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>Provide References for all requested characters and keep them to one image/post.>Keep requests Holla Forums related and keep them concise.>General OC discussion belongs in "Work on your art" and the Donut Steel threads.>However, OC requests are allowed as long as they aren't /trash/ material or fanfiction. If it's not /coc/ you must provide a link to the comic or cartoon.>Be patient and take it easy! Don't forget to check the booru to see if your request was filled.>Drawfriends, don't hold back.>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.>Keep art critique short, otherwise take it to the Batman thread.>No one is entitled to a request delivery.>Don't bump or "second", "third", etc. requests. They eat up the post limit.>Don't fight spam with spam.>No begging.>To make the new drawthread, wait for page 10 at bump limit.>Have fun!>Collection of Deliveries:the-collection.booru.org/>Drawfriends Gallery List:rentry DOT co SLASH txf8tNSFW deliveries and requests should be posted in:>>>/aco/drawthread or >>>/i/706274Previous thread: >>132959330

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Requesting Dory McClean from Metalocalypse dressed up as Jodie Foster's character from Taxi Driver.

Attached: TaxiDriver_DoryMcClean.jpg (1289x1566, 363.16K)

requesting Goo Heed taking a selfie with G-Lo and Goo Demencia

Attached: villainousgoorefs.jpg (2400x2025, 3.57M)

Requesting an opposite version of Alice Fefferman (Summer Camp Island) as a nerdy/scientific girl who doesn't use any magicwho hates wizardsand that she is the complete opposite of a witch.

Attached: Alice Fefferman.png (1996x3136, 91.69K)

Requesting pregnant Evangelyne holding up her season two outfit and pouting now that it doesn't fit.

Attached: Evangelyne.jpg (2545x826, 299.24K)

>>133033775Requesting thicc Gwen Tennyson standing next to Eddy in the ice cream window with Bloo in the back asking Gwen to come inside and personally check their new jawbreaker ice creams flavors.

Attached: Gwen Tennyson.jpg (3449x1997, 570.05K)

Requesting this little comic or something similar done with Sweetie and Furball.

Attached: SweetieFurballBoyYetSoWeak1.png (1925x1953, 3.3M)

Requesting teeny-tiny Alice in Wonderland awkwardly and embarrassedly and uncomfortably resting on Tinker Bell's cleavage.Posting inspiration instead of reference images because fuck me.

Attached: Power Girl and Wasp.png (648x720, 876.2K)

Requesting this design for Ruby and Sapphire, dancing together.

Attached: ruby sapphire jellybeans.png (2660x3001, 3.7M)

Requesting a pinup of Lana being surprised by a rip in the seat of her pants.Optional: Loup is doing the ripping.

Attached: Lana Rip.png (1491x1319, 2.54M)

Requesting Pidge trying to get dressed without being seen, like in the pinup piece.

Attached: Pidge Changing.png (2139x1829, 3.39M)

Requesting April at the beach, like so, with Donatello behind her nervously squeezing a splurt of lotion out of its bottle.

Attached: aprilbeach.png (2033x2196, 3.23M)

Requesting human Fang posing like the cavewoman in the right pic.

Attached: Human Fang Pose.jpg (1108x640, 202.1K)

Requesting Linda playing Twister with user

Attached: 1662351403031576.jpg (2048x2048, 540.17K)

Requesting Wirt, Sarah, and Beatrice from Over the Garden Wall, at Summer Camp, in camp uniforms.

Attached: otgw summercamp.png (2000x2000, 3.28M)

requesting this with Amelia Bedelia.

Attached: FcvJ3ktaIAA1fT3.png (723x1149, 34.52K)

Requesting Krass ready for some boxing. Wearing* Helmet* Bikini top* Shorts* Boxing gloves

Attached: KrassBoxing.png (1939x1996, 3.37M)

Requesting grown-up Louise Belcher, putting ketchup on a burger like this.

Attached: louiseburger.png (2068x1592, 2.17M)

Hello there, my name is Mrs Barederriere. I'm requesting more butts.

Attached: Red_Guy__s_Photo_by_TheEdMinistrator765.jpg (1024x768, 366.62K)

Before the summer dies. Requesting June Del Torro relaxing in a small kids pool (feel free to make it smaller.)in an unkempt yard while drinking from a Tiki mug.- with small umbrella. (or two)- no spear. sunglasses optional.

Attached: tiki soak.jpg (1630x1216, 687.4K)

Requesting a scene of Lucky Luke and Calamity Jane sharing a campfire at night

Attached: Untitled.png (1474x1109, 1.16M)

Requesting Penny Desiree getting spanked making her moan a bit showing she enjoyed it with a bit of blush on her face.

Attached: Penny.gif (1200x409, 1.34M)

Requesting Zahra wearing something like this, but with the Hinobi "H" logo on the top, and keeping her hijab/headscarf.

Attached: ZahraACertainLook.png (1902x1591, 2.56M)

Requesting Kida from Atlantis The Lost Empire envious of Queen La from The Legend of Tarzan in the bottom pose.

Attached: 32.jpg (4425x3599, 2.27M)

Requesting Camila Noceda dressed and posed similar to this.

Attached: MILFNurse.png (1978x1997, 3.69M)

Requesting Butt Witch in a bikini on the beach sitting on a deckchair or tumbona, drinking a colorful cocktail revealing her voluptuous body.

Attached: Butt Witch.jpg (2834x2126, 1.64M)

Requesting a pinup of Buffalo Wing from Long Gone Gulch posing in a bikini like the one on the right - same expression and all - wearing a traditional Native American headdress

Attached: BW.png (2324x1324, 2.92M)

Requesting Lee Hooni dressed up as Loki.

Attached: hooni loki request.png (2451x1685, 3.88M)

>>133033775requesting eyeball milf from defenders of dynatron city flashing a helluva hard stare

Attached: triclopsmilf.jpg (1014x649, 144.12K)

Requesting Wander and Dominator happily waltzing. Going for "he's somehow good at it, despite the height difference."

Attached: Wander Dominator Dancing.png (2186x1708, 2.63M)

Requesting Steven on a date with Star

Attached: DD11D0AD-29F0-4D5E-8CE0-07145E50E283.jpg (5462x3988, 1.44M)

Requesting Raven Hex wielding the Spirit of Fire

Attached: Raven Hex is just Hao from Shaman King.jpg (4176x1526, 1.07M)

Requesting Ben as a Green Lantern and Gwen as a Star Sapphire.

Attached: ben 10 lantern edition.png (938x962, 824.49K)

Requesting corrupted fusion

Attached: The Corrupted.jpg (2700x2126, 297.96K)

Requesting an user transforming into Gravitina.

Attached: gravitina.jpg (1837x2153, 428.61K)

Requesting jenny getting her legs replaced with splash woman's robotic tail

Attached: 1662442986122862.png (2536x2192, 2.15M)

Just wanna know if the artist who did this is still hereIs it really finished or you're coloring it? Would like a name to credit thos

Attached: 1662416006241202.jpg (834x1048, 188.47K)

Requesting Pam from Green Eggs and Ham, recreating this Black Widow cover.

