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This Day in History, August 25th

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who the fuck is Julian Caesar?

Is there a good alt to CK2? Is the original CK good in any way? Are there any mods for it?

A typo from one of the history sites.

It's Julius Caesar's retarded cousin.

Paradox grand strategy games suck.
CK2, EUIV, HoI4 and Stellaris all have the same problems;
Do not buy these games. Do not support these practices. Do not let paradox get away with it because you think you're going to have a memey fun time conquering the world while nations get whacky. It is a boring grind, highly shoehorned to favour certain outcomes (catholics beat pagans, spain/france/england colonize the new world, Germany and Italy lose WW2, etc). It is not fun. It is not interesting.

The Warhammer one is great. I don't know if it requires you to have DLC.

Julius Caesar wasn't alive around in 357 though. Neither AD nor BC.

Recommend me some good /gsg/'s then


Darkest Hour is pretty fun. Not really a "meme blob" game.

Gee user, I dunno

Half of the AGEOD games are broken as fuck, Big Dicksbies War in the East is more of a war game more than it is a GSG and Super Power looks cool but is, asides from nuking Israel, pretty boring. I want something with the quality of Paradox's shit. I'm interesting in Dominions 4 though, is it only good in Multiplayer or can you have some fun in SP too?

He wasn't called Julian Caesar though, so the OP is intentionally misleading. 'Caesar' was a title that was used in the Roman Empire to denote what was essentially a deputy Emperor. Julian was not known as "Julian Caesar". His name in Latin was Flavius Claudius Iulianus Augustus, and when he served as Emperor he was known as Julian the Apostate.

I know, but he was a Caesar.

He wouldn't have been called Julian Caesar though. If he were to be called anything, it would have been Julian the Caesar. Though even then that is very unlikely, since Imperial titles were not used as bynames.

The AI in Dom4 doesn't make use of all the crazy shit in that game at all, but if you like playing with builds you might still like the SP.

He would have been just called Caesar. Or at the very least for sure not "the Apostate". The titles are added to the name. Flavius Claudius Julianus Augustus was not his name either, as Augustus is a title as well. No need to be trying to be autistic.

How do people play these? Drag and drop is cancer.

Also, not a fan of limited scenarios.

VeFHIPhaggot here, are any of you guys knowledgeable about ck2 military units/balance?
The last thing I'm adding to my HIP submod are buildings and retinues for the new Daghestani cultures; I've got nothing solid, but I wanted to make it into something more suited for guerrilla tactics (something actually very doable in CK2, with shitty light infantry) which is basically the way those mountainniggers have always fought their wars.

For the cultural building (that one culture-specific castle holding) I was thinking about a big chunk of light infantry making the bulk of the retinue, coupled with foot archers and some light cavalry, the specific numbers are:
upgrades_from = ca_culture_caucasian_4 gold_cost = 600 build_time = 2190 light_infantry = 280 pikemen = -15 heavy_infantry = -15 light_cavalry = 40 archers = 80 light_infantry_offensive = 0.05 light_infantry_morale = 0.1 archers_offensive = 0.1 retinuesize = 20 ai_creation_factor = 97
Mind you this is for the tier 6 castle upgrade. Though I'm unsure if this will work since castles pretty much give you a big chunk of heavy infantry, which could or could not negate the benefits brought by the light infantry (HI sucks ass during the skirmish phase, but they're fairly good when it comes down to holding their ground AKA shield walls.)
I usually retreat once the skirmish phase is over (when playing tribals or light infantry-focused armies) so the HI is a bit redundant and detrimental to the whole strategy (unless you can somehow split them into a flank solely comprised of HI.)

What do you guys think, any suggestions?

I have spreadsheets for CK2, but I don't know how HIP changes things. What you have there looks fairly weak. Archers suck hard and LI are meh

Light troops aren't so bad when you use them right, thing is, the moment you feudalize the bulk of your army becomes HI as opposed to the tribal LI and archers.
I suppose it would be better if I added HI and LC to the cultural bonus, since it's a goddamn castle and you're supposed to be training 'elite units' in your cultural building; the Daghestanis have never been fancy or anything, so I suppose some LC (representing clan nobility) and either HI (representing the clansmen's elite/freemen) or archers would be better.

Still, I could make the cultural retinue to be comprised of archers and LI and instead of an attack&defense bonus, it could be an attack&morale bonus since LI relies on morale and all-out attack during the skirmish phase; I honestly want to make an emphasis on the guerrilla tactics, since it's pretty much all I could find when it comes to medieval military conflicts in the Caucasus.
I didn't want to include horse archers because I think foot soldiers and simple cavalry are more fitting to these backwater hillbillies. Though Alans and Circassians/Kasogi will have horse arches and LI retinues.

Also, HIP does change a few things:
>Tactics as a whole have been standardized to prevent certain compositions from excelling beyond the norm. For example, English Massive Longbow Volley is now only as powerful as the other cultural tactics.>Every culture has a cultural tactic now, instead of just a few. These cultural tactics are designed to match their unique retinue or cultural building, so that those compositions will excel.>No longer will having a few stray units of a different type cause their tactic to pop up. Now having a large group of a single unit will completely force out irrelevant tactics.>Taking a page from Better Army's and ClearCombat's books, every tactic has Good/Neutral/Bad variations. Even a Bad tactic is better than no tactic, but better commanders will use better tactics and be more effective overall.>By bringing the bonuses from particular tactics in line with those from technology, terrain, cultural differences, and leadership, the player gets more of what they expect from combat without dumbing-down any of the relevant factors.

That's the reason I kinda wanted to go with LI and archers for the cultural building, since I had enabled several volley and skirmish tactics for the Caucasians.

He was known as The Butcher in life because he went to pagan temples sacrificing animals trying to convince people to go back to the old ways.

