So what ruined gaming the most?

so what ruined gaming the most?


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All of what you listed boils down to Jewish greed, so, there's your answer.

How is 3D Jewish greed?

Good question. At first, I assume it was an honest attempt to push gaming's limits and introduce new ways to expand game narrative through environment without adding too much flow-breaking text.

What we have now though is an endless cycle of attempting to make games where every pore on every character's scrotum is rendered in painstaking detail for no reason other than to drive the cost of production up and drive overall game quality below 0.

It boils down to bigger budget games and the focus on delivering an experience rivaling what we already had with hollywood shit. You can thank FFVII for that.

Cinematic experiences made videogames easier to approach for normalfags and later on, fake nerd girls. The thirsty faggots making up the majority of gaming population back then made easier for the latter to subvert the community and make it more permissive to the idpol garbage that plagues the medium in the west nowadays.

Esports was legit when it was community-driven and there were no sponsors, no TV networks, and pretty much no one who would get cash out of it, other than the people actually playing the games.

Normalfags, because if they didnt buy all that shit from {{{corporations}}} they would just cater to gamers.

because people started viewing it as a way to show a story and valued that over gameplay. 3D brought in the art faggots

I wish someone would release a 2D only/primary console like a super powered SNES.
Just make the controller a simple one that can't effectively be used for 3D games, port over some indie games and see where it goes.

Why do you have the same option 3 times? Anyway that's the correct answer.

you're basically describing the ouya

It was the shift from video game making becoming a hobby of programmers to a corporate money grubbing and political grandstanding.

Voice acting.

Actually let me fix that, professional voice acting.

I though the ouya was more all purpose?

Why dont you blame any game that added movie sequences in them? Like red alert.

It was for 3D too but it was the indie console.

It would probably actually be a success nowadays. Consoles ahead of their time for 400, Alex.

Tell me how you would enforce "2d only" without acting as some kind of gatekeeper who decides which games are allowed to be made.


Checked their library, probably could do for some quality control and not having emulators/a fucking twitch app in their 'games' section.
Just get some quality games to start and don't let every jag with a half assed game end up on your system.

Simple: One D-pad, no control sticks on the controller. That alone cuts out a ton of 3D games, sure they can put the 3D graphics on 2D style games but eh. Its a step forward.

If you're the final say on what makes it to your platform i.e. Valve/Steam relationship; you could outright deny 3D submissions and only accept developers with 2D offerings.

I dislike 3D but I think 2D only would really kill the viability of this theoretical indie console.

Who keeps making these threads?

Fuck off, shitposter.

DS had plenty of 3D games that worked fine with just one D-pad. Granted, the touchscreen was effectively a camera stick in some games, but let's go for a really specific example:

I assume you think the SNES controller is the end all, be all of 2D controllers, which means you'd have shoulder buttons. Not only has camera been controlles through shoulder buttons in past games, the N64 version of Mega Man Legends might as well be a D-Pad only game, since the stick both controlled Mega Man's movement and the camera in a clunky PSO style, but strafing with the L and R buttons made it not only playable, but enjoyable.

Basically, a controller won't lock out 3D games. Not even the NES controller would be able to deter a dedicated developer.

Normalfags caused all those other problems, except 3D graphics which isn't even a problem.

yo momma

The money and the time intensive tech are obvious factors. You know what is really killing gaming? Good artists jump willingly into the machine anyway. And if they don't, most indie devs are lazy and generic throwbacks are enough to be considered great. Growing up in the 80's and 90's, small teams invented new genres. We are in a cultural decline where regurgitation of the old beats out crafting something new.


Because it was insanely popular and one of the first titles that were referenced when people started the "videogames can be art" meme.



Sport team licensing like in Madden and FIFA.


Threads like these that only focus on negativity.

do you have any good news to bring to the table?

… ?


And boy were they wrong!

Basically when graphics became good enough for the barrier of entry of playing vidya to be low enough. Graphics make it harder to make convincing complex games since you have to animate and render all those mechanics too.

Good graphics make it so the consumer base is larger, so marketing is more profitable. More of the budget goes towards the arms race of marketing and graphics to sell units.

