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If you scan the last pic with a home-brewed 3ds with the earlier versions of FBI, you can download and install XX directly from Nintendo's eShop servers. The game is also available on FreeShop.

Englishanese Translation:


>Ping's MHXX Dex:
>Athena's ASS for XX 0.21b:'s Armor Set Search for MHXX
>MHXX Skill Recommendations (WIP):
>Athena's ASS list for all MH games:
>Weapon tutorials and more:
>Information on item droprates, skills, monsters, etc:
>MH Wiki:
>MH4U Relic Chart:
>MH4U Relic Chart Detailed version:
>MH4U Relic Spreadsheet:
>MH4U Moveset Charts:
>MH4G to MHX Weapon Changes:
>How many times will I have to hunt in order to get _?:
>Attack Stat Stack Chart:
>Kinsect Flowchart:
>Kinsect Ingredients list:
>Arena Armor Recipes and Requirements :
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>Hunting Music:

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Some key quotes:
Tsujimoto: "'Monster Hunter' itself has continued for a long time, and so we thought somewhere along the line there was a need to take a fresh look at it, and choose this timing to produce it."

Tsujimoto: "Up until now we've done numbering, as this is a timing to take a fresh look at 'Monster Hunter', we brought that concept into the title."
Fujioka: "It feels like numbering, but World is just a subtitle."

Fujioka: "There was this global wall we were never able to surpass. So we wanted to think about that and include that here."
Tsujimoto: "When we say that, it might make you think we're ONLY thinking about global with this work, that's not the case at all; we think this concept will absolutely satisfy the people who've played the series up until now domestically, and on top of that will be global and expand more and more. It's a global that includes Japan."
Fujioka: "Since the foreign fans have increased, we'd like to more straightforwardly have them playing. To go even further, we'd like them to interact more with Japanese users. Just, we want to make it while properly facing up to the elements that prevent it from expanding."

Question: "Where did you feel this global wall?"
Fujioka: "Even though there are facets that are great as Monster Hunter's unique traits, it was frustrating that they didn't seem to transfer well.
If there's a stopping point when you take an action, we include that as part of the strategy, but there are people who don't play simply because of that."

(regarding the damage value displays)
Fujioka: "We, who are developing the games, accepted them without any sense of disconnect or discomfort, so we think it'll work out alright."


Someone save me from this Hell

So, hunting horn has lost the best thing they added in MHX, the double note system is not in World
And they added nothing to the weapon other than letting you slowly crawl while playing songs

Post that room number if you're so great

room's full


I think he's saying to make a fresh room with a password to keep the Frogs out. I'd join, but if you have a Frog infestation to begin with, you're on the locked out version, sorry. Good luck though!

Then why are you whining here if you don't actually want help? Did you post on reddit first or something and already got your fill?

I'm curious. How can they fuck up world?

Anyone got that bingo?

By building it from the ground up to target the lowest common denominators of the foreign market.

I made a room anyway if anyone wants to join, since I went to the trouble of opening up 4U.
49-9885-5150-4109, Pass: 1111

okay now imagine a item, that's on a cooldown that gives you roughly 50 skillpoints.
Now what if I told you that item lasts 60 seconds, and has a cooldown of 3 minutes that you can bypass if you walk to the basecamp.
Now what if I told you the item just also flat reduces the amount of damage you take for no good reason.

Now what if I told you there's a similar item that makes enemies unable to aggro you.

Now what if I told you neither are consumable.

This is MH:World with mantels

2 words.
Western Audience.

I knew fc34db was you Makoto! Good to see you again, or not, depending on how much you will sperg on the thread this time.


Correction: 48-9885-5150-4109

They already did.

What saltiness? I'm glad you're able to play your game.

I fucked it, responses are reversed, pls bully

It's cool, shit happens at 1 AM

Got you fam.

Ill be there soon.

I cant handle these emotions.

Who's watching the cinematic…

not I


Feeling so complicated.

I was both of those.

reminder that world is shit.

Whats supposed to be wrong in that webm? I mean I can catch up to mosters if I unequip my weapons and run after them when they are limping to go to sleep.

I could import XX because the Switch is region-unlocked.

The question is, how possible is to play Monster Hunter in japanese? I don't care about reading flavor texts, but I imagine it would be hard to tell ingredient names and stuff like that. Any have any experience?

Frenchie tried to infiltrate but we won anyway

Had fun tho. Let's play later.

Someone join, 2 of our dudes left or dc'ed

Anyone got the food webm from gamescom MonHunt World?

As in without already knowing Japanese to begin with? Never done that, but as long as you're capable of basic symbol recognition it shouldn't be difficult at all, especially since you can easily switch the language in Ping's Dex to Japanese to match shit. That said, you're best served learning Japanese ASAP if video games are at all a significant part of your life.

Maybe I'll pick up 4u again tonight. hehe

He's drawn, in demon mode, and chasing after the monster while it's in full active mode.

Don't wanna make the westerners feel like they should put their weapons away when they wanna run after the monster :^)

Someone post where the fucking game crashed because the AI for the monsters is too retarded.

The game didn't crash

Still gay as hell though, especially the fucking reverse grip. At least brave DBs had you run with the standard grip, only with the blades at your side, so it was slightly less narutarded

There was a video of gameplay where Barroth and mud fish squared off and they froze, just roaring at eachother, then mudfish went in circles and barroth just stood in place before the screen just went fully black and the game died.

i dunno what video you watched, but after that the guy just goes fight diablos instead, the game doesn't crash.

