An excellent game series with a perfect mixture of good gameplay, plot and characters

why does this happen. Why do good things have pathetic ends.

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you fuckin wot m8

Oh fuck me, Pseudolowolf is a pathetic creature if I've ever seen one.
Don't forget about his many attempt to make dating sites and advertising them with games, purely for the purpose of finding a chick to fuck.

Why do so many people who have been online a while go full socjus, anyway?

Internet people are in large part complete betas.
First it was whiteknigthing in hope to get pussy, and then when it was not enough, it was going full sjw.
Definitely applies to Pseudo, who literally only gone SJW to increase his chances of finding a slut to suck his dick.

You mean "internet celebrities" or just people in general?
As far as "celebrities" go, it's probably pandering to their audience. As for why there are so many SJWs online, well, it's far easier to find an echo chamber hugbox online than in real life. We should all know something about it.

I fail to see the problem.

We just can't have nice things.
Dev is alt least doing something new it would seem

honestly I'm fine with that one, he made a massive assload of money. There wasn't really a way he could've seen it taking off as big as it did, and I'm not gonna fault the guy for capitalizing off of it.
It sucks, yeah, but it's better than say undertale which you knew from the word go was gonna have a massive amount of retardation due to hype.

Honestly, if he isn't going to do next chapters to Mardek, then somebody can just steal setting.
Miasmon and Beast Signer was good too.

the lord blessed him with shekels, there is nothing wrong here, user.

Miasmon was pretty good. Beast Signer was never polished enough for me to say I "liked" it, but the idea was neat and mechanics were decent.

There certainly was an attempt

Bumping, since mardek is not discussed nearly enough.


On the note of the redhead old guy:
Has anybody here who knows of Mardek played the Governance de Magi neverwinter mod? It's basically like Mardek beta, with roughly the same plot, but some plot/setting alterations.
The redhead guy is taken directly from there.

Never heard of it? You're not referring to the original mardek releases from before chapter 3 remake?

What's different about the plot and setting?

He essentially sold what is basically a drug to autistic children and furries, got them all hooked and kept dishing out fix after fix and made himself rich off of them while they worsened internet society at large. The man is the Pablo Escobar of autism.

But that's Notch.

Why do I remember this so vividly but I don't remember playing the game at all?

Because it was one of most popular flash games.
When Flash and Internet was still good.

Too bad Miasmon never left early beta and Beast Signer will be in alpha forever.

I honestly hope he dies fast so some autist here can pick up his project and continue it. Pseudonolewolf's descent into madness has been near Chris chan-tier

The first incarnation of Mardek's storyline was just a module for Neverwinter Nights 1.
It had the same general plot as Chapter 2, but with some details changed and a slightly different conclusion. Also, different implications for the main character.
He is, however, name-able. He's also an orphan.
However, Rohoph's not an alien - rather, he's a human wizard who raised you
You are not a part of royal guard or anything alike. Deugan, as well as other members of the guard, do not exist
She is an actual siren, it's not just the name of her class. But she says that she likes humans, and is not into all that 'luring people to their death with a song' thing. The curse did not turn her parents into stone, but rather made her invisible during the day.
Lake hag is actually an old woman thing with seaweed for hair. Emela moves to Goznor where she starts a shop.
Moric is also just a wizard, and not an alien.
Here's where the plots diverge a bit more:

As for differences in lore and side plots:

Notch is more like the Mark Hamill of autism (if Mark Hamill himself wasn't the Mark Hamill of autism)
He did something that eventually escalated into a big fucking deal, got rich off of it, and then became to hate it and it's fanbase.

Mark Hamill hates his fanbase? Tell me more, i wasn't aware.

Was it really? It's certainly one of the best flash games out there, but it never had the level of popularity of Pandemic 2 or Shift or Submachine.
Even within the RPG genre it was overshadowed by Sonny or Epic Battle Fantasy - both inferior games, in my opinion.

Whatever happened to Yden? It was a metric timewaster(instead of using 0-60, used 0-100 scale), but a good caveman godsim that could've been improved.

What the fuck does that even mean?

The game was never finished, but a nearly-complete version was available on his private invite-only website and eventually leaked.
The only thing really missing from it is Snakes, which were supposed to be the main antagonists, as far as I understand. I'm not sure if they were never implemented at all, or just somehow disabled in this version of the game. There seems to be a lot of code pertaining to snakes.
Anyway, Pseudolonewolf was going to release the game as it was, but then for whatever reason changed his mind, took put it back in development, changed the name, and then never officially released it at all.

People anonymous image boards are NOT the majority internet. We are a tiny little oasis of free speech where avatarfags and tripfags are ridiculed. Everywhere else is different. Attention whoring doesn't even begin to describe how they behave, they're avatarfagging tripfags 100% of the time all day every day talking to other 100% avatarfagging tripfags. They put links in their signatures and admire high post counts and post pictures of their faces.

These creatures are not human.

guess you write what you think you know, eh?

Elwyen best girl.
I can't believe there is no porn of this game.
Paheal don't have single pic

Seriously though, she's a complete slut, spends the entire game lusting after players dick, and doing all in her power to fuck him.

The seconds counter was out of whack because it used metric time, but didn't scale over the actual seconds to the metric standard. So an actual minute in-game would be 1 minute and 40 seconds IRL.

so much freeware garbage is like this

Pretty sure no-one's denying the fact that the art was shit and full of literal same face, and that the writing was cringe galore full of fedora tipping & m'ladying. Doesn't change the fact that the game was fun as fuck.

