What is Holla Forums's thoughs on Barbie?

What is Holla Forums's thoughs on Barbie?

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>>133022300They should make an Amish barbie, now that would be a good one.

>>133022313By Mattel.

>>133022300For my dick

>>133022300i like her friend Daisy

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>>133022300Surprisingly funny sometimes


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>>133022300>"God loves ugly. Barbie doesn't."Savage.

One of the best parts of Toy Story 3, and apparently Life In The Dreamhouse was pretty good. No idea what the live-action movie is going to be like, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

>>133022300soiled by Weinstein

>>133022300Prefer Midge but still good enough for my dick

>>133022496hot damn

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>>133022861It’s looking pretty good so far, as long as they don’t fumble the story I’m also cautiously optimistic

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FACT: Barbie is not even the best girl in her own franchise.

What about Skipper?

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>>133023494Well duh, every Barbiefag knows best girl goes to Steffie



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I played with barbies and other dolls as a kid but the barbie cartoons were never appealing to me. I only remember the swan's lake one. Is there any othrr barbie content worth watching?

>>133023378i do love that they made her wardrobe look more like the mid 80s-90s cutesy bimbo erabarbie is def going to shit recently

>>133024236>Is there any othrr barbie content worth watching?Life in the Dreamhouse.Raquelle is great and the fourth-wall humor is clever as hell.

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>>133024236Life in the Dreamhouse is surprisingly good

>>133023538I like her

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>>133022300Barbie shuold be Bi

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>>133024266The last 6 years have been rough, I'm hoping the movie is good enough to revitalize the brand

>>133025286No. Keep faggotry to a minimum and never market it to little girls.

>>133025594Those little girls grow up to be lesbians regardless, Barbie is a lot of girls homosexual awakening

>>133023378She looks amazing

>>133022300Old movies were leagues better

>>133023538Not canon. Only Kelly exists


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The new series is pretty boring. Life in The Dreamhouse was better than it had any right to be.

She helped me understand my white privilege.

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>>133022300Girls who grew up with barbie are easy to deep dick.

So there was that one time Barbie called out the "I'm just joking you're too sensitive" people...youtu.be/gpXI2c8n-lA

>>133024236Barbie and the Rockers. There's lots of 80's Jem and the Holograms-esque cheese, fighting for world peace, space travel, time travel, and Barbie kissing little girls.youtu.be/ViJQh0if-yU

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>>133022300This episode gave me a clone fetish

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>We Barbie now.

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>>133026172Barbie and Lois Lane are the only women I'd trust on this subject, because they've experienced being black as well as white.

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>>133026275>>133026172I like these.Children's media often has some kind of message. These felt straightforward and positive.Not some contrived plot where they have to dance around the topic with allegory.Yeah I know we're on the forum of degeneracy and hate, but you've gotta have media out there with an optimistic angle.

>>133026456Why they bother creating a new black character when they already had Nikki?

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>>1330264561.Barbie has been "inclusive" for well over half a century2.Bratz dolls literally 100% totally supplanted barbie as the go to doll for little girls at one point. They lost totallyband utterly. They litteralkybhad to use military grade lawyers to sue them out of existence

>>133022300Can't believe no one has posted best girl yet

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>>133026580Remember when Bratz had a live action film and Barbie didn't?Remember how Jon Voight was in this and the first Michael Bay Transformers the same year?

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>>133026606That's what Ken said!

>>133026567They're constantly making new characters, there were black characters before Nikki

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>>133026566Yeah I agree. I see some of the PSA type episodes kids shows have now where they never directly say the what it's about, kind of like that skeleton remote episode of K.O. and I can't help but feel like if I saw that when I was a kid it totally would've gone over my head. Then comparing that to the episode of Gargoyles which I did see as a kid where one of them accidentally shoots and fatally injures someone with a gun really stuck with me and made me certain that I'd never play around with a gun, not that I would have anyway but still. I heard the episode was censored and in some places outright banned for gun violence, it's a real shame. Probably why shows now dance around the issue. TV sucks and outright showing a problem has idiots claim it's glorifying the issue.


>>133022300She is Max Steel's girlfriend.

>>133026566I like that this one >>133026275 has Barbie talking from both the perspective of someone who doesn't like that and who has done it herself. I think it's more effective than her just preaching at you and saying "If you do this you're bad" and easier to relate to.

