Star Citizen 3.0 Gamescom 2017. Underwhelming

Not sure if anyone really follows the development of the game anymore, I'm a 'backer' (aka sucker) from a few years ago, tried it a couple of years ago. Found it an unplayable mess full of game breaking bugs with virtually nothing fun to do. Ships felt like empty plastic bags that move with no real momentum or feeling of weight/mass. So called 'multi-crew' gameplay was broken with anyone except the pilot falling though the structure of the ship.
Running around a station looked cool but again there was no reason to do it as there were no shops or npc giving missions etc.
I watched some of the Gamescom 3.0 event over the last day and a half and I've got to say it looks about the same as it did with the fake giant 'Dune' worm event from last year. But there was no goals or objective to do and it seemed like 2.0 but with a tiny bit more content. And even in their showcase event there was game breaking bugs. They also have speeder bikes from star wars now (or something very similar) , but they were broken as well.
Bare in mind that 3.0 was promised back in 2016 (I think) but got delayed until June this year, then delayed again, and now appears to be missing features with plenty of old bugs along with some new bugs that have been around for years. I'd be surprised if they manage to release a version of 3.0 this year, even if they cut out a chunk of the content.
If it has taken such a large team a year to get to this point from last year I'm worried about what they will fail to achieve by this time next year.
What did anyone else think?
Is anyone else expecting the 'big event' on Friday to be another scripted tech demo?

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They advance at a snails pace, yet they burned through all the money they had.
Abandon ship.

When it originally just looked like a Wing Commander with bigger fights I might've actually backed it but now that it's "menial task simulator: space edition™" you couldn't pay me to give a shit about it.

Yep, I've already written the money off as a bad mistake. If ever they bring out something playable then that's good and I'll try get some enjoyment out of it. If not just I'm sure I'll get some enjoyment out of the salt moon created by the whale 'backers'.

Why havent you asked for a refund?

There's already a thread up for this.


A thead that doesen't even have "Star citzen" on the title


Yep, if CR had just stuck to a fancy looking new Wing Commander/Freelancer 2 type game with a handful of ships to start with and few upgradables like guns, shields etc. We'd probably be playing one fun game with the potential of DLC and expansion packs etc.
Instead we now have a hand full of disjointed feeling tech demos, and some vague promise of how it's all going to work together. I gave up most hope when they started talking about loading crates with items, then moving the crates onto the ship, then flying the crates somewhere and then manually unloading them. Like what the fuck?! UPS delivery driver sim 2018, with some half arsed broken physics spaceship shooter tagged on and some FPS shooter than only a handful of people wanted.

Imagine people backed a WW2 Flight Sim, and were looking forward to advanced physics and flight models, great visuals and some sort of dynamic campaign along with some co-op and MP action.
But then after a couple of years the CEO of the dev company says the game is massively delayed because he has a vision of a BF4 type 1st person shooter to be part of the game, then he wants to delay it more because he wants to add mining missions, literally the most boring thing I could think of adding to any game. Then he wants to delay so you can park your plane anywhere you like and build a base and invite friends to come plow fields and start a fucking vegan hippy commu because now your character has to eat and make packed lunches for missions. The it gets delayed again because he wants to put in an epic storyline in starring Luke fucking Skywalker. Then after 5 years since the initial announcement he declares they are selling ships skins, and new concept plane, and tanks and horses and outfits and shit to help with funding, and that you are not buying anything, but are donating to a nightmare of a cluster fuck. That's how I feel SC is going.

Are ya guys hype? Think the ritual suicides are going to start this year?

I only bought the cheap ship pack thing, was about $47 I think. Not bothered about getting that money back. Not sure how much people know about the game, but there a people on some threads saying how they've spent over $10000 on spaceships. And the punchline is that some of the ships are just a drawing of an idea of a ship. People are buying that shit up because CR and co are doing 'limited edition' sales.

Really?! There are no 3D models? I thought that the "jpeg" meme was just a joke. They really sell a fucking picture of something that might exist one day?

Tbh that thread looks like random shilling of someone's twitch channel and should be fucking locked.

I hope it never gets released, it's the gift that keeps on giving. Watching people defend this scam has given me so much entertainment over the years.

Several ships, and not so long ago they were showing some jeep like ground vehicles that had 5 variants such as AA missiles or a machine gun. Not sure how much it was but they have a ship called the 890 Jump which is a drawing, it was on a 'limited time' sale (or might have been limited number) but it cost…. $900 lol.
Here is the link, no longer on sale… until the next 'limited time sale'.

https:// robertsspaceindustries. com/pledge/ships/890-jump/890-JUMP#features

just remove the spaces.

Shut up! Once Star Citizen comes out I will never need to play any other game again! Fuck your pessimism! Lord Roberts has been letting me give him blowjobs every day and I'm not even gay, that generosity is worth even more than money, I would gladly take a third loan on my house to give my Lord more money, but the bank won't accept it. The haters have even reached the banks! Fuck the Internet and fuck YOU. Star Citizen is doing great, you're just jealous of our Lord. Fuck, I bet you're Derek Smart, the banks are Derek Smart, everybody is fucking Derek Smart, fuck you all, I'm calling my lawyers, this will not stand!

Just been on the reddit 'Gamescom Event Megathread' and there seems to be more disappointment than usual. Looks like about 70% negative comments to about 30% fanboy SC defence squad comments. You should read it, certainly a lot of common sense and logic gymnastics going on from the fanboys.

Knowing Mark he will pin it and delete this thread.

Check out this one from reddit

Honestly, I have more hope in No Man's Sky now, especially with the latest updates.

Even they know

I honestly can't wait for the waves of suicides when CR declares bankruptcy or jumps countries to avoid the bank


Yep, some of them are basically saying

And many fans seem to waiting for something big tomorrow, some amazing new footage that will make the wait worth it.
They did this last year and most people were disappointed, especially when so much of the 'game' was actually an obvious tech demo with very little game play. I bet all we see tomorrow is one (maybe 2) new ships in action (flying about a little bit), some ship flying from a station, to a planet and then landing (which they've been able to do for ages) and then people getting off and using a ground vehicle to go do a 'mission' which will involve a large derelicts ship/fps shooter bit.
The new ships will get a standing ovation and people will be awed by the FPS shooting in the derelict. But then like last years event, that's the last we'll ever see of it and devs will say that a lot of that footage is a

and then follow up in about a month with a devblog saying

I'm not even kidding they've said pretty much that sort of thing in the past.

lol I remember last year when they said that 3.0 will be a huge step in the development.
I like watching that shit show but Roberts really needs someone to tell him "no!" and force him to do the stuff that he promised instead of coming up with new ideas. He has wasted way too much of other people's money and when you hear about the stories of those who donated, you know it won't end well.

Only problem is that suicides are usually not reported on so we may never know.

Post yfw you didn't give shekel yidizen a single dime

Chris Roberts was always too ambitious to the point of unrealistic goals. He's basically an idea guy with nobody to tell him to stop.

I wonder how long they can keep the "delay" lie running before they admit they have fucking nothing and give up.

Roberts is a hero. Just imagine how many goons and furries will commit suicide once the project fails.

Fucking hell.


At least Bannerlord showed a functional game after 5 years of development. Roberts has yet to implement core gameplay features, let alone start working on the gargantuan amount of content he promised.

It's a problem inherent to Kickstarter projects. One which Roberts is particularly susceptible to given his history of being forced by his publisher to actually finish games.

