The Ride's Not Over Yet

Genndy has revealed that he's planning a season 3 of Primal. He says that it's what he's going to make after Unicorn: Warriors Eternal.He wants it to be an anthrology and not about Spear's daughter, but if we bully him enough he said he'll make

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>>133038199Why does this photo exist

> he's going to make after Unicorn: Warriors Eternal.Won't be too long then since the show looks like early cancellation material

>>133038199>>133038225>Genndy is going to start ANOTHER long-term projectWtf? But Holla Forums told me Primal was his magnum opus...

>>133038199>an anthrologyGod damn furries ruin everything.

>>133038238Genndy is able to do whatever he wants now. He's just getting started.

>>133038274It's an Anthology about Anthropology, not Anthropomorphic Animals.

>>133038199The interviewer in this article is an absolute moron.

>>133038199>Storyboarding the birth of the eggs was some of the most fun I've had. I know some people were shocked by it, "I don't know if we need to see that." You do need to see it! Holy fuck Genndy

>>133038274Antrhopo= humanAnthropomorphic = human formlearn your vocabulary

>>133038445Anthropomorphic doesn't necessarily mean human form. An animal (or a plant or any other object) with human-level intelligence or emotions are anthropomorphic. The ape-men from episode 5 are anthropomorphic even though they look just like normal apes.

>>133038199Great. Season 2 of SBT when?

>>133038199He is a fat, smelly, balding retard. Is it working? Is a new season being made yet?

>>133038199Actually would prefer this in all honesty. What kind of scenarios would you guys like to see ?> Poorfag slavs barely fighting of Teutonic Knights.> Zulu tournament to determine whose the next chieftain > MAC V SOG guys going long range recce missions . > a Giant Jewish Golem fighting a platoon of Nazi Commandos.> John Hughes / George Romero homage about teenagers from cliques fighting hordes of zombies to escape their infected town .

>>133038392He'd be such a based man if he knew how to write an ending.

>>133038199>anthrologyIs it about ants?

>>133039598A Golem vs Nazi episode would be fucking awesome. It's such an obvious scenario but no one's been able to pull of a good adaptation of that legend.

>>133038392>graphic close-up of Fang's cloaca squeezing out eggs>no graphic close-up of Mira's dilated cervix squeezing out Spiracoward

>>133039580Your insecurities are showing.

>>133039958The joke went over your head. Maybe because of your own insecurities.

>He wants it to be an anthrology and not about Spear's daughter, but if we bully him enough he said he'll make it.But will HE want to greenlight it?

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Leave that storyline where it is, the story of the last caveman ended perfectly with how his lineage live on in man.

>>133038218we were just goofin around don't worry about it


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>>133039598>John Hughes / George Romero homage about teenagers from cliques fighting hordes of zombies to escape their infected town .Oh you just KNOW that's going to be cash.

>And then starting development on season 3. I have an idea that I'm really excited about, one idea that's rising to the top. After doing five seasons of Samurai Jack, two seasons of Primal, all the Clone Wars that we did, I've done so much battles and action. If I was going to do it again, what would I do? How can I make it interesting to me and the audience, so it's not just a repeat of what I've done? That's why I was so excited about Primal. I haven't done caveman style fighting. He's got no skills, it's just rawness. To choreograph fights like that was really fun. Pushing it into a season 3 of Primal, if it gets there, what's different? What can I do that I haven't done?Hmm, seems to imply some more surgical or measured violence as opposed to Spear's messiness. What would that be?

>>133040134pro wrestling

>>133040294Oh man, would actually be sick and very suited to his storyboarding/direction/design sensibilities.

>>133040294How would that work as a pulp story?

>>133039734There was a DC comic that adapted it. I don't know which one, I only know it was posted on Holla Forums and someone called it cringe

>>13304013430 minutes of a guy trying to take a shit, until he goes primal all over his toilet

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>>133041019Not that user but there's a history of pulp noir/crime boxing films, could do the same for wrasslin'

>>133041019Idk maybe instead of just being mundane wrestlers they have magical powers. Maybe they have magic lucha masks that grant them the power of ancestors or some shit.


I hate him so much it’s unreal

>>133038238It might very well be at this rate.

>>133038392Absolute madman.

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>>133038392Is he a scalie or some shit?

>>133038199I don't care about the daughter. I want an episode of Dexter teleporting Spear and Fang and causing havoc out of confusion or because of Deedee's fault.


>>133040134A bunch of high school cheerleaders scheme and connive against each other to become top alpha bitch. Replace the physical violence with psychological violence.

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>>133038199>He says that it's what he's going to make after Unicorn: Warriors Eternal.We won't have to wait too long then because that shit's getting canned after 1 season.

>>133041398I doubt it. I think he's into breeding and/or pregnancy in general, and that's the reason why he wanted to do the egg-laying scene and the ending.

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>>133041694It's been memed for years now that he has a pregnancy fetish

>>133041631We've always been told it was a miniseries. It's not supposed to be an ongoing show.

>>133041712Honestly as far as fetishes go its pretty based, at least it's incentivizing you to do what you're designed to do. Not many fetishes keep your eye on the ball like that.

>>133041057And he opened his mouth and there were little things flying everywhere to land in his mouth. Even though it's not stray poo, i don't want him to do so.

>>133039598Frenchmen fighting the African kingdoms to end slavery, like the Dahomey

>>133041019FOR THE LOVE OF GODPut "Pulp Luchador" on Google, you will have a great surprise.

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>>133038199I wanted Spear and fang to have more adventures and kill more dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.

>>133039598Wouldn't this basically be cutting into Love, Death + Robot's lane?

>high detail cloaca close-up egg laying scene>sex with dying burn victims

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>>133038199Primal….anthology style the possibilities >Settlers on the Oregon trail get lost and have to team with native Americans to fend of a pack of Sasquatch >WW1 trench warfare story >German U-Boat Vs Sea Serpent

>>133038199>Maybe if there's a giant outcry, we'll continue the story with his daughter and Mira and the dinosaurs> Daughter and MiraJust get spear go to hell and meet red. There... there you have, my ass is yours Genndy. And show how reds cloaca dilateswhen he shits.

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>>133042049>Just get spear go to hell and meet red.And they find and free the chieftain, so the season has three uneasy allies gradually learning to let their grudges go in the interest of fucking up Surtr and getting back to earth.

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>>133038274You need to be at least 18 to post here

>>133038274Furry ass artist here. My shithole country forced me to do it for a living. Doing pretty good bucks and got my family out of poverty by just drawing hulk-like anthro dragons cumflating whatever is in their path. kek

>>133042127fucking based

>>133042127Fucking cringe

>>133042222No shame in doing what it takes to live well. You're cringe user.

>>133042270Doesn't matter, still drew furshit. Keep coping and crying.

