DC Super Hero Girls

Now that the dust has settled, who was best girl?

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>>133017990I'm a Karafag, but the retarded abeja just too cute.

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Yeah sure greatJust spam threads one after the other, that's real swell

>>133018126Had to make sure those art deliveries from last thread came in somehow.Besides, it’s not like this doesn’t happen literally every day, all the time.


>>133017978As if it needed to be asked

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>>133017990Karen is really cute, especially when she’s not nervous or shy. I actually like when she’s confident more, I think.

>>133017990Reminds me of best girl Zee

I really do hope we get to see the rest of season 2. Be it through the showrunners leaking everything after some official cancellation announcement, or the or an actual release. I just want more DCSHG, man.

So I never watched the TTG crossover because I hate TTG. Was it any good? How much does it interact with the DCSHG stuff?

>>133018789Its whole framing is "teen titans go sucks" and they watch a mostly uninterrupted super hero girls movie. It's not the worst sendoff the show could get, especially if it ends up in rotation of the daily 14 hours of teen titans go and leads people to seeking out the superior waifu series.

>>133018959Alright, I might watch it then. I do want to see how things went between Zee and her mom since I heard on one of these threads that she’s in it.

Zee and Bee


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>>133019362Would impregnate and then ditch.

Zatanna is always the best no matter the show

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>>133019362Based fellow Cassie chad.

>>133019597That she is.

>>133019362Casey is far too underrated. She's super cute and chubby.

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>>133019999Prime breeding material

>>133018174Shy girls are boring so it’s really nice that it’s not the entirety of Bee’s personality

I wanna snuggle up with zee at night

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>>133017978They're all best girl. I'd happily live my life with any of them.

>>133017978Wholesome unprotected sex with Kara.

>>133017978Diana. I was a WWfag before but Diana is exactly the type of girl I would choose from the team. So it is a double win I guess. I got fond of Jessica for some reason, she had really good solo episodes I think. All the Zatanna posting made me really horny for her. The rest of the girls I like but nothing special.As for the supporting cast, I love Tatsu for the same reason as Diana. Exotic autist girly tomboy warrior

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>>133021372Tatsu is a damn good choice. I was a Tatsufag for a short while, but moved to Zee when katana wasn’t getting many episodes.

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>>133022430Their autism was the highlight of the series for me.

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>>133018240Is it the two e's?

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>>133022862Based Clark


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>>133022820Zee should've worn her theatre outfit more often.

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>>133023906I'm oddly attracted to facemask and hair rolls Zee

>>133019362Sort of looks like May from pokemon in this pic, which is my favourite pokegirl so I'm beggining to like her just for that

>>133024750I kinda want art of Casey cosplaying as May now.

>>133017978Karafag. Now and forever.

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>>133025444Beautiful chompers.

>>133025444Isn’t that an edit of the original image?

>>133026528Yep. An edit for the better, honestly.

>>133026039The best.



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>>133018959We all know that's never gonna happen

Who tops

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>>133028359It’s a competition every time

>>133028359Neither, Diana is massive sub and Kara is a power bottom. In a way they still top you though, after all they are super heros, you dont get much say in what you do.

>>133028570>after all they are super heros, you dont get much say in what you do.hot

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Bee...sucking dry...feels good...although it hurts...

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>>133028947I...i...i didin't tell you to stop...

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>>133028947She got that turbo abeja cabeza.


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>>133017978I always gravitate towards Kara

You're going on a first date with your favourite girl. Where are you taking her?

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>>133029409Zee, olive garden.

>>133029409Kara. Most likely a movie date. A horror movie specifically.

>>133029449She would never be caught with such peasant food.

>>133030004Exactly, if she doesn’t want a second date after that I know I don’t have a chance in hell.

>>133030004>Zee in a stereotypical trench coat and sunglasses because she refuses to be seen at Olive garden >Stuffs 9 baskets of bread sticks in her hat and one in her purse >On top of the 3 baskets she ate during the meal

>>133030220Based Zee desu

>>133030220Based Zee. Those Olive Garden breadsticks are god-tier

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>>133029409Babs, McDonald's with a playhouse.


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>>133029409I'm taking Kara to Five Guys

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>>133030923You just know their sex would be just as aggressive. Be it with each other or someone else.

>>133031349One can only hope.

>>133029409For a walk

>>133031070Okay, but can you lend a hand? Or mouth?

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>>133022430>>133022744>>133017978Katana was best girl and deserved better.

>>133032120Carol deserved better

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>ywn rest your head on zee’s thighs after a long day

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>>133029006The bee!

>>133033288God, what I wouldn’t give to rest my head on her lap. The thickness, the softness, the warmth. The smell.

>>133033695Very expensive soaps and conditioners I imagine.

>>133033811My semen.

>>133032675*deserved to get cucked harder

>>133033288It hurts, bros.


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>>133035318Bitch, make up your mind

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>>133035612>that imageI fucking love this board


>>133029409Bee. Stay at home date and sit through one of those Twilight knock-offs for her.

>>133033288That reminds me of that greentext that was later used for some user's small VN demo thing.It was another really cute greenie with user getting to lay on the Zee's thighs.

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Supergirl > Wonderwoman > batgirl > Zee > Green lantern > Bee

>>133036567Truly the best ending.

Which girl would be the best to cuddle with?

>>133037208Zee, followed very closely by Jess

>>133037208>Zee's had a long day >Show interrupted by random villain fight, but she powered through because the show must go on >finally gets back to the dressing room >melts in user's arms >can finally decompress

>>133037442>You will never cuddle with Zee after one of her magic shows

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>>132928613 Here ya go

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>>133038647I'm the og requester. Damn fine work, Stew. You've made my penis very happy today, thank you

>>133038647That’s incredible. Thank you for making this.