So I did a thing:
heavy_infantry = -15 pikemen = -15 light_infantry = -30 light_cavalry = 120 archers = 160 light_cavalry_offensive = 0.05 light_cavalry_defensive = 0.05 archers_offensive = 0.05 archers_defensive = 0.05
This is the cultural building for NE Caucasian cultures (Avaral, Lezgin, Lak, Nakh and Dargin), it's supposed to represent the fortified watchtowers employed by the Caucasian tribes (which were also used for housing, so you get several dozens of towers scattered over a small area surrounding a village/city/big fortification), when the country goes to war, the inhabitants of said watchtowers take up arms and ride their horses to battle. That's the way it's always been.

first_type = 0 #LI first_amount = 180 second_type = 5 #Archers second_amount = 70 maintenance_multiplier = 0.75 potential = { emf_core_retinue_hire_trigger = yes OR = { culture = caucasian_avar culture = nakh culture = lezgian culture = lak culture = dargin } } modifier = { light_infantry_offensive = 0.3 light_infantry_morale = 0.3 archers_offensive = 0.3 archers_morale = 0.3 }
And this is the cultural retinue, basically a light skirmish unit that's cheap to maintain (1k units for 2gold/month?) You get what you pay for.
Been thinking about swapping LI for HI or even LC, but:
A: I think it'd be a bit OP if I were to replace LI with LC, I mean they'd basically become a more expensive nomad horde with foot archers.
B: HI, in-game at least, represent highly skilled soldiers employed in frontal assaults and defensive tactics like shield wall and such. Nothing says 'Caucasian tribes' like trained men wearing expensive armor and a kite shield, am I right? Though retinues kinda represent a lord's standing armies, so…

In the end I'm kinda torn between Archers+LI and Archers+HI, though I've enabled a few tactics which will benefit these light units (more specifically LC and light footsoldiers), adding HI to the equation could mess things up, unless I make another retinue comprised of HI+Archers or maybe even HI+LC.
And this is it, this is pretty much the last thing I'm gonna add into the game before doing some good old beta testing.

just finished hate listening to ready player one anyone got any suggestions on what audio-book i should listen to next?

also listening to audio books while playing grand strategy is top tier.

Stop posting that ugly swine.


Does Blood and Iron allow me to revive the Roman Empire?

Julian had some mad dice rolls

He camped a river and mowed down a bunch of refugees.

Fucking hell Vlad!

Then he achieved more than the EU at least.

What mod?

Taking the mental illness out of vampires.


All slavs are directly or indirectly governed by the Russian Tsar. All colonial ambitions in far east had been achieved and then some. British Empire had been dismantled and as an added fuck you for pulling annoying shit with the Great Game, Russia spread to control all of India. Russia remained an absolute monarchy as it was always meant to be. Commies killed Rasputin which made the Tsar purge communism and secure the Romanov line for hundreds of years.

Just reached the turn of the century. Why the hell does Spain not have a core on Gibraltar? It's only been under British control for 100 years from game start. I could have gotten it through a crisis right now instead of waiting for the right time which may never come.

Anyway, r8 my Spain. I have most of western, central and middle Africa colonized and most of South America under my sphere.

How could you forget the most important thing?


Roaches have mutated into a radioactive mixture of kebab and islamic gommunism. Not gonna pollute my empire with such pops.

Nice Russia you got there but negative points for not being a fascist dictatorship so that you can purge all the poo in loos.

Can't rate without seeing your South America dude

Here you go, I don't have the most important country sphered (Colombia) so France built the Panama Canal although I plan on taking that along with the rest of their African colonies in a Great War. But first I have to deal with all these fucking commies.

you can purge pops with a reactionary government too, actually

How come you own that much and you're still only Super Power Nr. 5?

What mod allows you to genocide with reactionaries?


Oh man Geheimnisnacht really writes the best stories when you pay a little attention.

My character got the shits while on a Grail Quest and so the personal healer of the King of Bretonnia turned up to treat him. Picture related, it's him. A maniac Pseudo-Arab hedgemage. Not exactly the kind of person you want medical advice from.

What do you think this guy did to my character?

He prescribed him camomile tea. :^)

Well if you look at his military, industry, and prestige scores they all middle around five.

I saw that but why? Shouldn't he have more with owning that much territory?


he owns very little. Just Spain and central africa. That's nothing.

Well and almost the entirety of South America, shouldn't that have a ton of resources?

He owns nothing in south america, look again

Oh shit I didn't see that it was only sphered. What the fuck, why is it 1930 and South America isn't a single gigantic Spanish colony?

It's 1900, but I didn't know you could re-conquer South America. I thought sphereing was good enough.

are non-nomadic horse archers and light cav still nerfed to death?

Playing Stellaris, and have just won a war against an empire, and I won all of their planets (and so i ended the empire). The result? Brutal downgrade of my energy, losings dozens of it by month. I made a sector of all of them, and yet im losing a lot still… I presume conquering all the planets isnt a good idea, right? Or its another thing I should do? I ask because Stellaris doesnt have many guides that are acesible and updated to the game. Any advise that should I know?

did you put your fleets in orbit?

Image of before and after the war. Forgot to say that I integrated a vassal somewhat before, but I started to (somewhat) stabilize the economy. its my first game, so Im a newbie in this game. I started to disband many of the tech stations I had, BTW, but that doesnt help much, and most of the starports I have have solar arrays (Perhaps should I build more Starports with solars?)

again, are your fleets in orbit?

Yes, clicked on a plent, but I cant see any reduction…

You get -10% global energy production for each planet you have over your core cap. Give one to a sector.

One of the notifications at the top is warning you of this if you mouse over them.

Also there's a warning that you aren't researching. This your first paradox game?

Ships in orbit of a friendly world cost significantly less in energy credits than when they are moving or even located in a friendly system but not in orbit. If you got a starbase there with crew quarters then it'll cost even less.

More or less fixed it, still need a little more, and it still makes me wonder I I will go on conquering the rest of Empires (That are weak, and because I can see the conquest victory goal near, thats why i went on conquering the entire empire). I would like to ask anything to know about sectors. All the ones I have have all checked except robots and military stations…Is that good? I at least bothered to put some of them either mineral focus and energy focus. Any advice would be welcomed.

A question about xenophobia and purging in Stellaris, BTW. If I purge species X, what happens to the planets that become empty and dont give enought habitality for your especies? Do they get empty, or stop being my planets because it becomes without pops?

I had two especies integrated/tributaries (And now three), and they are slaves/non citizen, but havent exterminated them. Should I perhaps kill one or all of them? If yes, or do i kill one of them, something i should do or know?

pop-less planets are abandoned

No idea, I guess one of the mods contained within HIP had fixed whatever bullshit paradox fucked up.
What's wrong with them anyway?

you will need to colonise them again, even if they are habitable to your pops. You need to have at least one pop on a planet for it to stay under your control

The only ramification is micromanaging the pops to replace them afterwards and the rest of the galaxy hating you for it.

congratulations, you're the sector master. Just make sure to tax them as much as possible as soon as they start doing well enough. Yes, it's all this braindead. There could maybe be a sector revolting against you under the right circumstances, but it never happened to me.

