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This new episode tomorrow.Thoughts? predictions? hopes?youtube.com/watch?v=wcQVRiJbSXo

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>>133030744Oh, that dog will be evil.

>>133030744who cares

>>133030744>songsJust stop.

>>133031237Bruh, the songs were some of the best parts in P&Fyoutube.com/watch?v=OID7gA8fcaw

>>133031299And it's the worst part in Milo Murphy's Law and The Ghost and Molly McGee

>>133031237>>133031299>>133031377It's Disney, their brand lives and rides on music, why are you surprised?

>>133031927I'm not surprised. I just want the creators to try something different than try to ape Phineas and Ferb again.

>>133030744I'm just gonna go ahead and say it: I don't like Gretel's voice.I mean, I think it's great that Povenmire wanted to do a project with his daughter, but that voice and that character just do not match.

>>133030744Fuck off Disney shills

>>133032021Yeah, I thought it was just me but the song sounded off.

Kevinbros it's our time... Theme Song Takeover tomorrow.I think the first Chibi Tiny Tales- H&G shorts are for next week.>twitter.com/DisneyBrandTVPR/status/1570898840898924544

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>>133032111So Kevin IS the real main star of H&G?

Who is your favorite villan and why is La Cebolla?

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>>133032135He's basically the male Candace

>>133032111>Chibi Tales H&GProbably will be the closest we will have to a H&G and P&F crossover.

>>133030744Still waiting for the show to be put on Disney+ in my country.

>>133032167>im-fucking-plying that they won't shove Doofenshmirtz somewhere in H&G.

>>133032167>Probably will be the closest we will have to a H&G and P&F crossover.Dan said on that D23 podcast and other Interviews that a triple crossover event between P&F,MML & H&G will be pitched if they get a third season greenlight.

>>133030744He sucks at doing perspectives.

>the meme that broke SU fags

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Can't wait for this guy

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>>133030744A lot of rule 34 based around her trying to get Kevin's attentionImagine her stripping down and giving him a bj while he ignores her and hugs and pets the puppy instead

>>133032380>When Dan posted that Tik Tok on Twitter, i expected him to get called out by a bunch of SU fags on the QRTs.>Instead the QRTs say he is based and when his follow up video about the misunderstanding and that he was actual friends with Rebbeca Sugar, the comments called the SU Fanbase still as toxic.HOLY FUCKING KINO

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based dan povenmire putting even more feet in the show

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They're better than that, now they're in toddler cartoon hell.

>>133032021I like it, it’s better than a squeaky high pitched voice at least and doesn’t sound strained. Her design is extremely generic however and the colors clash, how could they not come up with anything better.

My favorite songs so far

>>133030744Looks like it's going to be a cute episode. Trying to get attention from your sibling is kind of a novel idea.

>>133030744The fuck is he watching at? The floor?

>>133031377Compelling opinion, but I disagree


>>133037542>checks for link>19 seconds agogreat timing my g, thanks

>>133031927Not really, even shows like Amphibia, TOH and Big City Greens avoided the need for any pointless music to go along with the plotline

>>133039019Anon, Big City Greens is becoming a musical show with S3B,S4 and the movie who is 100% musical.Dana was that weird girl from school who only watched Anime and despised Disney....


>>133040087>user, Big City Greens is becoming a musical show with S3B,S4 and the movie who is 100% musical.Wrong. Only the movie, but not for the regular episodes, and for what I’m talking about musics that’s interlinked with each episode plot, BCG has none of that, except the Christmas special.

>>133035700>>133037542The second episode has a crazy amount of feet shots.

>>133032149Aaaahhhh! A good character design!So scary…


>>133041596Check his Twitter when he posted both videos

>>133031377>The Ghost and Molly McGeeDon't bring up that trannyshit in these threads ever again

ita a recolored Stacy?

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>>133042276I thought Hiromi was that Stacy of H&G?

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>>133040693I prefer these shots

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>>133030744This animation is really weird.