Great job aswell, Porkchop if you're here. Also Him's outfit literally is a Santa suit. He was originally supposed to be called Satan Claws but CN didn't allow it

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Would zee top or bottom

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>>133038647Epic work, drawfriend

>>133039293technically neither >goads you into rough sex with lots of choking and hair pulling She's the kind of girl that understands there is a dance to things. No responding passively, no asking for permission, just understand the dance of what she's *actually* asking for if she's sexually aggressive, pushing you against the wall, biting your lip, etc. She doesn't want to be in control, she wants you to be incensed. Then channel that into what she's actually desiring. She'd only explicitly get into what she wanted in bed if for some reason she was trying to "make it work" and fix your immasculine hover handing numale faggotry before you were forever ruined in her eyes as a sexual partner. Having to explain how eroticism works defeats the whole purpose. >One chance so be a fast learner

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>>133039293I’m not sure. The best way to describe it would be her teasing you into fucking her brains out.


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>>133038647Could we get a nsfw alt version with the dude's dong out, please?

Do you guys think Zee has a pudge?

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>>133040923A tiny one.

>>133040923I hope so, she could pull it off.

>>133040374Sex fans are really desperate, huh?

>>133041118>Sex fansYou mean everyone?

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>>133041118>>133041202>average sex fan vs average celibacy enjoyer

>>133040374Sorry. Didn't really have time to do an alt.

>>133040923>no Grew out of the pudge. Doesn't exercise so is soft bodied but does keep her weight in check through diet and activity level from performing/super heroism. Would definitely give her own daughter a weight complex for being as big a chonker in their adolescence as she was by over mothering (to make up for her own lack of a mother) and it would take Dad behaving like her Father to get her to calm down and stop ruining the kids childhood with overattention.

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>>133038647Ridiculously based

>>133038647good work.

>>133034455How would that be possible short of Hal fucking Jess in front of her?

>>133038647We are so blessed

>>133042242Between all the new art and the devs telling us the VN's still being worked on, these last few DCSHG threads have been pretty blessed.

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I need her to sit on my crotch NOW

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>>133043692I need her to sit on my face NOW

>Zee teasingly rubs a circle over her ample asscheek as she bends over, each looking like a globe in her tight pants>”Oh, this? My booty? My bubble butt? My rrrrump? My bouncy caked-up dumptruck? My thunder-clapping wobble wagon?”

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>>133043928Its been five minute, she is still giving her ass nicknames…


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>>133044569...where are the milk duds?

>>133044919You gotta look for them.

>>133044419She can keep at it all night, honestly. Zee using increasingly dirtier and lewder names to describe her ass is fucking hot.

>>133045407Zee would and she would own it. Whenever she wants to make her bf bust his pants she just rattles off dirty names, its her favorite little trick.

>>133043928God she should've worn that outfit more often. It really shows just how great that ass is.

>>133043928Based Zee proud of her bubble butt

>Zee struggling to fit into jeans

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>>133046635Thats my fetish.

>>133046635it would be easier for her than jess

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>>133040374>get sexy zee>request to see dickAnon, want to tell us something?

>>133047188que rico sexoooooo

>>133047188Jess… Easy on the carrots…

jess is for hugs, not lewds

>>133047188Vegans are historically rather tubby. Turns out just eating starches and carbs doesn't exactly build a hard body.

>>133043928Fuck I can hear Kari Wahlgren's voice. Good job on the dialogue.

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>>133047188Is Jess proud of her cartoonishly big booty or insecure about it

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>>133047842Naked hugs?

>>133048561canonically, jess is pretty timid when is about her booty

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>>133048561Very insecure and shy about it, until user reassures her, and she becomes more confident and proud of her big booty.

>>133049247>user turns her insecurity into exasperation by slapping it so often >so often her booty is normalized to her and she finally uses it's taught, firm girth against him >sure of herself that user had more of her booty than he bargained for, she's shocked at the latest "buenos días Jess!" slap to the behind >user didn't learn a thing>her cheeks clench expectantly, a part of her enthused at what comes next, as she feigns the required outrage to teach him this latest lesson

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>>133048824>It’s a quiet sunday morning>Jessica lies on her stomach, reading a book on celestial bodies on the bed.>She has one leg straight, one bent and pushed upwards.>And, well, you can’t help but staring.>Jessica’s a rather modest-sized girl except for her butt.>Her ass is enormous, when she’s Green Lantern it’s especially obvious as they practically balloon out of her bottom half.>One time you saw her attempt to try on jeans. The attempt in question led to several acts of jumping, bouncing, and rate cases of swearing.>It’s one of the many things you love about her, and it’s right in front of you like a prize.>”Whatcha readin?” You ask, knowing the answer as you lurk over her shapely buttcheeks like a predator.>”Oh, it’s just ab-“>You squeeze your digits over the ample amounts of flesh at a slow, measured pace.>You react downstairs pretty fast.>”Oo!” She squeaks.>you chuckle.>”What are you doing?” You don’t need to look at her face to know shes blushing>”I can see why you’re always wearing dresses. Must be impossible to fit this boo- beauty into anything.”>”T-That’s not funny.” Her voice wavers uncomfortably as she wriggles about. She thinks you’re teasing.

