Bored as fuck so why not post this shit.

Fallout 1/2, but MMO. There's minimal story content to go on, given it's been edited to have online shit in it. Grindan stuff to sell, raiding shit, taking over towns, generally bombing places for shits and giggles, it's all here.
Download client, make acc, make build, play.

It's a MMO you stupid fuck, this shit matters if you're going into PVP unless you want to just give in to your inner merchant and jew the wasteland.
Tool for experimenting.

I dunno. Maybe. That's the goal, if you fags can play nice. It'll start out being PvE until we gather members and shit. Hell, get a decent amount, we'll start taking towns if you fuckers want. Right now, we're just fucking about and doing whatever.


Wipe apparently happening on the 31st, so if you do join, don't fucking grind right away.

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How does combat work?

Either real time or turned based, can choose between the two. PVP is primarily real time though.

If you enjoy being raped by slav niggers. Cyka.

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How does one not get raped by slav niggers?
Be autisticly obsessed?

Legitimately suicide bombed or just being bombarded by explosive weapons?
This sounds like a good time, what are the penalties for death?

Both. Karma goes down, but can reset, so really fuck all outside pissing people off.

Yer enjoy getting griefed while people scream CYKA BYLAT at you

try invading during winter without the proper equipment

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you also forgot the part where you lose your entire inventory on death you nigger

If you're suicide bombing and shit, you're not going in with power armor and shit now are you.

Leave it to every first time general making OP to be faggots that leave out important details in everything.

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how many players on average?

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Best info I can give on average is this. Reloaded is server.

is it the one where you buy best base from ghoul for, like, 300k?

It's a Russian hobo simulator, complete with mobs of rabid, highly armed Russian hobos about to rape your cherry ass.

Ah, 1960's Soviet Union simulator.
Fun game.

nevermind this

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such a coincidence

oh bother

Wipe date: 31.08.2017

Wow, what a fun fucking game

Such is life in the Zone.

git gud

How do i git gud when i can't fucking do anything in the first place?

Transcend the gud казуал ебаный.


I remember this from back in 2013. Too much slavshit and treachery, but it was interesting alright. If you got out of the killzones that were the major hubs and got the ball rolling, sneak and perception got very essential.
With 270% or something in sneak, folks with maxed perception could only see you from 5 tiles away, and everyone else at 3 tiles. Which meant sudden unexpected death all day erry day. Couple that with the abundance of needler pistols and you found yourself in a very inhospitable environment wherever you went. If it wasn't the large groups of slavshit, it was invisible death. Your best bet was to shoot fuckers in the eyes with AP needles and run away to sneak again. Unless there was another one hiding in the shadows, maybe with a sniper rifle or just a needler, then you could probably get away clean.
I think they got around to nerfing sneak at some point, so it wasn't omnidirectional. Still, it was a special kind of horse shit, and not one I'd like to return to.

Remember, if someone uses a smiley without eyes, even if they otherwise have perfect English, you cannot trust them. No exceptions.

That's what mods are for. Believe it or not, you can actually make attractive people even with gamebryo

What the fuck do you expect newlads to do without any hints? You wanted people on Holla Forums to play with you, and here you are playing the git gud card on potential allies.
I see "Trial by fire" is hip in all these Holla Forums generals but what none of you people understand is that knowledge is power and when you don't provide any kind of direction for people to go, you don't get anyone reliable. So whatever Holla Forums faction you were planning to build I don't want any fucking part of.
Go fuck yourselves.

Here's my starter guide to getting a bit of caps and xp.
Make healing powders or find fruit trees and sell the fruit or powders for profit. Crafting gives you xp.
Buy a shovel, equip it, set it to use on, shovel cow shit for caps and xp.
Buy a sledgehammer, it's a permanent pickaxe so you can mine ores and minerals.
There are workbenches in every town, you can make stuff there provided you have the materials.
There's a quest giver southeast of Hub where you go to her farmhouse and kill rats with more hp than usual, you can get whatever is at her house but more importantly you get a deployable tent. Tents are personal safe zones and storage, they do not count as player bases so they will not appear on anyone else's map unless they are in your party.

What's a good cookiecutter build?

MMOs are trash, no matter what.

no idea, the FOnline wikia has common builds posted, and their building guide sounds pretty reasonable

I remember playing this.
Some naked Russian made it his fucking life's goal to follow me out of town so he could burst me to death with his 10mm smg to get at my valuable treasures.

There isn't a single good MMO. If you try and state otherwise, you'll be listing off countless dead, unplayable games like Everquest or Ultima Online.

So you decided to play this boring, tedious click-to-move piece of shit? Really?