It's another cliffhanger

Really makes you think.

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It's not like they'll make a game out of it anyways

I don't even care about the story, I found HL1 and 2 fun. In the modern gaming world where every second game is a shallow "open-world experience" or "[genre] with RPG elements" a linear corridor shooter would be a warm fucking welcome.

I agree, it is just funny how big of a fucking joke it has become.

Its a shit linear corridor shooter with unskippable cutscenes where you're suck watching models flail around. Fuck half life for making long cutscenes a thing in shooters. And for making linear shooters a thing.

You don't get out much, do you?

They always said that it wouldn't be the end of the series if it was made. Gaben even said they would've been satisfied making just Half-Life sequels if Steam wasn't successful.


who could have guessed?

Linearity has always been a thing in video games. The biggest reason why FPS's in the 90s were linear was moreso to pad the game out. Linearity in first person shooters was an inevitability after games like Metal Gear Solid took off in popularity.

Whoops flubbed that, meant to say "non-linear"

have you never heard of rail shooters

Why did I even make this thread, 8ch is shit.

Rail shooters are fun and keep the cutscenes at like 2 minutes at max.

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Half life 2 was a way of getting the new version of source to people first and a game second
If you care about it you're stupid
Half life wasn't actually supposed to have a sequel.

someone's butthurt. What happened I thought you were an oldfag

the only one bringing up consoles is you

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Can you?

Keep digging faggot.

You know Metal Gear Solid singlehandedly caused FPS games after it to have a forced stealth level because they wanted to capitalize on just how much money it made

Even strictly PC FPS games used to have a forced stealth mission. It used to be a meme in games like the sewer level. No One Lives Forever 2 even let you tranq and knock out enemies exactly like in Metal Gear Solid 2. Thief 2 and Nolf 1 had security cameras exactly like the ones in Metal Gear Solid as well.

What's that? PC games that had elements from a console game? If you were less retarded you'd understand.


I guess at least gives closure to the fact that there will never be another sequel, or he wouldn't have published it.
RIP half life, finally confirmed dead.

Wow, I sure would love an actual source to prove this is real and not horse shit!

Oh, wait.

That's one of the main Half Life writer's blogs, and the NDA for Episode 3 expired this year.

Obviously no one is going to outright say this is it, but it is.

This could easily be faked, until I see this on the his blog himself and he confirms he wasn't hacked this is utter horse shit.

Metal Gear has always started predominately on PC until 4







see>>13289546 and

this is not an actual source, anyone could fake this shit and reading the entire things it sounds like bullshit.

What do you mean this isn't an actual source?
It's the website of the fucking writer

It's archive dipshit, not the actual website of the writer. Are you retarded? Not to mention that even if this is real, this was his story and that the people at Valve would be doing something else if they're working on it right now.


Are you this fucking daft?
The link to the website is right on top of the archive page, just paste that into your URL and load that page you absolute cumsock

Full delusion

So? This is still the only story known to us about the game, and for several years was the one Valve would use to make their game. Supposedly to you, of course.

Holy shit, what a blunder.
That ending with a shit infested scent of soft-reboot.
EP3 was a loss, but, for the best.

It was a soft-reboot but at least it wrapped up Episode 2's arc and would have given some interesting/satisfying elements
instead it ends with a writer's blogpost and a spiteful but true statement about Valve





Archives are made from actual websites.
It's the blog of the writer of Half-Life.
You are a dense motherfucker.

Well shit, Holla Forums is even more Holla Forums than I thought.

Well that's stupid. That's really stupid.

The Borealis should be the first level of the game. The rest of it should be spent exploring the universe.

Yes please tell the man that's written the most important franchise in the industry how to do his job

That might be a bit of a stretch.

Well he was writing the episodes to conclude in the same way as Half-Life 1, in a way that is open-ended and allows for another game that takes place in the future. So in that regard, yes he knew what he was doing.

I'm guessing the whole "Portal is in the HL universe" thing just put a small wrench into his writing plans, thus the Borealis' ending feels kind of flat and rushed.

Thank you, Marc Laidlaw.
While most of this could have been predicted from the late chapters of leaked ancient half life 2 beta (as a lot of episode 2 was), I still salute you for being a great man of honor.
I believe it should be the responsibility of every writer to release their notes and plans for future installments if and when their series gets canned, or if they are removed from the project.
You, sir, have shown great courage.

but if the combine world was much more massive then though possible how is there still a resistance in the future? it would make sense that the combine would put much more effort into taking earth over and getting humans teleportation technology

Excellent bait. Here's a (You).

You sir have shown great courage
By releasing texts he owns outright and not being under his NDA anymore?

The Combine no longer have a means of speedy travel to Earth. That was the whole point of Episode 2 - destroying their portal. Without it, Earth would have probably a few decades to recover and prepare for a new invasion that arrives via ships instead of portals.

HL2 was really not that good.

HL2 is the Kill la Kill of video games

100% agreed, I too want to fuck Wallace Breen.

I mean it.
It looked great and the engine was amazing, but that's about it.
It had no story, shooting and guns feel like garbage, 90% of the time you kill humans with guns, their ai is atrociuos, entire game is just a tech demo with godawful pacing for the sake of showing off new engine and gimmicks like manipulating environment with the gimmick gun.
It's an overrated meme game still being propped up by hipsters and underaged "based Gaben" cattle from reddit.