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>>133049926>This must be rectified.>”No, no, It’s wonderful, Jess. So round, so perfect…” You go on as you keep kneading the soft orbs of flesh>Theres a pleasing plushness that lets you play around with it, but there’s also a layer of muscle underneath.>You slowly peel down her sunflower-branded panties.>H-hngh…>The naked thing looks better than you could ever imagine!>At the center of the left cheek, there’s a black beauty mark>You’re now at concrete-level hardness>You squeeze what you can and give it a kiss. This earns a lusty giggle from Jessica.>Feeling emboldened, you rear->heh, rear.>You rear back your open palm and give a gentle slap, watching with interest as it jiggles lightly in response.>”Ooh! That hu-hu-huuurt!” She laughs.>You adjust yourself so you’re straddling her, hand on her back and your bulge against her naked ass.>All you can hear is your mingled shallow breathing as your brain is clouded by a hurricane of want.>You hurriedly lower your underwear and slide your dick inbetween the grand canyon. >You shudder.>”Ohhhh, god.” Jessica groans.>”You’re beautiful…” you mewl.>You spread her ass eagerly, her asshole plain as day to your eyes.>You sink your hands into each asscheek as you slowly, sloooowly pierce her.>”Haaaaaah.” She shivers, clasping both her hands together as her eyes clap shut.>It’s warm, and immeasurably tight. You have enough difficulty moving you might just blow a fuse right there.>As you go deeper, her anus continually flexes around your granite-level shaft. You both moan softly from the intense sensations.

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>>133049926>>133049625jess is not for lewds and greentext neither!

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>>133049960>”You’re perfect.” You moan as her asshole almost crushes your dick completely. It’s like being caught inbetween heaven and hell.>”Uuuuugh.” She grunts as she clutches for dear life onto the bedsheets.>Her body eventually relaxes and you get more room to move, and you slowly increase your speed, your hips rocking as you shift in and out.>There’s a slapping noise as you speed up a gear.>”Annnnnohnnnn. Oh, my…” She pleads.>Not at all thinking straight, you raise your hand and slap hard as you can.>”AH!” She yells in pain, but she begins to rock with you at a measured pace.>You gently wrap her hair around your hand and tug slightly, making her back arch.>You’re getting close, the both of you can feel it as your combined moans and gasps get louder and your actions turn more erratic.>You squeeze her buttcheeks harder one last time as red-hot flames spark through your entire lower half. You cum so intensely it’s slightly painful. You whimper and moan like a dog.>Jessica rolls her head back, and you can see her face.>Her left eye twitches and her eyeballs roll into the back of her head, a goofy half-smile on her face.>”A-ahhh!” She cries out.>your simultaneous orgasms last for what feels like an eternity.>After that, you both can hardly move.>You drop on her back and Jessica’s head lies against the bedsheets.>After the lovely haze of afterglow subsides, you pull out and decide to check up on her.>”Did…did that hurt?” You mumble.>”I don’t think i’ll be able to sit for a month.” She chuckles, her tired voice muffled against the bed>”How do you feel?”>”So fucking good.”>You smile, still feeling a warmth and wetness in your crotch.>You hardly ever hear her swear.>You think you like it.>”See? What’d i tell you? I love that big butt of yours.” You grin>”It’s not THAT big…”>”You know that’s not true.”.

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>>133050062>”Yeah, ok, i should slap yours, see how you like it.”>”You didn’t like it, you LOVED it.”>You get a pillow thrown in your face.>tough crowd.

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>>133049625>"Buenos dias Jess"

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>>133050062Im gonna have sexual thoughts about this later.

Good to see Jess getting some love. She always felt like the most overlooked girl out of the main group.

>>133050691I'd say Jess is my second favorite of the main group so it's nice seeing her getting some more love than usual. She's got one of the most lewd figures in the show. Small chest and huge hips is a kino combo.

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>>133050691Honestly, the girl who seems to get overlooked most, I think, is Diana. She doesn't really have the absolutely rabid fans that Zee or Kara have, and she doesn't have the small loyal core that Karen, Babs, and Jess have. Everybody just seems to like her, not LOVE her.

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>>133050959I find diana the most intensely erotic of the 6. I wanna introduce her to sex and listen to her moan and cry out to various gods

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>>133022862Hey I did that!

>>133050959We got Diana greentaxt last thread, I think Kara before that, Jess this time, while bee and zee are constant.Really Babs is the least.

>>133050904Would Jess want sex often

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>>133022862How older is Clark in comparison to Lois here?I guess it must be a maximum of 3-4 years?It's not that bad considering Lois is close to legal age

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>>133049625Carol is such a sticc compared to Jess.

>>133051538She will ask you eveey morning for her "daily ethically sourced protein intake", then get mortified when the othe girl find out about it.>>133051545I though the plot was>Lois and Clark were both in journalism>bit of rivalry>Clark graduates first>gets into THE media company quick>Lois partly jealousBut I guess it won't work since he gotta go to college.

>>133051538She would rival Babs libido.

>>133050691there were a tiime when jess was fairly popular, but of course after the show ending fanarts decreased except maybe for zee

>>133050959diana is cute as fuck, the problem is that she is Wonder Woman, and in this case there is much better versions of her

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>>133051753I'd still ruin that sticc

Imagine having Wonder Woman living with you>Getting a bigger car so she's not uncomfortable when you drive >teaching her that movies aren't real and people aren't actually dying in them>scolding her for hiding injuries from battle>Teaching her how to cook>explaining internet culture to herSpeaking of explaining internet culture Imagine explaining what 4chan is to your favorite girl. And what boards you like to visit.

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>>133054662>Diana watches Infinity War and spends the movie autistically pointing out what everyone should’ve done and how she’d never let this happen>”Why did professor strange not simply slice Thanatos’ left hand with the portal?”

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>>133054662>introducing Diana to video gamesDiana’s character gets sniped the second she leaves her team’s spawn.>Her “nemesis” taunts her, from his voice, he can’t be more than 12 years old.>”LAWL Get good cunt.”>You wince, covering your ears in fearful anticipation.>She clutches the right headphone in her hand, her fingers trembling in rage.>She might just break the controller in two>”GRAAAAAAH!” She yells. “COOCHIEKILLER_911, HAVE YOU CONSIDERED TAKING YOUR LIFE?! YOU SHOULD. NO ONE WOULD MOURN YOUR DEMISE!”

