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Multitrack drifting


No revolturds or stormniggers allowed

But the MSM told me that Charles Barkley was a stormnigger for opposing the removal of confederate statues.

I wish they could just install me with a chip to keep me up to date with the narrative, I would hate to see another comey incident happen on colberts show

The narrative isn't supposed to make sense, that's the point

One one hand the other thread was done by (1).

Ont the other hand it had Fist of the North Star.

…Is that a man?

No, it's CP

no, but this is.


So… what is a good translation of cuck in spanish?

Cornudo sounds too weak and cabrón consentido is too obscure.

What a cute tomboy dressing like a guy.


Tenshi no 3P is gonna be another frustrating case of "Show I like doesn't get 2nd season", isn't it?

Is this actually any good?

I don't like lolis.

But I like flatchested adult women.

This is the thread where we all RP that we're actually changing the video game industry, right?

Is this show worth watching?

thats a great edit. Too bad horsey is "everyone be retarded but me"

GamerGays.Stop bullying EA.

The next millennium prize problem.

Far less than it deserved.

It's delet

Consumer Boycotts do work.

Blaming their customers again I see

Yes. Can't wait for summer to be over.

It already is over fam.

Not until they stop bullying devs and blame gamers for their own fuckups.
I'm now just picturing punished Holla Forums bullying some EA executive

Polygon continues using affiliate links without disclosure


The Verge is doing the same thing. Report their violations to the FTC



Polygon and The Verge don't list their office's addresses so use their parent company's

Consumer boypussy too

The problem with a "cuck" translation is the idea of being submissive. Venado, cornudo, engañado, gorreado and others don't have the "submissive" aspect behind it, in fact, if your gf is cucking you on a spanish-speaking nation, someone will end up dead, either the girl or the cucker.
I'd personally use something along the lines of "cornudo sin bolas".

Once again /revolt/, not buying something you wouldn't buy to begin with isn't a boycott.

I'm scared of starting college.

Fantastic, I forgot this


It's okay. It's lewd and it has a harem protagonist who's not a beta and is actually going for the harem ending for once. I'm not gonna say it's great but for a titty anime it's a decent watch and is pretty funny. It's kinda like if someone tried to make SMT into an ecchi series with the way it handles mythology.

No, what happened is they pissed of their core fanbase which scared off normalfags


Mingafría, sinsangre, descastado, puertacaída, planchabragas

Haven't got to use this OC in a while.

Three cute lolis form a rock band with the help of a reclusive teenage boy they lured out in the open through the internet and they proceed to lure him into a church/orphanage (they're orphans) with the promise of some bitchin' hard rock music.

Teenage boy then agrees to help them develop as a group, promote them, and use the church as a place to throw concerts. Lots of lewd loli fan service and some feels here and there. It's pretty decent and the MC isn't a useless cuck for once. I'd recommend it, especially if you like lolis



Just "voting with your wallet" wouldn't have been enough, normalfags would have bought it anyway. It's because of everyone talking and memeing and making videos of how *SHIT* the game is that it bombed so hard.

At least I have hope on my people not tolerating this faggotry, not even having a word for it.

I prefer going with cabrón consentido mostly because I heard it from my mother and found it hillarious.

Okay, my bad. I thought I saw something else.

Great, another chinese cartoon to add to my backlog

Summer ends on 23rd September.
Majority of summerfags leave by then.

Enjoy your daily socjus aids dosage.

If we boycotted and memed FE Torrential Downpour wouldn't have been a failure.

Socjus doesn't scare me, being around people does. This is still my least scary option. I hope I win the lottery so I can become a shut-in.

Seek help

I never knew I'd be so proud to like anime tiddies now.

What in Satan's name is going on with the titties in this pic

When will you kill yourself? Serious question.


What degree are you doing? I want to laugh at you but can't without context. Also you can always turn back and go to a trade school, there are plenty that offer crash courses with a degree at the end so that you can get a good paying job within 2 or 3 years instead of studying a minimum of 4 years to work for dirt cheap

Who got second quints?

What a waste of a Get.

Fuck you, Reanon, they're just overlapping from the beautiful /u/'s they've blessedly sprouted from.

RIP thread

Computer Systems Technician. It's a 2-year degree with an option to take a third year at the end.

lol, did you leave mommy's basement yet?

Why don't they wear shoes on those pics?


Maybe they live on the plane.

Maybe it was drawn by a footfag

There's only one trap in DxD. See if you can guess which.


To download YT videos you'll need this

Plus a GUI otherwise you'll have to do everything on command line
github.com/MrS0m30n3/youtube-dl-gui/releases (get the portable version)


what? XDD

Oh yeah, speaking of Jewtube, I noticed a fuckup on their part today.

Oh nice, you actually picked something that could qualify as a trade. When you start studying, take into consideration that you can't slack off like you did when in school unless you want to fuck up in exams, even if it's shit that makes perfect sense without explanation just go through the material multiple times. If it's shit that doesn't make sense then NEVER leave it for later, you will simply forget and then you're fucked when your exams come and you still don't know how to do it. And on the socialisation aspect, watch Charisma on Command on YT, he gives plenty of tips on how to not act like an autist and act normal (knowing what autistic behaviour is is something you can do already but the second part is very useful) which will make being around people much more enjoyable.

We have to meme anime tiddies harder than ever. Nothing is more potent to ugly, pretentious retards or obnoxiously puritan, cultist retards. The first step to internal liberation from pathetic, impotent shame.


Very nice

I can already act normal. I just panic when I'm around people and I don't think it's healthy to spend 4 days a week screaming internally until I get home.


Also Jontron isn't dead apparently and put out a new video. So nice to know he's not completely JUSTed.


In other words, you don't act normal. Just fucking do what I said.

Sounds pretty normal for college to me.

Jon uploads a new video every 6 months

I act normal. The panicking is internal. I don't need to know how to talk to people, I need to know how to not be scared when I have to be around large groups.


Where do you think you are?

True, but he had gone silent on twitter and a lot of people thought the whole Destiny shit had broken him.

Talk with small groups, then talk with bigger and bigger groups as time goes on.
Worked for me.

like the picture though


What was it?



weird, it was supposed to be this

What happened to their lawsuit?

Yet you just said that you act normal. People can very easily tell if you are acting hyperconscious because whatever internal nervousness you have will always express itself outwardly, this is the case for even the best of actors. Just because you aren't in a fetal position flooding the whole room in piss and shit doesn't mean you are instantly acting normal. For example, when you are stressed your vocal cords will tighten and give you a much more high-pitched voice than you would have when you are calm. Just listen to embed related and pay attention to how the pitch of his voice changes from the start when he is nervous to near the end after he has had a few laughs. This is what happens to you when you panic internally and that most definitely won't qualify as normal.

I didn't say it was necessary to BE normal, just to ACT normal.

This was also released.
He seems to be doing fine so we probably don't have to worry too much.

pic related

I don't see how "I don't need to know how to talk to people" and "I can act normal" are contradictory. I'm just screaming inside the entire time. I've never actually had my voice go up like that.


weebfags eternally btfo

It's set to happen november 29th

goddammit youtube. site took longer too load and it looked like a quarantined video. really scared me for a bit.