>not D0g
Don't act like you wouldn't like to feel that big lovable robot hugging you

What a bummer.

I'm glad that we at these got this in the end but to see Half Life die in such a fashion.

Seeing Valve now being too busy making bullshit Skinner box MLG dress-up simulators then making games that push the gaming industry is such a disappointment.

I guess don't know anymore. I use to be a dick sucking Valve fanboy but now all they are is just a piece of software I use to buy and play games with. I can't even find myself to give a shit about anything they do these days.

I miss old Valve.


Now the countdown begins to someone using this plot summary to make the game themselves, then getting it purchased by Valve and sold on Steam.

half life 2 is not a hipster game


Now I remember why I stopped going to Holla Forums. I miss first-exodus 8/v/.

They could have honestly done that years ago if they wanted. Half of this plot was already contained in the late chapters of unfinished HL2 beta that was leaked by russians years ago. Hell, it could have been even more interesting if they re-used other content known from those old plot-sketches.

Nigger, Holla Forums has been dead ever since it was given to (((Jim)))
Now we're just scavengers looting a fallen empire only to return to our various bunker-states.

Aaaand you lost me.

It is a phonebook definition of a hipster game.

Nice projecting, faggot.
Feel free to prove my arguments wrong instead of throwing buzzwords around, this isn't cuckchan.

What's a hipster game?

Of course i did, anything that threatens your precious idols that you have been conditioned into liking must be expelled.
Can't have people wrongthinking so freely!

How do you define a hipster game? You're clearly using it as an insult, so is it:

the guns feel good to shoot
killing combine is fun
the levels are simple point a to b but fun
the presentation is well done

prove my arguments wrong

Game with no merrit or quality being hailed as the greatest game ever and even when asked why that is so the cattle simply answers, "because", and continues mulling on over and over again according to their programming.

Ironically in itself, 'non-argument' is also a non argument.

Yeah, the magnumdoes and that's it.
Fun is just a buzzword you keep lying yourself with when your favorite "game" is garbage but you're too much of a stubborn subhuman to see the truth.

why cant i say guns are fun to shoot but you can say they are bad?

it doesn't have to be. if the other person hasn't made any arguments, there is no reason to provide an argument in response.

besides which, yes it is an argument. or rather, a sub-argument. instead of addressing the initial point, it's an argument that one's opponent has stopped arguing their point.

Because i am right, and you aren't.

but im right and you are wrong

That's not how it works.

He writes around the level design, not the other way around. It only being a Borealis level means that's all that was ever worked on.

That has nothing to do with hipsters.
The more accurate term would be a "cult classic".
But I partially agree. HL2 shares the category with dozens of movies and books that for years have been so praised by everybody that people are taught to love them, instead of actually enjoying them. "Classics" being good is basically an axiom, and those who disagree are clearly wrong.

Although I wouldn't say that HL2 has no merit at all. It's okay. A solid "decent" game.

This is so fucking sad.

nigga the fuck did you expect from the game made to ship an engine?

Fuck it. Dump Gaben pics or something.

It's been fucking dead for years you faggot.
Don't fucking kid yourself and for Christ sake stop crying like some mental child.

I dunno, I find the symbolism in the letter amusing. Obviously Freeman is an insert of Laidlaw, the Combine/Disparate is Valve, and G-man is (literally) the US government. I mention the lattermost because the only thing that can influence Valve at this point is the US government cracking down on their skin gambling operations, like what happened last year.

Also, it's pretty obvious the final ending was supposed to be taking the Borealis (a time machine) back to Black Mesa and preventing the Resonance Cascade in the first place, preventing Half Life as a series entirely. At least, that's what it would have been if Valve actually wanted to give us a proper ending.

i doubt this leak is even fucking real.

he probably just came up with this in an afternoon and is messing with the fans.


You can't bury the dead if you don't have the body. The body came home today.

play metro, goyim.

If it's really done by Laidlaw - what's the difference?
What makes a "real" leak different from a "fake" one?

Yes, but this is the funeral. This is it. No more ep3/HL3 speculation ever, it ends here.

Some of us liked HL a lot once, and harbor feelings toward it like people do with other videogames. We are now facing the reality we didn't want to admit.

That would be pretty dank. Imagine if Gordon ultimately has to kill himself to stop it all from happening.

Technically the conbine is still alive. It's a fucking multi-universal empire spanning across each universe galaxies and planets (the only thing they lack is teleportation tech so they REALLY slow at transporting or moving from one place to another. That why Black mesa is such a big deal and why you constantly fighting them all the damn time. Also the conbine is the WORST place to live in. Just overall shittnest all the time. Resources taken, planets slaughter completely, races genocided by sterilization.

The ship became a weapon but hitting the home planet didn't do JACK SHIT cause guess what. Multi-universal empire. homeplanet was just destroying a goddamn sand grain in a giant desert. Or maybe a diamond in a desert. regardless, the ship should have been taken to the ground and mass produced.

so? Valve ain't releasing ep3 ever. This is the best we are ever going to get.