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>Diana’s body is covered in small scars>She happily recounts the story of them all in bed, while completely naked

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>>133054797More of this please

>>133050959>lonely at the top leader girl archetypes have a withering unapproachability in and out of universe. It'd be moderately persona shattering to see behind the curtain at the normal girl underneath perceptions of her. And discovering she spirals outside her comfort zone would make her "work" in a non fun way. Other girls weaknesses are ticks/quirks, Diana's weakness is both one note and tedious. >"I demand this spork table setting I have heard so much about!" >"...Diana, please be normal for literally 5 seconds"

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>>133054662>smol compact is too tiny for 6'5 Dianna.>Have to get trugg>fast forward months later she wants to learn how to drive herself>You Know this could be a cataclysmic disaster so you take her outside the city into the country>You tell her the basics, gearing, gas, break ect>she SMASHES her foot on the gas.>You wouldn't think a heavy ass trugg could haul ass but it's happening.

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>You huff as the immeasurably heavy box is barely nudged an inch off the ground.>all it has is her costume, sword, and shield in it. And combined they weigh ten thousand tons.>for secrecy, there’s her writing in cursive and yours in chicken scratch saying “PRIVATE DO NOT TOUCH”>Diana watches your struggle with her arms crossed. >”…Would you like me to-“>”I. Can. Do. It.” You grit your teeth as you brush her off for the 5th time.>You manage to briefly lift it 5 inches off and carry it for about 5 seconds before cropping it again. >What’s soon to be your home is isn’t a short walk from the driveway.>After weighing your options, you concede.>”…..pickupthedamnbox” you mutter.>”All you had to do was simply ask.”>She picks it up effortlessly, one-handed.>a smug look lies on her face as she bends down to give you a kiss on the cheek.>”You’re the worst.” You blush.>”Anything for you, my love.” She stacks another box on top of it for good measure.>You’re gonna stuff a plushie in her pillowcase.

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Jess is worst girlI want to see her get fat

>>133051538My rank of the girl's libidoBabs > Diana > Zee > Kara = Bee > Jess

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>Dianna and you are at the mall for the first time>You thought it would be a nice leisurely time wasterWRONG>She's losing her shit at every edgy thing she sees.>Trying to "protect" you from the evil weed clown merch to autistically going over the impracticality of tiktok core style.>In all it's fun but tiring.>It was worth it though, cause now you have a lot of outfits for her to try.

Attached: o.jpg (1000x562, 129.41K)

>>133032778>jerkdouglas is a KaraGarth shipperbased

>>133056711Hot Topic Diana when?

>>133051545Around that. Clark can't be any older than 21-22 in DCSHG. Kara even confirms that just a couple of years before the show started he was still Superboy.

>>133055020This one gets me. I'd totally stay up all night just listening to Diana recounting stories about how she got all her scars.

>>133056682They all have higher-than-average libidos compared to non-super hero girls.

What tags does your favorite girl look for when she wants to watch porn?

>>133057975>BabsHas an entire list of sites with Batman porn>JessToo much for her>KaraJust checks the front page and chooses what looks good>KarenCreampie>ZeeAnal>DianaDoesn’t watch porn, she’d rather have sex

>>133058310Ok, now which are the tags they are ashamed of liking/watching (you know, the kind they will never forget to use a private window for)


Introducing Diana to sex is sealing your fate to constant snu snu sessions. You are warned.

>>133059124>There is sex with men in mansworld?

>>133059124Diana’s been seen punching through solid steel, halting a car by hitting it really hard, tearing the chest of a robot open with her face, and fighting Kryptonians weekly.Any intimate encounter would be set by the enormous gulf in strength between the two of you. Can you imagine being held all over by a pent-up amazon screaming as she has her first climax?That’d be sick. Who on earth would want that?

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>>133059124>Diana’s about to finish and screams for her life, thinking shes about to fucking die

Attached: 9203DE70-2E4E-4207-B254-5C244348066A.jpg (1125x621, 464.74K)


Attached: 1482611899058.png (1280x720, 885.84K)

>>133059780>She ends up gaining a taste for it and demands "celebratory snu-snu" immediately after each victory, be it right in front of a crowd of people.

>>133017978>ywn be stalked by Karen Beecher

Attached: Karen Greentext.png (906x2848, 463.33K)

>>133061417Why even live, bros?

>>133058310>Karen>Creampie B a s e d I want to do lewd art with Karen about this

>>133061654DO IT

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Attached: emocionada-doris.gif (498x280, 2.27M)

>>133061417TFW Karen canonically has all the makings of a stalker with how fast she finds Hawkgirl's details

Attached: 1660642076984751.png (1435x1077, 890.92K)

>>133062473C'mon Kara!

>>133062473I'm game, bring it on!

>>133062491>HarleenDoesn't get much crazier than that. Fuck it, I'm down.



>>133062473just let the thread die, you useless faggots

>>133062473Let’s roll em. Rolling for Zee

>>133062918>JessI will not eat my veggies dammit

>>133062473Rollin' rollin' rollin'Get my waifu goin'Keep those dubs a rollin'For Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivvveeees

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>>133062945It's the second-to-last digit, user. You got Babs.

>>133061417What names did Karen pick for hers and user's kids?

>>133062955What voodoo magic is this?

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>>133062473Rollin for zee

Attached: 1636712649701.jpg (1637x2048, 284.81K)

>>133062473Oh dear. Well this can't be good.

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>>133062473bee sex bee pls

>>133063063Ah. Forgive me, I am colossally stupid.

>>133062473I also have one DCSHG roll I made though I usually withhold on posting them until the last 450+ bumps or so. I hope you don't get banned. Rolling.>>133062955wtf

fucking faggots


>>133063925>>133062894No one is forcing you to stay in this thread.

>>133064041no one is forcing you to be a bunch of autistic faggots

>>133064067Thanks for the free bumps, sucker

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>>133017978Where's the season 2 mega?


She likes it...

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>>133062473Rollin! RNG gods give me strength!

