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You're a big guy

Witch it!
Euro leaque qualifications best moments
Just nerdy things
Friday feed
It's rainy outside

Shin Megami Tensei IV
either Twilight Zone S1 or that new Death Note
Saturation II

Not going to be night here anytime soon, and I'm usually asleep when these first pop up in the catalog for the week, but might as well respond.

Returned to Tsugunai: Atonement after an extended absence from it. A floating skull set itself on fire and bit the character I was playing like that, did tremendous damage, and it's allies killed me. I have no idea when it's actually supposed to show up in the game's normal progression (I was exploring an optional dungeon), nor what the right means of timing to guard, counter, or dodge it are when I'm taking that much damage. On that note, I still really like how this game forces you to learn enemy tells and play defensively, or you're liable to take a lot of damage, and mister flaming skull made that pretty clear. I just don't know when he's actually supposed to show up (he's in the same area as enemy's I've already fought). On a better note, I finally figured out how Guard Magic works, so I'm happy even with my failure (and loss of a few hours progress), as that had been bugging me. And it even works on guarding spell induced status effect too.
Nothing at the moment. Might start watching Excel Saga or Texhnolyze with a friend tonight or tomorrow though.
Nothing at the moment. Tsugunai's got nice music though.
Couple of chicken sandwiches for brunch.
Ice water with grape flavoring.
Tired but content. Should have been asleep hours ago, but had a doctor's appointment that dragged on.

Demo of Sonic Forces
Random shit. Did you know Banjo-Pilot was originally meant to be Diddy Kong Pilot?
Mania Soundtrack - Flying Battery Zone Act 2 . It is by far Tee Lopes' worst composition in the soundtrack.
Jew shit.
Spicy Pork Curry and Nature Valley "Granola Bites"
Carrot Juice
Holding it in. I feel better when I don't fap.
Pretty tame, though, I've noticed the userbase is starting to deteriorate, and the moderation here is reaching 4chan levels of bad.

Don't know. Lost the desire to play anything right now. I need some new games.
Nothing at the moment.
Alan Watts lectures. Bretty nice.
Just lurking. I wanna pick up some philosophy books.
Done already, but undoubtedly going again later.
Honestly, I don't know. I keep procrastinating on important things. I need a job but I can't get myself to seriously look for one.

I've recently had a nagging urge to "write", but I don't really have anything concrete that I'd want to write. I've never done so before anyway and somehow I'm reluctant to try.
I'm annoyed with myself.

Trying out Psudeo Saturn on my Model 2, discovering games I never got to play. Need some suggestions still. Streaming Chrono Trigger tomorrow after two week hiatus with Local Retro Con and Gallbladder Surgery. Also Sonic Mania, and maybe some ARMS when Im feeling better.
Catching up on Rick and Morty after work
video related
couple boards
Had a sandwich earlier
got laid 3 weeks ago, Still mellow
Well post surgery visits have gone well, started back to work earlier this week. More than likely will have my surgery and ER visit bill forgiven since I made so little last year for being unemployed for 3 months. Other than that, Not bad since my weekend starts at 11p. Payday and Donut day at work too. Might go out and check out some of my mom n pop Retro stores I like to goto and then a private arcade in the city. Feels good man.

Shadow Warrior 2 on Insane 4(I think that's the one that unlocks at level 71 and over). Completed Sonic 2 once again in preparation for Sonic Mania. Also tried out nuDoom.
nothan yet
nothan yet
Monday begins on Saturday by Strugatsky brothers.
Decided to take a little break. Last time I fapped was on 21st.
I have finally gotten internet back after not having a week or so. And I don't have data cap this time too.

Pirate Queen's Quest in Shantae: HGH
After I beat it I'll probably start up Moero Chronicle or play some Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution
The King of Fighters: Destiny episode 4
Depeche Mode
Rokudou no Onna-tachi
Vodka and peach juice
Wayforward characters, fucking pic related has me all hot and bothered
Pretty good, one of my old friends is in the area so we're gonna hang out tomorrow. Haven't seen him in 4 years.