He left Valve in January of 2016 and the letter clearly has some things to say about the state of Valve internally. This isn't some new ARG.

a real leak is one that was actually proposed as part of his job; something he would have staked his actual career on.

at the moment, it's schrodinger's leak; it's simultaneously real and fake at the same time and we will never know the truth.

Should I even bother getting invested in the series?

So many games have replicated what the HL series initially innovated that you'll have a hard time being able to tell why the game is especially good from today's standpoint.

either kys or play the series, user.

Half life 1 is the only game worth considering
Consider the end an ending and not the fodder for the sequel.

Nothing wrong with giving them a spin, particularly HL1 and Opposing Force. Blue Shift is considered weaker than those games, and HL2 was either a love it or hate it kind of affair for many people.

Half-Life 1 still stands up as a great game
Opposing Force is the only expansion to 1 worth playing
HL2 and the episodes are hit or miss, most people tune out during the boat segments

no, it hasn't aged well. it looks like a pixel art indie game nowadays. hl2 was groundbreaking at the time, it had a pioneering physics engine, but now that everything else is derivative of hl2, hl2 itself looks derivative.

when Steam gets overthrown by a better distribution platform and they start to lose profit, Valve will make one last vain moneygrab attempt by releasing Half Life 3. No, not Episode 3, because it does not have a mey-mey status like "Half Life 3". It will be shitty, but people will buy it anyway.
It will pander to all the mainstream pop-culture trends that were popular ~1 year before the game release.
That will be the last we see of the series.

What is Trespassers?

Any individual occupying an area unlawfully.

how wrong can you get?


About as wrong as you considering all legal definitions refer to individuals

Show me your screen. Don't close anything. I'm just curious haha.

i doubt we'll get half-life forever.

You can fuck off to whatever exodus site you want, nobody's keeping you here.

Jamal, is that you? You shit up Holla Forums as well as Holla Forums and /sudo/?

No, that would be retarded. Canceling the resonance cascade would suffice. Just like Singularity, where killing evil commie douchebag voiced by Steve Blum plothole: he was shot and fell out a window multiple floors up, he would have died then and none of the retarded shit that happened later would have happened would logically have finished the story and resolved everything instead of this retarded "kill yourself carrying the guy" thing they did.

gabe looked like a good lad back in the days.Very sad that the jews have taken over his mind, i really hope he can free himself from them.


Y'know the weird thing. I don't feel sad or angry. Just happy. Because it's finally over. It's the end of the era were even the normalfags will truly wake up to how Valve has become another money grubbing company. Maybe something good will come of this shitstorm

Please, you're giving Valve far too much credit. If Valve were to do a cashgrab HL3 they'd make it MP-only like CSGO and have skin trading day one, unless the government has banned that by that point in which case it'll just be filled with microtransactions.

But that won't be the last of Half Life we will see. The final thing Valve will ever do will be releasing a Half Life collectible card game. After that flops, Valve will finally liquidate.

half-life was mostly about scripted sequences of cool shit happening in a lab being invited by military/aliens

and then Xen, and then obscure stuff from the end-boss/g-man

the series never had real writing, and honestly I zoned out during most of the HL2 dialogue scenes mindlessly swinging the crowbar in the air so i could play the game again

why would the military invite a lab?

HL2 aged like shit

I can still play HL1 and enjoy the opening sequence into the lab/black mesa getting ripped apart by aliens and then military. it's a good paced action/horror game by that point.

HL2 was a fucking boat slog. EP1/EP2 had real action scenes but mostly source gimmicks interspersed between. I only remember nova prospekt and the zombine tunnel in Ep1



You are free to call HL2 overhyped, overrated, badly written, whatever you wish.
But when you admit that you couldn't hold focus during cutscenes that, combined, would barely fill up two A4 pages worth of dialogue, that does not put you in a good position.

The opening tram ride is suffering though. Great way to set the stage for the first time but needs to be skipped for replays.

HL1 to this day is infinitely re-playable. I have finished the game multiple times over…shit almost 20 years.

HL2 I have finished maybe twice. The story scenes only distract you from the game, and what game is there is badly designed or objectively inferior to HL1.

cancerous fuckers like you are the reason we have call of duty.



He's right about
but he's still a faggot

There's no excuse for spacing like that.
read a fucking book

look at that nose

HL is good, HL² is okay. That screenshot is fucking cancer.

Also the writer is a faggot for not making gordon freeman JOHN FREEMAN WHO IS GORDON FREEMAN'S BROTHER WAS ONE DAY AN OFFICE TYPING ON A COMPUTER

Why does nobody like Blue Shift? I thought it was solid. Maybe not as good as Opposing Force, but still good.

I can't even begin to tell you how wrong you are.

Who gives a shit about Half-Life 2, it basically threw out everything that made Half-Life good and replaced with a bland tech demo that was already wearing out its welcome by the time you got out of Ravenholm.

It took me five years after finishing the base game to even touch Episode 1 and 2 because they were basically the same shit with one new enemy (hunters) and Alyx as the perpetual irritating companion that I wished would just piss off.

I'd post that video with the dude explaining why Half-Life 2 is a shit sequel (Holla Forums's embedding has gone full retard, fix that crap), because everything he says is right on the money, except for Half-Life 2 being a good standalone game. It's shit at even that.

