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Femenine Benis


The story until now, #TorrentialDownpour news related and not.

> NISA is trying to fuck with Ys.NISA has fucked Ys
- archive.is/hAeYA

Our Holla Forums and cuckchan /g/ made a replace for nyaa after it was taken down, make sure to use it… Now Approved by Japs.


As a troll move they put the fakku doujins you have to pay for in download state.

Fakku 0001-1000: files.catbox.moe/129di9.torrent
Fakku 1001-1100: files.catbox.moe/h3l457.torrent
Fakku 1101-1200: files.catbox.moe/47batv.torrent
Fakku 1201-1300: files.catbox.moe/c9ntlr.torrent
Fakku 1301-1400: files.catbox.moe/rkuheo.txt
Fakku 1401-1500: files.catbox.moe/ce8oor.txt
Fakku 1501-1600: files.catbox.moe/nmqh3d.txt
Fakku 1601-1700: files.catbox.moe/60v3p6.txt
Fakku 1701-1800: files.catbox.moe/3ii6j8.txt

As a heads up, JewTube has begun putting videos in 'limited status'. Tried using Pale Moon, I can't even click on the button needed to confirm I want to watch it.

Also from last bread: Nintendo held a livestream showing the latest build of Xenoblade 2, and as far as I can tell Pyra's design hasn't been changed all that much (though it's kinda hard to tell). I'll post the link to the video here if you want to dig through it (it's a whopping 520MB, at 49 minutes, so be warned).

>>>Holla Forums

Don't forget to clean your room



Now they are going to come here


Are you new to the internet?

shit link bread



Are there any more doujin mags that need to downloaded before Fakku sends out DMCAs? Newest issue of COMIC Bavel just arrived.

you are not my mum

Speaking of weird things happening at YouTube I've seen a ton of videos like this one talking about how the demonetization problem is starting to hit gaming channels. One of the most prominent examples comes from someone making vids on Destiny and many other FPS games or just content featuring guns at all. Given this problem and the fact that Destiny 2 is coming out soon now would be a great time to spread the word about alternate video hosting sites like Vidme and others.

>I'm honestly surprised the outfit isn't toned down all that much
How much?

Odds are they are raping something else in the game

God fucking dammit, not again. Last time you fucks did this leftycucks ruined an entire bread.

This bread went bad real fast, we should rebake

Shamefur dispray.


The mods will delete it before they can pass it which means they lose.


Wew. It's already been deleted here faggot.

Yep, janitors fucked us well and good.

Nah, the thread is salvaged.

I'm pretty sure some parts are of Japan are to this day still cleaning up the disasters of the 2011 earthquake & Fukushima.

You brought this on yourselves.

old bread: archive.is/vAXZS

Kunoichi Gilda

Who gave the retard a sharp object?

Relax. I think they are made of rubber for the retard to larp.

I think you mean MULTIPLE sharp objects


Have you guys ever got tired of hurting her feelings?

She is too stupid to understand she is being insulted. To answer your question : Nope.

someone pay eltonel to draw this


Not every Senran is a tittymonster.

How about something else being removed? ;^)

just have etonel draw taped balloons on her chest


Ol' Ben thinks he's above the law and keeps using affiliate links without disclosure. Let's ask the FTC what they think about it




then you can shitpost since it's friday

From couple days ago but it's related to the same prime minister who folded to SJWs
The Tokyo 2020 Olympics May Have A Full-On Anime Parade
People seriously don't know sumo wrestling?

Do you think Gilda is a weab that uses a japanese name online or would she be totally naive and use her full name everywhere?

Can I shitpost into an everlasting friendship?

They probably don't understand any deeper layer of sumo beyond 'fat guy pushes other fat guy out of ring'. Kabuki is definitely not understood by the average person outside of Japan. Or rather it's not well known. But an anime/manga parade sounds really cool and brings a lot of things a lot of people can really connect with.

Probably a weeaboo that uses her full name.

I don't know why Youkai Watch is even on there, isn't it a failure in places outside of Japan? I'm more surprised there's not a mention of anything by Studio Ghibli or Miyazaki because everyone & their grandma has watched something from their catalog.

Quick question: Do I list Vox's address (since Polygon is owned by Vox), or is there another address I can use for Polygon?

No, unless you already had sent a complaint to the FTC

The links are on Polygon so list Polygon. But now that you said it made me realize they might be using the same ad network in their other sites (the verge, etc). Time to check it

I hear Yokai Watch does pretty alright out of Japan but is primarily a Japanese favored thing. I think Doraemon is a lot more obscure to the average american at least. Even anime watchers unless you're a massive weeb that looks at the long history of anime. Hopefully they do realize that Ghibli/Miyazaki characters are a lot easier to draw in watchers though. Everyone knows Totoro. You could have never seen the movie before and you'd know Totoro. Maybe they just don't wanna go for the easiest possible thing to pick aside from Dragon Ball.


That's the problem, I'm not finding any info regarding Polygon's local address. I assume the place is in San Francisco because of COURSE it would be, but I'd like to narrow it down in case of emergency.

We can be friends user but I'm the Gildafag so i guess no one cares. Sage because off-topic.

Make sure it's the lewdest popular shit with waifus possible with token Ghibli.

Hey I'd take what I can get.


Then you'll get a box of rape.

Check their site for "go.redirectingat" links and archive it


Let me check

Of course it is, user. What's your discord?

We have to shitpost at least TLR in. Isn't it still pretty popular over there?

I knew what sumo wrestling was before I knew that it was something Japanese. Maybe they're being told that tradition is lame or something by the (((Olympic Committee))). Brazil 2016's opening ceremonies had black people rapping about racism and twerking on top of skyscrapers. I'm sure some people liked it but I thought it was undignified.

check all their sites

Alright, just let me know. Apparently Polygon is de-centralized, so I assume I have to leave everything regarding a physical address blank. I've also learned that Polygon does not have a link to their ethics statement which they buried the advertiser policy in on their main page, and that you have to actually have the link on hand in order to view it.

How about digging into what's most likely shit and exposing it before 2017 is even over?

I wouldn't know where to start.

If it's not even going to have that, only more reason to flood it with lewd.

Can anybody try checking linkedin for info? It is blocking me for some reason so I'm trying to use a proxy but some pages come blank


I have a feeling the clothing options will be stripped kek I hope the gameplay is less xenoblade waiting and more action oriented, and More story driven, I felt bored in X being able to freely explore.

This actually makes me a bit happy. When they started demonetizing gun channels, I was panicking because I thought they were going to cleverly censor people to sway political view. Turns out they're just being greedy jews and are going to bankrupt themselves.

Sailor Moon's probably as close as you can get.

I don't know about popularity but the manga ended this April.

>Maybe they're being told that tradition is lame or something by the (((Olympic Committee))).
Wouldn't surprise me. The "What they'll understand most is anime and manga" gave me a big Konichiwa fellow Otakujin desu vibe.

My only suggestion is Yoshiro Mori since he is a former prime minister & is currently the chairman of The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic & Paraolympics.

for a media company to be "smart", they would fire the twits who made licking Switch game cards a thing, along with firing guys like that writer who shoved a Joycon where the sun don't shine.
No. If they're "loved", then why do people avoid them at any chance they get?

I must be stupid, I can't find any info about where these companies are

How does this look so far?

Spot on but maybe you could swap a few links with archives to make FTC's job easier (in case Polygon tries to scrub shit)

Would it be better to include both the actual link and the archive link?

Looks alright. Would the affiliate links be immediately obvious? Might want to include the hyperlink text if not.
Also, double check that they still have the undisclosed links.

The archive will have the original link at the top. Besides, the FTC used our digs in the past so they probably know what archive.is is

Even if they catch up and clean their links they still had undisclosed stuff for nearly a year. That ought to grant them a fine or something at least

Actually, yeah, do that. Might make your parentheses crowded. You could make a bullet point list at the end, with article link and archives.


I tried to do that, but unfortunately it won't let me insert line breaks.

I'll probably do this, and have the hyperlink text highlighted in the archive link.

Having the affiliate link highlighted in the archive links is probably the best way to include archives. Less work for the FTC too, which is always good for getting them to do stuff.

I only got the main company's address, can't find anything about Polygon.

Vox Media, Inc.
Address: 1201 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20036

Alright, updated the text. Anything else I should add or adjust, or am I good to go?


Good morning!

Alright I guess this settles it, use this address

Added. Anything else I should put here, or am I all set?

Is this guy Cliff's brother? Wouldn't be hilarious if every time they reviewed a game developed by him they would have to add a disclaimer saying he's the company president's brother?

it's perfect

great, I cropped out his name

Sent :^)

Holy shit

he looks just like him what the fuck

It's him. It's real. And apparently it's already been disclosed before, in an article dating from January of 2014.

I nearly teared up listening to the USSR anthem.


nice job

I think they have to disclose it every time they review his games


Any chance we could get some of those archive links, to file our own complaints?


Checked their review of lawbreakers. They gave it a 6.5 but didn't disclose it in the review.

It is great music, it's just that the reality of communism couldn't even sustain itself, much less match the lofty ideal they held it to be.

Liberal Columbia Professor Urges Democrats to End ‘Disastrous’ Identity Politics

Phew, Liberals almost had to engage in self-reflection for a moment.

Listen to Ragged Old Flag to decommiefy you'reself

Nothing wrong with listening to that music. That being said, I always side with the soviets in games when I have the option to side with them.

Sure (taken from the ghostbin that posted), but keep in mind that you can easily do these yourself by highlighting it and copying the updated URL in the browser.


that's a weird way to spell Russian Federation

very good

Ah yes, screaming "TROLL" at shit you don't like. That works so fucking well and totally doesn't make you look like a giant fucking baby.

Thanks, user! Especially for including them all. I don't want to end up using the exact same links in a different report.

Fuck off Holla Forums

You know, people always say that gg threads are retarded, and I am sure that people like you are the reason why people dislike this thread. The soviets in RA2 are fun to play.

There's nothing wrong with liking music that sounds good.