I don't talk much to start with. Got nothing to say.

The leaf court system is so fucking slow.

Lazy Game Reviews is told by YouTube that a video even about Windows9x apps is inappropriate.







It's in Dutch though.

The only way you can tell is if you either record yourself or have someone tell you. It's the same thing as when people are surprised to hear what they sound like after being recorded, the issue is that you hear your own voice through vibrations in your skull while everyone else hears your voice from vibrations in the air. So when you say "I have never done that", I am inclined to call bullshit.

It's an app that translates webpages into pidgin.

The story until now, #TorrentialDownpour news related and not.

> NISA is trying to fuck with Ys.NISA has fucked Ys
- archive.is/hAeYA

Our Holla Forums and cuckchan /g/ made a replace for nyaa after it was taken down, make sure to use it… Now Approved by Japs.


As a troll move they put the fakku doujins you have to pay for in download state.

Fakku 0001-1000: files.catbox.moe/129di9.torrent
Fakku 1001-1100: files.catbox.moe/h3l457.torrent
Fakku 1101-1200: files.catbox.moe/47batv.torrent
Fakku 1201-1300: files.catbox.moe/c9ntlr.torrent
Fakku 1301-1400: files.catbox.moe/rkuheo.txt
Fakku 1401-1500: files.catbox.moe/ce8oor.txt
Fakku 1501-1600: files.catbox.moe/nmqh3d.txt
Fakku 1601-1700: files.catbox.moe/60v3p6.txt
Fakku 1701-1800: files.catbox.moe/3ii6j8.txt

That's bullshit. I know my own voice and I would know if it was higher than normal.

Fix your pasta

That's slightly less retarded but still pretty retarded.

That's a waste of time user.
Git gud.

Does anyone have a webm of it?


Feels good to be a bogeyman. I swear, if Yellowstone exploded tomorrow, they would find a way to blame us, in between sending their last tweet and choking to death on sulfur fumes. Oh well, no wonder we inaugurated the Age of Gamergate.

The way you gauge whether you are talking higher than normal is the amount of active effort you have to put into speaking, not by sound, since that requires less effort from the brain than to analyse everything you hear yourself say in real time. The limiting factor in that situation is your reaction time, which is much longer for things you aren't attentive towards.

Regardless, the point wasn't to go into a tangent about how your voice changes but rather that you should watch the channel I provided to help yourself not be stressed when around people, since it not only says what to do but also why you are doing it.

Allum Bokhari wants to hear from Youtube employees re: demonetization and censorship



Was just claiming a board abd noticed /gamergatehq/ was listed. Don't know if you people care about that but it is available.


somebody is going to get shut down

I know why I'm doing it. Because I have been bullied and beaten up and abused in the past so I don't trust people. I can keep calm in small groups if I don't have to talk to them too often.

It's probably a bug

Remember, do it for headpats

I've been bullied in school before as well, fam. In fact, I have been bullied on a regular basis in three different schools and unfucked my shit in trade school. From experience I can say for certain that it works. I didn't have the same amount of access to this type of information as you do and I could have definitely used it back then but you shouldn't assume you don't need it simply because you feel like you don't.

ICANN took stormfront's domain name from them.
We're next.
My new home: fishcam.com/



God I love Gumball

The bullying wasn't all that bad, but there's a lot I haven't even told my family about because I'm more scared of how people would treat me than I am of being alone with it. I just don't want to be around people. I'm going to play the lottery a lot I think, since I got financial aid. The few days of happines I get while I imagine what I would do with the money is worth it.

What non-cancerous browser would you recommend to someone who's used to using Firefox?

Would've recommended cyberfox, but its dead.

I want to second this because I use Firefox with a lot of addons. Are any of its forked versions workable with stuff like ublock origin and classic theme restorer?

SeaMonkey for that good Netscape Navigator feels and low memory footprint. Palemoon for the not so retro and yet outdated Firefox fork. Yandex for the supreme built browser that only gives all your data to the KGB.

Pale Moon.

Don't spend money on (((lottery)))
It's worse kikery than casino.


Methinks it uploaded properly now.

the guy who made netscape isn't an alternative, he made a wack browser

no thanks

we are becoming Holla Forums with their daily browser threads

Palemoon, Waterfox, Seamonkey (it doesn't show colored IDs on Holla Forums for me though), Iridium, Opera Presto (low memory impact), ungoogled chromium

Which ones support ublock origin and runs Holla Forums well?

If I had money I'd be spending it on the lottery right now. I can't live like this.

And I bet these faggots look down on hobo's panhandling in the streets, or don't even donate any $$ to missionaries, if they even acknowledge them.

I really fucking hate how begging on social media is acceptable. These faggots use it as a crush for being worthless fucks.


I know Iridium, Waterfox, Palemoon, and Vivaldi run uBorigin. I think they all work on 9chan fine.

Why the lottery?

Palemoon does both well.
Sometimes it gets laggy though.

Works fine on my computer. :^)


Palemoon, Waterfox, Seamonkey, Iridium, ungoogled chromium

Palemoon, Waterfox, Iridium, Opera Presto, ungoogled chromium

How about icefox?

Good Light Novel there gaymerFAGS

Because I want to be rich enough that I can completely drop out of society. Given cost of living out here and how much I spend, and taking into account how long I expect to live, 2 million would probably be enough (with some extra as a safety net). I don't really buy anything I don't need.


Minder that you can also use the blocker that spoofs google for the keks. If you don't mind having your google account eventually skullvd.

You obviously haven't been bullied enough.

Some people think Sargon screwed his case by posting the Minds video which is just her, without his responses, thus is all her content.

We will see.

No. It's run by a, you guessed it, kike.

When's ZQ's magnum opus coming out?

It's either that or booze

If it does as advertised, then it's jews jewing other jews, and I'll take it, baha.

There are kikes everywhere on our side, you have to do better than that.



Next month. They're trying to shill the shit out of it, but we all know none of them are willing to go Milo levels.

It's written by a SJW, so you know it's full of lies and dumb shit.

vn.nl is left wing, going on the extreme.


Oh, come on. Just invest in something.

I don't know, I never used it.

google translate


Is that pidgin speak?


It's not about toal return or safety, it's about fast return so I can shut the entire world out of my life, except through the internet.

talking about shilling,,,

Property taxes?

Thank god. I thought I was going to have to get used to journos now adapting nigger-speak into their headlines.

bullies did nothing wrong


You're better off becoming the next big real estate tycoon than winning the lottery.



Is it still a looping timer these days?

Economy don't work like this. Just contain your need for instant gratification for more money.
Unless you have some disease, which will kill you after some time.

Thankfully she won't ever go to my country.


Tough shit, it's never going to happen. Just post the conditions for winning and I'll calculate the chances of you failing.

Yeah, see, this is exactly what I'm talking about. A book signing, then circlejerking with the rest of the Clique. What a great fucking promotion, will really elevate her over Literally Who status.