>>133064403Third best girl I'll take it!

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>Kara was originally even thicker

Attached: 9CE691B8-F625-48F7-AE34-3E475376E542.jpg (1125x639, 310.73K)

>>133063880HOLY SHITGot my waifu :)

Attached: FNFs8doacAIvZM9.jpg (1280x1280, 169.99K)

>>133064309Ajeba Negrita

Attached: BeeLover1488.png (900x480, 383.54K)

>>133062473gimme a 4

>>133062473Here we go


>>133064557kek, nice.

>>133064309Nectar sucker

>>133062473Whatever God wills, inshallah.

>>133064493Damn. Still, I'm happy with how thick Kara is now.


>>133059679>Doesn't know wonderwoman's one canonical weakness is men tying her up >[Spoiler]it's clearly a sex thing [/spoiler]

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>>133064557What a frighteningly cute little bee.

>>133059679>Who on earth would want that?More like who WOULDN'T want that?

>>133062069>The Bee having tiddies that large

>>133067871You say it like it’s a bad thing

>>133068642It is.

>>133069003Nuh huh.

Diana will appear on a variant cover for Dark Crisis: Big Bang #1 in December. For some reason.It's drawn by pin-up artist Nathan Szerdy. For some reason.

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>>133069361that's surprising I'm happy to see DCSHG acknowledged though

>>133069361Weird. Based. But weird.

>>133069361I'll buy an issue with this cover definitely

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Attached: Fc5qYlYagAAExCk.jpg (1771x1606, 176.01K)

>>133070172that's shampoo from ranma 1/2

Attached: 1663100522371203.jpg (850x979, 157.71K)

>>133070656I want to clean her... with my tongue

>>133070893I'd rather get her dirtier

>>133017978>the dust has settledIt's not though, they're gonna announce S3 any day now.

>>133071655Anon, you have to let go

>>133070656cute white cotton

>>133072816Perfect for staining.

>>133070656Too cute

>>133072778Let go of what? NO announcement of cancellation yet.


>>133070656Marriage material

>>133069361Weird, but nice to see DCSHG be acknowledged

>>133064557How lewd is Abeja's porn of user?


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Pose reference + a girl (minus zee) Go


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>>133078299>Carol a man of culture

>>133075712I still remember when I held onto that hope. Good times.


Attached: 1654468609463.png (975x991, 801.2K)

>>133069361Dark lipstick looks good on Diana, actually

>>133078196This with Selina.

Attached: 645456456.jpg (744x1052, 450.66K)

>>133078299>Carolbased beyond belief

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Welp apparently our show is the next one to get Zaslav-ed, that explains why Mayhem In The Multiverse never dropped on HBO Max.>twitter.com/heli5m/status/1571110850118975488

Attached: 1576216600768.jpg (1912x1072, 302.12K)

>>133080790>DCSHG >ever on HBOmax in the USA It's on Cartoon Network and their nonfunctional mobile app/website that isn't even part of a normal cable package. They've done everything in their power to try and kill the only show that CN has made in years that wasn't cancerous shit.

>>133080790The show was abandoned, I don't think they even remember about the "crossover".Anyway, I plan on getting the bluray... when it's on sale.

Attached: Color versions of early Green Lantern and Zatanna designs by Lauren Faust.png (689x642, 400.59K)

>>133080790We got two seasons, a few comics and a movie out of it. All things considered, we could've done a lot worse. Doesn't mean I wouldn't have wanted more DCSHG, though.

>>133081025Why is Jess a genie

>>133081630Because she can grant you wish(of having a fat assed gf).

>>133081630because she make my wishes a reality

>>133081630Dunno, but I'm glad she went back to a more traditional GL costume. The genie pants don't accentuate her fat ass nearly as well.

Attached: 1624117592785.jpg (720x720, 68.68K)

>>133082417>transparent pantsactually it would accentuate her fat ass even more, not mention, navel

>>133082484>Jess in transparent genie pants

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>>133080790IT’S OVER

>>133081604this, at least it was not that bad as a JLA

>>133083018Justice League Action really deserved better. It had great character designs, and a good-looking Diana in particular. I want to make a thread about it but it never catches on here

Attached: 450AB66C-48C0-489C-A06C-8AF9472820FF.jpg (1280x720, 110.8K)

>>133083262Most of these shows deserved better. The only one who doesn't is the only one they keep alive.

Imagine teaching Dianna simple things like >Not cooking toast while in the tub>Don't put metal in the microwave >Wear the wristband while using the Wii

Attached: 1661627074860979.jpg (680x684, 56.61K)

>>133083262>Justice League Action really deserved betterAgreedThey had the best version of Plas in cartoon, even though he is a retard. >good-looking Diana in particularI will always feel bad for misjudging the show and thinking she is a feminist cunt. If her hair was sleek and had no spikes, damn she would be perfect.

>>133083262Glines is fighting against the Timm art design that defined DCAU, even though DC has bastardized and sanitized his designs into Young Justice and absolute bullshit like the DC oneshots. The bigger problem is that Justice League Action leans so heavily into camp. You have to had watch the OG Justice League to have any grounding or understand it's references or tone. And beyond that, it doesn't do much else. Same problem/underpinning of Batman Brave and the Bold. Both unlike SHGs, which completely branched into it's own thing with it's own following. JLA could have been animated in the Timm style and would have been better for it. Because underneath it's art design it was just more of the same. They weren't willing to make something new to go along with the designs, which is a large part of why the Glines style was so polarizing. It's just "DC animated thing" but it doesn't have the look everyone has been conditioned to expect since 1991. They also sanitized all the lewd/sexiness from most of his characters. Like Timm, Glines is effectively a pinup artist and designs like picrelated got passed over for the more mundane ones that make it all look like calarts shovelware instead of the unique style he actually pioneered (that is so heavily in Timm's shadow)

Attached: EapVgHwU4AI8cfM.jpg (1059x2048, 103.07K)

>>133083604>The bigger problem is that Justice League Action leans so heavily into camp.What?! What was wrong with JLA being more kid friendly? You think kids knew or gave a shit about DCAU?! The reason JLA died is because of usual CN sabotaging and Mattel crappy toys. >Batman Brave and the BoldI don't like that shows, but it wasn't by any means a failure like JLA oe DCSHG to certain extent.