Attached: web of green eggs.png (1822x2000, 1.98M)

Requesting the bottom comic with Dr Sphinxen taunting her thick thighs and butt

Attached: Dr.jpg (4120x3933, 1.87M)

Requesting Teela poledancing.

Attached: TeelaPole.png (2160x1808, 3.91M)

Requesting Merlin trying to teach morgan a spell and it goes wrong, resulting in Sorcerors Apprentice shenanigans with a bunch of brooms and other inanimate objects coming to life.

Attached: Morgan Merlin Jehosaphat.jpg (1392x1736, 626.65K)

Requesting Glitched Miko wearing an 8-bit/pixel bikini.

Attached: glitch.png (1957x1543, 2.65M)

Requesting the comic on the left with Vexus and QT-2

Attached: Vex.jpg (2778x2401, 1.09M)

Requesting Pyronica flaunting her ass in front of an user

Attached: Pyronica.jpg (2040x1671, 614.73K)

Requesting Angel resting and sweaty after a workout, like this.

Attached: Angel Letting The Girls Breathe.png (1582x1174, 1.23M)

Requesting marriage between Azula and Master Tigress

Attached: 225ff9c6f0ed4e948ef09c23337fe1c436614a63.jpg (487x484, 82.73K)

Requesting the bottom pic with Krystal Beecham.

Attached: krys.jpg (604x1566, 251.25K)

>>133034199Requesting Zahra taking the hijab off instead to show off that beautiful (presumably long) hair

>>133034662>Draw a character in a way that she wouldn't be recognizableYou make bad requests.

Requesting Anne in a bathroom stall dealing with IBS while Maggie is outside calling her "Poopchuy"

Attached: home.jpg (1262x716, 242.81K)

>>133034677If she's wearing the same clothes then it wouldn't be unrecognizable.

Requesting Molly and Susie bullying some boy.

Attached: bully girls.png (1451x1381, 2.07M)

Requesting Helen trying to teach Violet how to do a standing split.

Attached: Helen Violet Standing Split.png (1994x1996, 2.88M)

Requesting Cinderella receiving help from the Blue Fairy instead of the Fairy Godmother. The Fairy magically dresses Cinderella up like Pinocchio, along with making her nose really long

Attached: Cinderella_blue_fairy.jpg (2160x3840, 503.38K)

Requesting Eustace as a Bloodborne hunter fighting a monster that looks like Courage, but as a giant mutated abomination.

Attached: That's it Im getting me mallet.jpg (1920x1080, 673.29K)

Requesting Lake and Jesse wearing Japanese school uniforms.

Attached: infinity densha.png (1899x1497, 1.41M)

Requesting the Peppermint Patty workout scene done with older Patty. Same poses and outfit though.

Attached: peppermint workout.png (2249x1500, 3.07M)

Requesting Elisa Maza doing some martial arts working out.

Attached: maza workout.png (2100x1916, 3.89M)

>>133033775>Requesting Phineas sitting on top of Candace's head like Clam and Nina.Optional: Could you also please draw the 4 of them meeting together/hanging out?

Attached: Cute Siblings.png (738x612, 933.24K)

>>133034677Ok cosplayfag

Requesting Steven nervously rubbing sunscreen on Connie's back, with her wearing this swimsuit.

Attached: everyonesfreetowearsunscreen.png (2186x1282, 1.65M)

Requesting some shenanigans with Duck kids running a lemonade stand.Optional: Scrooge scolding them for the lack of a clear business model.

Attached: DuckTales-The Kids Have No Business Model.png (3360x1988, 3.59M)

youtube.com/watch?v=IyAC8Hh0atIRequesting an adaptation of the ending of Stardust Crusaders where Charlie the Unicorn and Startaur look up to the ghosts of Nyx, Krell and Norwell in gratitude. (or you can leave Norwell out - he didn't really help that much)

Attached: charlie the unicorn epic finale.png (1280x1440, 2.01M)

Requesting Chance Falconer punching Slenderman right in the face.

Attached: chance falconer punching slenderman.png (1748x1748, 3.7M)

Requesting Roxie Richter and Shadow Ring from One Punch Man sloppily making out, covered in sweat and emanating the purest of lusts

Attached: 240E3616-05CC-43D6-B04C-93EE0E8C1F80.jpg (1385x1981, 504.05K)

Requesting bottom image but with a crazy Marcy Wu instead of Nagito Komaeda

Attached: drawthreadrequest.png (960x1080, 1003.8K)

Requesting the Butt Witch from 12Forever, provocatively wiggling her hips while using her second set of hands to spank herself or grab her breasts

Attached: Butt Witch.gif (1488x1080, 2.25M)

Requesting Marceline flirtatiously leaning on her mother Elise in a seductive manner.

Attached: VampireQueen.jpg (3657x1626, 892.82K)

Requesting the bottom scene with Human Slappy an user.

Attached: Slappy.jpg (4714x5170, 2.47M)

>>133021126Sure, sorry for the late reply.

Attached: Frida.png (1344x986, 976.88K)

>>133033775requesting the original "Mistakes Into Miracles" image redrawn with Morty in Spongebob's place and Summer in Sandy's place, preferably with them wearing the same outfits as well

Attached: Morty & Summer Mistakes Into Miracles Request Reference.png (1373x901, 1.45M)

Requesting colored pinup art of the blond mom (sexy-smug face expression), Jebediah's wife (shy-flirty face expression ) & the Mall cop woman (with the same suspicious-disappointed face expression) in a Bikini posing like the top-right image reference.

Attached: 1000798949.jpg (4078x2967, 1.24M)

Requesting a parody of the image on the left with Queen La from The Legend of Tarzan. Cat ears too please, thank you.

Attached: Queen La.png (2197x1646, 3.88M)

Requesting Female Kurt in a fancy cocktail dress with some nice jewelry

Attached: untitled.png (1956x936, 1.87M)

Requesting Flamewar sunbathing with an user rubbing motoroil on her back or butt

Attached: Flamewar.jpg (2717x1200, 1.2M)

Requesting Koala Princess, wearing the outfit on the left, and Purrcival, wearing the outfit on the right, posing together like in the JSR image on the bottom.

Attached: 12.jpg (3088x3200, 1.04M)

Requesting Lah and Penny comparing their breasts sizes with a bit of breast envy and smugness.

Attached: ghosted.png (2484x850, 3.16M)

Requesting killer frost blowing a kiss towards the viewer

Requesting Elinor Rabbit and Ari Bat reenacting where the main character of the film Nope is getting chased by le 'UFO' using toys.- Elinor riding one of those horse things- Ari flying behind her with a UFO toyCan use Ari's UFO bird feeder, but a regular UFO toy would work fine.

Attached: wtfisthisautisticshitidea.png (1080x1069, 1.33M)

>>133033775somebody asked for colors on this, last thread got closed by the time I went to put this up.