Most fun way to play Stellaris is single planet, expand using frontier outposts and war people to make tributaries. With the GFP perk and their resources you'll be able to field a huge max-tech battleship fleet long before anyone else even has battleships.

Fanatic Xenophobe, Militarist, Nationalistic Zeal, Cutthroat Politics, and beeline for that tradition under Expansion that gives half maintenance for Frontier Outposts, as well as unlocking Supremacy tree and getting that border extrusion perk as soon as possible. You want maximum border extrusion and all the influence you get. Once you unlock the third civic, become a democracy and take Parliamentary System for even more frontier outposts.

Then once you've hit the repeatables and they've started to slow down in speed anyways you can start settling planets within your borders if you really want to.

This build should get even more powerful in 1.8 if they fix tech scaling for military stuff.

Best part is you get to expand and ezplore and fight without having to micro a ton of planets or deal with sectors.

I like to get my mod that lets me start on a ringworld.

And then expand that way.

I wish there were a GSG set in a… devolved setting, as in the world had already long since achieved technological peak, but then devolved back to much earlier tech for one reason or another (be it an empire falling, some apocalyptic event, or even just something akin to WH40k type of thing) so that tech is no longer gained by researching, but by finding artifacts (requires military expeditions to foreign territory, expensive and lengthy excavations in your provinces that may or may not yield an artefact, world-unique places that give a very powerful tech to controller, etc.). I feel such an arrangement would give the game a lot more dynamism.

Am I just fucking retarded? I'm trying to get CK2 off the archive link to the Russian forum. Are all these links just mirrors or do I have to download every single one of them?

Yes you are retarded. Only retards download from sharing sites instead of torrents or singular uploads like mega.

Well shit. Thanks for spoonfeeding me.

The mega in the archive is dead. Why is this Russian shit even in the archive?

This is how you pirated shit before torrents were a thing and before filesharing sites started offering big ass storage spaces for free and when internet cutting out suddenly and fucking your download wasn't an uncommon occurence.

It's split into multiple parts so yes you have to download of all them (not from all of the sources, of course, although you can mix them)

am i in trouble?


Whats the current Stellaris meta?
Is their a best build?
Anything to avoid?

Fanatical Purifiers good?

9 links? So hard, takes like 9 minutes. Use zippyshare.


Current meta is just spam the basic corvette, no upgrades, ignore fleet limit. This is supposedly changing in 1.8.

FP means the AI will be much more aggressive towards you and you can't access trading/enclaves. Not worth it unless you really want that scrap of extra fire rate. 1.8 will give FP a few different traditions which might be worth it. Determined Exterminators may also be worth it when available but all that stuff falls under "wait and see" territory. tl;dr if you plan to kill xenos anyways FP is a perfectly good civic

Expand like mad with private colony ships and win easily with an economy 10x the AIs'.

Corvettes early game, armored plasma cruisers late game.

Does midnight aristocracy handle vassals differently than normal in CK2 or am I just retarted?
Playing as a random vampire border prince in warhammer mod I conquered my 2 neighbours and I want to give lands to my wife-daughter but it makes her independent

Your title is too low to be able to keep them under your control. It's like if you had a king title and gave one of you vassal another king title.

Just as I thought, I'm retarded.
Also the title above me is help by some norscan which I sent across the map for taking his lands in border princes.

Nice lucky trips, just farm political power

How the fuck do I stay afloat as Norway in EU3, whatever I do I have to mint because I'm at a constant deficit, and since I'm at a constant deficit I can't build anything to improve the country to not be at a deficit.

So mint more, build your shit, and then stop minting. Having to mint is normal in EU3

but that would make me inflate like a fucking balloon and I don't know any other way of reducing inflation save for the national banks idea.

getting some inflation is normal. If you really want to avoid it, you can try warring other nations and taking money from them, and then using that to build shit.

Keeping it at lower than 20 is acceptable, and once you hace the economy and army, you can stay some years deflating yourself not spending anything. Also, recruit mint advisor.

Mint like a madman. Conquer and expand and focus on the economy later.

Are you frustrated?

Mint at 100% whenever you are at war and turn on war taxes. Due to how the mechanics work you effectively get more money without getting more inflation.

Spam more buildings. Its fine to mint more ducats to build more, it's a good investment

Centralization/5 or 6 star mint advisor/the idea all should be able to stack up to almost -.3 inflation a year. IIRC one of the lategame unique buildings gives you a bit more.

Also, it looks like you aren't trading anywhere at all. Unless your modifiers really suck you should at least be trading in your home node. It doesn't give you more normal income but it makes your minting better


works :)


You mean Julian the Philosopher

What the fuck is wrong with the Tank model? Also, how did you manage to be at war with Israel and the Ottomans at the same time?

OK fags, did anyone of you had problems running Darkest Hour on Win7? Tried running in compatibility, running some 16 bit color shit, reinstallling it several times and still it CTDs. Anyone has some ideas? I use AMD if that helps.

try using integrated graphics

I am now tech support for free

which AMD processor?

if you don't know right click my computer and then click properties

please also list amount of RAM from same screen


Run it in full screen.
Update your drivers.
Install all Microsoft Visuals.

Try running it in 1600x900 windowed 16 bit. Should work

run it in admin mode :)

How am I supposed to do that? Is there some setting in drivers or some BIOS fuckery involved.

AMD A10-7700K with R9 280X I think. 8 Gigs total but something like 6 usable thanks to windows eating it up.

If this will turn out to be the cause of the problems, I will personally strangle all Paradox employees with my mouse cord. Are there any specific Visuals or just the latest will work fine?

I will try that again if it will work. My native resolution is 1600x900 through.

Did that already.

No, it should be fairly simple. I have a NVIDIA and all I have to do is right click on desktop and bring up the nvidia control panel. I imagine AMD will have something similar.

Im not home atm, so I will look later into the driver settings.

Usually it is a specific one. No idea which one for this game.