Vid of demon mode in 4u or 3u?

I found it again guys, by a different uploader this time. Check out the 10:00 mark for when shit goes down :^)

Will rip and crop the specific moment.

This mess is guaranteed to get patched out on release now that its pulbic.


Assuming it's not intentional

Yeah, the game doesn't crash
kill yourself

Why is this so ridiculous to you
If the player's able to stay in the field taking quests indefinitely without going back to the village it would make sense to accommodate that

That in and of itself is already pretty ridiculous

To prevent those people from feeling bad when they embark on a quest and are too much of a dumbass to remember to eat before going :^)

God damn it this game is shit.

I get a satisfaction from the difficulty of monster hunter and it being easy makes it not so fun.
At this point I'm convinced the people that are ok with these changes are either people who never really liked monster hunter or never actually played it.

Maybe if you thought the gameplay was forever going to stay contained to the completely separate half hour chunks that are conducive to portable gaming

If you're going to imply that the loading screen is the player's punishment for failure, you could at least say that instead of some vague bullshit about the game telling you you failed which will also apply to this game

I understand that it's a tutorial walkthrough but man I hope I can turn that bitch off.

Doesn't the monster gain some health if you got back?

It's not like they get mats if they dick around and fuck up. As long as they're not rewarded for their stupidity it should be fine

Those damn casuals, saving an entire minute's worth of waiting, don't they know this breaks the entire game?

Not to mention they gotta run all the way back out there, so there's that too

Dragon's Dogma have mods and World use the same engine

Tbh I am criticizing the shit out of the game because i care. I want it to succeed as much as you do mostly because i still think parts of the game looks fun. I guess im just a bit nihilistic thats all.

The game is no doubt going to be flooded with a unrelenting sea of shitters though. Theres nothing anyone can do about that now.

Do you have a wicked sense of humor as well?

There's plenty of shit wrong with the game, and I love nitpicking minor things, but the shit people are latching onto as a sign that the game is trash is really baffling to me

We've got shit like the ez mode mantles, plentiful free stuns from the environment, and the any time emergency multiplayer button, but instead people are complaining about optional UI elements and minor streamlining that have little impact on the actual gameplay

Here we fucking go again, I'll go get the popcorn.

The punishment is that the monster is gone, your spent resources are gone, you get 0 carves and no damage/quest rewards. You want those rewards? Start over and do it right or go the fuck home.

4U had a similar thing in it's "free hunts" where the monster would outright flee and you lost whatever you didn't carve off of it. I'm not seeing a "monster fled" message anywhere.


If these things cannot be completely turned off, there is no hope.

So why assume that means you can still go kill the monster?
It's a bit worrying, to be sure, but you're taking the absence of evidence as confirmation, and that's fucking retarded

Also I'm pretty sure at least the button prompts can be turned off, and the tard wrangler's voice can be changed

Which would be the logical thing to do considering that's where the Japanese market is, and thus where the lion's share of good games of the past decade and a half have been. Chasing after the Western normalfag is going to cost them dearly.

[citation required]

If a joke is set up right i could even laugh at dead children, so yeah.

When i get the game it will be MY game so i will play it however i want. With no voice acting, minimal UI, and with almost none of the gimmicky new bullshit. I will most likely avoid multiplayer completely unless if its with friends or Holla Forums.


Here is how I would play the game, except with my waifu the SA. I heard that the values in the demo version is different in the final release, thats why the G.Jagras can take 2 minutes to kill. What bothers me is the amount the monsters clip into the environment or themselves, float in the air or sometimes and act incredibly stupid. It kinda kills the immersion for me.

you mean how they basically don't do jack shit, stagger every three hits, and are just no danger?

recall that it's a demo. You really think a (((modern games journalist))) could last 30 seconds in a full-blown monster hunter game?

I don't think they could find the Start button especially considering the retards who designed the DualShock 4 removed Start and Select in favor of a fucking social media button

Man, the bingo sheet could really use an "It's just a demo/beta!" space

Yeah, thats at least what i heard. We will see when the game comes out though. If in case the monsters are still that easy to kill I hope this game has a shit load of casual filters like how the previous ones did.

A lot of that can be chalked up to them being low rank, and most of the footage we've seen is of early trash monsters
Still better than the garbage mounting we had before
The only one that'd come close to doing that is the rocksteady mantle, which doesn't add defense or prevent you from taking damage, it'll help casuals die more than anything
All the shit she seems to spout are tutorial messages
To camps, outside of combat, on maps that are several times bigger than the old ones
It saves time, but ultimately doesn't seem like it'll be more abusable than it already was

I can't think of anything to remove from the chart.

No, they couldn't. But then again, they wouldn't be able to beat the Tri demo or the 4U demo because they requires effort and skill that none of these dumbasses have.

Is the 4U room still open?
I wanna get some rust off.

Right, and I think that was because it was on a tiny handheld that already didn't have a huge Western audience; they knew it would be fine to keep it challenging. But now that it's on a bigger platform they softened it up for new platform users to have them come in. That doesn't necessarily mean that the true game will be any less challenging. It'll be some time before we know for sure.

