Post cute couples.tfw we will never get another season of Randy Cunningham

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Cyjinx is one of my OTPs for Teen Titans .

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Damiline is cute. Hope it becomes canon. Damian needs a good canon ship and I feel this is it.

Attached: damiline byghostface.jpg (1792x2048, 1.54M)

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>>133012668Go ahead, mock me.

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>The weak should fear the strong

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>>133012961I usually avoid shipping in comedic shows cause it goes against the point if suddenly they have to focus on interpersonal relationships out of nowhere. Some can do it but SpongeBob is too episodic for it to work.

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Aisha and Nex are cute together.

Attached: aisha nex piratehearts.jpg (587x472, 42.76K)

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>>133012961Why would anyone mock you? Isn't this something Hillenburg thought about before? Besides, it is somewhat wholesome.

Love Superman and Lois together .

Attached: 50_usd_commission___lois_and_clark_by_rickcelis-d8htz7p.jpg (387x532, 56.33K)

Attached: dd97t3e-fc24a803-3345-4132-932c-b579cd28c162.png (864x4015, 129.94K)

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Gray Ghost is really cute, very interesting and has good story potential.

Attached: gray ghost vylets.png (400x267, 76.77K)

Kara X James and Kara X Brainy are my favorite ships for Kara.

Attached: kara james comickergirl.png (900x1165, 270.46K)

>>133013048Not Hillenburg. It was the opposite since he wanted SpongeBob to be asexual like sea sponges are in real life. Other media he was not involved with toys with the idea, and I would not be surprised if Nick goes against what he intended since they love shitting all over him.

god I love Tobecky it was one of my first ships .

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>>133013164That is fucking nice. Berry was cute as fuck

>>133012961Ha, ha! How was that?

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I need Friegil to be canon in the reboot .

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>>133013768I liked them at first, but the whole "will they wont they" bullshit plus that episode they actually went on a date spoiled it for me.Them bonding over their robot son was cute as fuck though.


Attached: Jim Lake Jr. & Claire Nunez.jpg (1136x640, 52.36K)

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>>133013968>boy not kissing

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>>133014013Oh gee, sorry

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>>133012668Best ship of the thread right here

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Attached: dave_strider_and_jade_harley_by_taimuaki_d80qn1n.png (1278x1941, 2.34M)


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>>133012668The only time I'll ever support Infidelity.

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>>133013301I wished she had more episodes. Hopefully she makes an appearance in Craig's revival.

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>>133012668wirt x beatrice is as dante intended

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>>133012778Was this a common OTP before Zone, or did that ramp it up to the point it became a thing on the show

>>133014397I'll never not be mad.

>>133012828Straight ships don't last in modern comic books.

>>133015526they are 100% platonic.those hugs? those tender looks?plantonic.


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>>133014655Why do people not simply expect that Suki and Sokka break things off before moving on to others?

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Recently rewatched the Green Lantern animated series

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Attached: Marinette Dupain-Cheng & Adrien Agreste.jpg (680x510, 57.15K)

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>>133015666>Was this a common OTP before Zoneit was the most popular ship for either of them, due to the "undercover in HIVE" ep, and at that point neither of them really had love interestsit wouldnt wane in popularity until later seasons when bumblebee was added to titans east and jinx got a canon interest in kid flashbut neither fully displaced cyjinx>or did that ramp it up to the point it became a thing on the showsee above: they were teased a bit before zone made their animation and the show has tried to wedge them apart afterwards

BabsMoth>Not canonI know. But a guy can hope for an Elseworlds,

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Attached: Camp Candy - s02e02 - Color War and Peace_rickvanessa.webm (640x480, 2.04M)

>>133012668I thought they were cute together, even if their relationship will last a year maximum. Her ex was better though

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x me.

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Attached: 001.jpg (1366x768, 106.65K)

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The perfect couple I could think of

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>>133012668They are just so great together

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>>133013333very based

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Attached: Phineas.and.Ferb.04_Are You My Mummy?/Flop Starz.png (1920x1080, 1.32M)


Attached: MILLIE!.png (2030x1386, 3.21M)

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>>133012997>pic relI have a better shipping material than that.

Attached: Finn x Shirley.jpg (880x621, 196.58K)

Attached: dbh4w6n-5c3f7590-dd41-484b-9cc0-91b14425e7e4.jpg (454x646, 201.28K)

Attached: LouiseLogan.png (700x648, 204.48K)

>>133017264>>133017271Narrow defeat for Eddie poster.


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>>133014118>show gets cancelled right when they get back togetherIt definitely sucks but at the same time, I was worried they were going to milk their relationship for more cheap drama, so maybe it’s for the best.

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>>133017811it was nice in the show

>>133013296>villain becomes a villain just to get with the heroAnymore of this dynamic?


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>>133023742Dem legs

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Attached: Patty thinks Chuck knows about love.png (1185x892, 1.65M)


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>>133013044Top right wouldn't be trash if there wasn't an incredibly better option for Danny.And Tucker x Sam is cute too.

