no older sisters allowed

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ugly ass dingo, hate this bitch

>>133011664aww.. it's OK bluey, you can be in the thread too!>>133011731>dingonah mate that would be vid related

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just encoded

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>>133012303Dog-Muffin is the cutest thing ever.

>>133012343Shit I meant Socks.


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Post the webm where Bl*ey fucking dies in space.


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>>133014446>W A S T E D

>>133014446I can't believe Bluey is fucking dead

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>>133011637if bingo's fairies created a robot version of bluey (mecha bluey) to play with bingo instead of real life bluey, would the real bluey be able to defeat mecha bluey?

>>133015569Only if she goes fast

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>>133011637Yup! Just Bingo here!

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Where is that .webm where the parents admit that two Bingos are better than two Blueys? like it should be

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>>133015780Sorry, Bluey. Here, have my hoodie.

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>>133015935Thanks! That looks really comfy!

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>>133016192>>'s too small

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>>133012593>socks is now just "dog muffin"

>>133016217If thread is liv tomorrow I will draw dog muffin.

>>133016213aw double bingo! I could get used to this

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>>133016213Sorry, sweetie. I though you had the same size of your sister's body.

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>>133018532do not sex the dingo>>133015710>>133015748

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>>133019936Too late

>>133011731Wingo Dingo Gringo Bingo


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>>133019936>adult (barely)>single (presumably)>is the only character people ask not to lewd

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>>133011637how about Lila?

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>>133021344How old is this fucker is? He looks like he could be 7 years older than Bluey

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>>133021443Minimum working age in Australia is 15, so there you go

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>>133021344do not lewd the rectangular dogs

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>>133022036angry chilli best chilli

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>>133022090I love the way her ears bounce when she turns. Like from an animation standpoint, something about it really appeals to me.

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>>133022106yeah sometimes the ears are extra floppy>>133022124kek

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>>133022106That's the magic of Follow Trough and Overlapping Action in animation, it takes more time, but they feel a lot more cohesive and that they belong in the environment.Simple 2 mins video explaining why this shit works so well:

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>>133022168yeah it's important that things actually have inertia like for real life

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>>133015467Mr. Heeler, this is highly inappropriate!


>>133018532How can one boy be so perfect? That tasteful lower contour... Observable.

>>133022403On it

I cant tell this is one of the shows I'll regret not watching to enchance the threads or wind up burned because the most fun parts are what's posted in clips here

>>133022720You can watch it at your own leisure, the episodes are short enough (7 mins) that if there's an episode that you aren't enjoying it won't drag long enough for you to feel burned out.Season 1:> 2 (part 1):> 2 (part 2):> 3 (so far):>

>>133022720While some of the best bits are already webm'd in these threads, there are a ton of moments that are fantastic that we don't have captured. One of my favorites is in Puppets, when Bluey and Bingo commit to helping Unicorse and Bandit, realizing he's agreed to continue the game despite having an out, quietly and exhaustedly reflects "You know, I do this to myself".

>>133022958And episodes like "Sleepytime" or "Flat Pack" are impossible to summarize. Just watch it.

>>133019936Between this episode, the Obstacle Course with Bandit and Chilli covering up her drawing in "Perfect" Bluey faced a lot of betrayals this last season.

I know it's a Bingo thread, but can we post her mum?

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>>133021358The flash-forward was sweet but it implies that Bingo will start going grey by uni. Poor Bingo.

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>>133023778I went grey in middle school (US) Not the end of the world

>had a dream Bluey had one of those live set shows where they bring kids on as live audiences>i was hired to play Bandit>kids kept not sticking to a script or even downright doing things you shouldnt show on childrens tv but somehow i was so good at my job i was able to play off of it

>>133024212>or even downright doing things you shouldnt show on childrens tvFucking the cast members is a big no no


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>>133024667not the cast members's so cute

It all returns to nothing...