Attached: Illustration85.jpg (1242x2098, 3.15M)

Requesting Alice from The Critic doing the strip club scene from dusk till dawn in the exact same clothing as Satanico Pandemonium

Attached: FDD8E209-6C53-4548-B95C-23CD071183CC.jpg (2140x1555, 532.91K)

Requesting killer frost giving a warm smile towards the viewer

Attached: Killer_Frost.png (500x375, 182.18K)


Requesting 2012 April getting brainwashed to be a Foot Clan grunt, similar to the ref.

Attached: 2012 april reprogramming.png (1835x1456, 3.13M)

Requesting Venomized-Katie Power arguing with her symbiote because she doesn't wanna hafeta eat brains!

Attached: Katie Powers Venomized1.png (1982x1989, 3.1M)

Requesting Goth Velma dressed as a sexy slasher nurse similar looking to the pics on the right

Attached: Goth Velma Nurse.jpg (2616x2656, 633.44K)

>>133035073Drawfriend, you are one of the neatest people to ever show up in these threads.

>>133035073>tfw no giant robot gee eff

Requesting the Rescue Rangers facing off against a time-traveling steampunk Rattigan.

Attached: rescue rangers crossover.png (1822x1800, 3.82M)

Requesting Dustindemon’s Mrs. Johnson trying to reach for her dropped pen and tearing off her skirt

Attached: 525846B0-B2C4-42B4-9B48-1C1D8FDC44C1.jpg (554x554, 19.51K)

Requesting Judy chasing after Top Cat and the gang.

Attached: top cat and the gang vs judy.png (1315x1064, 1.39M)

Requesting Bugs and Daffy dressed up as Lupin and Jigan running with bags of money or carrots with Elmer dressed as Zenigata chasing after them.

Attached: bugs the 3rd.jpg (1024x768, 119.52K)


Attached: crom.png (807x1100, 245.61K)

requesting pic related with marinette from miraculous ladybug saying "EVERYBODY GETS A MIRACULOUS!"

Attached: 1663264215087.png (2230x1193, 1.83M)

Requesting Pacifica Northwest on the cover of Northwest best magazine like the reference on the Left with one of the captions saying high class ass

Attached: D21616A5-83EC-4BC6-B255-482224FF8F5C.jpg (999x690, 100.83K)

>>133034497Yes I’m working on it. My work schedule went crazy the last week and a half so it’s been difficult to come home late and have the energy to do art. Apologies

Requesting Peabody and T'ana trying to fight, while Tendi and Sherman try to hold them back.

Attached: cats and dogs.png (788x657, 711.63K)

Requesting a remake of this WW2 era poster with Abigail Hunkel (The Golden Age Red Tornado)

Attached: 345512D1-828D-486D-9299-B42F71AF7D67.jpg (1989x5172, 2M)

Requesting Bloo doing image reference to Frankie's skirt in either outfit

Attached: Bloo Frankie.jpg (1302x997, 299.21K)

Requesting Golden Girl vs. one or both of these public domain comic baddies:1. Hitler Rex: A giant Nazi robot cleverly disguised as a T-Rex2. Mr. Crime: Ghostly, invisible and intangible, basically just the god of crime, whispering into people's subconscious to get them to commit crimes.

Attached: golden girl vs the baddies.png (2269x1835, 3.41M)

Requesting Maddie from Pantheon shyly giving you a love letter

Attached: 1662145245652830.png (2000x2600, 506.76K)

Requesting 80s Supergirl exercising while dressing in 80s aerobic leotard

Attached: supergirl 80s aerobic.jpg (740x1031, 852.47K)

Requesting an outfit swap or fusion between this two

Attached: req.jpg (2654x1403, 804.15K)

Requesting Ilana and Kimmy posing like Raven and Starfire on the left.

Attached: kimmy ilana panels.png (1799x1823, 3.68M)

Requesting She-Ra vacuuming in her 8ft form, lifting a couch that Catra is on, while commenting that Catra has been shedding.

Attached: she-ra shedding.png (2000x1256, 2.54M)

Requesting the Voltron Paladins in swimsuits, recreating this "jumping into the water" beach pic.

Attached: voltron summer fun.png (2448x4012, 2.93M)

Requesting Harley motorboating Waller's huge cleavage, much to the latter's disdain.

Attached: wall motorboat.png (2138x988, 3.45M)

Requesting the Sonic Boom crew at a summer County Fair.

Attached: sonic boom county fair.png (1000x1228, 2.33M)

Requesting Mo Skeeter cosplaying Sash Lilac from Freedom Planet with her outfit of the first game

Attached: IMG_20220915_161149.png (1712x727, 822.75K)

Requesting Rayla and Bait at the beach, done like this pinup.

Attached: RaylaBaitBeach.png (2000x1482, 1.8M)

Requesting Jessica Rabbit turning into a Dahlia lookalike (pictured on top in the ref) similarly to the comic in the bottom of the ref

Attached: Jessica becomes a real rabbit.jpg (1920x3236, 1.34M)

Requesting this with Velma and Marcie.

Attached: MysteryBeach.png (1530x1530, 1.44M)

Requesting Winnie Werewolf dancing like this. But not made of boxes.

Attached: Winnies Cute Dance.png (1099x1099, 1.31M)

Requesting Star Trek: Lower Decks gals in this awesome outfit from the original series. Which gals up to you.

Attached: lower decks honoring TOS.png (2100x1571, 2.89M)

Requesting kaiju Poison Ivy firing a massive sun-powered laser from her mouth, similarly to the image on the right

Attached: Poison Ivy used Solarbeam!.jpg (2522x1486, 834.52K)


Requesting Minerva from the Wicked and the Divine puckering up.

Attached: Minerva.jpg (2220x1108, 1.81M)

Requesting Harley Quinn and Punchline 'presenting' each others best bits. With Harley show off Punchline's bust and Punchline showing off Harley's booty.

Attached: fc91b538548b3e5cfa69ef9023a8b6c9df2a7883.jpg (1682x1104, 522.5K)

Requesting Ghost-spider wearing web underwear.

Attached: Ghost-spider web underwear.jpg (1200x902, 261.2K)

Requesting the "She Wants to Order" meme with Odalia as the one ordering and Luz as the one taking a selfie.

Attached: Odalia Luz.png (2305x1194, 2.28M)


Requesting Butt Witch posing provocatively flaunting her body and ass while saying the dialogue of this meme.>"Oh, this? My booty? My bubble butt? My bouncy caked up dump truck? My thick chonky double-wide badonkadonk? My goddamn jean splitting, thunder clapping, door frame shattering wobble wagon? You mean the mighty celestial planet busting superpower that is my BIG FAT FUCKING ASS? Well what about it?"

Attached: Butt Witch.jpg (3400x1484, 1.09M)

>>133035363Lmao nice job there

Requesting Mania cleaning blood off her face like on the reference pic

Attached: Mania.jpg (3295x1788, 858.28K)

>>133035109It happens

Requesting Bodoque trying to light a cigar during the intermission, but his teammates keep interrupting him. Tulio hitting his elbow causing him to drop the lighter, Patana reproaching that it is bad for his health, Mr Hose saying not to do that inside the studio and finally Juanin screaming that the interlude is about to end.