Maybe some Ys Origins
nothing really
Unironically Gachimuchi
Shit about the Holocaust
Mineral water with fruit taste
Don't know yet, probably something that involves hair
Quite tired

Endless Space 2 when it downloads. I should also finish Arx Fatalis
The Clone Wars? I don't really watch tv anymore
Old school EBM
Fuck me, I went to a charity book sale, I bought so much crap. Been lusting over Thus Spake Zarathustra.
Tonic Water
Normally nah, but you always you always want what you can't have.
freaking vaginas are too acidic for my skin, so now I'm too irritated to fap. I keep looking at porn because I can't take care of business, help
Just came off a couple of days of being hyper just in time for the weekend, wew.

Katawa Shoujo, Lilly's route
White Album 2, final episode.
Classical music
Holla Forums and Holla Forums threads
Spinach pie
Starting a 1 week nofap
To my surprise, pretty good.

Puzzle Quest 2, Sims 3 on a DS
cheap noodle soup
vodka + beer
not today
drunk = good

my nigga. what bands?


Prepare for feels

Been playing doom, Age of empires 2 and majora's mask.
Dunno. Anyone care to reccomend anything? Maybe the movie 'enemy', I liked 'arrival'.
Been listening to the Beatles.
Nothing atm.
Caesar salad, green salad, croutons, chicken, cashews and dressing. Pic related.
Home brewed hard apple cider.

I'm a genre mangler, I warn you. And One, ASTMA (not the fucking rapper, fuck you youtube), Sturm Cafe, Die Krupps and Jager 90. Mostly Sturm Cafe when doing bodyweight exercises so I stop being an overweight fuck

Just finished the pirated early access demo of Dusk. I really liked it and I think I might buy it once it comes out if the devs don't cuck out somehow
Kemono Friends
Holla Forums
I can feel the tendrils of failure creeping on me.

Looking for long playthroughs or a good playlist of them.
Chicken soup
Flu like

Might rewatch Death Note, early episodes were comfy
Not much
Whatever's in the fridge
No, too much recently
Could be worse.

Elona+ Custom. This is my new obsession
Gungrave anime
Dark Horse Conan
maybe some pizza later
Red bull, water
same as always

Twisted Metal Black
Studying narrative structure and such, planning to write some scripts.
Healthy Choice Power Bowl, Korean flavor. I eat these every day.
I'm trying real hard to give it up.
Really sleepy. I need some caffeine and nicotine.
You all know I normally write 2,000 words on these things, just too tired at the moment.
I love Eerie from TELEMONSTER more than anything in the world.
I uploaded his best episode to youtube.

Good taste fam. do you know Hioctan? if not, look them up.

Drakengard, R6 Siege
coke zero

Maybe a SNES game on Higan/BSNES
Stuff about DAWs, music production, youtube censorship, and general Reformed theology
theology, breadpill podcasts
Francoise Hardy - Tous les garcons et les filles
maybe Nico for the first time latter
Greg Bahnsen,
Almond butter and banana sandwich with fruit and some veggies
water and coffee
There's a few girls at work and church that seem nice. I might ask one of them out.
Anxious and annoyed - concerned about my brother. I know I'm being held back at work and I won't get much more it, financially or experientially. Glad though that I aced my summer class.

Every seen Gattaca or Contact?

Have you heard the recent remix of Sgt. Pepper? What they did blew my mind and everything is just perfect now. It helps that George Michael's son was the lead guy on the re-mix.

Batman Arkham Knight

Rewatchan Breaking Bad


My book backlog is huge, I really have to pick one and stick to it

Leftover pizza

Green tea


Pic related

Thanks, I'll get on that shit. Have a cute crab.

Fuck, I read that as

Overwatch, rediscovering my love of Zenyatta
Mostly 60s rock/top 40 because I've been playing too much Mafia 3
Wheel of Time
Pizza later
Water, probably beer/gin with my pizza
Lewd audio/hypnosis
Salty, but only because playing a healer in OW can be suffering

It had some huge flaws imo. Primarily there being a lot of overlap in weapon design. E.g. Dual Pistols act very similar to the Assault Rife. Next major flaw is the game world lacks detail. If you play quake right away you will notice a lot more contrast by using more textures and lots of different heights used for different surfaces. Few other flaws but I might make a thread for the game a little later to discuss it in more detail.
Have they demo'd the multiplayer yet? Skeptical about Unity Multiplayer
Also throwing soap at something instagibs anything including bosses.