On Topic

You can also put ss in front of the URL.
I.e. ssyoutube.com/videocodeshit

Holy shit the above actually works and doesn't put money in Google's pocket? Cool. However, like other anons said, if you don't trust AdNauseum, look for alternatives. Never use a piece of tech you don't understand.

Other Ongoing things
Make a collage of SJW Men/Male Feminists who went on to rape, sexually abuse, or harass women.

Dig into ICANN. Work with Holla Forums on 8ch alternatives just in case.

Make memes that support our cause (free & open net, pro free speech, anti- anything that aids commies & marxists) and spread them.

How is CON still being used as something? From what I recall it has accomplished shit, and the only thing that came out of CON, besides it being a con, is that their "counselors" are stalkers and pervs.

Hey, she's giving people a heads up to get vaccinated against any and al superl STDs that they might get by just being in the same city as she is

Still low enough that 2 million would cover me. I could last quite a while even on 1 but I might still be alive at the end.

The dream is nice to have.

I could say something edgy like "a disease called life" but I'm just miserable and I hate people and I just want to be alone forever.

They finally stopped the timer, "worked" for about a month giving people a fucking checklist made in Twine whenever they claimed they were getting harassed, then shut down after the CON leaks revealed that it was just a front so they could dox and harass anyone who criticizes them.

But I was told CON crashed with no survivors…

What mango? googler image search doesn't work

I wish I knew. I used to know but I forgot. All I remember is it wasn't a porno.



It was a big fuckup (for them).

You're a big fag.

If you know some languages you could go live in some third world country, where cost of life is low.
The best for that would be South America.

Do somebody have any archives for male allies?

4U (nice dubs)


The woman (?) suing Sargon is asking for money on Gofundme for health treatment but somehow still had money to hire the same layer H3H3 used (they ended up changing lawyers at a later point). I'm not sure how cheap he charges

Unfortunately she has a very strong amount of high profile protectors (CON is even one of Twitter's trusted partners - looks great on a resume). Unless someone from inside decides to come forward and leak substantial stuff or one of her big wig friends like Kotaku or Polygon decides to throw her under the bus (very unlikely) there isn't much we can do besides spreading the articles about CON we already have. Other outlets won't touch this out of fear her betas and people sympathetic to her attack them and their revenue. So things will stay the same for a while, but who knows? Faraci, Whedon and plenty other fell, maybe it's a matter of time

he didn't just reupload the video. he cut a 10 minute video down to 2 minutes. these 2 minutes contain parts in which the idiot clearly contradicts herself.

If you trust what the heeb said about the trial 38,800$ is pennies in comparison to what a lawyer costs.


He should never have apologized for stating facts. Stupid onlookers think stating facts about blacks equals hatred of blacks and him apologizing confirmed said stupid idea for them. That said, disliking blacks is an entirely reasonable and natural response to them committing 90% of all interracial crime in the United States. Statistics are simply the gateway to an entirely logical response of avoidance and dislike, but they are not hatred in themselves. The unnatural (((socially engineered))) stigma on racial statistics is a means to blind people to reality.


Whoops forgot screen

They got him off guard and he dropped spaghetti. He works with a bunch of big brands, if he didn't had apologized they would drop him on the spot

Think that's bad? The doujin I like is only in English & for some reason has no raw upload elsewhere.

I believe that's the ulterior motive for PDP cucking out recently. Seems unreasonable that a man slandered as a NADZEE by the media would turn around and believe the media as they slander others as NADZEES.

Why did sarcuck not just make a 10 second comment at the start and end of the video?

Oh no!

Because his shitpost channel is made to be disposable, he didn't care if it was striken. His mistake was filing a counter claim.

Are you pretending to be retarded?

it wasn't really necessary.
the video starts with her pleaing for more understanding even for people who think different only to diverge into her suggesting you drop your friends, partners and even family if they dare to think different.

Never apologize. By admitting you show weakness. Just standing with your arms folded and saying "Shan't" winds them up (because they haven't won) and forces them to do stupid shit. Better yet, laugh at them.

I've yet to see ANY situation where apologizing to them made them stop. I've seen situations where the guy standing his ground have driven them off and made them impotent.

Got a webm of the video?

God forbid I want to enjoy the original Japanese doujin in it's original context without having translators "Spicing" it up.

Got any evidence or is this just FUD? What's the alternative? I doubt that tutanota.de is any safer in censor-everything land.

Would spreading the video hinder or aid the legal case?
Would spreading the video hinder or aid the pushback against SJW?

Yea we know that but I don't think anyone here is a public figure that works with brands associated with kids and who depends on a "clean" image

Last thread someone posted an archive. Some guy was displaying his email address on some rally or something then someone reported him to Protonmail and they killed his account

Neither because it wouldn't be Sargon doing it and it wouldn't be anyone doing it to her directly. If someone were to write her mean letters about how she is a cunt then yes, that would affect the legal case, but making webms won't unless you do it to provoke a reaction.

Why did they stop doing

I hope no one shows up.

Yahtzee moved to America

Seriously? Shows how much I pay attention. I thought he hated the united states?

Cause he moved to America and replaced it with the "Yahtzee annoys his girlfriend with Dark Souls" livestreams he does on the Escapist's channel. As much as I think Yahtzee's a hack as a game reviewer and as a comedian, I can't actually say that I dislike him as a person.

Because Yahtzee left Australia and moved to the US. Gabe still does gaming videos with another guy (their RE7 playthrough is top notch with no stupid screaming).

Hatred is an unreasonable aversion.
I hate raisins in pastry or ice cream.
I have aversion towards blacks and avoid nigger-filled countries because they're dumb, look and smell repulsive while also being unpredictably violent.

Post it if you have it.

Where's the damn archive?

He was going to work full-time on The Escapist, and they wanted him to move stateside.

That would do it.

Somewhere in the previous thread or the one before it

They will shut you down for "inciting violence" which they could only assess by reading the contents of your emails. However, later on in the tweet thread, people confront them on it and they say they only suspend the account if they get a court order.
There have also been allegations that it's traffic is routed through Israel, a claim it denies.
Relevant tech thread:


>>>Holla Forums781934

How dare you. I posted a few threads ago somewhere

Technically they would be in the right shutting his account down if he's promoting violence (it's in their ToS) BUT they don't do the same to people that say "punch nazis" and to antifa people, it's an uneven treatment. Also, aren't Protonmail mails encrypted or something and only the owner has the keys? They can't read users emails that way

I don't suppose you can offer a link to said playthrough

If only everyone was a stupid as you (^:

worth noting that unlike a blocker, this does load the ads, but just doesn't show them.
they state that this is done 'in conjunction with protecting your privacy', which is pretty much impossible since these ad companies will both have your IP and a list of fake ads your addon clicked. Because the ad was served to your browser.
i mean, you wanna use it for the lols, sure, but i'm gonna pass.

well, that explains it. The default config is "load these ads, don't show them, and don't block trackers", lmao


You should kill yourself, that'll stop those thoughts


Yeah I've seen it shilled hard on Holla Forums as a way to attack Google, but I don't trust it at all.
webm related


aww, I missed it.