Frankly, I could never understand claims of something being "infinitely replayable" if you're referring to a perfectly linear game that can only really be completed one way.
I agree that in comparison to HL1, HL2+episodes are pathetically easy.
But all the games in the series can be reasonably easily mastered to the point where you can play them with your eyes closed. There is no significant enough randomness to make each playthrough unique. I mean, good for you if you can still enjoy the first game after playing it 85 times, but by this point I imagine it's like playing tic-tac-toe with yourself.
Maybe you can make it "infinitely replayable" if you're parallel-universes-tier speedrunner, but that could be applied to both games, and any game at all, really.

the only difficult part of half-life is the tentacle monster. the rest of the game is piss easy.

Because it's a well-paced action game with only minor hiccups for plot. That missile launch or the shift-crouch monster for instance.

It's like a movie you just watch for fun every now and then, which is why HL2 is an abortion.

I wish you overwatch generation stuck to reddit

I like Blue Shift as just a short map pack, however, the high def weapons/textures pack that came with it are garbage.

If you think people on a genuine level like half life2 for half life2 and not the SDK, you need to go to reddit.

Lack of weapon variety, lack of enemy variety, lack of exciting climax, lack of interesting plot, lack of clever puzzles. It did have more Xen in it, which was kinda cool, but that's about it.

It seemed to have been made for the simple purpose of "well, you played as a science guy, and you played as a soldier, so let's play as a guard now". Plus, it was kinda annoying how there were these charging stations all over the place, but you couldn't use them for some reason.


it was a side story after all. barney's not really important, it was basically fan service the game.

Nah fuck off. I don't need to go through several landing zones to set the mood. The test chamber can do that just fine.

Loading* zones

I really dislike collecting all those faggot scientists too, but I suppose that's the only part where you do legit security guard stuff.

I just wanted more xen/black-mesa collapse levels, and it was kinda ok for that.

That happened with Artifact already

kill yourself. literally end your life.

Holla Forums embeds work fine. Copy and paste your links correctly.

You get plenty of "immersion" walking through the halls to get your suit and going to the test chamber. That at least has some kind of player input that matters. Being stuck in a tram on a replay is shit, so go fuck yourself.

did you take your meds yet, sam?

if it bothers you so much, you can skip the tram with 0.5 seconds of typing a console command. They exist for a reason

I was simply uncaring about Valve until they announced Artifact. It's so blatant, and unlike paid skins they have no one else to blame.

wow, that nazi is still allowed on jewtube?

So here's an interesting email Marc wrote in 2015 after rumors were swirling about HL3 never being released because a YouTube channel called The Know said they had a source in Valve that told them it wasn't happening.

This is a pretty big 180 in attitude.

I said it needs to be skipped, not that it can't be skipped. Using a console command was the implication of my post.

I can't believe they were serious with that. It only changed the models and they looked so fucking ugly. The original HACU SPAS 12 looked slick and bulky, the HD one looked too detailed and had the stock folded.

I agree with you on the puzzles and the ending. I haven't played it in years but I don't remember anything necessarily bad about the weapons and enemies (they were the same as in Half Life). I think it had the most fun opening out all the three games tho.

tl;dr, it's never happening.

I can only assume this is what it looks like when a career writer shitposts on his blog while drunk

No, the point of the email is to say "why would I release my video game story outside of a video game?" And then that's exactly what he does two years later.

Laidlaw recently answered a bunch of questions regarding a youtube theory channel, where he directly contradicted stuff he stated in the past. it would not be the first time he did that either.
Unfortunately, while I'm still glad he released the "letter" as he did, he cannot be trusted. He openly admitted recently that he barely remembers intricacies of the lore and plot, and plain does not have the access to old notes he made.
He is not consistent in his opinions and statements. Bet you my left sock that if you confronted him with this email, he'd be like "I have no memory of ever writing that".

I never understood the video game obsession with SPAS 12. It's an ugly shotgun that doesn't look cool at all. And with so many cool shotgun designs out there, why pick the stupidly ugly one?

No, the point of the email is to give excuses to cover up the fact that it's never happening.

SPAS-12 is one of only a few shotguns that were deliberately designed for military use, rather than being a sporting shotgun that got pulled into service after the fact. So it makes more sense to see that used by military forces in game than Grandpa's old Model 12.

i think HL3 is coming out, they just ditched EP3 and Laidlaw's plot for a straight reboot.

he already said he's no longer involved with anything, and he intended for HL3 to be a reboot, i think it might be possible they just skipped EP3 and went with that

Because Hollywood. On the topic of guns; I have yet to see a good gunporn game.

funny thing is, I think the aborted beta prey game from arkane where he was some dude running around an alien hub sounds more like the HL2 we all imagined in 2000

Because it's big and it can work in either pump action or semi-auto depending on your game's requirements and it was featured prominently in Jurassic Park.

They're waiting for software to ship using the IP.
Half Life: Whatever will probably come out whenever they have a new BASE set for Source 2 (read: General use instruction sets, not portal l4d doota csgo), and not before then. Nevermind that Lost Coast ep 1 & 2 shipped to coincide with base engine changes.

You mean we can pretend HL2 never happened and Gordon is just a pawn awaiting assignment across time and space?

That'd be pretty nice!

