Who else is exicted for Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Strikers

Who else is exicted for Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Strikers.
Will it be shit or never live up to clash of ninja two?
Also inb4



Fug you and your sage homo.

No, and just like naruto, boruto is a piece of shit.


Fuck off Rog

Dont make me pull out my katana.

It will be shit.

Checked. Dubs confirm 8/v/ is raddit.

It had some potential, but then it became another masturbatory piece about Sasuke Uchiha.

Nobody else is willing to do whatever is necessary to restore the clan, breh. Kid's a Napoleon, rest are moralfaggots, and Naruto cries like a little fag over everything.
saging because I have zero interest in this game myself but there was, again, only one character in that entire god-forsaken show that could grip one's interest.

The plot for Boruto is pretty much some white skinned faggot with 50 sharinigan glued to his body is reviving Akatsuki.

Yes, after nearly destroying it himself.


Good meme. War is literally killing. It's fun how only the losers of wars are the "war criminals", thus proving it's not a law, just a tool of force masquerading as law to please the plebian's delicate sensibilities.




woolie is

Technically I guess? For a formal list of crimes we know about it would be.
So to list everything he did in simpler terms it would be.
Meanwhile he

The question we should really be asking is why the hell Orochimaru is still running around and apparently it's cool enough with the leaf that his fucking son gets to attend ninja school.

kys famalamadingdong

Sasuke's an emo fag whose only likeability comes from being compared to the other 2 mains who are even bigger emo fags.

In hindsight, the series may have been good had it focused more on the actual best (and probably most competent) character, Might Guy.
Sage for Naruto.

He wasn't fighting for any nation, he just wanted to destroy Konohagakure through pure edge-lord angst. Even Madara Edgechuha is more redeemable than him since 'peace' was his end goal.

At least it's moving away from 100% filler

It was ok until Naruto and Sasuke became iNinjas with a jutsu for everything. At the beginning of the series it took a lifetime to master a single powerful jutsu, which was why clans were build around them. It was fun to watch back then.

Let's not forget the whole "Deus Ex Machingan" thing that the autor gave him just so he could save him from certain defeat each time.

So fucking disappointing, there was so much more. It's cool and all he went toe to toe with fucking Madara but still I wanted to see Might Guy beat the shit out of someone with it.

Remember in the very first arc when the Sharingan just hypnotized people into telegraphing their movements

That was a lot cooler than the gay shit it turned into.

Ah, finally, a reason to post this picture.


madara is one of the best villains in all anime/manga ever
the whole series, llike what 700 + eps, and 1k manga chapters all builds up into him


Does Naruto's bastard kid have the Byakugan? I'm not watching the new show because the powerlevels have grown to insane levels.

itachi is the best character


One of them does
She's cute too.

The younger one does

Let's see.


He has one good reason to not be around though, if I were a survivor of Konoha's destruction I would certainly be pissed at him and demand him to be executed or imprisoned for life.

Boruto has a new eye thingy, Himawari has Byakugan, Boruto's thingy is only on his right eye apparently, but of course, is not as "awesome" as Sharingan ever.

sasuke cares more about boruto then sadara its fucking poetry.

Uchihas were pretty much super saiyans at that point, making everyone else irrelevant.

Wait what? I know Sarada had an entire arc where she think she's not Sakura's daughter but it was proven that Sakura was the mother right?

Gotta take out Itachi first, since Itachi nuked the clan the first time. That said, I only watched up to shippuden 30 because between "muh hulk stronk independent womyn sakura" meme and red haired puppet dude's poison working instantly on him when it didn't do diddly to either of the two womyns. I liked sakura way better when she was a little qt nurse.

Ironically, Madara's song is what got me watching naruto in the first place. They did good with it.

That's another thing, Boruto's Freudian excuses aside, I thought he was going to carve his own path, but then the autor makes him his avatar and proclaims "I wanna be like Sasuke", I am OK if he doesn't want to follow on his father's footsteps, but Kishimoto couldn't stick to making his characters a little more independent from the old cast, not to mention his permanent boner for Sasuke.

Itachi was killed long ago, I could resume it for you, but it would be better if you read it off Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Granny had the antidote. Puppetman was just hard countered by the old lady. He technically threw the fight in the end anyway.

Honestly why didnt Naruto impregnate Sakura? Yeah the girl he did impregnate is nice but shes so trash.

Nah, he netted the better deal, assuming he gets the byakugan girl. Those are superior genetics right there.


Because the hack author didn't want backlash from angry shippers. Hinata's nice but Naruto doesn't deserve her at all.

There was going to be backlash had either of the two love interests won the Narutobowl.

Did someone say backlash from angry shippers

They need books. I wanted a sasuke sakura combo too, but that was purely because it's nice for a soldier going to war to have a nice woman waiting for him when he gets back. Gives him a reason to survive the trenches.

Interesting considering shippers still decided to riot.

Would impregnate the loli.



Did I miss anything?


This always confuses me, this is almost as funny as that chapter from Tokyo Ghoul.

How hard core did he fuck Hinata?

I'm just posting every screencap from another site so there's probably some unrelated shit but not much

trips of truth. Kishimoto went off the rails after Pain nuked Konoha. It should have stayed nuked

In the last episode Naruto and Sasuke didn't use most of their abilities. Either they got nerfed or temporally forgot about them for convenience.

Well, literal logic bending, wasn't this literally explained as a result of the Sharingan? also, at first it was said that Sharingan was born from the Byuakugan and thus the later was the original and superior trait, but then Kishimoto decided his favorite clan needed to be unique and special.

Oh man it was raunchy let me tell ya Lights off in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation

Best for last


I would be love for Sarada to be the the Karren's daughter, that would mean that Sakura is to thirsty for Sasuke's cock that she's raising his cum-spawn. An utter reverse-cuck.

jesus the salt

Based on the content of the salt, the author 100% made the correct decision.

Madara is fucking ridiculous (and i love him). I agree with you on him being amazing.

I just love how fucking great of a villain is along with how he had the intelligence to minmax like a madman. If one of my players did Madaras life story i would have let him win. Fucks sakes.

If you're talking about the great snake escape yeah, it required him to use the Sharingan to Genjutsu a snake in order to use a space time jutsu that has never been explained before or after the fact. I don't believe the space time jump was the sharingan it was just bullshit summoning jutsu is reverse???
Ah I remember that, I think when it was first mentioned the specific wording is "the sharingan is believe to be a branch of from the byakugan" which is one of those founding myth type deals. It was probably so long ago that no one knows for sure which came first and after the Uchiha got annihilated the Hyuga stepped in and started saying there were the best.