How the hell do you earn influence points in Stellaris in enough quantity? It really limits you how little you earn it. Even getting the early tech for the plus one is not enought. Because frontier post fuck you up with the minus one influence, you loose it fast, and later you cant for example unite your planets (unless I missed something, I cant see how one in the end can form huge blobs, if planets arent togheter…). Not doing defensive pacts limits you in diplomacy, and rivalry is really good, but you cant depend on it (try to declare rivalry to a fallen empire!). Events cant give influence, yeah, but raw influence, not monthly influence points.

There must be limits to the player ingame for balance, but the shity influence gains are too low…

Rivalry is a pretty good way to make influence points. Also, do what your factions want. They increase not only your monthly influence gain, but also happiness. Also are you aware that planetary sectors exist? If Im not wrong there are also some planetary buildings that should increase your influence too.

Has anyone here tried ALEA JACTA EST? How is it?

I forgot about the factions. Also, there isnt any building that gives influece, you must have confused it for the buildings that give Unity.

there are techs, buildings, civics, etc. that give your planets more border range. also, having more pops on a planet also increases its border. That's how everyone forms large blobs later in the game.

Frontier posts aren't really that important unless you're doing a single planet run.

Don't use the frontier posts, they are worthless. Just colonize and the influence radius techs + growing population will do it all.

Is EU4 worth torrenting for M&T?

Yes. It completely removes some of the most retarded mechanics parajews made (such as ages), completely rewrites some others, and generally looks and plays almost like a different game. Just be aware that there's gonna be plenty of shit to trigger your history 'tism, such as Slovaks being in the magyar group, Wends having north germany and belonging to the german group, greek being in a "turco-byzatine" group together with roaches, some nations that I am sure are completely fictional (where the fuck did they get Moravia as a country in 14th century from???), and so on. It could really use the VeF user to go and do his fix so that I can stop being triggered by small (big) inaccuracies that fill this mod.

Moravia existed as a country until 1613 when it was fully integrated into Bohemia by Habsburgs

God i hate sectors, need to expand so i have expanded my sectors. So all of a sudden my minerals productions goes way down, because i had to transfer some of my best mineral production worlds to a sector.

Really the administrative efficiency they are trying to represent, would be better represented by something like corruption, IE a mechanic where for every extra world you own you get a bigger and bigger negative modifier to all the resources you collect. with maybe the output of your core sectors exempted. But it should be possible to tank one specific resource because you had to transfer the world to a sector.

except the golden bull of Sicily from 1212 confirmed the non-divisibility of Bohemian lands, namely of Bohemia and Moravia

Once sector's stockpile is full they give you 100% of income, but since sector AI is stupid it takes a while (sometimes they'll even go bankrupt)

Moravia was a part of Kingdom of Bohemia akin to Lithuania in PLC. Idk why they made it into a junior partner of Bohemia in the mod

dosnt help me, im currently massively expanding internally as my terraforming efforts are really starting to pay off, so none of my sectors are even full population wise, they arent gunna be filled anytime soon, and i dont have the influence to take from them, even if i wanted to, which i dont as i need them to build themselves up. but it means i dont have the money to build up my fleet, as all my spare cash is going to build up my core planets or giving my sectors extra when they run out.

But how would you colonize a planet that isnt in your borders? In any case, of course y dismantled the frontier ppst when not needed anyways. Also, about my game, it is going well, and terraforming and better habitavility helps, and learned that as powerfull I am, not need of defense pacts and any other shit that sucks influence. Im now fine with the influence part.

Not the first time I read about the recommendation of non upgraded corvettes, and believe me that in my game, my ships cost and unkeep goes up , and when building more ships its lowers a lot my minerals, and I hate it. But a problem I see is that doesnt then your ships stay weak in the long term? Plus corvettes are good regardless of time, but the cruiser/battleships cant hurt and be usefull; And the AIbupgrades their ships, so of course they will have powerfull ships.

Havent done this yet, but just reading this popular meta makes me not sure how this is good. Perhaps this meta is a early game thing? Perhaps when upgrading, not to let the game auto-update to best?

Fucking phone

just send a colony ship there.

Doesn't need to be in your borders to colonize. Easy rookie mistake to make

Yes, corvettes only is fairly early game. Switch to cruisers as soon as you unlock them

What you want are Cruisers with: Plasma weapons, enough armor to (ideally) reach 90%, no shields (usually a waste). Yes, auto-design is always worst.


Now im making almost as many energy credits as i am minerals, and as i am a fanatical purifier i cant get rid of them at all!!!

Thanks for the advice. I should also start manually design the ships too.

Sad bit with Stellaris' auto ship builder I still tend to do okay in fights.

I know you have to use influence to change it and how limited it is

I know its awful, but with specialized planets and limited sectors available, you have to have sectors like longs strings to reach worlds of the right type for that sector.

When do you start getting the habitats and ring world creation techs?, its 2371 in my game and i still haven't gotten them. I really wanted to make ring worlds and stuff. But there isnt really much point now cause its so late into the game everyone has already blobbed up so they wont make much difference now.
Or am i wrong and they will?

Also BTW i have beaten the Saiiban divine order and cleansed a bunch of their worlds, have managed to get my economy back on track and have finished most of my internal colonization.

Is this New World Order? It looks a little different than I remember. Has he actually updated it in the last few years?

After uniting my de jure lands in the north should I cleanse greenskins in the Badlands or go west and take advantage of FFA that's happening there?
Also since I'm the only independent vampire realm in the Old World all landless vampires flock to me and now both Neferata and Harkon are my vassals

dammit, just looked it up, i didn't realize you needed the tech for fortresses, so i had been avoiding that tech, cause fortresses are shit.

Okay, After The End. What the fucking christ is this shit. I go to start a new game, right? Just a brand new game. Just installed this shit. I pick a country. "You are not allowed to play as theocracies." WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO SAY WHAT I CAN AND CAN'T PLAY? What in the everloving fuck is THIS shit?!

fuck, it wont let me kill off my droids, they are taking up space that humans could settle, what is this, you used to be able to get rid of them, did they seriously change this?

Do you have policy that allows you to disassemble robots?

i cant find one, im a fanatical purifier, if anyone should be able to exterminate droids it should be me, but i can't

I think they changed it so it's now in the species rights tabhaven't played since 1.2

The paracux thread looks active.

CK2 is based on dynasties.

i tried under set species rights, but it has no effect, when i set it to extermination. and their is no robot specific setting.