This. If enough people start using this shit to a point of annoying Google all they have to do is grab a list of IPs that clicked a bunch of ads artificially and then sue you for fraud or interference with their services

Well, go on, kill yourself already. I'm waiting. Stop wasting time.

Don't worry I can post it again


Site's down, here's another link


even better, go take a horsecock to the ass like that guy in WA did. That'll shut you up forever.

Pretty sure that is a rare incident, since I haven't heard any females porn actors died from getting fucked by BHC

Pooter you fucking nigger do your job.

Did the faggot die? Also is he a faggot or a furry faggot?

That depends if the horse went balls to teh wall? If so internal bleeding will kill the idiots Also try explaining that to a doctor why your ass or snatch looks like it just got pulverized by a two liter bottle.

I remember a few anons in a porn thread saying that doctors really have seen it all when it comes to masturbation fucks up, and they've learned not to ask questions. As long as they get paid, you don't cause them any extra trouble, tell them everything that happened, and you're "smart enough" to check yourself in before you really cause some damage, they don't care.

Headpat is love, headpat is lyf.



That shit sounds like EMT stories my friend used to tell me.

horse pussy>horse dick
Just saiyan.


Stop posting about horsegenitalia and start posting about feminine benis

EA: Our Metric of Success Is “Player Happiness” and Not Revenue

Goddamn horsefuckers.

EA truly has been taken over by SJWs.

Well you sure screwed THAT up, EA.

Then stop using the page of a loli hentai that involves non-trap stuff especially a hentai that is frankly one of the best loli artists' out there you fucking blasphemer

Derpibooru filename actually.

How did you know it was an e621 filename btw?

I came here for anime.

Hey user, want to rape and kill women with us?


Did Uma Musume air yet?

Do people even care about Uma Musume, considering Centaur's Worries is a thing?

here you go

Same difference, bunch of furfags/furfags in denial

They've been posted in a lot of other places before and you learn to recognize that filename pattern (it's apparently all the tags that get put on it)

Anyone have the webm of the guy in Charlotte where you can see his car get hit before he gasses it? Arguing with someone who says the car never got attacked.

A show about lesbo horse girls, how can I not be exite?

EA: We are failing horribly.

I wasn't aware user.
Let me make it up to you by letting you ravage me.

Some localization stuff.
Since I recently found out about Tattoo girls localization, I checked for other games they're bringing over this year,

Five Big NIS America Game Announcements, Dood!
21 Nov, 2016

NISA 2017 Press Event Wrap Up
5 new titles, 6 release date reveals, and much more!
February 5

Broken page on NISA site
It's linked on the top toolbar under store. ie. a main link that doesn't work. Just found it curious.

Polygon: Ni no Kuni 2 is aimed at Western fans, and it’s better for it
Subtitle: A JRPG for an international crowd

I guess you didn't see our porn.


Notch's troll game is on point today.

The bronies and the furries fucking hate each other from what I can gather, even though they're basically the same thing.

Who says it wasn't an employee?


Do you have a time machine from back when the show just got started? Everyone except the "you make us look bad with your porn" autists are cool now.

You're making me think deep, philosophical questions about myself; like if I was alone, at night, with a Mare, would I?

Good gosh guys, you can't have children with a horse. I usually think these are just memes, but that research is way too deep for spouting maymays.

I should have said chill not cool, english isnt my first or even second language.

Well, the shota protagonist had me interested. That has me turned off.

I posted the japanese version of this article, but didn't know it came out it english

Basic Accord on Gamification of Japanese Anime for Overseas Markets and Joint Publishing
(Crunchy roll localization)

Check this post and

for the TD pasta


There's nothing wrong with fucking animals, its basically just masturbation fite me

Looks like the jew is afraid of men not being slaves of female approval, its an ingenious system they have set up, men have high expectations but having expectations for women is muhsoggyknees.
Wise man told me not to chase destiny but to create it.

Lad, I'd say rape is better than what is suggested in that pic. It's a lousy way to go but at least you're producing offspring, with production of offspring being the entire point of coitus.







Depends on what you see as the point. We fug to get pleasure, we are driven to get this pleasure, this is why lions like to kill their offsprings to fug the lioness again. Procreation is done when it's safe and in europe its not safe, at this point procreation will only delay the inevitable, why not just have fun when you're going to die out anyway.

Pic is clearly a centaur.

Goddamn, that's some hardcore FTC report filing.

Do not do anything
Continue posting lewds

I've been very out of the loop, mostly playing vidya, but this showed up on my timeline and now I'm curious.
What is this guy on about, do people hate Broteam now? What happened?

They didnt post any lewds, here is a real lewd.

Good morning faggots. You know Justin from The Gaming Ground, right? Well, dive deep into the madness of Marxist indoctrination in University of South Carolina.

It's the blonde one with red eyes. He's wearing the least suggestive outfit and baggy clothes so we don't see the dick.
What anime

Highschool DXD.

He's a shota vampire that wears a girl's uniform


This timeline truly shows G-d has a sense of humour.

Or he's just really enjoying the madness of the rats panicking in the cage.

Battle royale of the boards is on again >>>/sudo/47321

CNN staff member equates people complaining about Antifa violence to people complaining about the Allies' violence against Nazi Germany, talks over people not following the narrative


Hahahahaha this retarded torfag reminded me. Remember when John kelly tried to take credit for Starwars Battlefront failing because pre-release it got such shit PR from normalfags? And he tried to imply it was because of his boycott instead? Good fucking times.

Squid is a hypocritical retard who fell in with the revolt fags, ignore him. He get's butthurt over shitty e-celebs but then sucks Ralph's cock. He got so assravaged that people were archiving Ralph's articles that he completely flip flopped on the issue and called archiving unethical and censorship along with other ralph dicksuckers.

Fucking Arpaio pardon.

Yeah I know Trump's base love him for fucking immigrants over, but even beyond all his shameless prison PR stunts, he's the poster boy for the militarization of police forces in America. His career was such a Freudian power trip that he got his police a fucking war tank and a varied military arsenal. When he got those taken back because he unsurprisingly lost track of some of it, he bragged that he barely used that stuff anyway. Which begs the question of why that cunt had those things at all.

Arpaio is some bizarre undiagnosed personality pathology. In Soviet Russia, he would be the NKVD commissar who would pick who to execute by throwing darts at pictures, and send the victim's wife to a gulag for good measure.

Looks like a garden-variety salty cuck.

So does that mean he's the Ralphshill? Was he finally identified. I admit, I lost track of that drama after a while. I just remembered Ralph could finally no longer keep getting away with murder.

did he actually pardon him yet? Because I heard since he hasn't been convicted yet, the courts will be able to block the pardon.

My dude, wait until you hear about dolphin vaginas. That shit is insane.

What are we supposed to be paying attention to?

I think the ralphshill is (or at least was) variloh, their writing style was similar

The way American law works, I'd guess there're probably a million ways it can be blocked, unblocked, re-blocked and so on. But so far, it's going through.



What the hell are these proportions. Maybe it's the booze, but this viv looks funky.

Thanks for the background info. If it's just some butthurt revoltard then opinions discarded.
That was my initial assumption, I guess my instincts haven't rusted.