I don't know why I didn't use direct links like you did. I updated the ghostbin now, thx

Some user in the last bread mentioned the Zreviews guy and I just wanted to let you know that he can't hear for shit so his advice on audio gear isn't that great. He has expressed positive attitudes towards some genuinely terrible headphones so I really wouldn't trust him on anything related to sound.
That said, he does do a decent job describing the build quality of headphones and the like, so his reviews might be worth considering for that reason only. Even if something sounds good, there's no use if it falls apart in a few months or the design is otherwise impractical.

Did they actually make her breasts larger? It kind of looks like it int he last shot.

I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and suggest that he feels they might know what Sumo wrestling is, but not the intricacies of the sport.

No idea. If they did for all regions then that would be fucking ballsy of them, but it's Nintendo. If anything, I expect the opposite.

[spoiler]from now on, I'm going to use broken spoiler tags to trigger you[/spoiIer]

Crunchyroll Forming Partnerships to Begin Publishing Games


You can like things you disagree with. I like Rage Against the Machine despite it being blatant commie propaganda.

Please don't fight about this. It's the intent and implication behind it that user doesn't like. Unless the Soviets are idealized and actually work, then why wouldn't someone vehemently against communism be irate?

As if NISA wasn't bad enough, now we gotta deal with this shit

Are you ready for some Treehouse-tier murder on Japanese-made games, fellas?

Truly darktimes for weeb fans
We need to return to our mememagic ways, for victory


Pls no

For him, I bet it's like being in a horror movie

It honestly amazes me how hard they try to push her as the next Anita when she's already proven herself to be completely ignorant.

I never don't appreciate how the retards keep getting more and worseningly reckless.

It's a really good anthem. My other favorite is the national anthem of East Germany when it was still a thing. The only thing commies are good at is music.

Must be a swan song type of thing

It's the musical equivalent of the "the villains always have the coolest uniforms" trope.

I don't think I ever got a (you) in the last thread so I'll ask again. Did I miss anything big in the last week? I had no internet or anything from the 18th until this afternoon.

Yea, ___________________________________________________my dick

Now how do we burn down Funishit and Crunchyshit? Just have to show what obnoxious pathetic retards are shitting up people's interests and shitting on them as well just for liking tits.

This. Exactly why I occasionally imagine villains who actually deserve to win.

These companies always make mistakes. The key to destroying them is to watch them like hawks, wait for the mistake, and then turn it into a controversy.

Supposedly they did use this weird deviation from western compositional styles where instead of one guy writing and leading the whole thing, every instrument section worked together and experimented to figure out what would sound good, and the piece was written off of what they came up with.

It sounds like a shitshow on paper, but maybe there was something to it.

Got an archive link? I need to see this for myself

someone accidentally stumbled upon footage of Mombot's idol career before she got married

You can always try to get into contact with their parent company, it's how Bernstein managed to get World Peace cancelled. His shitty articles forced Adult Swim's parent company, even though the executives and many people working there were more than willing to go for a second season. Funimation's parent company is Sony so there would need to be an incredibly enormous backlash for them to do anything about it but Crunchyroll's parent company is owned by AT&T (easier than Sony but still difficult) and something called Chernin Group which I have never heard of.

I would rather video games die than live like zombies.

A quick search makes me think Chernin group are private investors.

Holy fucking shit, The Verge has a fucking massive quantity of pages using Skimlinks. See this? I went back 50 pages and I'm still in august

Also to amplify the message there could be the possibility of getting into contact with someone from Breitbart that would be willing to write an article about one of the two companies. Having an article would definitely serve well as evidence for the parent company to start shitting down their neck for awakening them from their slumber.

To be fair, companies are also private investors, the only difference is the amount of personal ownership.

anime is pure poison

I just want to dump a shit ton of gas on #OperationMoe.

If your dick is that easy to miss it must be pretty tiny.

I just expected some random titty AV idol and a joke about it being mombot, but that works too.

How about 1200 pages? That Bluray player has an undisclosed affiliate code



Troy Levitt (mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,144045/) responding to that cheese head fuck Matt Lee's bullshit Gaymescom bullshit.

At least the Nip industries aren't ripping themselves apart for the sake of diversity and appeasing mudslimes.


Happy, promiscuous anime tiddies are the key to man's self liberation and learning to tell retarded pretentious, snobby bitching to fuck off.

You'd think they would have learned to be wary of our autism by now.

Anime titties have gotten me through so many rough patches. If not for being able to just beat off to fat anime tits and go to sleep, I probably would have hung myself about 13 years ago.

Did anybody noticed Polygon doesn't have a link to their ethics policy at the bottom of every page like The Verge does? I had to google it to find theirs

I pointed this out earlier this bread (>>13294626), and explicitly pointed this out in my FTC report. It's still really shady on their part, even more so than just dumping their advertiser policy in their ethics policy page and calling it a day.

Fug, didn't format properly. Pls no bully.


They're really hoping those Xbox One X's sell aren't they?

Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe.

Alright I updated this


Yes, user, just let the ideal, curvy luscious matured beauties, young or old, bouncing happily up and down on the beach or their lover doesn't have to be phallic :^) erode and crumble all the evil things you will one day destroy with that very happiness you share.

And signed the trans military ban.

Lefties are pissed that he did it right as a major hurricane is about to hit so that the media can't bitch about it as much.


He wins either way, which is why they're so mad.

It's dark times for many. At some point though there's going to be the Renaissance Era

I can't be too mad about this because I'm in the closet about it, but I have had these feelings of being in the wrong body for almost 20 years. I know what my mental condition is like and I would not want people like me in a military. I did sign up at 18 to try and get killed, but they wouldn't take me. You can't just say "we need to restrict access to guns for the mentally ill" and then say "we need to let THESE mentally ill people have guns and body armor and put them in situations where their comrades' lives might depend on them".

I just hope I live long enough to see some sort of fully-immersive VR. I wish I'd been born later so I could just come home from work, plug something into the base of my neck, and spend the rest of my night as an anime girl (maybe with a penis+vagina because futa on girl is kind of hot)

Or it just keeps getting darker until all light is burned out.

You really fucked up.

There's always someone out there willing to replace the florescent lightbulb. Then again I'm just going by what happened when Disney had this pattern of being in the dark ages before Little Mermaid kick started the Renaissance.

No, that just means they're going to push the Xbone S and Xbone X now like Nintendo did when pushing the 3DS XL and its (((New))) variant.

"Most Powerful Console!" is their new marketing stick for this shit, but with no games to push it the limit.

I hear the New 2DS XL is pretty okay. I'm thinking about upgrading my original model to one at some point.

Here's an archive of the leddit thread about the Sheriff Arpaio pardon if you enjoy laughing at retards.

What really pisses me off is that the only argument I see coming from the left is that it'll hurt their feelings and so they'll kill themselves. For one, there doesn't seem to be any correlation between 'acceptance' and suicide rates. Secondly, the military's business isn't to protect feelings, it's to kill.
I actually sympathize with trans more than most people here because my roommate is one. We get along just fine and >she just wants to be live a normal life and doesn't talk about politics and gender bullshit.




That whole argument is horseshit. I like to think I'm pretty tough, emotionally. I don't really care if the general public accepts me or my coworkers like me or whatever. I care about what I think, and even if I transitioned and was passable and everyone accepted me, I would still know. I've even dated someone who called me his girlfriend, but it makes it worse. It's like hearing somebody praise you, knowing that you didn't earn it.

Shut the fuck up, John.


Yeah that would be fun. Maybe it'll happen near the turn of the next century before we kick the bucket.

Superhot's review (2016) also have no disclosure

I lay in bed thinking about it a lot. If Doom 2 had brainVR support I would probably play it even more, too.

translate it weebs

Death Threat-tan hentai when?

Bandwagons gonna bandwagon.

Wasn't it because of Afghanistan and Gorka leaving?

I didn't need this today

I didn't know much about him and thought he might have been an alright guy until he went on The Dick Show podcast. He thounds like a faggot and talks with a lithp, and went on about how he was blackpilled and shilled his book on how thinking like a gorilla will make you an alpha.




Not exactly pulling in the major licenses, though, are they?



who is this guy and why was he in jail?

I love that podcast. Sam Hyde, Jim, and Harmful Opinions were all great on it.

He was the Arizona sheriff that caused a big stink in the media labeling him as a raciest because he made inmates wear pink underwear and being a hard ass to criminal Mexicans while outside groups said he was violating their civil rights. There's a lot of media that puts him in a negative light but Milo was able to do an interview with him and he doesn't seem to be bad at all. It was mostly mundane stuff and some un PC comments.

He was a sheriff that got jailed by the Obama administration because he was doing his job by arresting illegal immigrants. The 9th circus courts tried to stop him by saying that he can't ask hispanics for ID and he defied the court order.

Soon. Hopefully.

What I find interesting with the series is the publishers.
>Yen Press being the English publishers (Kadokawa, the faggots who made Kancerkolle & are paying 2hu artists to make content for it own 51% of Yen Press archive.is/ZTIsB)

That's how it always starts and then they build their way up to destroy better things. This shit will mirror NISA's path of destruction.
First they use the licenses they have access to build up a cult like fanbase, then slowly game more and more money thanks to weebs that don't care about quality and goons.
In a few years Crunchyroll will start scooping up actual game IPs thanks to the cancer base that gave them money.



How many men lie about being raped?
How many men are raped and not believed?
How many """"""""feminists""""""" apply a "rules for me but not for thee" enforcement of the definition of rape?
This shit drives me up the wall.

Thomas Wictor did nothing wrong



Wait. She lies to ruin a man life, gets caught lying and is sent to jail, and this is somehow because a "flawed" system?


urge to kill raising



Their argument is literally "W-WELL, WHAT ABOUT ALL THE REAL RAPES THAT HAPPENED?" As if that justifies her getting away with ruining the lives of 15 people for no reason. But really, it should be called what it is: they want fat white women to be a Protected Class.

Oh god, this is another "everyone was Muslim at some point" situation, isn't it? Where even if the Confederacy didn't exist in their lifetime, they're racists anyway.

