Elysium private server vanilla WoW

Hey Holla Forums, since >gummy died and now Crestfall has merged with Ely, this is pretty much the only server worth playing on.

Here's the website/torrant/realmlist:

There's a halfchan guild I'm in, Holla Forums tier as fuck so your aware but it's fun. The name is lel. Discord link: discord.gg/pQt3u53

Come aboard if you're interested etc

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I'll play with a proper fullchan guild when the CF realms come up (sometime next year probably). It'll be great.

Fucking end yourself.

Simply not worth playing until it's not run by a bunch of incompetent corrupt Slavs that sell gear to their chink playerbase.

Elysium devs and management have proven themselves to be corrupt, incompetent, and willing to turn a blind eye to hackers and botters. In other words, Elysium is a shit hole to play on for anything other than getting to 60 and quitting. Anything else means dealing with a broken economy, a PvP system where cheating and queue dodging is encouraged, and where people can cheat to their heart's content with no consequences.

* if you're chinese

Is this what you'd call post ironic shitposting?

I'd rather play retail than to play with a halfchan guild on a chink infested server

Join on Elysium instead. Some of our core members are back and we figured we would try to make a small resurgence what with there being fuck all coming up in terms of good private servers.

Is this the Wow server with those interesting changes to what you do when you level up mentioned a while back, involving being able to take stuff from each class on offer?

I'd love to do some D&D 3.5 esque bullshit with this if that's the case.

Just wait for Gummy CF :^)

No, Elysium is vanilla blizz-like.
What you're thinking of is Project Ascension.

Fuck off Toomy, you had the chance of reviving the guild but the constant shilling of fucking gummycraft for over a fucking year bummed out almost everyone.

How could the guild be revived? The main excuse that keeps coming up in this guild is burning out. Fuck people are even burning out from NOT playing the game or burning out from waiting for a private server. What doesn't burn you guys out?

tbh I probably would if the admins didn't fuck over half the playerbase by forcing them to migrate to anathema

Yeah that was probably the single stupidest mistake they've ever done. And that's saying a lot since we've seen some shit from the Elysium team by now.
Trying to give their dying realm artificial life support by changing the default transfer to Anathema when the people that rolled on Zeth'kur in the first place did so for the freshness of the realm is mindboggingly retarded even by Elysium standards.

Blizz, plz.

Post the tranny's tits from the old board

Can I just play it solo on a toaster?

Looks like god-awful nigger shit. Anybody who likes this deserves brain cancer.

and you still bump the thread regardless

So I signed up.
What Server are we supposed to be on?

I hate you niggers, pick a server this time and stick to it you faggots

They'll get it.

what server and side?

Elysium, horde side.


What are the typical things a Warlock trains in?

You know the half-chan guild thre is called like right?

Anyway, I was running an EU guild on Elysium for a while trying to forcefeed swedes memes to turn them into men. They got pissed off because I was "pushing them too hard" in BWL because I told them to bring Restorative Potions to Chromaggus and that I "wasn't giving them enough positive reinforcement". A bunch of slack-jawed faggots if you ask me.

Long(TM) story short I gdisbanded and passed out 5000g from the guild bank in the cross roads like 2 weeks ago.

I made like 4 threads in the month before the transfer about it telling you guys to login and do the transfer quests.
Now, here (You) are bitching about it.

not even surprised

If you mean spec they usually go affliction for leveling. If you mean professions tailoring is a strong pick for PVE. Engineering for PVP. Alchemy/Herbalist combo is generally strong both for money-making and PVE.

And whatever you do don't pick mining or herbalism.

I don't know about that. They are pretty essential to level alchemy/Blacksmithing/engineering.

I think he means mining and herbalism. Problem with that combo is that you can only track one at a time, making it annoying to toggle between the two.



names Guruumsh, add me

you sure you rolled on the right server? we're on elysium horde and I can't find your nickname.

we are being invaded by halfchan rejects

Always play Horde so goin Alliance with my brother for once.
Dwarf warrior not even level 30 yet.
I bought gold to twink him out, leveling is hell without a proper weapon.

Don't you run the risk of getting banned by buying gold?

I'm playing on Alliance on Darrowshire and you can't stop me.


Wasn't elysium literally founded on gold buying/selling? If I remember correctly the actual admins were selling bulk gold to chinese sellers, literally supplying the bullshit chain. Some streamer found out about it and posted proof, the server pop went nuclear and it split. The half that remained were too invested in their current progress (despite entire guilds literally buying their way to the top) and somehow its lingered on long enough for people to start shilling it here again. Mind you I could be thinking of another server but I'm fairly certain it was elysium that all this shit went down on.

No it was Elysium and I'm not saging so people realize this .

Dalaran WoTLK isn't so bad.

But then you're playing Wrath.

I'm with this guy who totally isn't me. I know one of you faggots has 'em saved!

This thread exists because apparently the WoW private server general over on cuckchan has been banned.

im in the server and the guild and its fun and all , but people 8/v/ fucking hate wow and any blizzard games so i really dout your shilling is going to work well here also good luck on mc lads

wew well now can actually raid :^)

Just the private server general. The retail one is still active, of course.


maybe dick posting and tranny posting wasnt too smart of an idea, so what gave you lads the idea to come here?

I'm not from cuckchan, I just know they banned private server threads.

It's pretty alive, it seems. Cba to play though.

1164 during peak hours on Anathema server is pretty alive according to you ? I think only reason we see this thread is because one of the officers from discord cyclejerk is having a hissy fit again and wants to shitpost

Enjoy not being able to find groups for anything.

That's definitely the Elysium server in that screencap, which has a decent population.

how many of those are real people playing and how many are chinese bots?

There's at least enough people where a few groups run every dungeon on any given day.

Fuck off.

>There's a halfchan guild I'm in, Holla Forums tier as fuck so your aware but it's fun. The name is lel. Discord link: discord.gg/pQt3u53
Holy fuck that is so much cancer.

Would there be demand for a non-faggot, non-cuckchan guild on a different server?

at this point probably not unless the server has a good gimmick. the playerbase on fullchan who actually want a private server are already fragmented across a couple servers, and splitting that up even more is a bad idea (assuming that you could, which i doubt)

I was thinking Project Ascension might be the best bet because it has a pretty good gimmick, it's decently populated(500-1000), has a low chance of going under, and it's not in beta. Sargeras is probably the better choice due to its item-loss on death feature weeding out absolute gays.

Custom server where everyone and their mothers is running Stealth + 2 shot builds while 1% of people are doing naked Frostbolt+Shatter builds hoping they will get lucky and gank some afk guy with gear?

Do you have a better idea?

so the one that has an actual pedophile in it that cuckchan kept around because he was the only one who would roll druid