Calgary Expo's lawyer first pretended the honey badgers were suing the wrong shell corporation.
Then their lawyer was either brilliant or incompetent because it turned out he was DEFENDING the wrong shell corporation.
Basically, Cal Expo has been stalling for time hoping the suit will go away because they can burn more money on continuing legal fees than the Honey Badgers can, and if the Badgers drop the case, it's almost as good as a victory for Cal Expo.
In a just system, the Badgers would be awarded a victory based purely on the defendant's obstinacy and contempt of court. And then Cal Expo's lawyer would be disbarred for incompetence. Or maybe that's just a system with less tolerance for bullshit.

I know less about what's been going on with the Mary Sue's lawyers.

With that fullhouse you should at least save your money then go to a casino to play blackhack. The odds are more in your favor than with a lottery and you won't waste all your money at once.

Have you guys ever had those moments where you wake up from a nap, your brain isn't working properly, and you begin asking yourself where the Hell you are because you think or remember anything?

Oh, yeah, I saw that video (Of the interview). It was funny watching the people basically saw "You problem is you, CNN."

I think it's the head. It looks too tiny for that body.

I understand that he did lots of shitty stuff, but he wasn't pardoned for any of those things. He was pardoned for violating a court order to stop profiling hispanics when looking for illegal immigrants. I still think it was bad from a PR perspective for the reasons you mentioned, though.


slimjet is good too

Yiff me daddy

And /kemono/ won before too.

I reckon this is sort of an Al Capone situation. He'll never be charged for the really awful things he did, so we have to hope he at least gets charged for something.


Is that a problem?


That was funny

Man TB attacking people to defend "friends" that later stab him in the back is not a new thing apparently.


This guy would be less clickbait if he just took off "top" from the title.

#GamerGate's 3rd year anniversary tomorrow! Please tell me you people have plans!

Yeah I think it's because he's been on youtube forever he's still making clickbait titles.

If Holla Forums gets shut down tomorrow, I just want to say, I love you all. Even you Marche and Val. Thanks Obama for ICAAN and ruining the internet as we know it.

It's /mu/ who won previously, isn't it?

yo, youtube is going full jew. Videos marked as controversial can't be liked anymore
(New Century Foundation)

Might shitpost some good moments from the cause we have been doing for the last 3 years


That's a surprise to me.


Julian Assange: New YouTube censorship system. "Controversial" but contract-legal videos cannot be liked, embedded or earn.



The body may die but the spirit is eternal.

Almost in a row*

Good or bad?

that shit's pretty scary, people will soon follow google's lead and turn the internet to shit.

I don't understand why every youtuber with a decent patreon going doesn't just turn off monetization on their channel. That way they use resources but absolutely deny youtube from making a penny off of them.

I really enjoyed it. It has a lot of ecchi content, and I do mean a lot - to the point of distracting sometimes. But there's a lot of action, funny, and some feels to make up for its excesses. It's solid, and has an especially likable protagonist.

from what I heard youtube still shows ads on those videos, you just don't earn shit from it.

The fact that the next novels of the saga is with his childrens because he impregnate them all seal the deal for me.

Do note, if you watch the dub:

The voice of the lead changes between the second and third seasons, because the guy is in prison for pedophilia.

> because the guy is in prison for pedophilia.

We'll still have the IRC room, faggot. Afterwards, we can just move to a new url not controlled by ICAAN (which does exist), and maybe even sue ICAAN.

I'm 90% sure yt still runs ads on demonetized channels.

Pic related

Bonus points because he fucked both catgirl sisters in a threesome, impregnating both within minutes of eachother.

>the guy is in prison for pedophilia.
Oh wow

The only way to do it would be to take the ads off completely from videos.

I wasn't completely following this conversation and thought you were talking about the guy convicted for pedophilia.

What the heck is the point of going through all that shit just to soft censor. Its just tedious and a lot of work for jewtube's poor code pajeets.
All it will do is create a Streisand effect and make the ideas they don't like seem cooler and more appealing.

Please don't tell me that Texas law includes 2D hentai.

It's a bug. Board's working fine.

Looks like it since it's not the first time something like that has happened. Texas had a court case with
Also happened in Iowa with Christopher Handley being charged on also having "Obscene" material.

even the trap?


One of you guys tried Brave browser yet? It was recommended in the past a few times because chrome is totally cucked and so is firefox. But brave comes with a lot of shit pre installed that kinda scared me off.

Brave-Payments uses PrivateInternetAccess, and I am not sure but I think they are total jews. I remember them selling out their userbase. Then it also comes with LastPass and Dashlane preinstalled.

bloated, botnet, shit in general.

Opera browser here, everyone else is a faggot.


El oh el.

I've been trying it out it isn't finished and still has a lot of problems. Like if you add too many bookmarks it starts to break shit. I imported all my shit from firefox and now if I bookmark a page the browser freezes for like a minute. All the stuff preinstalled like lastpass can be disabled and actually starts off disabled. Brave-payments is also an opt in thing. I don't know about them being jews the company is run by the guy mozilla fired for donating to an anti-gay marriage charity.

Fellow superior Human here.
However, disabling Opera's auto-update "feature" is a pain-in-the-ass



At least they have to decency to state the workaround:

Couldn't those e-celebs just tell their hordes of mouthbreathers to start using uBlock/Adnauseam? Assuming that wouldn't cause YT to close their channel for anti-semitism, I guess.


lel. Honestly, just look how all the big youtubers bend over. They don't have thje balls do do something like that.


Feels bad, hope you guys have a better week-end.

Maybe we could try whispering in their ears about just going full Patreon, and hopefully promoting Adnauseam?

It would be funny if Patreon of all places turned out to be the silver bullet against YT.

LeL I forgot to put my board in this week

God dammit, Marche, you could have prevented this!



Or - now hear me out here - we let Patreon go fuck themselves and then piss on their graves

Use Hateon instead

Or Liberapay

Do the SJW think they still have that much power? This will redpill normalfags more than anything else.


That's a shame user, just bring her some souvenir to make up with her, and please don't give her something you hunted.

forgot pic

That smells like a discrimination suit, though trade schools and community college might be cheap, but it's far better than those "Higher Education" lib arts indoctrination centers.

no first for benis, therefore sage

Just tell her you're a grown man and she needs to shut the fuck up.



Probably two spirit.


Adding the T to LGB was a mistake.
Adding L to GB was a mistake a gay woman is the same thing, right?
Fuck, why not just say "Fags" already?

Well we can't kill them all at once, we have prioritize.

I got a feeling of what this is, and I don't like what I'm thinking.

wrong pic, fug



Marxist indoctrination live.

I fucking hate chromium and wish that another engine was popular

Don't beat around the bush. It's schizophrenia. And they're giving it a more "socially sensitive" name to raise awareness and acceptance for it.

Because they're fucking crazy.


is anyone watching the fight?

Nah I'm rewatching Farscape.

Here's some Miranda porn I just drew.

No, I'm watching Tekken matches to try and learn to git gud not helping too much.
Pop a link to a stream and I'll watch.

that is not miranda
it is a communist

That's totally Miranda. Notice how she's holding a $500 bill pillow? A billow, if you will.