Brand loyalty has also allowed publishers to get away with horrible payment models. When companies like nintendo eventually fall to DLC models, you know it's gotten to be a joke.

Graphics make games more accessible. More accessible means it's more important to maximize the market so more money goes to graphics and marketing. More money and more idiots with money means more dangerous payment models becoming the norm since companies can take the PR hit.

As opposed to celebrating dumpster diving?

Jewish greed and the race to the bottom that is blind fanboyism
Sage for shit thread with a poor premise

So, what threads are left?


Those goddamn fucking 3D games!
They're the bane of my existence. Everything's been downhill since Battlezone. Fucking casuals.

What other ones? OoT?
I mentioned FFVII specifically as to note that it was one of the starters of the increase in budgets for videogame creation.

I have less of a problem with the "videogames can be art" meme, and more with it's sucessor:

You can't deny that better graphcs brought more shitters into video games.
If all games looked like dwarf fort then it would still be an obscure hobby.

easier games, not better graphics. If Castlevania 2 were made with beautiful lifelike graphics but still played exactly thr same with the same cryptic bullshit do you think casuals would play it?

Depends on the series.

I like to blame ((((Hollywood))) or rather this weird goal of trying to make games more cinematic or just aping (((Hollywood))) in general.

People who never really enjoyed games but are massive Jews replaced the passionate gamer turned devs.

Fanboyism, but more specifically the whole anti-criticism "shut up and turn off your brain or you're an entitled racist" circlejerk that started with gamergate.
Also, the Xbox 360.

all of the above.

I have to say girls with the gurl gamerXD part more, also could blame ps2 for being a friendly first step. But all in all there would never ever be this normalfag friendly if it was not for Halo aka allot of peoples first fps, in general cod4 was the big Jewish scheme that no one saw coming it was normalfag friendly and about patriotism and had a simple but addictive mp for the faggots.

You forgot about

I think that it depends on genre.
Voice acting combined with political pressure to limit player choice
Chads and thus chad-targeted game design

Sony proactively stamping out 2D games in the PS1 era, combined with the commercial death of cerebral PC genres in the late 90s

Fair point, but still it'd be a discouragement.




Games becoming a multimillion dollar industry.

Also women + numales.

I'd say its ease of access and popularity of the internet that caused the downfall of video games. It has two major downside. the first is that it created a generation of kids that would rather watch some faggot play a video game instead of playing a video game themselves, thus creating the e-sport and streamer-bait/meme game genre.
The second, is that the internet brought shit like DLC, micro transaction, multiplayer only games and the ability for game dev to rush a broken mess of a game to market and "fix" it later. Also, shit like early access and making the public beta test your games

I mean, we can blame the usual boogiemen (ie: jews, casuals, ect) but those are hardly new to the video games industry, they were always here. (company releasing half finished games in the 2600 and NES days to make a quick buck, Capcom re-releasing the same game over and over with minor improvement) It's the popularization of the internet that helped those groups to flourish.

Kikes, Normalfags aka kike puppets who will force fed themselves kike shit.
It is pretty simple. I mean like how fast 8ch went to shit with a kike BO. Look at how fucking garbage the catalog is.

Things are getting very bleak here indeed.

>>>Holla Forums

Pop culture.

Trends in pop culture create trends in video games. People who make video games know nothing about pop culture, so it never works when they try to capitalize on it. It just makes it worse. Games used to be more of an independent subculture, where it was more about technical prowess and new mechanics. Most innovative and technically superior was the most memorable. Now it isn't about that, it's just about being relevant, so devs shove in dumb shit like outdated memes and political statements to try and garnish attention.

Video games were never niche, you cock, just the specific video games you played were.

casual gamers' aversion to reading is why no new elder scrolls game will ever be better than morrowind. Imagine how shitty lord of the rings would be if tolkien had to voice act the whole damn thing.

Just keep shitposting through the never, user.