They are protected. Protected from blunt force trauma.

NISA got lucky. They were on the verge of death and were only saved by Dang It Grandpa's completely inexplicable success. Someone actually has to buy the games for them to become successful.


Apparently Star Citizen was streaming some gameplay earlier and the game kept crashing, did anybody saw anything about it?

I now looked into Sumitomo since they were mentioned in the Crunchyroll partnership. They're very kind enough to have a 5 minute video explaining who they are (One part that caught my ears was how they "Valued Integrity", overuse of "Diverse", and the art looks like San Francisco-levels of shit.) Unfortunately I can't download the video or webm it because it's not on Youtube so if anyone finds a way of nabbing it please do it!
Anyways they have their article on the partnership.
There's that word again.

Someone actually made that goddamn argument after people pointed out he was a confederate.

Yes it is.


No… but remember the rules, post your face when you didn't give money to that shit.

What the Fuck is this?


I did. They shilled some webcam that makes your character mimic your facial movements and it looked hilarious.

Same story with me. The only trans guy I knew irl was one of the cooler friends I had at my university (and actually one of the students who really had his shit together, fwiw). He enrolled as a woman and transitioned during school. I hope he isn't stricken with anxiety/depression right now :( :(

I thought they filed for barkrupcy

You're thinking of when they took out loans with a bank, which wasn't a good sign.

Crunchyroll's entrance to vidya by doing a partnership of mobile cancer with GREE (Japanese Facebook) & Sumitomo who in their video says are "Equipped with various functions for dealing with all kinds of business"

Just make your game functional first, god damn, has no one at RSI made a game before? Fuck, have any of them even made a mod before?


Are you serious right now?







Do you guys know about an EA exec saying Ass Effect could still return? If so, sorry about taking up space. This is news to me.

Why can't they let that piece of shit just DIE?


I wouldn't say "Obscure", niche is more appropriate.
What I'm getting is on the western side of things it'll be yet another addition to the shit translation club (NISA, Treehouse, 8-4, & Sekei Project) that has a cult of weebs & goons defending them anytime someone demands better translation because of this line.

They got several on-going comic books, some novels planned, and what was it, some Animated short series or was it another movie no one will watch? They will milk this dry.

I sincerely hope the fanboys won't eat this shit from CR. Something tells me that they will.



A few thread ago yes. All they have to do is stay low for a while then come with some gimmick and people will gobble it all over again


Welp, time to resume summoning activities

What the fuck is offensive about Barret? Jesus, a nigger can't swear anymore without it being considered a stereo type now or something?

the only chance ME has at becoming a successful IP again is to completely reboot it and have it be developed by someone other than Bioware

the ME3 ending damaged the IP far too much for it to continue along the same continuity (even a soft-reboot/side-story like Andromeda is doomed to fail)

It's because people don't know how to have fun user.

Pepper Balls guy works for GoDaddy


Good luck with that, champ.

That KKK analogy near the very beginning is going to cause normalfags to tune straight out.



Unfortunately they might.

In what way? Sony has never tried to hide Barrett or Quiet in any way.

Shouldn't that be labeled "15 Characters in Sony Games That Offended Us Personally?"

Christ Almighty, this guy sounds like a total killjoy. And a majority of these characters are from multiplats.
Oh, fuck off, I liked her.

I'm glad his ass got chucked into prison.

Usher said Polygon's advertising arm contacted him asking for more links. I think they are trying to add disclaimers retroactively

Actually, Barret literally was "Americanized" to act more niggerly in the translation. He doesn't swear anywhere near as much in the nip version.

Maybe they were hoping for sequels or some shit.

What did he mean by this?

The comics are fucking awful and just as lore-rapey as ME:A itself. The novel will be about the suit rat ark


Only 2 games on the list are PlayStation exclusives (3 if you count FFX) Boxing and Thrill kill, both are PS1 games hardly anyone heard of.
Yup Sony really should worry about those characters

They know as much about the game industry as they do about games themselves.

They butchered it that much. Fuck. WHY?


Wait. Is the potato chip scene in the netflix one?


Damn right it is. This abortion got a 36 average from the 5 critics who reviewed it pre-release. And chances are, that's with at least one or two of the "critics" giving better scores than it deserves because of "muh diversity".

Are you seriously asking why after how many times Hollywood has continued to fuck up anime adaptions?

Five years.
I don't have a Gordon Ramsay webm mad enough for this.

No. Why would anything good happen?

The lead is still a fucking white male, the black guy can't catch him the bad guy is a womyn. Hell, it's not even all that clear that Light is "bad" anyway, At least the movie doesn't show that. I don't think it's going to win any diversity points for making L a blacker, more stupid version of his anime counterpart.

They do want a sequel, saw somewhere on twatter

To be fair, it seems they made everyone a more stupid version of their anime counterparts.

After being hit in the balls like that I think he's going to be more of a NoDaddy.

Probably less than 40 million based on the tax breaks publishers can get from the Canadian government

Oh yeah, I forgot about that bombshell that Ubisoft is only in the black solely because of Canadian tax breaks. I still wonder how much it's keeping EA afloat.

Not a webm, but I suppose this could help.


Might want to add in the marketing and advertisement shit they did. Which I'm positive they didn't recoup from sales.

I swear to god, he's on the verge of tears in some of these clips.

So if, according to SJWs, racism is based off of privilege or whatever, does that mean if I go to Africa it's okay to be racist against blacks because they have more privilege than me and I'm a minority? Or what Asians or Middle Eastern countries?

No, if we assume you are white, you have super-priviledge, which means if ok for everybody to kill you and shit, but you are not supposed to do anything or you would be racist/ableist and whatever other term they choose

But what if I'm a gay Muslim in Africa? Does that mean it's okay?

undead zombie carlos needs to stop cosplaying

Since whites fucked over Africa (as well as the other regions you mentioned), you have an original sin of racism that you are fully accountable for and can't be erased without devoting yourself to the light of social justice.

No, because unlike what socjus thinks, Africans in a muzzie area will stone you for being gay and Africans in a non-muzzie area will stone you for being a gay muslim.

Gay Muslims only exist in countries with SJWs, its haram as fuuuuck and would get them thrown off a roof or sent to Chechnija's Happy Fun Time Summer Camp for Troubled Faggots.

are you fucking kidding me? holy fuck what a goober

This isn't the meta thread, but pewter is a retard.

I dunno, I think fucking little boys in dresses is pretty gay, but then again muzzie culture rationalize this as "traps not gay".

Being gay will get you killed.

Being a gay muslim will get you killed for heresy, which will probably be much slower and more painful.

OwO what't this

Mods are doing it for free again.

Mark needs to slap their shit every once in a while to keep stuff like this from happening.

but really every wakfu thread this happens, either OP gets banned for talking about it

like even if we were discussing the cartoon its a cartoon based on a video game so its still Holla Forums

also holy fuck Mercedes has a new hair style and she looks totally different

When's the last time we had a meta thread?

Wolfenstein 2 'is political' but 'isn't a commentary on current topics,' says dev


Bull and fucking SHIT!

Investors pull billions from US stocks in longest outflow streak since 2004

Money leaving US in consumer, tech, and financial sector.
European stocks dropped while jap stocks rose.

Even when the dev calls bullshit, they just go "B-BUT IT'S TRUE, THOUGH!" Fuck these people.

>>Holla Forums if you want to talk about french animes

Thread that was deleted for posterity.


what happened?

Why not take the issue into Maku?!

The Afghanis do this I think or maybe its the Iranians

Is this good or bad?

I have, he said pooter is a faggot

Shia must've been divided.
That or ANTIFA and BLm were divided by their own hubris.

Depends on whether or not ideological communists value their ideological communism more than the economy and/or western civilisation.

So yeah, it's a very bad thing. Say goodbye to the west.

You are no better than 4am threads or gamer food threads.

The general decline of markets like movies, vidya, etc?
Can't say I'm a bit worried since the Crunchyroll deal just happened.

wasnt even my thread I posted in there like 4 times to discuss the shitty mmo and mention season 3 is soon and talk about the lore

there was no porn dumping you massive dingdong

Yeah, but that's not why the thread got deleted. The thread got deleted because ID bae6ba from thread
got triggered when multiple anons wouldn't buy that the furfaggots and elves were real human beans even though "canon."


Speaking of, Internet Historian has a video on what HWNDU degenerated into.

Awfully convenient. Even if I think sargon is a moron for his shit (specially for contesting the claim on his shitpost channel), this should be fought off for the sake of Fair Use itself.

Well, duh. The elf is a genetic upgrade from the human in ever single way, ergo why they cloister themselves away from general society in the forests, but, regardless, "porn dumping" is not the reason why that thread got deleted.





longer lifespan, shelter is just the trees, an eternal kingdom that is self renewing due to perfect harmony with nature, lack of care in mortal affairs that makes it so they don't get tangled in mortal affairs, etc. etc.
Even dwarves are subpar to elves because dwarves have to shape mountains, they can't just live in mountains as is. Elves shape the forests not out of necessity but out of aesthetic beauty. When one challenges the elves, they feel as though they challenge the earth itself with arrows whistling through plate armor from shadows.


What do you think about kekistan? White supremacy?

Has the Great OY VEYing begun?

Next week is the first day of September.

Hm, let me see something…
>Ivy Valentine: First appeared in Soulcalibur
Sheva Alomar: Girst appeared in Resident Evil 5
Rikku: First appeared in ''Final Fantasy X
The Women Of Killer Is Dead: First appeared in Lollipop Chainsaw
Ashley: First appeared in Resident Evil 4
James Earl Cash: First appeared in Manhunt
Belladonna: First advertised appearance in Thrill Kill


Not this shit again

Y'know, this timeline is pretty fun sometimes.

he got those reddit upboats tho, so very werth


>As long as you don't fuck up as badly as Gearbox did with Aliens: CM
You don't even need to go that far back, Mass Effect: Andromeda released with cutscenes that were completely broken because the person in charge of animation correction thought making the models do something other than T-pose was "enforcing unrealistic standards of beauty." But hey, if you want to kick Gearbox while they're down, throw in Duke Nukem Forever.


