With the death of Half Life...

With the death of Half Life, should we have a kind of celebration of it's death / remembering the good times depending on your opinion with a user speed race?

Rules are simple: everyone shows up at a voice chat program at 5:30 and the race officially starts at 6. We all bullshit and see who can beat the game the fastest and the winner gets nothing but to jerk his e-peen off on all the losers.

If there's enough interest, I'd like to sharpen up the idea and do it this Saturday.

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So you want to do an online group speedrunning event?

That sounds terrible

lol go take your video toys somewhere else


Sounds really boring but I wouldn't mind watching one guy do it

I personally love half life 2. I know a lot of Holla Forums hates it, though. Half life 2 was a big part of my childhood, especially the source engine mods that gave me tons of game time as a poor as dirt kid/teen with a shit computer.

I just thought it might be fun to get smashed, hang out with anons, and collectively race to see who can beat it first.

You could have at least picked the game that is fun to speedrun.

Is there a sven co-op for Half Life 2? I remember playing the entire game with a bunch of random people a long time ago.

I also enjoy Half-Life 2, but I think that Sven Co-op like suggested is a better idea though I'm unsure whether there are Half-Life 2 levels. Also, /radcorp/ has blocked out this weekend for TF2V.

We used to play HL2's as-coop using Synergy. I don't know does it exist anymore, that was long time ago

Was there an announcement I missed?

Fuck that, just download Sven Co-Op and join the Holla Forums server.

The writer of Half Life 3's story leaked the story. Most people have taken this to mean that HL3 won't be produced since it's obviously scrapped or he never would have leaked it.

I'll be running HL2 anyway this weekend with a friend so if anyone wants to join, hollar in this thread. I'll get you hooked up.

sauce on that?

Why not set up a Deathmatch server or something similar and dick around in it?

Good idea. Maybe get a hold of the Holla Forums weekend gaming night guys and do a HL2:DM server.

Original post was deleted. web.archive.org/web/20170825025137/http://www.marclaidlaw.com/epistle-3/

It's still on Steam so I assume updates haven't broken it. There was also Obsidian Conflict but I'm not sure if it's still functional.

Sven Co-op is Half-Life/goldsrc.
Like stated, one of the two I can think of For Half-Life 2 is Synergy, with the other being Obsidian Conflict. From what I remember, Synergy tried to stay more vanilla in terms of gameplay, only to then add a deagle and donator player models for some reason. Obsidian Conflict is more based around custom content, with a decent number of custom models and maps floating around. Both are pretty dead as in recently released updates, with I think Synergy being a bit more dead in that regard. Obsidian Conflict is apparently still being worked on and you can get details from their discord I've heard, I refuse to touch discord to find out however. The lead developer also became a lesbian tranny, which doesn't exactly put a good image of a dev team in my mind. Personally, I prefer Obsidian Conflict for the custom content support, but I have not played Synergy in a while, so I can't really say much about it.

I might just get really drunk and stream half life 2 this weekend. I'll post a thread if I do.

haha drunk weed omg lol xD

Yes in fact there's 2

1st is Synergy which is on steam and shit
The other is Obsidian Conflict which might be dead these days but used to have shit loads of custom maps, weapons and enemies (including ones from HL1). I used to play the shit out of it

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Throw you both in front of a car.

You've got to be kidding

Please don't come to Sven Co-op

Sven Co-op

Half-Life is overrated I uninstalled the game. Gaben can go die in pile of McDonalds, what a waste. I'm moving on in my life, might start a family now.

Half-Life 2 is overrated

You can't start a family with your hand.

The only thing worth celebrating is that Valvecuck's have been BTFO harder than they ever will again. Half-Life 3 is never happening, other games are never happening. Artifact is the future of Valve, they're just gonna milk the teets of Dota2, CS:GO and TF2 until they're dried up and then just make half-assed sequels(Like when they made CS:GO to replace CS:S).

Artifact will be the game that will elevate games as an art form, Half Life was fucking dog shit.

All that cgi for a card game. Milking it in advertising, valve found the path of min maxing profits & effort. Congrats. Now if I could skip the next 30 years somehow and wait for a new era/epoch.

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with how the ending is it would of just spouted ok what fucking happen after it all which basically leads to another game.
and with how it sounds there was almost no point to it all against the combine seeing as they had Dyson sphere level of technology. and basically alyx pretty much fucked everything wanting to destroy the ship instead of using it to advance humans before the combine and shit happen. and now looking at shit Alyx was blow shit up first before finding better ways. you had a time travel space bending ship OH LETS FUCKING BLOW IT UP

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>have a chance to divert the entire story instead of going along with Alyx being a traitorous wench because daddy would have wanted it

anyone want to play gmod

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Yeah I think that's the one I played.

Half life died when 2 came out

by running HL2 you mean multiplayer? why not jus' Sven Coop? i'm gettan nostalgiac for it

what did i miss?


I'm in the middle of my half life 2 run if any of you faggots want to remember the good times. I know some of you wanted a stream instead of a full speedrace


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