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>>133023778Stressed out Malcom in the Middle gingereboot


Attached: Australian_6th_Brigade_marching_Somme_(AWM_EZ0092).jpg (1500x1146, 401.62K)>the swedish dub has kids way older than bluey and bingo actually are>bingo's voice is darker than bluey's>only a handful of episodes have been released so farkännsdåligthundenat least muffin's voice is less grating

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>>133027330Half the fun is in their whacky aussie accent, why would you watch it dubbed svenska.

>>133027469I was thinking of recommending it to my brother and my niece and nephew

>>133027535Understandable, I just put it on English for my nieces and they enjoyed it anyway since their being taught English as well.

>>133027552hmm, that might actually work. they're 6 and 11

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>>133027552the youngest one, my nephew, adores me and actually knows a bit of English from watching fortnite and minecraft videos. and poppy playtime

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>>133027697>>133027780English is a skill they are going to need anyway, and its a fun way to learn. Also a swedish kid havin an aussie accent sounds hilarious.

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>>133016753>>133022403>>133022536Dog-Muffin done.

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>>133028013>swedish kid havin an aussie accent sounds hilariousjag kan inte annat än hålla med

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>>133028115I just want to say I've cum buckets to all your Gabby art

>>133028115What a wholesome puppy muffin. I'm sure nothing bad will ever happen to her.

I am curious how the Swedish dub will handle words like dollarbucks and smoochykiss>kronorspänn>pusskyss

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This is a homage.

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>>133030253>yandere Bluey

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>>133030253...Could you do a yandare Alfie, please?~ This looks so good!

>>133030253Oh my gah

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>>133030253This..makes me feel complicated things.

>>133030253You are all going to hell


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>>133032223Hell 2 U

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>>133012303So is socks autistic or what? Because she seems pretty retarded

>>133032635>this shit againShe's a toddler

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>>133024212I remember dreaming of Bluey one night too.I was watching a new episode called "Showers". All I remember is Bluey using her parents' shower and coming up with her own games while doing so.

>>133022106Jack's ears in Army are extra bouncy.

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>>133033846I thought she was underwater at first.

>>133032635>>133032695By Season 3 Socks is walking on her hind legs and talking, so yeah, this is just normal poptart dog development.

>>133031130Awful, laughed anyways.

so are they meant to be humanlike dogs or just humans portrayed as dogs

>>133034602they're pop tart dogs

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>>133028115"NotTrevbe" ?

>>133030253no! bad drawfriend!

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>>133031130I clearly need more sleep because I actually fucking laughed out loud at this.

>>133031130should have bluey (and maybe bingo) doing the tickle crab pose and going "tickle tickle tickle!"


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>>133035491Yes?>>133029570>>133028139Thanks!>>133032132That implies I believe in hell.>>133030305>>133030440Thanks, but this isn't supposed to be Yandere Bluey, just a homage to Canary's animation thumbnails. Maybe I can give Alfie a try later on.>>133035951You can't stop me.

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would you?

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Outsider here. What is it about this show that you people love so much? Isn't this for literal 5 year olds?

>>133041207yes but the adults act like actual adults, which is refreshing for a kids show


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Attached: 1655962166651.jpg (882x741, 57.15K) puzzle for the thread.

why are this dogs squares? this is why the Japanesse laught at western Animation.

>>133041812>western animationAnon I... Australia is south of Japan...

>>133041812But the Japanese love Blueyブルーイ

>>133041812What shape would you prefer them?

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>>133041812would you prefer if they looked like this?

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>>133041932>calls Bluey animeyea buddy time to shitpost on /a/

>>133038958>That implies I believe in hellWhether you believe in it or not its a very real place

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>>133042026Terrible. This artist's style looks like they've done diaper fetish stuff since the late 90's

>>133043131>>133041932Let's give it a, they've got the cute voices that Anime is known for

>>133043291Why does it have a tooth sticker over the bill, Japanese censorhip?