"Simple 1500 Series Vol. 32: The Boxing" is the full title, and that was a D3Publisher title.

remember battleborn?

me neither.

Wrong picture; meant to post the box art. Shit was a budget title, anyway.

It was all worth it.

You ever notice how every single one of these people are confident that they will never suffer the consequences to the point where they just outright brag about it on social media? I don't even know why someone would brag about getting shot in the dick with a pepper spray paintball.

Weekly reminder to love your waifu/husbando or else unforeseen consequences may befall to the people that you love or hold high respect.
Hatred does not bear fruit.
Never forget, Jesus-sama loves you all. Except for Jews and Muslims.

It's been out now for a while, people make fun of it all the time, and yet, I pretty much know nothing about the game still. Mass Effect Andromeda, I can remember specifically what they fucked up, Battleborn I got nothing in mind.

Thanks for pointing out the error, but D3 doesn't even own the game. It's owned by some company called Nekogumi (With the way most copyright is set up, the first company to have their name listed next to the printed (((C))) is the one who really owns the game).

New from OAG and its strange to me. I suppose Goolag will fix their AI soon.


wew I forgot to save the "good night left nut" image, anyone got it?

The main argument I've seen against Battleborn is that the character design is just all over the place, mostly because Randy thought it would be a bright idea to have a bunch of artists make designs independent of each other without any communication or guidelines. That and every single one of them has a personality profile that pretty much reads "they're batshit insane."
Like you would get a more coherent setting from League of Legends, and Riot's retconning that endlessly.

You know, if the game wasnt filled with cancer and outright ugly characters that have no right looking that ugly, i think somthing like that could work. Has there been game with a roster of characters that are outright crazy and want to kill eachother just because they can?

Well, arguably Team Fortress 2.

Because he resisted the system man.
Or some dumb shit like that. He probably sees his now missing nut as a badge of honor for being a brave "resistance" member.

Nate Church: ‘Shadow of War’ Is the Latest Example of an Industry Seeking to Profit from Young Gamblers


People are fixating on whether or not the games in question were Playstation exclusive. The reality is that unless it was first party, Sony would have had very little say in what the developer could do with their own game, so it's pants on head retarded to blame Sony for third party game content. It's like the idiots who blame Sega for the shitshow that was the Southeast Asia server of Phantasy Star Online 2 without realizing Sega had zero say in the operation of that server.

That was also a decade ago.

That is because you can recognize their silhouettes even if you have not played the game and ignoring the cancerous items that were added later it had an established art style of "Norman Rockwell, the 1950s, Spy stuff, etc."
Battleborn doesn't know what it wants to be & the character designs are fucking awful.

This can't possibly be because of Charlotsville. Was the sight of swastikas in public enough to spook the executive arms of the country into cracking down on anarchists? It just feels like there's been victory after victory since Charlotsville and barely defeats.

It's not the fucking 1960s anymore. These people don't understand that they are the system now. Social conservatives (or, more accurately, anti-progressives,) are a huge fucking minority, which means nobody takes them seriously. Any ideas right of fucking Joseph Stalin are haram, verboten, ungood wrongthink that cannot be tolerated and must be shut down by any means necessary. Of course, they'll never outright say this because many of them actually believe it. Yuri Bezmenov was right.

You can count 5 that way if your being generous, but if your being critical "The Boxing" is actually the only PlayStation exclusive game on the whole list, since Thrill Kill was never officially released.
Every other game has had been on other systems for years.
The only one I kind of give a pass is FFX since the remaster came out only a year ago. so it actually was exclusive to PS2 for a fairly long time.

Word on Twitter that this guy works for GoDaddy.

Honestly speaking, the fact that they are mass censoring at all is a defeat IMO. It excuses others to do the same.

I'll be honest, the only thing I heard about the game is the colors make the game feel nauseating to play. That, and the stupid "Feminism is awesome" quip. Is there a good detailed review of the game that highlights it's flaws?

Putting Battleborn's failure on its character designs is so wrong that I'm surprised nobody has actually disagreed with this.

Battleborn's failure comes from a variety of different aspects, sure, unappealing and bland artstyle could be one, but it's most likely because the market does not want more of the same.
They thought they could break into the market because Overwatch made it seem so easy, how hard could it possibly be? There's nothing special to overwatch. Except that's wrong, no matter what you think of overwatch it's a finely crafted product that has appeal, good design and that was created from the ground up to fit in a niche that wasn't being catered to.

Gearbox saw everything that was obvious about the game (muh crazy characters, cartoony artstyle, moba like gameplay) and tried to replicate it without realising there was much more going on under the hood.


Aside from the "think of the children" hand-wringing, because let's face it, a kid isn't going to be playing a game where you decapitate orcs by the dozens nor would give a shit about LotR, he's right.


Yeah, that's the thing that I think Randy failed to realize, you can't really make a good game unless you have a specific vision. Battleborn being arguably their true first attempt at making a completely original, non-derivative IP and crashing that badly doesn't really give me confidence in them. No idea why 2k keeps giving them a second chance like they do, but then again, it's been established that the suits have a "copy what EA is doing, but worse" strategy.

I have no idea why people "gamble" on lootboxes and other bullshit. At best, you win limited edition pixels. At worst, you get the same shit you already had.
You're better off going to the casino and betting your entire stack on black. At least then you've got a chance of going home with something tangible in your pocket.

I thought it came out before overwatch?

We need our version of this.

Were you born as a 50 year old man? Every kid loves gratuitous gore

Well, I think Lawbreakers established that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

He does, see

But this mass censorship also shows that they're scared, and it shows us the targets we want to go after to win. Its like a boss showing us his weak point after doing enough damage.

If Goolag pulled a Rice Digital and turned out to just be disingenuous rats, I sadly wouldn't care as long as they weren't evil retarded cucks or femishits.

It did, but Overwatch had had its reveal and beta way before then.

Heh. If I thought these SJW sites could produce a single thought that was worth anything I might be concerned, but at this point it's just hilarious that they're getting hit with the same crap they've been throwing for years.

One thing I can give Overwatch credit for is the advertising.
The Shorts are very well made. If Overwatch had a singleplayer campaign with that kind of story telling I would be far more interested in it. Instead it's just two characters saying a unique line or two at the start of a match which is pretty lame.

Okay, that makes sense.

Well, I'm not just going by the orc thing, but also the mainstream's experience with the franchise, where in the movies, there's like three hours of buildup until some actual action comes along.

we have the GGrevolt webm
its far better

Doesn't Faceberg push out more traffic than Google these days? Google doesn't have a monopoly, there are lots of alternative search engines.

My guess is that Google hit the panic button and is mass-filtering any political content that doesn't come from one of the traditional news networks (FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc.)

Yeah also this.
Overwatch just did an excellent job at establishing what it was, who it was for without actually saying either thing directly to people.

I also still really like to see a single player campaign for both OW and TF2, but I think our dreams are not going to come true.

When Return of the king came out I was 11 years old and me and all my friends loved both the movie and the game.
Could be just me but I think a lot of people feel the same way.

I'll admit, that game was kind of fun. I like playing as healers, and there's a nice variety of the type of healer I can be. Even lost my virginity with someone who played that game, we met on a match, found out we lived in the same city, met, and fugged

Battleborn, Fortnight, the devs who made those games really have it out for Overwatch.

user if you're both men that doesn't count as losing your virginity


Y'know it feels a bit coincidental with morality being at an all-time low that films & to a lesser extent games don't do any kind of buildups & instead throw you right into the action with little to no breaks to prepare you for the next one.

When Doom came out it was exactly the same though.
Action in games was at its peak in the mid 2000s.

I'm not saying anything more than the fact that that happened.

Fuck me. Anyway, I'm thinking from the recent context of The Hobbit trilogy. Bear in mind, I've only seen the first movie and barely remember the book from when I read it in 2005.



I got you right in the benis

Too late.

I'm trying to think of a movie where action without buildup was good, and was about to say John Wick, but even that paced itself.

This be enough to update Deepfreeze with?

Mike's still smarting at the revelation that he was used by Trump to spread fake leaks in some convoluted operation to catch actual leakers.

Gorka along with Bannon had already planned to leave since May, with Trump's blessing.
They're planning something big, and both the idiot bandwagoner "Trump suipporters" and leftist mainstream media don't realize it until it's too late.
The Night Of Long Knives is coming.
No, wait. The Trail of Queers is happening.

Eh, he'll live. Sargon, however, is boned.

Isn't Sumitomo Corp. a zaibatsu, and their links with this fresh hell with CR is as an investment company?
Would be hilariously funny if like the rumored Sony takeover of Funi Crunchy gets taken over by a Jap megacorp, and those SJWeebs will get a harsh lesson in reality and corporate culture and the company is quickly dismantled from the inside, salvaged for usable departments and shuttled elsewhere, and the unusable remains (aka. the iconoclasts) booted out.

They're attempting to do in the video game industry what Tokyopop attempted with manga over a decade ago. Anyone still remember "OEM" books?

…I just realized something.
This project with GREE will directly compete with Comic Walker (an already existing online manga publishing and distribution project that Ken Akamatsu is involved in). I wonder if it's coincidental?

Never watched john Wick.

I'm not gay.

==POST== feet

It's a pretty good action movie. Its sequel less so, but it still holds up.

Then you didn't dick a fuccboi.

Newfag feet are for faggots

Welcome newfriend. :-)

That's not how you redtext.

What was that?
Did you say post traps?

frig off, I had right syntax. Not my fault cuckmonkey is so crap at coding that he doesn't know how to redline without making that
have its own unique row of text.

Or you could not be a massivd faggot.



Seems so. I tried going on "Behind the Scenes" but it gave me a 404. Wayback at least has archives.
I seriously thought one of their projects said ROBOHITLER.
No. Are they some stupid gimmick?

ok nigger, prove me wrong. redline without giving that line its own unique line of text.

Holy fucking lewd.