Yes user, congratulations, you have discovered the secret behind the truth behind the conspiracy.
People judge things based on the budget, creative staff and pricepoint put on it.
If one man makes a game with okay graphics, decent music and bearable plot, then says "this was my passion project, I want nothing else but for people to enjoy it" then it may get more admiration than a game with 60 full-time coders, 30 artists and a staff of voice actors behind it, who want no less than 69.99€ + multiplayer subscription.
That's also why people go into Assassin's creed threads and shit on the graphics. Because at their budget and with full staff they should have done better.

Drop into the drawthread?

Hey, I'm denying that! It didn't get full of m'ladying until the reboots. The originals were just full of fedora tipping.
Ironically, the reboots also got rid of the fedora tipping almost completely, since the author has since "found his spirituality" during his neverending quest to prove that men are evil and women are divine (and that's why they should suck his dick).

You're repeating yourself, user

Already tried, user, but too few people were interested.
Steele RPG was supposed to be a fan-made spinoff about what happens to Steele between his last appearance in Chapter 2 and his first appearance in Chapter 3.

A lot of creators try to find some higher purpose because they get depressed from feeling that their fiction is worthless. I feel that I'm not feeding or healing people with my skill of entertaining people and I get hit hard by it as others point this out to me.

To solve this, they either try to get a skill helpful for the real world or latch onto a political movement that claims to change the world. I'm doing the former since I'm learning to code, while others latch faithfully to popular political movements.

I guess it was a fun three minutes while it lasted.

What exactly happened? Works fine for me.

Try to make something timeless that sticks with people? That's literally the appeal of creating fiction, you can make something that lives beyond you. You can also contribute to culture and tradition with your career and leave a legacy that gets remembered, whereas the average wageslave gets zilch upon rotting in the Earth.

This is the dumbest thing ever because it dooms your work to be dated whenever the latest political fad is dropped like a hot potato. That's counterproductive to achieving a potential immortality of sorts through your work.

How many Academy Award winners that are picked purely to virtue signal can you name off the top of your head? Exactly.

why do you ask a question you already got the answer for ? Women are the root of all evil

women would be so much easier to understand if their pupils emoted what they really felt.

looks like a shitty RPG Maker meets AQ game

heart eyes just aren't the same on a 3dpd.

pseudonewolf's experience was actually one of the things that made me go full wizard and decide that I never want to have any dealings with 3d women ever again.



Fool! They are no longer our equals! We are more than human. More than life. We are GODS.

Those are heart pupils, not eyes. Learn the difference between your visual cues of lust.

Porn is only deserved of girls that you would actually want to bed with.

Every character deserves to have porn, as stated by the International Universal Code of Conduct, paragraph 34.
Plus, I would let Elwyen fuck me.

Post heart eyes (employed in eastern-style artwork) for educational purposes.
If heart eyes are exclusive to west, then one can assume they are both regional variants of the same thing.

At the very least, only girls worth bedding should be in nice porn.
Also sniper girl in FLCL ep5.

Are heart irises considered distinct from heart pupils/eyes?
What's the difference in the emotions conveyed by heart pupils/irises/eyes?

Actually, to think of it, a heart iris is the most absurd of those concepts.
The outer contours of your entire eye change based on your emotions, and the same happens to your pupil.
Meanwhile, you iris always has the same shape and size.
How common I the idea of heart irises, even?
Also: In artstyles where a character has no distinguishable pupil and iris, bug just a solid color emotive circle, how should you call this thing?

Clearly we need more data and analysis. Generally speaking:
Generally for comedy purposes and regular love.
Almost always lewd, much like the ones in speech bubbles.
Insufficient data. I'll guess mostly lewd, but with exceptions.

Heart eye conjecture #1:
The size of eyes appearing in female's eyes is proportional to the genuine love and affection she feels for the observed, and inversely proportional to sexual arousal.

All of it is a symptom of the cancer. His girlfriend dumping him because of his erratic behaviour, the SJW bullshit, the general insanity. It can take many years before it gets bad enough for someone to go to a doctor. This can happen with many types of cancer. It can start in one place and then spread to the brain later.

Clearly wrong. I believe it to be general usage trends dependent on type.


This is oddly interesting.

You travel one of three roads when you come to embrace the internet

You know what's interesting? Learning to accept stuff as normal.
I vividly remember a time not so long ago when I thought to myself "heart eyes are so stupid in porn. They just make me feel uncomfortable. Ahegaos are ridiculous! Nobody really makes faces like that! Completely unrealistic, breaks my suspension of disbelief right away!"
And now I love both. Heart pupils are the hottest, give me the strongest boners.
A well placed ahegao always enhances the experience.

Just stopped in to tell you that simply because you changed your mind from "Man, stupid shit is stupid" to "Man, stupid shit is great" doesn't mean that's some kind of natural progression. I once enjoyed the stupid face but now I hate it with a passion. Heart pupils are also, coincidentally, an irritating meme.

It's an interesting learning process. Obviously heart pupils and ahegaos are not hot "by nature", but instead I just learned how to interpret them the way author intended.

it would be an interesting comment if you had mentioned some specific, potentially relatable experience or thought process that changed your mind, but all you've really said is "i didn't like this thing but now i do"

They are in the sense that H-manga works on exaggeration and strong visuals. Basically, they're a visual cue but blatant compared to standard "happy sex" cuddling and kissing and so on, what you'd expect to see.

Moderation. I agree they can be a turn-off if too common or ridiculous, like the ones in Teaching Feeling. Thank god that lets you turn them off.

I wholeheartedly believe he got brain cancer because of the path in life he took. He chose to go to hell.

I went to Pseudo's deviantart to find a single specific pic, and I got reminded how his signature Turquoise Dragon avatar evolved over the years.
Here we have the way he'd portray himself in 2006 vs the way he'd portray himself in 2014