Barroth ain't trash, m8. He was the noob killer of Vanilla Tri and he would still hurt your shit in 3U if you were lax. Here, I'm not seeing him be the slightest bit aggressive.
You mean where it was generally a bad idea to mount if the monster was enraged because it would probably throw you off and you had to score a bunch of mounting strikes all over again to have another chance? The idea of "lol no penalty, always score a pin that even removes body parts" is good?
Yeah they certainly can't just throw it on and chug potions and then just go for charged attacks and not worry about anything.
Which was to be reserved for village quests, OH WAIT, there IS no village, and there is nothing saying this twat won't be running her fucking mouth non stop through the entire game.
I'm gonna need a citation on "outside of combat". But regardless, the maps are meant to be traveled, not warped around. Monster all the way across the map? Buckle the fuck up and chase it down you fucking patsy.

Dude, vanilla tri was on the Wii.

Fuck it, i'm opening one myself.
Room is 56-2728-1604-0874
Password 8888

I never really had a problem with barroth in 3U
Aside from most of his parts bouncing against most of the shit you'd have when you first fight it nigga was easier than qurupeco

Not on its own, no, just in comparison to the glorified QTE it was before
It even prevents you from getting knocked over so retards can't depend on recovery frames, they'll tank every single hit until they die
And I'm not seeing how chugging potions beforehand would help at all
But there's nothing saying she will either
And if the button prompts can be turned off, why wouldn't the same be true for tutorial messages?

it was also the one of the very first times MH was introduced to the Western mainstream, and had a tiny following. It was testing the waters, so to speak. World is not that; it's an endeavor that dwarfs tri in comparison.

Is it just me, or is MH:World shaping up to be the objectively best MH game to date?

inb4 30 angry comments

Normally I would say things like


To me it seems like MHW is half MH and half something else entirely. So no, even though it may end up being a good gaem, its still not MH enough to me.

It makes a special type of autism to get angry about a game that looks fantastic and makes objectively better design choices to the gameplay, but you still hate it because muh paintballs and muh flexing animation.

Just kill yourself.

Pretty sure it's just you
Despite all the improvements, the game's being dragged down by some huge flaws that will drag down the whole experience from what we've seen so far
Also this won't be the best anything under any circumstance because the objectively better G rank version will come out next year

Oh shit there ARE new Hunting Horn features, in the description of this vid

Which are you going to choose?

People cheat even on the 3DS
Its not as bad since the game is coop only, if someone is one shooting the monsters you can always leave the room

You have to wait until the next release for Holla Forums to stop the irrational hate, like how people saying MHX was the end of MH and that styles were going to ruin the game, the same people are now hating World and praising MHX

MHW looks like a fucking decent game. Some things I'm wary about like the scoutflies and the difficulty, but I like a lot of the new additions.

Yeah whatever you casual nigger.


he also roars and requires earplugs along with said bouncing and hitting hard.
and it's NOT a glorified QTE now with literal button prompts popping up on the screen, telling you what to do?
Dude, have you SEEN any of these monsters? They don't DO ANYTHING. They fucking stand around, let you hit them repeatedly, let you mount them, and then just lay on the ground saying "carve me more, daddy". IF a monster pulls off an attack, the mant more than covers for the fact that the monsters are too stupid to ever actually do anything to you
anything cancer is still likely to just get worse. I've not seen anything good about this pile of trash that dares call it's self monster hunter

I guess in that case the entire game is a glorified QTE then, better scrap the monster hunter combat system and get something less casual
Because we're seeing a purposefully toned down demo featuring low rank versions of mostly shit monsters
You can change the shitty english VO to normal monhun gibberish, if what people are saying is to be believed


4U was full of hackers too, never stopped me.

I never once ran into a hacker in 4U.


Then you either didn't play it enough or never noticed it.

I played from launch for about 4 months then got bored.

Jump on 4U again and start asking for guild cards from the HR999's or open a +86 GQ / G1 room and take a close look at some of those hunters.

Maybe it was before save editors became so common, then. The most common shit back in the day was HR7 people wearing top fatalis armor of any kind, but there's also

I'm so fed up with this bullshit in xx that i went back to 4u. I forgot how much it was better:
The only thing that is bugging me is missing out the jp content, but i don't want to play the jap version since i don't want to search every moonrune everytime i need a part or weapon. Are there eng patch for the names of equipments and such?

I just want to hit things with musical instruments and it be balanced with the other weapons, not have a developer hold my hand.

I'm gonna tell you the story of two games. Killing Floor and Killing Floor 2.
In KF1 everyone healed each other, partly because they didn't know you could heal yourself and partly because healing others increased your medic perk and gave you dosh. In KF2 the game works the same way, but they added a prompt when you go below 50% HP telling you to press Q to heal yourself. As a result, damn near everyone you play with only heals themselves, teamwork is fucking dead because of one button prompt.
Don't underestimate the impact of some small UI elements like button prompts and their impact on a game's playerbase.

I mean, fair enough, but I don't see that kind of situation happening here
Telling a HH user they can press O to attack isn't going to psychologically trap them into only using one attack and never playing songs

Yup, but it might lock people into only using a weapon's special action like the baguette's stick jump. It's not really something you can predict, but it's interesting how such a small UI change can have such a great effect on a game's community.