>>133041848Does "trannyshit" now mean "I don't like X, here's a neuron-activating word?"

>>133030744This guy made a negative review of the show saying it's one of Disney's worst shows everyoutube.com/watch?v=4W9VohliUnk

>>133043115He's right though

>>133043115different opinion.youtube.com/watch?v=D966CTsTFNw

>>133043115>22 views>conclusory opinions>breathing noises>segues to owlshit and frogshitgreat citation, user

>>133040087>likes anime and hates disney>makes a Disney show worse than any AnimeBravo

>>133042792Have you been to any mollyshit thread everOne of their first threads ever was spamming that a character was transThat show is girl power garbage that only trannies and pedophiles worship

>>133044059and that's why it was canceled after two seasons

>>133042431No, She's the Jeremy

>>133044433It wasn't.

>>133044433Good fucking riddance

>Little sister craving for Onii-chan attentionVee should be over, at least, this episode

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>>133044763it is, troon, live with it.

>>133044929>troonKind of weird that that's apparently on your mind at all times.

>>133044945You would have a point 6 years ago, But today those annoying fucks wants to influence everything

why can't these threads ever just discuss H&Gsomewhere along the way it always derails into braindead conversations about other little girl shows on disney

>>133044945>ANDREA IS TRAAAAAAAANS *rinse and repeat for over an year*>NOOOOO IT WAS A JOKE, ONLY WE CAN SAY THATYou built your pathetic fanbase out of this "joke" now live with it, tranny

>>133044975Most likely it'll be like Big city Green threads; dead but doing good on tv

>>133044945that and TGAMM imminent cancelation following season 220 episodes, no additional pickups, no press tour, fucking DOA bro, meanwhile Hamster and Gretel gets a full season order and are already breaking into season 2.

>>133044995You’re not going to like any show with that attitude because literally every show has one or more characters some people will insist is actually trans

>>133045068>that and TGAMM imminent cancelation following season 2Thanks for admitting the show lives in your head rent free.

>>133044975I watched it, thought these were fun episodes. feel like it's in a good groove

>>133045068>20 episodesEven if you’re going to meme about it being cancelled that whole speculation started because of a 21st episode that was added

>>133045090well it won't be living anywhere after its cancelled

>>133044975>>133045035What’s there ever to discuss in a pure episodic comedy?>I liked when the guy slipped on a banana peel, I hope a piano falls on someone’s head next episode

>>133044975Because there are literally Twitter people trying to sabotage this show ever since their brownshit got cancelled or endedEven here in Holla Forumsmblr you get troll threads calling hamster and gretel "one of the worst cartoons ever"They started the shit themselves

>>133045151gags, jokes, characters, same as you would with simpsons or family guy

>>133045171yeah, and they're coping because Disney actually put money into promotion across its platforms

>>133045151Cute and Funny characters

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Are Kevin and supervillain chick going to be a thing?

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You can't convince me that the name of the show isn't handsome and gretel

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>>133043115Let me guess, this is your video?

>>133043336>segues to owlshit and frogshitEvery single time

>>133043115anon what the fuck is this shityoutu.be/6Z8b5rUTc2U

>>133043115>>133045936HOLY SHIT that is Timbox's channel, he made recently a thread on upcoming Disney shows and he put his autistic show idea The Magicas.>>133043297


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>>133045293is it just me or does Gretel's design look slightly better in the ice sculpture?

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>>133046494I think it's the souless pupils the uncanny of her design, aside the lack of a neck.

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>Gretel's face when the park is full of big brothers

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>Gretel's face when the cops are called on her.Gretel is a dangerous sexual deviant

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>>133046770>>133046780>>133046835>>133046847b a s e d

Have we gotten any more of this recently?

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>>133045634She doesn't even know his name.

>>133030744i still dont understand what is this show about. so the girl has superpowers but is in love with her big brother to the point of going full on incest and her pet that's a hamster has superpowers but you don't see it do anything. it's confusing

>>133047745It's about a girl and her pet hamster who gain superpowers and fight other people who also gain superpowers. Meanwhile, her older brother plays sidekick/dispatch.