>>133039598I want to see someone from the culture that would eventually develop iron metallurgy in West Africa fighting off warlords some 2000-4000 years ago, or maybe a badass version of Harriet Tubman or John Henry. Hell, toss in some ancient Chinese barbarians vs. Han stuff, or proto-IE people migrating and clashing with Anatolian farmers in Europe.

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>>133039734I think that would basically kamu again, giant implacable humanoid just mowing down humans half his size. Unless they go a wolfenstein route and its jewish golem vs nazi cyborg

>>133038392Holy BASED Genndy

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>>133042049>Just get spear go to hellAs if he wouldn't be in heaven?

>>133041879Yes..... problem?

>>133042816Demon viking killing him allowed Surtr to claim Spear's soul, Spear is now unga bunga'ing demons in hopes of getting back, back to the living. Done.

>>133039598Reposting my ideas from a previous thread>English archaeologists awaken a mummy's curse in a labyrinthine tomb in the 1920's, and need to get the fuck out>A samurai is trying to deliver a letter for his lord but is being tracked by a rival ninja. The duo are then assaulted by evil yokai>A small group of crusaders defend their castle against the siege of a seemingly endless Saracen army>A lone Roman Centurion is lost and hunted by barbarians somewhere in ancient Briton>A barbarian is captured by Romans and forced to fight in a gladiatorial arena>Viking tribe's raid is interrupted by a giant sea serpent while they're stuck out at sea on their longboat>A private investigator looks into a missing child's case in rural 20's New England, only to discover some Lovecraft shit, very horror-themed>Ep10 is about Fang teaching her juvenile children how to hunt, getting into violent shenanigans before returning home to Mira and a toddler Speara

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>>133038218It was his pre-recorded acceptance video for the Annie awards recently. What a goofy dude.

>>133042870>Spear manages to unga bunga his way out of Hell>The grace of the Moon God gives him one night on Earth before he goes to the afterlife >Reconnects with Mira, meets Spira>Tearful reunion with Fang and the Fanglets>Ascends with his old family in the morning sunIt would be fucking kino

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>>133044079add that he has to do this with fangs dead mate

>>133044194>Spear walks away into the morning sun with his old family, peaceful music reaching a crescendo>Red walks away with a half-formed fetus floating in the air>[PRIMAL THEME INTENSIFIES]

>Spear and Fanged were pushed to kill all these innocent peopleUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH

>>133044244I think genndy means in the sense that they would normally be noncombatants and probably would have let spear and fang go if they new what was happening since it would mean they and their kids/elderly would live. But they arent "Innocent" in the sense that they do profit off of slavery

>>133044079>>133044194>they free the chieftain and his son in the rampage>fight alongside each other, learning to let their grudges go>the vikings finally forgives Spear>as Spear and Red leave with the moon god, the chief and his son are taken to Valhalla to be with their own family

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>>133038199But I don't want it to be about spears daughter, an antology cartoon is a great ideaAnime sometimes does that, paranoia agent has an episode that's obviously a rejected script from something else and it's the best episodes in the series

>>133044286Nah see I think the son did go to valhalla already, but the chieftan sold his soul for a moment of satisfaction. I dont think he should be able to get out of that.

>>133044296I agree Id prefer it not be about spear's kid, mostly because I just like it leaving on a note of "his legacy lives on and his family is safe and happy". What I do want it a season with a new cast of characters rather than a series of one offs, or maybe a mix of the two. Like a 7 episode story set and 3 one offs

>>133044282>But they arent "Innocent" in the sense that they do profit off of slaveryThis is more of a modern mindset. Slavery was practiced by many ancient cultures, albeit it was typically reserved for outsiders and conquered peoples.

>>133039598A monk who doesn't know anything about fighting sent on a holy mission escorted by soldiers who die in the first episodeThat would be my dream sequel to primal

>>133044305I'd be fine with him still forgiving Spear over time and helping him leave. I don't buy into all the hate for him and if we did get this wild scenario I would like to see him redeem himself somewhat.

>>133044337I think both could workI don't want to lose atch a cartoon of Darwins adventures studying flowers but I sure did love the one off episode

>>133044346I honestly never understood this "it was normal so it was okay". And this isnt to deride you. Just because something is a common practice doesnt mean its right, I mean we see them branding mira, killing her friends and when you translate what she says they were doing it soley for profit. These vikings were able to build towns, tame bears, etc. They could have found a method of life that wasn't parasitic and predatory but they chose to do so because they were strong enough to get away with it until spear and fang showed they were a big fish in a small pond.>>133044354See I think the problem is that some anons think he can be redeemed because he had empathy for his family, but from what we see thats the extent of it. I dont think he would be capable of caring about others outside of his culture since his entire lifestyle revolved around othering them and killing/slaving for profit

>>133039768this, what a disappointment. I thought for sure that after the fangussy, he/[as] would be based enough to do show animated female nudity on american TV

>>133044436>I honestly never understood this "it was normal so it was okay"The morals, laws, and cultural norms of a society are determined by the times they live in. Vikings (and Greeks, Romans, Persians, Egyptians, Bablonians, Arabs, Mayans, Africans, and so on) enslaved people because it helped them survive, manage larger farms, and build a strong kingdom. We only see it as savage because we have the advanced infrastructure where it's unnecessary, and a very different set of ethics that extends to people outside our state. But 500 years from now, your current beliefs may well be condemned as savage and evil by whatever culture replaces ours, and you'd do well to remember that.

>>133044645Thats no excuse, Im well aware of that. In the show itself we see people living without needing to do the things the vikings did. We see no evidence of them being forced into this scenario other than they are good at it,In fact a lot of people thought the vikings were going to be under the thumb of the seagypt queen forcing this confrontation but that was never the case

>>133044674Anon, it's free labor to work your farm's fields. You're only thinking this way because you've never been truly hungry in your life.>Oh I'd NEVER kill people>I'd NEVER enslave an innocent foreignerYou'd be thinking different if it was to feed your son. A bad winter in the Nordic region can be brutal, culling swathes of your village. If the soil is bad, you can't fill your granary without larger fields. If the winter kills too many deer, you can't hunt. This is why vikings went raiding.

>>133044781Anon mira literally says that they were being kidnapped to be sold for profit in season one, we dont see any evidence that these vikings need to do this to surivive. I understand moral relativism but that isnt whats shown here. Literally just compare to Kamu, hes forced into slave warefare to keep his daughter alive, he desperatley tries to convince the queen to not have him kill the villagers with no warriors or riches. He is then forced into it by the queen to keep his daughter alive.Spear understands this and its why he tries to let Kamu out. Its a matter of survival, nothing established by what the vikings do shows it needed to be done to survive, and with as powerful as they are they could easily roll up on any of the lands they have been raiding, wipe out the people there and resettle as a means of survival.