>>133083528people actually wore the wristband while playing the Wii?

>>133083677>What?! What was wrong with JLA being more kid friendly? You think kids knew or gave a shit about DCAU?!exactly. So making a show that 1. is diet DCAU and requires you to watch a 20 year old cartoon to even really understand it and 2. is babymode version of what came before outside of it's references an in jokes turned out to be a bad plan. Add on top of it all an artstyle that was turned from "retroanimation scion shane glines pinup fap fuel" into "baby kid toy bobblehead art" and here we are. CN is a fucking butcher when it comes to kill it's shows, but JLA sure didn't do itself any favors. Why it's relegated to a footnote conversation in a thread about about how much we want to _____ the kara/jess/babs/diana/zee/karen. The high point was the Zee episodes. One of the few deviations compared to Timm's JLU that was markedly superior in characterization and character design.

Attached: Screenshotter--Video72773-14968312261mp4-3’45”.jpg (2560x1440, 920.99K)

>>133083805>is diet DCAU>requires you to watch a 20 year old cartoon to even really understand itNopeJLA was his own thing. The only DCAU crap they had were geezeres Joker and Batman. >compared to Timm's JLU was markedly superiorFIFYJLU was hot garbage with shit writing and animation. JLA actually did way better showing different superheros and villians in it's short span than JLA ever did with their three seasons of steaming shit plot arcs. Again what killed JLA is the same thing as DCSHG, minimal marekting and bad slotting while shoving cheap TTG non-stop. >in a thread about about how much we want toThere's nothing to talk until we got official annocement the show is dead, then we could have overall discussion on the show instead of braindead waifuism.

>>133084002*we get

>>133084002>JLA was his own thingIt was fatally derivative and that is really saying something or "DC animated ______"And comedically over sanitized in both art design and storyline. BtAS, JLU, and StAS all had the same rating and yet tackled much more complex, interesting concepts while operating on a narrative level suitable for kids and adults.JLA doesn't teach lessons or allegorize anything in it's runtime. To a fault it's "badguy does a thing and we fight now" and the only episodes that stick in the mind are the Zatanna ones, all for external reasons. >references >character infatuation So it fails as kids content from square one. On top of that, it's not in the art style the established fans wanted/expected that are targeted by the references to DC at large and the older show. They didn't respect the capabilities of children so made a product out of it aimed at no one. Which is a pity because the Glines style like his first draft Ivy >>133083604 is far more refined and conducive to "detail" and "adult" styling than the abomination to animation that the Timm school has morphed into for the HD era. If JLA had been an honest year 0 reboot to DC animation with allegorized, timeless lessons and interesting plots under the new art style it could have been something. Instead warner stratified into making it babytier, YJ and the rest to be edgy, and then "adult" content like the Harley Quinn show. And amazingly it's all failing in slow motion. JLA was just the cleanest kill. It's not going to be remembered because it didn't say anything with the episodes it got. Super hero Girls did, so does, and will exist as a cult gem we can at least be happy was never tarnished. SHGs is one of the only things made in 20 fucking years that should actually be watched by children. It stands up there with the Timm era of DC, Maxwell Adams, Craig McCracken, and Butch Hartman. Something that can't be said for anything else made since like 2003.

Attached: Screenshotter--Video72773-14968312261mp4-8’26”.jpg (2560x1440, 747.68K)

>>133084380>It was fatally derivativeYou can say that about the whole capeshit genre past their original work. You haven't given any proof how is it like DCAU and in fact contardict yourself by saying it's not as serious and heavy. >much more complex, interesting concepts while operating on a narrative level suitable for kids and adultsDCSHG doesn't have that too, not everything has to be serious. >JLA doesn't teach lessons or allegorize anything in it's runtime>muh eductional value >muh deepIt's fucking capeshit and it's ok for it to be simple. >So it fails as kids content from square oneNo, it fails to appeal to you as you've explained above. >made a product out of it aimed at no oneSee above>It's not going to be remembered So what if it will be obscure? Same thing going to happen with DCSHG and other cult series and it's not the end of the world. >because it didn't say anything with the episodes it gotIt was fun and funny, stop wwith muh deep capeshit crap. This how we ended with live action garbage for normalfags. >Super hero Girls didDid you see this thread?! It's mostly waifufags.

>>133084380>that stick in the mind are the Zatanna ones, all for external reasons>fetish screenshots of Zee>another screenshot of female caharcter designWait a minute...you're just another coomer waifufag claiming to be more than that!What a shit hypocrite! JLA had great action and funny moments, but you just remember your waifus and then say the show is bad, what an asshole!


Attached: la sociedad se va a desintegrar.jpg (960x359, 38.15K)

>>133084636What are you trying to do? Imply I'm waifufag too like everyone in this thread?! I'm not, I only started to reply lately. Also you ignored >>133084494 and CN sabotaging to go along with your contridacting and self-evident claims.