Well if you consider it Thematically
It makes sense that Gordon is a pawn for a G-man
The G stands for gabe
Gordon is a merely a pawn to deliver SDKs

Don't forget that it can also fire two rounds at once thanks to its second barrel :)

This argument is so moronic it hurts my brain. It doesn't matter what market the gun was originally designed for. The US military never used the SPAS-12. In absolutely no way does it "make more sense" for a video game depiction of the US military to use a shotgun they never used than a shotgun they have used.

It's a fuck-ugly shotgun even if you're looking for a shotgun with a "military aesthetic".

Kill yourself, seriously.

Little know fact is that the MP7 also has a second barrel for launching grenades :^)

I was under the impression that the SPAS-12 was designed for the Italian police, not the military. That's why the SPAS-12 is dual function, to work with less than lethal rounds such as beanbags.

It's an edit of his video on conker

Frankly I don't care who the SPAS-12 was designed for. Since it's neither cool looking nor contextually accurate, it has no business being in video games.


Either make it accurate, or make it cool. The SPAS-12 is neither.

The definition of "cool" is completely subjective though, cause I think its pretty rad and want it in more games regardless of realism.

If you think the SPAS-12 looks cool then you probably have brain cancer.

If you don't think the SPAS-12 looks cool then you probably have AIDS.
You haven't even given any reasons it looks bad yet, because its a retarded argument you can't justify.

somebody COULD make a mod out of the script, you know
they make a lolsorandom funni mod around the script of episode 3 on half life 2 just for the fuck of it

Cool opinions, champ. I don't agree with you and I don't think many other people agree with you either.

Next you'll say something really stupid like the MP5SD looks ugly or that the HD pack's M9 is better then the Glock.

The obvious answer is that it's look different from most shotguns of the time and has a more 'modern military pump shotgun' look to it. Plus the H.E.C.U. is an odd force that uses unusual equipment and weaponry, the SPAS-12 fits in pretty well honestly.
Bit of trivia, originally they were going to use the Ithaca 37 Stakeout along with the Colt M4. (Look at the non-HD pack hud sprite)

I actually like to think the SPAS-12 in Half life 1 isn't a regular SPAS and is a more specialized version that can fire 2 shot in quick succession similar to the AN-94.
If you look at the view model you can see an odd looking extra mechanism that a regular SPAS doesn't have, sure this could just be the artist adding shit to make it look cooler, but it's still not 100% like a SPAS so having the double shot isn't too far fetched even if it required some gun voodoo magic to work.
Half-Life 2's SPAS is just a SPAS and like the MP7 that can shoot grenades bigger then the end of the gun from a small tube under the gun, the double shot doesn't make any sense and looks pretty dumb.

You're entitled to your own opinion user, even if said opinion is shit.

That wasn't exactly the case with the pre-leak Half-Life 2.
Actually, Half-Life 3 as it is now parallels the pre-leak Half-Life 2 in a lot of ways.


You cant change the past, mate. If the past didnt happen then what would compel you to got back to change the past?

muh relative state formulation

They're clearly planning on genociding the humans soon. The planets pretty much unlivable and dependent on aid.

Parallel timelines, my friend.
They're the solution to every paradox imaginable

Who cares? Half-Life 1 was the only good Half Life and it's ending is perfectly adequate. HL2 is a shitty game with a fanfic-tier story and HL3 would only be worse.

I think the problem is that you're replying to an actual Redditor.

Goddamn that would have amazing to witness.
Fuck you Valve.

Dont you have a Pancor Jackhammer to get mad at?

It was better for it to die a hero than live long enough to become a villain.

Why does this artists work always turn me on?

you have low standards.


Are they retarded?

No just greedy.

alright some fag on twitter was a lot quicker than i was, so here's a better view of the hottest take of 2017.

Well, they are "valvetime".

Yeah but it's literally not a secret to anyone that the hardware developers and android developers were doing fucking nothing. What I want to know is why those nimrods think they were doing anything of substance.

they had android developers?

And to think they were fired! They had such an important job that they actually did!

I bet it's another card game.

Or a pachinko machine.

It's going to be Half-Life 2: Deathmatch 2. Now with skins.

I can't wait for the sudden IrOnIc shilling before this trash releases.


Truly a 10/10 game of the century.
Eat your heart out F.E.A.R.


Valve did develop NextBot which was supposed to be their attempt at decent AI but it was only implemented in Left4Dead and Gmod as a small tech demo. It's likely we'll never see jack shit come of it now though. I doubt its original developers still work at Valve at this point

Wait, who got fired? Are they talking about HPE and TRS?


Nice ironic response friend you really showed me have my upvote! XD


hey thanks!

edit: thanks for the gold kind stranger!

That's just depressing

What the fuck is this?

In 2013?
Basically the entirety of the Android/iOS team because they weren't doing jack shit, to the point the company was losing tons of money
And the hardware team that consisted of (As far as I know) a bunch of dickheads fucking around in a room with a bunch of input devices and some prototype steam boxes (That they didn't program for)

Presumably some ARG shit they had planned when the game was in its concept stage. It lines up with what Laidlaw wrote about the planned HL3 story.

That makes more sense than "firing the talent"

i have a feeling the rabbit hole is either going to get deeper, and more depressing, or valve will finally put the nail in the coffin.