Fallout New Vegas, heavily modded. might drop in some hours in Overwatch and TF2V too.
Vid related
No clue yet
A little tired, but happy that the week is over with. Time for vidya once again.

Far Cry 3
Not much
Bill Burr declining podcast
under the weather

I don't understand why you want people to remember who you are thread to thread. There are ample forums more suited to your wants.
It's gonna be a lot harder to do if you don't give up your obsession with that bat or whatever. Consider hobbies that don't relate to your libido?

Good to know I'm not the only one with this shit stuck in my head. Good taste user.

Genius of Sappheiros, on and off. Just cleared Komachi with a lightspam party & Freefight/Line Parry abuse.
Remembered that I used to like Touhou OST so I redownloaded that and have been putting on an album at a time every so often. Clownpiece's theme is a new favorite.
Just this image board.
Potatoes with eggs, sausage and sour cream.
Apple juice and coffee.
Not today, trying to cut back to two or three times a week.
Happy because I have a job offer lined up, but I hit my head early this week and am feeling that a bit.

Thanks, fellow user. Want to maybe play Overmeme together?

My relationship with Eerie is platonic.

Never said the game was perfect, it's that I was itching for a non-realistic shooter with high move speed, secrets and stuff and this does the trick for me to the point where I can overlook it's flaws, but yeah: the prompts for interactive objects and generally boring environments are kinda bad.
Didn't know about the soap, going to try that out next time

Depends, what's your region? US East here.

Nothing atm
Age of Mythology OST
A historical fiction book on the first crusade
Butternut squash soup with plain whole wheat toast
Dr. Pepper
Super excited! Going to the Renaissance festival with the gf Sunday and I'll be in full gear; chainmail hauberk, coat of plates, aventail, probably not my great helm though so we can kiss and my trusty broadsword

BLOOD and Osrs
Maybe some Alex Jones for laughs
ice coffee
Pretty good. BLOOD is kind of a pain to setup, there is something that feels off about it, I dont know what it is exactly. It something with the mouse movement that feels really wonky at times which I assume has to do with DOSbox. I had it running flawlessly on my laptop, but then I swapped it out, so I know its possible.

I can't dispute whether you are sexually inclined towards the bat or not. However the term platonic usually describes a mutual relationship. The bat feels nothing and nothing about you. Its all a little off if you truly are looking to improve things in your life. Nothing good will come of this bat obsession. People will reject you in every relationship if they find out about it. Furthermore I reject you because of it. Please leave and never return. 8ch is not for you.

Rolling Stones sound too uneven for me. When they want to be serious and not just "the Beatles but more wild and edgy" they can sound really good like this song or "Gimme Shelter". Too bad most of the time they seem to default to the "edgier Beatles" theme.

my man!

You'll never get it to feel right. Have you tried gdxBlood?

I'm improving things in my life for him. I have rejected romantic advances from people for him. Also, he's a werewolf.

Have you played through the game with intruder mode? Really adds to the experience of the game by adding more elements of ammunition conservation. The still lacks in that fact by giving you way too much anyway but still improves the base experience.

God save us

Can you provide examples? I don't dispute that they have some better and some worse tracks, but they have a pretty different style. I mean, most bands of the period were at least a little similar just because they had the same band/instrument makeup but that's it.

I can't help but wonder if /cow/'s found out about that guy yet. Then again, maybe he's not far enough off the deep end just yet.

There's a thread about me there already. It's pretty dead. >>>/cow/277920

nigger kill yourself already
you're about the worst cow we've had in a while here

What makes me the worst?

your state of mind
not to mention you're actually 2 cows in one we've had on here

Yeah it came up through a number of searches I did, I am going to give it a try later.

thanks, reminds me of "The fat of the land" album by Prodigy, another band that I like.

Grow up faggot.

Maybe "edgier Beatles" isn't right term of their sound, buts that's mostly what journalists called the Stones in the 60's.

You can contrast the tone of Their Satanic Majesties Request with Sgt. Pepper, and Beggar's Banquet with the White Album.