>>133043447No, she got it from the tooth fairy. She's 6, so that's about time baby teeth are lost



>>133043494AND SHE GOT A FIVER?! When I was a kid I only got a nickle! God damn inflation

>>133043291>>133043559damn those are some cute voices

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>>133041207Its simple without being idiotic. The parents are refreshingly down to earth and relatable, and the show doesn't shy away from the weirder parts of parenthood, because it's less about teaching kids through repetition and more teaching through example.

>>133041207Bingo is based. Simple as.

>>133041207I've never watched a single episode, I'm here for the feels

>>133011637Grannies can't floss!!!

>>133045106its actually cringe how much flossing they shove into the show

>>133045394i think it's funny desuwaiting for the day bingo busts out some orange justice

>>133041207the parents aren't retarded caricatures like in other kid show familiesthe kids aren't annoying little shitslessons taught in the episodes are real and relatablegood animation

>>133045394kids love flossing bro, they phase it out later on though

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>>133045394Bluey is the one of two actually acceptable uses of flossing on TV (the other being when Michael did it on The Good Place)>>133045572>the kids aren't annoying little shitseven the one who is supposed to be is sweet at heart, just a little hyper

>>133041207There is a ton of “parental bonus” in this show. Bandit, Chili, and the other grownups all have their own backstories and lives independent of their kids, which makes it a lot easier for adults to watch.

>>133043707Bandit pretty much said the same thing when Chili told him that’s what the other parents were giving their kids.>This episode of Bluey is called "Surströmming"

>>133045394I feel like it was only really in the early first season, S3 has zero of it. My suspicion is they spent a lot of time working on a maliable rig of body parts to the animation, something they could apply to both main characters and background characters in order to speed up animation and bring down costs. And in order to make designing that whole rig time/cost effective ,they had to use it a good several dozen times at least, why not make it an even 100.

>>133046760>SurströmmingNOPE! I ain't clicking on that shit!

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>>133041207im probably the one person in the thread who only watches it because of my kids


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>>133046815The older sister barely reacts because she wants a bike. I can see one of the Heeler kids pulling that off.


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>>133041141>>133049086For Bingo? Without hesitation.

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>>133033991But bluey was already walking as a baby. Is dog behavior just the terrible twos?

>>133050503Out of universe, the whole "babies act like dogs" thing is something I think they just tried and decided didn't actually like so they just quietly reconned it.However, I personally think the disconnect comes from Bluey interpreting her mom's story, so she envisions her baby self as just a less developed but still humanoid version of herself, rather than as a puppy (though I openly admit this doesn't make a lot of sense if you consider Bluey has been around Socks and KNOWS what a baby acts like).

>>133038958Just IMAGINE

>>133045868God I wish that was my mouth eating that hotdog. I'm so hungry.

>>133050660I choose to believe that it's just a random genetic thing.Some babies are more dog-like, some babies aren'tbut the dog-like ones just grow out of it naturally with age and it's not a "disability" or "autism", it's just a normal thing that happens in the Bluey universe.

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So, any parents or guardians here? What did you guys learn from watching the show? Did it help in any way or do you simply watch it for fun?

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>>133054092no but it really makes me want to have kidswhich unfortunately needs a partner first ;_;

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>>133054092I started watching this show with my wife last year. Since then, we have had a daughter, and I genuinely feel more confident in my ability to parent thanks to Bluey.

>>133056006Based. That's awesome that this show helped gave you confidence. I hope to have a wife of my own one day.

>>133054092I started putting it on for my toddler cause I saw some cute clips of the show on twitter and have since become addicted to it myself. I dunno if I really learned much, but she's still younger than Bingo is, so i haven't really gotten to the stage where the lessons would be super relevant yet.If anyhting I might just try and make more dad or parent friends. Bandit and Chili seem to have a great support network in their local community and it's so hard but valuable to have things like that.

>Just found out the Aus Broadcasting Company doesn’t have the merchandising rights.>They belong to the BritsHow the hell did that end up happening?

>>133056103When does Brits not take advantage of Aussies?