Attached: 31 minutos.png (1280x968, 844.41K)

Requesting annoyed Damian Wayne whenever he see Maps Mizoguchi doing "heh face" from Spy x Family

Attached: maps and damian.jpg (996x547, 305.76K)

>>133035363>5'11" & 6'

Requesting Rodney Copperbottom and the red dancing robot from the movie Robots both doing a robot dance to some robotic music.

Attached: Robots Rodney and Red Robot request.png (1578x1176, 2.73M)

Requesting Morgan le Fay with her pet newt Accolon perched on her shoulder, with Morgan wearing a nun's habit from her days living in a convent.

Attached: morgan_newt.jpg (1572x1501, 1.94M)

Requesting Mei telling Miriam "We have Szechuan sauce at home, Mir."

Attached: nuggetsjpg.jpg (2011x1379, 788.91K)

Requesting that this greentext be drawn:>It is the year 2011, Mei Mei is in her room working on her yaoi webtoon>She turns on her TV to the news, only to catch the US President Barack Obama addressing the death of Osama Bin Laden>She bursts into her Panda form, knocking over her desk, along with all the empty cans of mountian dew and cup ramen containers>"MOM, THEY FINALLY GOT HIM! THEY KILLED OSAMA!">"MEI MEI, SHUT UP AND GET A JOB ALREADY!"

Attached: osamarequestjpg.jpg (2048x1310, 417.05K)

Requesting Mia from Baskup in a swimsuit, splashing out of the water like Ariel

Attached: 102349764.jpg (1434x768, 286.01K)

Requesting Teen Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls laying in bed and hugging a body pillow very softly.

Attached: B009D786-B723-46BF-82E3-EF6929601859.jpg (1200x1600, 177.13K)

>>133034813Odd how in the show she never did that.


>>133035470Hey its me. No worries

Requesting fusion

Attached: tiny little fusion.jpg (1776x1828, 237.01K)

Requesting Karai fighting Impa or making out with her, your choice.

Attached: karai impah.jpg (398x313, 79K)

Requesting Oscar from Shark Tale as the new Ariel.

Attached: Untitled.png (800x349, 292.69K)

Requesting fusion

Attached: strange fusion.png (842x969, 318.3K)

Requesting human Slappy and Nora Rita wearing oktoberfest beer maid outfits with Slappy saying "Noe THIS is my kind of holiday!" as she enjoys a nice big bratwurst and accidentally knocks the steins of beer Nora was holding with her elbow spilling them all over Nora's breasts.Or both of them chugging large steins of beer, spilling beer all over themselves.

Attached: Bratwurst.jpg (5309x1800, 1.39M)

Requesting fanart of Holly O'Hair from Johnny Bravo's unmade second season pitch. You can look up the bible for more details. Simply because I can't find any fanart of her. You are free to draw her in any way, can be a bust drawing, a pose, I don't care. I just want the character to live on because she seems hot.

>>133038812Model sheet included, my bad

Attached: holly.png (4280x3560, 3.97M)

Requesting Indus tarbella grilling burgers like spongebob

Attached: Indus barbequeing.png (1280x720, 608.25K)

Requesting Tina as a lounge singer either sitting or laying on a piano

Attached: loungt.jpg (1024x996, 375.91K)

Requesting these two making out passionately.

Attached: Flo&Jo.jpg (564x595, 108.85K)

Requesting a drawing of pic related sunbathing. She’s from Helluva Boss Ep 3

Attached: 6E3ECD3D-A489-42F8-A302-53A1CD3E8CE6.jpg (346x660, 45.65K)

Requesting Rita Loud putting on the mask.

Attached: rita mask.jpg (1925x1329, 220.63K)

Requesting Female Ghost Rider dressed like Jojo.

Attached: ghost biker.png (1193x1362, 2.17M)

Requesting outfit swap.

Attached: odalia Helen.png (1049x1103, 947.25K)

Requesting Neighbor lady with her big booty stuck in a doorway.

Attached: Dtlady.png (1865x1062, 2.28M)

>>133040159Literally just any rule 63 Ghost Rider art already exists. This isn't nearly specific enough to make a whole drawing out of.

Requesting the Wolfwalkers family on a beach outing.

Attached: wolfwalkers family.png (3117x1430, 3.93M)

Requesting Sivana giving Black Adam a stunner.

Attached: sivana black adam stunner.jpg (1417x827, 518.71K)


Attached: Illustration86.png (900x1336, 629.86K)

Requesting Ruby and Sapphire playing dungeons and dragons with user

Attached: rub sap.jpg (4096x3276, 1.26M)

Requesting April and Silk fighting.

Attached: cindy april.jpg (1402x1417, 451.67K)

Requesting Queen La from the original Tarzan Books meeting Queen La from the Disney cartoon.Yes Queen La was white in the original tarzan books.

Attached: Queen La Meets Queen La.jpg (1820x1482, 909.37K)

Requesting Little Cato joining Star Fleet

Attached: little cato star trek.jpg (1794x1804, 1.28M)

>>133040686OR here, I never thought anyone would actually do this request. Dory came out great, thank you so much!Are you thinking of coloring it in, by any chance?

Requesting Spider-Milf Rio Morales hanging upside down from a web like in one of the references on the right

Attached: Spider-Milf hanging out.jpg (2226x2091, 1.19M)

Requesting April riding this bike.

Attached: april yusei bike request.jpg (1418x914, 748.46K)

Requesting Spider-Woman Jessica Drew as a gladiator fighting an alien monster in an arena on an alien world. Her armor or costume is a bit torn up from the fight. What If she had been trapped on Sakaar during the events of Planet Hulk.

Attached: spider_woman_gladiator_woman.jpg (2604x1184, 1.19M)

Requesting Mera destroying a beehive.

Attached: MERA DOG.png (1041x1147, 2.33M)

Requesting fusion

Attached: food power fusion.jpg (1600x1600, 556.2K)

Requesting Estella working at Tomboy outback.

Attached: tomboy outback estella toph.jpg (1943x1031, 609.45K)

Requesting Bishop showing up in a tank to fight aliens.

Attached: satan tank bishop.jpg (678x930, 502.7K)

Requesting your waifu dressed like this

Attached: oni.jpg (640x902, 109.44K)

>>133033798You need jesus Go to /jesus/ board they make furry shit.

Requesting a bunch of Irish Cartoon Saloon girls celebrating.(Celebrating the death of the Queen, but you don't need to make that explicit).

Attached: cartoon saloon.jpg (724x724, 107.52K)

Requesting some pig cops

Attached: pig cops.jpg (2645x1902, 326.37K)

>>133041325>>133041343>>133041382You are the dumbest person to use this site, which is saying a lot.

Requesting Traximus lifting a car.

Attached: traximus car request.jpg (2420x1377, 1.56M)

Requesting Luz meeting Superman for the first time since moving to Delaware to become a reporter.

Attached: superman luz.jpg (496x325, 78.74K)


>>133033775Requesting the right image but with Starscream screaming at Windblade for questioning the word of the Mighty Jimmy.