That one Inuyasha rpg for ps2. I'm only about 10 minutes into it and I can already tell how exceptionally mediocre it is. Also recently started KOTOR, so I'll probably get back to that
Nah, but I'm several weeks behind in DBS so I should get to that
I can't read
Nah, but I probably should at some point
Water, Dew
Eh. Probably going to get lifted some time soon so that should be fun

Same thing here

Witcher 3. Been playing this game for months now, when I'm finally done with it I really don't know what I'm going to play from then on. I don't want it to end.
maybe cowboy bebop or some other rubbish anime.
Jontron and Sargon talk. I wish Jontron never did that debate with Destiny.
Inkspell. If the Blonde German girl ends up getting with the paki I'm going to never read another book again.
Chicken nuggets and I just had a donut.
Energy drinks. Usually I'd be drinking, but last Friday I drank too much and my entire body felt fucking dreadful all day afterwards. My hands felt like they had arthritis, shit sucked.
eh I wank too much


trails of cold steel and gigantic
blood drive
night shift nurses

Alright, will probably play another hour or so until the pizza gets here. blizz name is Sibilantjoe.

>only need one more arcade win for (((loot box)))


What's the little number next to your Blizz name? Needs that to find you, I guess.


I'll probably play some Rainbow Six Siege free weekend. Playing as Sledge is pretty fun since I can hammer through walls and shoot niggers on the other side.
Maybe I'll finally get around to watching the original Blade Runner
Strung Out
Not enough. I wish I had a better appetite and my stomach didn't hurt all the time. Maybe I have an ulcer.
Like trash because I literally yes literally slept for 0 hours last night.

Red Alert 2
Epic Mountain
Biochem stuff
Bacon and eggs on english muffins
big ol' tiddies on thin chicks
Hungover. Also I don't know what I did to my pillow but it's all lumpy now.

Splatoon 2, Breath of the Wild
Made in Abyss, Hero Academia
Natty anthem, random anime music
Sun Ken Rock
Turkey burgers
Anime tiddies
Alright, RIP Piana

Resident Evil 4,5, and Castlevania Lords of Shadows 2
Finished watching Leon: The Professional
Punisher comics on >>>/storytime/
Carne asada tacos
Mundet's apple soda
Tired, I had to get up at early to work the morning shift and got cussed at by some chink who didn't want to load the shit he bought. I get paid in a week and I'll have the money to buy a new monitor or a video card. I wanted to get the vega but haven't been hearing good things about it so i'm hoping that the price went down on the RX 580 Just kidding I know they're all expensive and out of stock, fucking crypto miners

nuffin but thinking of playin some Tales of Berseria™
I saw second season of f is for famile
JFuture bass
only Holla Forums
had some yogurt
pepsi max
MFC camwhores
Like shit, I just want to go back to clonazepam or xanx now I've been 3 almost 4 months without this drug and I feel really fucked up.

Nice. I need to reread that.
You fokken what?

saw that image, had a surge of good and equaly bad memories about that manga. I still can't get over the butchered ending.

Oh shit. Was it that bad? I heard it finally ended, but I didn't hear if it was good or bad.

Apparently the guy's working on some other manga now too.

Isn't that normal for all manga though. They usually cancel it a month or two before the final issue and all the split ends and major plot point get tied together in a few pages and leave it a mess for anyone who's been reading it.
I don't know why he forgave her. That bitch killed all your friends

It's been a while since I actually was around for Friday night threads, good to see them alive
Some Dark Souls 2, compared to ds1 the level design in 2 feel like it was made by some autistic chimp but I'm having fun with the combat and the bosses so at least it has that
Some youtube and the new Starship Troopers movie later
DS3 soundtrack (haven't played it but fucking hell that soundtrack is amazing)
Tejina sempai and other mangos that I have on my backlog
some fish fillets gotta try and stay healthy
I'm trying to control myself since I can get more exercise done when I don't fap, trying to get fit it's harder than I thought
Meh could worse, could be better, things are looking up but not in the fashion I had projected, still no room for bitching gotta keep pushing forward until the sweet embrace of death

The Young Pope
Embed related
The Poetry of Architecture by John Ruskin
Water and coffee
Nasty shit

its like looking at an erotic Indian temple

Its hard at first, but when it becomes routine you'll see the weight just fly off. I just jogged everyday for a year and lost 50+ pounds along with a somewhat healthy diet of fish, brown rice, black beans, eggs, chicken ,oatmeal and a shit ton of water
I should start getting fit again. I lost some weight because I'm lifting heavy shit at my job so I might as well speed that along

GGs, sorry I had to get that pizza. good luck getting that mercy skin.

