Let's get a genesis thread going. What are some games besides sanic that are fun?

Let's get a genesis thread going. What are some games besides sanic that are fun?

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Didn't US version of CHC cut a bunch of routes and endings?
I remember JAP version having 4 good endings, 1 bad one, and 1 secret one, where you are hailed as monkey king or some shit.
Does US version have all of those?

Ristar and Beyond Oasis

rad gravity



Reminder the American version has fucked up mechanics and a (((localized))) narrative filled with out of place movie references.

Is there a retranslated repro?


those are the 6 I got playing the english version, yes

So what's the story with rocket knight adventures and sparkster? Was one a port or were they separate games?

There is a retranslation, yes. A repro, I can't say.

Sparkster is a sequel to Rocket Knight.

Just get a Mega Everdrive. Sage for double post.


really underrated

phantom 2040 was better on the snes, one of the few games I'll admit that for.

Smash TV still better on genesis though.

fuckin nu-Holla Forums

what? I don't care about the endings. Is there cut gameplay or not?

Steel Empire
Maximum Carnage

ANYTHING by Treasure. Gunstar Heroes, Dynamite Headdy, Alien Soldier, etc. Even the McDonalds game they did was fun, I shit you not.

The US version removed the health bar, making it hard as balls in comparison.


The best video game cover ever?

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What a shit thread

I'm not seeing second best Castlevania in this thread

Rolling Thunder 2. Part Elevator Action, part Shinobi.

I see you are a man of culture as well

I also really liked Toejam and Earl 2 but I'm not gonna defend it as great.

It's unfortunate that there aren't a whole lot of Genesis games that still hold up today (SNES soundly trumps it in that regard). A few would be Earthworm Jim, World of Illusion, Aladdin, Sonic 3, Ristar, and Toejam and Earl 2. Still better than Saturn, though.

Well seems like the thread for this. What are some good 32x and cd games? Things like
Already looking at time gal if I ever find it for cheap

RKA, Sparkster (Genesis) and Sparkster (SNES) are all completely different games. They are their own iterations with different tweaks and mechanics.

There's only 40 of those fuckers in all. You could download the complete romset and check them all out in one sitting.

32X doesn't have much, but it does have this one criminally unknown game.

That art is abortion-tier and throwing me off, but I'm digging the funky soundtrack.


It's easily one of the most (if not the most) visually cluttered platformers I've ever seen with a bunch of obnoxious sprites rapidly flying around the background. You can't tell me with a straight face that that's good visual design.

it is very cluttered.


sega cd games are expensive, fuck

Why is Ecco so amazing?

Are you just mad that you can't emulate it? SF3, Shining the Holy Ark, Shining Wisdom if you like bump combat, Panzer Dragoon, Fighters Megamix, Dragon Force and DF2, and the best home versions of fighting games. The Saturn is great, it just doesn't have the same nostalgia effect because very few people have one.

Play Shining Force and Shining Force 2, OP. They're pretty fun tactics games. Though I'd emulate SF1 and patch it with some quality of life improvements and not fucking you over on experience like SF2 improved it. The English translation for story is a little fucky, but it's otherwise a decent tactics game. I tried FEDA, since that was supposed to be the same thing but SNES, and Jesus those colors, music, shitty translation and slow combat made me drop it. I couldn't stand it.

Shit sequel regardless of system, kill yourself.

Better on SNES, and I say that as a Segafag

Burn them, the system has no copy protection.

I-I know…
I'm a buyfag but even I won't pay 150+ for one game

Stop feeding scalper kikes. Also collecting Sega CD games is a pain because of the fragile boxes. Burn the games.

This. You're not hurting Sega by copying Sega CD games. If anything, you're driving down the value for the games, which is GOOD for people who want to play them. People got MAD AS FUCK when Sega re-printed Yakuza 1 and 2 on the PS2, because Yakuza 2 was going for one and three quarters of a king's ransom for a while there. Fuck those reseller faggots. The purpose of a game is to play it, and the creator of the game is more deserving of any money earned from its sale than some middle-manning fuck.



I'm sure plenty will shit on this QTE/Dragon's Lair style game but I loved it.

There are better ports for these but Strider and Forgotten Worlds are both great fun.

I'm depressed that the only modern version of Herzog Zwei we have is a F2P microtransaction game made in Unity that's online only. It's a neat concept for something that could have been just a generic ASSFAGGOTS game.

I tried that game so many times but for me it's literally shit-insane difficult. I mean holy fuck

Gunstar Heroes is great

For something different, The Faery Tale Adventure is a pretty decent western RPG

The SNES version controls much better because it uses the face buttons as a second stick. The Genesis' music is definitely superior, though.

This can't be serious.

Truly, the US version of Contra HC is insane. Use this hack to make it sane.

> romhacking.net/hacks/797/

Thanks based quadsman

There are better ports for these but Strider and Forgotten Worlds are both great fun.
Me fucking too.

Fucking quick reply window. Me too to that ^

I think this port of Strider is better than the arcade. Sega refined the gameplay and gave the game a much cooler ending. The arcade's collision detection (at least from my experience with Mame) is a bit wonky on the second stage.

One last question about the cd. I notice the line outs on the back and after reading online apparently it sounds better if you use those ports than the genesis ones. Can anyone confirm? How big is the difference?

I see my work here is done

Best 16-bit Shadowrun imo.

My nigger. that amazing feeling when you recommend the game over the years and other anons begin bringing it up as well

I dont get it. As a lad it took me a couple dozen tries, but sure enough eventually I could 1cc most routes. It's a matter of figuring out the bosses and their patterns. I find Super Contra to be the ridiculously difficult game instead.
I'd like to suggest these, I enjoyed them a lot. Although save for Comix they might not be that great to everyone.

Hmmm. I played it a few times in an actual arcade but most of my time was on the Genesis version. Is it better than the Supergrafx port? I haven't played it but it looks AMD sounds better, near pixel perfect as far as I can tell. How does that one play?


Pretty much everything I was going to say had already been said, so here.

It's Gain Ground on an admittedly stupid font.

I want Sega to team up with Arc System Works to make a new Comix Zone game. ArcSys seems to be the only people who have made 3D look anything like a reasonable 2D cartoon, it could translate into a comic style like Comix Zone pretty well.

It doesn't even have a narrative, they cut out all the story. It's also a lot harder than the Japanese version.


I feel like I spent half my youth on this single game.

The music is still really good.


Can't believe we never got it in the west. My all time favorite non-bullet hell shooter. OST kicked ass too.

Whats wrong with Ringside Angel? It has some pretty decent looking TnA sprites and it is a well done wrestling game. I wish the 80s WWF had a game this good.