Wait, so they will add more nonexistant ship buying in an unfinished alpha?

Gotta sell those Jpegs so they can put more retirement money in the offshore account.

They're gonna sell them ship rentals. The kikery is off the charts.

That looks more like the new version of the game will allow people to buy ships in game with ingame money.

Almost like something you would actually do in a real video game.

Buying ships in-game rather than in PayPal does seem like a step forward, and I assume they are talking about a wipe on ship purchases to keep things balanced as they crawl out of alpha and beta (if they ever do). Just like how EVE Online sometimes runs beta servers where the players can buy any ship they want super cheap so they can be tested by more people before launch.

Still wish this had been a new Wing Commander. As soon as the FPS elements were announced I knew there was a problem.

Same. Would've bought a new Wing Commander or Starlancer. That's what I'm nostalgic for.

Not this.

I'm not sure but I think you can buy guns, space suits and maybe a couple of other things using in game credits right now, problem is though people can also buy in game credits with real cash. They might allow a handful of ships to be rented for short amounts of time or until they get blown up and that will be the new meta, camping other players ships and getting on as a stowaway then executing the pilot so you can have the ship for free. In fact some of the big ships need more than one player to be effective (apparently) so just volunteer to help someone then kill them the moment they get out of range of the station.
In the mean time they make way too much money from ship sales, so I expect that along with the ground vehicle sales to continue up until the game finally gets released as a finished product.
At this stage it make more sense for them to keep the game in alpha than it does to finish it. Not like they are under any obligation to give any money back to people although I just read some people managed it. I bet it gets clamped down on pretty fast.
As for the single player game, they don't talk about it much and just show footage of the PU which can support how many players? I heard a maximum of 24 but not sure if that was also causing the terrible drops in frame rates and a ton of lag?
If they don't get much more than 24 players then some of the whales are gonna be a bit upset seeing as how one of the big ships in theory should be able to be more than 24 crew.


The whole game is instanced, so in your immediate vicinity (relatively speaking) there can only be 24 players. Keep in mind some of the bigger ships require upward of 8 players to successfully control. And yes, the game lags like shit, dropping under 30 fps even when there's not 24 players present.

Ok, and I guess that's the 'network code' they need to fix (just been discussing about it causing issues due to it being some bastardized amalgamation of all sorts of code stuck together with new bits of code acting like glue. But if the game is remotely like other games with lots of players and items (like ARMA 3) then it seems the server ends up being the limiting factor. There is so much information the server can send out to everyone simultaneously, so by the time all the objects, items, people, movement calculations and damage states of everything are calculated and sent out I think 40 or so people in one instance will be considered a lot and drag the frame rate down to maybe as low as 30fps regardless of your PC hardware.
Does anyone know what they initially promised for the PU? I was hoping for 20 vs 20 ship fights with capital ships warping in along with support vessels to help out with repairs and defence. Long winded battles taking play at extreme ranges with a hairball of smaller ships in the middle. Eventually the capital ships peeling off after calling it a day to go lick their wounds and repair/restock etc.
But now I'm guessing 5 vs 5 ships with 2-3 crew each and one player capital ship will be a lagfest. Plus locking people out your chosen system will be as simple as having enough people logged in so others can join that instance?

Hahah, yeah. But if they had that kind of clear gameplay objective the game would have a realistic scope too. All that money means nothing if "Build the matrix" is a stretch goal they need to meet.

I cannot wait to watch the apocalyptic nerd rage once this drops. It is be a magnitude larger than No Man Sky.


2nd image gets me every time

I started watching them the week before gamescom. They were pretty negative and seemed to realize that they were just getting art & assets instead of anything resembling gameplay and that they'd not fall for the hype this time. Yet today, their top threads are things like contrails, ship jpegs, and they're downvoting the thread pointing out squadron 42 is still a no-show.

As far as I understand it the engine is complete shit for this kind of game. Basically, if there is a cup on a desk, the engine needs to divert resources to calculate its physics regardless of the fact the cup is not moving or interacting why anything. It merely existing forces the processors to waste cycles calculating variables for it and every other object.

Shekal Yiddzen.


Yeah that's what Microsoft tried with Halo MCC. Apparently its hard.


Agreed, if it is an abysmal failure and gets dumped and abandoned all broken and missing huge chunks of gameplay and even some of the concept ships missing then the shitstorm will set a new standard for shitstorms.
It'll be up there with Enron, Theranos and the other great scams of our time, it'll certainly make front page news in some of the financial magazines.
I mean for all we know it could be some form of Ponzi scheme. He (they?) used the 1st amount of funding to produce a fancy looking tech demo to show as 'game footage' to entice a new wave of 'backers' as well as a second wave of funding from the existing backers. This was then used to make a very basic actual 'game' that looked amazing to sell more ships and concept ships. Then recently fancy looking planets and new 'gameplay' was added to sell more ships and get new backers etc. And here we are now, a visually fantastic looking 'game' which has yet to have the gameplay in it from the show last year in alpha 2.6 or whatever the 'worms from Dune' footage was from. All the other money could be getting syphoned out behind the scenes and no one but those in on it would know.
But to be honest I doubt it, I think CR is just such a fanatical perfectionist he'll never finish the game as there will always be one more thing that needs adding or redoing. He literally has Paradise Syndrome, he has had the team, money and time to complete one, if not two full games, but his fear of finally completing this game causes him to unintentionally keep asking for non-broken things to be fixed over and over again. It's like a delay tactic until the money runs out. Maybe he's afraid of the reaction it's not the perfect image he has in his mind, oblivious the fact no one cares about how he wants it as long as they have a working space shooter.

this, the devs are trying to push ship sales as well, all the fucking time, apparently $156mill is not enough for a space shooter with some fps stuff. Squadron 42 has not been shown for a while, something to do with animations not looking great or cinematic or something. That makes it sound like it's pretty much almost done and they are just finishing the final touches, but I, like many others have a feeling that it's a long way from finished. Why are the devs not giving out regular updates about it? The fan boys are banging on about how open the Devs are about sharing 'boardroom meeting' level info which gives insight into the making of the game and the decisions made like no other game in the history of gaming. Yet the same people are defending Squadron 42 disappearing into a black hole from where no info ever appears.
The fans are always saying > 'but next patch, but next month, but they added more stuff which sets everything back, but you don't know what an alpha is, but Chris Roberts means x when he said y'
I hope for the best but fear the worst. Lets just hope tomorrows announcement and footage blows everyone away with how far they have come. (I won't be holding my breath)


some people are referring to SC as 'BDSSE' which apparently stands for-

It's not even a fucking game yet. You just can't argue with that level of dumb.

That from an interview today with Erin Roberts

Well, it is a big fat pile of nothing. Sounds like the best simulation of space there is.

it's worse than I thought;

same interview with Erin Roberts

So not only have they not got much/any game play and still tons of bugs, they are talking about making your fucking character smell of shit. They are literally creating a fucking smelly immigrant delivery driver sim. I play games to get away from the realities of real life, but now I just think CR really fucking hates everyone who backed his game.

This reads like the worst feature creeped game ever, its the kind of shit you think of as a kid when dreaming of "the ultimate game"

'building the Matrix' confirmed

Same interview with Erin.