>>133042270Ignore him, mongoloid will die from starvation in front of a pc screen, not even worth quoting133042309

>>133044907>and with as powerful as they are they could easily roll up on any of the lands they have been raiding, wipe out the people there and resettle as a means of survival.>Implying genociding and settling a new area is better than taking a few slaves to trade>Not knowing that the Vikings actually did conquer (not genocide) and settle in England, plus multiple other regions all around Europe


>>133045010I really dont understand your point. You stress that they are justified because they need to survive, but once they are taking surplus for profit it is no longer necessary to survival. if they are taking slaves because the land is too harsh and they have the capability to move elsewhere it makes more sense to move to a safer more stable area then engage in cyclical raiding behavior. And if you note that they are capable of doing this without genocide, then yes the moral thing is to do so.Either if they are taking slaves to survive, which I dont believe they are. The slaves in turn are 100% justified in trying to kill whoever in that village stands in their way to freedom because slavery is endangering their chances at survival. Spear was happy to leave in the night without killing a single person until the hunting party stopped that. Hell his very first encounter with these viking was them trying to kill/capture him from the cave he was sleeping in.

>>133039768Yeah but remember Spear is literally a burnt sausage under her so I don't think seeing all the blood and ripping of skin from her movements would be great to see or animate for a mans dying hero moment

>>133042127Eastern Ukraine?

>>133038274it's ok user, your joke made me laugh

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>>133040134Gun fights. Most of Genndy's work has been armed and one-on-one combat. There are some scenes with guns in his work for sure, but it's never been the main focus. Star Wars is about Jedis with lightsabers, Samurai Jack has his katana and Spear had his....well, spear, and his own fists. I imagine something like John Wick but in his style.For it to fit Primal though, it would have to be something like aliens to allow the theme to continue. Guns are kinda advanced tools for a bumbling no language protagonist in humanity, but aliens can bypass that.


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>>133045997Clone Wars had some notable moments with the Clone Troopers tearing ass.

>>133043876Any vids of that?

>>133042075Spear is relaxing and rejoicing in the Sunny Fields with his family

>>133042127Have you drawn vore yet?

>>133046219Fordo and the Muunilinst 10 were pretty awesome.

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>>133045360chile :x

>>133046523>:xKill yourself.

>>133046004That pad still smells like balls to this day.

>>133042127Argentina HA HA well I know

>>133044194Eh. Red was good to Fang but he was a habitual maneater as far as we know. Maybe he'd get interred in Hell with some kind of legendary beast status, but getting a full protagonist upgrade would be a bit of a stretch as I see it.

>>133044079Would it be cooler for Fang or Mira to be the first one Spear finds during his night back? Either way, imagine if he took the time to bone Mira again now that he was not physically disabled and give her twins via Moon Magic Bullshit>>133044436I agree and I think this is supported by how despotic/slaving behavior is depicted in stuff like Conan ("it may be common in 'civilization,' but it's more barbarous than being a barbarian), but you have to consider that in their blood rage Spear and Fang probably killed most if not all of the babies and little kids in the village through collateral damage, if not directly in cases like Rikka's younger kid trying to pitch in the defense of their people.

Primal Season 3 but it's about the Viking Chieftain fighting in Hell

>>133042127Feels weird reading this when an guy I commission kinky stories from has told me basically the same story-one I’ve personally been responsible for, apparently. It’s just the price tag of an uptown restaurant every other week/month, can it really make such a difference to someone’s financial situation?

>>133048377Yeah, it does, I worked as a data scientist/web developer for... 1k usd (which decreases due to the inflation of my country). with filthy ass furries i make 3+ times than and in usd, so im not affected by my shitty country's bad decisions. It was a road that i never expected to take.

>>133041919Sauce on tago?

>>133044296The one with Moe Larry and Cunny?

>>133050102second-to-last episode of BFB

>>133041879Yes but more action / history focused.

>>133039598>The first battle between neanderthals and humans>A wounded frontiersmen has to make his way to a settlement before he dies from his injuries, all while being hunted by an Indian tribe>A colonial white hunter is sent into the African jungle thinking he's been sent to hunt down a lion, only to realize it's a t-rex>Supernatural things begin happening to a group of Cossacks as they make they're way across the Northern Ural mountains>Roman Auxilia soldiers find themselves lost in Scotland and must fend off the last stone age king's army of man-ape savages

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So primal theory was just testing the waters for an anthology? Also I don't want a series to follow Speara but ONE (1) episode would be nice. Maybe two if it's a good episode.

>>133038274Scary how many autists here didnt get the joke...

>Tfw i got baited again into getting into another franchise just for it to get handed down to a young female succesor, after the cool dude everyone likes dies/retiresTHEY CAN'T GETTING AWAY WITH IT

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>>133052015Yeah not gonna lie thats partly why I'm so disappointed.

>>133038199>that whole interviewI'm speechless. Thank god someone had the balls to ask him about the cloaca scene.

>>133039734an 80s horror movie by Michael Mann called The Keep tried to do this, but it dropped the ball before anything hype could happen


>>133038199So, Spear is really dead? I was kinda hoping he might make a semi-full recovery, where he's still heavily scarred, but awakening his beast bloodline or whatever the fuck it was, like how his father looks really animalistic, would've helped him heal from what would normally be lethal burns. Cuz he's honestly survived many other attacks or injuries that should have been more damaging than they were.

>>133039598Aliens land in no man's land during WWI similar to War of the Worlds but it turns super brutal since both the British and Germans are armed to the teeth.Nazi "Werwolf" program involves actually turning soldiers into werewolves.Man is abducted by aliens but escapes containment and becomes the monster on the ship killing the crew.

>>133053266>Nazi "Werwolf" program involves actually turning soldiers into werewolves.I would watch the shit out of this. I love werewolves.

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>>133053188I was also hoping Spear Jr was his son, not his daughter, as his mother would be Mira, a taller, slender-er race, leading to a taller, slender-er, child, and Mira's people all wear robes/skirts, male and female alikeAlso, female VA's are commonly used to voice young boys, meaning that the fact a woman voiced a character doesn't necessarily mean it's a female character.

>>133053404Yeah, confirmed daughter unfortunately.

>>133038199>The Ride's Not Over Yetwdym?

>>133041601The cheerleaders were literally fucking her though. That's physical.

>>133038225It does!

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>>133056362Season 2 episode 10 was not the series finale.

>>133040010it wouldn't be up to him, it would be up to whoever's in charge of programming for Adult Swim

Pretty CHAD answers.>Yes I acknowledge I got flamed over the ending to Samurai Jack, don't care, told the ending I wanted.>I know I will get flamed for this ending, don't care, told the ending I wanted.>I'm going to continue to do what I want to do, and you can deal with it.

