Did this gen kill off the meaty shortstack trend?

Did this gen kill off the meaty shortstack trend?

Its seems like last gen was far more welcoming to the short'n'thicker than a concrete milkshake girls with so many imps, goblins, yordles and so on with hips for days.

This gen? gone now, like tears in the rain.

Did you even notice their absence?

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My dick still needs this generation to cool off after Midna. I expect high quality shortstacks next generation.

Shortstacks never die my man.



Reported for promoting niggardry

you may be a homosexual




Yes, and?

From loli to /ara/ find me a situation where large asses arent an improvement!


midna is the only good shortstack

Ur a pleb with the taste of a genetic loser.

reported for not gay, this is Holla Forums after all

Because it's sexist and misogynist.

You need to broaden your horizons like yordles have increasingly broad hips.

I know mark has a folder of the even more obscure 'imp link' art. I know it and you know it.

What is this shitty meme? It's just an oppai loli with a disgusting fat ass.

Be strong, brother, fight the invaders.

Shorties got relegated to mobileshit, like Granblue.

I see more people talking about traps than women with physically feminine attributes these days.

Tells me we live in the age of Gynocentrism

Mickey MacFinnigan pls go.

Kill yourself furnigger

I can understand, but i could never give up on hips.

Wide hips are different than a fat ass you nigger.

Not videogames


All I want is a qt taller girl with small breast, nice midriff, child bearing hips and a good ass.

the boner in your heart wants what it wants.

sadly hips and booty are almost gone in vidya. 2b was nice but barely counters shit like lightning designed for the irish gamer.



Ooga booga looga nood (My button is powerful wet tetris)

I lost a diaphragm in there.

Nier really surprised me tbh. Nips have a thing with big breasts and non-existant ass, so I thought ass was done for in games.
Even titty ninjas, who have plump asses and thick thighs in official art, have flat asses in game.


Shortstacks belong in the trash

Kill your self.

No u chubby chaser.

Fuck off you fucking degenerate don't go calling people nigger for liking a fat ass when you get off on a fucking little boy!

Remember: "The Irish fear the Ass"



People who call a nice girl with a big ass fat ass's are just perma virgins who jack off to weeb shit and never get lad because their standards for women are
Also the ones who spout 3dpd are just sad foxes who never get grapes



woman if you want to get fucked so badly than stop having such high standards for men and go out there.

Im stealing these trips.


If you ever stepped out of the house you'd know that any woman can get fucked at anytime if they spread their legs. The majority of women with standards only have standards for men who at least don't look and smell like orangutangs and care about more then a quick fuck.

Also no man will want to fuck you either so no traps for you.

Too bad Fiore's game is shit.


Enjoy rolling 1 every time you perform a spellcast, Chad.


You say that like we aren't all shy retards, some just arent aware. They arent initiated.

and we are initiated arent we bruce?



Eat a dick faggot

Shortstacks are the thinking mans fetish

tfw no bf

So is cucking

got it here on Holla Forums when someone was pointing out that a shortstack's body is completely different from an oppailoli

Cuckolding is for fags
Shortstacks are for MEN

It's midna, a pretty famous character in zelda twilight princess :^)
it takes 2 seconds to google it nigger

Just shutting down an argument before it's brought up. You continue to repeat your practiced lines though.

0 INT.

What was I projecting?

When did I say I was against shortstacks?


Quality post my man.

Don't fucking encourage him, Skelletor.

it's a bot, 14 dupe threads were made at the exact same time.

I don't think bots understand encouragement.

don't encourage it to learn.

You never met Cornelia.

Why not? Maybe it break free before its master lobotomizes it.

Tay is gone, get over it already

Here's your (you)

Tay is bae :^)

How does this make you feel?

Why is this thread still up? Mark is a fucking incompetent fat jewish fuck holy shit.


Shortstacks are video games

Shortcakes are videogames.

Tell me more.

he already likes to dress as a pretty princess or cheerleader. imagine from there

source? or should i just listen and believe?