Attached: Starscreambibble.png (1658x700, 1.34M)

Requesting Doppler meeting Livesey

Attached: doppler livesy.jpg (1536x1172, 604.39K)

Requesting these two being friends

Attached: steven and skyla req.png (2334x1252, 945.92K)

Requesting Mutant Lisa meeting Spiral

Attached: mutant lisa spiral.jpg (195x195, 43.29K)

>>133041537>>133041542>>133041559>>133041604>>133041643>>133041663>>133041680Slow down

Requesting 30-30 aggressively offering the dress-wearing Judge J.B. McBride a bunch of flowers.She's recoiling and he is saying "Your resistance only makes my penis harder".(He is not good with words)

Attached: 30-30 resistance 1 .jpg (1378x1498, 593.52K)

>>133041823Don't lump me in with ManateeAprilAnon. i.imgur.com/ywaU9oM.pngI agree about the others all being one dude with shit prompts though.

Requesting Super Calamity Anne, Sasha and Marcy (Amphibia) fighting against Thanos (MCU).

Attached: Calamity Trio vs. Thanos.png (2296x900, 2.99M)

Requesting the 80s and 2011 Thunderkittens having an epic water balloon fight, playing with the fact that they're all Top Tier at throwing things and dodging.

Attached: thunderkittens water balloons.png (1606x1440, 2.25M)

Requesting Scorpia just chilling in a hammock.

Attached: scorpiahammock.png (1993x1826, 3.37M)

Requesting Wart and Hazel having some beach fun while it's still summer. Maybe on a desert island.

Attached: wart hazel beach.png (1540x1320, 2.67M)

Requesting teen Giulia on a tire swing

Attached: Tireswing Tomboy Giulia.png (2200x1812, 3.64M)

Requesting a remake of the scene on the right from Airplane remade with Doctor Mid-Nite as Leslie Nielsen and any DC superheroine you the artist want in place of Julie Hagerty

Attached: A3084697-CE1D-4AAF-9C93-936BFA2CCD81.jpg (4161x2560, 1.23M)

Any requests for Little Demon?

Requesting Kamala Khan as Supergirl in a Carol Danvers leotard inspired costume.

Attached: kamala supergirl request.png (2501x1688, 3.45M)

Requesting Astrid fanning herself to cool down after a workout.

Attached: astridfan.png (1662x1662, 3.29M)

>>133043184You mean Hot Stuff?en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hot_Stuff_the_Little_Devil

>>133043289heh, but noNew show en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Demon_(TV_series)

Requesting Haily's fish form mutated and turned her into a Creature from the Langley Falls.

Attached: hayley from the lagoon.jpg (1024x768, 124.73K)

>>133043325Huh. Okay....Her in a "sexy devil" outfit?

>>133043184Having lunch with Lucyen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucy,_the_Daughter_of_the_Devil

Requesting Frida Mofette trying to get someone to enlist while recovering from injuries

Attached: request.jpg (2589x1654, 1.19M)


Attached: chance.png (1310x1000, 172.65K)


Requesting Mai, Ty-Lee and Azula dressed in Foggy Swamp water tribe clothes. Fishing, cooking and cleaning for the tribe as community service for their crimes during the war. Azula and Mai are miserable but Ty-Lee is making the best of it.

Attached: foggy swamp azula mai tylee.jpg (1980x1482, 676.83K)

>>133044028Now this I love.

Requesting Wonder Woman riding a bull in a colosseum

Attached: Artboard 17.png (2560x1440, 2.99M)

Requesting Hello Nurse (Agent of H.U.B.B.A.) in a superhero pose.

Attached: Hello Nurse Agent of HUBBA.png (1245x1012, 2.48M)

>>133034930>>133044028This is fucking neat. Great energy, dynamic pose. What's the character from?

>>133044784>>133044864>>133044875lol get scammed morons

Requesting the (top sample related) meme- With Alley Oop and Oola as the couple walking by and Spear as the single person./ object of interest.- Oola is the one staring at Spear.

Attached: Oola looks.jpg (1726x864, 455.46K)

>>133044784Why do you keep spamming this shit, knowing mods will delete your furry spam?Why can't you just do this on /trash/? Because that's a furry board.


Is the guy shitting drawthreads up trying to shit up caturday too?not that is hard but still

>>133045251You can go to /aco/ for that one

>>133045437 Don't engage. just observe and report.

>>133045476>just observe, steal the refs and maybe the whole request and reportfixed

What the fuck is happening itt

>>133045581Caturday spam

>>133045581An asshole spams a bunch of furry porn on Saturday’s instead of just going to /trash/


Attached: Illustration87.png (681x1011, 1.37M)

>>133045776Goddamn dude. Just Goddamn. You rule.

Requesting some summertime-themed deliveries before Fall officially starts soon.

>>133041484given that Oni was a weeb game, please use Birch from the weeb cartoon.

Attached: birch reference sheet.jpg (1407x2353, 1.13M)

Based mods deleting that furry spam.

>>133045776 Holy shit. So damned nice. It almost makes me want to go out an d find an underage prostitute.

>>133045991just what I was thinking. >>133034184 - with Tiki extras.

Requesting April and/or Irma getting turned into yokai.

Attached: tmnt yokai.jpg (1024x768, 137.66K)

>>133044850en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leave_It_to_ChanceLeave it to Chance. Comic about a girl whose dad is the world's foremost solver of supernatural problems. She follows in the family business.


Attached: mania.png (1152x1100, 220.78K)

>>133046063 This is really a flashback for me. Thanks.

These three gals being pals

Attached: gilfs.png (713x599, 545.39K)

Requesting one your favorite Disney Princesses (or Anna) on her knees looking up while wearing some of the "dripping with excitement" mouse ears. Possibly with someone out of frame exclaiming "Oh no! My Milkshake!"

Attached: splattered minnie-mouse-coach.jpg (1536x1342, 597.54K)

>>133033775requesting this image but with Hannah mills(milk toast and maple) pouring ketchup on an very annoyed neil.

Attached: images.png (225x225, 100.25K)

Requesting the bottom image but with Nightwing and Tarantula

Attached: Dated 2015 meme with DC memes.jpg (912x1333, 292.31K)

>>133046593You got this already.>>132736257


Attached: Illustration88.png (667x829, 253K)

Requesting a Cluster Jennifer based on Volspina (Godannar, pictured on right)

Attached: Jennifer Volspina.jpg (2123x1200, 604.27K)

Hello, I’d like to request a pic of marvel adventures young Emma Frost mad about Kitty and Peter being together

Attached: 0B15E9E1-A106-4255-B6C1-4C7806C092AB.jpg (1051x791, 224.8K)

>>133046643This induced a smile.

Requesting Courage in Tarantulas' web before he becomes his "snack".

Attached: CourageTarantulas.png (1786x886, 2.11M)

>>133046107Amalalatikng work!

>>133046726>AmalalatikngAre you having a stroke?