…but I like those features as long as they can be turned off for more casual play

I'm becoming convinced that Star Citizen is just an experiment to see how far they can take feature creep until the money runs out. Like, they're never gonna stop. Was any of this shit even a stretch goal? I assume people only backed it at first because they wanted a new Wing Commander-type game, not a realistic space simulator.

So George Lucas?

Trust me when I say you only think you will enjoy them. I remember being stoked for 'walking around stations' in Eve Online, when after many months of buildup and hype it finally arrived it was shit. A shitty character that wore boring clothes you could buy (or make I think) and that was it. Once you saw your character and cabin once you'd just switch the feature off as it was a resource hog for the GPU.
Showering will be boring after the 1st time you do it, having to go buy a McSpaceBurger will become an annoying tedious piece of crap game mechanic after the 1st time you do it.

Imagine having to land, then get out yr ship, run to the elevator, then wait for it, then leave it and run through some corridors and open spaces you've seen dozens of times to find the same NPC sitting in the same place every time in the bar. Then you have to go through a boring bullshit convo with him (which will be from a pool of about 4 conversations) to get a mission, then you run all the way back to the ship only to realise you need food, so you have to run all the way back even further past the bar to the burger joint, then spend $0.50 for food out of your $8000000 wallet and run all the way back and possibly stop for a wank, shit or shower on the way. Then after that you still have to have to have the motivation to do 17 jumps in your slow ass ship to drop of some fucking space cows and cigarettes for some faggots living in the fucking space cowboy sector.

It will make the news when all the autists, furries and goons start killing themselves and/or trying to kill members of the team. When people says it's a cult they're not joking, people have gambled their financial futures, and those of their children, on this trainwreck.

Pity then that he's making four games then.

I remember there's a bartender feature where you get to mix drinks for other players to "drink". The amount of clutter this project has accumulated despite not even having the basic gameplay ironed out is hilarious.

Is that a space atv?

I'm sure you'll be able to store food on your ship and eat with a click or two. Same with showers

There's always a fine line to be walked between realism, immersion and fun gameplay. Many people, especially the more vocal autists, forget that shit we need to do IRL isn't fun for the most part. Immersive features should be there to enhance the gameplay, not as useless clutter that gets in the way of the core gameplay.

And think of how it would work in a game, either the smell mechanic is useless and you do it once to see NPCs react and then never again or it has a big effect on NPCs and it gets annoying if showering is more complex than one click. Either way its a shit mechanic better off removed from the game

Here is the finished one from that thread.

And gets annoying even if showering isnt*
I cant type for shit today


And a movie;

But why, couldn't you just imagine they eat, shower, shit, pick their nose, trim their anus hairs etc whilst your character is logged off? I mean you're not logging off floating in your space suit in space, I think you have to be on a ship or in a cabin in a station etc.

In some games eating and drinking etc makes more sense, like ARK, you wash up on the shore of an unknown island and need to eat and drink to survive. Making tools, hunting, collecting meat, building a fire, making somewhere safe to cook and then carrying enough food/water is fun. But even that gets boring later in the game, you have a massive fortress, dozens of pet dinos, guns, armor etc. The basic survival gets pointless as you have hundreds of water bottles and can collect thousands of meats in minutes.
But SC is in the future, where you expect food dispensers to be in ships, cabins, bars etc. We just need to assume people are eating and washing themselves in game.

CR is basically turning the spaceship shooter sim many of us wanted into a fucking RPG MMO Survival game.

I spent the bare minimum back when their goals were still realistic, should have sold my account to an idiot while reddit still valued the early adopters' "lifetime insurance." I'm grandfathered into every jewish change they make (selling singleplayer and multiplayer as different things, getting both costs more now) but it really isn't worth shit because the game is not just conceptually trash at this point, but also a programming dumpster fire. I've got a brand new PC that runs everything else I throw at it on Ultra without a hiccup, and it can't get more than 23fps in Shill Yidizen. Doesn't matter if the graphics are on Low or High, doesn't matter if I'm running it at 720p or 4K. I'm not even sure there's a difference between the graphics settings, they look the same to me except a couple lighting effects. There is no "advanced settings" like you'd expect in a game that screams about PC master race so much. You can't change shit to make it run better.

I'm particularly angered because when I got on board, they were promising it'd be compatible with Oculus Rift (it was the only VR set around at the time) and that's the whole reason everything in the fucking game is in first person. No breaks to 3rd person when you climb up a ship ladder or take cover, etc. They were engineering it so you could put on a VR headset and never have your immersion broken. Since then, they haven't mentioned VR once. I think they literally forgot as it took a backseat to all the other problems. If it ever gets implemented it'll be some player's mod, and it'll run at 5fps.



Yep, some sort of hover bike that can be used in space as well. Can't remember for sure but I'm think were on a limited time sale for $35.00

What the fuck was the point of your post? Who are you mad at and why? Very confusing.

I'm mad at the oblivious faggots who still haven't realized that SC is not a real game and will never be finished. There is nothing to talk about. A better thread died for this shit.

Why cant you sell your account now? There are still plenty of suckers on reddit alone

The point of this thread is laughing at them, and Roberts' continued failures. Are you not familiar with how things work here? We have more threads making fun of shitty games/developers than praising good ones. Maybe you should leave.

I was a 4 year old, when I was watching my dad play Age of Empires1, and I remember thinking that when the game was turned off, all the villagers and soldiers would sleep in the houses you needed to build in order to expand the population cap, like they would walk to their designated houses and sleep there.

If the thread died than it wasn't better, and if it hit bump limit than the people talking in it have an excuse to make a new thread. Everybody wins.
You're just either a redditor or a goon who has no idea how image boards work.


fuckin A

when is that tv show american greed going to do an episode on this game?



How about buying ships when the Canadian dollar was high, then getting a refund when the Canadian dollar was low?

Well because I didn't want a kikestarter account I bought their smallest pack at $140aus when they started selling from the website. Over a year ago I got my refund for $190aus

Thats right, I made money off Kike Citizen

Behold, the only person outside of RSI to ever make money on this fucking scam project

Reminder there's a tracker showing every promise they would add to the game.


can't wait until cartels learn they can launder money by buying star shitizen ships and later refunding them, preferably when dollar is higher so they earn more legal money than illegal money they put in

It keeps getting worse. Worst $30 I ever spent, I could have brought a Sonic game for that money and at least gotten a complete game on top of the cringe.

Fucking hell.

There was laundering going on in the grey market. CIG panicked and killed it.

no refunds in kikestarter right?

Laundering in grey market? Tell me more.

I should clarify to say suspected.
CIG certainly acted on it though.

I'm still pretty interested in this eventually coming out, when that happens I'll probably buy into it either way.

I think the big presentation might have something interesting though, I've watched a few videos about the features that are supposed to be in 3.0 and they're looking pretty good, it's really all about if they can actually push them out and have them working.

It's been 5 years and it's got less gameplay than Wing Commander 1. Do you really think they'll be delivering on any of those features? The "game" is about selling a dream via producing nothing but art, assets, and TECHNOLOGY to fuel hype.

I'm not going to pretend knowing how this type of game is developed, however I do have some experience in gamedev so I can try.
While the time that has passed is extremely long, the problem, from what I understand from watching videos of people that have been following this closer than I have, is that they're still building all the core mechanics.

Now the big problem with these is that there are a lot of things to make. The universe generator and the creation of planets alone is more than any other dev has ever dared go into, so that's completely new unexplored tech with absolutely no guidelines, which not only requires a lot of trial and error, but a lot of research and development.

