Anyone else realize that "open world" RPGs feel totally dead...

anyone else realize that "open world" RPGs feel totally dead, like playing an OFFLINE MMO or an MMO on a dead server where you're the only guy logged on?

Unless it's very linear and story-driven I get that "dead game" + "No one is On" feeling, I want to talk to other people, argue with newbs, scheme with my guild but there's no one there, the world is empty; I want to duel or pk real people but all I can fight are retarded AI….I want to shit talk, but all I get are a couple pre-determined responses to choose from. I want to show off my cool loot or achievements or new combos/attacks to my friends but theres no one on except me and a bunch of mindless AI.

MMORPGs killed non-linear "open world" RPGs.
I couldn't stand playing Skyrim for this exact reason. But I can enjoy rpgs like Chrono Trigger or Fire Emblem or FF9 recently because there's always some story-driven thing happening and decent party/npc interaction.

It's for two reasons. Players are meant to fill in the gaps, and devs are lazy as hell.


So you thought your post was so insightful it deserved it's own thread? When you don't even know the meaning of RPG?

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the meaning of "rpg" won't save open-world rpgs.

just like the meaning of "transport" won't bring back the cart-and-horse.

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Congrats you figured out the biggest pitfall of open sandbox rpgs. They advertise the sheer empty void inside them as an actual game. The ultimate copout. Now go get drunk or something you're obviously thinking too hard if you put up a thread for just this unless you wanna talk fixing that shit.

ya I like that shit, but grouping up with your friends/guild and doing dungeons and quests is fun, what's more fun is grouping up and fighting other guilds or teams

i like pvp, specially dynamic and spontaneous pvp that happens in the open world

the fix is avoiding open sandbox rpgs, and sticking to MMORPGs and actual, story driven rpgs.

I have that feeling when playing Skyrim/GTA but for some reason, I dont feel it when playing Dragon's Dogma. I NG+ the game multiple and sometimes just wander around killing ogres and shit

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i think it's because stabbin the shit out of a cyclop's eye is really satisfying in that game. magic is serious shit too.

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MMO players are livestock.

It's the other way around. MMOs were regular open world RPGs where roleplaying was left to players instead of NPCs and quest logs.
It didn't work out very well.

I blame most of the shortcomings of RPGs on voice acting.
What's wrong with text? Why does every villager and asshole in existence need to have voice lines? It just seems like a massive tax on your budget that could be better served elsewhere like making more complex quests than "follow quest marker, kill faggot, recieve objective, go back".

Yes, if it's a shit game. You don't get that feeling in Witcher 3

No, you are literally the only person in the history of humanity to do so. Congratulations!

depends on the game

go play gothic or risen and come back to me


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All RPGs are fucking garbage.

This. W3 was great fun.

the witcher 3 was mechanically sound with well written characters and some interesting quests. but on the hole the story was shit. nothing happens without the player being there. coupled with the DRIVING NEED to drag you by the nose thew there story. oh wanna just go meet up with someone who might know what the fuck is going on rather than do fillershit for some fuck calling himself a Barron? FUCK YOU UNKILLABLE DROWNER. you wandered off the path FUCK YOU LEVEL 30 dungeon in the starting region. have fun backtracking after you finish the game. doing all the dungons you where not leveled for when you found them. and all the now weak ass mobs between them, that literally cant hurt you. instakilling shit in the water because we need water mobs and want water combat but cant figure out how to not make it hot tedious shit. there is no learn about specific monster and find what poison kills it. there is no investigation there is use glorified flashlight mode to fallow red to obvious endpoint, but fuck you if you are not some add riddled normalfag.

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What rpgs are you even talking about?

Are you one of those tards that think rpg = story driven?

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Open world is shit.

It's just because some games in the recent years are recycled failed mmo. The rest of open-world rpgs don't feel like that, unless you started to play vidya quite recently


I think a huge problem is both MMOs and RPGs feel like singleplayer MMOs. To me, every time I play any of these games I just think to myself how gimped the game has had to be to become this. How empty the world is just so you can have decent graphics and have every single character and monster voice acted professionally, how most quests feel lame and uninspired just so you can have your sweeping orchestral soundtracks that are often bland and very forgettable.
And then when I think about it I feel like the gameplay is just an afterthought. Like oh, we gotta have these incredibly simple systems like foraging or crafting or skinning animals just to give this illusion that this is a complex game. Then you have the empty worlds with the attention very blatantly focused on certain areas, which begs the question why even go the open world route and not just have the games be kind of non linear hub where all the detail is in one place and then the next chapter go to the next hub and cut out the worthless shit in between.

And then you have MMORPGs where the entire fact that it's an MMO feels like a deteriment since interacting with other players is such a rarity you wonder what they even gain from it being an MMO. One example I can think of is Runescape, where the GE feels like it ruined a big chunk of player interaction because haggling and actually like talking to other players is replaced with this automated ATM that instantly gives you money and shit and suddenly making friends, enemies, becoming a jew, and gaining the knoweldge of prices and haggling isn't really an option anymore and the only times you'd really be interacting with other players is during minigames like clan/castle wars, the Shield of Arrav quest and that's about it. In fact the way RS is made it's kind of hard to want any other players around your PvE content. In my opinion they really were on the right track with Dungeoneering, because while it was a huge mess of a release day it actually encouraged a lot of things in the game, where you have this skill that's somewhat challenging, makes use of other skills even the ones that were essentially useless outside of quest requirements, wasn't a skill you can dump assloads of money into and 99 and most imporantly required good teamwork especially with the bosses and effigies. But the game was right about death around then so I doubt it made an impact.

I thought it was just me so I never mention it. But I only get this feeling with Witcher 2. Skyrim didn't give the "dead mmo" feeling at all to me, but I can't say I liked the game that much regardless. I haven't played Dragon Age, but the gameplay gives off the same vibe.

I think it's because Witcher 2 plays a lot like an MMO, so I get this instinct like there should be more people running around, but it's empty except for me. It probably wouldn't have been as bad if I took that skill that ragdolls enemies because it makes the game feel more "dynamic". The more "dynamic" a game is, the less like an mmo it feels and thus the less empty it feels, if that makes any sense.

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It depends on how much content is in that world, and the quality thereof.
I got that feeling from a few games, even vanilla skyrim, but pic related and my more modded skyrim, I don't really get that feeling, since they're better filled-out.