I tried to add a religion to CK2 by editing the "religions" text file but the religion always has the catholic cross as its symbol regardless of what number I insert, anyone else what the cause behind that may be?

b-based erdogoblin!

Holy shit, stop fucking blogposting about your game in a shitty nu-Paradox abortion, no one cares.

Nigger shut the fuck up, everything that keeps this general alive is good. We aren't big enough to chose which content we want. If you dislike him posting about Stellaris post your own games instead.

Catholic cross is probably the default religion symbol and you need to make a custom gfx for it. Just check a modding wiki or something, there's a step by step guide

An occassional Stellaris post is okay, but that dude's been spamming the thread with shit he could easily google or figure out himself.

I've seen this hat before…

Changes to

See how the jew, when confronted, shifts the goal posts from "wahhhh!!! stop posting about the game you are playing!", to "stop posting about things you could google".

Truly I have slowly come to hate them.

Paradox is retarded and can't be bothered to make the game handle you continuing to play despite switching family names.

There's no actual in-game issue preventing dynasty switching, playing theocracies simply doesn't fit within their vision for CK2 (which is SUPPOSED to be about Aztec devil-children battling Chinese immortals atop the Tibetan plateau).

There still being no dynastic interaction between secular and ecclesiastical power is a travesty. Becoming a (powerful) clergyman didn't mean they stopped having friends and family that could benefit from their position.

Try dealing once with a kike. You'll fuck become Hitler in just a few hours. Dealing with them was one of redpills.

And for some reason that kike was trying to convince me that the ashes he had stored in some pot he had on a table were has fathers ashes. Where the fuck is the logic in that. How the fuck do you know which ashes are who's from an ashpile and how the fuck do you even managed to get them if ovened systematically. I never bought the holohoax shit anyways.
When I asked him how he got the ashes he just flipped out and jumped to other shit and the next minute he was all friendly as if nothing happened while trying to fuck me and the I was working with over.

So what do you guys think of this? i think it will be a good addition. It will make taking fully populated worlds as a xenophobic empire much more profitable.

So basically whenever you conquer something you just kill all the natives? Sounds like a great addition, Paradox games severely lack genocidal options.

Ive only ever delt with them online, never IRL. But online was enough.
lots of them seem to be trying actively to become the stereotype.
Its like black people in a way, where some almost seem to be trying to fulfill the negative stereotype.
It almost comes across as being on purpose.

Are the refugee pops garbage that will conveniently cause trouble for your tolerant rivals or pure enrichment?

Stereotypes exist because they exist user

Be fucking glad. Anyone that has to deal with them will right away hate them especially in real life. All of them are exactly the same and they fucking know themselves that they are utter scumbags. All the memeing and the things Holla Forums said or repeats from and during the National Socialist movement are all fucking true. It is for that reason alone I hate each and every commie a 100% for they are no different.

They are Swedes…
My understanding is that, if you are a xenophile empire they are good, just extra pops. But you do run the risk of annoying factions forming.

They are so often true as well, even among different white ethnic groups the stereotypes are different and keep happening, i used to know a Spanish dude.
He fulfilled every stereotype, i honestly think it is genetic to a large degree.

Nigger parents raise Nigger kids, I think it's just like that with Jews. If you raise your kid as a self centered whiny Goyim hater, your child is going to become a self centered whiny Goyim hater.

But I just want to use the symbol for an already existing religion for it.

t. obamma

You can play ISIS in NWO, but it's not very exciting. They appear with the Syrian Civil War event, which can fire from 2013 onwards ($CURRENT_YEAR in my game), meaning that a lot can go wrong since the latest start date of 1992. For instance, Damascus has two factories, an empty basic canned food one and a level 7 bankrupt optics factory. Syria only produces grain and fruit, all the oil is in Iraq. The pops are weird, there are actually zero soldiers in the eastern states you start with. The upper house is actually composed mostly of liberals and progressives, which means you can pass absurd reforms. Also, you don't get any cores outside of Syria (except in Algeria), Rojava excluded. No special casus belli, interesting decisions or anything.

What a waste. Any decent modern age mods? How are the "refugees" modelled in game?

Like immigrants in vanilla. The rapefugees actually start coming in 1946, mostly to the major cities in Western Europe. I haven't played any of those yet so all I can say is that they may have a role in socialist parties winning elections very often (minorities tend to go socialist/communist even in vanilla).

They’re not. Faggots are, though.

Ah! There HAVE been some updates to NWO in the last few years. Looks like I get to run another playthrough now. By the way, is the creator low-key a hard right-winger? Because his modifiers for faggots and feminists sort of made me think so, but now there's a new update to the USA.

primary_culture = white_angloculture = jewish

And it made me smile.

Probably yes. It's unconceivable how anyone could play GSGs and not be right-wing to an extent, but the Paradox forums seem to prove opposite.
What are you thinking of playing?

We have IDs moron, use them. The retard has made fourteen posts, 5 of which are just blatant, literal blogposts telling us about his game. And the ones that're asking questions are beyond retarded, which he could a) easily google in five seconds, and b) are still blogposts about his fucking Stellaris game

What the fuck are you on? People here "blogpost" about their games to either meme, shitpost, or give advice/feedback on some user's current game. It's either that or answer questions as to how to complete a specific playthrough or discuss some gsg game or mod, and to do that people usually post some update on a current game they're playing. If your answer to any of this is "stop it and google it", you might as well ask for gsg threads to stop altogether.

It's still within the nature of gsg wether you like it or not, which is to say, talking about a gs game. Sure, it isn't the best grandstrat out there, but I'd rather have someone actually talking about a game on a game thread than some legitimate dumbass blogposter who goes on tirades about his life when the thread and board aren't about that. If all of this to you is blogposting and dumbfuckingly retarded, what the fuck are you even doing on this thread?

From NWO's decisions folder, what the hell is this?

If you're going to act like a nigger then you can leave.

Anyone want current HIP and (semi) current CK2+? Also can anyone recommend good mods that work with the ladder? Preferably some from the forums?

I think it's related to releasing vassals. The first two decisions seem to turn on or off all the decisions below. After that there is one release decision for each country. Probably it was generated by a script.

Oh the Eternal Swede.

Some guy started a github project to more or less optimize the Geheimnisnacht mod and that´s the mod's reaction.

Parakikes don't want anyone getting mods outside of their registered forums.