Attached: Danny_Et_Valerie_5_Sky_Date.jpg (1187x1150, 193.26K)

Fuck Liu

Attached: bakhu_s_hellion_and_x_by_volnaib_d39a1ac.jpg (600x780, 103.99K)

Attached: sweethearts____louigan_by_madscake_dd1y45p-fullview.jpg (400x409, 24.94K)

Attached: d5iys2h-37401504-adf3-4b45-b372-c56b29cae2e9.png (548x646, 600.68K)

There was a scene where ZIM would kiss Tak's hand then she would do something horrible to him but Vazquez had it cut.

Attached: Zim_Offers_Muffin_(Tak,_The_Hideous_New_Girl).png (1920x1080, 1.1M)

>>133027639You mean this? I don't recall anything beyond that besides the hand kiss and Tak being irked by it.

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Attached: while_becky_reads____by_sarcasticleaves_d4tn79r-fullview.jpg (900x934, 166.11K)

How many anons here are women. I'm curious

>>133012668The cutest

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>>133029406I am

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>>133014118yeah, I like this one too>tfw we don't get an episode where they have hot getting back together sex

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Attached: 1637848640713.gif (480x360, 2.3M)

>>133020930good taste

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Attached: 2dc69b788c920df8832845a968e3c84db4531a1d_00.jpg (433x340, 19.56K)

>>133031104Who are they?

>>133030311They’re CUTE

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>>133031104Penny and William ("Billy" Thaw, Dr. Claw's nephew, Talon's cousin) from Gadget and the Gadgetinis episode: "Claw's Nephew."

Attached: BillyClaw07.jpg (640x480, 58.97K)

>>133032887I meant to reply to:>>133032550

>>133032729Very cute

>>133012668Lila and Blair

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>>133033766Who are those two?

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>>133029406Not me, I have taste

>>133027858Is that really it? Always thought that was fan made but I guess it is the real deal.

Attached: bwen_10_by_nrgwen_d46ewpn.jpg (771x506, 146.46K)

>>133012961nah I agree it's adorableI'm also a fan of Spongebob and Pearl as a couple>>133012997another ship I think is adorable and needs more content

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That boy Is so lucky that I wish I was him.

Attached: batman-basement-roberta-sherman.jpg (740x555, 86.65K)

Attached: green arrow blackcanary dcc.jpg (522x502, 95.69K)

>>133026841I don't get it. What's so great about Logan?


Attached: wally linda ash.png (540x535, 151.39K)

Attached: Soneika_brofist.png (854x480, 346.9K)

>>133035794The dynamic is pretty interesting but it’s a pretty horny ship. Like, the point is not that Logan is a great guy or anything. They’ve got a fair amount of chemistry and he’s the only one that challenges Louise in a way on her level that flusters and frustrates her. It’s about as horny as a Louise het ship is going to be.

What happened with Van is a tragedy, but Gogo and Andy will remain in my heart forever

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Attached: tj_and_spinelli_first_kiss_by_dlee1293847-d6p2t97.jpg (520x378, 53.13K)

Attached: 20220917_123100.jpg (2048x1651, 196.28K)

>>133034991She'd be better with Dick if he wasn't a whore.


They're basically married

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Attached: 630.jpg (578x960, 47.49K)

>>133015669I'm almost impressed how so many creators of Holla Forums drop the ball as hard as humanly possible

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Attached: 9b264728067a2d6f1eb938718983aea3.jpg (735x519, 51.88K)

Attached: 03edad30da7fd9fd0d1c910b7b06d1c0.jpg (487x716, 81.48K)

Attached: d8q36lr-9265523e-c7bf-441a-9d59-302ab247df65.jpg (1015x780, 129.88K)

Attached: 279C6046-59FA-42E1-925D-6DBE167C00C9.jpg (202x241, 48.8K)

>>133015920Clayface is too old for Tim. (Even if TAS Clayface is canon-Gay.)

>>133039725She's her own person.

>>133012668These two are a cute couple. I would love to see more fan art.These are also in the "Needs more Fan Art" Club>>133014021>>133014405>>133036029

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It was a quality thread.

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Attached: Truth_or_Square_77.jpg (640x360, 70.75K)

Attached: 1538172701031.jpg (521x588, 60.95K)

>>133035369A human of good taste

Attached: smack.png (1024x499, 745.91K)

Only mad a few of these didn't fully happen.

Attached: ships.png (1084x1084, 1.58M)

Attached: Marvel.full.1284260.jpg (644x850, 214.8K)


Attached: Marvel.full.1367092.jpg (823x765, 149.85K)

Attached: Marvel.full.1392911.jpg (700x1194, 212.86K)

Attached: Marvel.full.1452267.jpg (1095x1200, 178.86K)

>>133013182>girl-lifting-up-boy kissbased and hotpilled

Attached: 91cd906cbf655a3fafee1555ba2db039ada1bae3_hq.jpg (610x572, 39.69K)

Only ship I have

Attached: Jim-Princess.png (1192x1344, 1.05M)

>>133041753I can't help but wonder if it happened.

