Tons of games

fuck this

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Clearly something went wrong in my life

being a console gamer is bliss

Your depression isn't videogames
Unless you make one out of it, Zoey



But you can do all of that on PC as well?

It's fun.

fuck this

lol stick to pubg and dota 2

I could pirate any game in the world but I just play the few games I really like and I have no problem with that. Try to artificially limit your choices or something. I guess one of the reasons why some people collect those old consoles instead of just playing on an emulator is because that way they actually end up playing those games instead of being paralyzed by the infinite library of games.


dont u have a petition to sign

Why do I even bother?

you made a mistake, should have bought an original xbox, ps2, sega saturn or ps4

I'm sure it is.

Feels great, git gud OP.

Is that the subreddit where all your bullies come from?

Stop watching porn.

Is this the "lose" condition?


Does that face speak of authority to you?

You tell me.

This might have been impressive in the middle ages. Now he just looks like a rejected LARPer.

everyone knows the pc library and everyone knows the biggest hitters are really the biggest shitters. go back to pubg or stick to shilling grimoire, casual.