You know, it just now occurs to me why they went from gold to blue hair; if you imagine that their head is on fire and so are they, the hotter it burns, the more blue it gets, they go from yellow to red to blue


Normalfaggotry and Nu-Businesses in which the people with the money think they know what's best instead of delegating to people who know what the fuck they are doing.

Are you serious? It's true that video games started out as being popular, as arcades were the successor to things like pinball machines, but once the western industry crashed, most people didn't give a shit again until the mid/late 90s, following the introduction of the PS1. The brief window where games were niche was the single best thing to happen to them.

Muh realism

It's essentially the same thing. The kikes wanted to appeal to a "bigger audience" for more shekels.



Women and the need for betafaggots to appeal to their idiot beliefs because of pussy


pic related kind of unironically fits this criteria. imho the 3d/2ds has had some of the strongest games of all the systems this/last gen.

seriously though even if a lot of our favorite franchises get butchered there are still quality games coming out and also a virtually unlimited backlog of good games from the 90s and early 2000s

okay you're a knuckledragger if you think 3d graphics ruined games, but everything else you listed, especially publisher jewery is created as a biproduct of normalfags and casuals entering the medium

I'd say the GBA is much closer to an upgraded SNES than anything else that exists, technology-wise. Its library is outstanding too, most of the best games therein being successors to NES, SNES, and even Genesis games.

What happened to the book industry? Was it the Jews, or increased literacy among the masses?

Nigga this piece of shit barely has any 2D games.

Why not get a Vita with emulators, didn't it get fully hacked recently?

I think A Song of Ice and Fire getting big was actually due to the Jews.

The GBA still couldn't 100% handle 1:1 SNES ports to it properly, with most having color palette changes and differences in audio quality between both incarnations (though, the former is perhaps more an issue with trying to get around the original GBA not having a backlit or even side lit screen). Probably would have been better for some of those to have been held off until the DS (same amount of buttons as the SNES controller, better audio and visual output), the way Chrono Trigger was. I was honestly surprised that they didn't do more direct SNES ports to the DS (beyond having just ported a number to the GBA prior), though some games did see out-and-out remakes for the system.

They wouldn't have sold. After the DS came one, everyone wanted to play 3D games on it.


Man I wish games just never advanced or developed past the Atari 2600 and they all sucked and weren't fun to play at all, then all these god dang normalfags wouldn't be in my secret club and I could feel really unique and special!

Not quite. Capitalism just optimizes for what's most profitable. The fact that the mass market has abominably awful taste, and therefore that awful games are profitable, is a problem in its own right and not one that falls at the feet of capitalism.

Hello, Reddit!

How many layers of retardation are you on?

Beerus's Theme from DBS is actually really good.
Its been stuck in my head all day.

Also becoming too popular, this is the death knell fro anything.

About five or six, my dude.
I do seriously think that it's possible to create quality games that appeal to the mass market. The normalfag only wants flashy shit and he wants to be able to immediately get into the game, neither of which are directly incompatible with quality.
Or you could attempt to reform the normalfag but the market will take him as he is so that's a problem for the state.

True. Capitalism is in human nature, because human nature is fucking garbage.

That's to be expected, since it's a different sound chip. And if I recall correctly, the sound of SNES games was heavily influenced by a sample pack that Nintendo distributed with it.

I'll go with option 3

not in a sense of "yet another mario game" but more like "Interactive movie with game elements #45"

also to blame is game journalism, seriously when the decision of whether games where good or bad, and popular or not, rested on a bunch of sellouts without ethics or even knowledge of games, we were one big step closer to our doom

What would videogames have been like under national socialism?

Please at least try.

Higher cost of production.

young reactionaries who treat everything like serious business..

that's not how you spell "capitalism", redditor.

Holy shit, did you just come here immediately after reading a Wikipedia article

A NeoGeo controller is a close second. The new Hori Fighting commanders are fantastic for Saturn emulation.

Modern Warfare 2

As soon as this came out and was praised by normalfags all over then it was all over. People still say this broken, objectively bad piece of piss that plays itself is a masterpiece.

Not necessarily, the entertainment industry is shitting all over itself in an effort to appeal to to SJWs and loosing a shit ton of money from it. What they're doing, though either folly or political reasons, is a slap in the face to capitalism.