Attached: earthworm-jim-is-getting-a-new-animated-tv-series_feature.jpg (1280x720, 261.93K)

>>133035121Post your ship then, funny boy, and we will judge you accordingly

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>>133041828She's still there, but since Jim acts different in this and most likely her as well it won't be the same

Attached: file.png (498x584, 554.76K)

>>133014118>>133022436>>133030951I was kind of expecting at some point Bridget would end up pregnant and Josh and Emily basically need to help coach the two of them through.

>>133041996I did tho

>>133042153If you were truly confident in your superior taste you wouldn't avoid associating with your ship(s). Stop wasting my time and show me

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A surprising number of my ships involve incestuous lesbian pedophilia.

Attached: hilda x johanna.png (549x544, 176.43K)

>>133042421You should be able to find it yourself because it's one of the few good ones in the first 100 replies. I'm not spoonfeeding you girl.


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Attached: comic.jpg (683x493, 103.64K)

Attached: edboys.png (640x480, 254.88K)

It counts.

Attached: file.png (1407x2000, 1.42M)

>>133041567>boyThat's Lena, Lex Luthor's daughter

I miss them, i miss being happy too.

Attached: 1651390914904.jpg (640x640, 42.86K)

>>133042888Based trips wasted on a cowardly post

Attached: picnic.jpg (1500x2250, 643.07K)

>>133014118For some reason...I was happy when they got back together

>>133043677Cope, trips never lieYour ships are garbage btw

>>133043866At least I'm not ashamed of my garbage ships, unlike a certain somebody

Attached: 1629754204598.jpg (750x1000, 119.69K)

Attached: 97206520_p0.png (1500x2000, 1.09M)

>>133012668you just did

Attached: randy cunningham fanart 4.jpg (900x600, 432.3K)

Attached: 9qq1md4tlja41.jpg (1866x2048, 299.73K)

Attached: 1645224407652.jpg (673x941, 154.22K)

Attached: 1657951241656.png (2000x1600, 3.2M)

>>133043866You weren't even talking to the same person>trips and dubsbut I can't argue with these digits. Maybe there's a chance your taste is actually based. You're still a coward though, >>133044103 is right

Attached: 1654550973187.png (2000x1424, 884.34K)

Attached: FLaad7bXIAEI-Zx.jpg (2120x3150, 575.43K)

>>133045451this. this one i like.

Attached: db8awsv-90573458-1316-443a-9781-4dc64f0b0440.png (635x476, 266.36K)

Attached: nergalsis.png (480x360, 209.2K)

Attached: 1534233809117.gif (245x200, 817.5K)

Attached: 931097a12fb2a7936ed0dd6703a42e41.jpg (1647x1590, 195.89K)

>>133041040Fry and Leela better be married this upcoming season.

Attached: Fry Leela Wedding.jpg (1920x1080, 227.39K)

Attached: 150405620663.png (1122x942, 560.23K)

Attached: EKx5IQ5X0AAu_Xi.jpg (1200x1059, 160.33K)


>>133046435Pitiful taste

Attached: Du5iNOmWoAARZLy.jpg (1250x875, 97.85K)

>>133044876>>133046355Poor Jes, he's clearly uncomfortable there, with his platonic friend however.

Attached: 1598612652185.jpg (891x1000, 89.27K)

>>133013552>>133014001Anna is the worst character. Real OTP of Frozen is between the best character, Elsa, and the character the franchise needs the most, _____ Hans.

Attached: Coronation Ball Hans and Elsa.jpg (960x1280, 374.29K)

>>133014888based trips

Attached: distillatoria.jpg (2400x3600, 1.59M)

>>133016058that and the TTGO show still ships them hard

>>133046435Didn't ask

Attached: 1657151426011.jpg (1868x2000, 235.41K)

>>133047002I just realized what this page reminds me of

Attached: mikucked from the start.png (785x1220, 109.22K)

Attached: Benson-Troy-Kipo-and-the-Age-of-the-Wonderbeasts.jpg (1024x576, 81.58K)

>>133013164Hey, isn't this the person who created Pupster and those Happy Tree Friends x pony show creepypasta crossovers?

>>133046562kys tranny. everyone in the entire universe hates the hideous freak mt.

>>133046435>calls others cringe>doesn't post his ownCoward

Attached: 291AE1DF-0F1D-4B94-8451-B777E10E512E.jpg (400x300, 21.65K)


>>133021772Bone Based.

>>133015867>they are 100% platonic.platonic sex when?

Attached: GT mikohug.png (1031x1285, 1.49M)

Jenny x Brad.

Attached: 638D6B32-36FC-464E-9D91-5D06675C7ABC.jpg (462x516, 37.05K)

>>133051273Well these two couple from a music video can be 100% platonic and slutty.

Attached: 615978E7-C281-4596-8BE7-5F664F292D24.jpg (852x640, 87.42K)

>>133015867>>133051273Well, Terry and Dana are 500% platonic and willing to have sex together.