Of course a lot of people have the argument that all the features that are there, like shooting and basic ship control, kind of feel like shit. Which is very understandable, however they're not really making a vertical slice that is supposed to have all the mechanics down, and only missing content, that's pretty clear at this point. Everything is being built together, nothing is further along then the rest.
While that isn't an excuse for the control being janky at the moment, I think it's believable that they're just not done yet and they still need tweaks.

I still think they can might be able to do it, however it's understandable that most people wouldn't believe in them, they don't really have the best track record so far.

What gpu are you using user? I have the amd r9 295 x2 (the dual chip one, not 2 crossfired cards.)

I used to be able to run ultra at 4K with 60 fps easy, but AMDs driver support has gone to shit and im looking to jump ship to nvidia. I was thinking 2x 1080s or a single 1080 ti.

Ive got the cash (and a job) so barring a titan x ill consider anything. But just with the r9 x2, i dont want to have to fork out a grand in 2 years time for basically the same problem.

I can't wait until this finally "releases" they finally go fuck it and package up whatever they have and just wrecks every fanboy's delusional hopes like someone cumming on your free birthday cake.
The saltnova will be unprecedented.

Star Citizen

The musical.

Don't, you literally ruled yourself out with your own disclaimer so you take your own advice and shut the fuck up.
There I just summed up a load of titwaffle into 3 points we already know.
Those people are morons. There's a link further up that is tracking everything SC is up to and they are at 14% with constant rewrites and goalposting shifting they clearly do not have the core in place.
Yeh ok you don't really know how this works. Its building blocks, you aren't growing a fucking plant.
You are truly either shill or one hell of a gullible jackass. Probably both.
Nice shit sandwich comment you have created here.

You seriously need to kill yourself faggot.

Or… how about you stop naming your threads after ebin maymays, so to catalog doesn't get fucking useless?

from game development standpoint, from any other game devs, would be good to know from everything they had done if it is being done in reasonable pace


I wouldn't be laughing this hard at them if they had something to show for it after 5+ years. I mean, I know that the game is ambitious, but it's been a pretty long time and what has Roberts managed to make? A shitty tech demo with poor netcode that can't even go above 30 fps most of the time, that is devoid of content and even basic gameplay features and it's blatantly obvious will never be the kind of MMO he had initially pitched considering a pitiful 24 players can be in the same instance of space with you.

And let's remember that Roberts had promised Squadron 42, the initial pitch that got him attention, to be out within the span of two years, and I've neither heard nor seen anything about S42 in a while.


Netcode so bad that they scrapped the lot to start from scratch. If they just stuck to a fucking spaceship fighting sim the netcode would have been fine, but oh no, CR wants The Sims, ARMA3, DCS World, BF4, Project Cars 2, Elite Dangerous, No Mans Sky, Ark Survival, Euro Truck Driver, Eve-online and other games all in his vision of a 'game'.
What sort or a narcissistic rage must he fly into at the drop of a hat when questioned about the vast scope of the project that people are scared to just tell him he's created an ocean out what was meant to be an olympic sized swimming pool of a project.
I'm starting to wonder if feature creep and constant goal post moving is now just a way to try and explain away the endless delays.

They've done it with some of the ships in game as well, after many man hours of work working on the concept, 3d model, textures, moving parts, physics etc they just scrap them and start over again. One example being the Cutlass Black which they scrapped and have spent about 2 years redoing. It looks a bit better, a bit bigger, more 'slick' and it's a slightly different shape but it's still just a space ship in a game that fulfils the same role as it did before (as far as I know anyway, I'm sure a fanboy will explain how it's so amazingly, groundbreakingly different now).

No doubt in a year's time they'll realise you can't fit a certain number of specific sized crates as well as a speeder bike, then the 'backers' will cause a shitstorm so it'll go back to the drawing board for a redesign. They'll realise it can't be redesigned so just scrap it and start over again, another few hundred man hours down the shitter.
At some point if they want to save the entire project they are going to have to cut their losses, scrap 50% of the content (or more) and just make a basic spaceship fighting game with a handful of ships and upgrades and a solid single player campaign. Then if they have money left over they can add one feature at a time once it's fully tested and integrated. But the question is will CR's ego and possible psychiatric issues allow that to happen.

You know, the best way to make you seem completely unreasonable and have your opinion not taken seriously is starting off your argument by insulting the other person and acting like a giant sperg.
I'll look over it.

I don't even think you read what I wrote, I wasn't claiming all the core features are there, quite the contrary, but oke.

This metaphor means nothing. It has nothing to do with the point I'm making.
Feel free to go back to it and write it out.

All in all your post basically does nothing but expose how much of a giant faggot you are and that you will scream at someone expressing an opinion exclusively because you don't agree with it, without even trying to discuss.
Great fucking job user.

I'm interested in talking about the game, so if you actually want to also talk about it like you're not middle school feel free to try again.

What are you, a faggot? Also what game?

The really terrifying part is that the game has been in development for so long they had to scrap the majority of ships designs at least two times already because they did not live up to modern graphical standards. They basically redo the whole fucking thing to add more polygons and sharper textures. It's mind boggling they're wasting time on shit like that, when it could be released as some HD patch down the line, instead of doing everything in their power to complete the gameplay foundations and all the promised core features. I'm sure even the autist will understand why their ship doesn't have 4k textures like some of the newer models and will wait for them to patch the remodels after launch.

It just goes to show how batshit insane and wasteful the development process of this game truly is. Hell, they did the same shit with all the animations because the fuckwits in charge couldn't figure out that first person animations don't work with the third person as well. They were told it wouldn't work, they did it anyway and had to redo all the animations from scratch.

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read the op

Where do you see a game in the OP?

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What game? It's just a horrible mess of about 4 tech demos that they can't get to work together. So they worked out it's the netcode and have 'network engineers' writing the new code from scratch.
You remember that kickstarter project of the solar water bottle that would collect water from the air using solar power so you always had water wherever you were, or 'solar freaking highways'. Well guess what they have in common;- great ideas, good visuals showing what could be possible, some scientific mumbo jumbo that makes it look like it's possible but no actual meaningful working product. Instead both those projects are at the 'our engineers, R&D teams are still working on prototypes which will fulfil the vision' stage. Guess what, both projects are doomed to fail if you look at the actual fact that for the 'water out of air into bottle' project is not possible without vast amounts of power. There is no way you can force the tiny amount of moisture from air into a bottle using such small solar panels, even if the solar panels were the size of a house roof you'd still have massive issues getting a few drops of water in areas where water is scarce, like arid areas.

With the solar highway, the practicality and cost of building solar tiles to make roads hit a brick wall when people started to realise the weight of traffic will wreck them, they don't collect that much solar power doe to being flat and not angled on the ground. The led's are not bright enough to see in the daylight. At night time people use headlamps that blot out the leds light and many car parks are empty during the night away as the shops are closed. Even if they were not then having cars parked on your actual solar panels is not a great idea if you want them to get actual sunlight.