>>133026172>>133026567Nikki my girl

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>>133026567I wanna...I wanna...Squeeze her hair poofs.


So are Barbie's parents just so bad at parenting that Tutti, Todd and Krissy just died or were lost?

>>133027791Don't forget KellyBut maybe for every generation that comes out, Barbie's family changes except for her

>>133026412I had the vhs

>>133027912>KellyShe was just renamed, oddly enough.

>>133022300Lemme see those sandal toes my nigga.


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Boring, I think you have to be a woman to understand the appeal of this toy line

Why aren't we nominating Barbie for ms. Holla Forums again?

>>133026275It's "it's ok to feel depressed sometimes" Barbie for me

>>133028762Forgot linkyoutube.com/watch?v=aTmrCqbfjH4

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>>133028233Don't they have to originate as a cartoon character or something? Or am I just getting that mixed up with the must originate as video game character rule for smash

>>133029256Cartoon/Comic I mean

>>133028003>She was just renamed, oddly enough.Chelsea gets called "Kelly" once in Life in the Dream House to induce existential feelings.

>>133028219Yeah, so? No one asked you, manon.

>>133022300sarong + one piece swimsuit = pure sex


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>>133022300>babysit nieces>uncle user, we want to watch that barbie movie>oh great this is going to be sh->huh, nu-Barbie is actually good

>>133026557>Black Barbie>OreoYou just know they said "fuck the focus groups".

The new series Barbie is one of the few actually positive role models on kids tv. She works hard, studies hard, plays hard, is emotionally positive and social. We need more shows like this.

>>133031618Which movie?

>>133022300Her cartoons are pretty damn good desu

>>133031866The new one, "Mermaid Power".


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>>133022300My sister really liked the DVD movies she had in the 2000s.

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>>133035002I would

>>133022300Is Barbie white?She always seemed a little on the brown side.

>>133035349It's called a tan

>>133035349She has that 70s Malibu tan

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> Media targeted at young males is so afraid to be sexist, they remove al sexiness from product> Media targeted at young females is so destitute they need to broaden their appeal to include young males> ...> Barbie is now fappable

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>>133025286Silly user every attractive Holla Forums girl is Bi.

>>133028219i think it's actually more gay for you to not be attracted to barbie than for there to be no appeal anonalso life in the dreamhouse is pretty funny

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>>133034498Mine too. I always thought Princess and the Pauper was surprisingly good.


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>>133035501>tan linesMUH

>>133035002best version of Chelsea

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Ooh! Chelsea looks WAY better than Barbie!

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why does Dreamtopia Barbie look so underaged?

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>>133035165Would what?

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>>133036859Wouldn't you like to know, Mr. Bond?

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>>133026419>>133026439>>133026025>>133023538 >>133024322Barbie Jr. is my favorite character in Life in the Dreamhouse.Barbie Jr. Jr. is okay at best.Now Kelly was top tier.Anyone here like the most popular girls in school? Or Sam and Nicki?

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I wonder what it would be like to depants her when she’s wearing a one piece swimsuit and a sarong(As in pull down her sarong

>>133022300literal toddler audience

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>>133022313FOR BIG KEN COCK (BKC)

>>133022313for hot glueing

>>133022300is this from one of the latest direct to video movies

>>133022313For Cum Jar

>>133035573>nowBoy, do I have a story for you.en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bild_Lilli_doll

>>133030714dat ending, Ken is lucky

I remember hearing that one of the 2010s DVD movies gets real bonkers real fucking quick. I know that doesn't narrow it down, but I would like to know more>>133026275>>133028779Shit, these are actually good

How does barbie do it?How doe she manage to get not so awful, "cringe-worthy" content?

>>133042585Because she can do anything, user.

>>133042585Wokesters think Barbie is a misogynistic relic so you're left with sane writers and fans of the original doll. The franchise also has a good amount of cash to spend on top people.

Anyone got any of those edits form the comics they made for the Programmer Barbie?The one where she didn't do jack shit, just let the two guys in her group do all the work while she claimed the credit?

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>>133036817Seriously, she looks younger than Skipper

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When do we get the VTuber Barbie?

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>>133041004Never mind it’s from dreamhouse adventuresBut what episode?

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Life in the dreamhouse was just about the funniest goddamned thing.

