Make gaem

Make game thread

Make a game. Draw something, add something to the drawing, remove something, make sounds, etc. Contribute anything.

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Ok guys keep it coming




guys help you can't upload WAV files

feminine penis



So far so good, keep them coming ideas, it's looking good!

Aw shit, don't know how to integrate that one


i contribute these repeating numbers

Super Penises & Vaginas & Goblins is looking fancy

Now THIS is videogames



Kind of a waste of time. It's just going to end up being a collage of cocks.

Maybe I'm the only one here that's seen a vagina…


I though that last guy looked important, so I gave him a life bar!
I also added a little bridge to him coz he's a boss and all.

Cocks and vaginas.
There's nothing wrong with games about cocks and vaginas

Make it a webm and upload that


The sound file won't encode

You forgot the nigger penis

Whites only.

I made it a stage hazard for the boss
With a little warning sign and all!

Try using this to upload the WAV

One Dong-boss warning siren

Not bad, could work with something like this

and here's an alternative I just made

The fire rises!

That's pretty neat.

reminds me of this



It so weird how good that actually sounds.

It's the EarthBound filter, it makes any piece of shit sound decent.

Hope ya guys don't mind, decided to merge two of the monsters into a vagina/feminine penis centaur mix like monster that happens to be a nazi!

Also sparsed the stage a lil bit>>13286256

Love it! Sounds silly and fun.
Is that meant to be the menu music or is this ok?

Doesn't CoC have enough fanart?

Oh gee, I should have given you a proper mp3.
Do what feels the best. I trust in your judgement.

asian beeper

I feel retarded for not thinking of this before, I should've used one of the dicks as the bridge!

His penis may be small but he is one big guy overall!

Hey thanks! I'm gonna use that.

Gee Bill, you forgot about merchants in your gaem! There's one.
Dragon Dildos are not included.

Xfiles,SG1,and BSG crossover without the poz.

For instance, on one episode Apollo and Dean Anderson could lose weight. How is o'neill going to fit through the gate with all of that weight?

You could have Mulder and Skully romp around the country unraveling clues about the classified Star Gate program which they really don't know about.


Soundfonts truly are a godsend.




Is that goddamn loss.

holy shit

Man, this thread sure is going places

Cock sucking mechanics? How progressive!

Was too focused on penis man. Too focused on penis.

it juzt werk

Forgot to include this in my edit.

every game needs a milf

Here is some fresh OC. You play as a glorious Wehrmacht sniper and get to witness the horrors of the Eastern Front. Lots of commies to be killed and lines to be held.

Not gonna lie guys, this is getting pretty deep.

The transparent background is very appreciated.

What do you suppose the title screen would look like?



aw shit m8 the trap was a separate quest. the "new objective added" was part of it. anyways here is todd


But what is The NAME of the game?

midieo gaumoils The D Adventures

Hey anons great news. We have some premium DLC only 49.99.


Sorry man! I though it wouldn't make sense now that it's a branching romancing path, but I guess it's necessary.

Ok, this is what we got so far.

Horse armor DLC requires purchase of horse DLC

noice, you fixed it


Don't forget to protect it all with Denuvo.

Piracy is bad but not when we do it.
t. Denuvo


wow I dont remember the music video from Take On Me getting this graphic

Just needs to add some nostalgia using an updated iconic character redesigned for the modern age.

No idea but I imagine it'd have plenty of dicks.

mandatory diversity because your game is too white to sell well

And here's the Federal Government Machine, which redistributes oppressive white people's money to that poor minority

I drew the dude

New level is shaping up!

Noiceeee, gotta start on the title screen.

Something like this?


why that hairstyle

Holla Forums collectively designs a shit game designed for retarded millennials.

Color me surprised.

Sorry forgot my

because it's fuckin cool. fago

What else do I add here?

over 20 lbs of the gay community

You forgot the most important one

Actually let's make it a little bit more realistic


It's not even a real game without at least 2 Bowie references.

truly a hideo kojima game now, and I updated the cover

add a big nose somewhere

We're giving this to /agdg/ after this right?

we should also design a holocaust level, because gamers need to remember 60 milion jews who died in hands of white people

I fixed the bigot protagonist

My contribution
The open world stage With character select

Why is that trap not feminine and where is the bulge?

Because it's Post op

a holocaust level start



jew mario should open up a new world of adventures

Level design should have Jewish music and grabbing coins like Mario