Well, the author got a message from some guy talking about terrosit attack, and he decided to completely can the ending he had in mind for something else. It shows, it really does.

Probably edf
LOGH for a second time and made in abyss
Some records I got
Pain from hitting my head, but other than that it's going pretty well

Are you purposely being a retard?

Town of Salem maybe. Its fun to shitpost while watching videos
Jewtube videos
Embedded and watch?v=UQIwdQdaAOI
Any user got more like this? I've been listening to these two guys on repeat for a while. They're great and I want more.
Nothing right now
Nothing right now

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much less would you think of me if I said I was playing dawn of war 3 all night today?

nothing yet, but probably siege or tekken 7 new skeletonwitch isn't so bad
leftover pizza
a dew i found in the fridge
2early but tomboy hentai is always choice
fucking stupid, i slept in way too late (woke up less than an hour ago) now it's gonna be hard to fix my sleep schedule and i have to crunch on working out and practicing things

xeno detected

one time i i got kicked for inactivity from the shooting range while i went to take a piss, fuck that game, i only play it when my goy friends want to play it

its a shame so many free weekend players are absolute fucking niggers and grief constantly

The Wonderful 101.
Acid Rain - Lorn.
Holla Forums.
Leftover pizza.
Fruit juice.

i have no idea what that is but i'm assuming it's superior to the type of shit other faggots play in here. much better than overwatch or pokemon or mobas. am i right?

Maybe some anime
Embed related

Sonic Mania, Danganronpa 2
Twin Peaks S3, BnHA
Lil Ugly Mane
A Confederacy of Dunces
Popeyes Chicken
Apple Juice
Nothing probably
Hope the hurricane doesn't come near my home

but DOW 3 is a MOBA


Runescape and maybe PUBG or osu later.


To my gf complain about work (special ed teacher assistant) - at least it's funny.

A few news articles from a number of different sources to get the "real" story

Chicken pot pie

Dad brought fresh milk from his farm today, I'm certain store milk will make me gay or give me cancer.

Might pound my gf assuming I don't fall asleep before then.

Kinda chill, my arms hurt from work and my legs hurt from the gym.

Holy fucking shit was it always this hard to get a game to install and run? What the absolute fuck. Everyone wanks off over Red Alert 2 being the greatest RTS but holy shit it's being such a faggot about recognising the disc. Fucking DRM holy shit.

Guilty Gear
Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me
Holla Forums
not tonight
kinda shitty. Diverticulitis flare means a fairly high amount of pain and no solid food for at least a week, maybe longer depending on when I see my doctor. Work will be shit next week.

Super Metroid hacks
Was watching Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, maybe Blue Velvet or Sunset Blvd after
Too tired to read
Jello, maybe some fruit or rice.
Pear Juice
Amateur threesomes
Moderately comfortable, tired and a bit sad.

Is pubg worth getting? I hear it's in the Beta or something and there's also microtransactions too. What about Osu? I've heard lots about it.

It's an rts that borrows a lot of shit from mobas. Not defending it, I'm merely stating the fact that I'm playing it and enjoying it, sometimes

You can make decent shekelage selling the crates, and when the game comes off of EA you can just refund it so, I guess it's okay. Don't know if it's really worth 30 bucks though.