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>>133040015Idk why did ken became so popular from some random plush tuber

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>>133043590That storybook was a real trip

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>>133043590Oh, shit I remember those edits! Seconding this if anyone saved it.

>>133022300Anymore of Barbie in a swimsuit?


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>>133047561Wait, who's saying that?Is Barbie being passive-aggressive about the black guy not paying her? Or did she just get unpaid labor from the black guy?

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>>133048164She got unpaid labor. See >>133043590

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>>133048299Life in the dreamhouse is way better than it had any right to be

I really like some of these vintage illustrations

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>>133022300Was not a fan of my sister watching them over and over.

>Thst one fucking Barbie movie where Harvey Weinstein makes a cameo>And he acts as the producer of Barbie and her teenage friends no less

>>133041276>To a policeman who told her that two-piece swimsuits are banned in the street: "Oh, and in your opinion, what part should I take off?"interdasting

Barbie is cool af, totally underrated. Total power fantasy. She's beautiful and independently wealthy, has a cool car and a beautiful house and a handsome, loving boyfriend and has had every career. She's a smart, accomplished woman of many talents. You wonder how she has had all the time for all these exploits and adventures and I think the most obvious explanation is that she is able to reincarnate over and over and live different lives. It is also possible that what she see are different iterations of Barbie across different dimensions (implying a Barbie multiverse that revolves her as a sort of Goddess). An Andy Weir's 'The Egg Situation' where every Barbie lifetime helps contribute to her understanding of humanity and the world.Reminder that Barbie has been a goddess multiple times.

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>>133050578>>133050565>>133050549>>133050532>>133050511>>133050494>>133050484>>133050465mid century modern barbie?



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>>133043760Barbie Dreamtopia is so lolirific

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>>133053027very annoying as a boy teenager hearing the same three direct to video barbie movies

>>133044943Raquel (or however it's spelled) >> Barbie.But damn they're all hot.

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>>133054220>>133053538>>133026606It hurt me to find out this is the only Barbie media she's in


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>>133023378Woah this actually looks great, I could see this being part of a playset

>>133048164why is Joseph Joestar overseeing a slave plantation? what is this?

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>>133056300jokes like these always got me life in the dream house is pretty damn funny at times

>>133054507You mean this version of Raquelle. There's been like 2 previous iterations, both serving as rivals to Barbie

>>133050465Any more of them? She looks do good in those 50s teenage outfits

>>133056448Yeah this version. I didn't care for the others but this Raquelle is really enjoyable and I wish she was used more.

It's not fucking fair...

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>>133057600Out of Stock. And since LitDH isn't the current iteration of Barbie Show, it will likely be Out of Stock forever. And who would want to buy a used doll that comes with a 200% chance of having been hotglued several times.

Always liked the aesthetics of Barbie media, but generally the story/character quality isn't there. The first few CG movies were fine, most notably Princess and the Pauper, and Life in the Dreamhouse was decent, but overall, it's a waste of a great aesthetic.

>>133058107Anon a majority of Barbie sellers aren’t coomers, you’re more likely to deal with scalpers selling the dolls for $200+

Reminder that Barbie had not one, but two ongoing titles that lasted over 50 issues

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>>133056456You can find a fair amount of the old booklet art that was used to advertise outfits in the 60s

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Seriously, how old is this Barbie suppose to be?

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>>133059367Barbies age is whatever age she needs to be to be whatever she wants to be

>>133022300Life In The Dream House had no right to be as good as it was.

>>133059367old enough to drive, not old enough to drink.

>>133022300Breeding slave

>>133040015Ken doesn't have a cock, so he just watches me use her instead.

>>133060020You stick them both up your ass, you faggot.

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Goosebros... not like this...

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>>133022300It's for little girls. I'm a grown man. Those are my thoughts. Thanks for listening.

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>>133058723>long-running Marvel Barbie comicDid Spider-Man guest star?

>>133059984>Breeding slaveShe's a fashion doll, man. You can't just say that without a pic showing an appropriate outfit.

>>133063711Raquelle realizes she's plastic. It's fantastic.

>>133022300All I remember is that fucking horny ferret

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>>133065371Those toy jokes were really funny.

>>133065371Dang I miss Dreamhouse. Been a long time but it was so on point with its humor.