Yeah, that is actually really cool
Sorta reminds me of the milgram experiment

First, it's safe to bet that things will change in World between now and release. Second, it looks like it'd be a really fun game that isn't Monster Hunter. However, it'll flop because they're trying to get an audience that doesn't want to hunt monsters and they'll backpedal with 'just a prank bro!'

It's gonna be fun as fuck, yeeeeh boi.

Here's the meme weapon.

So when is this faggot gonna show off the monsters? All I'm seeing is how you can go for broke and the monsters can't do jack shit to you.

The monsters can't do jack shit to anyone because they need to push casual journalists through the demo in 20 minutes or less

There's nothing else to show off in the demo.
That's it.

then whats with these faggots at the spire desert r whatever running into barroth and mudsioth and diablos.

I'm starting to doubt the claims that the original team made this and not some western branch of capcom.

I completely forgot about them.

Actually have we ever confirmed that it's the original team or is that just a baseless rumor?

Baseless, honestly.

Why the fuck are they making horn so casual? They must really fucking want people to play horn.

Jesus christ is that a huge Pike or Musky?

Well they keep fucking nerfing it every game, so I'm expecting it to be nerfed again and do 1 damage per hit as opposed to 10

With all of this streamlining and changes to the formula all of a sudden it does seem plausible.

It looks to me like a glitch in the "monster grapple".
Mud fish was supposed to grab the barroth but they both froze.

It's less that and more that 3rd and 4th gens were made without even thinking about the West at all, beyond putting in online for 4th. World, on the other hand, is being built from the ground up for Westerners, hence why it's not on a handheld and looks easy as hell.

PC's also foreign only. Personally, I'm probably just going to skip World entirely, I don't want my money to send the message that the kind of shit they're pulling is OK.

Considering the target audience of the game, I'm not sure it's toned down at all.

If you have basic pattern recognition skills it should be easy enough, but I've never tried to play a Monster Hunter without knowing Japanese, so take it with a grain of salt. All I can suggest is that the sooner you get around to learning, the better off you'll be, both with MonHun and vidya as a whole.

They are absolutely going to backpedal on the "This is Monster Hunter 5" when World bombs hard. I'm convinced they know it's likely to bomb, hence the use of "World" at all.

Keep in mind, they're building a game aimed at Westerners, so by definition it's never going to be as good as a real Monster Hunter, no matter who's making it.


Playing MHFU. How do you get the "capture everything" award? Already captured everyting, even the fucked up HR diablos and SSJ2 Rajang but nothing. Do I need to capture monsters on every rank?

Din't noticed there was a commie draw on the boat sail until now.


It doesn't have enough

With how fucking hideous the Helper looks and sounds along with not showing off any cute or sexy armour the game does look very much like a western studio made it.

She's not hideous, just uncanny.
Don't worry porn will fix it.

It's to blueball you.


If she was my waifu i would hit her stupid face every day.

She's obviously into being choked

How did they go from Guildmarm to this? Maybe this to appeal to the Western audience. :^(

I'd choke her all the way and enjoy the silence. And then cuddle.

This is what the Commiefornia folks they hired told them that the west wanted. Make the women look real! Which of course means ugly. Not cute here.

Have they showed the Guild Sweetheart yet? if she's been tumblrfied I'm pirating.

Pretty much this. It's all meant to appeal to Westerners.

I haven't been following World other than it's announcement, and now I see this!?

Holy shit, I'm disappointed already.

The sad part is that that's the least of World's problems

you missed the fun then.
Reusable items giving 50 skillpoints worth of buffs, in addition to decreasing all the damage you take. It lasts 60 seconds, don't worry. There's also one that makes monsters instantly drop aggro until you attack them or do something else.
Max potions that just fly around the map for you to grab.
Monsters hitting eachother and environmental damage does a huge amount more in true damage than your hunter does.
And they dumbed down the hunting horn again.

Did they change it? Last I heard I thought it was 90 seconds of use and 240 cooldown.

My bad sorry 90 seconds then, but you can refill it at a canteen which are scattered around
Also unlimited farcasters!

Wait what?

oh you poor baby, you didn't see what mantles do did you.
Rocksteady Mantle: Eliminates damage reactions, prevents wind effects, protects your hearing and grants tremor resistance. You also receive less damage from attacks.

The one in question

I-It slows you down at least, does it?

not your rolls or attack animations. Only your normal walk, running seemed uneffected

What's the source btw?
I want to see that for myself.

That's fucked up

have fun with a 4 hour video. also it's IGN so buckle up and try not to kill yourself at how bad they play.

also new mantles got revealed!
So you have 2 utility slots for mantles or special equipment
Ghillie Mantle - Duration 120, Recharge 300 - Conceals you from enemy view temporarily. The effect expires if you perform an attack or take damage.
Glider Mantle - Duration 180, Recharge 210 - Increases jump airtime and grants the power to ride strong winds. Also makes it easier to mount monsters.
Challenger Mantle - Duration 180, Recharge 300 - Prompts monsters to target you more often and makes them easier to lure. The effect expires if you are attacked.
Rocksteady Mantle - Duration 90, Recharge 360 - Eliminates damage reactions, prevents wind effects, protects you from your hearing, and grants tremor resistance. You also receive less damage from attacks.
Health Booster - Duration 60, Recharge 150 - Places a smoker that gradually restores your health.

Je suis monte!

