State of the decay also put back to 2018, xbone officially running on 3rd party life support for the next two quarters

State of the decay also put back to 2018, xbone officially running on 3rd party life support for the next two quarters

please use

How can they keep fucking up this bad?

I wonder how those few anons dumb enough to buy one of these shitmachines feels?
Beyond "m-muh forza tho" of course.

you can play the same games on your shit machine PC.

just got to install windows 10 goyi- durr i mean wise consumer!


Made by a developer that gave the middle finger to early buyers by dropping all support for the original game and only focusing on the GOTY rerelease.

This will end well.

Also rooster teeths 'the know' clickbait vector going "w-well if you look at file size the xboxenex has THE BIGGEST GAMES!!!*"

"*coming next year"

Yea I remember them doing it after I had bought all the DLC for the base game prior to the GoTY release. For consumers such as myself you'd usually expect some kind of customer appreciation and perhaps a free upgrade to the GoTY edition.

no, it's "fuck pay me" 29.99. The GoTY edition doesn't really change much save a handful of forgettable weapons and characters but that doesn't mean they should use that shit as bait for their HD extras edition.

and what did you learn goyim?

Well what else would you expect from a company who has essentially been an advertising wing of microsoft since it's inception

Its nice to see how the main ones all went full shill but Geoff became a bipolar depressive.

This is him after saying "t-the xbox one is such a beautiful piece of equipment at a fair price" and he had to take a 'emotion inspired sabbatical'

I'm glad Ray managed to bail before the ship sank to become a fulltime twitch whore, he unironically seems happier doing it.

I played the shit out of the game so it's money well spent as far as I'm concerned. In terms of combat and gathering mechanics it's actually pretty cool.

while gavins a drug addict, geoffs a depressed alkie, jack is just happy to be working but 15 years to old to be the stream queen he wants to be and ryan doesnt understand the youth of today and is just there for tech support.

What the fuck do they need to push it back for? From the look of the E3 trailer they're blatantly reusing the assets from the last game.

I have Forza 6 and FH3 but I won't get F7, not even on PC (I've heard that it's supposed to take around 100 gigs). I've got a new pc so I don't really care about the xbone. If they release Halol 6 on PC I might buy it, if not then I'll play something else.

These people became cancer as they got bigger and bigger, no wonder why Ray left.

I like him, he always seems down to earth, unlike others like Gavin "I don't care if I break the screen of my iPhone, I can buy another one tomorrow *kicks a 360 that was on the floor for no reason*" Free.

I remember when they were a couple of spergs making Halo fail videos and being bad at videogames. I don't think Geoff ever wanted this shit to become as big and cancerous as it is, so he's borderline suicidal, as you've said, Jack is just happy to have a job despite his degree in Film, and Ryan is basically Ray 2.0, because, as spergy as he is, he tries to do things, then they give him shit for it.

They want 2018 to look like a more impressive year so they took all the q3 and q4 2017 releases and pushed them back to have a whopping 8 exclusive games in 2018.

This is all they got.

Fun fact, someone reminded me of yogscast the other day so i had a look.

Its all GTA, GTA is the new minecraft for autistics.

Apparently there has been a blow up and since then Ryan and Jack have set up twitch stream channels and been playing with Ray a lot. They know which way the winds blowing.

The only time I ever watch anything of theirs anymore its just too see Geoff suffer. He's still an austin liberal faggot like the rest of them but well at least he isn't as happy of a shill as them

Does he still bring up politics in every video?

I remember when Ray left to become a camgirl they were all passive agressive (Geoff first) about people streaming on Twitch. A few months later they started livestreaming on Youtube.


Yes, he'll go on a tirade about how no one wants him to bring up politics every video first but he has an obligation to because he has a "voice"

Its possible but he also said that his daughter refuses to play any game that doesn't have a female protaganist or you can't play a girl. Centrists don't raise their kids like that

Geoff's wife wears the pants in that relationship, he's a pretty massive beta.

Its pretty clear griffon wears the pants not geoff.


So, it has nothing.

oh god…

No wonder why he keeps drinking even on the job. That's what you get when you let your wife play with a chainsaw.