Attached: 3CB821CA-96EB-4A35-851A-4075AF97A265.jpg (640x480, 60.88K)

>>133046295Billy and Mandy being couple.

Attached: 8BCC01AC-1B53-4FCE-8181-CFA68EFBA473.jpg (697x462, 42.32K)

>>133013197I hate this template so fucking much

>>133044794That’s cool, much more then Arnold and Helga’s dance.

Attached: 85A4A5D1-B772-4CDE-AA98-412AC79C0377.png (534x405, 261.98K)

>>133036495What a beautiful kiss.

>>133014881Well it can be a lot more romantic and hotter then these couple.>Frankie x Dylan

Attached: D19C8651-8FDD-4C04-B57F-D7E17587BF2E.jpg (640x480, 50.91K)

>>133013360Bunny Love.

>>133037099Sylvia always came off as like his aunt or something


Attached: A5E6A152-7049-4168-9ACB-8CF26C723BED.jpg (1006x1124, 161.34K)

Raph and Mona.

Attached: 979CAB45-EB1C-416D-8798-4314645B8762.jpg (800x450, 22.61K)


Attached: B942B618-73E3-4095-91D6-29ECC530F8EF.jpg (1136x640, 61.43K)

>>133046588Seriously, why didn't he just marry her? He was a good match and could run the kingdom while she stayed inside so as to not revel her powers.

>>133051620Her actress said she was like a big sister to him, which I can definitely see even though he's older than her. Hater on the other hand...

Attached: in-a-nutshell.png (636x319, 165.81K)

A ghost ship it's so lonely

Attached: mplayer_snapshot_2022-02-19 05:15:55 +0000.png (640x480, 407.53K)

>evil villainess/dumb-as-rocks-but-otherwise dependable henchmanbest ship dynamic coming through

Attached: tumblr_inline_orb9n3j7Am1rbce0p_1280.jpg (1280x825, 297.45K)


Attached: MV5BMGIzZmQ4YmUtZGQ4NC00OTkyLWE1MGUtMTQ3N2Y3N2E2NWEyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyODAzNzAwOTU@.jpg (480x360, 23.29K)

>>133012668Rare gem

Attached: 1633383537352.jpg (480x360, 24.49K)

you can tell the percentage women in the thread by the amount of straight and wholesome shippings posted

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Attached: 1yopo66691o51.png (652x474, 25.56K)

>>133048937i ship chowder and panini>>133051466>>133051520cringe

>>133054564>the amount of straight and wholesome shippingsBut... wouldn't it be the opposite?


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Attached: 1521676026735.png (799x698, 999.03K)

Behold the greatest couple in DC.

Attached: 2e41163ad8d69a98b64a170a00791cab.jpg (644x960, 136.62K)

>>133052250>>133051620Eh, to each their own. I used to have the same opinion but the more I rewatched the series, the more their relationship became increasingly romantic and wholesome to me. I can definitely see wander having a crush on hater though

Attached: e3277bd6b063210ab044dbcbcdf981ee.jpg (479x444, 39.95K)


Attached: F04CFF07-F07E-432B-BA3C-563A8E8FA526.png (999x2463, 762.41K)

Attached: e858f7bf404b93a17ff987fa1d99af5d.png (611x942, 513.76K)

Attached: 1605711689149.jpg (1280x982, 268.38K)

>>133052328I think I prefer this couple.>Wildwing and Mallory

Attached: B6A86156-2B80-42D8-B960-3A980A2D67B5.jpg (540x405, 62.39K)

Shadow x Rouge.

Attached: 54ABA356-5CF7-4CA0-8D79-AF2E5BF07CB2.jpg (1500x1040, 135.59K)

Sonic x Rouge.

Attached: E78DC8CF-80A1-4AC7-ABB2-46EB0B98D9D2.jpg (640x479, 64.99K)

Knuckles x Rouge

Attached: 75750284-E655-4391-8585-42DAAAA38AB0.jpg (640x480, 62.29K)

Attached: ae1bb8e79722cbe407187eb620320667.jpg (894x894, 81.44K)

Attached: jealous_xd_by_taihiwatari_d1kq63g.png (632x570, 242.86K)

>>133058070Why must perfection ever be impossible?

Attached: bum__d_by_thestinkyfoot-d5qd5mf.jpg (750x7305, 1.36M)

The Question helping Huntress out just because he had a crush on her was down right adorable, and she basically guilt tripped Superman into helping her break him out of a torture chamber. That’s true love right there.

Attached: FBCB0137-D0AE-4410-88D5-908835283C86.jpg (544x357, 34.72K)


Attached: velmafred.jpg (1918x1078, 313.31K)

>>133053344No one appreciates that movie. Now more than ever I look back on it fondly.

>>133057561It's acceptable, but I ship Mallory with another

Attached: Hey recruit, wanna discharge a few puckrounds into my goal?.png (640x480, 398.9K)

>>133048208Can he just die?

>>133058070Very cute

>>133059423Not possible, gays are immortal

Attached: gayliens.png (500x520, 144.82K)

>>133054605Anyone have that comic where Zim asks her if she wants the universe like he does and she just casually walks away with a "not really" confusing Zim who asks "why not!?"