Not really a problem, plenty of good 3D games have been made.
Normalfags and le gurl geamers XXD have ruined online gaming and turned them into huge safe spaces where you can be banned from saying anything slightly offensive, but they're not responsible for the current state of overall gaming.
Yes, this is the main reason. Jews and money ruin everything. Just like Hollywood, triple A studios don't want to take risks, that's why all their games are the same boring blobs we've had for the past 7 years or so.
e-sports is only now starting to having an effect, so it's not responsible for it's current state but will make it even worse because it's a whole new field for the jews to make money from.

Fun fact, the guy who approved Pulp Faction got fired for allowing a risky film to be made.

user, the only true way for you to make a console that can't into 3d graphics is by removing it's ability to process vectors. Do you even computer?

And when they get fucked, capitalism is evil!


The slowdown of games in general

Hell look at SF2 vs SF5 or even 4, the massive slowdown of attacks and even jumping speed as a not acknowledged example of the slowdown in gaming

Or almost every shooter in the last decade, the only exceptions being arena shooters which everyone ignores because they're too fast and require too much skill so everyone returns to Mobawatch and Mobadins

A blitzkrieg of fun

You guys just love on-disc day 0 DLC, don't you?

Games becoming too expensive to make so there is no space to experiment and pandering to casuals.

DLC came after all the rest of the garbage tbh

How did this meme start?

DRM was shitting on a rotting horse carcass.

People who failed in the movie industry and subversives.

The thing that ruined gaming the most?

It's the people (journalists included) who praise story/narrative focused games over games with interesting/experimental/risky gameplay.

They want movie-games, they want walking simulators. Story, story, story, story, spectacle where you're hand-held through the entire thing, then more story on top of that.

All you need to do is look at praise for franchises like Uncharted. The climbing is bare bones, more so than Assassin's Creed. The shooting is bare bones. There is no thought behind either. There is only one way to play the TPS and always one path to climb. The puzzle solutions are given to you for the most part.

That new zombie game where they showed the character luring the zombies to take care of his human enemies? That'll be the breadth and depth of the game's mechanics. And they'll use it over and over and over again.

We're also now at the point where if a game doesn't look like The Last of Us or similar games, it's "lol the game looks like a PS2 game who would play this ugly trash". Different artstyles can't be tried (mostly in the AAA western industry) simply because they think it won't attract people. They have to play it safe… and a big reason for that is that it's now more expensive and time consuming than ever to develop a single game. Millions upon millions of dollars go into developing a game, with the publishers taking a huge chunk of it for marketing. Can't afford to do anything risky.

I like Japanese-made games more because of the rut that the west is currently stuck in. And while I see some trying to be different, there's no doubt in my mind that the Japanese industry is currently stagnating, with bigger companies like Square, Capcom, et al attempting to appeal to the west with realistic graphics and washed out colours.

Good posts. It's also the reason I don't give a fuck about meme resolution and super hardware on PC anymore because at the end of the day, the games themselves haven't improved, aren't properly optimized, there is no imagination and now Leftist Progressive Politics is infiltrating gaming. So it's even less so of what could have been. They all have shiny graphics yet the gameplay is garbage.

At least in Japan there are newer companies like Platinum and Level 5 to take over where previous companies left off. Companies like that don't exist in the west.

If casuals hadn't entered the hobby not one of those things would be a problem.


retards on the internet moaning for super niche games that make zero money and then complaining when their hyper specific tastes and sensibilities aren't catered to

I still understand why people think it ruined anything, I never watch e-sports because I don't give a fuck about it, do the same and the problem doesn't exist…

Neat looking screenshot.