It's funny, cause Holla Forums is getting slid hard by fake /pone/ posters right now. My guess it's 1) revenge by leftypol trying to make pol think it's pone.
2) They are trying their hardest to slide this thread off the board.


It's called redtext newfriend. ; )

like I care. A spud and a potato both refer to the same object.



New splatfest? Why doesn't it surprise me that she likes watching people shit?

Redtexting is for headers and memes, newfag. You can bold, italicize, spoiler, underline, and strikethrough on the same line.

I would ink her splat zone.

But both of those terms have existed for a long time. The way you're using redline here is new and just made up as you are obviously not from here and do not understand the local dialect. Would you like a tour of the site and it's features newfriend? : )

Here, let me call it redline again.


Oh baby

You seem hostile. Is everything okay newfriend? : )

They might be salvaging the brand to bring into mobile gaming.

LOL Marche, you doof.
…Meanwhile, this fucking thread full of antiGG fedoratippers is still up .

Yep, the Revelation 12 Sign is still on the table.

I gotchu fam. Though more new OC is always welcome.

How the fuck did you derive shit from this? It's a blatant sexual innuendo.

May as well test it:
on it's own line.
==redtext== with other words
in the same line.

Diarrhea? Whatever, I'm not going to start judging other people's fetishes. Except NTR, fuck that.


I'll judge well and truly degenerate gore shit and literal shit whenever.

>Not at fucking >>>/test/

I doubt Jewgle leadership would allow "progressive" sites to get de-indexed or blacklisted, I suspect some engineer fixed their algorithm or it has some bugs.

No idea how popular Fagbook is but if anything, we can pour more gasoline to the fire that is Jewgle by claiming they're going to censor everything that dissents mainstream. Maybe that would bring up more competition forward.

thanks fam it always brings pleasure to see retarded anarchist getting nutted

One last thing. Does anyone have the image of the anime character artstyles from the 80s, 90s, 2000s, 2010s? The girl had red hair but her face matched different eras.


It's the only time those betas ever get nutted by someone else and not their hands.

This one?

Don't get this fetish. What is the appeal?

No not that one.

nod an argumend



It hits my delicious brown fetish so hard.

That's it! Many thanks!

I am curious. Chances are if there's innuendo, Treehouse didn't insert it when it wasn't there, since they generally censor it. Let's see if the line is changed later.

90's and 2000's are best. Absolute perfect balance.

I think he mean's the blacked octoed image.

Thats just a meme

I want to have 90s, but with 80s' eyes and nose.


So whats that last alternative?

Not a surprise where they run systems through Tel Aviv.

The transitional period from late 80s to early 90s is best animu style.

I bet from 90's to 2000's is way better. Faggot.

I had no problem with the whole wanting to /ss/ tbh.


If it's true then it nicely goes to show what newfags Holla Forums are, since back on halfchan prior to the exodus /mlp/ was dominated by Holla Forums due to the disaster that was the Samson Option.

At that point, oversized eyes, a lack of nose, and a major dip in quality occur as artists use less and less detail.

I went with Openmailbox.



That pic gives me an instant boner every time.

Worse (lucky you). Original English-language Manga (sometimes abbreviated to OEL). Gave us such forgettable gems and wastes of potential like this.

I hope she dies of diabetic necrosis.

Also, all cases of rape presented by a fat ape like her should be considered false before trial. Who would rape a hambeast like that? there are steaks more sexy to masturbate with.

Offensive? Barret is a black father who sticks with his children.

If that isn't fucking fantasy, don't know what it is.

For fuck's sake. Death note wasn't too good to begin with, but they actually made it worse.

Light should have been a fucking football player with perfect grades and shit, not an edgy emo faggot.


last pic. Has Anita spilled the beans on the beta bunch or has Joss threatened to out her a woman he fucked if she does?

These people really believe everyone else in the world are just impressionable children who imitate everything they see on TV, don't they?

Dobson, he likes his women inflated.

To be fair, unless your driving a car in many states you don't have to provide an id apparently.

Although, if you deny to identify yourself then you can be arrested - but in general it includes things like just saying your name or providing SOMETHING with documentation referring to yourself.

The worst kind of oppressor is one who opresses for the victim's own good.

The only "proof" that was going to happen was an user post, sadly (that most people were skeptical of, even if they wanted it to be true). Looks like it was just nothing after all.

They know other as they know themselves.

Remember that Josh thinks that reality affects fantasy which in turn affects reality and so forth in a viscous cycle.

That's disappointing.



It should bounce back in 6-8 hours, or during happening time. It's always like this.

I would post a song related but I just woke up

I should sleep

That's the period when they started to rip off French and Belgian comic book artists.

that's exactly what they want you to do!

Good evening!

Where in this tweet does it remotely imply that it was feminists? Where did you even get that from? Don't just imply who the perpetrators are without good reason.

It's funny because this isn't actually true at all, Holla Forums is very easily shilled from both sides, often you can't tell who's jewing who

What's funny about that thread is that those "anons" butthurt about #notyourshield don't know that it was a Holla Forums idea.

Reminder that Treehouse completely changed Marina's personality. I bet this line was a complete rewrite because "localization"

Doubtful. They censor lewd shit, not add more in unnecessarily. When they add unnecessary shit, it's usually PC crap, bad jokes, stale memes, or miscellaneous bull.


Nice trips, Marche. And oh, I think that's a bot.

twitter.com/SadiePop4U/with_replies no its a real woman who takes dick for money and films it
they are called porn actors

I don't believe it. With those number of followers?! I don't bite it.

shes real ive seen her butthole and everything



Did they get tommy robinson again?

He should have gotten a life and binned that knife.
I thought knifes were illegal in the UK? Are you telling me banning stuff for the people won't stop criminals? Preposterous.

Knives are illegal. Not sure about swords.


So… when is Trump going to fuck hard google for becoming an evil internet overlord?

You mean do what Teddy Roosevelt did against the likes of Rockefeller, Carnegie and Morgan, filing anti-trust lawsuits against them? He can, if he puts his mind into it.

Or just turning google services into a public comodity because they are a monopoly.

Seriously, I don't know if I'm into net neutrality anymore because I don't know what it is anymore.

80s-90s is the best if only because they have shading.


Figure it out yourself, fucking casual.

I have never come from masturbation. Teach me how to git gud.

I have something tangible in my pocket right now

he got hit in the right nut tho

I'm not sure. I think the way it works is that you have to warn them first and if they don't give a shit then you could add it to DF. Also, I feel like they are scrubbing shit right this moment

She posts nude pics to her backers on Patreon. Funny how quick and easily she started doing this for a pure innocent girl that was never a prostitute to begin with

oh boy




Find an oneesan near you today

How long until you guys start a civil war against terrorists? because this is getting stupid already.

This but an act!

Not sure how many points this loses me, but I remember liking that. Also, they're not gone, they're all just on the internet. Anyone remember Misfile?

Let's just put it this way, there's a reason why trains took off and became a staple of American culture. It's because the locomotive is the perfect allegory for the American mindset. You can light the fire, and burn at as much as you want, but you're still going to see the same results. Very little going on in the beginning while we're trying to get off of our collective ass and actually move. But, once you get us going up to a certain point…choo choo motherfucker.



I was really hoping they cut out to Ai Wo Torimodose in the background.


(Checked dub dubs)

Yakuza X Hokuto no Ken…. Why?!

It's not really Yakuza x Hokuto no Ken. It just seems like Hokuto no Ken. It's not a crossover.




Man the CIA really doesnt like 8ch, I wonder why..

Board spam


and it's gone.
Who was that?

Have you ever hear about Cinefamily?


Now it's all gone. All hail the mods, whose doing it for free!

Since it is coming up on the anniversary of the creation of GamerGate a friend and me where discussing things and the idea came up on what would be different if GG started now rather than back then. He was saying the PR movement would not have happened because we would have learned that from Trump the media is all fake news.

I brought up the fact that most of the people that pushed Trump where in fact people that left GamerGate when they got fed up of the it’s bad for PR push and if they were not forced out that we would have never got President Trump in the first place, as they knew trying to get good PR was a fools game.

So what do you think?

I want to sit next to vivian and look at porn together then she slowly starts to rub herself while trying to do it sneakily then I start to touch myself then both of us stop hiding it till we are watching each other masturbate

That wasn't his kid, that was his best friend's kid. He thought she was orphaned and blamed himself for not being able to save her dad, so he took her in. He later actually orphans her, but details aren't important, right? He actually got worse when they tried to tone him down and ended up with him foisting her off onto Tifa and technically Cloud.

Why are squidmilfs so hot?

Becaise you like shit art

Oh wise dubs, please grant us your superior "art".




PR was useless for GG, because Gamers are dead carpet bomb from fake news.
The only reason why GG was successful is thanks to e-mail campaigns.
Trump won, because normalfags decided so and Killary was second worst candidate from dems.

it took you only 15 min to bite the bait

On the plus side it inspired me to do this quick & dirty mockup.


They didn’t leave because of bad PR, they left because people wouldn’t let them do anything because it might bring bad PR to GamerGate, thing was everyone with half a brain knew GG was never ever going to get good PR so stopping the attack to try get good PR from the likes of AIRPLAY 2.0 was foolish. The push from Trump never fell for that co-opt tactic but without GamerGate being destroyed by it we might never how got President Trump.

Therefore, while I am sad they killed GamerGate’s momentum it made sure the Holla Forums and r/TheDonald would not fall for it and in the end the leftist co-opters lost as President Trump is much worse for them then GamerGate ever could be.

GG could find a cure for all kinds of cancer and it would still be painted as Satan.

They were not easily moved
They were icy willing to wait
Till every count should be proved

Can it play regular Webms?

True which is why so many people said at the time not doing anything because it was bad for PR was stupid, but anyone that brought that up where called shills. While I am sad, it killed GG’s momentum I am glad it made it impossible for it to work on the Trump campaign.

Save your gourd, bin that sword.

Yup. It can.

and what initiatives were shutdown by PR attempts?