Yeah, Madara's strong, but could be beat Full Power Super Saiyajin God Super Saiyajin Kaio Ken Goku?

You nailed it. Kishimoto fell into power-level retardation just like Toriyama.

Yeah, though on the bright side, Guy tore a gaping hole almost as big as the plot's right into the series' most hyped-up Mr. Perfect villain that mostly nobody could even touch, admittedly nearly killing him. With a flying kick.
And I'm not even talking about the regular Madara, as the meme goes.

can Full Power Super Saiyajin God Super Saiyajin Kaio Ken Goku possibly EVEN TOUCH Madara Uchiha? Let alone defeat him. And I'm not talking about Edo Tensei Uchiha Madara. I'm not talking about Gedou Rinne Tensei Uchiha Madara either. Hell, I'm not even talking about Juubi Jinchuuriki Gedou Rinne Tensei Uchiha Madara with the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and Rinnegan doujutsus (with the rikodou abilities and being capable of both Amateratsu and Tsukuyomi genjutsu), equipped with his Gunbai, a perfect Susano'o, control of the juubi and Gedou Mazou, with Hashirama Senju's DNA implanted in him so he has mokuton kekkei genkai and can perform yin yang release ninjutsu while being an expert in kenjutsu and taijutsu. I’m also not talking about Kono Yo no Kyūseishu Futarime no Rikudō Juubi Jinchuuriki Gedou Rinne Tensei Uchiha Madara with the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan (which is capable of Enton Amaterasu, Izanagi, Izanami and the Tsyukuyomi Genjutsu), his two original Rinnegan (which grant him Chikushōdō, Shuradō, Tendō, Ningendō, Jigokudō, Gakidō, Gedō, Banshō Ten’in, Chibaku Tensei, Shinra Tensei, Tengai Shinsei and Banbutsu Sōzō) and a third Tomoe Rinnegan on his forehead, capable of using Katon, Fūton, Raiton, Doton, Suiton, Mokuton, Ranton, Inton, Yōton and even Onmyōton Jutsu, equipped with his Gunbai(capable of using Uchihagaeshi) and a Shakujō because he is a master in kenjutsu and taijutsu, a perfect Susano’o (that can use Yasaka no Magatama ), control of both the Juubi and the Gedou Mazou, with Hashirama Senju’s DNA and face implanted on his chest, his four Rinbo Hengoku Clones guarding him and nine Gudōdama floating behind him AFTER he absorbed Senjutsu from the First Hokage, entered Rikudō Senjutsu Mode, cast Mugen Tsukuyomi on everybody and used Shin: Jukai Kōtan so he can use their Chakra while they are under Genjutsu.

PS. This is the cancer that is killing/killed Shounen series
PPS. Except for Naruto (since it ended)
PPPS. also Madara gets a pass since he's so lit lol omg XD


By virtue of the author sucking his dick and nothing else.

Nah, I'm pretty sure Sasuke was always like this, since part one. The normalfag crowd hated him because he wasn't a cringeworthy "friendship is magic" protagonist like literally all the other characters except the villains. Because shutting the hell up and accomplishing your goals without kvetching about it in friendship-related monologues is "edgy".

No, literally, he became the unofficial main character after the first arc and even the author said he was his favorite character.

Sasuke only exists because of editor interference. everything that involves Sasuke is less interesting both on a surface level and thematically. Uchiha faggotry was a mistake and the fact that the narrative of Naruto eventually ends up being almost entirely about the Uchiha clan and how they're tied to basically every major event in the series' history just goes to show what a fucking hack Kishimoto is.

I'm fine with Naruto marrying Hinata, but can someone still explain to me why Sakura stayed with Sasuke after he tried to kill her twice?

Sakura is a cuck, she is now raising his daughter even though she isnt even the mother.

Because kishimoto is a hack, and Sakura is a cuck. Though I could've sworn she got over sasuke during the final arc thing or maybe grew a brain, but I guess I was dead wrong.

Why do you people spread so many lies like that?
Don't tell me you only watch the anime like a fucking normalfag.

I was assuming he did it because it's way funnier to imagine Sakura as this battered housewife that has nearly been murdered by her husband twice then left alone to take care of his daughter with another women while he spends anytime he has in the village hanging out with his gay lovers son.

fucking degenerate.


In my headcanon, Sarada is Karin's kid. Sakura is a gigantic cuckhold raising another person's daughter. Senju with Uchiha genes = Godlike offspring

Disgusting, and is it a little weird that boruto is chockfull of modern shit like Lolita clothes and such? It's like fucking legend of whorra.

Fuck, it's a lot less funny now. Although it was still funny as fuck for sakura to be alone at the end of naruto

Excuse me?

I honestly think it looks pretty good

Those uchihafags OC's tears' will be delicious when their everlusted muffing-buns get ravaged

He's Naruto's son

As someone who hates every single fucking character in Naruto, I appreciate Sasuke because he, too, hates every single fucking character in Naruto. Except nobody can do anything about it. He just goes around doing whatever the fuck he wants with 0 consequences because he was born with uber hax god eyes.
He's so emo and edgy it's hilarious. How could anyone not like Sasuke?
Answer: They take Naruto seriously

Even when the villains where cool?

This gay shit is still going on?

Yes, for your information. Hinata won the Narutobowl and Sakura who has been nearly murdered by Sasuke two times now has married Sasuke and raises his child from another women while he goes around the world and never talks to her.


Fuck me, i stopped watching when some edgelord with a magical scythe was fighting the guy with shadows and his generic school teacher.

Who said anything about buying?

Seriously, who in the fuck likes Naruto?
Next thing we'll see is some weirdo saying that he likes Inu Yasha.


Yeah, I could see myself pirating it. Fuck, I haven't followed Naruto since Sasuke originally went "evil" (like, embed related saga) but I'll probably at least have some fun with it even if the story has gone completely retarded in the 10+ years since.

Maybe it's just blind nostalgia talking, but Inuyasha wasn't horrible. It wasn't great either but still

A lot of people actually. It was the most popular anime/manga series internationally in the 2000s and reached as much mainstream appeal as Dragonball.

Enough already, if you could turn off the fucking battle voice acting I'd be okay with it.

Saitama can beat Madara with a single punch.


I can't be bothered to watch all of Naruto, so can someone just spoil everything for me?

Who does Sakura end up with? Does Sasuke come home to the village?

sakura ends up with sasuke. sasuke does works for konoha and gets missions from naruto who is the hokage

tl:dr end of Naruto
Is there anything else you want spoiled?

