aran, her face looks like if you ran Hatsune Miku and D.Va through faceapp fusion, has a batshit crazy personality like Jinx, goes from kawaii uguu to tsundere crazy in a second, etc>This doesn't go unnoticed>Dazzla refers to her as "Ms. Deviantart", "Sonichu" or "Donut Steel"

>>133085863Who else can we throw into this smorgasbord? >Lara Croft's or Tifa's or Mai Shiranui's tits>Chun Li's thighs>2B's ass?She probably has a modulated voice like Miku

>>133085929Her original shape is a skinny anime chick like Miku. And each new iteration of the character is different, but recognizable as a videogame character pastiche (i.e., resembles both Mai and Chun-Li in a fighting game, is a sexy witch or amazon in a fantasy game, resembles Lara Croft and Quiet in action games, etc). The important bit, is that she looks super cute and playful at first... then becomes something straight out of a videogame creepypasta when she tries to kill someone.

Attached: BonVon.png (487x412, 240.92K)

>>133086036So like >>133085124?>maybe her base design (i.e. hair color/style, eye color, BWH measurement, skin tone) stays the same, but her outfit changes by genre and setting? So she'd wear a racing suit for a racing game, military gear for a COD clone, etc.?We'd still have to decide on what her base design is

>>133085796>>133086036>Video game gauntlet arc>All the other Frenemies are eliminated, forced to watch from the sidelines as Doe crushes challenge after challenge>Final game in the gauntlet: A survival horror game (Think FNAF) where G4m3Grl is the monster>Doe naturally struggles since she can't handle horror very well>Turns out her tactic of "run and break everything in her path when she's scared" works well, since G4m3grl didn't plan on that, and it allows her to win the game and free the Frenemies

>>133086056I'm thinking of a basic anime girl with a fullbody suit. Echoes the Eva girls, Zero-Two, Samus Aran, D.Va and Cortana. And also adding the whole circuit pattern in the suit as in >>133085485 idea.

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>>133086357I mean, "Anime waifu in a skin tight suit" has so much variation. Any way we can narrow it down for the prospective drawfags out there? Also, I guess we're sticking with G4M3Grl as her name?

>>133039140I actually support this as well. A bee's closer to a a mellow hornet than a dragonfly.

>>133087014Yeah, the more we worked on the symbiotes, with Tarantula Hawk and Meganeura and everything, the less Dragonfly made sense to me as the Venom counterpart. It made sense when we created it, when we decided to mash Venom and Scorpion together - dragonflies have that long tail that scorpions have, granted, without the stinger, and can fly, but once we started making more characters, the less Dragonfly fit as the Venom counterpart. I could still see Dragonfly as the Scorpion counterpart, but the Venom counterpart needs to be closer to Honey-Bee and Tarantula Hawk.

Attached: Tarantula Hawk1.png (1200x1403, 417.57K)

>>133086754What was G4M3Grl's motivation again? I know we had her as a rogue AI, but I feel like "Rogue AI wants to destroy humanity" is a bit overdone

>>133087014>>133087238There's a bunch of hornet species, tho. Macgargan's counterpart has the name and looks only, Edith Brock has the actual hornet bits and sees HB as prey. Either that, or she's a chimeric creature like Fallout's scorpionflies and takes aspects from hornets, dragonflies and other predatory insects alike. Maybe a robberfly.

Attached: difference-between-wasps-bees-hornets-yellow-jackets.jpg (600x388, 88.17K)

>>133087752>Macgargan's counterpart has the name and looks only, Edith Brock has the actual hornet bits and sees HB as preyThere was never a separate Macgargan counterpart and Eddie Brock counterpart in the Bee-verse, they were always the same character, which is the problem we're trying to solve. Dragonfly as a theme no longer fits with the other symbiotes, since dragonflies aren't in the same grouping of insects as hornets

Attached: Dragonfly1.png (1320x1020, 235.85K)

>>133087752I think the differences thing actually is another point for it. Like you say, there's a bunch of different hornet species, and there's also a load of various symbiotes thanks to their reproductive cycle. The symbiotes are all named after various toxins and negative events/emotions - Venom, Toxin, Carnage, Scorn, Riot, Ramage, Agony, Scream, Mania, etc. - so it may make sense that Bee's symbiote would be Hornet and the various symbiote spawns would be named after various Vespoidea or Aculeata; the other thing may be a bit rougher tho cause imagine a fucking symbiote named Allergy.