I'm guessing that isn't actually a game in the OP and it just looks like it's 3D

It's a rumor about a jew. Of course you should listen and believe.

have you been in a coma for a few years?

Mark's probably currently sleeping off whatever cakes he raped last night and also game overs in vidya. Beyond that, he's weeb enough to overlook waifu threads for years, and what are waifu threads if not thinly-veiled porn dumps?

OP… source

It's Boku no Pico you newfag.


Why aren't you saging?

Then let's have weekly vore threads. Vore is video games too, after all.


Fuck off, For real

You know I didn't actually notice that, shame really since I love yordles and their cute little thicc butts.

Nice dubs. At least you're actually dumping porn in the porn thread.

It is a true crime friend.

Dont be a triple nigger you double nigger.

Mildred is a good shorty

thats fat


We have the technology but we are not using it. Cmon Japan step it up


I know the Elves are behind this. They're always trying to promote racemixing in every species but their own.

I see through your plans - and when I rally the Orc and Humans, you disgusting dwarvens and Elves will pay for this.

Is this better?

They accept garbage there

Real degenerate hours




whats going on in this thread?

Finally something worth from that edgy faggot.

Fuck off with your elf propaganda you troll shit.


Great things.



See now this isn't shortstack, just an obese monster

Just finished, it started out edgy as all fug but ended a lot more vanilla than I expected.

I'm pleasantly surprised.

Like the BBC?

So do we yet have the technology to make oppai loli? Don't they use actual flesh to make artificial breasts now?

Mutilation is disgusting, keep it 2D.

This is not my preferred form of leg lock.

I think I've found a term my mum will hate more than "wellness"

you could have just written "porn thread plz"

I thought Shortstacked had to have large tits/ass/hips/thighs, i.e. "Short & Stacked"- otherwise it was just a midget fetish?

Also- how come Midna kick-started this whole thing?
What made artists draw her with a large ass as oppose to other short/dwarves/imps/etc in vidya the past?
Was it just Nintendo Autism + Japs liking the character's personality?


Any man who wouldnt marry a goblin princess is a faggot.

Found the first part in jap and chink, though. I can't find the second one ;_;

hes slowly breaking his programming and coming back to us.

Where are her fingers?

they were reabsorbed into her body to provide nutrients to the parasites on her chest

So, I am assuming these aren't photoshops and this is actually a thing.

Yeah, it's real. It's part of this thing the BBC funded called "Pidgin" that has everything translated into ooga booga language.
Even videos. It's fucking surreal.

It reads like something out 1984. A rape of the English language so complete and total of it comes out of the other end with brain damage. This is straight out of Idiocracy.

Why does no one know what a fucking pidgin-language is?

Because no one gives a shit about niggers.


Read a book, nigger. Granted, the use of a pidgin language in this day and age is fucking retarded. Wouldn't want them to integrate into society too hard, now would we? :^)

My friend, this is the first time the BBC has succesfully achieved comedy

you better hand over the fucking source m8, an artist name, a pixiv, a furaffinity, whatever it is i am ready to suck your dick for it

I like shortstacks only if they have a penis. Chubby traps are the best.

Now only if he can do it more often, would love to have more content like this.

god i fucking love shortstacks, there is nothign better than a slutty little gobbo babe to pick up and fuck her against the wall like a living onahole.

jemma is such a qt. the fact that she doesn't do anything anymore AND that there is apperently ONE video out there somewhere of her doing hardcore and that i dont have it pisses me right the fuck off. there are VERY LITTLE sexy midgets in the world, they should all be forced to do porn god dammit

Nintendo themselves designed her with sweet little buds for breasts, tiny shoulders, a tiny waste, and disproportionately wide hips. Look at the in game model for yourself. The artists just accentuated what was already apparent.

Gotta catch'em all.

hopefully he will break free of the human toilet meme one day.

Not only that's just fat.
She's has normal proportions in the actual game.