What happens to Zabuza and Haku?

They died in the first arc, then in the final arc Orochimaru's bitch boy Kabuto revives literally everyone in a giant zombie army, including Zabuza and Haku, Kakashi kills Zabuza and Haku, and uses Zabuzas sword for a bit.

That sounds really dumb.

Eh it wasnt that bad, it just sounds better on paper "what if we brought all bad guys back and they fought all good guys in an all out war?".

It was, the entire Great Ninja War arc was awful. Except for Itachi and Sasuke bonding, and Madara being absolute badass and worth the build up.

Speaking of Itachi and Sasuke bonding, could you imagine the salt Itachi must have felt with his ingenious plan to turn Sasuke into a good boy by implanting Naruto with one of the most powerful Genjutsu in existence, only to get fucked over by Kabuto?

Itachi is dead though

Itachi got revived by Kabuto as stated remember when I said everyone? I meant everyone.

(Well except Jiraiya, RIP)

jobbed to near death

When I was reading the manga I was convinced this was because he hadn't actually died and would show up to do some cool shit.



Itachi's plan was always garbage.

I fully agree with you, except that the zombies existed since the Chuunin Exams. Orochimaru revived the first and second hokage, and that's when it was explained that it was the 2nd who invented the zombie jutsu to begin with.

Sasuke pumped and dumped her, leaving her to raise his daughter as a single mother. He's the nigger of the ninja world and she's thirsty for nigger dick. How does this surprise you in any way?

One Piece was actually a lot bigger than Naruto, both in Japan and across the wold. One Piece just never caught in America because the dub apparently fucked up.

Has there ever been a blacker character in anime?

The village already knew about the coup, had Itachi let it go through the Uchiha would have still been curvestomped out of existence along with his brother, along with massive casualties on the side of the Konoha. Or, the Uchiha (who are 99% of the time cunts let's be honest) can be the only ones wiped out and on top of that his beloved little brother gets to survive. It was a choice between a shit ton of people dying or much smaller shit ton of people dying. Itachi was also someone who believed heavily in the "will of fire" philosophy of the village which lead to him having considered everyone in the village to be his family, even if not by blood,
While this is the general rule it is not required to be personal trauma. Itachi is a notable exception this as Itachi was able to unlock most of his powers without severe emotional trauma. Hell, I need to double check but his Mangekyo Sharingan activated out of a deep love for Sasuke and the need to protect. Itachi didn't even kill to get his.
Remember that Itachi has a deep love for the leaf and if it involves forcibly turning Sasuke into a good person then why not do so? We could have the whole "if it isn't free will is it really a good deed" debate but I don't view it as such as your next step would have been "Sasuke would need to have experienced a path that actually leads him to being a good person" and the genjutsu literally does exactly that.

It's a confirmed fact that anywhere other than Japan Naruto was more popular. It's one of the things that Kishimoto felt proud of as he never beat Oda (who he viewed as a rival.) in domestic sales.

I can think of one guy.

That's because there was no plan. Kishimoto, the hack writer that he is, simply made Itachi a massive asshole who killed his family for no reason. 6 or 7 real time years later, he decided to retcon Itachi's character, "redeem" him, and change the entire plot of the Naruto into the Uchiha family bullshit. This necessitated changing Itachi's actions, motives, etc etc, and since he's a super garbage writer, the stupid patriot shit is what you get.

Until that happened, Itachi was the ultimate giga badass of the series who killed an entire clan of other badasses in a single night, just to see how fucking strong he was, leaving his little brother alive in the hopes that he'd get strong enough to challenge him.

I'm still mad about all this.

The issue with naruto is that its not written by Togashi.

It had a lot of potential to be good, but kishimoto is a hack

Whose this guy?
A yoga instructor?

A massage specialist

The black guy who rapes Guts in Berserk.

How good is he with his hands?

ruined it

It was Kishimoto's original intention, but he backed down to avoid backlash.

Tobirama did nothing wrong when he ghettoed the Edgelord clan
Danzo did nothing wrong wiping them out.
Gas the Uchiha, Ninja war now!


The Uchiha would have sparked a ninja war had they actually not been slaughtered so.

I hate unfunny shits like you that ruin inside joke chains.


We cant show something like that on a christian board

It was because some gay shit right?

They were salty that they used to be KANGS of their own village, but became no different to any other clan, so they were plotting to overthrow the village.

Well shit, not even a really good excuse, Kishimoto can't onto writing.

Kyuubi attacks the village. People suspect Uchiha because they could control it with the sharingan. Uchihas are moved to a small suburb away from everyone. Uchihas now want to lead a coup.


But, it was the Second Hokage who put them in the ghetto, but as compensation, made them village police. They got shoved in the ghetto years before the Kyuubi attacked.

Salad is cute!

here is the thing
it wasn't a ghetto, just the corner of the village. the settlement was of the same quality as the rest of the village
what sparked their hatred was the fact danzo said "dont let the uchiha near the nine tails, theyre not to be trusted". They got so butthurt that danzo didnt trust them that they sparked a coup. yes, just because of that.
The uchiha would've sparked a coupe one way or another. And no, it wasn't because of 2nd hokage, it was because of Danzo not trusting them.

So basically, Danzo was proved right.

kishimoto's morale lesson is that "hatred sparks hatred' and "danzo started it by not trusting therefore danzo is at fault"
Although the true thing is, its eye for an eye, teeth for teeth and the uchiha are as bad as danzo, if not worse because all uchiha did was not trust them with an operation. how do they respond? lets kill all the white ninjas because they dont give us a high position.
Both were wrong, but as you stated, they just proved Danzo right.

All Danzo did*

fuck me. I need food.

Very disproportionate reaction indeed.

it was kishimoto's original intention. He wanted Senju+Sharingan godlike genes for sarada, because Sarada is heavily foreshadowed for next hokage. Cucking sakura did not feel right in the end, so he reverted it, but still kept sarada as powerful with Sakura's godlike physical strength.

Every fucking saiyan

Vegeta has been raising Trunks, what are you smoking?

this thread is more /a/ than /a/ ever was

goku raised gohan
he didn't raise goten though

Good points

Racemixing with humans created children who are far stronger than normal saiyans

they aren't stronger, they merely have the potential to be stronger.
pure blooded saiyans are stronger than mixed ones simply because they have the urge to fight, which is a survival trait.
racemixing did result in a inferior speciman, and the only reason why gohan got anywhere was because his dad had a year-long spergout, and his green alien godfather gave a shit long enough about him to teach him martial arts.