>>133084494>You haven't given any proof how is it like DCAU and in fact contardict yourself by saying it's not as serious and heavy.It's literal only substance is the adult aimed reference layer to the JLU era/DCAU. There is nothing there unique to itself, so nothing for the kids, whatsoever. It's why it failed. >It's ok it's shit it's a kid show >what the FUCK why aren't these stupid fucking kids watching our kids show>t. you and warner execs The sad part is people with your outlook were at the helm when they made these decisions to try and court an adult audience with grimdark edgy grounded capeshit and banal radio static baby capeshit. Amazing concept, if it's good the target demo and other demos actually watches it. Then you get a show like super hero girls >>133084584Glines is a literal pinup artist m8. And the only memorable episodes of the series are Zatanna losing her hat because they whipped the hell out of those korean sweatshop animators to triple the number of keyframes for her leggy fight scene and the one where she helps out batman (which is a clipshow tier reference episode, dropping character after character and location only known to someone previously aware of DC) The fact it didn't get anyone waifuing for these girls is frankly damning. Turns out writing is important, especially in kids shows. >>133084664JLA got put down, it didn't get murdered. There is a difference. For a show to get killed by the timeslot-distribution fuckery of CN it had to actually have an audience in the first place. Cartoon Network really had to put in some effort to try and murder SHGs so it could only get >season 1>season 2>tie in comic >tie in vidya >season of shorts >tie in movie to the most cursed CN property and in our infinite copium there could always be a season 3 or future oneoff like the movie.

Attached: 56ecfc468794779e019185164bdbd08d.jpg (600x833, 82.6K)

>>133084836>It's literal only substance is the adult aimed reference layer to the JLU era/DCAUAgain another bs claim. There was like only one reference used as joke you braindead waifufag. >There is nothing there unique to itself, so nothing for the kidsAnother BS claim. JLA was funny and had great action which made stand out in thise dire times. >It's why it failedSee above. >it's shit Again your baseless opinion and you like JLU so you're that last to talk about shit. >hurr derr le goveremnet badOh yes politics are suitable for kids and the plot arcs weren't retard borefst. >And the only memorable episodes of the series are ZatannaNope, you're just braindead coomer. There are so many other good episodes like Booster Gold creating Jurassic Park, Plastic Man saving the world, etc.>For a show to get killed by the timeslot-distribution fuckery of CN it had to actually have an audience in the first placeDCSHG only survived thanks to Netflix, which wasn't that huge during JLA, you're just once again talking out of your ass.

>>133084933>palpable seethe wew You know what the funniest part is, you don't even realize you're pointing to characters that are deep dive references. You know who has an external infatuation for characters like plasticman and especially booster gold? >30+ year old men who watched Justice League Unlimited IE the 9 year olds of 1991You know who doesn't? kids that were 9 in 2016 JLA had to actually get to sit through a whole episode about booster fucking gold. they didn't

More coom.Less autism.

Attached: 1635981088476.png (833x1250, 457.25K)

>>133084994>plasticman>JLU>was mentioned in one line>you can't like those characters outside this shit cartoon Now you're truly proving you're braindead coomer waifufag like this entire thread. >less and less counterarguments >continue to asspullOf course JLU lover would be what mentioned above, trying to disguise his shallow horniness and empty head with muh deep and moralfaggotry as if you degenerate have any.

>>133085056Nah this why this thread sucks, and that JLA hater is retard not an autist. He can't rembmber anything outside his jerkings sessions.

>>133084994>actually get to sit through a whole episode about booster fucking goldThe JLA ones were funny. The JLU one was trash>entire episode is jusr drag until Booster Gold do the shit he has to do years ago>le helping women giving birth because that kids want to watch and that's what capeshit>no real action scenes>get kissed by girl despie being a retard jerkGarbage

>>133047188I got the most sky piercing diamond crushing boner from this. I want to fuck her SO BADImagine her cheeks spill out over a chair

Attached: 283CE062-0515-4F60-A54D-C99F62C74D25.jpg (650x423, 256.47K)

>>133085057>>133085131JLAs "haha booster gold is insufferable" "joke" episodes operate on knowing about the character externally from seasons of other shows and properties. If you were a 9 year old going in blind it's just a tedious episode about a character you have no reason to like and no frame of reference to the flanderization.JLA is overindulgent in it's reliance on other series to define it's characters. It failed structurally. We have the literal contrast in the property of the thread you're squatting in JLAcopeanon

>>133085177If the chair can even handle her rump

>>133085220>haha booster gold is insufferable" "joke" episodesYou clearly haven't watched the show, he was proven to be more beneficial and useful than JLU one episode shit. But again you don't even remember JLU, lol!>a tedious episodeYou're confusing JLU with JLA retard coomer. >JLA is overindulgent in it's reliance on other series to define it's characters>failed to prove that JLA is like DCAU>contridict himself by saying that JLA is chidish while DCAU is muh deep>proved he soesn't remember wither shows by saying JLA had a lot of references to DCAU when it was like only one and claiming Plastic Man appeared in JLU>ignores that all capeshit is recyling and relies on previous itreantion inculding his precious DCAu which he doesn't rembmber >ignores that this thread is entirely about coom instead muh moral lessons>has less arguments each timeYou're fucking braindead coomer and a liar with damaged brain who thinks of nothing but coom.

>“Ooh! Oh! Ah! Ngh!” Zee gasps and grunts as she vigorously pops up and down, her plush butt slapping between your bodies and onto your sensitive length with an unbearably moist noise accompanying.>The cheeks of her ample rear end give a pronounced jiggle every time you’re hilted in, something you could watch forever.>You clap your hands over each side, guiding her up and down as you mercilessly pound her asshole.>Her ring tenses and flexes around you each second, you feel as if you’re literally going to explode from the immense, wonderful pressure.>She begins to ride you with an even greater ferocity. It’s hard not to lose yourself in the sheer bliss of being the target of such carnal lust.>Her butt reaches an incredible pace as she nears climax.>She’s screaming unabashedly now. Her head thrown upward in a triumphant, euphoric yell that’ll surely be heard by the entire neighborhood as she finishes.>With one final slam, you can hold back the flood inside no longer.>“A-aaah!“ You whimper you freely empty yourself inside her, releasing gallons built-up need and want in what feels like neverending hot bursts of explosive pleasure.