God fucking damn it, they just had to ruin it


don't worry even if you somehow fail with the suit on, you get a second chance thanks to the grappling hook!

Being able to glide around like a tribal batman was already a nice thing
I just wanted to do it sometimes without getting locked into a minigame

You just don't understand.

I like what MH:worlds is shaping up to be.
I can't wait to stream this on Twitch and get like loadsa views and people subbing on my YouTube channel.

If this game sinks will we get a REAL MH? Or will Capcom relent and announce MHXX coming to the west?

I'm convinced Tsujimoto knows World is going to bomb, and that's why it's "World" and not "Monster Hunter 5" despite "it really is Monster Hunter 5 guys we just aren't calling it that"

The game won't bomb just because you hate it.
MH survives in Japan solely from the casual audience, and the west's casual audience are getting very well attached to World.


It's going to bomb in Japan though, and I highly doubt enough casuals in the West are going to latch on to make up for that loss.

Thats the problem.
If the western fans lap it up we get casual hunter Worlds 2.0 in the future.

I also forgot the reddit spacing.

Forgive me user.

Says who?

Im kinda doubting it will bomb. Capcom is shillling this game as hard as possible and most people apparently like the game, including the jap fans. Embed related.

MHXX Special Edition: MHXXX featuring Vergil from the Devil May Cry™ Series

It's going to bomb in Japan though,

It's not on a handheld, it's PS4 exclusive here. It's not going to get anywhere near the 3 million plus the last few titles have gotten.

Oh, it's you.
When are you killing yourself?


You should watch the Dauntless streamers to see the real cancer that'll be playing World.

I'm just glad world is coming to the PC so I don't have to buy a ps4.

When I finish my backlog so never

Anything in particular? I could use a distraction from my usual self-loathing.

Literally anyone on Twitch, they're all bad as fuck and do that fake gamer speech you hear at E3 Ubisoft demos.

Nigger, you don't understand, we gonna have fun, you and me, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. Hear me? We are going to have a good time and you can't stop it, you sack of tsundere shit.

FUCK♂YOU, stalker-kun. There's no "dere" to be had.

Since my gf won't play with me I'll make a 4U room later.
Blue senpai i look forward to clashing hammers with you again.

Watch your mouth, tsundereboi. You better properly address your SENPAI with respect from now on if you don't want to see my bad side.
We gonna have fun and you gonna love it.

Neither dubs nor double dubs will convince me. I can't even enjoy this trainwreck (((ironically))).

There's no need for conviction.
You will break in due time.

Ok homos, join me at 69-7718-9827-7606
Let's hunt some raths.
Remember, it's 4U.

I didnt bother to charge my dying 3ds after my last hunt. Anybody still in there???

Oh its full. Have fun my dudes!

Oh, shit.

hang on i'll kick somebody

ok, password is 8888

Apparently mhxx has an update now, but i can't update it on the freeshop. What do i do?

You fool, listen to that freak or else he will keep absorbing dubs and then he'll go after us! If that happens he will make everyone have fun!

W-what the fuck i love World now, i c-cant wait to have lots of f-fun whit it.

You're right, I take back everything I said about the colors being washed out and damage numbers being out of place due to the developers failing to make it noticable when you hit the monsters, World is the best Monster Hunter game to date and I'll be buying 6 copies on launch.

We overwatch now.
No game is safe.

How is that feature supposed to be bad, again

room is open

Not only did they shit the bed with all the stunts they pulled until now, they just roll over and go right back to sleep.
They aren't even giving the turd a little curtesy nudge. Let it end, already.

Gee faggot, it's from [THING] that is [BAD] so that makes it [BAD]! Duh!

I love this things, it makes all it more sweet when that insufferable faggot that keep whining about shit is the only one to not receive a award, then you can slap them in the face and is easier to make them shut up.

Or you'll get the opposite where that insufferable faggot that won't shut up about how good he is will cost everyone the hunt by taking unnecessary risks so he can be in the leaderboard or cunts trying to steal traps and stuns from one another.

I can finally rub in the face of the JE SUIS MONTE hunters how shitty they are

You do have a point, also the french trying even harder to mount.

just like hunt with friends

How far are they going to go?!?!??!

Pretty much, playing with random people is suicide, never did it but the horror stories sound absolutely disgusting.

Does anyone here still suffer through Gaijin Hunter videos I'm curious to know how cucked he is over the MonHun split.

Oh yeah, dick length comparision at the end of the hunt, this will create more salt.

Haven't seen anything from him on MH World

I just don't get how 90% of IG users are also bad players, and how most of the bad players use IG.
They can't have tried all the weapons, right?
Did they just look for the weapon shown in the opening and rolled with it?

Japan loves Overwatch and some sort of performance metric is what some people have been asking for anyway, so I don't see a problem with this. It's literally nothing but a neat thing.

I don't play with people this means literally nothing to me.

I've been trying my hardest not to bite anything this thread but your post finally did it. Great job user.

So NTR selector didn't work anymore afte mhxx updated to 1.2.0. Wht should I do since MHXX always crash whenever I open it with the NTR selector?
Also how can I backup my save for MHXX…? I used JKSM to backup my saves but only an "error opening save archive" shows up… what am I doing wrong?

that whats wrong

You're trying to back up the save file instead of the extdata aren't you?
Why do you need ntr to play double crossed anyway, do you really need cheats that badly?