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>>133047501The birthday episode>>133035700>>133040693

>>133048531Thank you


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Okay that joke of the origin of the bouncing castle got me...

>>133047852Finally gave her eyebrows.

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>>133051264Unfortunately they come and go.

>>133051153Show can actually be pretty funny at times.

The birthday song was cuteyoutube.com/watch?v=B879S0x6Nj0

Started watching it yesterday but didn't knew it was for toddlers

>>133055472This. At least Phineas and Ferb had some mature appeal to it, this is straight kindergarten trite

I wonder if her VA knows about this site?Ehh probably not.

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>>133055472>>133055487PaF was a show very simple at beginning, even more than this.

This show is actually good, why did people tell me it was shit?

>>133055472>>133055487>1 minute apart

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>>133057748they hate themselves

>>133045151>>I liked when the guy slipped on a banana peel, I hope a piano falls on someone’s head next episodethis is kino discussion

>>133030744is nice having a good cartoon (I will wait for Primal final season before watching it)

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that superpower is this?

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>>133046598Why was she designed so differently from the rest of the characters?

>>133045889Because those shows deserve bette Ethan what they got

>>133062021eh, frog show closed out its arc fine. toh was too niche and obscure to catch on with the mainstream>>133061982follows that rule of making MC distinct looking, though I agree she would have looked better with a neck

>>133030744The Hamster is based

>>133063221Him and Kevin are literally the best characters in the show.

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>>133063221lol love how he straight up killed that mf eel

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>>133061976We may never know ALL the superpowers Gretel has.Maybe she can teleport or change shape or has heat-vision.She kept interrupting the aliens and they finally gave up, exasperated.

>>133061976The power to break the 4th wall and alter the reality of her world. We already know they live in a cartoon because hamster is aware of it in one of the episodes. If gretel wasn't a kid she'd probably be way more powerful and able to harness this ability to it's fullest potential instead of it happening at random comedic times.

>>133042276Name of both?

>>133055472>>133055487>Industrycuck strikes again

>>133066067So Hamster and Gretel is his new target after TGAMM?

>>133066096how many series have to be canceled before this autist gets what he needs?!

>>133064972>or has heat-vision.This was confirmed in the latest episode. Oddly enough, it doesn't work on cold-blooded creatures.

>>133066628think it was first confirmed in the second ep (Recipe for Disaster)

>>133064410Can Hamster defeat Omni-Man and Homelander?


>>133067687Hamster is basically furry Saitama, so yes

I need a 1080p link please

>>133066067>>133066096I fear that his next target might be Kiff and Suburbion just beacuse the creators got two shows greenlight by the same company right off the bat...

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>>133069595to be fair to the creators of kiff their shows are the kind of wacky comedy disney is looking for right now and I'm certain disney must have a lot of faith in their ideas to greenlit two of their shows

>>133064410Here's the webm.

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>>133030809>dog get's superpowers>it starts to do evil things>gretel defeats him but he gets away at the end everytime>it's an agent p situation where gretel doesn't know about his real identity because of his supervillain disguisewould be kino

Taking requests

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>>133073060Gretel trying to get Kevin's attention

>>133073060an hypno cheerleader show.

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I love this!!

>>133073060Supervillain Hamster and Gretel, or just Gretel if you prefer drawing her.

>>133073060Hiromi in a bikini at the beach with big tits holding a beach ball.

>>133073060Big and buff muscular Hamster.

>>133073060One of the cheerleaders getting hypno powers from the aliens and muttering “but I want to help people” after they tell her to be evil

>>133073548Left three are based on Kim Possible characters right three are based on Amphibia trio

>>133073060Bed hair Gretel from the latest episode

>>133030744Fred is the best

>>133065771Think they are background characters.The non background characters are the two in the backgroundwoah


>>133077272I'm just hoping user delivers at this point

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>>133073060Basically what >>133067687 said

>>133073060Gretel and Hamster meets Wanda and Vision.