Also a few writers


I knew the game was never coming out, but it's the end of the joking about it coming out that gets me.

what the fuck are you even saying

metal gear has never 'started' on PC, nip console devs didn't give a flying fuck about PC until very very recently with the widespread, mainstream success and market penetration of steam. MGS3 has never been on PC and never will be now that konami has gone full cancer and flavor-of-the-month cuckoldry.

The MSX is a PC. It even runs on DOS.

WRONG. The MSX is a "Home Computer" which is a distinct concept and market segment from the "Personal Computer" and was not compatible with the IBM platform.

kill yourself

Nigger you're retarded. It didn't even run standard MS-DOS, it ran MSX-DOS which was basically an MS-DOS and CP/M hybrid

I mean literally fucking kill yourself, you autistic faggot. Trying to talk about half life, not your autistic obsession with old computers.

Half life is shit. Conversation over and now you can fuck off.

Please, tell me more about old computers user.

Oooh yeah I'm the autistic one, not the melodramatic faggot getting angry that his discussion on a dead game series is getting derailed. You sure I'm the one who should be killing himself you fucking queer?

I wanted to see the admiral Cain once again.
Damn you, Gaben!

At least now I know I would have been disappointed by the next episode. Still focuses on City 17 wankery with no setting change as in between HL1/2.

I really was hoping for something different. Not more whacking it to stronk-waymen Alex Vince and dystopia of no sex or cheese. I mean it was fun and all for a bit but I want to see more shit like the Black Mesa incident in 1 or a whole new setting. I was fucking tired of City 17 timeline by the end of Episode 2 already.

Reminder that if you ever bought a hat or skin then this is entirely your fault


Also, now that this happened I'd like to add something else: Valve can do a lot better than Mark Laidlaw for writing the future of Half-Life.

I hope with this we can finally bury the corpse. No more "This year's gonna be it guise!", "Gaben will finally release a real game!". It's better this way.

There is none.

I genuinely regret buying the orange box in 2007.

I don't becuase I've never been stupid enough to pay for skins to increase my e-penis.
Valve were my favourite studio for a long time. I still think almost all their games are masterpieces.

Even they didn't expect this hat skin bullshit to be so successful. Nobody wouldn't do what they did in their position.

No, that's what Valve would do if they were smart.
Valve would probably C&D a fan-made Half-Life 3 project if it ever got made.

just stop, nothing in Valve will ever be redeem due to their cancerous behavior. for now and forever they be the same as EA and Konami.

They can try me then

gabey no

It's already been done and it was garbage

Even though you are right, fucking Gearbox arguably had better Half-Life plots than Laidlaw did. Writers aren't exactly essential to the series.

Half-Life is as good as dead, but this isn't why.

Valve has problems. Not valuing content creators is not one of them.

I've always wanted to see a non-linear survival version of Half-Life 1, with all the levels are stitched together in one giant map as well as new areas to flesh out the facility. You'd start at a random location and just have to escape by any means necessary, and through any exit.

Yeah, Black Mesa Source was released.
Five years ago.
You think Valve hasn't changed since then?

The fuck is this supposed to prove? They look like photographs of a monitor screen showing a tech demo, could be fucking anything.

They recently allowed Half-Life: Prospekt, which was a shitty fan-sequel to Opposing Force.

I can't exactly argue with that, I guess.

Nigger needs to get on a treadmill and/or stop making jumbo cakes.

Sounds a lot more fun than the journey to a failed kamikaze attempt that was leaked today.


He's referring to the topic that this thread was originally about.

i didnt really think about the fact they were pulling a jihadi at the end

Apparently HL3 EP 3 would have ended in a failed aloha snackbar on the combine using the Borealis. I'm saying your idea sounds better than that shit.

er rather the user I was responding to. dafuq

What happens?

It's hilarious that the majority of you think you're intellectuals.
You're as bad as the hipsters you hate so much.

Who knows? Half-Life 4 was cancelled a while back.

A boss fight. Against Freeman


Mandatory answer:
They fug
Real answer:
They fight and then we learn something about the Gee Man

I laughed pretty hard at this





Writing done by Marc Laidlaw a few years back. Sort of like what Michael Kirkbride does with The Elder Scrolls.

So, it's Slaughterhouse Five?


or more likely:


Unlike Opposing Force, Blue Shift was not developed to be a standalone expansion to compete at retail. Blue Shift was developed to be bonus content included on the GD-ROM for the Dreamcast port of Half-Life that never saw the light of day. Since it had to be crammed into the GD-ROM it makes sense that Blue Shift would have to make do with the existing material in vanilla Half-Life meaning there wouldn't be new weapons or enemies unlike Opposing Force. It also stands to reason that the devs would expect you to play it immediately following the base Half-Life campaign, perhaps being unlocked after you complete said campaign. Playing in this order (HL>BS>OF) makes the transition between expansion packs much less jarring since it won't feel like taking a massive step back from Opposing Force with its new content.

There is another, fairly obvious reason to play them in this order. If you have played Opposing Force you know that it ends with Black Mesa being nuked. Clearly not much more can happen in this setting after such an event, which strongly suggests that HL>BS>OF is the correct chronological order for the Goldsource era of Half-Life.