And Goten doesn't exist? That little fag just achieved super saiyan out of nowhere

You can't discuss Naruto on that board though, not to mention all the other draconian rules they enforce.

Universe 7 Saiyans became desensitized in general and thus locked their potential because of that, once racemixing took place the more "emotional" human side allowed them to easily tamper on their full power, you know, the whole Super Saiyan trigger.

Goten and Trunks had it easier because by the time their parents pumped them on their wives the "genetic memory" thingy allowed them to transform with little to no effort, the Universe 6 Saiyans being able to transform also proves it, specially when they find out they can more or less unlock it by focusing their energy around the back (have you ever got so mad, stressed, etc. that you feel something growing out of your back or something? that's it.)

that little fag got super saiyan and shit not because half-saiyans are stronger than their parents, but because Goku was strong as fuq at time of conception. Reminder it also made no sense that Gohan was able to stand up to Raditz out of nowhere, because he was a goddamn child, so it'd make sense that the power of the parent can be 'inherited'.
trunks got super saiyan bullshit too and pan as a baby in super is also strong as fuq its a natural fact famalam.
this is in addition to Goku/Vegeta already having Super Saiyan.

never has there been such garbage

Don't forget Kishimoto still loved Sasuke a bit too much.

Fair enough

should have trashed him at the beginning, edgefag should have been in hakus place

I really like both Naruto and Naruto Shippuden
Sure there's low points where the story slows to a crawl, but the overarching plot is pretty good and enjoyable

And at least you can skip the filler unlike One Piece

Zabuza was a cool guy

He really loved his little trap sidekick

The time when the series was good was when it focused on development of techniques and how they try to outplay themselves. I actually really liked Naruto because he actually progresses and trains, except of course the last part because everything was a fucking cataclysmic failure later on. I think the series ended after the Pain fight.

Zabuza is the most rational and human villain in his motivations.

pretty much everyone agrees that the side characters are more interesting them naruto or sasuke but all of the focus goes on naruto and sasuke and the side characters become just irrelevant. My Hero Aca handles side characters much much better and even though the author of MHA considers Kishimoto his senpai he has actually made something better then naruto

The moral lesson I took was "Niggers gonna nig"



also even if that wasn't the case, racemixing would actually be beneficial because in terms of genetic quality humans would be the best candidates for the best quality of offspring, and saiyans at the time of goku/vegeta going full ricecooker were pretty much extinct anyway due to space jews. one could also bring up the point that in some ways humans are somewhat OP in DBS considering they can fuck and racemix with most things, and considering that humans have the most skilled fighters in the entire universe (read: not the most powerful, merely the most skilled.) On top of that, some of the strongest fighters in the galaxy were TAUGHT by humans. Goku's fighting style is derived completely off of humans and a small amount off of some Kaios and ugly alien things that made a comeback in the recent arc. By all means, if Saiyans were to racemix with anyone, it would be Humans, as in Saiyans would be of Nordic/Germanic heritage in this analogy and Humans would be Italian/Greek.
In addition, Earth's culture and food is so significant that fucking gods enjoy that shit on a daily basis and Earth in general is so valuable other universes set up high-stakes tournaments whose reward is Earth itself and multiverse dragon-genie, like the Super Dragon Balls are merely an afterthought to what the Earth possesses. Even Whis is a little bit concerned about the Earth at times, and he's a detached smug asshole whose personality is justified because he has to take care of a smug asshole who is also a brat at times who constantly throws off the balance of the universe and refuses to work with his co-workers, who literally know nothing about him because of his constant absence.

Reminder that Krillin is the most powerful human, and is currently stronger than Super Saiyan one.

Isn't Tienshinhan stronger?

Tien can't beat the shit out of an Alien that beat the shit out of Andriod 18

Wait what? I dont think we have seen tien fight during the tournament at all and android 18 hasnt gotten his ass kicked either.

But my point still stands, she hasnt gotten her ass kicked either yet.

Yeah, I'm a few episodes behind, but I know Tien did something when the humans of U7 were huddled up doing their "teamwork" thing

Only actual weaboos read mangos, they're all worse than capeshit comics. Meanwhile western animation is completely irrelevant whereas a good anime still comes out every few months.

The Pain fight was originally "originally", like the fourth or fifth "originally" that was changed due to editor pressure supposed to be the end.

I read like 5 chapters of Boruto and lost patience for it. He's just mini naruto. Barely any difference. Why not try something new and give the main character Hinatas eyes, and a different personality. Make their kids an actual mix of both their parents instead of
So uninspired.

But he does (kind of)
Boruto wants to be like Sasuke and not Hokage

there is no way it could have ended there. there was too many things that havent been resolved yet

As I said, another love letter to the author's favorite character.

was meant for

The boy is like Naruto but wants to be like Sasuke.

boruto does want to be like sasuke and sarada wants to be like naruto so they want to be like the other child's parent.

he is actually not. boruto is talented and popular unlike when naruto was a kid and boruto never had to work hard and takes short cuts. so just like sasuke

There's a lot less unresolved if you drop Sasuke and Sakura, who weren't "originally" in the story.

Are you fuckers really discussing Naruto seriously? And not the video games?

Naruto ended at the first Chuunin exams. Everything afterward is darkness.

Then is way worse, although in the beginning Boruto was a troublemaker too and not the cool guy everyone admires because of his very special clan privilege.

Naruto wanted to be like Sasuke too, kinda the source of their rivalry. Until sasuke started to feel the pressure from Naruto overtaking him in power when he got his rasengan.
Oh goody, so he has to be special, like Naruto too of course, instead of having what his family clan has had in Hinatas clan for generations.

The dude should've just stopped after Narutos run was over.

His personality seemed very similar when I watched it, which made it very dull.

Wow that looks dumb as shit. The Sharingan might have ruined the series but at least it looked cool.

Naruto's over 20 years old now.

Shit, is worse than I thought.

I like the look of the new game.
I never thought that the ninja storm games did the series right. I just don't think that naruto is supposed to be a traditional, flat ground, 1 on 1, 3d fighter with combos and shit. I always thought that it would be better as a more open action-rpg. It looks like that's the direction the new game is heading in, with bigger 3d stages that aren't flat planes, multiple enemies and allies, boss enemies and stat growth.

Hopefully it won't be shit.

Don't worry. With as much of a boner as Kishimoto has for eyeballs, eyeball upgrades, and power creep, I'm sure Bolt's eye will get at least 6 new forms before the series ends.