How come everyone critiques Gretel's design for no-neck, but Peter Griffin gets a pass?

>>133080383Because Petter is a fucking fatso

>>133078971I thought this was a spiral at first

>>133080489I know, right? Incredible how our eyes deceive us sometimes kek

>>133080553Yeah, I think there are just some shapes the human being is naturally inclined towards. Junji Ito knew that all too well

>>133030744Is this from the guys who created Phineas and Ferb?

>>133046770>>133046780What is happened her legs on green lines?


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>>133073060Fred punching out the Asian cheerleader in a boxing match.

I caught the replays, it's a solid show!

so the show is about a girl and her pet hamster who obtained superpowers but the focus of the show is her big brother who is just an average joe with no superpowers.

>>133084185It's kinda like Phineas and Ferb where the Boys are the plot but Candace is the MC

My favorite still from the first episode I haven't watched the second all the way yet I'm doing it now>>133044995I have been in the Molly threads since the beginning the Trandrea thing was done by one or two posters and was generally hatedWe didn't like it then and don't like it now.>>133045068Pease stop going off topic and talk about H&G if I wanted to talk about Molly I'd go to the TGAMM stealth thread or the /trash/ thread.Adding an extra episode called The End does not mean its going to end nobody does that shit.There isn't an episode called the beginning it means the end of something based on the status quo.Might be the end of the ghost world from destabilization from lack of misery or it could be the end of JinxThe creator himself said more views equals more seasons so they aren't planning for the show to end and he wouldn't give hopium if he knew it was cancelled.Just look at the D+ numbers even before all the episodes were available

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>>133084451>or it could be the end of JinxI think they'd most likely defeat her in the episode that's clearly the designated final boss fight against her and wouldn't need a whole extra episode to do that, and either way she's going to get redeemed because she's both already dead and an actual character with a personality so they're not going to obliterate her soul like with the first chairman

>>133054351This episode had many funny jokes

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>>133084451The actual creator had to come on and say it didn't mean the show was cancelled.

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What did Dan mean by this?

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>>133032289I feel Fred,Vanessa and Melissa will like each other on that crossover...

>>133084595That's what I forgot to mention but yeah someone is going out of their way to hate.Gretel would call that dude cringeSo would Molly>>133084495I would like to think that its the end of Jinx being Jinx and she retires but I bet her being reincarnated into a baby would get more views.She could even keep her memories and everything but be physically incapable or acting upon them (maybe the baby of the ghost loving family who almost bought the mcgee house)

>>133084662You just know...

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>>133084451fair enough, I think Molly is a good show btw, just sick of all the hate being thrown at this show

>>133084662That little sisters are the best pets of all.

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>>133081887cute art

Dan stop reusing the melody of your old P&F songs in H&G it's noticableyoutube.com/watch?v=_tzbWWA1awE



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if Candace is 5'8", is Linda fuckin 5'10"?ditto Mrs Hirano. are we to believe she's a 5'10" japanese woman? do they make those? and if so, where can I get one?


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>>133087798Also reuses BGM from MML too.youtube.com/watch?v=WwZkN_LtsCA10:23-10:58)

>>133073060Gretel stretching showing off some armpit

hmm kinda sus how well these songs fit togetherrave.dj/WRyM36j0m-qemA

>>133076462Impresive. But yeah, is possible that those girls may have names in the show.

>>133080383>>133080457Here, this is what a no-neck person in the real world looks like

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>>133073060the world needs an image of gretel and her brother dressed as tai and kari and the dog dressed as tokomon

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>Hamster and Gretel has been out for weeks.>Already getting bootleg merchandise using from someone’s deviantart.

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>>133088697And here, this is a girl with no neck in the real world

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Even with eyebrows she still doesn’t look right.

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>>133089139Someone earlier pointed out her eyes having pupils. Too doll-like, too uncanny.