Switching to an episodic structure is probably not the smartest in this day and age. I like episodic stories, but they are very much not in vogue.

>>133038199Can anyone photoship his face to the bjork guy?

>>133041816>Pulp Luchador>Things I didn't now needed to be a movie.

>>133038274for your health.

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>>133048503Hats off to you user. Makes me wonder if some historian will note how furries helped raise people out of poverty. >>133048377USD in 3rd world countries goes hella long way. And with how much some artist charge or sheer volume of work, it isn't a surprise They can pull comfy lives.

>>133038199that pic of Genndy never fails to make me laugh


For all the problems of the finale, seeing Spear turning into a fire monke and beating the Viking down while burning alive was fucking metal.

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Does anyone have an hd rip of Spear's mural, yet?

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>>133060573All he did was push him off a cliff, getting killed in the process and accidentally granting the Viking the revenge he was seeking.

>>133060801And it was fucking awesome.

>>133053404>>133053423>>133052326>>133052015She's voiced by Gennedy's own daughter. Its a cute reference to his own kid, get your culture war shit out of here.

>>133061026No fuck you

>>133042049I don't want shitty red, I want Fang, I want Spear and Fang adventures.I don't want shitty daughter, Mira and that trash.I want classic season 1 adventures.

>>133061851Too late for that. Its over.

>>133060836For the short period where I thought Spear was going to kill him, yes, you are right.But the end result was fucking awful.

>>133061851Then rewatch season 1Or wait for season 3 which is going to be episodic again.

>>133061851Me too user... me too...

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>>133039734But golem always end up turning against it's creator...

>>133063397Holocaust 2.0 by Golems when?


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>>133038392I for one support his decision. Not even a scaly, it's just an important part of basic reproductive biology and also grimy enough to suit Primal well.

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>>133042049would be fucking awesome if it's spear in hell and it ends with him escaping, thus coming back to life. still trying to figure how to make famg a part of this cause without her the story is empty

>>133038199weren't there screen shots of a giant robot in the fog that spear and fang were supposed to fight? the fuck happened to that

>>133064589Red would sub for Fang, and would be much harder to build trust with. They'd have to have a different dynamic and that's what would make season 3 fresh.

>>133038199To be honest, i'm glad they are not focusing on spear's daughter.

I just want to see if Spear's bloodline continues and see the lucky bastard that will breed this. Making it about the daughter would be cool just to see that.

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>>133064727I'm good, I'd rather have an anthology instead of "we have spear and fang at home"

>>133064727I think leaving the Spear and Fang saga here chronologically is open-ended enough to invite further thought without ruining anything. Someone a while ago suggested a "flashback" where Fang is teaching her adolescent kids how to hunt on the night of Speara's birth, and I think that's about as far forward in this timeline that we should see more progression.

>>133064660i was thinking more like fang does something from the side of the living

>>133064727obviously, samurai jack is her far descendant

Wer speer?

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>>133045109Lol. The entire village winds up in Viking hell and people want to argue that their slavery was justified. Like the leader is literally about to get taken to Valhalla for dying in battle and gets dragged to hell instead and watches his entire clan get dumped into a flaming abyss including his own son. Sure there's some sympathy for the Scorpion clan but the show makes it very clear they're objectively in the wrong. All the slave traders in the show are bad guys. They even go as far as to show us another Celtic clan who aren't slave traders to reinforce this.

>>133038199I was not expecting her to fuck him at the end

>>133042870>Demon viking killing him allowed Surtr to claim Spear's soul,Why do you want this man in hell so bad. He's earned his rest.

>>133065851Because I want to see him fuck up hell.

>>133039598A band of German landsknechts celebrating a recent victory in a sleepy hamlet are set upon by the Wild Hunt.

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>>133039598>a pilot crash landing on a lost world over the pacific and having to go PRIMAL to survive the monsters and isolation

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>>133065851Same reason people want to see Doomguy in hell. He'll rip and tear until it is done.

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What do you think of the common consensus, Holla Forums?

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>>133066571People like to pretend they like Genndy a lot more than they actually do. Same shit that happened with Sim Bionic Titan. Everyone hyped the shit up so much in order to prove that they love animation and not just for-kids stuff, but no one stayed to watch.

>>133066571Plague of Madness and Primal Theory should be higher, but all of these scores are so close to each other that it doesn't even matter

>>133066571>3 of the 5 top-rated and 3 of the 5 bottom-rated Primal episodes are from Season 2I can believe it. Kind of crazy to me how much flag Dawn of Man got, guess people didn't like how quiet of an episode it was.

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>>133066634spear's goofy excitement over fang's pregnancy was the best non-action scene in the season

Primal theory should have bot existed so we could get a two part finale.

>>133038238Anon we've known about it for about a year...

>>133066571A Cold Death should be top 3, what the fuck.

>>133048377Just twenty bucks can have you live like a king for a few days in most parts of the world. It does make it a bit more clear why so many are hateful and envious of us.

>>133066950I'd say the bigger issue was the boat arc didn't need to be 3 episodes

>>133067022I don't know man, I kind of liked savage Mike Tyson.

>>133066571>literally just declining interest>no episode is rated higher than an episode that aired previously

>>133066571swap based Primal theory with Coven of Damned, swap Slave of the Scorpion with The Night Feeder, and put Plague of madness in the very tip top. Everything else is fine.

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>>133044286You watch too many Gisnep movies and Tranny Universe with faggot fairy endings for children. There's absolutely no reason for this guy to forgive Spear and Fang.

>>133067072The fuck is gisnep?

>>133067052Wut gigga nigga arc Finale was rated higher than other gigga nigga arc. Red mist BTFO previous episode

>>133067082>gibs me spoonfeeding!Is it embarrassing for you to out yourself as a newfag?

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>>133067082It's just fucking google it holy shit

>>133066571red mist is the best episode.

>>133066987It's weird seeing it that low in the listings, but it's still a lot closer to the mean than the >133066634Maybe the effect of coming right after another low-violence episode in Shadow of Fate? I thought it was an artful episode but it did contribute to Season 2's pacing being so confused. >>133067022I've been thinking about this quite a bit, and I think an optimal solution would have been either to cut out Colossaeus pt. II almost completely or abridge enough content so that the end of III had the protagonists making landfall on Mira's home continent. It wouldn't buy an entire extra episode but it would give several crucial minutes.

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>>133067105I'm not obligated to decipher your autism, user.

>>133067112Rage of the Ape-Men is better.

>133067052too disgustingly obvious of bait for a (You)>>133067112Red Mist deserves its place but I am really surprised to see Plague of Madness in the bottom half instead of in the top 5

>>133067052based retard

>>133039598The Elric Saga or just say fuck it and do Conan.