I'm watching a Celia Cumani Aintree cosplay POV right now.

Sad because there aren't POVs of Tekken, Soul Calibur or Dead or Alive female characters. Step it up, damn it!

I saw this on twitter tag. There might be some others but I just went to the first link I saw

Pick one.

I like big girls with moderate breasts.
How the fuck do you find flat chest adults animu grills? Small, sure, but flat?

For you.

Is Enutrof Miranda a thing yet?


He asked for a dog not a cat


In the game you have a option to say she behaves more like an old enutrof with money than a ecaflip
this ofcoure is because she runs a shop and drives hard bargains

Miranda isnt a dog you fucking goob

this isn't like my Japanese anime at all

Just wish opera could go back to earlier builds tho before they tried to be firefox, failed and tried to salvage it by "just download a shitton on addons that were standard with previous builds".

doesn't matter, still furry trash. This is muslim tier fetish, might as well masturbate to 2d goats.

If ICANN deregister 8ch.net, wouldn't we still be able to access the site if we just typed in the IP address?

I've no clue. The only thing I've watched recently is Aria.

muh dick

It's easy.
Go to class, take notes on paper, do your homework, and don't drink too much. You'll be alright.
You don't have to go to office hours or make friends out of your professors, but it helps if that's your game.

When the Jackpots get especially high, like they did last week, there's occasionally a positive expected value on the purchase of a single ticket.

Yeah. I don't think it's going to happen, but I'm going to lose my shit if McGregor comes out on top.

Most boxers are pretty lame because it's more likely to win you a match.

Nope. I'm touching baots.

That's stupid. I want to see shit like in MMA with the dudes fucking bleeding all over.

It's set to be delayed for eternity Tor-kun.

It would be if you told them to go there you nigger.

Is videogame streaming moving towards a licensing model? Would be bad for ecelebs.

Why cant boxing be like my animes

The old Opera is still a thing, they updated it past year after a long while without updates

Or you can use Otter-Browser

Well, we've got an MMA fighter in a boxing ring later tonight, so things might get interesting.

Because anime isn't real… yet.
Though we're getting up in rounds and these guys aren't endurance fighters so something big will probably happen soon.

found another stream.


I already said, but Highschool DxD.

Shame my spirit has been broken long ago.

We're fucked, aren't we?

Marche, you're an obnoxious prick. I'll miss you when we're gone.


This is old.

Just use ungoogled Chromium.

You know you just wanted to post Marty.

Off topic
Where can I find a sports stream for a boxing match?

Niggers being niggers.


I wouldn't be surprised if some companies pursue that route. In a way, that's what Nintendo did with their "Creator's Program".
Well, yeah, if you only focus on "Game Of The Month" shit.

Isn't the entire job of any creator is for them to please their audience, not for their audience to please them?

Nigs from Baltimore are a special breed of nog. I'd much rather be the only whitey in a Detroit neighborhood than be anywhere in Baltimore or Chicago.


God damn it, let me watch two men beat each other. You already ruined football.

have to use that money Apple gave them for something

The author was some fucko, the campus rejects it outright.


So who's gonna win: McGregor or Mayweather?

Mayweather because he knows how to abuse the fight technicalities to get a win. Watch him spend a bulk of the fight hugging McGregor.

Anyone got a stream?

Like the fight between manny pacquiao fight?

gotchu fam


and the stream went down again.

fug got banned already

heres another link

I'm just going to wait for the results, hoping that McGregor gives Mayweather an ass kicking he'll take to his grave even if he loses.

found another stream

open it if it goes down


Holla Forums has a shit load of streams, be warned on the AIDS you can get
>>>Holla Forums10501897

whoops wrong stream

>Article says Amazing World of Bumball

I really dunno why Holla Forumsfags like the [email protected] mom from this show, they dont even draw her anything like what she is in the show
may aswell choose a superior [email protected] grill

Apparently idolm*ster is still too lewd for Holla Forums.

Thanks for the livestream links, but why are we watching this again?


Seems like every link is broken/ended or at full capacity now for me.

boredom/lack of happenings

Best Idolm @ ster character.

This one is working for me:

Its going to be like last time isnt it

McGregor does look like he's dragging


He's trying to be too aggressive to an opponent that doesn't give him an opening till he tires the other guy out. While Mayweather does all the hard blows.

It's over, He can't go on. Its mayweather's win


McGregor's fucked up holy shit.


McGregor fucked himself completely on this one. He wasn't planning it out or fighting smartly at all. He just wore himself down while Mayweather held back till he could land a few but strong blows.


It's rather lame that the best strategy in boxing is to play defense until your opponent is too tired to fight. Sports should be more like sports anime.

Yeah, it was like watching a sprinter run a marathon.

Hugweather living up to his reputation too.

MMA's pretty fun.

Oh, thats going to bite him in the ass.

But wait, there's more!


I'm embarrassed that I didn't know about this until now, considering that I'm subscribed to him.

I'd love for someone to finally Gawker the SPLC. Dees has enough mansions to live in.

Twatter throttles tweets all the time

MMA fights are shorter, man.
McGregor wanted to get an early knockout because there's no way in hell he could've won by points if it went to the later rounds, let alone get a hit he needed to knockdown without sheer luck.
The official scorecards said Mayweather won all rounds which is bullshit, but realistically speaking he would've come out ahead easy.
I definitely question a few ref calls, though. I lost my shit when the commentator shouted "That hit was legal" when the ref dove in to save Mayweather's ass.



Not to mention the first few rounds looking like a ballet with Mayweather trying to bait for a DQ.

Laugh with me anons, a friend of mine just lost 10k.



All the LOLS!

I don't know anything about boxing, but why would you bet against the guy who's totally undefeated?

Holy shit!


The greater the risk, the greater the potential reward.

welp one less game for me to play
should we expect some donte protagonist

no bully

Boxing is for normalfags


which one is it

Most everything is for normalfags. That's why most everything sucks.

And he was a neofag to boot!

It's tangible
I posted the wrong one. bully me.

Are you sure you're his friend?

Never forget.

Why the fuck would you fuck your life over for this shit. Floyd's undefeated and you fucking bet on the guy who doesn't even box. What the fuck was that idiot thinking?


The mind of a gambling man is not a logical one.

I know risking for the bigger payout is tempting, but wouldn't he had made money if he hedge his bets.

my oc is still being posted

He's a cool guy, I will not mention this to him, politics ruin friendships so I will not say anything about neofag nor fullchan to him.

Someone slap the shit out of the moron!

If you gamble without logic you will almost certainly lose. Risk assessment is a must. Gambling like 1st pic without a backup strategy shows the restraint level of a 2 year old.


Apparently a guy who works on Twitter support is using his access to get info on users and then threatening them


It's been a while I've seem him in my feed, did he stopped posting or is twatter throttling me too now

Wow, that's dumb.
You'd be better off "investing" in Star Citizen.