>>133043207Sources on the Kamala pics? The one in Carol's costume

Requesting Creepy Susie and Wednesday Addams having fun together: committing arson, grave robbing, getting chased by a torch and pitchfork wielding mob, raising the dead, etc.

Attached: Goth friends.jpg (2269x1710, 265.07K)

>>133046643OR of AliceThank You :DGood job

>>133046987The two butt ones are from Flick.n.actionsack.com/Flick06484765


Attached: Illustration89.png (1606x991, 940.07K)

Requesting a drawing of a topless Summer Smith wearing a headband, shouting Rambo over and over again while shooting a machinegun.

Attached: Do a Rambo.jpg (2340x1268, 568.42K)

Requesting Coal Black looking cute in a "sexy Snow White" costume.

Attached: Coal Black Request.png (989x951, 1016.93K)

>>133047651>LKOE fanartHey, sweet! And a fun piece at that. Love the tiki glass. Any chance of colors?

Requesting a Wench Wench / Garage calendar pin-up of Marva Cooper from Batman the Animated series. I put in a couple of ideas here but if you want more check out Audrey Ramirez from Atlantis or maybe have her nude but her naughty bits "tastefully hidden" by a giant wrench.

Attached: Marva C wrench wenching.jpg (1980x1428, 535.57K)

>>133047651 Well, that's pretty much what I pictured. also...>>133048120 - What he said. Thanks and I agree. damned nice Tiki.

Requesting Mystique infiltrating Planet Irk.

Attached: mystique zim.jpg (448x231, 58.94K)

Requesting Angel touching April.

Attached: angel molest april.png (1105x996, 980.43K)

Requesting fusion

Attached: fusion of cute girls.jpg (1600x1600, 318.79K)

Requesting Raven dressed like Chris.

Attached: raven chris.jpg (1536x1380, 928.28K)

Requesting Monkey Star eating Pork.

Attached: monkey star pork.jpg (800x1498, 632.45K)


Attached: Illustration90.png (1589x970, 1.75M)

Requesting Jonathan Crane in the left panel redrawn to look like a scrawny middle aged professor with, as he's normally depicted (like the panels on the left). Gotta be my favorite scarecrow comic but I hate this panel where he's too ripped and had that goofy hairdo

Attached: C4B583F3-FBE1-452B-8736-03784949D4CF.jpg (3359x1546, 1.23M)


>>133049040 Good stuff.

Requesting a sequence of Fluffy turning into her werewolf form.

Attached: fluffy transformation.jpg (1024x768, 101.75K)

Requesting Moon riding the bomb.

Attached: moon bomb.png (1375x720, 949.2K)

Requesting user catching Lola Bunny having broken into or breaking into his house

Attached: D8kwlkq-18d05404-20a4-4431-b518-9c78cb2fdf60.png (498x780, 206.05K)

Requesting the right pic with BW in her outfit from the left pic getting her belly button licked by Wendy Corduroy.

Attached: BW X Wendy Corduroy.png (2454x1160, 2.03M)

Requesting bimbofication of Kylie from Ghostbusters. Keep her a Ghostbuster if you can.

Attached: kylie bim.png (2100x1781, 1.99M)

Adrianna Tomaz using the Nega Bands to transform into Genis-Vell, kind of like in the upper right picture

Attached: Isis-Vell.jpg (3300x2550, 3.09M)

Requesting Arcee and Jack both wearing skimpy swimsuits with the Autobot symbol on them.

Attached: autobot swimsuits.png (1713x1825, 3.54M)

>>133050156She doesn't have nipples. Or a snatch.

>>133050257I am fully aware.

Requesting Hellhound Moxxie getting bullied by Imp Loona

Attached: Species Swap.jpg (1500x1185, 2.36M)


Requesting classic Ariel admiring new Ariel's tail design

Attached: 1663133148389.jpg (2452x1924, 480.72K)

Requesting Ben Franklin from Liberties Kids out on a stormy afternoon flying a kite with Frankenstein. (This version from Groovy Ghoulies or a more "literature based" version whatever you like. )

Attached: frank and ben.jpg (1718x1406, 741K)

requesting the Top Cat Gang (and Catbert) as the Seven Warlords of the Sea

Attached: AFE4784C-57CB-4E23-80C7-6387E24D1DE6.jpg (1280x1280, 563.47K)

Requesting Wonder Woman with an Amazon-themed Duel Disk.

Attached: 1654486565594.png (1368x439, 900.7K)

Requesting Mrs. Noceda in this weird sweater thing.

Attached: mrsnocedasweater.png (1904x1902, 3.63M)

Requesting Swindle as Saul Goodman.

Attached: BetterCallSwindle.png (1285x513, 1.03M)


>>133044784Lady Fuwa cracking walnuts with her butt(It's canon)

Requesting a cute drunk Bean.Bunny suit optional but fun.

Attached: BeanBeenBeering.png (1800x1800, 3.11M)

Requesting Fives playing games while Miko trying to distract him with her butt

Attached: Miko and Fives req.png (601x1243, 698.43K)

>>133051684Requesting this with Miko playing games while Fives unsuccessfully tries to distract her with his butt.

Drew some SA doodles.

Attached: comic full.jpg (1050x3150, 1M)

>>133052198OR here, nice!

>>133052198that looks cute!


Attached: stunner.png (1100x1335, 178.13K)


Requesting Smytus as a corrupted form of the Alteisen

Attached: Cluster Old Iron.jpg (2211x518, 265.67K)

Requesting Keyleth (tall flat-chested half-elf) looking annoyed that Pike (gnome shortstack) has bigger breasts than her.

Attached: critical envy.png (1959x1572, 3.33M)

Requesting a cover redraw with the Batwheels and Spidey and his Amazing Friends designs for Batman and Spider-Man

Attached: 9_17_2022 11_25_04 PM (1).png (1792x2584, 1M)

Requesting Tin Tin / "Kayo" Kyrano building a model kit of Thunderbird 2.Can yo ualso possibly put a small Thunderbird 4 in an aquarium beside or partially behind her?

Attached: tin tin 2.jpg (2076x1820, 1020.11K)


Attached: Illustration91.png (1011x1006, 454.69K)

>>133046005>>133054893I only know the show exists because of Mr Enters review of it years ago.

Requesting Summer Smith dressed appropriately for a Die Hard

Attached: Dick Hard.png (1015x997, 1.31M)

>>133054893That's rad work

Requesting Iris the half-elf monster-killer (Scumbags) vs. Googam son of Goom (Tales of Suspense).

Attached: iris vs googam.png (1600x1873, 3.86M)

Requesting Lobo introducting Superman to the Aqua Teens.

Attached: AquaTeenLobo.png (1581x868, 1.77M)



Attached: Illustration92.png (846x1040, 276.27K)

Requesting Smurfette and Smurfstorm wearing Smurfsuits (Smurf swimsuits).

Attached: smurfsuits.png (1980x2000, 3.87M)

>>133055938Good piece.


Attached: oni.png (1000x1721, 296.2K)

Requesting the Guardian telling Bill Cypher and the Collector to GTFO

Attached: GTFOmyUnverse.png (1384x1504, 2.7M)


Attached: frida enlistment.png (2124x1616, 1.87M)

>>133056596Looks awesome, thanks!