My Wendy x Bandit x Judo fic is up on AO3 for anyone interested

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>>133053833>the way the sax notes timed up with each footstep and roll

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>>133058533Bingo as Dave (obviously)Mackenzie as FrankBluey and Muffin as Hal (Bluey when logical, muffin when homicidal)

>>133056103Australia is just a subsidiary of Great Britain. Has been since the American Revolution.It do be like that sometimes.


>>133058988it's a metaphor for how wet Bandit makes her


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>>133056304Mornin, Wendy!

>>133058831Can't wait for the episode where Lucky's Dad turns everyone onto republicanism.

>>133019936>You can actually pinpoint the second when her heart rips in half.

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>>133060448>two Bingos is better than one Bluey and one BingoIce cold Bandit, _true_, but cold.

>>133019936If Bingo can freak her parents out that badly with a some false teeth and sketchy act at 5-years-old, then I can only imagine how creative she gets at trolling people with age.

>>133060448The Bingo makeup on Blueys fur would come out easyThe Bluey makeup on Bingo would bleed into his fur and linger for weeks

Attached: weep.jpg (1280x720, 72.98K)

>>133061561her fur

>>133061561>Eventually, Bingo ceased intelligent thought

>>133061561>his fur

Attached: rad.png (1920x1080, 1.01M)

>>133061561It's probably that chalk stuff, or dogworld has been inventing makeup for thousands of years.

What if Rusty and Jack didn't come back?

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>>133062430Mackenzie becomes a twink forever.

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>>133056103>old Lib government slashes ABC funding>series can only get produced with BBC financial assistance>BBC only assists in exchange for merch & international tv rights>ABC, assuming the show won’t be a big hit, agreesThanks, ScoMo!

>>133063117love this little kiwi tard

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>>133041207Watching with kids now.It's the only kid show that doesn't make you want to eat a bullet

Attached: 20220918_125451.jpg (4000x3000, 2.33M)

>>133054092It helps keep a reminder for what being a good parent should be.lots of play time and learning, but consistency in patience and discipline.


Attached: 1614337218428.jpg (1096x1394, 231.06K)

>>133063823We have what happens if there's not enough discipline with Muffin. Are we also gonna see a kid who has obviously been too controlled?

Attached: 1660412439545060.webm (1280x720, 89.2K)

>>133064930Does she?

>>133065016All of them.

Attached: trix_is_fat.jpg (1280x1280, 241.29K)

>>133041932neato>the japs are making pavlovahah>>133046760>opens the can indoorsevery time. can't burgers do a basic web search beforehand? he's lucky he didn't spray the entire kitchen with surströmmingsspad. when I grew up the cans would be opened under water in a bucket far away

Attached: animu bluey.jpg (2156x1616, 858.01K)

>>133065521>imageI fucking hate this.

>>133057942Source of this? Reverse search gave me nothing.

>>133065521ghibli should definitely make the Bingo movie

>>133063582>In exchange for merch & international TV rightsIf I was at that negotiating table I would’ve looked elsewhere for other buyers. Asking for one of those is fair-ish, but asking for both is greedy as fuck. But then again the ABC are currently being run by retards so maybe they / we deserve it.

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Attached: Bingo a Cute but she's in heat.png (1280x720, 712.2K)

>>133055581Kino pasta

>>133063117>>133063591>people reshare my request kino. got any requests for greens, I aught to owe some oc in return


Attached: jingle-all-the-way-sick.gif (498x278, 3.18M)

>>133069466I hope you die

>>133070705Thanks, I don't wish you the same.

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>>133046760Honestly this is actually a good Surstromming unboxing vid because It's multiple people and the kids keep the feel kinda light by constantly laughing. Most vids like this are kinda depressing cause it's one dude in a closed room punishing themselves for views.

I love the faces that come out of this show

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>>133069466This is sickening! And I want more.

>>133072352you should try to stop being attracted to the concept of rectangle dogs fucking each other>>133072321

Attached: goatrface.png (569x436, 207.38K)

>>133054092The sleepytime episode made me think of my father and how much I do love him and miss him.

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>133069466>133073284Dear user, please burn in hell. Respectfully, user.

