The Opposite of Hand-holding

How little information is too little?
Is it completely subjective?
Does it vary from genera to genera?
Where is the sweet spot?

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Pissy grabbing

Having a very verbose manual

Did anyone ever figure this out on their own?

I'm pretty sure stuff like that and a lot of things in the first Zelda were done to sell game guides.

Some retards keep spouting this but Nintendo Power was only sold in America

Armed and Delirious has a puzzle that there literally isn't a hint for in the entire game. You are forced to guess the solution. The walkthrough for the game even points out that there are only 500 or so possible combinations


Didn't the Japanese have an equivalent, either in the form of a magazine, or telephone service?

I did both Zelda games without a guide when I was a kid. I couldn't do CV2 though. In Zelda if you talk to everyone you get all the info you need (if you do a bit of exploring and experimenting on your own) but in CV2 the townspeople deliberately fucking lie to you.

Japs invented selling game guides. It's their brand of cashing in on retards like today's microtransactions.

To be fair the manual did say that many of the townspeople were too afraid to tell you the truth on account of Dracula and that his human allies would try to deceive you.

In the Jap version all the townspeople lie to you. In the western version, only some of the townspeople lie to you, and you can't tell who is who until you've fucked around for who knows how long. Having some people tell the truth makes it infinitely harder than if they were all liars.

Hi Ross

>In the Jap version all the townspeople lie to you.
Huh, I didn't know that.

At first I thought it was copy protection, but I looked it up and it's random.


You know, I wonder how much of Ross' material is him being DSP bad at the videogames and how much of it is actually true.

New game dungeon when, Ross?


saga frontier

Are there any modern i.e. post 2007 games that just drop you in the middle of nowhere and tell you to fuck off?
It doesn't have to be good, just be actual video game, not some walking sim.


I dunno?
I assumed it's metroidvania like Hollow Knighto or Ori and the Blind Forest. Is it not?
I played through HK, and while it's pretty huge, I never felt lost in it, since map always show you open passages that you haven't been to. Like SOTN really.

Doesn't completely apply since it has a basic tutorial for the combat, but after that, shrouded in sanity does drop you off and tells you good luck.

It's basically you get a very short tutorial explaining the very basics and that's it.
Truth be told the game isn't that fun if you progress normally, the fun is in fucking around with the environment and predators. It's not a metroidvania, more an open survival game without most oif the shit you find with survival games

Minecraft and Terraria effectively do just that provided you stay away from the wikis. Spelunky does as well. But that's probably not what you're looking for.

What the fuck, sounds interesting.

I don't like how it looks at all tbh.

Yeah I played all of those. Spelunky is pretty straightforward, why do you even mention it?
Terraria is god-tier, I spend hundreds of hours on it before burning out.
Minecraft I didn't like because of shit combat, but it kinda applies.


The game itself is straightforward but accessing the city of gold without a guide would be pretty obtuse. I wish progressing through the entire game was like that.

I have no idea what this is ha ha.
I guess you're right.

Sorry I spoiled it for you but now I guess you have something new to try now.

What in the actual fuck?

Hahaposting is the future, embrace it.
I hoped somebody gets triggered


pic fucking related

Shit was fucking rough.

Well, it is some dude trying to make I can't believe it's not bloodborne on PC and having only pixelshit graphics in him. I can't say the game is great but it does give plenty of opportunities for getting lost.

Anything in similar but in 3D?
I mean being aimless like minecraft is one thing, but actually having a goal but not telling it to the player like Yume Nikki is something I want to experience in a proper 3D game, preferably with some combat.

Oh my God, what was with that fucking game (Milon's Secret Castle)?

I never understood what the fuck was going on. Castle full of weird shit and all I get is some bubble shooting crap? I don't even remember after all these years. Manual was worthless. Just get ahead of the game, wad it up, and scrape your ass with it.

My time was much more happily wasted finishing off other shit… Bonk's Adventures, Warioland, and Link's Awakening (farm dat gacha famalam), pic related.

Difficulty was only increased in western releases during that time period. See Streets of Rage 3.

That's because whites are the superior race, user.

You might be meme-ing, but you're 100% right

pc-98 games were so neat. It's a shame they are hard to find torrents for now of days.!jIgkXQDY!hE3FQNWl77DkzKErGdz35g

It had a, very different, sequel on the SFC too.

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