That's if he can stop sucking the Sharingans dick for even 1 second, that is.


Nah, we've already seen Boruto's final form, if anything he's going to get his own (not) tailed beast transformation



The entire village is wrecked, baddie keeps screaming about "ninjutsu is dead" and we have punished Boruto fighting him. If this is halfway through the series Boruto is going to have to start fighting gods.

Considering how Kishimoto likes to rip-off from other authors and DBS is currently about a tournament organized by gods… yeah, is plausible.

Already saw this coming a mile away when they introduced kaguya in naruto and then showed shadowy figures behind her. He is going to be fighting aliens/gods. Also, I fucking hate flash forwards especially if they are flash forwards that only get resolved much later.

We already fought kaguya's bitch boys though, they fucking died

In that case my bad, haven't read the manga or watched any of the movies. Thought the newest fucks were related to them with the whole harvesting worlds thing.

In the latest episode Sasuke said he was the one able to hunt down Kaguya, so I have to assume the "bigger bad" is still around.

That's because Kaguya was an Ayy lmao who was sent down to harvest earth for her clan, but then she got greedy and wanted to have the tree all to herself. She decided to have some babies with the local humans and she got really pissed when she found out her half human sons could use chakra and so she tried to kill them, this resulted in them fighting back and sealing her in the moon as was explained in Naruto. However, we find out in the movie that Kaguya's Ayy lmao family is not as strong as her and is in fact on the moon making sure Kaguya who out power levels all of them doesn't wake up. (Even though their original mission was to do the exact same thing as Kaguya did?) so they started chilling on the moon and shit and formed branch families until some bitch boy named Tenri got a stick shoved up his ass Kidnapped Hinata(because he needed someone with a byakugan I think?) and tried to intiate the whole "destroy the world thing", but he got his ass shut down by adult Naruto and adult Naruto rescues Hinata from the Ayy lamos and it's all awful.

Whoever the big bad of Boruto is isn't the Ayys because almost all of them have been murdered/living peaceful lives on the moon because fuck you.

Also I finally figured out where the Byakugan and Sharingan came from. Ultimate badass ninja sage of six paths is the ancestor of the Uchiha and also the guy who has the Rinnegan(and Sharingan). His fraternal twin brother (who isn't in the history because reasons????) is the one who had the Byakugan and wasn't a cool enough cat to be the Sage of Six paths. He fucked off to the moon with the rest of Kaguya's clan and became the Patriarch up there for a bit so the matter is settled that the Sharingan and Byakugan are two different things started by two different brothers.


And blatantly copied off togashi

I have no proof that Kaguya has ever demonstrated actual intelligence and the only reason she was able to fuck shit up was due to massive chakra and being an Ayy. To be fair it's strange that an Ayy could even breed with humans how was anyone supposed to know they would reap the benefits of the chakra fruit when all the other humans can't?

They were also extremley emotional as fuck because their bloodline power has to be activated by extreme emotion like hate or love. In other words, they're all edgelords.

That's the worst part, high fanfic levels of writing there.

One piece barely has filler, nigger.

It does though, it manages to disguise itself really well. There are the obvious episodes in the alternate universe that are easily skipped but at the same time you have shit like the dressrosa arc that is like 50 episodes too long

Oda even gets involved in the writing process for filler since he considers it part of the overall manga, and when filler happens, it doesn't turn into year long arcs like it did for Bleach and fucking Naruto.

It's usually small side stories or AU stories too, which are nice, like the samurai one.

This was your mistake, the manga does not have filler but the anime injects every episode with it. One Piece does not have any filler proper and the story progresses smoothly. if you're going to watch the anime, which is shit for the amount of time they have to buy ruins it. At least watch the One Pace re-edit where fans fix the fucking anime to have the same plot the manga does.


Man I almost regret watching all the typical shounen garbage but I recently had too much free time so I watched all of them except for bleach which I stopped watching years ago at the end of the vampire arc.

Ironically, bleach is the only one I've ever finished, probably just because it was first anime.

But does that redeem the series being shit?
Why can't Madara be in something good?

He sure is doing a fantastic job at not being Naru2 so far.

Cool, Naruto still has a special place in my heart.

Boruto is just WHAT IF scenario of Naruto being popular instead of being an outcast. He's a straight up clone of Naruto, with the only difference being their circumstances.

Holy shit, this is true and I'm almost 30. Time to kill myself, I guess.

Boruto didn't exactly start up as popular, just NOT an outcast but people consider him a troublemaker.

Basically Human Saiyin Hybrids are in fact capable of being stronger then just a plain old SAIYIN But you nailed it in the fact their human side means they dont desire to FIGHT like a pure one would so they can power up easier but never reach full potential because of lack of desire to fight. In the latest dragon ball we see GOHAN who hasn't been training for years is able to keep up with GOKU in one of his GOD mods for a bit in just his UNLOCKED potential form.

Potential to be stronger without the DESIRE to capitalize on it means nothing.

We see this with how FUTURE trunks Powered up to a GOD mode vs ZAMASU too. Amazing RAW power potential.

kill yourself.

Apparently Bort was supposed to have the Byakugan, but Kishimoto forgot to implement it. So rather than just have Bort be a late bloomer he gave him a new bullshit power that he can creep on.


Naruto fighters are the most fun I had in fighting games. Also plot autists pls go and stay go.

Uchihas are the niggers of Naruto. The 2nd Hokage was the best one as he always knew they were trouble.

The funny thing is that, it was actually an Uchiha, that made nine tails go berserk with mind control bullshit.

Naruto had some honestly good shit going for it. Its lows were very low, but even so, overall it more stumbled than fell.
6/10, was fun. MHA and One Piece make it look weak, though.

That's ideally how it works, isn't it? Each generation takes inspiration from the one before it, making something better as a result.

id fuck woolie

I don't get Sakurafags thinking she ever had a chance with him she didn't even want him until she tried to manipulate him into avoiding Sasuke. It's almost as bad as the people who think Naruto is homo for Sasuke. There's a difference between camaraderie and love.


Just because every time there's trouble in Naruto it's because of an Uchiha, it doesn't mean you can lump all Uchiha together like that.

Last minute changes due to fan pressure are bullshit. Like the ending of MGS4 where Solid Snake is too much of a bitch-ass faggot to take his own life in order to fulfill his duty, and then Big Boss is alive somehow and appears for no reason other than to die, with the Solidus Snake having actually died in earlier scenes for absolutely no significance to the plot.
The focus of Snake ENITRE development in 4 is that he was going to be dead in a few months anyway, which is what both tormented him and motivated him, yet Kojima rewrote the final scene for what? So that he could die a matter of weeks later, not in a bang but in a whimper, not as a hero, on-screen from a stroke or heart failure. It would be like if Clint Eastwood survived at the end of Gran Torino.