>>133035335This right here. I just decided to up and watch all four seasons over the weekend and these two have way too much potential. I like it though in spite of the fact that they're cousins, not because of it. Plus my southern instincts tell me it's fine if they've got at least one degree of genetic separation for at least three generations of baby-making. Just sayin.

>>133059992This one?

Attached: 1501023571885.png (1280x1068, 647.3K)

Attached: 1b6606dc-6393-40d3-a018-0fb674932da3_text.gif (400x213, 118.73K)

>>133056988I was just thinking I hadn’t heard anyone discuss this show since this one artist I used to follow posted about it, then I realized this was the artist I was thinking of. I wonder how they’re doing and if they still follow this ship.

>>133060410Fantastic. Thank you! I forgot to save this when it first showed up here. Still holds up. Nice and breezy gaff.

>>133060410This looks like it could be from the comics

imagine if everyone in this iteration of the justice league didn't get disrespected and all the cute couples got happy endings

Attached: 1272996582942.jpg (681x750, 86.06K)

Attached: JLI__sneak_peck_by_Midydoof.png (550x440, 14.83K)

Attached: 1442800310012_zpsh4pcvur1.jpg (307x589, 64.74K)

Attached: 1290144268939.jpg (600x800, 76.29K)

Attached: 5XPQdSFr4wBef8G4bgtiNZ.jpg (700x1082, 263.12K)


Attached: 8567858576tyityititui5765858.png (2560x1439, 3.45M)

Attached: Dr Doppler and Captain Amelia.jpg (974x720, 252.99K)

>>133062393Cute mom (left) and dad (right)

Attached: 1531702771859.webm (1280x682, 2.68M)

>>133018863>One no longer needs to pull back the veil to know

Attached: Screenshot 2021-05-22 4.19.55 PM.png (794x765, 657.97K)

>>133013081Superman and LL is so forced. It's such a shit pair. Supes with literally any other DC female would be 10x more interesting.


Of course.

Attached: d3bz97c-e28f432d-efa6-4819-8d8f-db92548b3098.jpg (818x470, 33.5K)

>>133062648so sorry you can't identify cute things. what an unfortunate disability

Attached: ohgodthisisbest.jpg (664x1024, 160.95K)

Attached: 7E3BDC5A-7547-49CE-8F1C-CC72070A9A3D.jpg (1504x1442, 263.09K)

>>133060435He's not serious.She wears socks with sandals. UGLY socks at that!Still, lose those socks and she's a cutie

Attached: 1361596054210.jpg (2000x1200, 624.98K)

>>133062393Oh I just rewatched this they’re cute



>>133051640>Not the superior shipShame.

Attached: CO_Buttercup_Et_Boomer_2.png (1920x1080, 2.23M)

>>133054605I miss this artist.And I've been meaning to start a thread about artists who "left" the internet.

Attached: CO_Zim_Et_Irken_Elite.png (628x991, 30.07K)

>>133045927This needs more content.

>>133067433>it's an 'artist deletes their account' episodegod fucking dammit not again

Attached: tumblr_fc7d9da85fd03476a669e2e2fb2c7fb4_c608c287_500.png (500x500, 24.28K)

>>133068218Whoever made the comic strip shipped the crap out of them, I know that.

Attached: 2524.jpg (850x598, 329.7K)

>>133069057Yeah, those were the best.

>>133046588I'm sorry, Hans? How is Hans a "good character"? I can understand not liking Anna since she doesn't exactly do anything compared to Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, Oaken, etc. But Hans? He was a forced twist villain and his motivations don't even make sense. Plus, was it necessary for him to exist as a villain in the first place? He was redundant and insignificant to the plot. Elsa should have stayed the movie's antagonist like she was in concept. Hans was just there because "muh men are evil."

>>133013552>>133014001Anna X Kristoff are just bland, rehashed Rapunzel X Flynn. Anna X Elsa are incest, but I admit they would be better if they weren't sisters.

>>133069676Eh, at least Rapunzel and Flynn have actual chemistry/personality to them despite being somewhat generic.

>>133068729They did say they'd upload their works to Pixiv eventually. Plus they do browse this site, otherwise they'd never know about the best Zim ship.

Attached: CO_Professor_Membrane_Et_Miyuki_2Jours.png (1280x983, 187.65K)

>>133070498What ship would that be?

>>133062359Meh. Never saw why it was so popular.

Attached: hilda david dance.jpg (714x526, 82.18K)

>>133071837I’d say Gaz and Zim

Forever and always.

Attached: 1450158743480.jpg (937x1124, 352.49K)

>>133069649Hans was poorly written in the film but I believe he had feelings for Elsa and can be redeemed. The greatest piece of evidence is how he saved Elsa's life at the ice castle instead of letting the rogue guards take her out. It would have been a slam dunk for Hans's plan if he let that happen, especially since Anna will be so heartbroken she'll marry him in a week so she would have someone be her family.