Console cancers of today started from microsoft. Though the ps2 brought the casuals, the xbox introduced console cancer to the world. Paid online, dlc, patches, etc. Consoles went down hill the moment xbox ws introduced.

games are not ruined
industry grew and of course there is more shit but also more great games
there are finally more and more devs paying attention to good game design, some more successfully than others
same thing with hollywood - it is a large industry but it didn't ruin cinema
the only thing that breaks my heart about video games is you can't discuss more obscure titles here because of inevitable derail but unlike big brother halfchan you can get some decent rec here still at least

This is what enables e-sports and the mass recycling. A smaller base of people does not allow for shit that just appeals to everyone. Esports would not have gotten anywhere if it didn't need to appeal to mainstream and become sanitized garbage. 3D graphics stopped being a problem eventually they learned you can still make 2D games. Plus 3D graphics allowed for different kinds of video games.

They'd be labeled "degenerate and jewish" and outright banned.

Not really, half of Holla Forums is NEET, try going there and criticize NEETs as "leeches" of society and you'll get a ban.

jewish greed.
jewish greed has allowed casualization, and thus marketing to girl gamers, e-sports , normalfags, and dumbing down of games

kikery is the root of the issue

Holla Forums of full of faggot and NEETs are degenerates, but as long as they are living at mommy and daddy's expense and not government, I don't give a shit. I'm from the UK and trust me when I say that you don't want to end up like that shithole.

The root of all goes back to the jews.

Greedy companies.

The moment it became accessible to the majority of casuals, it was fucking ruined forever.

more specifically Halo 2. I know for a fact that Halo 2, and it's online games, brought scores of previously non-gamers into the realm.

I was there, I saw it happen in real time, the death of my hobby.

Mobile games and pachinko machines

console faggots bringing their casual cancer to PC

Typical shit faced britbongistan tbh.

Oversaturation. There's just too many goddamn games and so much of it is trash that it puts a damper on wanting to find the good shit.

In the west there are supposed to be indies. The ones that come in with fresh ideas and different artstyles.

But it's become a racket where they award themselves. A san francisco clique of journalists and "developers" who rule the indie scene. Good indie developers who want nothing more than to make games for people never get publicized or the spotlight from journalists. It's all nepotism.

Western gaming journalists have a huge part to play in the stagnation of the industry. And Japan do pay attention to western news articles etc, the developers/publishers do comment on it, and most will censor or change their games in response.

If not, you can bet your bottom dollar that those cliques in the western localization scene will censor and change the games for them, if they're left without supervision from the developer. Localization teams don't localize, they culturalize. They don't appeal to anyone but themselves and their friends in the media.

The western side of the industry is effectively killing itself, and in order to appeal to the west, Japan is slowly starting to follow them like lemmings. Hopefully the more traditional and/or smaller companies (Sega/Atlus etc for the bigger ones, Platinum, Level 5, Vanillaware etc for the smaller ones) keep their niches instead of trying to appeal to the bigger audience.

normalfags 100% not girls though because girls still don't play vidya, they just pretend to like them in 99% of cases

Japan's old guard dying off and the millennials that are to replace them are too busy being useless NEETs addicted to shitty anime. Meanwhile the west - particularly (((america))) - has always been garbage at designing games, no exceptions.

Videogames are dead, time to move on, folks.

You reap what you sow.

Jews using vidya to spread their white genocide propaganda. It was fine prior to 2007, but then they realized there was a channel of information getting into people's heads that they'd neglected to poison and then fucked everything.

Transition to 3d brought ruin to entire genres.

I really really REALLY wish the 2DS XL didn't have literally the worst possible screen that Nintendo has ever made.

Don't mention GPU manufacturers selling you ever more powerful cards just because muh resolution and other artificially created (((advances))).

If that's game of thrones, I can about guaranteed it because of how it's promoted in every other contemporary television program.

Reminder that the guy who helped can Distrust was a writer who wanted to be part of the movie industry and wanted to imitate Quentin Tarantino.

What's wrong with the screen?

I was thinking of getting one after my next paycheck.

My assumption was that it has the best screen of any Nintendo handheld since it is the latest to be released.

I did
fight me nerds


The writers of the show are jews so there you go

The realism meme is all his fault

I will never understand how that series became so popular. I don't think I have ever been so bored playing supposed AAA-rated games. Other than the high production values there was just nothing underneath.


It's SO MUCH CHEAPER to make and animate a 3D model than it is to draw a 2D image or sprite.