As for the HD models those were made by Gaybox and can therefore be dismissed with extreme prejudice as utter garbage. Fucking AR that fires 9mm rounds, bravo gaybox. Maybe don't tout your weapons modeller "who was actually in the military like the real actual military so he knows guns and stuff so our models are gonna be super authentic!!1" if he's a mouthbreathing retard who can't into consistency.

Dude, you literally gold mine for corporations spying on you.
1. stop using discord
2. install windows 7 or linux, or unfuck your windows from any spying options, google what they are
3. get rid of using internet explorer at all
4. get ublock origin or adguard instead of abp
5. instead of chrome install palemoon, brave or waterfox

If you will be this fucking lazy, some people might knock on your door tomorrow. Or at least get all information on what you are doing on the internet, and use it against you.

And learn to crop screenshots, you fat lazy ass.

What's stopping fans from making episode 3 using this as a guide? Since Valve doesn't seem to want to make it that might be the only way to see this happen.


lol deleted

It can't end like this.

Jesus dude.

Look, few people actually bought Blue Shift as a standalone expansion. Most people got it in either the Half-Life platinum collection or on steam in a bundle. The HD weapons are cancer and rightfully considered so. The content of Blue Shit is fine if you got it in a pack because you would see it as an extra. If you bought the standalone expansion i can understand the hate. Gearbox is suffering the fate of cowards and heretics as it is written.

Exactly what we need, some fucking Black Mesa jews getting their hands on Ep3, no thanks. Let it stay dead and buried.


Like hell I'm going to let 471f28 get away with that. Open at your own risk.

Black Mesa was, and until December still is, unfinished. It's not bad, however.

Instead of Half Life 4:
Disney buys Valve

You know how to trigger me, good God.

I didn't say it was shit, I called them jews, because they're jews.

thanks user for saving that horror

new weapons and enemies, which Blue Shift doesn't have, often cited as a reason that it sucks.


. . .


heres a corrected version

but, didnt valve said at one point they wont be releasing "episode three" and will just go straight for hl3?


At least I know that Laidlaw himself confirmed it.

I'm confused the thread started out that way and that someone imkikefy-posted without any context to go with it.

nice tabs fuckwit

It truly wasn't. But at least Episode 2 resembled a game.

>muh no new weapons and enemies
This is Disney level retarded…

nah it was great fun :)

Even you fucking acknowledge that making posts giant walls of text is retarded, you hypocritical piece of shit.

If there's one thing I can vouch for, it's that HL1 has a pretty nice atmosphere. Black Mesa is a really nice setting for a video game.

But overall
Just play it yourself

When is it finally going to be finished and leave the EA?

thanks ben

Meanwhile on The Other Holla Forums

But not as we know it.
Not as we know it.



That would be such a dickmove.

I'm not sure what would be wrong with a soft reboot actually. Half Life 2 was a soft reboot, in case anyone didn't realise.

I'd honestly try organizing such a project if I felt like it.

May you continue in death as you did in life, absent.

Black Mesa Source was absolutely garbage


I've got to interject here, mate. I though the HECU soldiers were cool. Especially CPL Shepard. He's got the CBRN mask on but with sleeves up. Doesnt even care, mate.


whole board is Holla Forums
soon the internet, it's all apart of the plan Holla Forums made up years ago

I think it's also in TF2.

not always, it's mostly just memes. We had a lot of political polls here and people are mostly left leaning.

I really like it. Alyx being consumed by vengeance and even leaving Gordon to die would have been neat to see. I don't even really mind Gordon being retired at the end. My only gripe is that the G-Man isn't explained more.

It was cool of Laidlaw to do this

Valve did not create a physics engine for HL2. Pretty much all the game's valve have ever made were Quake mods and they hired the mod team.

The G-Man should stay like that, mysterious. Look at what they did on the show Fringe with the Observers. They tried to explain everything and it sucked;

Man, what a fucking bust, this is some depressing shit.

Nothing changes 'cause it's all the same
The world you get is the world you give away
It all just happens again
Way down the line…

Well, thanks for giving me even more evidence of Valve being a bunch of greedy hacks who never made anything worth a shit besides Half-Life.

Age old photos of a supposed demonstration of Episode 3 or Source 2 from a European "journalist" claiming on Twitter that he had a private viewing of it at Gamescom 2012.

Pirate it.

Well if you haven't played it so far you should probably not get into it. You are either a young kid or a total faggot if you haven't played it so far.




Reddit's reaction is priceless right now. They're all mimicking each other in dignified shock and solemn revery. I've seen numerous posters conflate a vaporware game not releasing to actual family and friends who've died.

Though it is refreshing to see that site FINALLY talk shit on Valve. Maybe it really was the HL franchise that held them under the spell. Gabe milked that for more than a decade without hazarding the brand by releasing anything.

Go back. Stay there.


I let retarded faggots (who believe they're welcome here) post screencaps of what they think I would find interesting while browsing reddit, then let them know that cross-posters aren't welcome; and in the event they aren't the fact that they actually have to go as far as reddit to get a "salt fix", then they have serious validation issues.