Same goes for SC netcode, there is a maximum amount of information that can be sent back and forth to the servers, changing the nextcode does not change the amount but can make it more streamlined. Look at other PC games, most shooting type games have a max number of player doing things before the frame rate starts to drop for everyone. For flight sims like DCS world there can only be so many players on at any one time before the complex flight models, physics and bullet trajectory calculations start to have a negative effect on fps. For shooter games like BF1 about 30 per side is getting towards the limit that a server can handle. And that is with basic physics for the vehicle flight models and projectile calculations etc.
For ARMA 3, about 60 players is the max in an area all fighting with some using jets. You'd be lucky to get 30fps due to the high level of 'realistic' projectile calculations and flight models etc. Plus the game has lots of items on each person the game has to keep track of which also reduces the frame rate.
Ark survival, about 70 players but then there is not much physics going on, you add 4-5 flying vehicles with realistic physics and flight models then have them going at it while players on the ground fight around a base then you'll soon see a huge drop in frames.
Even eve online has issues with over a couple of hundred ships in one place, and those are pretty dumb ships with crappy flight models and dumb bounce physics. If you added realistic physics and crew that could get up and walk about then you'd shatter the frame rate into single digits.
SC is trying to do so many things that I see no conceivable way they'll ever get it to work the way CR wants it to work.
Only time will tell, but we are already 5 years in and you can't deny there have been outright lies made about release dates.

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Yeah or he could've allowed mods so people would do it for free, add more ships based on other IPs (BSG, Trek, SW) but no, he wants you to buy his jpeg collection.

Sean Murray promised a lot of things with NuMale's Sky too but most of the features got cut so he could ship something. The launch was a failure but since then his team has been adding more content.
CR should've released something after all these years, at least Squadron 42.

Sadly there's no money to be made out of S42.

I've seen this argument a lot, and while I do think there's something fucky going on with the Netcode, nobody here has seen the code, so I think it's a bit of a stretch to outright say it's completely fucked and can't be fixed.

ALSO, a large player battle in a space sim is hardly comparable to something like Arma or most other shooters. There's no detailed map to load, there's no physics, there's no animations, it is in a lot of ways simpler than a military FPS.

Again I'm not trying to be an apologist here, I've got no stake in the game apart from the fact that I would like to play something like it.

Do you realise you indent your paragraphs? It's really weird

Elite Dangerous is already doing that. They would be in direct competition, bad for marketing or something.

I really hope they can fix it, I do want the game to be finished and fun, but one issue I have is that they continue to hard sell spaceship jpegs to gullible fools, some of whom are borrowing money.

Why are some of the SC team so focused on selling ships? (and ground vehicles now as well).

And it is a hard sell, they do their weekly videos saying how amazing the game is and how far they have progressed and what's just about to be released very soon. Then they say how there is a limited number of a 'rare' ship up for sale for a few hundred dollars. Or they say it's a limited time sale so get it now or you may never get it. People seem to forget all the games are supposed to be earnable in game.

I mean they are selling skins for ships, selling guns, and little hover bikes etc. What's next. Already alarm bells are ringing like mad, and in the back of my mind I can't help thinking we may see 'premium' ammo rounds or something in the future. I'm sure to try and blow out the shitstorm it would generate that they will say 'premium' rounds can be earned from rare mission loot drops, from obscure hidden away NPCs. But the reality will be that most people will never see them.

I even think that the SC store may well be selling pets and pet accessories before we so much as have a fun playable demo of so much as 50% of the game content promised.

>tfw I got a refund

Elite Dangerous did it right, stuck to core of the gameplay people wanted. Land in a station, buy/sell goods, rearm, get mission all from the cockpit and take off. Then deliver stuff, investigate, explore or fight stuff. Simple, great interface and easy to pick up with a few ships to choose to upgrade along the way depending on how you wanted to play the game.

Imagine every fucking time you wanted to get new missions/buy/sell/rearm etc, you had to get out of your ship and then wonder about until you got to the person you are selling to, then walk to the next place to buy the goods, then go take a shit, then go buy some food then have a shower cos you just realised you did not get the best deal from the last seller you spoke to because you smelled cos you had not washed for a day or so.

Might seem fun the 1st time because 'immersion', but I guarantee by the 3rd-4th time you'd be done in. You be up on the forums demanding they add the ability to do all the boring stuff from the cockpit and eventually signing petition thing to demand the devs make changes then you'd go stick a negative review in on Steam. What's SC doing? Well they going to add all the boring stuff, and if the 'realism' slider is actually going to be an option I bet most people switch of the boring stuff because it wastes time and slows your progress. So the devs are wasting hundreds of man hours of work and money to add things only a small handful of people will use. Even the most the harcore realism players will switch that boring shit off after the 100th time they've taken a cosmic shit after a space cheeseburger. It actually makes me angry that the game will not get finished or it'll get delayed as they will actually have to write fucking netcode to account for how hungry you are and how much you stink.

Seriously fuck off back to reddit snowflake. Your kind of teary passive aggressive bullshit won't get you far here.
You did but you bookended it with so much disclaimer bullshit so you can exactly pull this shitty move. Not fooled you faggot.
not an argument.

My recommendation is that you find the nearest exit bag.

It's max 24 people in your instance. Some ships need upward of eight people to function. The people that dream about having large scale battles like in EVE are in for a rude awakening.

Are you fucking retarded? The game will have a fully featured FPS on top of the space sim gameplay, and the engine is so shit it calculates the physics of objects that aren't even being interacted upon. Yes, you heard that right, the engine will, at all times, force the processor to keep calculating physics of shit that isn't even moving or near any player.

No, you're being something worse, a fuckwit.

I'm watching the live feed. Dear god the collision detection in CryEngine is shit. They keep falling through bits of geo all the time and getting stuck in doors janking about. The UIs look cool but they're buggy and broken.

And I'm sitting here wondering.. where the fuck is the game? by this point shouldn't people be trading and mining, buying new ships ect. Why the fuck haven't they prioritised the basics that Privateer and Freelancer had at least then people could enjoy the game while they waited, all I see is a bunch of graphics demos and most of them look fucking terrible since its mainly the art doing most of the work.

Adding planets this early on was a huge mistake.

Whatever you want user, have fun.

I don't think it would be that hard to have it like they did in Elite Dangerous, you can have battles where players can take part, but a lot of the battle is going to be controlled by the AI. It's honestly that much of a problem and barely makes any difference, after all if you had to play exclusively with players all the time the game would get unfair really fast.

Funny you should mention that, I got suggested vid related earlier and they specifically mention in it that stuff that is far away is stripped of animations and gravity.
So I think that's something they recently fixed.

Also let's be fair, the FPS module isn't that important, the real problem here are the ships and fighting in space.

I'll add too, in the time that this has been in development for, Origin had developed the entirety of the Wing Commander franchise up to 3 and privateer. So 4 full games plus a heap of mission packs for each game in that same time.

Can you link the video here?


The problem is, again, the fact that the server can only handle so much, and Roberts had the stroke of genius to choose an engine that is in no way made to handle space combat. It was designed to make pretty FPS games that focus on single player, not a gargantuan and highly complex space MMO.

The fact you can only ever interact with 24 players at time is pretty telling, and this seems to be something they have struggled to implement in any meaningful way since the framerate never goes above 30. This game is fucked.

There's no such thing as "a game engine that is made to do X".


that whole video I'm just like WHY.. WHY DO YOU NEED THIS?! WHY DO YOU NEED ANY OF THIS?!

Post more traps, faggot!!

How do you manage to breathe unassisted?


Great argument.
I bet you also think there's only bad Unity games

Those are some awesome fucking physics. Holy shit, I'm dying here.

I'm hoping they go the Jonestown way.