Good. It fits so well into the scene that it makes me think there was some copyright shenanigans behind the scenes that wouldn't allow them to use the song.

And I forgot the Webm like an idiot. Billy me.

Internet Aristocrat and any idea that was brought up that might cause bad PR like Boycotts, r/TheDonald and Holla Forums do boycotts of companies critical of Trump and they work great when the same was called for in GamerGate they were shut down, as it would be bad PR.

There was no point in actually becoming the evil GG was portrayed as. Reinforcing the validity of your opponent's views is reckless and does what your enemies want you to do. What GG did was make people ask the question of feminists/SJWs/fake news "Are your claims true?". Where there are questions, there is discussion. These are the things the authoritative left do not want. It exposes they shortcomings.

Hey remember that time somebody came into the thread and said

Remember how that person was called a shill?

Remember their response to being called a shill?

Oh that's right.

The people worried about PR mostly was the twitter front, not Holla Forums. There was some degree of it, but to claim there was a hivemind of PR in this thread, shutting things down, certainly doesn't gibe with my recollection of events. Holla Forums was saying >Fuck PR
from day one. >Muh PR
mostly seemed to be a boogieman along with

IA didn't quit because
He said he quit because people where making money off of GG, and it got gay. Theories are he left because he embarrassed himself fingering his girlfriend during a stream. The closest thing I can think of that resembled 'muh pr' is people getting upset at Jim for calling people retards. But it was only like one or two people on twitter. Jim never never said it was over PR. It was people profiting over GG, and he thought GG was becoming the SJWS, not fighting them.

That was never a PR issue. We have been boycotting Kotaku, Polygon, et all since day one. No one had any problems boycotting game journalism. The controversy came in when people started suggesting boycotting developers and publishers. Not just game journo. Some people said no boycotts, some said yes boycotts, and some people were okay with boycotts, but just not under the banner of GG.

However, look at the Trump campaign, they said I do not care and just stayed on the attack. They were never going to give good PR so giving up instead of continuing the attack when GamerGate had the momentum was the worst mistake it could ever have made.

GamerGate should have realized they would never not see as evil and just got on with it, people that tried to keep the attack going but where shut down as a shill moved to the campaign for Trump where all they did what they wanted to do for GamerGate and it worked superbly.

Holy shit, we might finally have a good Hokuto no Ken game

Calling things as they are is not the same as going on the attack. Trump was not playing the same game as Hillary and the media. Why did Hillary's accusations fall short on Trump? It was not because of any validity (or lack) of claims against Trump. It was because he got rid of those that could make his campaign look bad. Remember the Trump official that moved the female reporter away from him and she made the allegation that he squeezed and bruised her arm? Trump fired him despite the fact that the allegations were later shown to be bogus.Trump played a deft PR game.

I can't really speak on IA since I didn't follow him when he was relevant but that was 3 years ago. As for boycotts there was never an 'official" GG boycott because they would have been ineffective and counter productive since we weren't against the game industry itself. Still there was nothing stopping anyone from doing anything they thought was effective outside of a pathetic need for general consensuses. iirc there was a splinter group that was going to be the true GG not worry about pesky PR, and they were even gonna put the Devs on notice with a fancy database. Unfortunately I don't remember what happened to them.

It's not a musou, but if you ever played Yakuza, it'll be like those games except with even MORE over-the-top-ness. I'm looking forward to it.

I hope you weren't talking about revolt.

Why is this being sent to me

why not? you're not a bigot, are you?


I have better question to you

No, just really horny.

Why do you have so many tabs open user? Seriously, I freak when I start to have more than a dozen open, how do some people operate like that. Also, why do you have bookmarks for porn instead of downloading it for off-site reading (Or, remembering the URL)?

u don goofed

optimistic, are we?

You keep trying to compare GG to the Trump campaign but they're nothing alike. The Trump campaign had a definite end goal, the presidency, which was achieved. GG on the other hand started with vague goals to correct gaming journalism and those goals have only gotten more ill defined as time has went on; effectively there is no end, at least one that I am aware of at this point. Also the campaign lasted only half as long as GG and now it's over while we're still here with no end in sight, what are we supposed to gleam from a presidential campaign?

What's revolt :^)

That doesn't answer five others.
Btw you could just save links to txt file, if you lack disk space.

why doesn't this fucker have a deepfreeze page?
didn't he try to start a drama by bitching about killer is dead? wasn't he a patreon of zoe?

Not a journalist, but more like Anita and Josh, culture critics who are nothing more than parasites to the industry.


That is not the correct answer. That is not how you organize sadpanda doujins, and even if you were insistent on using bookmarks like a drooling retard, that is not how you organize bookmarks.

what's difference?
both know jackshit about what they talk/write about.

brad glasgow considers him a journalist in his piece about lee shitting himself about gamergate in the guardian.

No. I just written it wrong.
I meant, if he lacks space for his porn then he could just write links to them in txt file and not in fucking bookmarks where anybody could see them.

Lee's is a fucking faggot who says he only puts "opinion" pieces not objective and informative facts unless it's about defending m'ladies and saying shit to Gamergate.

There's just so many things wrong with that image, even if it's bait.

Given how people took "pretty much anyone can be a journalist now" to mean, lets all just be bloggers and then they got even dumber with the propaganda.

Someone just tried to spam the board,
Who did we piss off now?

if lee or any of his buddies try to push his gc appearance just spam brad's piece on lee:





Good morning my fellow Americans



Every user should have a encrypted text file with 8ch's onion link and a USB with Tails ready to go, it won't be long till they come for 8ch.

Some faggot spammed threads full of emoji shit and talking shit about Mark.

Good afternoon my fellow europeans.

Write to the FTC over Polygon's latest failure to disclose

Whose got the guide of how to submit to the FTC?

Also, don't forget the collage of Male Feminists/SJWs who turned out to be rapists and actual harassers.

Mombot is working on/looking over the translation of the OP Timber document, but depending on how long it takes, I might just pull the trigger on spreading it now (especially while that incident with the Ad being pulled over SJW ranting is fresh in their minds).

Sure the content of the spam is useless- point is usually it happens when some autists has been banned (using some Holla Forums knowledge to spam but not ban evade), or we or Holla Forums are digging into something they don't like.


Wait what, you seen right wing website being removed yes? 8ch is next in line, we will all be TOR users soon.

Link to the Daily Stormer

I think something is happening.
ICANN just killed stormfront.
>>>Holla Forums10497209

Some anons on Holla Forums are expecting nuke to 8ch.


>>>Holla Forums10497209

Then you'd also know that TOR has violated their own neutrality policy and removed the same "problematic" sites.

The stormfront is a long ways off of Holla Forums, though we probably should start worrying and planning now nothing immediate will happen

Nice trips.


They said they where upset about DS on TOR.Virtue signaling to the max.

But they have no way to stop them and they said they WONT try and stop them.


Isn't tor compromised by the NSA and CIA?

They haven't removed anything. They literally can't, that's not how it works. Read their post again

It's no less safe then posting on 8ch.net the posting on oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion

There's no proof of such thing. Certain cites are compromised honeypots though.

>>>Holla Forums10497902

Dear God, it's worse than I thought.

Both sites were shut down because of them being filled with Nazis, fullchan is really not that far off considering the media campaign against us, especially the "too extreme for 4chan" bullshit. There's also the fact that autists like ZQ concentrate on us rather than on halfchan. Oh yeah and remember when people said the people would try to fuck the internet over if Obabo were to give ICANN to the United Nations? If anyone was doubtful back when it was being discussed in these threads, you can now see that we were right.

Well I did say its time to start worrying and planning. I was just saying we probably have some time

How did they benefit from this exactly?

For real, I can see an influx of stormfront niggers coming to Holla Forums now and shitting up the place even more

OK- so this can obviously escalate into the "They didn't come for me so I said nothing" problem.
I'm guessing this is to bait out people saying "lets protect those websites" so then ICANN have more of an excuse to shut down sites that defend them.

There was an old OLD screencap I can't find that covers this perfectly (orange/red board background, picture of the riddler, user hypothesizes how (((they))) would attack the net after the election. I remember it being in-accurate, but I've got a nasty feeling it's kinda true).

What I don't get however is this doesn't fit the usual MO.
Usually they allow places like that to exist so they can
A. Keep a close eye on what their opponents are thinking,
B. Give a place for people to rant & rave (so frustration doesn't build into action),
and C. Give a boogeyman to exist and blame false-flags and any evil act on.
SJW might want to "shut it all down", but it's far more valuable a tool for (((them)))- control the field of battle rather than creating a situation like Vietkong (having them pour out into other places on the net and spreading their message- even if it's deleted within a few mins, it's seen for a while).
My only theories are
1) They're gonna do another White Nationalist false-flag and claim shutting down this website was the reason (condemns Trump's reign further, whips up SJW more, makes it harder to promote anti-Progressiveism and anti-Marxism without being branded a Nazi)
2) They're gonna gain control of the net VERY fast (too fast and it'll cause outcry, possibly even backlash from Trump. I can't see them doing that unless they have a war to distract with),
3) A "slow and steady" approach to shutting down conflicting opinion (which works until new websites spring up like Whack-a-moles, even the non-honeypot ones, and won't work since Twitter and other social media's algorithm's for banning "problematic" content isn't fool-proof).
Of course, this could all be as simple as some SJW having a finger in ICANN and they wrote an appeal, so ICANN shut it down.
We need to dig quietly. IMO- aid any Streisand effects by spreading the news.
When in doubt, always let the world know exactly what is happening.

It isn't.
If (((they))) decide to shut 8ch down, i expect the worst.

Where stormfronters will go?
They aren't normalfags.

As well as the Tor Holla Forums onion, look into 0chan on Zeronet.
Holla Forums will not last at this rate.


A lot of doom and gloom (1)'s suddenly appear, take this to Codemonkey and ask him about it.


Teafags, your police won't respond to you if you call them if you're white.

What is our back up?
In light of this, preparing a back-up rendezvous needs serious consideration IMO- before any outside force can consensus crack us into a honeypot.