NORMALFAGS have fucking always been in gaming, it's the casualfag and consumer-drone sub category of normalfag that was inherently detrimental to video games at large. And girls of course

video games ruined video games

I think you mean: people who failed in the vidya industry trying to imitate people who failed in the movie industry.

This must be the trinity of how to fuck the gaming industry beyond repair.

not enough developers/talent to cater to massive audience of millions, cater varying levels of so-called "core gamer", continue developing niche genres, and actually advance the medium in a meaningful way all at the same time. So they just do the one that nets them the most money.
Developers don't make good games because it'd increase the amount of effort they'd have to put into the next game they make. Big companies work together to make sure no one makes a good game by accident. A better than average game released at the right time could seriously fuck with their revenue stream.

It's the people (journalists included) who praise story/narrative focused games over games with interesting/experimental/risky gameplay.

Why can't we have both? Alpha Centauri did it and it was basically Civ II in space. Why is it so hard just to write characters who are interesting enough to care about, a story that's fun to read about, and a game that's fun to play?

If you're going to churn out interactive movies, at least make them worth my time.

Digital releases. Fuck quality control.

That's what Gabe said when, in order to make Steam Direct more efficient, allowed everything left on Greenlight onto the Steam store.

Pandering to casuals

Pandering to casuals has done so much damage to almost every genre its fucking insane, even the good niche games suffered horrible fates because retarded devs wanted to pander to casuals.

Welcome to /v

That was the point in what I said. I meant digital release have no quality control.

Digital releases in general allow for this shit.


Why made you anons think bumping this thread was a good idea?

I know, user. I'm just expanding on your point.

Remember the COLECO Chameleon?

It's not that 3D is inherently worse, it's just harder to make so devs cheap out and end up making a shittier product just because normalfags can't stand non 3D games outside of mobile games. They need to justify upgrading their console with something.

They were ruined before MW2. It did still shit on vidya's carcass.



I used to think it was the technological and graphical arms race, as described eloquently here:

But now I realize that these are really just symptoms of a much bigger problem. The reason video games are shit is the same reason movies are shit, it's the same reason every consumer product industry eventually explodes in development cost and/or eventually pushes products intentionally designed to be disposable and replaceable. The problem is capitalism.

As if the video games weren't made under the capitalism from the start.

What is the alternative, 'comrades'? Any examples? None worthy of mentioning besides Tetris.

Most independent games are not made under capitalist production models and certainly no freeware games are. There are a number of quite good games in this category.

In fact, here you go: a much better game than Tetris.

I think it's just that games were, are and always will be a little more than child's toy. You liked them as a child, but then you progressively became more jaded and expected games to grow up with you. They never did and now when a new generation grows up you are already in your 20s, you see games for what they always were and think they were something else in the past. You should probably get over games already, user. You can do so much in real life. Not even sky is the limit nowadays. And yet here you are, playing some shitty interactive code shat out by hindus that ultimately is you pressing buttons. Did you know that you can get reasonably in shape within 2 months? Similar for dedicated learning of a programming language. Not sure about trades though, it might take longer than that. The world is your oyster, user. Don't waste it playing video games.

That's fucking wrong user. The NES and the SNES were fucking groundbreaking in how widespread they were. Games such as Doom were so popular you didn't even need to play them to know them. The computer game as a medium has always been part of popular culture, it has never been a niche industry. Developers back them cared about profit just as much as developers nowadays, but they sought to make that profit through the creation of either good games or cheap, easy to make and likely shit games.

yeah because overwatch is paragon of what gaming should be

It's the exact opposite problem. Games are trying too hard to grow up obnoxiously so, We get too many games with shitty walk and talk sections because those devs care more about their pretentious stories then actually making a fun game.

Your really telling me games as creative as Glover have been coming out constantly over the years?
No they haven't because publishers don't take risks. Just like the movie industry, they find the one product that made allot of money and copy/rip off that product for as long as they can.

I still have my copy of Glover, user. Thanks for inspiring me to play it for old times' sake.