People should be doing all sorts, but I think they have major issues going forward with the market. Take the Freelancer ship, it can carry something like 3 or 4 medium cargo crates (something like that) and you would make a profit taking them somewhere to sell. Now look at some of the huge ships you can't earn yet but people have bought for real cash (so at this stage pay to win) They can carry dozens of the same cargo. So they will either dominate the market or crash it so you can't sell your shit for profit anymore.
Later there will be massive ships that can carry hundreds or cargo per run. They do one run and can probably afford a top fitted out Freelancer to come and fuck with you for a laugh and steal your cargo.
If CR stands there and openly admits the PU (multiplayer part of the game) is nowhere near finished but hints that Squadron 42 just has some animation bugs to iron out, why the fuck are they showing an obviously broken PU and not something from the single player campaign?

I'm more amazed as to why they're wasting their time doing this kind of shit

So just instance the market, there's no need to have a dynamic economy yet.

Well I guess that would work for now seeing as how everything apart from what you bought with real cash gets removed when they reset the game if/when it finally released.

Thanks user this is legitimately interesting.

The dream of a single player space adventure/shooter remains dead as it has since Freespace 2.

You know I actually think the whole Star citizen shit storm ISN'T special at all. However all of this is happening out in the open with gamers money.
That is the only difference.

Gamers are stupid goyim who have always preordered but now they think they're investors and armchair developers.

Could be, this is a definite first.
I guess it gives an inside look to people that complain when a publisher pulls funding to a project someone cares about. Sometimes it's bound to happen and the publisher isn't actually a dick

This is what five years and 200+ million dollars will get you.

even worse, the majority of those are just quality of life for the developers and don't actually impact on the consumer in anyway at all.

user, TORtanic sinking with no survivors was already fucking abysmal, and that game had the development budget of this travesty as well.

We are talking Hollywood blockbuster levels of funding going up in flames with nothing to show for it. This will deliver the deathblow to crowdsourcing, at least in terms of vidya.

You're right, half of them are just ship jpegs. This shit is the gift that keeps on giving.

i also remember an user a few months ago claiming he made around $1000 from selling his account to some redditor

Any of you watching the stream that just statred a minute ago? Go to the star citizen twitch channel and you will enjoy it and open your wallets for a better, Star Citizen, tomorrow!
Much love from the Holla Forumsederation!

Is it completely broken atm?

God this is an absolute shitshow, they got stranded in space because something broke and had to restart the demo all over again


I can't believe this


You know those nightmares where you make an absolute fucking fool of yourself in front of your whole high school class and everybody is laughing at you and there's nothing you can do?

Chris Roberts is currently living it IRL with 40k people watching him
Nigger's gonna kill himself holy fuck


quite neat tbh

I liked warp more in freelancer. Star shitizen's warp jump seems to be a rip off from that other recent space game that goes for like 10$ and has a cheesy story, same blur effect and logarithmic spacetime passage, forgot its name

Turkroaches manage to have a demo session with multiplayer that works flawlessly, for a fraction of the budget, and this dumb faggot can't even manage to run a scripted vertical slice okay. This bodes well.

Theres an American saying about sausages and how you don't want to know how they are made.

so does the player's dialogue change at all between these crashes or is this proof that the whole thing is scripted/prerendered

They actually switched engines to Amazon ® Lumberyard while still in development. Probably why everything is so fucked tbh.

It's the same, they're just doing the whole Ea/Ubisoft real player dialogue as in-game dialogue trope


Honestly the thing that pisses me off the most about this isn't even the bugs or the scripted stuff, but the fact that ships are somehow exempt from gravity even on the planet's surface allowing them to do impossible and unrealistic shit.
And that will never be fixed even if the game does release

Oh god this is a nightmare


My guess is they just gave up and threw phsics out the window because they couldn't stop the game from shitting itself otherwise.

It's a thing of beauty.

Mass Effect's Maco was more steerable than this

Holy fuck, I'm loving this.


Holy fuck, my sides


You've got to appreciate Chris's balls though, if this happened to me live I would not be able to go on living

Something about his tone and mannerisms makes me feel like he's trying to hold down some anger. I wonder if he's going to ream the PR team after this.

He wipes his ass with $100 bills every day. Why would he give a shit?

You should've seen the face of the dude playing the demo after it crashed
You could see in his eyes that he knew he was not going to have a job at the end of the day

this real-time lipsynching is worse than deus ex 1

But it's early technology, goy, give it another 5 years of development and you'll be amazed what Star Citizen can do.

wew gj

Faceware is actually a really impressive product, a bunch of games are using it non-live and it works really well for the amount of tech it needs.
I dunno why it sucks so bad here

Oh great, another feature for CR to waste a ton of cash on.

You know, this sounds awfully reminiscent of people buying houses on the Moon/Mars way back when…

Part of me suspects that the SC team guts features intentionally, and then slowly adds them back over time, so it looks like they're actually working on something

Obviously you need the exclusive Star Citizen webcam, only $599 for our most loyal costumers.

they keep adding these meaningless features to "wow" the crowd but they still don't focus on getting actual content in the game so they can have something to play. How the fuck do these people work?

What's the point?

At least they spend thousands on getting gary in game

They didn't burn the money on the game. They blew it on hookers and blow. Star Yiddizen biggest scam of vidyagaymen history.

Have you seen the "presentation"? The physics are fucked and everything is bugged as fuck.

I hope he likes to see himself getting fucked by furries, because there will be porn of him.

You know there's a reason why some things haven't been done before.

this sort of feature has been publicly available for years through hardware like TrackIR, but nobody ever used it outside of ArmA spergs

I like how they banned the word "scam" in the twitch chat.

This is embarrassing.

watching the black male character''s fucked up facial animations running as the white chick talks is fucking hilarious

It's not even a game, Scam Yiddizen is made for larping.

No shit, this is not comfortable to use, just try to move you head around while looking at your screen

That's not an objectively bad thing

user there's like 4 players on that ship. That's 1/6th, or 16,67%, of the maximum limit. That's putting a lot of strain on the netcode what with the capital ship. Just imagine if there was that rover there too. The game would come to a standstill.

Tbh the entire concept of Star Citizen was retarded.

To make a decent MMO sim-game you'd need a 30 year development and a budget the size of a third world country's GDP. A really fucking good physics engine built from the ground up is critical, and would take 5 years and great mathematicians, physicists, and software engineers to develop properly.

Wow this looks like garbage.

Jesus Christ.

All I wanted from that game is to be a space cop or space trucker. Glad I never paid money for the idea.

im amazed at how the game can't keep up with itself because of how poorly optimized it is and you only get 1fps while on a dogfight

A friend and I made a homebrew version of it back in Uni and used it a bit in ArmA2. It made infantry combat neigh-impossible because matching your weapon aim with your vision was a huge pain in the ass. However I will admit it was somewhat useful for vehicle piloting. It wasn't really comfortable, although that discomfort could be reduced somewhat by adjusting the sensitivity properly. Ultimately I think that tech is going to be replaced by proper VR devices, assuming they make it to the next gen

Yup. Sluggish framerate and no sense of weight to anything, just pew pew pew.

Netcode in this game is fucking abysmal. I played on a friend's account about six months ago and even on a really good PC your performance is shit simply because the game struggles to handle tha many players and objects.