Wouldn't they stick to Holla Forums though? And they're so heavily shilled & paranoid they can't function anyhow (still great to be the first place to find out a happening or digging into people).
Don't get me wrong- they're so focused on their goal they can't see when they're being detrimental. But we've weathered worse. People that don't act like us are mocked into line.
Hell, GG might even get the shot in the arm it's needed for a while. Anger fuels us, and those guys have got to be pretty pissed.

Just making this powderkeg more powerful once they shut us down. We're just the next in line.

This won't make people take justice with their own hands at all!

He cannot do shit is ICANN decide to pull the DNS

Britfags never wanted this.
We're not all cucked like we thought when the US was under Obama.

Give us a war, refugee to the US, anything.
We need help.

Most people on Stormfront that gave a shit about imageboards go to halfchan, not here. Also their numbers are vastly exaggerated by people that want to make it seem like Holla Forums was hijacked with that retarded screencap you see everywhere about Stormfront.

Pretty much any place where they can organise, possibly Discord as a temporary measure. I expect this to become one hell of an internet shitstorm, since that will cause Holla Forums to ramp any efforts it has had. You may even see the creation of a new Samson Option soon.

For fuck's sake, I thought it meant that the police would priorice non english speaking suspects, but now I read it better and I wonder how long until the UK falls.


Be the change you wish to see in the world

Whose to bet they'll shutdown Cuckchan first though?
They seem to blame them for everything we do anyway.

As an aside, what's to stop Codemonkey making another website and copying the code that 8ch runs on?

You have no idea how many of us are secretly here and blend in just fine. Holla Forumsacks play video games too, m80.

He was already in the GG thread when the bullshit started happening and he is aware of it, now people are freaking out about the same fucking thing.

You haven't been on Holla Forums long have you?

Any port in a storm my man, I guarantee they'll be showing up here soon if they don't find a new home soon

ICANN will, Holla Forums has the onion access save that for when ICANN shuts 8ch down.

I thought the new Samson Option was to set all normalfag websites on fire to make them completely useless.

I hope they will stay on Holla Forums or just make their own board.

While I do think they will try to censor Holla Forums eventually, I think it's entirely unfair to conflate Holla Forums with Stormfront.

Yes what is done is chilling, and yes we we warned of this shit, and yes, they are coming for us.

But Stormfront is the farthest right of (well english speaking sites) of the far right. That's probably why they were picked. Holla Forums is more comparable to gab.ai

I guess I'm saying it's not a matter of if they go after us, it's a matter of where we are on the priority list.

They already broke their neutrality since they banned "Nazis" and gave the chat logs on the Unite the Right retards to the proper authorities, aka the Fake News Industry

Cuckchan has Google Botnet built-in via Cachtpa, they are the good goys of imageboards.
Isn't 8ch hosted by 2channel?

Neither do you.

If you said that to an American under Obama they'd say the same I will:

Falling shy of assassination, coup, or rebellion- what can you do? Don't get me wrong- speaking your mind freely goes a LONG way (pic related) as it turns up the heat on people boiling over.
For the over-night change, you'd need to hack the government and expose something BIG. Or go on a killing spree in mosques. Don't know whether it's just because any info on it is being blacked out, but even the EDL and skinhead groups aren't organizing or attacking anything.
The best I can do is speak freely to my fellow man, RT stories, and BEG people to help US.

Well guys, I am worried if 8ch is no longer available. What now?

The best thing you could do would be to organize locally with neighbors, friends and family.
That way you are relatively safe when shit hits the fan.

Our discussion site of choice will become sadpanda comment sections.


You think the SJW will allow Sad Panda to exist?


Yeah, but they're still blamed for creating Gamergate and everything "it" does by SJW and normalfags.
To the uneducated who believes their own fear they spread- 4chan would be the place to shut down.
And yeah, 2Ch hosts us IIRC. Not sure how that affects DNC- but I can't see them being happy about it. Not because gaijin got whacked, but because it gives precedent to their other websites being canned.

Mektour proposed DAD (Digitally Assured Destruction), but it's retarded (beg for no net neutrality and make them ruin the internet with fast lanes & premium lanes… Assuming they don't work with the likes of Youtube/Twitter to keep their services cheap-ish and tottaly slow down "problematic" websites).

A real DAD would be mass DDOS/virus on normalfag websites, banking systems, anything to create mass chaos… Which (((they))) thrive on and would probably use far-reaching laws to "prevent" in the future.
Again- like the Britfags, you need drastic action to fix this shit. Nip running a commie through with a sword levels of action (which in turn- more chaos- more excuses for (((them))) to over-reach)

The slow as shit tor site

Tech is also working on something

They will definitely shut us down first

Seconding this.
Just go into global 1 on Path of Exile, there is a pretty good chance you will find five or six Holla Forumsacks there

Which is why they will go to half/pol/. They have known halfchan for fairly long and that is really the only one they have actually been to, on fullchan they haven't really popped up that much.

No such thing, fam. On halfchan prior to the exodus the Samson Option was to nuke the horsefuckers on /mlp/ so that they would flood the other boards with so much cancer that moot would be forced to bring the board back, this failed since the horsefuckers were already aligned with Holla Forums so there was no way of actually nuking them but that is irrelevant in this case. The reason why that was the option is because "setting all normalfag websites on fire" is a near-impossible task when people couldn't even set a singular one on fire. So no, there isn't actually any plan.

Bongistan has plenty of movements, both ones that are exclusive to only Bongistan and international ones. You can easily look this shit up by typing it in the search engine.

Have you tried clicking the ghostbin link?


fug they will come here… I mean, even more

Damn. So there is nothing what we can do.
Minus deleting everything from all banking accounts on entire planet.
What I wouldn't give to see (((their))) faces after this.

I can only RT and email.

Whose tweeting about what ICANN just did?
Who do I RT?



That's our backup

Also 0chan on Zeronet.

off topic but these guys have the only gameplay of this game available in YouTube.

It nuked far-right forum called Stormfront.
After ~20 years of it existence.
More info here:
>>>Holla Forums10497209

I never said that.
I just said there's no quick & devastating fix. At least not one that wouldn't require the mother of all computer autists or the resources of an alphabet agency.

This is war. It's long and dirty. It exists IRL and online. You might have to resort to meeting folks in public and trading USBs of info. Learning how to be charismatic so you can tell people the truth. Make a community against this shit.

On the plus side- we & Trump woke up a LOT of people. What (((they))) are doing is a desperate scramble to be sure. Instead of sleepwalking into disaster, we're digging our heels in. But only if you let people know what is happening.

We're getting close to exposing the weak point. All we have to do then is go for the killing blow.


Another YouTube alternative, Bitchute, uses p2p for streaming.

So how to spread info in IRL that normalfags would listen to.
Unfortunately I don't have much people around me to spread that info though.

I saw it yesterday. It somehow makes the Street Fighter movie game look competitively viable in comparison.

Did some digging myself:

Better than nothing.

Also, the Sheriff that proved Obama's birth certificate was fake was pardoned (so more chance of Trump doing a full blown over-turn of all his shit), and Facebook + Instagram are down.

Never going to catch on, no one has the money to support continuous videos and it isnt as convenient to normalfags as YouTube is.


Get involved with communities, find those who might share your opinion- and talk to them.
In otherwords, the one thing none of us have ever been able to do, but must learn.
Make friends.

Nice, shill for it with the rest.

Dig, Meme, Spread.
Dig into them,
Create Memes to mock them and inform others.
Spread it like wild-fire.

IMO- tag jacking popular tags NEEDS to be a tactic we use now. Get in people's fucking faces.

I've considered putting up posters around my town that consider security and privacy online. Sort of like some of the ads you see here, but more normalfag.

The important thing is that people are exposed to this sort of stuff. Even if they don't know the specifics of why it's important, exposure to lingo and the idea that there's a problem to begin with can go a long way.

What an asshole./

I think they are using the peer 2 peer thing to keep costs down.

Think about how torrent sites manage to send petabytes of data on a shoestring budget. By using peer2peer they dont need gigantic air conditioned data centers in strategic places all over the world.

It will be hard. I am socially retarded.

This will be easier. Just do it during night or dawn.
This to make sure some people won't call police.

Normalfags slowly leak over into services.
You don't just have a split between anons and normalfags. You get those in between. Someone who is here who also goes on a normalfag website despite everything. A normalfag who comes here because it's catharsis to visit a "bad" website.

Our memes leak down because we have people who aren't 100% user.
So, services that aren't for normalfags will initially attract those that are mainly anons, but overtime more normalfags join.
Think of it how communities/game audiences "degrade" when more casual users & women join in. Providing you don't get a sudden glut (the "endless summer" of Facebook when it opened to non-students) and you force those who visit to acclimatize (make them lurk & learn by insulting those who act wrong, I.e. country club mentality like pic related here: ), then you can gradually convert normalfags into anons.

And that's not even including younger people, who are leaning harder to the right than ever. So places like us can help guide them.

Remove kebab orchestral has been removed for hate speech.
Now its personal.

It's using peer to peer so budget's not too big of a concern. Honestly it seems like the only alternative that's viable.

He's not part of Oculus anymore, technically he would be competing with his former company. HTC is going bankrupt, better him buying them than google or microsoft

I hope you guys have been downloading all important GG videos from YT

Which version, and which user?

Guerilla activism is a thing.

Posters/graffiti thrown up in the dead of night, mass groups of people projecting a message onto a building (some company did a 24 hour projection onto a building that changed every X mins, and we took advantage of that IIRC).

The downside is that towns & cities are geared up to take down that sort of thing (in case some goy isn't paying for his advertising) pretty quick. However, similar techniques are used by Soros hires. We can refine it.