>>133072402you should try to start being attracted to the concept of rectangle dogs fucking each other

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>>133072208>>133072321the derp faces they make are pretty amusing

Attached: drummerdad.png (1920x1080, 1.5M)

>>133073859Something about how his butt is so low to the ground and yet his foot is basically touching his hind reminds me of my dumb dog, he'd just scratch the floor a bunch when I scratched his ears and was watching tv with him, both zero thoughts behind his eyes and all the thoughts. Yellow lab, you see. I miss that bastard every day

>>133064629ohh dear, that stung me a bit

>>133057942>>133066440I got this

>>133022842You could have encode it instead but thanks nonetheless

>>133022720Lots of stuff is great but doesn't do justice without sound.

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>>133074895I forget that they both glance at each-other for a few frames when asked if they wanted to have children.

>that thread on the bluey subreddit where someone is looking for bluey pictures but all they find is smut

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>>133074895Seriously, it was so goddamn sweet of Rad to diffuse the situation the way he did. He didn't even know Frisky and still got her out of a pretty awkward and sad situation. What a nice guy!

>>133075205I found some weird stuff while lurking that site.

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>>133075445>Bluey will never fluff on your lap.It hurts, bros.

>>133075422Australian helicopter moms are the worst kind of helicopter mom.

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I want to see these cartoon dogs with big tight inflated bellies

Attached: 4B7D5F9B-DB1F-46A6-B975-8E5842724956.jpg (680x763, 33.41K)

>>133071808That fountain looks like a gun

>>133073859>Car up on blockskek

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>>133078388how come none of the dogs usually have whiskers?

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Attached: 1637361108527.gif (498x278, 3M)

>>133079526It would be distracting and clutter up their clean visual language.

>>133079544thanks for reminding me of the dog eyebrow meme

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>>133074895They both immediately covered for each other once they realized that the game was gonna get awkward for both of em. Such good teamwork and empathetic listening on display! This is what being a good partner is all about, a tricky lesson that a lot of people still haven't learned


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>>133076515That's hardly helicopter muming. "My kid's saying weird things that sounds very call protective servicey at worst and very awkward at best, just a heads up it's all good fun, here's what he's trying to say."Kids that age are still learning a good hundred words a week and get frustrated if you don't know IMMEDIATELY what they're trying to convey. Giving a teacher a heads up on some innocent dipstick of a kid is a nice move for all involved.

>>133080084Muffin isn't hyper, she drunk

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there's just no way to draw these bean dogs without making them look completely off


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>>133082280Draw a poptart and then put all the dog feeatures on it

>>1330822801. draw a rectangle2. draw the rest of the fucking dog

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>>133084562Trixie would pop that poor yoga ball, also imagine how many of Bandit's farts have attacked it.


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>>133084850I want to smash that bitch.

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>>133085035>Set Cat Squad theme song as my morning alarm>Scares the crap out of the boyfriend the first morning>Now he just complains at me every single day I have it set>mfw

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>>133084562I wish we got to see Chilli at work.

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>>133074392Thanks, I found it.

>>133041623Refreshed the page to see her yelling BHOOT at me.

>>133085820well spill the beans please, I can't stand scrolling through twitter.

>>133082280Tell me about it, spent quite a few nights getting the hang out of these things, it's all in the details, even tho they are fucking squares, the shape of the square and nose make the character. You get something wrong and they don't look like it.

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>>133082280>>133085986hot take but why not just draw them like a furfag would

>> character designer retweeted it.

>>133085986Yeah that explains why this looks like garbage.

>>133085594This episode of Bluey is called, Accurate Profiling!

>>133019936>>133060448Is that supposed to be rude?

>>133084953What demon is Bingo summoning?

>>133087034Loona so Muffin can see her mum

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>>133084608I'm no artist but I've wanted to make this meme for a while now

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>>133085001just IMAGINE how much they've rocked that bed

>>133088642Less than they wanted to, but an adequate amount nonetheless

>>133088177Kek, this is amazing. Good work.

>>133088642at least three times>>133088177lel

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