Well github is controlled by turbo leftists as well.

Only fictional genocide is ok.

The Putin mod for DH got removed for calling Turks kebabs in an event.

That faggot is probably the worst of the m*ds.


I wonder if he does it for free.

Not true

When I asked him he appeared to get angrier, so probably yes. Otherwise he'd have some gay title like "community manager".

Vassal release decisions. Has to have one for every possible vassal because Vicky 2 has no regular mechanics for vassal release in general.

I wonder if he'd prefer "turkroaches".

alright lets settle this once and for all

stellaris, EU4 and hoi4 are not grand strategy games. they are mobile games. CK1 and CK2 are RPG/management games that just barely tickle the grand strategy genre. you cannot argue with these points. if you do, you are an absolute 100% gigantic faggot that should go kill yourself

rate, like and subscribe

Yeah, and CWE is made by a commie lmao

Are Anglos normally this ugly?




That's no Anglo, that's an AYYnglo.

The newest portraits are genuinely ugly, but I don't think it's intentional.

feels good fam
too bad we cant end the war since enclave is all over the place and still has a base in great lakes.

Inevitable consequence of having a CB questline against every neighbouring lord and a high level, immortal necromancer who can summon deathballs on a whim

what /gsg/ thinks should be contained in a game set in modern times?
my only ideas are adding more options to peacetime and some sort of FOB system that lets you station troops and supplies in different countries

Stellaris is 4X, HoI series are wargames. EU and CK series are both GSGs.

Carstain's always dead before twenty years pass in my games, and usually fails to even conquer Reikland. Sylvania then dissolves in revolts and is subsequently conquered utterly by holy war cb. Seeing it do well like this is actually fairly unusual

Emphasis on lawmaking and various policies and an influence system a-la Vic2

Funny thing is I don't think he's that hardcore of a commie because I've talked to him about leftist ideological stuff being unrealistic and he's ended up agreeing and changing it every time.

sounds like a regular lefty to me.

Shit, really? So I can download mods straight from their links or something?

It wasn't real communism.

Just find the mod on steam, copy the url, and put it in steamdownloader. It'll create a download for you.

Better support for multinational agreements: military alliances should tell you your allies' strength, not the ledger; you should regulate production to pretend to go along with OPEC.


I already know that. I meant can you download their mods from the forum links?

No. But most mods are on steam anyway

Not really. A regular leftist would never acknowledge being wrong and would insist on leftist nonsense. settintotrieste can have his mind changed on things with logic, and is thus a one-in-a-million sane leftist.


Time to blob all over the map like the wine spill you are.

I am a border fetishist
Ill go towards egypt now.

Suggest another full-length run country. With everything else, it's easy to fulfill all the possible objectives in a fraction of the game time.

I can't. I don't know why anyone would play EUIIII, let alone a full game.


I am a die hard byzaboo
im greek
im just trying to Make Anatolia Great Again
>tfw when Greece and Greeks will always be shit

why even live

Hey, you guys caused EU an anal prolapse; that's pretty good.

Yeah and the EU cucked us to death
Killed our economy and we have no hope to recover while all our neighbours, except for bulgaria hate us to death and want half our territories
What a great blow we dealt them

No idea. Magical means to polish a turd?

that's right

doesn't bulgaria want a piece of greece too?

Yeah they want a piece of Thrace, but they dont care much anymore, and arent annoying like:

Those fuck will get genocided next Balkan war after what they pulled with Kosovo.

Anyway, don't see it all negative. After the euro crash Greece pulled, nobody wants to join the euro monetary union anymore. Hell, before the crash, my country planned to switch to euro in just a couple years. Now not even pro-EU parties have that shit in their program.

In CK2 I think albos don't exist at all.

Its not about that, because of CK2 I started studying more Greek history, Greek history including and focusing primarily on Byzantium.

Thing is at school, we dont get much connected to Byzantium,an empire Governed by Greek-speaking emperors, with a greek culture dominating most territories, Greece + anatolia (up to 1060).

After that I felt more connected to this, and god saddened even more when reading again about Manzikert and the 4th Crusade, and the disappointing civil wars later, abandoning anatolia, the prime source of manpower.

And finally never recovering Constantinople in the 1920 war, because of stupidity.

The jewel of orthodoxy, Hagia Sophia, will never be a church again, but will be stained as a mosque forever.

Its sad really, there is no hope for something good.

Anything that could make you feel proud about your country is deemed non-kosher.

Hopefully, when the next big conflict comes around, you will get your chance to right past wrongs, but you will have to be ready for that and have a government actually wanting to grab Constantinople.

Seeing as you're a greek person i have to ask this:
Is the Golden Dawn just a meme or an actual party that as a reason to exist?

Why would any government want a city with the same population as the rest of the country full of kebabs ?

They exist, and get lots of votes, they are in the parliament and they are known for stabbing commies and breaking shops that are run by illegal kebabs, also they also appear to have some private training grounds, dunno how deep that shit goes.


It's easier, and more fun to just kill them all. That way they will never come back.

Fuck how come I never thought about that?

I'll just leave this here.

Empire at War isn't grand strategy ffs


Holy Shit, this may not be very fitting for the thread but Holy Shit. This is the last thing that I expected from Disney.

Followed you guys' advice and downloaded EU3 but the OP has no Mods for it. Recommend me some good EU3 mods please.

If this is your first time, play vanilla

So the game has no Mod that's just a straight up improvement of Vanilla like CK2 has?

And pops goddamn it I want to be able to decide who lives in my country.

MiscMods + CanOmer's Map is a straight improvement. At least the map mod, the vanilla map is too ugly to form pretty borders with.

Thanks dude

It seems that the 1600x900 16 bit changed the situation. Now it crashes due to fucking sprites. Anyone has an idea how to fix it?

did you disable sprites in the options? Not just in the launcher, but in the in-game options as well?

Guys, I'm trying to add a culture onto CKII, but whenever I launch the game after modifying the 00_cultures file nothing changes at all. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I managed to get it to work one time last year before formatting my laptop.

It would be appreciated if somebody could help me out.

Fixed it, kind of. Looks like it's conflicting with another mod.


I've been seeing you post this, but I don't know the mod. What mod?

Geheimnisnacht, the Warhammer Fantasy one.


What version of the mod and the game? I tried to install it, but it always crashed .