I just played that a week ago
Not much more surprising than when you're told pretty much the exact same thing in Act3

Technically it's killing of the rest of the Patriots, but it's so symbolical at this point it really doesn't matter in universe, he's also pretty much a dead man walking regardless of FOXDIE since he's basically a bunch of body parts from Solidus/Liquid/Big Boss held together by nanomachines so it makes sense he would want to make his peace with the only person left that he could even begin to consider close to him.

I don't recall exactly on that one, but Im sure the intro tells you 1 year at best then Naomi tells you 6 months but I don't recall if it's because she's referring to the whole FOXDIE mutating thing ending with your own death after 6 months or your actual "natural" death.
Regardless that's still a bit more than a matter of weeks and more than enough for Snake to see what he achieved.

The intent is that throughout the game he thinks that as long as he, Liquid and the patriots are alive nothing will get better, and if I 'm getting the intent right the ending is him coming to the conclusion that he doesn't need to die for that to happen he just need to not do anything which is what everybody else failed to do.
Still would have proffered him soon after the Liquid fistfight, likely as a result of whatever the fuck they injected each other at the start of the fight because that shit looked way strong

Honestly after playing MGS1-3 in quick succession before 4 how in the fuck did nobody see Ocelot doing a complete 180 at the end because he literally did that in every fucking game

He used to be the best when he was smug as fuck and toying with the other Hokage and just pissing at them for how weak they were.
It went to shit when he absorbed the fucking tree though his fight with Guy was cool.

Its filled with uchihas and niggers. So no.

Also this

Guy and Lee were the only ones worth a damn. When I heard they were getting their own spinoff, I thought I might have a chance to give a shit about Naruto again after the shitty timeskip. Instead it ruined the only decent shits in that shitty mango.


No matter how much you justify I, you know the original ending makes more sense and would have been more powerful.

What's the difference?

I didn't agree with that [Snake flinching at pulling the trigger on himself] at all, and I begged them to change it, but I think it's still in the final game… I didn't buy it at all. I think it's weak for Snake to be killing other people and then not be able to kill himself when it's time. If he knows it's time, then it's time.

Remember when Hayter used to be cool?

But is there any actual proof that it was the original ending?
A quick look on search engines only give me some GayTheory-tier stuff
Not saying I don't like that one better than having yet another asspull though don't get me wrong

What's his name?
Tobirama "if the eyes turn red, you'll end up dead" Senju
Danzo "do the village harm and your eyes go on my arm" Shimura.

Tobirama "the sharingan will soon be gone" Senju
Danzo "Uchiha niggers need the trigger" Shimura

What is even the point of this post?
Hide the thread, Chocknuts.


How bad is ultimate ninja storm 3 full burst?

The ultimate ninja games are only good if you use them as a cliffs notes version of the Manga.
The clash of ninja games on the GameCube were better as fighting games


Kishimoto has the ability to write interesting characters and then give them no development. (Lee is an example, Kakashi is as well, though he did get some backstory that fleashed out the character a bit more, all ruined by an unloveable main character and Kishimoto's love for eyeballs.)

Nice bait

the chunin exam arc is a blatant ripoff of Hunter X Hunter first arc though.

Which arcs/chapters did you faggots just read? I'm interested.

I remember reading chapter 0. Naruto originally had a motorcycle(that's why he had goggles) he had fox demon related jutsus, he was very aware of his demon inside him. He killed a guy who threatened him with a gun.

Naruto originally wasn't even about ninjas. It was about mages and necromancers in the modern japanese world. It was basically a typical decent anime where they mix fantastical/supernatural elements with modern elements. Just like Death Note.
For some reason japanese do not have any ideas centered on medieval times, probably because they never had them.

For that matter why didn't Sakura keep her long hair, get a better mentor and fix her anger issues and learn a technique which isn't cliche power girl trash like punching and healing. What happened to her ability to see through illusions more easily? I thought she was going to surpass Itachi.

I liked him when he cared more about things and could actually fucking talk when it mattered.
Sasuke got dumb as fuck in Shippuden. I never expected him to get so naive and autistic.
Sasuke in Boruto maintained his stupidity/lack of foresight and got softer, much softer. He couldn't even recognize his own daughter, what a retard.

But you know the best part? I have a hundred thousand more "Lone Wolf" archetypes and stereotypes that I can sink my teeth into.

It's just that Sasuke was that combo between the noble honest person and the anti-hero… ah wait he wasn't noble or honest. Uhh he was very aware of what's going on? that's why I loved him? fuck what the hell makes him different from all the other anti-hero/lone wolf stereotypes in japanese cartoons?

You just stepped into the trigger.

Yahiko - Jirayia -> Minato -> Naruto -> Obito
Nagato - Orochimaru -> Sasuke - Kakashi
Konan - Tsunade - Sakura -
Hinata - Rin

Then come the secondary characters who are more shallow than actual common stereotypes found in animes.
Kabuto - Sai - Shikamaru - Shino Aburame
The fat one who gets fatter
The vain bitch who mind controls everyone
The lazy but smart one
The wolf guy
The "muh superiority" nazi guy
The teachers for the secondary characters who never even got their own episodes.
Gai - Gai - Gai (zero fucks given, 3x mini me's)
Special movie characters (stolen from other animes)

Don't get me started on the 2 first hokages.
Basically Naruto and Sasuke, except they're friends and slightly more social of one another. I know japanese are naturally autistic, but why did he handle those 2's backstory in such a repetitive and retarded manner? was he having his daddy/family issues again while writing that? For that matter why did he pretend Itachi was a good guy for killing le evil uchiha clan who would have surely killed the Leaf village.

When did the show go from learning hidden techniques, to competing in overextended tournaments to fighting some arch villain (which wasn't needed that early in the series) to "muh friendship".

The Neji vs Hinata fight. Though it's just a rumor. The twin brother of the Sage of Six Paths started the Byakugan line and the Sage of Six Paths himself started the Sharingan line.
Common Japanese trope (and IRL occurence kek) when a girl suddenly "grows up" and becomes "more mature" after some trauma.
Who would make for a better teacher than a Sannin? The Hokage? Oh wait.
I do not remember this being a thing whatsoever other than Sakura has "more fine Chakra control" which is why she had good afinity for being a medical ninja where you can't just blow shit up.