Jews. Around the time video games began to rival Hollywood they realized vidya was a big deal, swooped in, and assumed direct control. Quality promptly went to shit because heebs view the entire medium as nothing but garbage to keep the goyim distracted and indoctrinated. Also, quality costs shekels. Trash is cheaper.

2D only games. The only time video are good is when they are in 3D.

Glover had one of the best cheat systems ever.
In the main hub area there's a bird in a tree that sings seemingly random songs out of four noises like farts and burps and shit.
On the pause menu you can use the face buttons to make those same noises.
If you play the "tunes" the bird sings you unlock different cheats.
No one tells you it's there, but if you put two-and-two together and just have fun you unlock even more fun.
Now all cheats are DLC and all games are trash.
MFW Glover (which wasn't even great, just good) is now some high standard I long for gaming to return to.

Holla Forums and Holla Forums are both cancers.
I just want to talk about video games without shit politics and conspiracy nonsense.


The only English-language anonymous video game imageboard without terrible censorship that gets more than 10 unique posters per day. As shit as this place gets, it's the best we've got.

Nah. In the mid-to-late 90's, having a big budget didn't stop games from being innovative, risk-taking, and damn good. Games that tried to mimic Hollyjew movies like MGS were also quite fucking good. So it can't simply boil down to high budgets and MUH CINEMATIC CUTSCENES, because video games were still top quality when we had both.

It boils down to jews. It always boils down to jews. The one and only factor that changed was the introduction of invasive rodents.

Tough luck faggot.

I think the problem is the enormous mass of people that are into videogames right now. In order to satisfy as much people as possible, devs have to casualize their games.
Honestly, i don't even care about modern vidya anymore.

This. Without normalfags, most of that other stuff wouldn't be a thing.

That one. If normalfags and attention whores had stayed away there wouldn't be nearly as many jews drawn in by the scent of shekels and vidya wouldn't have been mainstream enough for e-sports to become a thing.

A general drop in the quality of life in the west that began nearly a decade ago is showing it's fruit. Video games being garbage is just a small byproduct of a bigger problem. It's like bitching that your television is broken as your house is burning down.

Been going on a little longer than that I'm afraid.

I'm talking purely from vidya gaem's prospective. If you really want to talk about that then we can make the argument that the US was attacked this way since the 60s and the UK even earlier than that. There is a reason why Hitler hated the lugenpresse and could see the ramifactions it would lead to down the line. Too bad foresight is sorely lacking in this day and age.
Though it's rich coming from a guy who jokes about the day of the rope considering something like that would only ensure that the UN and good goy nations get to sack the US because hotheads ruined it for everyone. In short, never forget Waco.

Realistic 3D graphics was the revolutionary gimmick people had been waiting for. When it finally did, there was nothing further to truly aim for except trying to make games more cinematic or trying to improve their political shit. So it all got lazy and went to shit. Most will claim VR will come and fix everything since "its the true next stage" with faggots who don't realize it's just another shitty gimmick that won't be anything like their Ready Player One circlejerk.

Basically the huge draw shit like the Wii did for normalfags are what attracted the hollywood goys in to ruin everything.


I hate underage faggots.

Well this easily takes the cake.


I came here to post this.

explain how a movement which started with calling out peoples bullshit and ripping on entitled sjws is anti-criticism

Because as soon as you try to be critical with them they suddenly sperg out and cry about how you are a shill or troll without even bothering to see if there is weight to what they have to say. There is a reason why GG went from boogyman who shuts down Gawker with the help of celebrities to twatter shitposing and ignoring anything that can lead to something besides video games.
Remember, it's about ethics. :^)

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

The same thing that ruins every hobby/subculture

It happened with punk rock, it happened with comics, it happened with roll playing/table top games GURPS is still safe though because SJG won't water it down for mops, and it happened with video games.

Punk rock was always (((suit))) manipulated trash.