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>>133087928Hornet was proposed as a MacGargan counterpart, which is why we're debating if she and Dragonfly should be different characters or not. Just saying the difference could be MacGargan being Hornet in name only, and Eddie's counterpart being THE actual Hornet. But as you say, Venom's counterpart makes more sense being a Hornet than a Dragonfly.

>>133087958Honestly, if we do split them, the Macgargan counterpart could just take the Dragonfly identity, and Edith Brock takes Hornet. It would mean we'd have to redraw Dragonfly to be less monstrous, but I think that would be better for the overall consistency

>>133087997OR have her be an assassin fly. Which actually prey on bees.

Attached: Fan-bristled_robber_fly_(Dysmachus_trigonus)_with_bee_prey_Babadag.jpg (800x800, 151.96K)

>>133088034Who's "her" in this context? The Macgargan counterpart or the Brock counterpart?

>>133088063Macgargan. Brock's counterpart definitely has to be a hornet, to keep in line with Carnage's being, well, a tarantula hawk.

It’s kinda lonely without our drawfriends posting new arts here


>>133088358Sad but true. I am also piecing out as well, for tonight at least, so have this final bump from me in case anything interesting comes up.

>>133088811Honestly I think these threads are slowing down but not out of a lack of interest. We’re just all very tired and busy. And today was actually a pretty bad day for me

>>133088358Well, I'm one of the drawfanons, but honestly, I just don't have time to draw, although I had ideas really don’t know if they are needed now, since they have a summer theme. So I kinda in discussion\writing mode. I know another drawanon has the same problem, he talked about it in the last thread.I think October will be better, it's spooky month!

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>>133084139>So is that a yes on Adrenaline junkie Blitzer?Yup. I mean, why not? Just a junkie nerd who wants to play her favorite games and sometimes feels the need to repeat her favorite tricks IRL.>is kind of stepping on Toxic's toesFair. That was just an example of how they might've decided to do what she does without destroying her computer prior to that.>>133084728>Now I need to see a team-up between Doe and Blitzer against Video-Girl using all sorts of videogame cliches.That could be wholesome. Although Blitzer might be slightly rude to Doe, which is worse than doing crime.>>133084781Perhaps she challenged only Doe, but Blitzer came in anyone and starts to talk about how this arena sucks because of anime-esque design or whatever.>>133085146>World of Warcraft expy that exists in the Marvel Universe>Actually looked that up.Oh... It's "World of Battlecraft". I was worried for a second.>in a Doom/Wolfenstein/Halo parody.Considering how fans of older FPS can view newer ones, Blitzer might just be offended by her using Halo or Call of Duty copies as a reference to "The First-Person Shooter".

So, here's a proposal for Gremory.

Attached: Gremory.png (2954x1500, 955.39K)

>>133089813I really like the pink one but red is also good I’m torn

>>133089886>Red was going to be the one, but that's just because out of association with Redcap and Jill>Green, because i wanted to reference the Green Goblin>And pink, because I like Spider-Gwen's pink

>>133089813Aww great job! And the colors are good! I personally prefer the red or green. The green version will look good with the Purple Pixie and will be different from the Pixie's color scheme.

>>133089909>Green, because i wanted to reference the Green Goblinsame here, it's nice touch

>>133089913>>133089922Ok, so it’s red or green, but which works better for an evil Gwen?

>>133090085I say green. Both as a reference to the Green Goblin and because she'll look great when she's standing next to Norma. Let's keep red for Jill and Redcap.

>>133090097Alright green it is. And honestly it’s a pretty good look since it also matches Gwen’s jacket

>>133088086Yeah, plus hornets prey on bees