Ever since emo kid ran away it was muh friendship.

They were literally plotting an attack when he received orders to kill them. Uchihas are the nigger clan.

Rock Lee should've been the main character. I want to see a guy struggle against people who can do shit he's incapable of, but beat them because he learns to use his brains, muscle, and elbow grease technique to win the day despite having no real magic powers. Naruto's only techniques should've been basic ninjutsu that everyone can do, his shadow clones, and having some extra chakra. Sharingan should've just been the ability to see things at slow mo with 20/10 vision and nothing more.

Boruto is worse.

I also like how he was a natural drunken master but they didnt expand on that. It was probably the right decision to make because I dont see how to implement that to work in the long run

The best part is even Might Guy can do Ninjutsu so Rock Lee is literally alone in being only able to do Taijutsu


What a pile of shit Naruto turned out to be, and I'm saying this as someone who hasn't touched the anime in forever and only played the games cause some friends I have also played them so I don't know the fullest extent of how much worse it got.

I give a fuck about nuruto but i want to know how this become cannon

Just watch the last episode of naruto

I think it was something planned from the beginning. Hinata being the only girl and one of the few people who didn't hate Naruto, her dad being alive but always being disappointed in her so she had no self-confidence, so she liked Naruto because while he was always being a little shit, he was always a little shit who managed to stay happy, or at least appear to be.

No, i didn't even watch the first or any single one, by the time it came out, thanks god, i already had grown out of anime. I just wanted to know if there was a sex scene or something like that implied.

Oh in that case dont bother then, there is implied sex of course but only because they have two children walking around later on.

reminder that madara did nothing wrong

Say what you want about Dragon Ball, but at least Toriyama never played coy about Goku being bullshit OP.

No, it's canon that he knocked her up. ;^)

False, he used summoning Jutsu when he was going after Sharkfag

False, there's an entire movie about when they start dating.

For the really short version

that sounds like a really shitty fanfic and is kinda like the first shippuden movie except for the ayylmaos part

If you don't believe me just watch Naruto:The Last Movie

Also Kagura was an Ayy from space, so the final boss of Naruto was an alien.

The Wave arc. It was good enough by itself to give me enough hope to hang on until the timeskip and then I dropped the series like a hot pan.

There's a rifle in the background of one of the panels.

This is one of the reasons why I enjoy One Piece so much. While the main characters are increasingly more OP every arc, there's still a believable chance that could get their shit wrecked by a more powerful character at any time.

Sasuke is a whiny little emo cunt without any redeeming qualities. The funny thing about him is that he never even became powerful without someone handing him over the techniques. He was born with Sharingan, never had to bust his ass off for it. Chidori was the last technique he really mastered with his own effort. Then orochimaru gave him the vampire mark and his pedo snake techniques, Itachi gave him the Sharingan+ and Tobito helped him reach the full power of itachi's eyes. Then at the end of the show he somehow even got 1 rinnegan IIRC.
Sasuke is literally a little bitch that cannot get anything done alone, yet he acts like he can and he needs no one. On top of that he constantly shits on people and treats them like trash without any reason.

It is fucking ridiculous how many powers it had in the end.
Sharingan enabled you to: copy techniques, predict enemy moves, tsukuyomi, amaterasu, susanoo, izanami, izanagi
You could make 6 individual eye techniques out of it but no, of course the power creep syndrome that every shonenshit manga has, had to prevent it. I wish every Uchiha would have had his own individual version of only 1 eye technique.

I second this but sadly his faggot brother was more valuable to the author. I bet Sasuke is how the author would like to be or how he sees himself.

see what I mean?

Uchiha clan is the saiyans of Naruto. Saiyans are the Serbians or Dragonball. Basically they are a tribe of power hungry and genocidal lunatics who constantly overestimate their own capabilities but still always get beaten the crap out. Madara, beeing the perfect example for it shows the traits very well. He gets assraped by hashirama in every fight. He is an eternal #2, unable to overcome his enemy with conventional methods. So what will he do instead? He goes on to do black magick-esqe shit and DNA/cell therapy/experiments to improve his power but nevertheless he still fails. Even in his final form he cannot win. His plan is also to literally create a phantasy world read: safe space in which the senju will not bully him anymore. He is the ultimate loser.

However, because the Senju clan are not savages and have mercy for Uchiha clan, they never were eradicated. Itachi realized that his tribe is cancer and the only solution to the problem is to genocide them once and for all because once again they were plotting a coup d etat against the people who allowed them to live with them. Sadly he never had the guts to off his own brother. Then you have Tobito, the perfect pedofag. He is so fucked up with his pedophilic obsession over a 14 year old girl that he even lives in his own parallel dimension.

Zabuza and Haku are for me still the best villians in the entire Narutoverse


addendum to Madara:
He is so much of a loser that he was not even allowed to be the final boss. Instead he got cucked by a cunt of all things. He even killed his own brother in pursuit of more power to beat Hashirama but he failed even with his new powers.

tldr: Itachi did nothing wrong

To be fair the cunt was an Ayy lmao.


Don't diss on Serbs you fucking mongoloid, they've fought more kebab than you ever will.
Don't care. His plan is garbage, but you're obviously not interested in presenting him properly. He was never afraid of Hashirama, all that he wanted was to have more Hashiramas in the world. That was his whole problem, he hated anyone that was weaker than him.
This never happened. One of his brothers got killed off-screen, and his only remaining brother got killed by Tobirama.

Itachi is a bitch who betrayed his own clan to save a bunch of happy-go-lucky normalfags. How would you feel if someone in your family killed you and every other member of your family so they can save some niggers instead?

But the uchiha are the niggers

I like Inuyasha in a Stockholm Syndrome kind of way. I spent so much time reading it and watching the crap dub that I can't completely hate it despite how awful it is. Fuck the author for killing off Kagura, she was the only good character.

youre missing the big picture

the uchiha would've waged war on the village. it was inevitable. they were savages.

uchiha are literally black lives matter of naruto

Madara was the leader of BLM triggered he couldnt get his safe space.

Madara is negligent for the death of his brother. he could've saved him. instead, he took his eyes.

Itachi stopped the uchiha niggers for the better of the world. his hand was forced. it had to be done. he took it into his own hands to keep the peace because he knew he could do it and do it properly. He mercy killed them. He kept the peace by killing the savages. He hated himself for it but he sacrificed his own personal life for the sake of peace

itachi did nothing wrong. the only good uchiha. and his friend whose name i forgot who also sacrificed himself. No one is excusing sasuke's reaction to the events. That's normal.

what's not normal is that he is a complete emo faggot for the rest of his life.