Is this martin shkreli?

That would explain the Crackdown push back then. Either that or they haven't perfected that cloud computing thing just yet.


Oh boy, another jobless nigger.

Is State of Decay 2 considered a big hyped up title for the xbone? If so that is fucking hilarious because the first one is a cheap shitty little indie title and I really doubt the second will go much beyond that. And I say that as a Romerofag who liked the game enough to beat it. It was so rough around the edges, and while it was enjoyable for sure it didn't feel like they were just one step away from being AAA top tier shit. I may be wrong, but based on the last game alone I am having a laugh that Microsoft is banking on this shit.

user sit down.
Halo Wars 2 is the biggest exclusive they have had. In 2 years.

How the fuck didn't their shareholders publicly lynch the head of the XBox department?

Halo Wars 2 came out?
Not joking, I'm genuinely curious and a little bit stupefied that the Xbone has fucked up so badly.

At least you can excuse that as "IT'S A HALO BRO!", the zombie fad has been over for a while now.

Sony really needs competition so they don't fuck up the industry with their cinematic games but I really think that Microsoft should stop its Xbox division and go full PC games.

I wish he worked in the vidya industry. It would be so much fun.

I have a feeling that there's another issue with Crackdown, I think that they don't know what to do with it.

SoD2 looks like what they wanted to achieve with the first game but couldn't because of they were a small team. If MS is willing to give them the money and the people without interferences, then it might be a fun game.

I remember when HaloGearsForza was the biggest thing in this industry but that's what 10 years ago now?

Nothing lasts forever. Even GTA will be gone one day. Microsoft should have invested in new IP to prepare for this. Even Minecraft is not their own creation.

GTA is the new minecraft friend. The last one had no single player dlc because the gta online thats bursting with "micropay freebuys" is the new minecraft wit tha kidz

Drink in the horror, let it wash over you in waves.

The success of all three of those games was massively overrepresented as San Andreas alone sold more than any of their series in total separately. Microsoft were always the masters of blowing smoke up people's ass and making everyone think they're bigger than they really are.

Oh boy, I can't wait for Holla Forums in 10 years to be full of these faggots who think GTAO is the peak of games. I hope I've killed myself by then.

How can Microsoft possibly justify continuing making consoles anymore?

Sonyntendomination used to be a meme. But the Wii U and Vita are outselling the Xbone in multiple regions. If it wasn't for americlaps the 'bone wouldn't be selling enough to sustain itself at this point.

never fall for the friends meme

Worst i have to put up with is one punch man and attack on titan fanboyism.

and that guy who loves naruto still. Fuck you mark nobody cares!

I can be your non-retard friend if you want.

I'm so lonely

i am lonely too!

Yeah I think I might be in the near future so I'm trying to stock up on mates.


fuck you I want to be able to dick around with friends in games and have fun breaking games and shit like I used to

Hey do you play ck2?


…so how do we go about this?

It doesn't matter where or when you are, or who you are talking to: if somebody brings up xbox one you have to laugh at them 'till their gone. Make sure everybody knows you are laughing because of xbone.

When the fuck is Crackdown 3 coming out?


Every human being is a bundle of insanity, fucked up perspectives and behavioural problems that should have purged many years prior. Ruthless materialism, cuntyness, USI and ignorance abound, I want to live up a mountain away from the contagion of humanity. Whatever you do don't fall for the love meme, it's a one-sided con every time, I've never seen a non-fucking around functional long-term relationship work, there's always a fucking skeleton, people are devious shits, best to be wary.

State of Decay?
More like the State of Delay.

It is hot garbage though.

What the fuck is the story with Project Scorpio? Wasn't Microsoft hyping it to be the most powerful console or some shit?

You think a company would do that? Just lie on the internet?
Honesly, being the most powerfull console is still not something to be proud off, still a console.

Do you mean the xbox one x titanium steel drivers that allow for gigaton 4k resolution? They were meming "the most powerful console" pretty hard at e3

Honestly what's the point of the Xbox One? It has no exclusive games, it's ugly, and there's nothing coming out for it in the immediate future… Or distant future.
Who honestly can make a clear and levelheaded decision to get one of these with a library this bad?