I use it for the Translation plugin… i dont lnow moonrunes for shit…

Good news, guys! You can turn off all of the HUD! Look, see, there's no HUD visible in this shot. The guy says most of these are probably exclusive to the tutorial or demo version and that they probably won't be in the actual gameplay.

You need to update your patch. There should be an updater you can download on its page, assuming they've updated it yet.

So it's HH and LBG exclusive? I guess that's the only way a horn can hit a leaderboard.
There will be shitters who go for this award every time. We can all watch in amazement as they manage to put out less damage than even a poorly built melee-focused prowler, and still try stroking themselves off over getting on the highlight reel.

I actually have to be honest, I didn't know this much shit was going on with worlds either, is the concern if it's that fucked of a balanced game then that it will kill traditional monster hunter, or that the playerbase and scene for it will die entirely?

The concern is that it will be a bad game


Light bowgun overhaul seems good
the bowguns were probably the least used weapons in the series.

Why the fuck are you replying to me?

Holy shit, i'm going to bed.

You can come to my bed.

Get a room, you two.

I remember in an interview that they didn't want scoreboards in Monster Hunter. That it was more about cooperating as a team.

Why do you even want to play MHXX in the first place?

Tbh i just want to fight the atoraru ka. Thats it.

that's like 40 hours in, just avoid that entire trash heap of a game

Ah fuck, I hate this shit. That buy-in, f2p game Dauntless is going to have this shit too. Just look at the other replies like this retard
to see why e-peen measuring in these games is cancer.

Monster Hunter X and XX use ExtData to store save files instead of the normal save data. No idea why, but you need to back that up instead.

Welp seems like it's just a bout momentary retardation… finally made it work

'The fuck are Fable sparkles?

The fuck if i know, but I personally think it should be replaced with "Its just a demo!"

You mean the top right? Pretty sure they already confirmed you can disable this.

Scoutflies are like the sparkling trail that some of the Fable games used instead of quest markers.

I figured it may have been something like that. But as stupid as the scoutflies are, does it really need to take up two spaces? We've already got "scoutflies put the 'Hunt' in Monster Hunter".

"Fable sparkles" is the argument against scout flies "scoutflies put the 'Hunt' in Monster Hunter" is what the world defenders say about them. The bingo board contains spaces for both groups.

The sooner you get on fixing that, the better off you'll be.

I'm probably the biggest World Defense Force member here, and I'm the one who keeps comparing scoutflies to fable sparkles
"Hunting" would be far better without that ugly hand holding shit

Hopefully they'll be something you can toggle or just ignore completely.
The team knows what's good with the formula, they wouldn't make it hell for the pros remaining at least i hope so.

I really like World, but in my opinion the scoutflies are the worst thing, one of the challenges in World should be memorizing the big maps and hunting by memory, scoutflies nullify that.
The challenges in monster hunter have always been Patience and Memory.
But i still like World

it is going bananas
I don't like it but there are two sides to every sword

It's probably only a Lowrank thing, for the plebs, to learn the base game.
So, shit you'll be past within like two days.
Same with all the new stuff that seems bad.
I'm hyped as fuck for the game, but all the complaint's that i'm seeing, are probably only going to be in lowrank quests.

That's exactly what is going to happen

the retard wrangler, the mantles, and the shit monster AI+durability+aggression are pointing that all game modes are gonna be trash

I see nothing wrong with the mantels, they are mixing it up with some cool looking items, i see nothing wrong with the Gliding mantel.
The only issue i have is the new guildmarm, but you have the option to turn her off, so eh.

Where have I heard this before…

"I-it'll just be lowrank!"
Someone add this to the bingo

You don't see any problem with giving the player a shit ton of skills at no cost? You don't see a problem with them continuously making the player stronger so you can constantly meme on monsters, removing the element of man overcoming insurmountable odds that has been at the core of Monster Hunter since the start?

Being negative about this game will only help in the long run, anyway.

I ain't excusing anything. This game is shaping up to be trash in every manner.

Monster hunter is supposed to praise co-operation, enforce teamwork, not bring about cock waving. The situation I brought up is horrifyingly bad for monster hunter.

I don't think mantels will be a big thing, Grank monsters will still hit like a truck, even if you have a shiny cape on.
If you don't like them, just don't use it.

Except the game is designed around people using them, not the other way around. I bet you said the same thing about MHX and XX didn't you?

I only played little MHX, i didn't like the styles, so i didn't use them.
I normally play with my friends, but they didn't get it.

What is Grank? Is that some kind of DLC? :^)

The entire game is being made specifically for the plebs - if anything, this is what we're likely to see in G Rank.

By that argument there's nothing wrong with XX, just don't use Hunting Styles or Hunting Skills.


Look, I know you're just doing this for the (you)s, but could you please at least spell 'mantle' right.


Sorry, i've tried to stay away from all info, so not to be spoiled.
i didn't know G-Rank was removed, or not in world.
The only thing i've been spoiled on is the BOTW style glider, and i thought that sound insanely cool.
And they confirmed that you can turn the tutorial girl off, or swap her from English back to the Gibberish that they originally had.

To be fair, no Monster Hunter game has G rank out of the box, it's always the revision that adds it. That said, there are games that never get that revision, like Portable 3rd, and with how much of a failure World is shaping up to be, they might just not get to making G Rank at all.