>>133039598Dreamtime kinoA WWD/Prehistoric Planet episode, focused entirely on the lives of prehistoric non-humansAn episode focusing on two pre-Neanderthal hominin species interacting, maybe the troglodytes and some paranthropinesSomething to do with the Mongol conquests

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>>133052884Studio meddling fucked that up. I think there aren't any tapes left from the cut scenes either, which is unbelievably fucked.

>>133038199>just wanted basic prehistoric kino with a caveman and T-Rex fighting Dinosaurs and Supernatural monsters>immediately becomes another woke Netflix fantasy drama that needed a three part episode on “slavery bad” with an rushed ending on par with GOTs shitshow of a finale.This was the final nail in the coffin Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. It’s gonna nothing but more soulless shit like TTG and it’s ripoffs for the next fuckin decade!

I wish I could find a high quality screencap of that scene in S1E5 with the mouse cursor in the lake, I showed it to my brother on HBO max and it turns out there are at least FIVE mouse cursors in the water. I get one slipping by but how did FIVE make it in?

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>>133067521They had 5 people on the computer to get the work done faster, like in NCIS

>>133039598>Genndy Tartakovsky presents: The Golden Crusade

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>>133041019There's a comic that came out recently called The Crimson Cage, an adaptation of Macbeth with 1980s wrestlers. It would be like that.

>>13304837790% of my country lives on less than 500 USD per month and half of the country lives on less than 300 USD each month, so yes, earning even 100 USD doing simple commissions can make a big difference in poor/third world countries

>>133067521The second I read this I saw a mouse cursor on screen for a brief moment in the Spamton Sweepstakes live broadcast

>>133038199At least he's staying conscious of always wanting to tread new storytelling territory

Does anyone have a mega link for the latest ep? All my usual sites haven't uploaded it yet.

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>>133069543Check threads in the archive

>>133038199>I think if I killed Fang, I would be huntedyeah, Fang dying would have fucked me up. And I'm still here being pretty sad about Spear's death. If you watched the first season of Primal then either character dying was going to feel bad. But Fang would have been extra bad because you just don't kill the heroic dinosaur. You just don't.

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>>133038199>>133070274>become so defensive for the cool dinosaur that you scare the showrunner into keeping her alive/fanggang/ ... we won

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>>133070313Primal (true ending)

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>>133070410She’ll grow to be a beast

>>133070450yeah, a true Barbarian queen

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>>133067885Eldar fucking is what got people in that situation to begin with.

>>133067052Anon, that list is ordered by score, not chronologically.

>>133070427>>133070435>>133070463All soul

>>133070463Any suitor will have to come at her like a Dark Souls Boss.

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>>133070474Gendy would be absolutely fantastic at some Warhammer shorts if James Workshop commissioned him for Warhammer+. Though I'm not sure if Gendy knows of the franchise at all.

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>>133071353I would guess he has passing knowledge of it, no idea if it has any depth beyond knowing the existence of stuff like space marines though.

It's disappointing how few Primal fanfics there are. Maybe I should get on remedying that

>>133072091best advice I can give is to not make it about the main 3 and just have it set in the primal setting

>>133066571>Fine withMost of the list actually>Pleased withRed Mist in spot #1Rage of the Ape Men in the top quarter of episodesSpear & Fang being in the top half>Confused byColossaeus Part 2 being so highSlave of the Scorpion so highVidarr smack in the middle and not higher>Upset atA Cold Death so low on the list>DumbfoundedPlague of Madness is WAY TOO GODDAMN LOW, that one gave the show most of its Emmys

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>>133058076Honestly, the only problem with Samurai Jack's ending was the pacing. I'd be fine with all the plot beats if there was a couple more episodes added to let the story breath a bit, the second half just has too much shit in it.

Why is Genndy so scared of /fanggang/?

>>133072761we can properly appreciate the aesthetics of egg-laying closeups.

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>>133072761He's not, he showed her cloaca on TV and let her live.He respects Fang.

I'm kinda down, anons. I was looking forward to thursday nights for so long.

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An idea for how to amend the timing of the last few episodes of the show (assuming that Primal Theory stays intact in its original form)>Abridge or modify the recycled fight scene element of Colossaeus Pt. 2>Severely cut down on the time spent focused on the dancing done by the other slave women, Mira, and Queen Ima >The jailbreak scene goes slightly differently; the Queen manages to steal the Fang babies from Mira but not Amal, and when Kamau arrives he joins the uprising rather than (presumably) helping to restore order>Fight leads the protagonists below deck and to the slave rower quarters, resulting in everyone being involved in the uprising rather than Kamau only >Either end the episode with the death of Queen Ima and the gang being freed, or leave off on a cliffhanger starting with the slaves' revolt that leads to the same effect early on into the following episode >Episode 9 sees the gang make landfall and possibly arrive at Mira's village, with the Viking Chief's trudge across the ocean getting periodic focus (and possibly getting into a scuffle with some elements of the Colossaeus crew)>Episode 10 is dedicated to Spear's backstory, attempts to settle into Homo sapiens culture (and largely failing), hitching up with Mira, and a more drawn-out and methodical conflict with the Viking Chief before his death This might unironically take a lot of the weight out of the Colossaeus story beats, but I think you can keep the weighty parts of it while cutting out the significant amount of filler time in the fight cycle/dancing/rowing scenes.

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>>133073159>Severely cut down on the time spent focused on the dancing done by the other slave women, Mira, and Queen ImaFuck you the dancing was kino.

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>>133073212There was kino in there, and the bit with the Queen dancing had some interesting story implications, but it did eat up a lot of time with repetitive things going on. Plus, I'd take the time lent to showing one of Mira's dances being put into her and Spear getting it on any day of the week.

>>133072994Same. I'm not really sure whether I have any good show programming to look into now, given the state of most of modern television.

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>>133072091I'm not really into fanfics, but I'm stillso bummed out that the Spear and Fang show is over that I would actually read it.

>>133073308I generally had contempt for fanfiction until I had withdrawal after finishing Mass Effect and really needed more content to sate my mind. Since then I've come to respect it for what it is.>>133072149You know my original idea was a narrative take on the series as a whole, but a Stories From the Primal World series could have some merit.

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>>133044079>Ascends with his old family in the morning sunFuck man, I got chills


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>>133073390Fangfags broke me, I can't stop shitposting about her now.

>>133072994same, having a weekly show makes time go faster and gives you something to look forward too. Now that Primals done, all i really have coming up is the DHMIS show, though all eps of that will drop at once. maybe ill check out Genndys unicorn show when that drops

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When is he doing Popeye?

>>133073390Why is she so FUCKING hot bros


>>133070463>>133070450>>133070410Like Red Sonja, but a dinosaur warrior.>Red>dinosaur>Sonja>warriorRed and Sonja. Those are their actual names and nobody can change my mind.