Attached: 70488DF9-22FA-4C37-AF26-456D49A45B3E.png (700x960, 1.2M)

>>133085310>the show no one watched with no story and a contentious art style was le good because... well because ok >y...y...you're just a coomer that's why you're saying things I don't likeJLA was literally made by a self indulgent coomer as an ill executed loveletter to JLU and DCAU properties Glines worked on. Glines either needed to be reined in or needed to be allowed to be hornier because the middle they chose demonstrably didn't work. For my own curiosity are you like practically an underagefag who watched JLA as your first toedip into DC or just a very salty guy in your mid 30's who thinks JLU was too deep 4 u back in the day? If the former it's pretty sad that your emotional attachment to DC was ruined by the YJ-JLA era. The latter just lol, lmao. Both are equally sad for different reasons.

>>133047188>”Good thing the other girls aren’t around to hear this…”

>>133085069This thread would have died in less than 100 replies if we only got your kind.

>>133069361>these repliesWait, is this the actual cover?

>>133085479I dont think anyone would ever get used to the clapping of her cheeks. Some noises you become numb to, those cheeks would produce a sound with every step that would echo out for eternity.

>>133061417Would you say that this ship is... "K-user?"

Attached: Carlos.jpg (600x600, 34.54K)

>>133085381Fucking unf

>>133085177>>133085227>>133085381>>133085479>>133085563Oh god…please…i cant take this anymore

Attached: 98F27383-3778-4DF5-8052-F018DBB98FF2.png (298x252, 4.58K)


Attached: 291DE11A-4A66-476D-95E3-017A8F6C4BC0.png (679x370, 19.28K)

>have a thing for zee>also have a thing for princesses>she then dresses like a princessoh yes, this pleases me, yes indeed.

Attached: 1639108739171.jpg (840x1200, 182.72K)

Imagine a double hotdog from them

Attached: 492E82E3-1724-4008-B110-7CFD2B04AD9F.jpg (1125x617, 276.41K)

>>133080790I need a final season with the New Gods, please just one more

Attached: 61dc86726c45bd0603f31861793db104--doctor-doom-doctor-strange.jpg (591x830, 239.68K)

>>133085639I just imagined them working at a hot dog cart, I think I'm too pure.

Attached: 1636678724941.jpg (893x1156, 124.4K)

>>133085461>no counterarguments>more bs claims>braindead coomer thinks character designer glines was an excutive producer like Timm >more lies>trying to pathetically comeback after proven he doesn't remember either JLA or JLUI hope your next jerking session would kill the few brain cells you've get left.

>>133085639Both their butts combined could crush reinforced steel beams

>>133085622>Gagged and bound with "Mph!" dialogue and furious furtive eyes for half the episode as she runs into predicament after predicament

Attached: 1660182629008303.jpg (1000x1300, 298.14K)

>>133085639well, jess would only put your head on her knees while she calls you a good boy

>>133085838while zee dries you up so much that you beg her for mercy

Attached: evil smile zee.jpg (1920x1080, 105.23K)

>>133085811...is it weird that when ever I see a girl in bondage I want to untie and rescue them?

Attached: 1659028875509691.jpg (1240x1243, 298.46K)

>>133085880No thats what we called based and respectfulpilled.

>>133085880That's part of the appeal.

>>133085660>DCSHG Barda in the same show that gave us 3 seperate muscle womenMy dick wouldnt be able to handle it

>>133085900>tfw unironically imagining a girl in bondage and a fancy dress only to tell her how much I cherish her and spend the entire night with her cuddled up to me and whisper really absurdly sweet things because she knows I'll rescue her at the endgood lord.

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>>133085639Would draw this, but I'm already doing something with WW and Steve. Plus Barbi.

>>133086050Sounds great, user! Cant wait.

>Cuddling Kara and resting your head on her boobs

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>>133085880>"Mmph!?" >Strange, you never thought you'd find zee trapped in one of her own tricks >Nifty harness. She must not wanted to get her costume wrinkled before the show to not wear anything else underneath it >Anyway, time to untie her and do nothing else >You're not sure why Zee seems so miffed >Must be embarrassed, who'd have ever thought the Zee Zatara could mess up such a simple trick. See something new everyday. >Weird she was practicing in your room, Zee's really dedicated to her craft

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>>133086101Anon is such a nice boyfriend, why does Zee not appreciate him when he helps her?

>>133085660That’d be a good storyline for the show’s last season. Although, i’m not sure how it’d handle someone like Darkseid

>>133086716>Big Barda crash lands on earth pursued >the Furies versus super hero girls >Granny Goodness as the big bad big gun that rocks the girls right when they think they're getting the upper hand >good prevails, narrowly, because the villains fail to keep Barda from getting back to New Genesis >The Furies and Granny are shaken by the consequences and flee earth via boom tube >back on Apokolips suffer the ire of Darkseid for their failure >his eye is drawn (conveniently) off earth by the hinted conflict between the new gods >The girls are uneasy in victory recognizing they didn't really win, the villains just stopped having reason to fight them >comedic undercut of a now mundane Super Villain girl "threat" to lighten the mood >girls jump into action, freeze frame, and credits roll leaving the viewer with the "feel" a very one sided super beatdown is ensuing after watching the girls pushed to the limit I want it. Fuck

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>>133087363Why. Why would you do this to me?”

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>>133087363Goddamn this show deserved so much better

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The show would have benefited from more 22-minute episodes.

I love how almost all the Zee greentexts are about her and user being in a nice, healthy relationship that also features lots of sex.

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>>133085506>Wait, is this the actual cover?Yes.

>>133088085Pretty based desu. The best mix of lewd and wholesome

>>133088085All the girls give that vibe, though some more wholesome, some more sexy.

>>133088085DCSHG is the one series where no one argues about who's waifu a shit, just which girl they personally want to love and cherish.