Rather than alarmist- make your poster logical & sourced. (but make sure the glue is extra tough).
Rather than hoot & holler in a protest- stand silently with something that can be used as a blunt weapon in silence outside the office of who you hate. (Holla Forums stood outside one of the Fed reserve offices like that. Just in silence. Didn't talk to people who tried to leech onto the protest. Didn't even acknowledge cops who told them "We can't do anything, so just don't cause trouble." They just stood in silence with ropes & baseball bats for about an hour of course, repeated protests in the same area are sure to cause Antifa to turn up, so have someone record the event from start to end to prove Antifa starts the fight)

There are few things that apply online that work IRL- but logic and being steadfast will win you attention. Dress well, be /fit/ and smirk at people calling you a Nazi.

I saw an user post that claimed this, but they would never post the original Japanese as proof, leaving it hearsay.

The quickest way to do this is to shove ss infront of the youtube URL
I.e. ssyoutube.com/videocodeshit
Shota can save your videos
Sorry to force a mnemonic, but if it helps you remember


Incidentally, they apparently changed Marina's dialogue to be a little less snarky in the most recent patch. Still wouldn't be surprising if the line was a rewrite, but it's entirely possible the backlash was strong enough for them to back off.

Webm in a bit, trying to get used to using Xmedia recode instead of the Webm for Bakas converter

This means war.

Did anybody save that to re-upload on their own channels? I always save every nazi video onto my computer for that reason, since they're predictably censor-happy.

Well I did a bit of digging, and apparently Fanburst had something with that title? I don't know if it's the correct song, or if it is, if it's the full version, but thankfully I was able to download it.

To download YT videos you'll need this


Plus a GUI otherwise you'll have to do everything on command line

github.com/MrS0m30n3/youtube-dl-gui/releases (get the portable version)

Contact a couple dozen smaller media outlets, if you can get 50 different small outlets to agree on something then that gives a fairly immense boost to your message because after a certain count that will self-perpetuate. I myself am doing that right now by writing to conservative outlets about the Daily Stormer, Micetrap and Stormfront being shut down through coordinated effort.

If anyone knows some outlets, let me know

Why not play the song outside a mosque during prayer time?
If anons can orchestrate stealing a flag, they can hide a small wireless speaker near their building and hit play.

Because that shit gets you arrested

You'd probably be fine, honestly. They couldn't get the idiot who got slugged with a gas canister until he went full retard and identified himself on a reddit ama.

Since we are talking mosques I assumed europe, forgot muriclaps had a few themselves.

Over here in bonkinstein some poor bastard got arrested and charged with a hate crime for leaving a bacon sandwich outside of a mosque.
Keep in the the same pigs who did that also protected a muzzie pedogang, this country is beyond redemption, at this point only a war can hope to fix this mess.

BUSTED: Unite The Right's, Jason Kessler, Was Paid By CNN


Could be fake news, verify

Verify then trust never the other way around.

Called it.

What did the anons above you and in fact in that very post just say? Hold your horses and wait for confirmation.

Here you go, Hitler. Tell me this doesn't fill you with the elan to cross the Siberian vastness in order to drive the bloodsuckers into the sea.

Do you think it is good enough?

Someday we will liberate your people and kill the ones responsible for WWII.
Erika is better.

That's the point. Setting up p2p shit isn't as easy as direct uploads, you need to have the hard drive space and the knowledge how to maintain it along with the fact that you need a computer constantly on. There is certain point where normalfags are not going to get on the website because it isn't as convenient .YouTube spoiled everyone, you just simply upload a video and then that's it you're done. If a website was ever going to challenge YouTube then it needs to be if not more convenient than its competitor while allowing features not seen on other sites. If there's a three-way race between four video streaming websites, the one that's the most convenient is going to win out all the time. And content doesn't matter much when every five years or less, popular shit changes, especially online.

There's a huge chance it's him (since CNN do this kind of shit) BUT there's a small chance it could be a homonym. Is there any profile page about that writer on CNN's site?

Well, we already know that he was part of Occupy after it got cucked and worked for Obama, being a Fake News agent isn't that much of a stretch.


I'm not saying it's unbelievable, I'm saying being responsible and waiting for confirmation is how we win, not flying off half-cocked.

So the Amerifats need to do it. Not the britbongs.


There's nothing showing that the Charlottesville protests were a CNN ploy, yet the site is implying that's the case by saying "he was on their payroll". Shit like this is why I never listen to media that uses sensationalistic language; it's pretty much guaranteed to be partisan propaganda instead of anything meaningful.

Article was so old.
He is freelance journalist. At least looks like it on twitter.
On his own website he called out (((them))) and mentioned white exterminatus so it was fake news.

Well there was the fact that he was an Obama supporter 8 months ago. He may not be with CNN but he reeks of a plant or a false flag of some sort.

For fuck's sake. Catalonia is full of cucks.

I wish we let them secede, then send all the fucking sandniggers there and block any way out.

He was pro occupy wall street and pro Obama, if that is enough for you to disown why did you not do the same for all the ethicscucks that invaded GG they had the same opinions look at Val for gods sake.

Then find the damn evidence of a plant or false flag before ranting that he's been busted. Shit like this just makes the people reporting it look retarded.

I didn't feel this deserved a new thread but has anyone played the game Comedy Night? It's basically just a game where people are supposed to do stand up, but apparently it's really easy to trigger people with muh racism and whatnot. I'm tempted to try it since it's only like 5 bucks.

Occupy wall street was ok before sjws and another cancer latched into it.
Ethicscucks were mainly on twitter and not on 8ch.

Is there a game where you can shit talk?

Who let /revolt/ in?

And webm.

So you are saying a white nationalist could be pro occupy wallstreet? So what the issue the fact he did an article on occupy doesn't make him a false flag.


That was term invented by revolt to sew D&C you idiot. Anyone who uses that word is a burnout or revoltfag. Just like anyone who sues "problematic" unironically is an SJW,

OWS was intentionally invested with feminists to kill its momentum. It drove away people who were interested in taking on the Fed and its corruption and instead made it about bullshit like the progressive stack.

There's nothing linking ICANN to this. Registrars routinely seize domains, some more spuriously than others. Crap ones like GoDaddy might preemptively seize one just by receiving a CP accusation.

Also, altho registrars have to be accredited by ICANN, you can easily become a "registrar" yourself, by buying domains from real registrars and re-selling then.

Also also, it doesn't belong to the UN.

Also also also, the section that Obama "gave away", IANA, has competing organizations, alternative DNS servers. In fact, you can start one yourself.

Will someone tell Holla Forums to please drop the disinfographs and simmer down?


They also bullshitted what the "progressive stack" was to the media. That alone told me that it was sabotage.

I didn't know.

Was it like this since beginning?
I don't remember it well. I was edgy teenager during it.

Why not?
I think more info is needed.

Polygon added this disclaimer to one of their pages but look how vague it is. People don't know what an "affiliate link" is, they'll think it is talking about regular ads and won't understand how it works. PCgamer's is direct to the point and makes it very clear the links on that page are affiliate links

It's almost nostalgic.

Occupy was a middle class movement pissed off that banks were getting away with shit and screwing over the common man. SJWs seeing the protest they weren't in charge of let out a collective autistic screech and proceeded to hijack it, turning it into an incomprehensible liberal hippie shit show that normalfags dismissed as retarded. Could it have been an op by the kikes to get rid of a real threat? Sure. Sadly we have no proof. All we have is yet another reason tumblr social justice is cancer that kills everything.

It was basically a bunch of people pissed off that the Feds bailed out the banks after they caused the housing bubble to pop. Generally panned by the media, SJWs showed up and took over, Colbert had someone whose gender identity was "ketchup" on the show, and then they got evicted from Zuccotti Park because the SJWs are nasty motherfuckers that literally slept on moldy trash and drove off any protestor who actually wanted to keep the park clean.

That would be funny, but I doubt he has enough money for it. I know he sold Oculus years ago, but odds are that all VR companies now are worth much more than they used to.

Fills me with the elan to don a top hat and monocle and drink afternoon tea tbh

Wanna have an idea of the type of psychos that sank OWS? Justine Tunney. A supposed leader of OWS, she later turned into (assuming she wasn't already) a crazy Google corporate cultist. She's what all "anti-capitalist" SJWs turn into.

Does anybody knows if Maya Kramer were in those CON leaks?

That's scummy as all hell, what the fuck?

I'm pretty sure I saw a "Legobutts" somewhere in those logs.

What's the rule, user?


I got from Mombot, I assumed she archived it

Nope. I was the first one to because it had to do the whole process. It kind of makes me sad she doesn't know to archive everything, but even still you should always do it yourself.

With SJWs and other far left getting deplatformed, I suspect they are trying to force people back into moderate or (((moderate))) views. They got away with a lot when people were comfortable, but now things are shaky and they fear the rise of another Hitler before they have all the pieces in place to completely destroy their enemies.


These people have no shame.
Why didn't she just say she needed money to move to Canada? That seems dishonest.

Goddammit. We have enough whiny left-wing cuckolds here without them running crying because Trump scares them.


Alt-brony on suicide watch

I usually double check but not always. Brb I'll commit sepukkukopu

I think Paypal needs to be warned about her doxing adventures

Disgusting. Socjus needs to go into trash.

A real gamergirl

I need the spanish traduction to cuck besides "cabrón consentido".

She may as well just ask for a flood of such images by saying that.

Don't forget being a tranny.
She does "support" GG though.

Um guys? Who's making the bread?


Welp. No one at the moment.

Cornudo isn't strong enouth to express the cuckness of europe.


me (1) perhaps?

I'd rather it not be a (1)…


Just somebody do damn bread already.
Not you


No, just no.

its over user
No more bread
GG is now truly finished

Aw shit, I didn't even know that. >She really was ahead of the curve when it came to being a huge faggot.

I'm baking up a bread, hold on.

your post is SHIT

I've got one ready too, but I'll take yours if you've got more experience.

She could be playing kirby 64.

New bread
New bread
New bread

New bread
New bread
New bread

Yay… two threads.

kill you're selve


I started getting shit from DailyKos in my Gmail inbox, completely fucking unbidden. Flagged it as spam.

I WAS going to go to ProtonMail but now I'm a little spooked. Not sure where to go.



o rly?


Always liked that the hero didn't win, he was just left alive

they also have to talent, intellect or morals.