I can just picture him seeing the hazard course in the menu and thinking "lol i dont need no tutorial im already the fps MASTAH 360noscope bizzaaaaaatch"

I almost want to watch him play Unreal 1 on Unreal difficulty, just to see how long before he breaks down in tears like a woman OMG GAME IS SO BROKEN AND UNFAAAIIIIR


It's dsp, he is a total retard.

>black mesa even has a popup in the fucking campaign that tells you how to crouch jump

That's actually amazing. He even acknowledges he saw the popup but keeps doing the same shit that obviously doesn't work. How can someone be completely incapable of following a simple direction that pops up right in your fucking face, yet still be able to stream and upload videos? How is that even possible?

You're both wrong and misguiding others on properly securing their privacy and should fuck right off.

While I'm also saddened by the HL series not continuing, just imagining Reddit being defeated by yet another thing ever since Trump came around makes me happy. It's good to see others suffer sometimes, as I imagine most of their memberbase are upper-middle class trendies. Suffer and embrace the destruction of this infernal jewish machine.

This basically proves Breen did nothing wrong becuase even after all that, humans still lost. We could've use the teleportation technology as leverage to create a more symbiotic relationship with the combine but Gordon Freeman and co had to fuck everything up becuase FUCK ANY AND ALL ESTABLISHMENT FIGHT THE POWER DOWN WITH FASCISTS XD

I checked Reddit, they're not anywhere nearly as salty as I was hoping.

Mostly just,
I think there's only a handful of people out there these days who give more than 2 shits about the Half-Life franchise. Hell, even the "classic" YouTube Gamers like Ross Scott and Djy1991 have admitted they're sick of Half-Life.

Now, what I wanna see is a big Bethesda project blow up in their faces. I can only imagine the delicious salt generated from both Reddit and Toddard combined. Fallout 4 was already a global disappointment for everyone except shills and literal retards, but I wanna see TES VI be such a big fucking failure that Bethesda becomes another name of mockery like EA and Ubisoft.

Reddit please fuck off, holy shit.

I dont know why Im so fucking depressed about this bullshit. Valve's been sprinting downhill since 2012 and I pretty much assumed HL3 wasnt coming out the moment Valve forgot its 10th anniversary. It just feels like a giant goddamned reminder that everything that brought me once brought me joy now fills me with nothing but disappointment and seething hatred.

those are minor. why not make you own board?


God damn it I like Alyx tho. Yes she's a half? nigger but out of all the vidya companions out there, Alyx is waifu tier. It's too bad the porn is shit.
But really, they were planning on killing off everyone after you spend a full game and two extra episodes coming to know and get used to? Come the fuck on, man.

Sup Germany.

The human race were to be assimilated into the Combine, they did not only want our resources. If they only wanted our water and air and minerals, they 7 hour war could have just lasted 3 hours longer and annihilate all life on earth.
They could use small, versatile units like men in their future conquests. Becoming a part of the Combine is a far better bet on prolonging our species than we can ever hope to get on our own.

I was expecting something like "i went back in time to the test chamber level from HL 1, grabbed a glock and put two rounds in the back of my own head' or" i replaced the crystal moments before it arrived through the deposit system". Would have been a neat way to tie it all up (even to the glimpse of the dude carrying the thing in camera footage in blue shift) but i guess that's too cliche and not enough cliffhanger enough for Laidlaw. Fuck this shit

Its not but the combine originally planned to just wipe out humanity and it was Breen who convinced them not to. Its not exactly ideal, but its better to be a serf than being suicidal dumbass.

I take it you're the kind of person who would willingly join the Borg.

Buddy you're in one already

Am I allowed to judge the effectiveness and quality of the authority before I join get assimilated?
Because the Borg are absolutely useless and repeatedly show that they waste their resources. Despite claiming that they will "add (victim)'s biological and technological distinctiveness to their own", they clearly don't. They are also highly dependent on a single ruling Queen, rather than a true collective consciousness.
1/8, terrible hivemind. Would not join.

In turn, The combine clearly use a wide variety of biomechanical creatures, enhanced to peak effectiveness and usefulness, assimilated from various species. Having seen humanity's potential they realized our race can be used, and they chose not to waste resources. They are not a hivemind, but they use distributed hierarchy, with advisors ruling from their citadels. We know nothing of their top-level leadership, but I highly doubt it's a single entity - Possible that all the advisors are part of a single collective consciousness.
Pretty good overlords, at least 6/8.

I think he's just really good at pretending to be retarded.
i hope

He reminds me of Cliff Bazinga when that fisheye effect kicks in


Welp I guess that confirms hl3

If this was in any way legit, why would valve announce a fucking card game before this?

What do you think that page is?

What do you think that page is?

why do you hate books?
why do you hate them so much you autistically red text "muh books"?

Why would that matter?
One of the few good things about valve, is that unlike kiketendo, they're open to fan creatons.

At first glance it looked like that website that shows statistics and other data about Steam games.

nah if you watch the webm he posted right after dude is clearly not pretending, he is actually positively too retarded to even feign retardation.

Is it wrong that I miss waiting for HL3? Like I miss the games too but I miss being on Holla Forums and hyping up everything valve does as a possible HL3 announcement.

I got tired of HL3 hype and wished they'd just be upfront and say "fuck it, we're not actually gonna make it.", and lo and behold.

What a bullshit ending, might as well have been a dream sequence.