>>133026275Fucking hell, that pause in the middle comes off so natural. I'm not saying whoever voices Barbie here is the best voice actress ever, but she does a damn sight better than you'd expect for fucking Barbie Vlogs

Fuck you, Holla Forums, you've got me down a rabbithole where goddamn BARBIE is giving me so many fucking feelsyoutube.com/watch?v=4fXlEVdc_CQ

>>133057600Out of stock, no more being made, will have to deal with scalper prices. Shit sucks man.

>>133066645The Barbie Vlogs are honestly really fucking good major props to the people they had working on those

I want to fuck Barbie.

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Barbie or Raquelle?

>>133022313For Big Max's Cock

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>>133022300I'm a Skipper man m'self

What's the name of the gay villain from Pauper? My girlfriendmade me watch it and I think he's one of the funniest children's media villains of all time.


>>133023378It won’t be the same if they don’t use the song though it’s literally about Barbie’s world

>>133048299Won't this teach kids to burn the house down

>>133050465My old lady neighbor has this pic framed in her bathroom

>>133050549I thought pin ups implied you used them to jerk off

>>133070079It implies that you pin the picture on the wall.


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>>133070028No because given kidney Blythe msnicnssn ysnr what they see on tv and apply it it real like Kids aren’t judging off of cliffs to chase the chore are they?

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>>133070306Nice. Anymore?

>>133070306The thing about sex with Barbie is that I don't think she'd ever get naked. She'd always obsess about having the perfect top, hair accessories and heels on while you've got her bottomless for access.

>>133070309>kidney Blythe msnicnssn ysnrDid you have a stroke there

You were supposed to be watching the door...

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>>133071281What is she planning?

>>133071367Usually, ways to rape Ken.

She can defeat Batman

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>>133026439She is a serial butt toucher.

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>>133056715Who's she?

>>133058107>hotgluedClever wordplay user

>>133058135It's the latter movies that lost that initial core message of Barbie that virtue and change comes from character, not the shallow consumerist perspective, which is ironic considering the later movies really ham in that match to the Mattel business model

>>133059367Old enough

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Attached: 0c521a1e1396a12af59fef04ef7efb7fb6efe13c46fa33245f31dc3affc63951._SX1080_.jpg (1080x608, 70.24K)

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>>133072388That looks really cute and fun. Have you watched it?

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>>133072475canonically more skilled

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>>133072801oh ok

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>"i don't hear anything">"perfect!"LitD was way better than it had any right to be.

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>>133074211Was waiting for somebody to post something from this episode. All the jokes of them being made of plastic were funny.

>>133063742Sorry, you're right. Is this a better outfit for breeding slave Barbie?

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>coomer ruins perfectly good Barbie thread Tragic but unsurprising

>>133028779When will barbie vlog and tell me how to unfuck my piss poor genetics that keep me forever suicidal and cripplingly depressed to the point where my entire life has been filled full of meaningless escapism that never works, and I'm a handful of minor inconveniences away from trying to end it all for the 14th time? Nothing I've tried has helped. I'm so fucked that all my doctors give up and quit on me. The only thing that DID help was falling in love with someone who said they felt the same way, but was actually just lying an abandoned me when I needed her the most because I was "too depressed and nothing she did helped." Except it did, but I apparently don't show it/emotions the way 'normal' people do... I'm probably autistic or schizoid on top of all this shit. Fml.

>>133074863 throw everything away and move to start a new life somewhere else, complete and total fresh restart

>>133056213this looks like those dumbass faces in analog horror

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>>133022313For Max Steel (literally me when I was a kid)

>>133022313For me

>>133074863You just need to be yourself bro

>>133022300She cute

>>133036868That energy.

>mfw they don't know i'm the one holding barbie hostage, ransoming her for one million dollars

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Remember that one episode where Raquelle ended up in a bizarro dimension where she was the most popular girl in town and hated it? Good times.

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>>133022300So is there a Skipper here?

>>133026412Barbie the pedo?

>>133022300I love Barbies

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I'm getting sick of these Raquellecucks shitting up these threads.

>>133082008Shut up, Ken

Does Holla Forums own a Barbie with a Holla Forums themed fashion?

>>133082289>physically deteriorates waiting outside Barbie's front door while she picks out clothes

>>133036367For sure. Also, Stacie.