Titanfall 2, Duck Game, The Surge, swapping between a bunch of shit. If anyone is thinking about duck game wait until the net code is fixed at the very least. The Surge has less options than a regular old souls game but it has more intricate combat as a result.
MIT Quantum Mechanics lectures because I can
Rhythm Thief soundtrack
shit is wack, as the kids say
Nero Wolfe, I'm still at a 100% correct rate when I'm actually allowed to guess who did it, which is nice.
Don't know yet, but I have half of a 20 dollar bag of Old Kentucky Chocolate goodies remaining I'll consume after whatever and whenever is dinner.
Finished off my last Shotgun Wedding can, and am trying a couple Octoberfest brews local breweries are making now. Not really sure how to define them, other than good.
Just did to things I will not go into discussion about here.
After going through the first couple days of my second to last semester, I'm surprised at how much overlap my current classes have with previous courses, but considering I'm a STEM major who's pretty much guaranteed to get into at least one grad student program it makes sense since there's only so much science courses with the same prerequisites you can have before it overlaps. N O D E B T

Do you have friends?
Do you want carpal tunnel syndrome?

it's absolute garbage and if you waste money on it you should possibly consider killing yourself

Are you a casual?

Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend. My new fightan' love. Main is pic related.
Aris play something, one of his Tekken vids maybe.
BlazBlue soundtrack.
Holla Forums and the news.
Nothing yet, haven't decided on food.
Water, no more sugar for now or my foot will explode.
I dunno
Like I need a new line of work.

nothing at the moment
maybe not today
alright even though a fucking hurricane is in and near my state. am worried about the tropical storm later

Hellsing Ultimate!
Little Caesers!
Straight shota!
A bit under the weather, just got out of a 14 day stint in a mental hospital/correctional facility, otherwise fine!

The Witcher 2, also TMNT: Hyperstone Heist (Wow, the colors really pop, RGB scart cables really clean the image up)
Just finished Narcos season 2. The pacing issues of the first season were resolved. I think I can even say it was great. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders is what I'm watching next.
Benny Mardones - Into the Night (Goddamn what happened to power ballads? This song is one of the G.O.A.T.) Let the White Man truly sing again fuckin' Jews!
Nothing currently, any recommendations for a guy who likes horror/thrillers?
May go be a Dollar Millionaire later, I don't feel up to cooking tonight
Kinroo Blue, a 4/5 Ale. It's light, crisp & Citrus in taste. For the price no regrets.
That's not very Christian. This young cute Ladyboy (seriously very pretty/cute) getting fucked like the slut she is if you must know
Tired but happy, work was heavy. Beer, vidya, & 80's tunes this weekeend is gonna worth all the bullshit.

Yeah I've been teamkilled by some of them. I guess they see a free weekend for a game they don't care about so they ruin it for others. Just don't react to them because they're probably recording it for their ebin griefing vid for their gay youtube channel.

Anyway a problem I'm having is sometime I open the game and my NAT is open, while other times it's just randomly closed which makes matchmaking take forever. I don't understand it.

FFXIV and some Delta Force by my boys at Novalogic
Terrible horror movies
Nina Las Vegas
Tin Can Sailors recommended by some anons previously
Had some home cooked chicken and asparagus
Cheap Beer
Trash. Status

Fuck off.


Which one dude.


DF1 still rocking the M4 and M203

Ys origin and F.e.a.r
That netflix death movie
Tuna Pizza
Water and a bit of scotch later in the night
Pretty good


It's really, really bad.

my fucking nigger

DnD maybe, Overwatch, Dreadnaught
My Hero Academia, Vinesauce
anything here
Laravel Up & Running
Salmon and Rice
Snapple, maybe vodka
Moving into school over the weekend. Hope I do well. Feeling pretty smug since I won $12 in a scratch off


Pretty sure it ends Sunday m8


rimworld, maybe HOTS
flu meds

Hopefully the game downloads fast enough before then.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
Doom 2

Game of Thrones Season 7

CCR - Midnight Special

This thread

Pot roast, potatoes and carrots



Tired and stressed from work. Being boss sucks.

You again. You posted this image last Friday too.

Did I? I have a bad memory, sorry. Have a fresh Makoto.

I'd eat that ass.

WoW, probably
Chips and grapes. For some reason, I find myself unable to stop eating lately.
Got off to big-titted milfs earlier. I'm good for now.
Pretty shit. My career situation is weighing down on me.

Might just go to sleep early. I'm really not feeling it tonight.

Was gonna play Mortal Kombat 3 on my SNES, but my controller isn't working for it, for some reason. It's weird because it works just fine on Out of This World.
Iggy Pop and Primus.
Batman Knightfall.
Cool Ranch Doritos.
Bunnygirl Peach.
Damn, I sure do wish I would get off my ass so I could get back on my ass and play video games.