To be fair, the guy he bet on technically isn't a boxer, and the match could've played out very differently.
But the guy was fucking stupid. I can get betting $100 on an upset just for fun, but why the hell would you drop 10K you can't afford to lose?
You shouldn't even make that bet on the favored candidate. If Floyd wins you get a few extra dimes in your pocket and if Connor won you'd still be missing your rent payment.

was probably the line of thought.

Can someone say lawsuit?
This directly violates twitter's only privacy policy.

he tried to be a gaming journalist and didn't' get anywhere and tried to be a "legit" one but flunked out on that too and wrote some rambling cork board articles on one angry gamer.

Firaxis' nose is getting larger.



I guess there's no reason to feel bad about stealing it. A month ago all the fixes were supposed to be part of the base game. I even got the family sharing set up and everything so we could buy it and get the steam workshop stuff.

The archive in that thread is broken, this one works:

werks on my machine

oh. is gg officially 3 now?

I hate to say it, but wasn't the whole "Pay 4 patches" concept already in practice for the past decade? I remember it being brought up that Microsoft actually has a limit on the amount of "free" updates you can apply to a 360 game until they start charging you for every additional update.

no, tomorrow

27th? 28th?

dodged a bullet there

Microsoft charges developers who want to update their game. You'd have games with bugs just sit for weeks because the developer wanted to try and catch a bunch of problems at once instead of wasting a free update for each problem they fix.


I've never seen that, link?


A class action would get more attention and be more costly for twitter.

I somehow suspect that nuclear negro may talk about this shit.

And according to someone I know who has it, they somehow managed to fuck up the gameplay anyway. Like I know I'm supposed to feel angry, or confused, or even disappointed by this news, but at this point, I'm just completely numb.


I was half wrong because they updated the policy way back, but it was a thing that happened.

I think the timers were a good addition. Unless you're talking about the weird/pointless hang time between actions or shit like grenades blowing up windows/floors before your character even started the throwing animation.

Skullgirls' DLC kickstarter is probably the most transparent place you'll find info on this.
It's called "First Party Certification."
IIRC Sony bills for this as well, but I question the quality of their work given NISA's history of broken bullshit.

It's of high quality and chronicles a memorable event. It should be posted.


reminder even porn stars know vidya isnt art

yeah yeah you can stop posting it over and over.

fuck off 9volt


what was her name again?



YES thank you.
i was thinking "camera girl"

Literally who?


Can someone explain this to me?


Your mp4 is probably using a codec Holla Forums doesn't support. Is it an H265 mp4?

my question is why does the photo have dark eyes whiles soros has light

It's saying that .mp4 videos must have one video portion encoded with H264 and one audio portion encoded with AAC. Might it be encoded with something besides H264, like H265? Also if your video source has multiple audio tracks in different languages or something I guess it doesn't work, but that seems less likely.

I have no idea how to even check that. I'm using sony vegas and any video I make with it gets that error. I'm looking through all the options I can find and none of them mention any of these words and googling hasn't helped me.

The audio and video are just a youtube video. Does that mean youtube's defaults aren't compatible with Holla Forums?

seriously? how long have you been here?

I think youtube encodes in different formats for different video qualities depending on when it was uploaded, but I don't know why a mp4 one wouldn't work. They don't use H265, so it seems like some weirdness instead of an actual incompatibility?

You could download the .webm version of the same video off Youtube. Or even a different quality to see if it's some bug with that specific encoding.

Out of curiosity you might want to screenshot what is shows when you use this program on the video to look at the codec stuff:

Is this what you needed?

I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work, but I'm not an expert. You can ask in /sudo/ but it might just be a weird random problem with how that particular video file is detected.. You should be able to get around it by downloading the webm version of the same Youtube video.

Yeah my work around has been to throw the files into webm for retards and that seems to work, but it just feels like a wonky jury rig, especially if I want to get better with video editing going forward.

Nope, I don't think he's ralphshill.

Cartoon Loon is getting slightly better for sure.

In Squid's defense, his main problem with Brote seems to be his close proximity to Margaret Gel. I think that's where his dislike manifested and I think that's fair, since Gel is a faggot. I also don't really care if people like or hate Brote, to me it's still hypocritical considering how much he tried to whiteknight Ralph in some of the most stupidest controversies.

Yogcast and LKD both stabbed him in the back. Jim Sterling is next?


How would William LeGate be accessing Twitter? Also isn't he the retard that constantly replied to Trump tweets?

If it's happening with other youtube videos too then bring it up on /sudo/, I think they used to work.

That is hypnotic as fuck…

I'll do that. Thanks for your time helping me.

If you're downloading straight from youtube just use youtube-dl

What's the difference between that and using JDownloader2?

youtube-dl is a command-line tool, but I don't think it's functionally different from JDownloader2, except that you can specify video and audio streams independently or individually.

I just wish i could download stuff directly as an mp3. I have to run that shit through xmedia to download soundtracks.

I just download all my shit through: keepvid.com


Because it works?
…and your "best" solution to the problem may not even exist tomorrow.

Does Atubecatcher works?

I didn't say it didn't, but the YT API might change without notice, and instantly it won't.
Any vid or channel might be taken down in an instant; likewise, any tool maybe be rendered inoperable in an instant.
It's not about being "Right"; so much as, being "Pragmatic".

This is an information war.

Gumball is getting raging hypocritical asshurt from retards. Meanwhile Youtube comments are overwhelmingly dominant and finding it "lol" at minimum.

There's even a self proclaimed former one saying they made the choice to stop with the pathetic bullshit after snapping out of it.

Then why is your go to option one with limited use, rather than it being a backup option?

I can't believe that Holla Forums is going to get shut down.

We dont know that yet.

This shit's getting out of hand.

rip in pieces.

It looks like how a fart is spelled.

fug :DDDDD

Where would our moms go to shitpost if they actually shut us down?

According to some user ages ago his mum was posting on an imageboard for mothers but wouldn't tell us the name, probably full of shit but I want to believe arachan is true.

They want to add new P.
P for pedosexual

Just don't end up as faggot in

This isn't choice at all.

I heard that this arachan was dutch, or was it danish? Can't remember.


It was a dutch imageboard for aras seeking young men to headpat.

I love aras but still want my wife to give me children.

I thought this was about a chan about aras talking about casual stuff like vidya or cooking.
Works too I suppose.

Maybe someone in her thirties then?

I wonder if they have an /ss/ board.

Then make her into one, give her the D.

Theres nowhere else for funposters to go.

Satan confirms, they have an /ss/ board.

Please push >>>/ara/

What the fuck am i looking at?

I wish I had a older woman care for me and force me to watch home renovation shows with

The comedian Schumer triped herself and couldn't stand up.
Rapper West ignored her, because she would cry rape or attempt to stir shit up.
This comedian did rape somebody, if I remember it right.

Autism sufferer walking past a tipped cow

Her underage sister.

no that's dunham. Schumer did a comedy bit in her standup about fucking a passed out guy and how unsatisfying his not-hard dick was

Wait, who was the rapist, the comedian or the sister?

that was lena dunham. Amy shumer? is that fat cow on the floor. The one who put out a comedy special so bad that netflix had to change their rating system from 1-5 starts to a thumbs up to thumbs down.