More than 200 million for a space larping tool with expensive ships, that's a bit much.


me too, i got the game when it was the free weekend or something and i entered the social space and the framerate dropped to nothing

Meanwhile, NMS is being patched closer to the game we were promised…within a year of its release even. NMS is by no means a perfect game, but in the last year, I have seen more real world action than in the 6 years of waiting for

I gave up on star citizen 2 years ago….I knew something was fishy when it was being included with graphics cards before the actual release…

They tried to pull a ubisoft with their scripted dialogues and they still fuck it up

Audio's pre-recorded fam

It can only handle 24. This is fucking pathetic.

There's no fucking Newtonian physics, how fucking hard can it be when there's no momentum to anything?

Sort of like a MMO version of Truck Simulator? With proper management it would've been easy enough with their budget. Mostly making a game is about hiring the right people and having them actually do what they're paid for.

How the fuck are people still looking forward to this when this is all they got done after 5 fucking years.

I think they are just nervous about losing their jobs because of game spontaneously crashing, seeing as its held together with sticks glued by shit. They are on edge, so they when they try to act it comes off cringy.

Then the fact it was so bad is even more fucking embarrassing. What the hell? Nintendo pre-records and edits their Directs to avoid idiots fucking up live. This should be perfect if it's pre-recorded.

Just play Elite Dangerous

The problem with their netcode is they don't know what the fuck they're doing. They send way too much data.

Chris is sweating profusely too.

the only thing that is actually decent in the game is the astronaut space combat wich is basically shattered horizon's mechanics

There actually is, but the ships have a flight controller that makes it feel like an atmospheric fighter jet. You can turn it off and use asteroid controls where you drift around, but that level of stupid unnecessary bullshit is why the game crawls.

It's the engine though, it does calculations for every object regardless of whether it's moving or interacting with anything.

So why does it play exactly the same in on a planet as it does in space? There are no physics there, ships stay in place no matter what.

Christ, I thought he walked off-stage for a minute. How can one man spill his spaghetti this hard?

The developers, actual developers and not faceguys, are all third-worlders.

They're naive and gullible, and there's probably an element of sunk cost bias in there as well. You have to admit that the vision that RSI sold was compelling. In some ways I feel bad for the people who pledged a responsible amount (not the fuckers who wasted their family's entire savings) and bought into the concept, thinking it could actually be done and that Roberts could deliver.

I think most of us who knew that it was going to be a scam had just been around long enough to know when we were being bullshitted. I wish we all could have been proven wrong, but like Holla Forums we were right in the most horrific ways possible.


This is not actually true

What do you mean?

Are you pretending to be retarded?


Because they designed the flight system for zero-g and then couldn't into atmospheric flight when they added it as one of 500 million fucking stretch goals

Only if you're a complete imbecile ignorant of Chris' career or what you can actually do with today's technology. This shit is Freelancer 2.0.

Sure fam.

How symbolic for their backers

It's actually a jpeg commercial.

I posted a video here where they explain it and demonstrate it with NPCs

I'm all for shitting on the game but if shit's not true it's just not true

Yeah it is. That's how crysis engine works, because it was designed for small-scale FPS multiplayer, not fucking spaceships and distances measured in hundreds of km.

Do you know how actual zero-g flight works? You travel in a straight fucking line. You can curve the line a little bit, but not much.

That's not how engines work user.

What's the point of going to uninhabited worlds? Same reason for NMS, to do nothing?

I came in late, are they trying and failing to set something up right now?

Because useless features to make your game seems big are much more important than actual gameplay mechanics

This, pisses me off so much.
The tech's really impressive, sure, but what's the fucking point? Just make more space stations, space wrecks, or just put shit in asteroid fields

maybe if they were actual spaceships irl i could justify buying them for a price of a car

Oh, boy, here we go again. Multiple people have already called you a stupid fuck when it comes to your ignorance of game engines.

Yes, that's how they work if they have a physics component to them, and the Crysis engine does have that, and Roberts was an idiot for choosing it only because he thought it looked pretty.

There's no point to it, they're just there so they can slap "six gorillion planets" on the box.

they did a semi-scripted battle between capital ships, and now they're doing the same thing again except supposedly unscripted/off the cuff


Not how it works, especially within planet's gravitational well. You will constantly be in orbital motion around the planet and wrong maneuvers will result in catastrophic and slow crash. Your trajectory will constantly be altered by curving towards gravitational center. If you want to play around with basic orbital mechanics, there are lots of simulators. Least autistic and most arcadey is KSP.


I think it broke.

this is the worst dogfighting I've seen

I can already see the most effective tacit in ship battles, just ram everything and watch the game shit itself.


Yeah just because someone calls someone else an asshole doesn't mean they're automatically right.

Culling and deactivating objects that are distant from the player is not something that is automatically built in an engine, it's also painfully easy to implement.

Just as an example

That's it. Engines aren't designed for anything specific, they just offer you a bunch of pre-made functions that allow you to compute inputs, create movement and render the game.

This. We memed the shit out of NMS but Sean Murray knew when to stop bullshitting around because he forced himself to stick to a deadline. He released the game with less features than promised but he's been adding them back since.

Holy hot damn, that was awful.

What the fuck's going on?

You must be clinically retarded. We've already told you that's not how the engine works, and since it was made for a single player FPS game with a focus on graphics it didn't matter all that much what it did with the physics, but guess what happens when you try to use that same engine to make a MMO flight sim?

Star Citizen happens.

How much did you spend on this scam?

user repeating something with no proof doesn't make it true. You don't know how engines work, it's painfully clear.

Be honest, how much did you pay for it.

There is no such thing as a zero g flight, faggot. You can experience zero g as a person when your ship is flying faster than it's being pulled towards the planet, but there is never a case when gravity is not acting on you.

You have no idea what you are talking about.

Most of the people looking forward to this game probably live in overpopulated concrete jungles filled with all sorts of garbage people and this is their virtual escapism ticket.

I had one of those pinart things in the mid 90s. Big one, had metal pins, you could make a whole face with it.

And unlike star citizen it existed and was fun.

Oh, my sweet child of summer.

I didn't know there was more
why would you post this

Because you disagreed with me.

also keep in mind that these suits are outrageously expensive

each one of the people in this video likely make six figures


There's a reason I said "people".


You mean

Even if the game came out, even if it would somehow work, even if it would somehow have everything as advertised. It would still be a utter piece of shit because of the community you have to interact with

What? No, that's not at all how a parabolic flight works.

Don't make me dig out something worse.

The CryEngine wasn't made for that kind of stuff. Another example of wrong engine choices for a game: Mass Effect Andromeda. They wanted pretty graphics so they went with Frostbite but the engine can't handle huge open world maps so the game freezes for 2 or 3 seconds when on exploration.

I don't have the game. I'm just comparing the two creators. Both Roberts and Murray are dreamers but Sean Murray is the only one to keep his feet on the ground because he had a deadline to release his game (it might have been a request by Sony). Chris Roberts has been dreaming for 5 years now, wasting more than 200 million with no deadline on the horizon to deliever a playable product worthy of that money.

Aaaaaaand its a wrap.
Another successful presentation, and a few extra million in the bank. A job well done.

you won't

Zero-g flight

When you ise energy to accelerate mass in a nearly frictionless environment the mass does not decelerate appreciably unless an equivalent force is applied. If you go in one direction you have to apply force to change direction. You travel in a straight line. There is no dogfighting in space.

Go ask /agdg/, there's not a single genre that benefits from being on one engine or another.