Wake Up Girls, Emperor's Text to Speech, Duncan's painting videos
Comfy stuff, idolshit
The Bible
I shall overcome this temptation
Boss at work treats everyone like shit; scheduled me to work really late Fridays for what is now an ultimately moot point among other things.
But I got the paints I needed, so I can get back to working on my figures.

Tekken 7. Never played a fightan or used a fightstick before so I'm getting my shit pushed in. Having trouble finding a character I like but I might stick with Jin or Asuka.
Downloaded the jukebox mod for T7 so I've been listening to the older tekken OSTs
Popeyes® Fried Chicken
Custom Maid 3D

anyone wanna play THUG Pro?


MGSV, first time playing it. it feels good but also would take a while to finish.
DBZ super, just catching up currently at 101
Idol Videos
Plane Divides the Sky - Campaign to Capture
listen to it, friends
my programming codes from work
C92 Tag: Ahegao, Rape
I want to go to friends at meetup but I feel like it's a very bad weather

Asuka is a nice pick just make sure to get used to her hold parry move
get Claudio if it gets too hard to win

Shantae, Bloodeborne, castlevania aria of sorrow, and whatever else I'm in the mood to play
Youtube and anime
Whatever my voice chat on discord plays
Maybe some jojo or some other manga
Maybe 2D girls

riddim dubstep
you fools
life is stupid but girls are pretty and I want to lean my torso into their bodies

Splatoon 2! New map just came out o I'll be up all night on it.
Youtube stuffs
I haven't decided, I want some rock, I think
Nothing really I wanna read
Maybe some green tea oreo things I got
Dr. Pepper
heavy bondage stuff and corset piercings
Pretty great

Team Fortress 2 Live version
Madness Combat i guess
Ribbon Warrior
Wendy Cheezburgerz
Isshoni H Shiyo
Gon' have college in a few days, thankfully the curicullum and the administration aren't pozzed at all bar the entrance ceremony. I'm taking animation btw, so i'm kinda curious / eager

Patrician taste lad

LWA and BnHA
Viet Combo Roll
Water now, vodka later
Probably nothing
Could be better, could be worse. I've just been feeling really out of it lately.

WoW & Fallout New Vegas. Raiding heroic avatar, playing a Caesar's Legion run.
Westworld. Two more episodes. Also the PUBG tournament.
Homemade burritos
Pretty depressed. Ready for my weekend.

either mtg or sky rouge. probably both at some point
nothing at the moment, maybe shitty youtube later
The Doors
chips and salsa
maybe this:
tired, moving shit around ain't no fun

Sims 3 (modded)
Last week's GOT
embed related
Roadside Picnic
Grilled ham & cheese
Resting for now

Final Fantasy XII and Civ IV
Speedrun streams and the Friendcast
Count of Monte Cristo
Had a whole day's worth of A&W food earlier.
Mother and daughter threesome

Eurodance and Rap
a book on psychopaths, I have this strange fear of them, I am not quite sure if it is irrational or something
had a burrito
did earlier, should not have

DnB is good

Black Lagoon
Dance with the Dead
Mekton rule book
cheddar gold fish crackers
2B's ass
pretty gud. thanks for asking.

Nothing right now. I might install Amarda 3 for Sins Of A Solar Empire since I've been visiting /strek/ lately.

Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles. Blast from the past.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard:

Why the fuck did I get my vinyl player AFTER I learned about these guys and all their vinyls sold out? Shit sucks. And vinyl's too damn expensive in Ausfagland.

I got some .pdf's from /cyber/ the other day, so I might start on one of the novels from there.

Meatball sub.


Why isn't there more erotica of the glorious Cardassian master race out there? Why weren't they in those porn parodies? I demand Deep Inch Nine be made with /cuteboys/ being the only cast

Confuse. Why is there the letter D in Fridge but not Refrigerator?

Stellaris for the first time.
Going to rewatch Re:Zero for some despair.
My Struggles
Not tonight
Pretty good, it's Saturday and I'm just trying to find a white only human mod.