I've been using the "Community" edition some guy made on GitHub:

Oh and the game needs to be 2.7.1

Do you happen to have a link to that particular version? I uninstalled CKII some time ago and don´t have an installer.

That lazy nigger Treml has it up on rutracker, if you use gnu+linux.

How do you load Multiple Mods in EU3? Is it even possible or do I have to do some retarded shit like I had to do in Torchlight and merge mods to get them to work?

Eh, the game starts crashing at "Processing flags," so I´m boned.

You'd have to copy one directory ontop of the other. It's what the game effectively does virtually in EU4 and others.

Yeah I figured that out on my own by now but thanks anyway, I appreciate it. This game isn't even that old, why is the Mod Manager so fucking Aids?

Before EU3 the modding scene wasn't as big. Also EU2 was mostly event driven and major mechanics weren't moddable, so if you loaded two mods together they'd almost certainly fuck each other up. Mini-mods that slotted into other mods wasn't really a thing. HoI2 and Victoria was a similar story.

I guess that explains it, but Paracuck really could have updated the Mod launcher

You want people to buy your new product, not compete with your new product against your old product.

I'm trying to edit the CKII localization folder but everything inside it is a read-only .csv file, when I try to save the file as something else it won't let me, telling me I have to save it somewhere else instead.

I've unchecked the 'read-only' in the properties, but it just reverts back to its original state after I apply it. Any idea on how to get through this?

Just make a mod for the changes you want to make and save yourself the trouble from messing with the core files.

Are you using notepad++?


I've decided to just create my own mod, but I can't see it on the launcher for some reason? I'm pretty sure I have all the necessary components for it, I have the defines.lua inside the 'common' folder, and I have the .mod file inside the crusader kings II/mod folder as well as inside the mod folder itself.


The actual place where CK2 loads mods and stores save games is in your documents should be C:\Users\whatever\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings II

Yeah, something's wrong.

Help me you fuckin goyim.

Did you fill out the .mov file?

Open the .mod file and see if it links properly to the folder. It should say:
archive="mod/Assyrian Culture"
Alternatively try removing the spaces on the .mod filename and put a _ Not sure, but this might be a thing too.


Alright it says
name = "Assyrian Culture"
path = "mod/Assyrian Culture"
I'll try replacing 'path' with 'archive'.

Holy fuck it worked, thank you so much. Now I just gotta test if the localisation bullshit worked.

Yes, it worked. It's all good now, I can finally restore the long lost Assyrian empire back into its rightful place among the shit eating ayyrabs, I hope the genocide mod works.

I actually checked some other mods and they have "path" written in them. Not really sure if there is any difference.

Yeah, I don't know either, but archive seems to have worked.

Actually I just realized something. The "archive" one is from a mod that I took form steamworkshop. It probably says "archive" because originally is said "archive="mod/""so the mod folder is probably a zip file when downloaded through steam.

Christ. It's getting a bit nuts.

Wonder if Paradox realizes that this much DLC can scare away customers.

Paradox is living on its forum whales. There are cucks there bragging about how they spent several paychecks on paradox shit and how it's all been worth it to support their favourite game developer and shit like that, to the applause of the other retards in their echo chamber


The Paradox forums are strange. The older games communities are almost unmoderated. They're basically always constantly shitting on the audiences of the newer games and even Paradox itself.

If I'm a child molester by pirating their games, what does buying their games off Russian Keysellers make me?

A child molester who goes all way to Taiwan to get fucked in the ass by tranny midgets.

international sex trafficker

A lolicon.


Oy vey, Paradox is denying the Holocaust!

Paradox must have closed 6 Gorillion threads by now.


I don't even need a newer version just a fix that would allow me to run in the game in Borderless Windowed mode in Full HD would be enough for me.

So Russia just isn't in the game at all?


Why even make the game at that point? They might as well not have Germans in it.

Yet another PC exclusive genre to scratch off the list.

That probably can't happen, because of the old Europa Engine.

Believable worlds

I've downgraded the drivers. That fixed the problem.

But what about the six gorillion?

Pretty sure you can do it yourself with DXWND

Theoretically you could probably (even though Borderless Gaming never worked for me in Paradox games) but my main problem is that it always crashes when I try to run it 1080p Windowed Mode, even with compatibility mode on and 16 Bit colour depth.

Paradox approves.

It had something to do with their engine again. It works, but it makes mouse clicking weird. Look up v2winfix. It works with v2, hoi3, eu3 and others older Paradox games.

What's wrong with Borderless Gaming my Nigger? Always worked for me except for the Paradox Games.



When does Vlad lose his 30000 event troops? And what's with all the lesbians?

after you kill him

probably WH fanservice

You have to go back

It crashes because it doesn't like the window to take up the whole screen. If you run DH windowed set it to 1920x1050 or something. With DXWND you can run full 1920x1080 windowed by tricking the game into thinking its running in full screen mode.

Interesting, I'm going to try doing that.

What the fuck is this bullshit? Did MEIOU add this, or was it in vanilla too? Never going to fight a defensive war against roaches again, better to start the war myself and not have them get what amounts to be, practically, +60 warscore by default

It's a CB-specific modifier that stops the AI from peacing out early, so it will actually try to win and if its winning it will fight to 100% so it can take a lot rather than peacing out for almost nothing. But if you 100% them you can take 100% just as normal.

In vanilla it's used for the containment wars and the religious league wars I believe.

I know what it is, but why is it so ridiculously high and why do the Ottomans have it?

Basically it's a way to make the Ottomans more aggressive and intent on expansion. It's to make the Ottomans early game for historical outcomes without giving them massive buffs through ideas or events. It's limited to land from the Balkans to Anatolia.

It's really not that big of a deal. It only matters if you wanted to white peace them for some reason, if you intend to reach 100% WS and wipe them out (as you should), their war enthusiasm is irrelevant. And its still almost irrelevant if you are peacing them out at 90% WS, maybe you get one less province.

Hey, I'm trying to create custom dynasties in CK2 but they're not showing up in the game. This is the structure I'm using:

1958406 = {
name = "Example"
culture = Example

Are you shitting me? They have massive buffs AND this total war bullshit. +5% discipline, morale boost, start two techs ahead from europe, god-tier ruler and heir, two star general, better troops, idea that gives them another +2% discipline, surrender timer on greek provinces that automatically hands them to them (without peace treaty) if they occupy them long enough… for watever reason, crossing bosphorus didn't even give them a crossing penalty. I'm used to cheesing the game to beat roaches, but this is getting ridiculous

wow, it's almost nothing

techs are a lot weaker in MEIOU

Mana basically doesn't matter, as opposed to vanilla.