Andromeda stutters and works like shit because Bioware could not be fucked learning how to cull objects properly and because the dynamic shadows of the map changed position with the player's camera orientation putting huge strain on the hardware.

IIRC it's company wide policy that all EA developers have to use Frostbite for their games.

Just because SC is worse doesn't make NMS a better game. It just means it's a less smelly turd.




something important in me just broke



posting this will never be tiresome:
> ??:?? furry i aint searching the timestamp for that
no, really: it's hillarious to see this shipwreck of a game

I think you're right.

So you mean to tell me that while 10* poles managed to make a netcode system that effortlessly handles a hundred players on a map with thousands of independent entities that globally interact with each other at 60 ticks/sec, in a few months as a total replacement for their previous netcode system in their ground-up custom engine…

…but Roberts and Co can't get more than 24 players on a server in a flight-sim/fps, one of the most studied genres in terms of real-time netcode with hundreds of millions of dollars, multiple years, and using a licensed engine?

*That includes the artists and business staff.

Why do they look so sad?
Is it because they live in Poland?

He's trying to look everywhere BUT the camera haha.

George isn't 200+ million dollars in dept though


sounds legit, furshit sc-shill

Emphasis on the engineer part, intelligent people can be sick in the head too.

I suspect they've quietly dropped VR because they're discovering all of the ways that immersive VR makes most people throw up and suffer horrible headaches if not handled properly, which first-person movement is really bad for. Also, it requires extremely low and consistent latency, because the delay between when you move your head and when the view changes has to be faster than the time it takes the signal from your inner ear to get matched against the signal from your eyes, which based on your performance reports they don't have either.

What is wrong with engineers? All of them are furries or bronies or BDSM retards or horsefuckers, are they both expressions of autism, adeptness at engineering and the desire to fuck four-legged creatures, or does one cause the other, or what? Is one caused by the other, an unbalanced person who can fly so close to God in one aspect of their life needing to feel superiority in all others? Are they both just caused by some sort of psychic German overmind?

Every furfaggot I've ever worked with got where they are because of their parents and constantly need other people to fix and finish their shit.

Day of the rake soon leaf.

Being massively undersexed breaks you. It's way more unhealthy to be long-term unattractive than people understand.

Pretty obvious case of the staff not being diverse enough. Not seen fridays stream yet, but I know a few of the fanboys were saying how what we saw on wed/thur was just crap low level filler because the brand new, groundbreaking, amazing, stunning, mind blowing new content was saved for friday as showcase for all the new stuff they had done since the lie about this time last year.

So since last year what's new and worth playing?

Isn't there video of that too?

last i heard is you need 1080p per eye and 90fps min. sc can not deliver that until they 'fix' the 'netcode'.

Hello fellow gamers,

I think by the time Chris Roberts gets any core gameplay for his boring spaceman game in Skyrim and Fallout 4 will be ported to the next generation consoles, all DLC included with greater graphics and virtual reality!

That was Otto von Bismarck, you illiterate burger.
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So basically .Hack?

I've been playing games since 1998 and I have never preordered or funded a single game. Warren Spector could come on Holla Forums and beg for money to do a new Deus Ex and I'll tell him to fuck of.

This industry is too much trash to deserve money sight unseen.

Fanboy shills are shilling hard;

What we saw was a lot of very good components and a lot of integration issues. Those integration issues will eventually be sorted out, but the feature set is looking very impressive and there's a lot of stuff that is working perfectly that is really hard to do. For example, the rendering pipeline, and entity management is looking very impressive. Yes, there were bugs, but they weren't really fundamental design issues - they were bugs, and they'll ultimately get squashed.

Lol, seriously WTFface.jpeg, so there was some face movement thing, feature creep I didn't even know was added until the terrible stream showed it, and it didn't work properly unless the grinning face was meant to be like that. I'm not going to give a fuck what face the player flying another ship is doing if I'm spinning around his ship at 300m/s blasting him to smithereens from 100m away.

It looks like they are going to now try and sell hardware to get the most out of the game. I'm laughing so hard I need to take a shit. Honestly not sure the hardware exists or if you have to pre-order it.

I'm not sitting though the two and a half hour stream, when they showed the Idris did anyone run about in it or is it just mostly a shell?

And did they really finish by showing an advert for a spaceship.jpeg they are wanting to sell?


I'm just waiting for the Devs to say they fixed the netcode as best they could but as the engine they chose at the time was never intended to work with a game of this magnitude they need to make a new engine which will work with the new netcode. Then they'll say not to worry as many many assets they currently have can be ported over from the current game. They just need to write some new software that can allow that to happen and are currently hiring a team of 20 people to work on that projects. Then they'll go on to say that this means a delay of a few months, in the mean time here are some new pictures of ships we are going to add, which are on a limited, member only sale for only 1 week, a really solid investment which will pay you back tenfold when the game goes live.

Fanbois will then say this a sure sign of dedication and progress.

And pic-related, mfw I suddenly realised that stuttery, broken garbage space 'battle' I just watched was not even over the internet, it was over a fucking LAN.

It's still a huge fuckup that a team this size with this funding couldn't change how the engine behaves in terms of relaying only needed information over the network. It's the only logical thing that can cause this shit since the cryengine is pretty good at simply omitting shit for objects that aren't in view so even a Level with a high amount of demanding shit in total should be managble by a decent PC.

they've already switched engines once, iirc

I thought that was to do with GPU usage? So if something you can't see happens, it gets cut out of the GPU render to save usage then you have more power of the GPU to use for better FPS?

But even if you can't see anything then the code for the thing being there still has to exist as you are not the only person who is or may at some point soon be interacting with it. Goes back to the teacup, but fanbois call that out so lets make it more realistic.

A ship 2km away from me behind a space station can not be seen, so the game engine knows that my GPU does not need to render the giant gigapixel mess in… But wait a minute, why is my fps still the same as when I could see it..

Answer:- nothing to do with hardware on client side. Its to do with the fact you have an entire FPS shooter (like doom) contained inside a ship which is moving, with people interacting inside, with parts of the ship constantly changing damage state etc, along with the fact another ship 100 meters away is doing the same stuff and may well bounce off it, along with the fact they are going from zero gravity space to high atmosphere low drag, to low atmosphere high drag, and every round they are firing from each gun, turret gun and missiles has to given an equation to work all that out (each one is like a tiny manless spaceship under the same rules as the ship).

But it gets worse, because now we have to have the server remember and change the state of every piece of structure of each ship, which doors are open or closed, which parts of the the ships are pressured or not, how hungry people are, what level of armor they are using, how damaged that armor is, how much they smell, how much ammo per gun per person (assuming only 3 guns a person), heat build up per gun/ship/person etc there is, oxygen levels for everyone etc. And on top of that we have 'face over IP', so facial expressions have to be recorded and and sent to every one in 'realtime'.

And it gets worse, because the space station the fight is happening over is moving, the planet the station is orbiting is moving itself, there might be a thousand parts of other ships/cargo floating around this station from a previous battle 3 minutes ago. Meanwhile in the station some people start mixing each other cocktails and are sitting in a bar chatting over Voip with real time facial animations whilst their mates are ramming medium size ships full of cargo and crew into each other for a joke just to see shit burn…

Now tell me how the fuck can 'fixing the netcode' makes all of that happen across different rigs, countries, inputs, internet speed connections etc etc etc.

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