I feel the fucking same, except about buying the Xbox One, I'm seriously hoping for a Fable 2 anniversary next year.

Third party games are the main reason most people buy consoles these days, Xbox and Playstation would be superfluous if third parties weren't pieces of shit.

When will we see Microsoft and Sony ditch consoles for creating a Steam or GoG competitor?

But if you care about third party games, PS4 is still a better choice because it actually has exclusive games.
PS4 can play pretty much everything worthwhile an Xbox can, with the added benefit of exclusive games you can't get on an Xbox or PC.

It's the same story with a PC, it can play everything worthwhile an Xbox can, and then some. Microsoft's two biggest mistakes were thinking they'd have third party exclusive support similar to last generation, and adding all their games to PC so if there is anything worthwhile you can play it elsewhere.

Sometimes, I wonder how my brother feels after purchasing an Xbone on launch. He must surely feel remorse by now.

Then I remember he also bought a fucking Ouya.

I don't talk to him much anymore.

Does the bone have any appealing exclusive at all? I used to be kinda interested in Scalebound but it got canned. Does Crackdown 3 look like anything fun?
Seriously, I'm fucking mystified as to how do you fuck up on a console this hard when you have that much money

Isnt that coming to pc as well?

Fuck, it is. I really can't come up with any reason I'd want to buy a bone at all.

Its amazing really and then the retards at microsoft decide to double down with the xbox one x or whatever the fuck its called and all they do is talk about muh 4k resolution and how powerful it is. Nothing about fps or any exclusives

Don't make me remember that dumb shit


In a way it's smart because the initials of XBoxOneX form "XBOX" but in the end it brings more confusion with the other consoles of the brand.

So is that Phantom Dust sequel still happening. How did this console end up with such a barren library like every exclusive is either terrible or fucking canceled. Microsoft used to be pretty good about getting exclusives from Japan but it seems like they've given up and their Western offerings are far from carrying the console.

What in god's name is the point of the XxXboneXxX anyway what random ass consumer gives a shit about 4K? Anyone who wants that will just build a PC moreover what games on the Xbone are going to remotely benefit from 4K anyway?

This is the first full generation with no exclusives other than possibly bloodborne that anyone cares about. How did a failure of this magnitude happen?

Because Sony and Microsoft decided to skimp out. Their previous generation machines had powerful exotic hardware, but this one is just so-so PC hardware. Developers see that all platforms are essentially identical, and port everything around because it's so easy to do. And as people realize that consoles are just neutered PCs, hey, might as well build an actual gaming PC instead.

This makes me believe that there won't be another generation. How can Xbox continue when they can't even get exclusives to shill the XBONEX and its 30 fps?

Whatever moron decided 30 fps is acceptable at this point deserves a paddling.

There's only ever been room for two major consoles. Other consoles get pushed out. This will be the last Xbox (including derivitives like XxbonexX and XboneS.

The whole point of a console is because it has software you can't get anywhere else. Just like how everyone sticks with Android and iOS, even if better alternatives exist. MS has few good games on Xbone, and when they do get one, it ends up on W10 at the very least.

I am saddened by this news as the original state of decay is perhaps my 6th most played game on my steam list with 100% of the achievements obtained.
Then again I'm sure the sequel will not be able to capture the same double-A quality feel of the original
Somehow, someway, I'm sure they'd fuck it all up.

Xbox has no good RPGs, no good fighting games, even Halo isn't fun anymore.
Why did I even buy an Xbone? I rarely play it over PC anymore… And PS4 has all the shit I want.

There also are the possible benefits from programs like the one Playstation has where you can stream games from some huge library. As someone that barely played video games while growing up, being able to get into all these older games I never touched is kinda cool, and I don't know whether MS has setup some similar program.

Competition won't solve that, a culling of normalfags would though. Also, Microshit poses no competition to Sony. Their game division is pathetic and they have no loyal 2nd party studios. Billy Gates was right, M$ had no right joining the videogames industry, even Atari did better than their shitty Xbox line.

The OGbox and 360 had some decent games, and I'm pretty sure the 360 sold very good. It was doing alright before everything fell apart this generation.