The worst thing that happened to vidya was overexposure. The moment it became a huge Industry it stopped being a hobby for creators who loved the games they made and players who loved them even more, it instead became a cash cow that attracted cynical buisnessmen and slimy "culture" pushers who had an agenda. If a creator ever truly loves something once they've finished it they should somehow mark it so those people won't touch it even when they're gone. Make the property untouchable, how I've no clue.


portal. in fairness it was the perfect storm of shit with social media becoming incredibly commonplace around the time of its release but "the cake is a lie" and that stupid fucking end credit song are in my opinion the first real huge viral game shit that to this day we can't escape.

i mean, back in the day there was the big shit that we used to discuss on the playground, sure, but portal's memes were really most normalfags' first introduction to games and as a result the industry pivoted on its axis to appeal/pander to them instead of the old audience, since that audience was exponentially larger/lucrative

I'm glad my life will never be as miserable as yours.

normalfags just like every other thing as well

It's not that vidya is shit today, it's just that vidya used to be unrealistically good back then. It was kind of a Gold Rush, since the genre was new and the technology both from hardware and software sides were green, it attracted many great minds with insanely high ambition. Doom is a good example of this, Carmack went there for the technology and once everything was done he stopped making good engines and fucked off to VR. Diablo is another good example, if you watch Brevik's talk he talks about sleeping 4 hours a day and working his ass off every day, which was even more insane for Diablo 2.
We won't have these opportunities again, the gold rush is over, the talent is gone forever. And it doesn't help we need much bigger teams in order to achieve something that doesn't look from 2002, because it ends up in more watered down talent, and pretty much management hell.
It's impossible to think vidya can get better, I'm actually surprised good AAA vidya comes out from time to time given the circumstances, but it's no surprise it either comes from Japanese workaholics or companies with huge amounts of money to burn from other sources that don't depend on sales to survive so they can take their time (CD Projekt or Valve come to mind). To enjoy vidya today it either comes to that or indie stuff, pick your poison.


Whatever Holla Forums tends to talk about, be Witcher 3, be Splatoon, be Nier Automata, I haven't played any of these games since my PC is toaster material today and I don't have consoles but you people seem to enjoy them so I trust your excitement.
Still, even if all of it is shit it only reinforces my point. Vidya has pretty much everything against it, hoping for good vidya of old today would be like hoping for another titanic structure "just for looks" like the pyramids. It's something that could only happen under special circumstances and won't happen again soon unless something drastically changes.


As soon as that game came out and was hailed as the greatest thing ever from noramlfags, gamers and critics alike it was all over. That game is the model of which all AAA games since have been based on. Best example is a part of a mission where you had to drive a car into a plane taking off. You can barely control the car but manage to get the hang of it just in time and get in. This is the same for every player because THE CAR CONTROLS ITSELF. It's there to trick you into thinking you're playing a game.

Projecting much? The way I see it, to this day salty faggots like you are still upset you couldn't use anons as your personal army. GG stays vidya, Holla Forums stays vidya ya faggot. There is no leader, nor should there ever be.

Definitely the normalfags and girls. The jewish greed recycling came with the normalfags and girls. esports with starctraft brood war and warcraft 3 were great. Nobody used twitch and people played it and watched it for fun. Everyone enjoyed these games thats why they were esports. Almost every stream you open for the nu esports (mobas) are people just complaining about their teammates being terrible. Moba games are just gambling, pointless distraction that is extremely addicting. To expose people to those games would be to present people the wildest slot machines.

Still you have devs like BlizzardActivision who just put out very low quality games and make billions out of it. Blizzard hasn't produced anything that is amazing or great in like what 5 or 8 years? (I won't count overwatch thats not my genre and it looks like a tf2 ripoff). SC 2 was rather mediocre compared to wc 3 or their previous installment. I guess their esports scene and the overall amount of people still playing it should reflect this. Diablo 3 was a massive failure compared to Diablo 2 (at least Diablo fans were mature enough to have some hair grown on their balls to realize that what they were playing was shit). And then you have their shitty pay to win cardgame that apparantly is very succesful to my surprise. It's plain old pay to win, you need to either grind 1000s of games to have a viable deck to get to higher ratings or pay a few hundred euros. How's that even fun? Just play magic the gathering, better cardgame, better community than blizzshit games.

So how did that DiGRA dig turn out? :^)