Unless if there is a "Monster Hunter World Ultimate"

World will be the best selling Monster Hunter title to date.

In order to pull that off they will need to get about 5 or 6 times as many Westerners to buy it as have in the past.

What the fuck are you talking about?

They are going all out when it comes to appealing to anybody who finds out about the game including casuals, I dont have any doubts that the game will sell that much, especially considering that its already a popular series.

Presumably the award screen thing that shows off who did what to the monster.


It's not that popular in the West though, and almost everyone who likes the series to begin with is at best cautiously optimistic, with most so far leaning towards either skipping out entirely or pirating the Western PC release. They're basically going to need to get an entirely new and most likely at least 90% Western audience to legitimately buy it, and considering the market they're aiming for is mainly people who buy the brand names they're peer pressured into buying like Call of Duty, Madden, and GTA, I don't see it happening unless they make a very concerted effort to court the marketers and journalists who tell the Westerners what to buy - marketers and journalists who are generally vehemently anti-Japan, at that.

I see no reason to believe that World succeeding will happen, other than the old maxim that "anything that can go wrong, will"

Dragons Dogma, a 6 year old console port, sold 300k copies on steam without any marketing. World is heavily marketed and isn't PC only.
It's also being marketed as the easiest starting point in the series.
It'd probably be the best selling MH title even if it wasn't sold in nipland at all.

Where? Have you seen any youtube comment section/reddit/whatever is popular for game discussion?

I don't see this actually selling well. The shills obviously won't be buying it and it'll be such trash ,the vets will tell everyone to avoid it because it's trash.

Will something come up and the game turns out to be good? Not as long as the game:

So if one would like to play some MH on handheld, which Nintendo device should one choose?

I don't give a fuck about the 3D, so would the New 2DS be adequate?


aye, should be fine. Go for 4U. Avoid gen/x

I think you're severely overestimating the West's market for video games outside the brand names they're required to buy to be socially acceptable. Monster Hunter here is a titan that rivals fucking Dragon Quest, I sincerely doubt you're going to see foreign numbers that come close to matching it unless they rebrand it as "Call of Duty: Monster Hunter"

2DS should be fine. Get 3G and 4G, make sure to CFW it if you get a non-Japanese machine so you can get around the region lock, the foreign version of 3G got Easy Moded.

Most of the sales a game makes are in the first 3-4 weeks, merely Saiyan.

That's because the AAA market is built on selling a product purely based on advertisement with no regard for long term sales since that's what investors care about. MonHun titles have traditionally continued to make sales over time though, which is one category World is destined to fall flat in.

But World is AAA, and is also monster hunter, that's a win win no matter how you look at it.

I just checked the MH subreddit, i hate you for making me and I don't see a single negative thing. Surely all the accounts that have hundreds of posts on there can't be shills.

So how do you explain Dark Souls?

Why wouldn't they be? That's all Reddit exists for.


Tsujimoto could take a shit on their pillow and they would be grateful.

Saturday room is open for questan and grindan



Come for the urgents, stay for the Zeniths

Have fun

Nier is a niche titles in both US and Japan but Automata manage to outsold the original lifetime sales in 1 day

It's actually pretty comical how different World is. It really shows how absolutely retarded they must think the typical Western player is. Handholding bitch that never shuts up, removing as many possible ways to fail as possible, giving you as many advantages and methods to win as possible, player specific awards at the end of hunts to make sure you feel extra special, a million "conveniences" so that you never have to think too hard or far ahead. I imagine when they were sitting around planning for how to change MH in order to appeal to the Western market, the main director just pulled up a picture of a baby and said "This is our target audience, so design everything with that in mind".

And that's why I'm saying you're not going to see World outdoing the main series - Monster Hunter isn't niche here, it rivals fucking Dragon Quest.

Remember, when developers say "Western audience" they don't mean "the million or so people who liked Monster Hunter and happened to be foreigners" they mean the people who are responsible for shit like CoD and GTA selling gorillions of copies - the exact people you just described. So yes, that is very likely exactly what happened.

Where the fuck is "here" faggot?


Then go back to 2ch you nip bastard

Nah, I'm good Abe hurry up and resign you globalist faggot there is no birth crisis

Take your best santoku™ knife and solve the problem.

No matter how positive the comments are for the youtube videos, nor how much dick reddit is sucking, will matter when the game comes out. Cocksuckers don't buy games, as seen with Mass Effect Andromeda or the fucking Ghostbusters movie. They'll suck dick all day and argue with fans of the series about how much of an 'improvement' the new entry is, but they will not turn into sales figures. At least, not the impressive ones needed. Casuals are still not going to buy this game because it is Monster Hunter and they have heard it is hard. I'm worried it'll be streamer bait and make people buy and never play it, though. I can totally see some fucker streaming 'xD DUAL BLADES MONSTER HUNTER STREAM GAME IS SO HARD (LIKE DARK SOULS) P.S. I'M LOW RANK'

You better believe the cancerous growth known as twitch will latch onto it like a current-year-female onto her alimony.

I'm gonna screencap this post and make a compilation ala P5 announcement when World become the best selling MH

You have to go back.

Do you buy games?

Implying implication, or do you want to make some prediction about World?

Why do PS tards act like world is an exclusive?
It's on fucking pc you mongoloids.