>>133066571>Primal Theory dead lastPlebs got filtered.

Anybody here know the Font used in this?

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>>133072994This one wasn't as heavy for me as losing Better Call Saul a few weeks

>>133061026Rent free.Everyone is allowed their own initial interpretation without is being influenced by a "culture war".I saw the kid, and thought it was Spears son, since it looked like a skinnier taller version of Spear when he was a child, since it was Mira's own kid too.Keep making yourself mad over your own perceived slights. No skin of my back, retard.

>>133070346>Everyone goes batshit insane for dinomommy>Everyone is fine with caveman godfather, closest friend to dinomommy, dyingYea, ok.

>>133039598None of them have dinosaurs in them so what's the fucking point

>>133065821I don't even understand how they actually did it. He died, so it had to be 3rd to 4th degree burns, all over his body. It must have been excruciating.


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Sooo, what do we do now bros?

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>>133074614I knew she was a girl right away since shes wearing the same dress all the women in the tribe are

>>133038274Not sure if you intended for it to be a joke or if you're simply a bit dumb, but I had a laugh. Thank you for that.

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>>133072994Yep, I have pretty much nothing left to watch now until news of the Venture Bros/ATHF/Metalocalypse movies comes out

>>133038392No.No I do not need to see it.Take your "based" and shove it up your cloaca

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>>133073159>>133073272You can't transplant time from one episode to another because of the TV format. You have to take time away from other parts of the same episode to give something else more time.Personally I make the flame viking fight and its aftermath happen in season 3 episode 1 or maybe 2 (after an anthology episode to ease people in before you drop the anvil on them) and leave season 2 finale mostly the same but just stretch it out a bit and maybe have Spear and Mira finally hook up.

>>133046004I’m so happy I wasn’t the only one who immediately thought of this>all you WOMEN and FAGS out there… you’re gonna love this!

So are vidarr and spear in hell? Why the fuck was the devil so keen on getting spear anyway, wtf did he do wrong?

>>133076683>Why the fuck was the devil so keen on getting spear anyway, wtf did he do wrong?I don't think it's like that, my guess is that Primalsatan just sensed Vikingdad's lust for bloody, violent revenge and that he would do anything to accomplish it. So knowing this, he offered him a faustian pact to temporarily return to the realm of the living in a more powerful form so he could kill Spear and Fang, in exchange for his eternal soul.

I hope spears in heaven. The,as the Oder made me sad with seeing his dad die, remembering his dead kids, then getting brutally burned (my worst fear), and then having my have sex with a crusty penis

>>133076747I guess that makes sense but kinda bullshit that spear doesn’t have a say in the matter

>>133076780When does he ever? 70% of what happens in this show is shit trying to kill him without prior warning, this is just another cherry on top of the shit cake that is his life.


Does anyone have the 4 guys in a couch meme for the S1 episodes? Did any edits ever get made for S2?


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>>133063397Maybe the golem could be created by Nazis, only for it to turn on them?

>>133077968>put a bald indigenous stronk woman in the series>make her a big focus of the show>almost universally loved even on 4chanThis is the power of good writing

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>>133077968good stuff. If you're the one who made it well done, take your time for S2

>>133038199The biggest problem I have with season 2 is the lack of monsters. Where are the giant snakes, gorillas drinking potions, giant bats and so on? We only had a few here and there but otherwise it was mostly humans. Somehow those humans were always surprised to see Fang too as if dinosaurs aren't common in their world or something, when we know from the Celts episode that there are dinosaurs elsewhere too. Season 3 should be more like season 1.

>>133078562Reasonable complaint. It opened strong with giant shark but after that it went straight to celts then vikings then into slave ship.

>>133078562>always surprised to see Fang too as if dinosaurs aren't common in their world or somethingFang's a big predator, though. Bears and wolves might be perfectly normal animal species in my country, but I'd still freak out if I saw either of them attacking me.I agree with you in that the seasons had noticeable differences. S1 was mostly episodic and had more monsters, while S2 had a continuous storyarc focusing on humans. In the end I think I might've preferred S2, which is why I don't mind the series taking a different direction like that.

>>133078248I mean, I don't hate her but she's kind of lame compared to Spear and Fang, both in terms of her personality and her overall concept

>>133079453Man someone like Mike Tyson is kindof lame compared to Spear and Fang. It worked.Plus I like the thematic element of the story not having any real plot focus until the more advanced Cro Magnon human shows up. It makes sense, Spear is basically a really, really smart animal so life is kindof just a blur of survival. Whereas Mira is more or less just a modern human, so life is a series of intricate events.

>>133079911>Man someone like Mike Tyson is kindof lame compared to Spear and Fang.>implying a Mike Tyson Mysteries crossover wouldn't be fucking incredibleHe even punches a dinosaur in the opening

>>133071353>mfw reading Eisenhorn/Gaunt's Ghosts/early HH and imagining the fight scenes in Genndy's styleshits peak comfy

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>>133038199I don't want it to be about Spear's kid or dinosaurs, I want an anthology. It's what season 2 should've been.

>>133039020That means sapient. Morphic as a suffix means physical form.

>>133080450Same, Spear's kid and the Dinosaurs will always be compared to Spear and Fang, and be lesser for it. An anthology will be different enough to stand on its own.

Fang lived and had kids. But for some weird reason we only ever see dinosaurs a little bit in season one and exactly once in season 2. So, are Fang's children the last of their species? Unless they can fuck each other and we have an Adam and Eve situation, I guess. Even if there are more of their species, are they gonna find them in the place Mira lives?

Genndy on a recent episode of Movies That Made Me>"Right when COVID hit I had Primal, I had Unicorn,, I had Hotel Transylvania 4. Everybody's like 'how can you do all this?' and I go 'look, they're buying it and it's my stuff and as long as people want it, I'll find a way to make it. I don't care, I'll sleep later. And sure enough, just two years later, Warner Bros. Discovery and there's no greenlights in sight. So that's exactly why I do it, it's Hollywood and you never know... You're hot one day and the next day you can't get a call returned."

>>133080524I got the feeling that tyrannosaurs are a dying taxon in Primal's universe, basically only existing in numbers on Spear and Fang's continent and largely extinct elsewhere. Red might have been the last one alive on the first Season 2 landmass, and who's to say if any others are around on Mira's.There might be a few around, but if not inbreeding among Fang and her present clutch seems likely in the absence of any suitable outside mates.

>>133080586Oof, that is... not good news. That seems very telling on whether we'll actually get more Primal or not.

>>133080417Fiuuu, what's the name of that bitch ?

>>133080586why is he such an asshole in every interview? even when hes being positive he has such a rude way to go about it.

