ITT talk about a game you like (or think you might like) and either want to share with others for the sake of sharing or want to get more people to play for the sake of having more people to play with.

Free games are allowed, games on sale are allowed, and full-price games are allowed. Read: All games are allowed.

Download links are appreciated but not mandatory.

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First episode can be played here


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Game ENHANCER, but you're right.
OP just gave me fond memories of vidya and I thought of that.

This isn't a "post your favorite games" thread or a template thread, it's a thread to talk about new, upcoming, or just underadvertised/unknown video games.

Why? Because if you start an individual thread for any of those types of things, you're going to get 5 replies of people calling you a shill and telling you to go back to reddit and nothing beyond that. Nobody's going to reply, nobody's going to play the game with you, and nobody is going to be interested.

I, myself, am abstaining (though I do have some games in mind I'd like to see more people playing) because the moment I say something positive about a game ITT it will go up in flames.

Foxhole, a game about autistically screeching for more fucking supplies OR screeching back about how you have no trucks because the dipshits fighting lost them all to ambushes.
$20 on (((Steam)))

True enough

here's some recs

It's a sad state of affairs that when you simply express that you like a game. You'll get flamed by bitter people.

Anyone have a torrent for the first one on PC?

Spark is my fucking shit. I really hope the Lake Feperd team goes to work on something sonic related with Christian Whitehead and crew. It would be a great way to expand the sonic universe and mechanics, but the game by itself was extremely entertaining as well.

report each and every one of those fuckers, if nothing else is going on in those threads. You don't need a "shillthread", I'm considering deleting this thread now because of your idiocy

it really is a great game, I'm also looking forward to his Fark 3D game that he's making. I hope he has the funding for it though.

Why does nobody ever talk about Hand of Fate? The game is excellent, it sold like hotcakes, but I never hear anyone talk about it

The fuck does this mean?

It means stop bitching about people derailing the thread or shitting on it with "muh shills" and report the fuckers so I can delete it and cleanse that specific thread

a friend was actually telling me about this the other day

I wanted her to gift it to be and for me to pay her back, but the sale ended too quickly

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maybe people don't do it anymore because most of the times no action at all is taken
just food for thought

If nothing is done then report it to me directly. it's not an excuse for allowing a thread for being derailed.

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Anyone here play Rad Rodgers? it's a 2D action game made by 3D Realms. I'm skeptical since the game is ugly as shit, but it has a nice conker feel to it.

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I honestly thought I hated JRPGs until I gave Etrian Odyssey a spin. I've only played 3 and 4 but I can vouch that the series is quality, and I'm hype for 5 [apparently comes out in October].

If you're on the fence or if you aren't in the know, EO is a turnbased JRPG that makes a point to defy JRPG conventions at every turn. The story is minimal, and the party is created entirely by the player. You get to pick each member's name, portrait, class, skills, equipment, build, and role in the party. Classes are built to synergize with one another and the skill tree is quite complex, meaning no two parties are going to work the same way, even if they have the same classes.

The gameplay is like an old-school dungeon crawler with grid-based movement through elaborate mazes. Since the series has only been released on the DS and 3DS, it makes good use of the platform by forcing the player to draw their own maps on the bottom screen.

Some miscellaneous notes.

>Most importantly, The portrait set for each game always includes extremely cute grills of different shapes and sizes.