Attached: hilda vs david.png (1000x1300, 1.14M)


>>133074687ZAGR goes way beyond 4chan, it's not as popular as ZADR but it's still the most popular het ship.

Attached: zim4.jpg (603x849, 445.23K)

>>133071837>>133074687>picture is Membrane and Miyukipretty sure he's talking about that

>>133062359My man

Attached: 977C5F10-69FB-481B-8A6B-1327DF844DF0.jpg (759x695, 86.69K)

>>133013296I am now obligated to post this

Attached: 20220225_141818.jpg (1125x1054, 91.28K)

>>133073769It's cute and canon

Attached: EjYi0shVgAEW00z.jpg (1000x1000, 259.62K)

Attached: FYqgkqsUsAAz9mf.jpg (1638x2048, 376.24K)

>>133073769Its twitter popular. So its not really popular.

>>133074687Damn right

Attached: 1575780692532.png (257x810, 176.92K)

>>133078355Because Amity isn't a real character.


Attached: FNdiPpaXEAEG0jq.jpg (1380x1500, 567.59K)

>>133012668My girls.

Attached: 1532444408227.gif (500x265, 2.64M)

>>133078700hey speaking of artists whose stuff all got deleted

Attached: tumblr_n6z8i0H0NV1si2w4no1_1280.gif (291x1000, 94.44K)

>>133078831Leave her alone, she married.

>>133014021She found him attractive in that Christmas episode.

>>133078728which one is amity?

>>133078831Cassandra deserves nothing more than the rope.

Attached: traitor (1).jpg (1167x833, 155.38K)


Attached: 1557199175887.gif (500x260, 1.5M)

>>133079173Green/pink hair

>>133079289Where the hell did my file go

Attached: 3B119F7A-A3EE-4C8E-8A64-54E75CE88726.jpg (938x1311, 188.16K)


Attached: 27005079325731558691.gif (500x281, 1.4M)

Attached: bath time.jpg (2845x2129, 722.81K)

Attached: 1fe0dc2b1f9b2f0606c5f1a697c6f0070cf4b103r1-400-299_00.gif (320x239, 878.64K)

>>133078700I like the idea that somehow Zim is the more normal one in the relationship

Attached: 1571180258393.jpg (1312x3552, 2.7M)


Attached: 1571180392773.jpg (1312x3599, 2.48M)

>>133075923Based Fincceline Chad

>>133080088>>133080117Very cute user

Attached: 66726.jpg (700x1184, 121.73K)

>>133037099>>133051620>>133056227yeah I also like the ship. I remember being really quiet about liking this ship due to a lot of people seeing Sylvia as Wonders sibling/guardian. Most loved by far was Wonder x Hater or "Dancing bones" as I think it as called. I only ever liked begrudged OTPS under special circumstances.

Attached: 1739748c79a574c36c551adf632f1e10.jpg (960x669, 108.76K)

>>133060435Not my ship but I must admit it's cute

Attached: 1642287106461.png (640x566, 220.61K)

Attached: 09bb666c7ae4b5365cef4b666e10a26a.jpg (564x557, 51.94K)

Attached: 954694369354.png (688x1005, 308.24K)

Attached: 1636045673923.jpg (564x991, 136.01K)

>>133081521What is her problem

>>133056089the women(?) that come here are into fujo and dykeshit

Attached: 1568090286529.jpg (640x560, 30K)

>>133082438>>133082403>>1330823851) is the show a must see?2) how much interaction to they really have with another?

>>133082268It's called Skeleton Dance, makes it a pain in the ass to look up content for them sometimes

Attached: WanderHugsHater.gif (640x348, 279.99K)

>>133083234>1) is the show a must see?If you understand spanish and want to get old Cartoon Network vibes, then it is a must see>2) how much interaction to they really have with another?Not in a romantic that much, though she cries when Flug somehow betrays her for being possessesd by an e thot

>>133083387>>1) is the show a must see?>If you understand spanish and want to get old Cartoon Network vibes, then it is a must seeare there versions with subtitles?

>>133082991nah, fujos don't frequent Holla Forums, they prefer /cm/ and /y/. not sure about /a/ but western animation and comics have pitifully little slash content so they'd probably feel more at home over there. as for lesbians browsing Holla Forums i've seen some of them say they don't care about the canon lesbians cartoons are offering, most notably ships like korrasami

Attached: 1657392246714.jpg (960x1200, 237.55K)

>>133083406You gotta look for the mega at the archives

>>133082866She's an eight year old girl who is confused by her feelings.


Attached: 1653178418212.png (1920x1080, 1.49M)

Attached: AT FIRST I WAS LIKE, BUT THEN.jpg (598x890, 111.24K)

>>133079300>Luz: You wont tease me anymore, will you?>Amity: Of course I will.The original dialogue was "Are you going soft on me?" and "In your dreams" but it looks like the Japanese dub added some innuendo

Moonlane is underrated and the superior Moon endgame, fuck Crystal Moon...