>>133082000all cartoon creators are autisticit's a required monkey-paw tradeoff for artistic skill

>>133038199Around the start of S2 I hated the idea of an anthology, but it became clear by the end that they really didn't know what else to do with the central duo/trio. they were really stretching for time during the last half of the season, like the Sea Queen could have been condensed down to 2 eps easily if they just cut like half of the establishing shots of the ship and them brooding in the cells. and then they save all the interesting elements for the last 3 minutes of the season. the less basic plot baggage he has to lug the better

>>133078562The lack of prehistoric animals, dinosaurs, and other monsters was a shame. Didn’t mind Spear and Fang fighting humans. Even though most of them were fodder outside of the Queen, Kamau, and the Chieftain. Though would’ve been nice if the armour they wore had more of an impact on how Spear and Fang fought. Also wish there was more weapon variety, wasn’t a fan of how most of them still used spears to fight. But anyways, yeah. Would be nice if they went back to fighting various creatures in season 3.

>>133080496>>133080450It’s too late for an anthology. Shouldn’t have made a season 2 if you wanted it that way. Now i’ll be upset no matter what I get.

>>133083004Skill issue, be less upset.

>>133083147No, fuck you.

>>133083212Do it, cunt.

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Anthology's fine. Make it weirder the more modern you get. I don't want to see a modern war unless there's some kind of eldritch bullshit or unga spirit fucking things up there too.

>>133075168we continue to Primalpost until Genndy delivers unto us a kino Season 3 anthology or announces the series' lack of renewal

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>>133083478I'm down.Only cause I love you guys and don't want these threads to go away

>>133083506Amen, brother.

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>[Primal Theory] is for sure connected. They're discussing the savagery inside of yourself,thank you Genndy for spelling it out for the dumbos who thought that episode had no context.

Spear lived his entire life with an unwiped ass.

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>>133083478>>133075168People should make Primal OC. Seen people coming up with their own characters. Given the loose/pulp nature of the setting it's not really like any of it would "contradict" the "worldbuilding." Stories in this kind of setting are pretty straightforward to do. Maybe Genndy will have helped reignite the genre.

>>133077968anyone have the samurai jack version?

>>133084919Honestly I've debated writing some stuff up for a Savage Worlds homebrew. The system is advertised as being for pulp, and having run the system so long, I think it would fit.

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>>133085026Yes, you could drop it in SW no problem. Spear might have some trouble with big groups but Fang would tear straight through them like that fantasy d-day scene.

>>133066571i present my counter listworst to bestepisodes that suck>dawn of man>slave of the scorpion >echoes of eternityepisodes that suck, but i like them anyway>primal theory>coven of the damnedalright episodes>vidarr>red mistgood episodes>the colosaeus 1-3>river of snakes10/10 rewatch over and over again episodes>a cold death>plague of madness>rage of the apemen>spear and fang>sea of despair>scent of prey>shadow of fate>terror under the blood moon>the night feeder

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>>133085071Yeah and it's absolutely tailor-made to tear through enemies the way they do in the show. I think it's a glove fit, desu.

>>133084829i was going to argue that annunwiped ass is uncomfortable o cavemen probably wiped them, but then i remembered that he didn't wipe the only time we ever saw him take a shit

>>133081605Jesus user, I may have been lazy enough not to edit out the watermark, but you're lazy enough to not even notice it. Shame on you.

>>133074189you just have bad taste. why are you trying to wife a woman who lost most of her kids? those would have been your kids



>throughout the entire series, every single thread, anons say they're worried for fang>should've been worried for spear the whole timeI'm sorry, big guy...

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>>133085416well you say that butGenndy WAS going to kill Fang originally, but he knew absolutely everyone would skin him alive if he did

>>133085452And he said he will put spear and mira's kid in the next season if people pressure him enough. He's openly signaling that audience feedback affects the direction of the show.

>>133085507>He's openly signaling that audience feedback affects the direction of the show.Were there that many people demanding burn victim sex?

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>>133085723No, that was clearly a monkey paw effect.

>>133084829Hunter-gatherers practice good cleanliness skills today. Why wouldn't Spear?

>>133080586>Just two years later, Warner Bros. Discovery and there's no greenlights in sightUmm Fixedbros & Genndybros did we got Zaslav-ed?Is his overall development deal with WBA/CN Studios now over with all of this purge?

>>133085507Im gonna start demanding more mira in the dancers outfit and her thicc friend

>>133078562>Season 3 goes all in on the 'Monster of the Week' tropeIf that's the case here's a suggestion.

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>>133085864>>133085161>>133084829He probably had a good enough diet that he was always taking phantom shits, no need to wipe. Also he swam around enough that he would get clean that way.


>>133086004Redditspacing is an idea that came from migrating redditors. 4chan has been using double-spacing to indicate contextual shifts for as long a contexts existed, but retdditors coming from redidtonia say "hay, my site automatically 1.5 spaced text, therefore anyone manually double spacing their text reminds me of thing I knew."

>>133085122>River of Snakes above both The Red Mist and Coven of the Damned immediately dismissed even if you're based for putting A Cold Death where it belongs

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>>133085122>Good taste>art keeps improvingstay smooth, sailor

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>>133086066>Redditspacing is an idea that came from migrating redditorsNice cope, you're still terminally reddit and need to go back.

>>133085122finally someone who likes river of snakes, I can't understand why that episode gets shit on so much in the fanbase

>>133086154Fang won though

>>133078562I can kind of forgive the relative lack of Mesozoic fauna given that the dividing theme between Spear and Fang's home and the rest of the world is that the former is a Lost World, but the near absence of Cenozoic megafauna as a minimum is rather criminal. The Paleoloxodon war-elephants were kino but there was room for all sorts of cool shit, chalicotheres, Paraceratherium, mekosuchine land-crocodiles, terror birds, et cetera. Bizarre that we saw more of them in Season 1 than in 2, really.

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>>133086212I thought the exact same thing, and terror birds are awesome.

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>>133086183...which is what the drawing shows, no?

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>>133086244I was confused since Fang looks tied up

>>133086179The pacing is kind of shit and the titular threat having literally no buildup takes a lot out of its meaning. >Spear and Fang don't know how to work together yet>they start to squabble over food>they start to fight over food >they nearly go to war with each other ...>lol here's a giant snake pile to focus on >FLASH FLOOD TIME, HOW ABOUT THAT It's one of the actually necessary episodes to watch, and I respect its existence for establishing that Spear and Fang didn't just join hands to sing Kumbaya overnight, but it has some of the weakest pacing and plot cohesion of the series.

>>133085122Pretty spot-on ratings, I personally would rate Primal Theory on notch higher but otherwise you have pretty much my exact tastes

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>>133086303I see. She's just wearing clothes from Desiree and has Raven's magic powers - this art series detailed her slowly taking powers from defeated contestants as the tournament progressed.