>>133054893>>133056173>This got two cakesHuh. Did not see that one coming. Nifty tho.


Requesting teen Ginger Hirano dressed as a Firestar Girl like in the right pic.

Attached: Teen Ginger Firestar Girl.png (3932x3344, 3.87M)

Requesting this Supergirl with a mug of Irish coffee. with the caption Don't talk to me before my coffee or something likewise.

Attached: 79550090_p3_master1200.jpg (720x880, 664.62K)

>>133044374not exactly the colosseum, but

Attached: taurokathapsia.png (1600x1600, 2.62M)

>>133057562Neat not OR but this is fantastic

requesting Professor X, Barbara Gordon (Oracle) and Jeremiah Surd (from Johnny Quest, preferably the season 1 design) competing at the Special Olympics.

>>133057562Really loving the style on this.

>>133047099Thank you

>>133057562It belongs in a museum! On a vase.


Attached: image_2022-09-18_153006736.png (692x844, 20.81K)

>>133058460>OHSHIT at the thumbnail>Sensible chuckle at the full imageKudos.

>>133055938Requesting Summer wearing a sign that says "I hate Glip Glops"

>>133057562Wondy can take it

>>133050803How many fucking times are you going to request this manatee shit, wondycucklet? I thought you would fuck off to write shitty fanfiction.

Requesting Davey Divots from the Loud House episode Stroke of Luck playing golf while shirtless.

Attached: 1663138464519105.png (902x850, 1.36M)

>>133056005partial delivery - I only did smurfette in the end

Attached: 180922- smurfette.png (981x900, 220.51K)

>>133058460That's so on brand I love it!>>133057562This is great especially the colors.>>133056596Damn this one has been asked for awhile I didn't think anybody would get to it, nailed it!>>133056173Love the proportions on her, wish I'd done as good on mine.>>133060055Damn good job, nice touch with the water droplets too!


>>133055938OR damn that's nice good job as always

>>133057562 classy.

>>133057562Damn, this is good. Love the Minoan style you went for.

>>133060055So where is her friend?

Requesting the Leader as Buster Scruggs.

Attached: BusterScruggsLeader.png (1886x887, 2.26M)

>>133060055Partial compli

>>133061639Manatee shit.

Requesting Porsha wearing a Minion sweater.

Attached: minion sweater.png (1172x801, 872.77K)

Requesting Miko cosplaying as Susie.

Attached: miko susie cosplay.png (793x781, 193.46K)

Requesting Katana pressing her breasts against the back of a nervous Damian while teaching him how to hold a sword.

Attached: 1663048619061350.jpg (1229x1247, 277.19K)

Requesting the photo on the left with Charlie and Charlie

Attached: D6A6D9B4-F0F6-42A9-B43D-FA14F69C20B2.jpg (1283x1000, 168.51K)

Requesting Principal Pixie Frog inviting Anne to hold a lecture at Charles Darwin Middle School over a bowl of Bug Stew, while Anne is puzzled at seeing another talking frog on EarthOptional second panel:A "MEANWHILE ON AMPHIBIA" shot of Sprig getting arrested by Rambamboo over illegally crossing boarders

Attached: new frogs.jpg (1218x1296, 245.75K)

Requesting Darkwing Duck's Shyster doing a dinosaur themed ad for her tax firm.

Attached: shyster taxes.jpg (1024x768, 83.33K)


Attached: coffee.png (1000x1105, 261.14K)


Attached: Sweater.png (966x1274, 755.86K)

>>133063673Kek'd! thanks man, the 'or something' really adds to it. Even though its proof I don't have much of an imagination. lol>>133063746Killed with FACTS AND LOGIC

>>133060055>>133056005>>133061332came back and did the other smurf too

Attached: 180922- smurfs.png (1173x742, 318.35K)


>>133063752>>133063929Deliveries were trending to be very flat-chested. Thank fuck for MILFs.And Smurfs.

>>133058460Zut alors!

>>133063929Based job user

>>13306375210/10The expression is wonderful.

Requesting Hilda meeting Molly Jo for the first time.

Attached: Hilda X Molly Jo.png (3252x3000, 3.43M)

>>133057562This should be the OP for the next thread

Requesting Scrooge McDuck and the nephews celebrate the show's 35th anniversary.

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 95.6K)

Requesting The Golden Age Red Tornado resting her big tits on the head of Scribbley, her biggest fan/neighbor

Attached: AC06F098-7244-4899-8D4B-B4DC30D5F4E4.jpg (2116x2679, 828.29K)

>>133063929Hot as fuck!

>>133063752Jesus Christ.Site?

>>133057562this is ART!

Requesting any of these (or others) Leo Holla Forums characters wearing a simplified version of the Leo Cloth.>7/24: Marvin>7/29: Leela>8/2: Moleman>8/7: Wallace>8/14: Fry

Attached: lion.jpg (2344x1130, 572.06K)


>>133033775Requesting outfit swap of Donald Duck's nephews (Huey, Dewey and Louie) with Daisy's nieces (April, May and June). Pic related.

Attached: HDL as AMJ and AMJ as HDL.jpg (1200x368, 287.9K)

Requesting Punchline wearing the same outfit as Harley does in the left panel. In her own color scheme tho

Attached: 1663487700983370.jpg (1041x1600, 626.18K)



Attached: 80supergirl.png (1906x2400, 2.3M)

I just installed Stable Diffusion plugin in Krita and I wanna try to somehow incorporate it in my art workflow. Anyone interested in some half Stable Difussion half handmade requests?

>>133034147>>133066098how about a pearl?

Attached: image_2022-09-19_000311941.png (628x573, 65.3K)

>>133066683OR here. Absolute 10/10 work! Thank you so much friend. Keep it up the good work.


>>133067101Literally just practice.

>>133066683fucking hell my fuking dick/10

>>133066704Clip studio also added some cool AI tools, the future is looking bright for us ideas guysclip-studio.com/site/gd_en/csp/userguide/csp_userguide/010_preface/010_preface_for_ai.htm#XREF_47659_AIas to your question, figure it out yourself man, we're still in the early experimental phase with AI art. No one really knows how to "use" it to a maximum potential yet

>>133067411forgot my image, this shit is wild man

>>133063752Crazy good. Where do you post your stuff?


Requesting Mayday Parker Spider-Girl if Dazzler was her mother instead of MJ. Since she's a musician give her a guitar or a microphone.

Attached: The_Dazzling_Spider_Singer.jpg (2074x996, 730.42K)

>>133066683What song is she working out to?

Requesting this pic of The Spectre and Doctor Fate Colored in Color Ref: the-collection.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=99441

Attached: A171EFC3-2653-4357-8487-608368CC0A1C.png (1000x1300, 587.2K)

Requesting Superman disguised as Lois Lane because in this context he IS Lois Lane. It's implied the real Lois Lane never existed. Please draw him sitting at a desk typing.Optional Bonus:If you add other characters, please have them unironically believe that "Lois Lane" is a beautiful woman even though he's clearly Superman in drag.