Shisui was the friend's name
You can do the right thing and still be traumatized by it user. Killing his family was the correct course of action but don't make it sound like it didn't affect him.

While I get where you're coming from, the Uchiha were talented and had a strong sense of justice, that's why even Tobirama acknowledged that they'd be best used as a police force. There was no nigger element to them until Sasuke started acting like a shitty father, but then again he never had a proper father figure because his brother decided to murder said father figure.

You haven't read long enough to see what happened to Izuna (Madara's brother). I'm not gonna get into it, but it didn't go how you think it went.





Bye bye shitty thread, you wont be missed.


lol butthurt

fucking take a look at this guy. He is basically modeled after Michael Jackson. From day one I thought this guy is a pedophile. Then it comes even better. Somewhere around the show it is revealed that he has his own squad of underage servants (the 4 sound ninja and kimimaro). For me Orochimaru will always be the pedo creep who is obsessed with children.

serbians get assraped in every single war they have, yet their autism prevents them to realize they are beeing assraped, so instead they proclaim victory even when it is obvious that they lost big time. They do this since 1389. There are only 2 races on the planet that are more autistic, beeing germans and japanese.

you don't understand my point. What I want to say is that Madara is a fucking tryhard loser. He goes even that far to take the DNA of the guy he cannot beat and experiment with it and implement it in his own body because he himself is too weak to get his goal accomplished. All his efforts lead to beeing assraped again nevertheless. The perfect loser. This was my main point.

But the story went on like "and then, in pursuit of the eternal mangenkyou sharingan, madara killed his younger brother to activate his full powers". I cannot remember that well, maybe you are right or maybe this autistic nigger kishimoto just rewrote the plot again after a few chapters to make madara less evil like he did with itachi who was intended to be the pure evil tbh

no he wasn't. He was the only sane one among those power greedy and autistic savages. He realized that there is only one final solution to the uchiha problem and decided to solve it.
And as the other user said, the Uchiha are the true niggers. Unable to cooperate, only interested in their own things. However, I understand you, you might be a potential school shooter yourself so of course you have sympathy for the evil breed.

Your butthurt convinced me to make another thread after this one dies

I enjoyed it more when Itachi was nothing but an edgy cold-blooded killer. It also made him more badass to be capable of killing the remaining people of his clan which were supposedly powerful as fuck to begin with.

For some reason simple appearances are much more enjoyable than the motivations behind them.

I still think the creator half-assed it and before he went soft-as-fuck he originally had a much more simple and interesting backstory for him.

Didn't Japan learn after they did it with Mega Man, /sp/ weeb games don't work?

Okay guys, let's be real here. If your family had been murdered by your older brother you would potentially have some developmental issues too. Considering his circumstances, I would figure he developed about as well as could be expected, having never learned how to foster an emotional connection with another human being in his life, and likely avoiding them religiously so he doesn't have to feel what he felt when his family got axed again.

Naruto lived alone and was isolated for the first 10 years of his life with every adult in the village hating his guts, he didn't even have a father and he managed to a better one than Sasuke. Except for the fact being Hokage is hard as hell paper work wise.

I also never got Boruto's beef with Naruto sending his clones to do shit though, he will get all the memories, the clone will respond as Naruto. That's the only part of Naruto being a parent he's failing at.

Eh. Different. People not liking you is nothin. Your family not liking you, whole different sphere. In naruto's case, he never knew his family so it didn't really matter. In sasuke's case, he had a family and watched every one of them die, specifically because Itachi did his eye boogaloo on him to make him watch it over and over and over.
In terms of who got it worse, I would say Sasuke got it worse hands down. It's why all the girls would flock to him, "broken dudes" are catnip to women for reasons I can't comprehend, and Sasuke was broken as deuce.

I'm not saying Naruto got his worse. Though really being hated by an entire town without any parental figure is on a completely different level developmental wise than having one large trauma at once like Sasuke. Notice that Sasuke had a fucking dad and parental figure to look up to and a male role model to look up to. I'm pretty sure Sasuke who actually had a Dad for a bit, should not be acting like a Nigger, traumatized maybe, not a nigger. Meanwhile Naruto should be the nigger who can't face his own children because adults never faced him. Sasuke has no excuse for being a shit dad as he had a pretty good one so he knows what a proper dad acts like.

Possibly. I dunno. I just know men who lose their wives get pretty rekt, and they're fully grown men. Sasuke was a kid when he lost (and watched die) mother, father and the entire clan.
I was always more surprised that Sasuke didn't an-hero growing up more than anything, 'cause literally all he has left to live for is a memory.

I know what you mean. I feel the same way about a certain redhead.

There is no possible. You had one person who had little to no non-hostile human contact for 12 years of his life. Who somehow manages to become a functioning member of society and okay father figure. Meanwhile we have the kid whose entire family was happy and lovey-dovey and was well-liked in the village, and got his family slaughtered by his older brother after he was 10 and had already gone through large portion of childhood development, and is the biggest nigger in the entire village.

Meh. I won't judge, just feel sorry for the kid. Nothing left in the village for him but blood soaked memories and the constant burden of a legacy of tremendous strength with an older brother who killed them all.

was talking about Sasuke, not itachi

he had two brothers. tobirama kills one, the other gets sick and feeble, and Madara steals his eyes.

Naruto had no parents. He is a good person and takes responsibility of his children.
Sasuke had parents who were proper. Sasuke ended up an emo piece of shit and then full blown nigger

Did you post Sai by mistake?

Nice trips, but one of the recurring themes in Naruto is how similar some of his major opponents were to him and how if things had gone a little differently, like if Iruka never payed attention to him, then he would have ended up the same way.
That being said Sasuke is still a full-blown nigger.


stopped watching that shit in high school but nigga wut?

Orochimaru got away with everything.


No he didn't Madara had 5 brothers. 3 of them died when they were extremely young, hadn't even activated their Sharingan yet since Madara was the oldest, and by the time he activated his Sharingan they were already dead. Izuna was the only one left and Tobirama killed him. Madara didn't steal his eyes, either. Izuna gave them to him on purpose.

spoiler for interracial gay shit

what the fuck? he had literal pits filled with children who he had fight to the death to serve him. if there was anything that needed to get the fucking cross it was this fucker.



Who is that cutie on the right?

That's a nameless background character in a gag spinoff

Unforgivable. Naruto has finally gone too far.

I did not post sai by mistake. It was just that I had no pikku of Orochimau so I put sai instead.