Attached: 5l9jhy.png (1918x1036, 2.03M)

Attached: 1587413503092.jpg (508x1572, 88.71K)

Attached: 1457836278.bigdad_smoochy.jpg (784x1057, 425.16K)

>>133085372What a couple a' goofballs

Attached: 1591991178621.png (2508x1794, 1.34M)

Attached: ac6.png (680x721, 341.47K)

>>133016341 Where is this from?

>>133086086The webcomic Octopus Pie

>>133062359This ship had so much going for it and they threw it all away in Season 2 by removing everything that gave these two chemistry. Amity and Luz played excellent foils to eachother and it lent itself naturally to a romantic relationship. But when they sheared off all of Amity's rough edges that gave her so much contrast to Luz their dynamic stopped being fun to watch. Meanwhile all the "fans" celebrate it anyways because they only care that its gay and don't give a shit about good character writing.I'm never going to stop being mad about it.

Attached: 84399044_p0_master1200.jpg (879x771, 259.72K)

I really, really wanted them to be canon. At least Marcy's diary might have som crumbs.

Attached: FIJWOIF456.jpg (1199x675, 155.02K)

>>133086209>Meanwhile all the "fans" celebrate it anyways because they only care that its gayNah, only americans care about representation and political agendas and celebrate that shit. There are people who genuinely enjoy sweet stuff, that's why I enjoy their relationship, just two girls enjoying their company, getting to know esch other and trying to have fun.

Attached: 1649494965914.png (1035x1272, 1.15M)

>>133052988This sound so stupid and cracks hippy, but somehow, that Manga make it work.Maleficent expresion after she remembers how much of a loyal henchman Pete is, is on another level of wholesome.

>>133086524>There are people who genuinely enjoy sweet stuffBut it's so one-dimensional. They can't play off each other like they used to and they both lost all their personality.

>>133075923I'm totally convinced this was the endgame, until the original creator left, and Rebecca sugar and another female writer (Natasha alligieri I think?) infested the show with lesbians and shipping everywhere.

>>133086086Octopus Pie. The characters are Larry and Hanna.

Attached: 2022-08-24.png (800x1193, 319.33K)

>>133086941Sugar knew their chemistry was strong, though.

Attached: 1286775233519.jpg (500x425, 88.75K)

>>133086524Despite my own interests, gays have no place in children's cartoons.

Attached: FZ9YheSagAIgVG-.jpg (3169x2756, 1.35M)

>>133086941I'd like to frame this post as a perfect representation of Holla Forums's stupidity when it comes to Adventure Time

>>133087636More like self-inserters in a nutshell.

>>133087813I don't care what your favorite ship is, I don't even care if you love or hate the show. It just annoys me the amount of obvious misinformation that gets thrown around

>>133087636Everyone who likes adventure time is stupid by itself.

>>133087892I don't care about adventure time, but I'm curious, what is the truth then?

>>133087606Alright, I'll bite. Why are straights in children's cartoons fine, but not gays?

>>133087892It doesn't matter what the truth is, Finn self-inserters just want to bone Marceline that's why that user said "I'm totally convinced this was the endgame". They don't care about the truth, the won't even listen to the author or writers because in their heads Finn and Marceline are endgame.

>>133085217During the threads of the movie when it came out, one user suggested that she cuddles with him at the nights like a plush toy, a drawfag promised to make a drawing of that.he never delivered.

>>133087909First off, the idea that FinnxMarceline was "meant to be endgame" is pretty much false. This is pretty much stated outright as early as Season 2 in the episode "Go With Me". The ship remained very popular regardless, and I get why it's popular, but the notion that it was going to be canon at any point is pure wishful thinking.And then there's all the false stuff about the crew. Pen Ward, Adventure Time's creator and first showrunner, stepped down during production of Season 5. But it can't be that this was the point when le evil Rebecca Sugar and Natasha Allegri ruined the show with lesbos and shipping, because they also left the crew around this time. (Plus it's worth noting that Allegri only ever boarded one episode; she was mostly a storyboard revisionist).To say when the show was "infrested with lesbians and shipping everywhere" is awfully debatable too. I would say that PB and Marceline's relationship isn't portrayed as romantic until the Season 7 episode "Varmints".You'll have to pardon my autism. Adventure Time is one of those shows for which Holla Forums is extremely opinionated and often bitter. I have no problem with people hating on it (I myself hate pretty much all of it from season 5 on). It just pisses me off when people base their opinions on falsehoods or bad memories, because 90% of the time they are clearly just doing it to force whatever preconceived narrative they have in their head.

Attached: 1515326380614.gif (478x369, 264.98K)

Adventure Time fags should be banned off these fucking threads until they learn to behave, I have never once in my life seen so many autists on all sides of a debate in a shipping thread, it's always explicitly these retards.

Attached: q8pp6bl9y2z01.jpg (612x882, 112.73K)

>>133088055I'd like to frame this post as a perfect representation of Holla Forums's stupidity and fan autism when it comes to Adventure Time.Gosh, I don't know who is worse finnfags, lesbian apologizers or people who really think adventure time was a decent show just because they were so invested in it.Every adventure time arguments are the same every time.

