Does anyone here want to play Unturned with me...

Does anyone here want to play Unturned with me? It's free and allows for different approaches to situations when sticking together.

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Is that a yes?

I'll play with you OP, but tomorrow, give me your steam and I'll add you

Man, the last time I played this game was in 2014 or something when PEI was the only map. Over 300 hours in it, still. Post your steam, but I'll warn you ahead of time that my internet is really spotty.

Another day in the Berenstain universe I guess

So we're not playing this then? That's a shame I guess.

It's possible OP isn't an autistic NEET and has other things to do. It's not very likely, but it's entirely possible.
If you fags pick this up and are still playing on Monday, I'll join up

Nelson is probably a better dev than anyone else in the industry today.

So OP has bailed? Shame.

We could play regardless, just set up a steam group or something. There seem to be at least a couple people interested.

Fuck it, made a group

Bump, due to various happenings we didn't play today, but tomorrow we should get around to it.
I'll probably post an announcement, but it doesn't hurt if you join the group chatroom.

Way too obvious. You are doing it wrong, Nelson.

I actually think that game is fun despite the shitty minecrap graphics and horrible start.


Had things to do, my bad.

I'll join.

Rank Ari's taste lads, is he a patrician or a pleb?

Far as I'm concerned, he's an alien

I almost want to say he's patrician for Men of War but it's difficult to forgive Space Engineers.

I like the mods.