Cup Noodle XV meets Ass Creed

Cup Noodle XV meets Ass Creed
Now with feminism (skip to 0:41)

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This isn't even the first Asscreed DLC for Final Fantasy. There was one in 13-2 also.

This was retarded when they showed it then, it's still retarded now.


Is this real?

Yep. It's from the trailer that OP posted.

What video games are anymore. I don't know.

FF stands for Feminist Feces.

I don't know how I feel about this because they do already mention it at least twice in the game that Lestallum's workers are the power plant are all female.


I'm more offended at the ugly female model. I'll take lightning 2.0 any day.

They tried to copy western games like Mass Effect Andromeda. And they succeeded.

Her face looks tired.

Are you sure it wasn't a Mass Effect 3 dlc for FF 13?

No, I'd post an image but it just looks like a generic Asscreed box cover render.

What the fuck is this game? I thought it couldn't get any weirder than Final Fantasy fishing but it keeps fucking going.

Fucking disgusting.

Is this the same game that had Cindy?

I genuinely thought that was a clip lifted from a Western game. How.

You let homosexuals roam free in society, this is what you end up with. Why do you think Hollywood movies and the modeling world feature so many manjawed women?

This is why you never take lewd or waifu pandering at face value.

They gave her a slightly evil and ugly look about her that all older works would give their female villains. In that respect this would be a very good character. We both know though the intent was not that.

I don't know what convinced you it wasn't the case but japshit has been shit for about as long as westernshit.

Boy am I glad I don't care about FF.

Japanese games aren't cucked they say.

I remember when FF made cute female villian-types

Anyone who actually liked the series gave up on it at least a decade ago. All that's left are the KH secondaries and other assorted emofaggot posers.

I don't think it's that bad.

Square went full retard just like Capcom, FF15 was made for the western audience and the same goes for their shitty FF7 remake or KH3.

Why does her face and only her face completely clash with the rest of the art style?

Because Ubisoft

They managed to make a woman so ugly she contrasts with the reality around her

you thought Japan would be safe didn't you.

It doesnt seem so bad, "a womans touch" isn't exactly a feminist phrase. Besides, the reason the plant is run by women is because all able bodied men in the town are keeping the monsters away as Hunters. It's Rosie the Riveter at most.

time to suffer with us, those people have been underfoot long enough

I have a feeling that Square got paid by Ubisoft to do this shit to promote AC, and then they took in some employees from Ubi to oversee the process.