>>133020802Who are these two?

>>133088105Finnfags are a plague.

>>133012961>you now remember the comic about femboy Spongebob getting his pelvis crushed by a Feral Sandy before her hibernationHngh

Attached: Coom.jpg (1280x720, 54.07K)

>>133088105Bubblinefags should be banned in general because they're so pathetic that they make a point of tracking down any and all Finnceline posts just to say "Nope, they don't like each other and never did." Every. Single. Time.

>>133088243>lesbian apologizersI'm sorry my ship is so Cute and Canon

Attached: animesher.com_adventure-time-kiss-bubbline-941735.jpg (500x510, 76.18K)

>>133013617Imagine the sex

>>133088374You're part of the problem.

>>133088371>muh bubbline boogeymanJust because I don't like your shitty ship it does not mean I'm bubblinefag. Go touch some grass, Finncel.

>>133088015Because being straight is normal & expected. Every parent wants their kids to grow up & start families of their own. While some may be perfectly happy with a gay child, that doesn't mean cartoons of all things should be putting those ideas in their heads intentionally. It's not appropriate & should only be something the parents teach them when they reach that puberty age of feeling sexual attraction.

>otp thread>People post their favorite ships>a guy says he thought one of adventure time ships was going to be endgame in a casual post>an incel sperg autist deranges the thread to argue how he is wrong.>people are stupid enough to give said autist enough attention instead of ignore its stupid rant. Why don't you try to stay on topic for once Holla Forums? Just post the otp you like, this thread accepts official pairings and headcanons anyway.

>>133088243>>133088521Everything becomes retarded whenever some sub-brick tries to bring up canon. Nevermind the fact that we're talking about fictional relationships dynamics on a korean basketweaving forum. Both sides are equally ridiculous.

Attached: 1660154497523208.jpg (1168x684, 119.29K)


Attached: 1663458382134166.png (217x199, 80.25K)

>>133088521>>a guy says he thought one of adventure time ships was going to be endgame in a casual postIt's always the same thing with finnfags, can't they stop whining once and just post the images quietly?

>>133088454I grew up seeing nothing but straight representation in everything I watched and read, but that didn't make me straight.And you know what? I was terrified when I realized I was gay, because everything I had ever seen and heard taught me that being gay was disgusting and immoral, meaning I was doomed to a life of loneliness and degeneracy for something I had no control over. My parents were never going to sit me down and talk about sexual orientation and shit, that's something only the most liberal parents would do.So yeah, I do enjoy seeing cute gay couples in media for my own sake, but it also makes me relieved that future generations wont experience that same looming dread and terror as they hit puberty, because they've seen casual gay representation and so they'll know that even if they're not in the majority, they're still normal....Unless it's something fucked up like Catradora. That should not have been in a children's show.

Attached: 1598296045923.png (680x1151, 1.29M)

>>133088721Nice blog, and good for you.But this isn't the place to post your life story, post your favorite gay ships and shut up, because nobody cares.

>>133088721Doesn't matter. Whether you believe gays can be made or are born, the problem is that it's just not an appropriate subject to put into kids minds. An extreme minority of sexual attraction that's heavily associated with pride parades of displays of sexual degeneracy. The average parent does not want their kids exposed to that. Adults being more tolerant is one thing. Putting it in their kids media is an issue that's not up for debate.

>>133088758Yeah I got a little carried away, but tbf I wasn't the one who brought it up in the first place

Attached: friends.png (979x550, 892.04K)

>>133088721>...Unless it's something fucked up like Catradora. That should not have been in a children's show.I think Catradora could have been something wholesome, I don't understand why they had to make their relationship so unhealthy and go that far to the point of no return. I wouldn't even say She-Ra is a kids show.

>>133088775Nah that's wrong, I went to Ren fair with my sister and her kids and there was a cute gay couple waiting in line ahead of us to get coffee. Nothing sexual, just an arm around each others shoulders and a kiss on the cheek. Nobody cared. I'd argue more but >>133088758 is right, this is derailing the thread

Attached: 261621510000202.jpg (1277x718, 150.85K)

>>133088251>>133088371See?If jannies are going to over step their involvement enough to delete politics threads and clean up tangent discussions on webcomic threads they need to kick the Adventure Time posters the fuck back the moment they step out of line.CLEAN IT UP JANNIES

>>133073769It's not popular overall but it should be. I cannot stand how after how utterly fucked regular show & star vs got due to shipping that a couple exists that FINALLY ignored the half a dozen trashy tropes that plagued those 2 shows, and really tv in general, and people are rabid in loving or hating it purely because it's a dyke pair .

My favorite TOH pairing after Huntlow

Attached: 1652432641669.jpg (1579x1531, 191.82K)

>>133084455ah, my nigga of refined racist tastes

>>133068729This shit has caused me to autistically download every piece of art I come across for hours on end

>>133088249OMG!!Has it been that long? Vanellope von Schweetz and Rancis Fluggerbutter.