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>>133086431That's awesome, I'm sad I didn't see it during the contest.

>>133085902pretty sure the development deal is a multi-year thing. WBD may not be greenlighting things right now since they're still in the middle of merging and getting their financials in order, but a year or so from now they should be

>>133086470It was a pretty cool progression>Desiree's harem outfit >Ahsoka's lightsabers >Gadget's Russian cultists (retcon from her horde of fly-mouse spawn and Zipper)>Raven's cambion magic >The secret of NIMH from Mrs. Brisby>[I don't actually remember what came from Nicole]>A seance with either Red or her first babies from Shirley

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>>133040134Warhammer 40,000 obviously

So what are the frontrunning theories for why Spear looked so different from his Frazetta-like dad and the other men of his old tribe? >He is a half-Neanderthal hybrid himself, with a Sapiens mother >He is a mutant of some sort and less ape-like due to being "more evolved" >He's still relatively young and doesn't have the pronounced lower canines and body hair of middle-aged males

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>>133086725I think his tribe might have been primarily erectus, while his mother must have been a neanderthal.

>>133086461I like that little front-facing jog.

>>133086461god they are so fucking cute

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>>133086846>birth parents killed, or he was for some reason abandoned>foundling child for a Homo erectus tribe, the chieftain taking him in himself >pretty bright kid growing up>takes the chieftain mantle after his dad kicks it>leads the tribe well for a few years>meets a loner Neanderthal lady while out foraging>keeps meeting up with her, comes to realize he is more like her than his adoptive tribe >eventually gives the leadership to a blood relative of his dad's, setting out to make a life with this womanIt's a bit contrived but seems kind of perfect for the story, and would only amplify the overarching theme of Spear being so utterly alone in the world.

>>133086725Homo-sapien mother makes the most sense, especially since we didn't see her. She very well could have died in such an intense environment.

>>133038199can it have a better ending?

After rewatching the series in a week, I think The Colossaeus III was my least favorite episode.The Bitch Queen was killed way too easily. It was established that she was so quick and agile that she was untouchable. But then she gets grabbed because she needed to die before the episode ends.It's hard to believe all of those huge slaves got captured in the first place. I've seen a bunch of posts saying "they're a peaceful tribe", but Kamau was willing to crush some skulls to defend his village. Did the Bitch Queen have personal vices on all of them? Kamau's daughter seemed like a special case so I doubt it.Also the part where they were swimming away from the oars was framed like it was supposed to be suspenseful but it really wasn't.

>>133086431>fang's kids with the signsanon pls, my heart can only take so much

>>133086725i think it's purely stylistic and that this didn't exist before genndy trashed eveything and started over

>>133087364The Oars weren't supposed to be suspenseful, they were supposed to feel oppressive. Like watching an army march or a factory produce weaponry. It's also very likely Kamau was either the leader or the strongest among them, considering how he's always placed in the front lines. Maybe him getting caught demoralized the rest.

>>133087364>Did the Bitch Queen have personal vices on all of them? Kamau's daughter seemed like a special case so I doubt it.bitch, I'd row a giant boat to save my homie's daughter.

>>133086212Think we did see a Chalicotheres, albeit a dead one, in Terror under the Blood Moon. But yeah it would’ve been nice if we could’ve gotten more of that in season 2. Was a missed opportunity man.>>133086231Terror Birds are kick ass and would’ve been neat to see Primals take on it.

Spear literally went out in a blaze of glory.

>>133086333where do you see a problem in the pacing, cause i rewatched it and to me it looked like every shot was timed to make the next shot as cool as it can be. i can half see your problem with the snakes being random, but so is just about every threat in the series. if i had to say what i didn't like about it is the whole fighting over food thing not making sense cause the more likely scenario to that incompatibility would be them splitting, but writing isn't what i watch this for

>>133038274Based retard.

>>133087672I'm not sure if pacing is the right word, but basically how the conflict inception, the climax, and the resolution have very little flow into each other. As you say the food fighting ramped up very drastically and would realistically have resulted in the two splitting before they learned to travel together much at all, while here it hits its fever pitch and is very quickly overridden by cooperative spirit after the two survive the waterfall. Most of the threats are to some degree sudden or random, yeah, but only in a few cases do they strike completely out of the blue during a different conflict. The Plague of Madness and Night Feeder were both built up before Spear and Fang ran into them, as were the witches; the Ape Men were really sudden but I think part of the early section of the episode is to highlight that the lagoon glade is far too peaceful to be safe. The snakes and flood just kind of drop into an existing arc which is summarily forgotten about, or at least forgiven, while being minimally relevant and hardly even foreshadowed. I think it would have worked better if instead of the fight in the rain Spear and Fang had been avoiding increasingly significant flooding while clashing with each others' ability to do so (showcasing another sector where they don't really get along as a team yet), and eventually they literally run into the snake heap while fleeing a rush of water.

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>>133087669His death was as his life was: hard.

>>133083478The spirit of Primal is too strong to quench forever.

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>>133084919been making my way down a really short story somone made cause i like it. once again, calling for anyone who'd like to take over cause the sun will probably explode before i make it to the end at my pace.

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>>133087967Is this the one where Spear and Fang are wandering through the fungal valley? Pretty fucking cool work

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>>133087967I'd take you up on your offer but I'm already in the process of planning out a fanfic detailing Spear's journey to and out from Hell This shit is cool as fuck though

I want an anthology episode about these guys post-Spear and Fang.

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>>133088058thank you gentleman. i didn't know what the fuck "go bayblade up on the hentai vines" means so i had them go primal while high on shroom dust instead. looking forward to you

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>>133088406A Monster Hunter and Primal crossover would be so fucking cool.

>>133038218>>133043876>>133053003Maybe Genndy likes being naked just like Dexter does.

More than a decade later and I am STILL fucking mad about Sym-Bionic Titan.

>>133088935only thing i remember about aybionic titan is not liking the fighting cause i was spoiled by stickfights making almost all tv animated fight scenes look like shit to me

I miss him.

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>>133089218I'm going to beat you with a rolled up newspaper til you act right.

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>>133089210>tfw Spear wasn't some edgy broodlord but really was just a lonely drifter trying his best to live in a world that just fucking hates him

>>133073905Nice to see other people looking foward to the DHMIS show this week. It's coming out this Thursday so lookout for a mega or something. Anyways, now that Primal's over the only weekly shows I know of right now are Rick and Morty and Pantheon. I have no interest in the latter, but Pantheon's enjoyable enough. Is Unicorn Warriors supposed to come out this year or what?

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>>133088461>insect glaive or lance that's just a stone spear>beetle glove dual blades>Fang head on a stick hammer