Everyone gets this. It's very easy for players to dismantle large AI empires by releasing OPM vassals and feeding them their cores back during a war.

You suck. You get MASSIVE advantages as the defender in MEIOU thanks to the defensive actions from estates. Also Constantinople being a level 5 fort will basically kill the entire Ottoman manpower on its own if you stack some defensiveness and just let the huge siege attrition do its work. It's way easier than vanilla, the only difference is that you can't just ally Austria and Poland to have them do it for you.

Wow, way to prove you're retarded right off the bat. You're also forgetting the morale bonus they get

except it unlocks new unit types, boosts morale, and improves shock values, all of which is massively important early game, and Otto not only has a headstart in them, but also the means to put even more of a distance between it and almost anybody else, since both the ruler and the heir each generate 15 mana in total

+1 infantry from great nobles, +1 infantry from lesser nobles, 20 gold a year from burghers. Wow, such massive advantage!

Except Otto just ignores constantinople completely and instead sieges literally everything else, gaining massive warscore for beating your and your allies' armies since superiority cb

except it's not

WRONG. I looked the shit up, and the usual war dynamism mechanic would NOT give Otto surrender timer on orthodox greek provinces. Instead, it is actually hardcoded in to give Otto war dynamism on balkans, mamluks, and hungary.

I usually soloed them in vanilla so I wouldn't know

All in all, you're full of shit and ought to go eat a dick. Also, for the record, I beat the roaches.

It is basically nothing. Statistically irrelevant compared the random die rolls.

Also I checked and I can only see +2% discipline from ideas and no morale bonus. There's also a +2.5% bonus from good development, you can get that too.

They build up over time. Also defensiveness, force limit, etc.

You can build forts, you know? Can even use manpower for it. With lvl 4 in Hevros and lvl 5 in Constantinople the Ottomans will probably be out of manpower before you even need to fight them to stop the siege. It's kind of a joke. Or even better get them sieging your island in the Aegean and block the strait.

Also >having allies rather than vassals.

Not really. It's easy to overflow in mana in the mod.

Sort of irrelevant, the point is that you can dismantle Ottomans just as easy as they can you.

The rest is in the sultanate of rum claimed modifier

Nigger, do you have any idea how massively important discipline is in EU4? If, in very late game, you have +20% discipline, you're basically immortal. And roaches get +7% at game start?

yeah, but BYZ also gets -4% discipline from decorative general posts

I know, but that helps me fuck all in early game, when the roach comes knocking.

You don't seem to understand the concept of early game BYZ, where you have little to no money, absolutely no manpower, corruption out the ass, and like ten years to try and do something about it before Otto attacks. So no, you can't build fucking forts. Also, you need much better techs to build a fort better than the lowest, lvl 2 one.

you seem to be under the illusion that Otto doesn't have a navy that can tear yours a new asshole easily.

Again, early fucking game. How is it so difficult for you to understand this very simple concept?

Yeah, once your nation is fixed (meaning you DON'T have literally ALL of the privileges given to estates since game start) and when you have some decent rulers and institutions.

No you cannot. You don't get war dynamism on turkish provinces.

It's time to stop user.

This is VH difficulty btw.

Whoa, I got a weird event that reversed the CB after I started winning. So it looks like you can't even complain about the CB keeping the ottomans in the war.

And here I am after Biga/Gallipoli defected and I win the war

Is this supposed to be a proof of anything? I beat roaches too, you know

So you got lucky with RNG, got it.

Of course I can. It's a completely arbitrary advantage for Otto that prevents peacing out early, or ever taking ANYTHING of theirs in a peace deal until you utterly beat them, rather than earlier.

How about "dismantling Ottomans easily" with war dynamism? You only took Gallipoli through it, which was orthodox greek and cored, not the rest, whereas Otto can war dynamism any of your provinces easily.

If I got lucky with RNG Ottomans would have gotten another -30% attrition tick and I wouldn't even need to fight them. The general was a mere 1 shock, only dumbfucks like you think stars mean anything.

Well Ottomans were left with about 100 population, that's nearly dismantled already (I was around 175). It's not shown but they were having rebel pops and the Anatolian minors were DoWing them.

That said, I wasn't planning to play any further. If I was, I would have released Saruhan and Germiyan as OPM vassals, then in the next war used war dynamism to get them their 4 cores. Altogether I'd probably be able to get 7-8 provinces in the next (very easy) war, leaving the Ottomans nearly OPM status.

The argument was never that they were unbeatable, only that they were given bullshit advantages.

I admit I don't know how you did that one, in my game they beat me by 0.6 morale. What the fuck is "land enthusiasm"

at the cost of heavily restricting looting, which gives -10% morale

Stars mean the total amount of pips. Otto 2 star general had 3 fire and 3 shock, and you were lucky enough for him to die so you could attack a leaderless army

I fixed it, just had to get rid of uppercase letters for the culture name.

Daily reminder for the byzanboos:

Byzantinium belongs in the trash, bunch of decadent Greeks with an unstable political culture and an army consisting of virtually no native born Greeks/mercenaries who aren't even trained to fight in open field battles.

The only thing they're known for is their navy, and even then they didn't even maintain their ships and left them to rot, giving the Venetians free reign over Constantinople's territorial waters. It's honestly a miracle Byzantinium didn't just collapse hundreds of years before the Turks even touched Anatolia.

And their advantage is… pretty meaningless if you play well. It's way smaller than what they get in vanilla.

Take the mission to make an army bigger than the Ottomans at the beginning (which gives you an immediate discount on building and maintaining an army). Finish it and get Enthusiasm.

OK, and if I didn't have it I'd have way more morale than the Ottomans. Fair trade? Ottomans attacked me during my war with Bulgaria anyway so I didn't have an opportunity to choose.

Stars are meaningless because pips aren't created equally. Literally everything other than Shock is useless at that point.

Also leaders tend to die over time. That's hardly relying on luck. Do you want me to play again and prove that you can beat the Ottomans even if you roll a zero in every battle? Otherwise you need some amount of luck.