It feels like the closer we get to winning and the more allies we recruit the more dangerous and extreme shit gets. Just like a fucking video game.

I miss Jeb, goobers.

That still counts as rape.

I know. I didn't say it didn't

Don't worry, we leveled up.

So the turkroaches have allied with Anitfa now.

Mixing them up is understandable, since both are unfunny heeb comedians.

I thought Schumer had a rounder face?

Speaking of youtubes like and dislike system did you all know you can no longer dislike a comment, google refuses to let people dislike something.

A class action would get more attention and be more costly for twitter.

I somehow suspect that nuclear negro may talk about this shit.

That's just mean pic related


You don't see it well on that picture, but it's kind of round.

To be honest, that philosopher was first known edge master.

Yes. Did you know youtube can swap likes/dislikes on fly in videos?

They aren't afraid to call (((them))) out.

>They aren't afraid to call (((them))) out.
They deleted it after people told them what it means. But it is pretty hilarious how revealing the nose allowed Wikileaks to realise who (((they))) are without even knowing it.

It's about time the mentally retarded community got their own dating site.

>tfw went to go into work and street is a river now
At least i just hit 60 in FFXIV so i get to do comfy story content today

Good evening, faggots!

At least you didn't have to walk across street, when tram rails are fucking river to get back to home.

It's still funny.


I made a drawing.



Me too, but being prime minister keeps a man busy.

Why aren't you reading the best fighting manga in existence?


But user, I already finished it years ago.

Now you understand why SJWs love the little kids.

But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven

Not in a single one of those did he force anything. He tried to convince the kid to believe it but it was never forced.

More like forcing dogma on snobbish Communist-indoctrinated brat with a degree in sociology. Seriously, who the fuck talks to their parents this way, goes to show how much of a "FUCK YOU DAD, I'LL CONTRACT AS MUCH AIDS AS I DAMN WELL PLEASE" retard the person that drew it was.

Don't they all have daddy issues?

I don't know, but there was something about her Sharkness. If I remember it right.

Ai-chan has a new bullying video.

Why does Ai-chan loves everything that have gore, blood or death in it?! Can someone explain this to me?!

She is Skynet

Because that shit is fun.
And because she is a lonely AI that doesn't get to ever meet with anyone and this loneliness needs a way to escape user


There wasn't enough bullying. The earlier one was better.

That's because she was safe.


Where are the armed guards to protect Chris' legs from red paint?


Of course. Because we all know that proresu is for the manliest of men.


Happy third anniversary of the creation of the #Gamergate hashtag!!!
Boy, that was a mouthful.



(Dub dubs, checked)


I guess there's nothing wrong with showing kids the "OK to be Gay" video in then.

I didn't say it was good or bad, I said that it wasn't forced. The kid wasn't being threatened or punished for agreeing or disagreeing, the kid simply accepted what was being said. Not even the adult version had that, the twenty-five year old insultingly laughed in her father's face, essentially calling him a retard, and did not face any consequences either. The only thing in that situation that is forced is the author's attempt at a joke.

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Also I wouldn't call someone trying to push the idea of the planet being flat as being forced either, UNLESS they were trying to force government to forbid anyone from having access to any other information and to forbid people from expressing the opinion that the planet ISN'T flat.

This too

The point is that children are too young to be genuinely "convinced" of anything. They generally accept as truth what is offered as truth.

That's why this thread was up in arms about a video pushing a controversial perspective that's deliberately targeted toward children. They don't have developed critical thinking skills, and thus can be convinced of anything with little to no evidence.


Rip in peperoni.

2017 is taking so much of our legends.

It's amazing how many NISA shills have come out of the woodwork since announcing Ys 8 would be localized by them.

Apparently NISA is also trying to take Trails from XSeed as well.


It wouldn't be a surprise. Toshihiro Kondo is borderline butt buddies with NIS' CEO and is willing to do anything for that crook. If that happens Falcom is dead to me, I won't even bother importing anymore.
Falcom just needs to make a Falcom international already so this bullshit ends

Where do they get the money? Their games aren't very popular, and the localization issues are rather infamous.

Someone needs to get Kondo hooked up with Idea Factory's CEO so the latter can tell him the advantages of making an international branch.

I can't believe hes ed gone

They will eventually develop them, at which point they will be able to decide for themselves. Adults aren't exactly the most critical thinkers either nor are they too concerned with things like evidence. Leftists forcing this shit onto schools isn't bad on the basis of indoctrinating other people's children to be Communists (which is indeed bad but that isn't anywhere near the main aspect), it is bad on the basis of eliminating any possibility of wrongthink through punishment and by destroying any institution that isn't to their liking. If not for that, children would be much more likely to be exposed to conflicting opinions, which is the exact thing that actually develops critical thinking skills further so that you could be a functioning adult. By forbidding this, even if we assume that Commie shit is 100% truth, you do not get those critical thinking skills and this is very apparent in the neon-dyed autists that go into a nervous breakdown when they see a conflicting opinion. The fact that something wrong is pushed at children isn't in itself bad, people do it all the time with kids by telling them things like Santa being real, it only becomes bad when you are forbidden from trying to convince them that he isn't, since that is what consolidates a lie.

Fuck you, Wu.


You mean this video?

The japanese gaming industry needs more people like Haru Akenaga and Yoshiteru Sato

No, the channel in webm related.

That's not him, his handle is @JulianAssange. There's another fake one called @JulianAssenge

He's part of the Support team

Have some good news.

Forgot the other one



There's also the video about "teaching consent to kids" because kids needs to agree first before they fuck them.


We aren't given a context for the video though. If it's shown in a school and students are required to agree with it then your argument holds (though I can say from experience that a teacher crossing that line would be eaten alive by the parents), but if it's just being presented to the child under similar conditions as the parent talking about God who created everything, then they are equally acts of indoctrination, regardless of their content.

The problem is that if an early indoctrination is continually reinforced (like say, by regularly going to church or living in a family that regards those ideas as natural) then a child will never question it even as they grow up. You said it yourself that adults aren't exactly the most critical thinkers themselves, and they are even less so when they are never forced to question or defend the ideas they were (deliberately or not) brought up to hold as true.

That's the essence of the artist's point of whether you picked your religion, or if it was picked for you.

From Japanese branch NIS.

The audience is adults.

It's like MLP. The intended audience was for children, but mostly adults picked it up.

You left out the part where that was written and submitted during the cold war when the US was literally experimenting with methods of mind control.

Do we have a baker?

I can bake

You're good. Might want to ease up a bit in the next thread though

Works for me. Happy 3 year anniversary everyone.


This thread is up for a while, my first post was 22 hours ago.






Some of these have not aged well.


I trust that you haven't read any of the pre-release PDFs for Common Core.


Probably enough nolstalgia bombing for now.

if I didn't know any of the back story I would say the images in the second picture look cute

Only thing I learned out of this shitshow is that 3D truly is the most PD.




How would they be developed. Look at SJWs. They had their ability to think critically purged. If children are not taught how to think critically, then they will not learn how to. Kids are more likely to become confused which makes their minds more malleable to influence.