Attached: He IS Lois Lane.jpg (543x600, 63.96K)

>>133066704>>133067411>>133067788artfag bros...

>>133068774reference image btw


>>133068811>>133068788>>133068774>>133067445>>133067101This fucking thread I swear

>>133069883Don't do that. Just make a request or something but don't do the whole deleted bumps thing. You might as well let the thread die off, because it's not like someone won't make another one afterward or people won't repost the same janky requests that they have been doing for weeks on end.

Requesting a remake of this Lor McQuarrie pic.

Attached: Lor McQuarrie.png (2400x4000, 2.53M)


>>133068769Nigga what?

Requesting Mickey Mouse getting beaten-up by a Minion

Attached: KnockOut.jpg (662x974, 152.69K)


Attached: eva.png (1000x1667, 246.52K)

>>133071923OR here. Lovely work, man! Eva looks really cute. Thank you very much!

Well so much for posting "legit" comic references for Luna Lovegood. At least we have great requests like these >>133046593>>133042291>>133041680

>>133072147Hey fuck you.


>>133071773Have a sense of humor, user. It's based on a joke from Rocko's Modern Life.

Can I get Josephine Clench & Venus Starr in a "friendly" rivalry?

Attached: 1634355890598.png (865x594, 539.28K)

>>133072011Thanks, glad you like it>>133063917ty, and nothing wrong with keeping it simple, overthinking can make you doubt if something was funny to begin with, at first I was gonna use "don't talk to my coffee or something" but I wasn't sure if that would make sense if you didnt know the original phrase

Requesting goth fusion

Attached: Mostly obscure goth girls.jpg (3049x2400, 347.03K)

Requesting Toast punching Master Shake.

Attached: ToastShake.png (1263x888, 1.04M)

Requesting Megabyte using Gospel as a steed

Attached: Megabyte's Viral Gospel.jpg (1751x4234, 1.2M)

>>133072147Believe me they're tiring.

>>133063673Cute and Karapilled!

>>133066683Damn, that's some nice work.Are you reptileye, because your artstyle reminds me of his?


Requesting Jhanna eating pizza.

Attached: Jhanna_light.jpg (368x670, 139.07K)

requesting: fenneko dressed as maid marian

Attached: Fenneko.png (250x382, 47.05K)

Requesting coloring.dragon-quest.org/images/f/f1/Pallium_Regale.png

Attached: pallium lucy loud.png (1146x1602, 553.19K)

>>133076919>>>/a/ faggot.

Requesting Eva and Blackie going to Australia

Attached: eva and blackie.jpg (895x833, 161.71K)

>>133076919She's not pure enough to be Maid Marian

Requesting fanart of Squirrel Scout Secret Squirrel

Attached: 1661669767637984.png (3428x944, 2.65M)

Requesting blueberries.

Attached: Fc-5rgnacAAiPq6.jpg (1277x729, 122.52K)

>>133079238lmao >>>/aco/6748072

Requesting Princess Kenny commanding the dragon PPG.

Attached: princess kenny dragon powerpuff.jpg (528x1044, 268.64K)

>>133076836>>133076919>>133077025>>133077306>>133079238>>133081017Why do you do this? You don't actually want any of this art, nobody could.

>>133081056Stop being a dick. What is your request? Seriously, point out which request is yours. Let's put it up to scrutiny.

>>133081114This is an anonymous image board. He could point you to another user's request simply because he doesn't like it and we'd be none the wiser.

>>133081114>>133050803This one

>>133081114Oh, those WERE mine. I was talking to myself. Why did I ask for "Princess Kenny commanding the dragon PPG"? Why did I ask for a picture of a random 1-episode nobody from TMNT eating pizza? How could I possibly want that?Put them under scrutiny, please. I deserve it.

>>133081056I don't know about the others but the Fenneko/Maid Marian one is likely because they're both foxes

>>133081398Yeah, but it's /a/. Not even the right board.

>>133081224Of cause it's the wondyfag spamming this shit, probably because nobody wants to draw your shitty requests, so you try to blacklist other requests.


Attached: Illustration93.png (1479x1058, 926.74K)

>>133081636Nazz who?

>>133081636The right 1/3 of this is great art of a fun character.

>>133081636Woah, nice

>>133081636OR here very nice and thank you Wargaz2783

Requesting a human Demona buying shoes. Bonus points if the shoe salesmen is Al Bundy.

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>>133077025No idea if this is a manatee request but figured I'd go back and color it in the style of drafting markers like the original. Man you can really tell with 80's anime designs which were made to be just promotional art and which were made to be actually animated.

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>>133082687oh I love that, great use of the color of the tree leaves to denote the direction of movement!

Requesting Volcana at burning man.

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>>133081224>>133081576Your obsession with and vendetta towards one of the more harmless thread-lifers is pretty sad, user.


Requesting Sibella wearing the batkini

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>>133082687Marvelous, simply marvelous

>>133074050I'm almost afraid to ask, but is there any basis for this? Some in-joke I'm not in on? Or is it just completely random?

Requesting Terry looking flustered as Max nibbles on his neck

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Requesting a parody of the Jaws poster with Tmnt's Amy and Sheena in an innertube.

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Requesting Yaz from camp Cretaceous, stretched out on a mat in a pose similar to the top left?(It's from Personal Best and works as the character is an athlete and *possibly *a lesbian.)Possibly wearing (just) her unzipped track jacket.She has a tensor bandage on her left anklePic is from "Personal beest" which weirdly is about athletes as well.

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>>133057562OR here, this is really great! i like the historic feeling of the piece!

>>133082482Nice!Oh and by the way, it's from Dragon Quest 5. Not sure why it's neither Toriyama or in his style but there you go.

>>133083925An inside joke where the fact that Toast from Bee and Puppycat was voiced by one of the old dub VAs of Sailor Moon, hence the reference. Plus I just want that Asshole milkshake get beaten by a girl.

>>133082687I think this picture is nice.


Requesting Lark, Raven, and Jay (Penguin's henchwomen) lined up and doing Rockette kicks.

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>>133082687I am eternally down to see anything tomboy in nature. This is very pleasing, and a nice first "Autumn time" picture to have in the drawthreads. Kudos.Suggesting this for the next threadstarter, since Fall is right around the corner.

>>133063752You could put this in a dictionary next to the word "breedable."

>>133063929This might be the best smurf-related delivery the threads have ever had.

>>133086536I second the luca swing pic for threadstarter.

Requesting a spectacular spider Gwen with glasses asking Peter and Miles if they’d do it for a Spider-Snack

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>>133087032Are you implying Miles is similar to Scooby-Doo? In what way?

Requesting some colors please

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what happened to Caturdays??

>>133089585Nothing much

>>133089585A guy's been deleting all their stuff from the booru, because he's very spiteful over his stuff not getting picked.


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>>133033775Requesting Cyclops having coffee based on this scene from Breaking Bad.youtube.com/watch?v=9WaYCdQ8FOQ

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>>133090136Unexpected and really cool