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>>133035701Fuck yes, Princess and the pauper is unironically a great movie, all the songs are amazing. youtube.com/watch?v=3fz34yzBAEchttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5otYUHbaJX8&t=51shttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTPw0YeQs5AThe princess and the pauper dvd actually had a karaoke extra for all the songs, and I used to sing the songs when no one was in the house kek.Magic of the Pegasus and 12 dancing princesses was also kino. Though, Magic of the Pegasus has the best barbie movie dress, in my opinion.

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Thread theme.youtube.com/watch?v=CQoIh4VUB9s


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>>133083138What is it with old PC Barbie games having insane soundtracks? youtu.be/g6e0ybUXjCMhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHY6-m2TKy8

>>133082846>>133083138>>133083322I can see they don't cheap out on the music for Barbie.

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>>133036433when she sees your dick

Where to watch Dream house?

>>133084274I think all eps are on the Barbie YouTube channel

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>>133084274Pretty sure it's on the official Barbie youtube channel or if you have Netflix it along with a shit ton of other Barbie shows/movies are on there too.

>>133084438When did Chelsea grow up?

>>133084319Is it?

>>133050465Does Barbie have any good comics?

>>133022300The limbs are all just a little too long and skinny and the heads a tad too small so it lands on the cusp of the uncanny valley.


I want to kiss Midge

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>>133074863You can't expect somebody else to solve your problems for you. Expecting that just makes you a selfish asshole, and my life is fucked man. I know damn well I can't expect anyone else to deal with that. Your expectations aren't reasonable.

>>133027027Here's where the effectiveness lies when it comes to racial stuff being taught to kids and honestly even teenagers. It has to be taught in a way they don't feel accused of stuff out of their control or start hate themselves. It is by all means a privilege lecture, but it's taught through the idea of "your friend may be struggling with things you don't see due to racism and you can help by listening to them"Think about how teens in the early 2010s were first introduced to these concepts. It was how the SJW meme was born to begin with, the most self righteous prick in whatever message board finger-wagging at everyone else and making it clear it was their mission to "fix" everyone. No one wanted to listen due to how obnoxious those people actedIt honestly is weirdly eye opening. Not only would the internet be totally different but most of us would be looking at totally different versions of ourselves had Tumblr had the tact of a fucking Barbie PSA

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>Martin Short>Kelsey Grammer>Angelica HoustonThe earlier movies had surprisingly strong casts.

>>133026412>>133081628>Barbie goes back in time and makes sure this little girl will love her forever>then Barbie goes back to the future, where that girl has grown into a woman who has given her daughter to BarbieHoly shit. Barbie doesn't just groom little girls. She grooms multiple generations of girls.

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>>133087953Wow she's literally me

>>133088201Pedo Doc Brown?


>>133086956I never expected anyone to fix me. All I was saying is that the only thing that ever helped was her. It's hard to explain. Or maybe it's not and I'm just retarded when it comes to writing out my feelings. Basically, She made me find a motivation in myself that nothing else ever has. I ate better for her sake. I went to the gym and lost 100lbs so that she wouldn't be embarrassed by me too much. I sat through a job that pushed me to the brink of offing myself near daily, because I wanted to support her. But it turns out that no matter how hard I tried, I... I guess I was still too broken. And her leaving me broke me more than anything else, and now I'm worse off than before I even met her.To keep more on topic, though; I'd be open to collecting some barbies if they weren't so... I don't know. Cheap looking. Like, I'm 100% down to get a japanse BJD like a smartdoll or something, but that would murder my wallet. And barbie/bratz dolls are just... Not up there on my 'pretty' scale.

>>133063071I would slap her ass too ngl

>>133024236most of the early 2000s movies are fondly remembered. princess and the pauper was my favorite growing up, but rapunzel, swan lake, nutcracker, and 12 dancing princesses are all generally well liked too

>>133072801More skilled in what?

Is there seriously a fucking Barbie fandom now?


>>133089647We've always existed, user. The Barbies shows and movies are surprisingly good.


>>133089692Anon, Barbie has done literally everything.

>>133089647barbie has had a fandom since the 1950s user, where have you been?

>>133087953Barbie has good taste in both mothers and daughters.

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>>133075754Is Chelsea a coprophile?


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>>133089496So you have the motivation. You just need to find a better job.