Let's have fun

let's have fun

Doing what? Why are you linking a server?

Pirate friendly?

i don't know use ur fuckin imagination


sandbox and RP in garry's mod is irredeemable trash
make the server a real gamemode

Wait, so you mean OP spawns a sex doll and stuff like that?



no but you can watch porn with other people

What game mode?

what i mean by this is, you can spawn a tv that streams porn sites and literally force others to watch degenerate shit

Like some kind of streaming plugin and the like? I have to say, if only ragdolls were easier to animate sometimes I would be playing that thing a little more.

combat darkrp, so if you just want to join teams and kill each other you can do that. there are classes that you're allowed to rdm with. it's not cancer rp

yeah, some kind of streaming plugin.

Anyway, is kind of interesting, I wanted to make some 3D adult content long ago, found GMOD a little too clunky, SFM was the same, then I settled for DAZ Studio and now I am trying to make my own assets.

Fuck off and don't come back

is there porn in your server? i dont feel like downloading and installing garry's mod for anything else

yeah i don't understand the hate

spawn a television and make it play porn. everyone will be able to see/hear it. i guess that counts as porn on the server.

remove kebab

I don't want to associate with you anime nazi pedophiles using my pristine Steam account.

it's comfy

steam family sharing

Fuck off nigger, it's the original gamemode and has the most possibilities and technical level. I bet you think a real gamemode is TTT or whatever hot meme kids are playing.



thanks for the red pill