When did I ever said that it was PS4 exclusive? or that I have PS4?

I'm just noticing a trend of anons making fun of 3DS/ Switch owners because they won't be getting the game.
Except they will cause everyone owns a PC

To be fair, it's PS4 exclusive here. That said, I own a PS4 now, and I still won't be getting World unless it somehow magically turns around and becomes a Monster Hunter game by launch.




Going to bed soon, and I'm guessing you're playing the locked version anyway

Gaming PC and you dad's workstation are 2 different things

I think fear it's gonna sell pretty well. All these shitters that started with 4U will try to bring their even shittier friends into it once again.
And with the amount of tard wrangling this game has, they might actually buy into it literally.

You truly put the irgin in Holla Forums, user :^)
Truth is by not buying the overpriced Ps4 and settling for a cheaper 3DS, i managed to upgrade my pc aswell.


Oh yeah its going to be a fucking field day for Twitch bitches.

Holy shit user with quads like that you might get some dank relics from a GQ

What kind on potato machine do you have bitch? 1080 or bust

Good one.

He is the resident Jap that spergs all over MonHun and recommends the japanese games to people that live on the west.
He also don't know jack shit about PC, like mods, steam or anithing like that
He is a cool guy when he is not salty about World.

So, he's always uncool.

well he probably got his wish granted, MvC infinite will have denuvo, that is almost a confirmation that MHworld will have it too, killing it for the PC.
Why would anyone put denuvo now that they can crack them damn thing with a bot, they don't even need to do it themselves?

Anway, rejoice Makoto-san, the game will bomb hard at least on PC.

>it's just a pipe dream that's never going to happen and even if it did it would be filled with 3000 ping BRs, ruskies, and lagging poorfags playing on integrated graphics card

Holy shit i dont even know if its going to make it or not. You guys are making it so damn unpredictable. I feel like betting money on this game. and i bet on it succeeding

Do not lewd the Gondola.

I will lewd you next

Not really, if the normalfags want to buy, they buy.

So MHXX is a £42 digital download on the switch right now, i tried the demo and loved it, felt so much better than generations did on my launch model toaster 3ds.
Is there any good reason not to buy it and use a translation guide for new post X/G shit to hold me over till world comes out?

No one lewds me. Ever.

O-oh, im so sorry user.

As a LBG main i like the extra mobility

Bow main here, we thought you were just a legend..

I vanish from the room when faggots wake up the monster i put to sleep before i place bombs, which happens so often the chance you will find me in a game is too small

Eh, im mostly standing back using poison or blast, its all shit knocking each other around instead of hitting the monster to me.

Every single fucking time.

You two seem like nice young fellows, can I interest you in some DAMAGE? You may have heard of it before.
Where the heck did this 'mains in MH' meme come from anyway?

conservation of mats. when i say i main bow i say i have one of every bow to cover every situation but only like 5 or 6 of everything else.

every game that has weapon classes, character classes has people with a "main" build, which is just a favorite build

Same here.

Dragon's Dogma had no denuvo, so maybe there's hope. I'd like to buy it if possible, but denuvo means no buy.

I stopped asking for others to bring bombs, people who bring bombs will bring on their own when you mention sleepbombing, others wont do it no matter how polite you are.

The amount of people running around with >200 hours clocked and having only used a single weapon is shockingly high.

I always have the top 2 or 3 weapons of every type, 8~10 LBGs because i want one for every situation
But i never end up using my GSwords, LSwords, GLances and Lances on serious hunts

Anyone still play on the WiiU? All this talk of world has got me dusting the thing off again.

i always bring them as bow but honestly never really use them. especially in X/G when bow can break/cut better.

Finally got around to playing Generations after not playing MH for like 3 years.

Just finished up the "village" quests mostly, unless there is something past 6 stars that only opens up after guild quests are completed.

Why did they think that adding arts and styles would be a good thing. They basically trivialize the game, at least up to this point, and take what would otherwise be some pretty tricky fights and make them babby tier.

Is this the new MH?

At least some of the flagship monsters are kinda neat

Tried bushido/adpet? its the most fun.

You want to die inside look up "nakarkos aerial style greatsword farming"

You might be conflating me with someone else, unless that's just a generic name you made up because it's Japanese.

My policy in general is to not support localizations in either direction - we got shafted hard on our release for Battletoads for instance. In the case of Monster Hunter specifically too, we know for sure they've toned down the difficulty of some of the games in the Western releases, and there are unresolved suspicions on others as well.

Cross was thankfully made by a side team, and Hunting Styles and Hunting Skills won't be coming back unless it becomes a full-fledged spinoff side series like Frontier if only we could say the same for World

To be fair they did call it world instead of Monster Hunter 5, so if they fuck up hard, they could always go: "lol jk here's the real MH5".

Yeah, I'm wholly convinced that's the reason for it. Either way still is shitty that we're wasting Tsujimoto and Fujioka on this, so even in a best case scenario where World completely flops and we get a real Monster Hunter 5 down the line, it will most likely be several years from now, unless they know for sure it'll bomb and have already been working on 5 in secret.

This was a really comfy thread. Here Ill post this before the thread gets lost to board purgatory.

I like the idea of styles. I think they need a lot of balancing, especially bushido/adept. Hunting arts are fucking trash though.

New thread