Tfw all the good tiddy is exclusive to mobage now

Tfw all the good tiddy is exclusive to mobage now

This is how badly the devs let socjus cuck them.

Is a man not entitled to the sweat of her oppai?


I thought that Holla Forums loved mobage

can you give some more examples?

How thirsty are you friend? mega milk or GIGA MILK?

mega milk please

But can you fuck it?

Plenty of games with tits on non shit platforms.
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Why do you retards fall for this? This is the same as those cheap ads for MMOs that "for real men" and "you will never see your friends again" because the tits are so amazing. It's gacha mobage, it's shit and always will be and nothing can change that.

Fanservice in the west will never be a thing. Guys like are the majority.

Thank god

It was a thing in the 80s and 90s you fucking underage weeb nigger.



Ancient history, soon to be replaced. See

In the future, all female characters will be slightly fat and just ugly enough.



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That movie blows in more ways than just farts. The one good part is the superbabes bar.


Mobages are here to stay
They are cheap to produce and people spend insane ammounts of money on them
Also they are casual and perfect since everyone carry a fucking phone

And? Is that supposed to make them better somehow?

Still not good

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Why are they in an FF game? What's the fucking point?

Squeenix publisher, they are forcing nier on every shit they have to milk the robutts

Are you fucking retarded?
If the shit is popular and make billions why are they going to make anything but virginbait mobages?

Fucking reddit

Are you really this fucking stupid? Really so insanely delusional that you think companies are going to for expensive quality instead of squeezing a cash cow for all their fucking worth?

Get out


We get it, you're from the secret Holla Forums club. You are superior.

Yeah, because as well know the only platform is mobileshit and every game is garbage.

Yes, they are popular, what is your fucking point? Does that excuse it? Does that make them good games? Should we all just praise day one DLC, weapon skins, loot crates, etc. because it makes publishers dosh? I never knew that EA was such and idyllic company, but you guys seem to like the way they think.

Go back to Hiroshima you goddamned cuckhold

Why do you reply to me twice and why do you have 7 posts in a thread about you don't like

Can you just hire a hooker or punch some bag?

You really need it

I just noticed and where the fuck do you think you are?

They exist because they are popular and you are a fucking retarded piece of shit that exist to cry about everything and that is not a thing that magically produce video games

good or not, they are going to exist and no one cares about your opinion and no one ever will, money make video games you cry on a broken dead imageboard for mad subhumans

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Ok, I see now I am arguing with a grade A goon.

No one even said they were good you autistic shit, you are schizophrenic

This. The only exception is if it has nice character creation or a unique class like Elin in Tera. Saying that, gameplay is the most important aspect. I wouldn't mind mobage so much if I could simply buy the game and play it offline. But it's designed from the ground up to farm from whales and limit your playtime if you fuck up, aren't lucky, or don't cough up cash. And then there are things where only X, Y, and Z can harm this boss and you need RNG to get them.

Other than that, if I want cute anime girls I can just torrent anime, torrent a eroge/VN, go on Pixiv, or Sad Panda. All these being free. The only thing mobage are good for is giving artists ideas for porn and some of the music that comes from the games.

Now that's just insulting. Also I heard that game was pure garbage. Like that FF mobile game where you fight monsters with like 25 characters and nearly all of them were DLC.

I thought loli was allowed on /4/b. Also that loli rule is still retarded. You can have a woman getting beaten and raped by a orc but a naked drawn young girl is going too far.

Mobage is also where all the good kemono stuff is right now.

Pantsu in Western cartoons? Gotchu covered fam

okay what game is that?

here ya go

Well, since you're here, how does it feel to be a mad subhuman?

English translation never ever.

don't give in to degeneracy opie