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A wargame is usually in the vein of strategy and tactics games, but significantly more autistic. Examples of wargames include:

How are your turns and playthroughs going, anons?

Small Discord where some anons who play CM have gathered: discord.gg/wCDBKq

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You'd think this belongs in /gsg/, but oh well.
Mod is Kaiserreich, played during an MP game in which each player took a side in the civil war.
Might as well post a generalized view of each other Combatant in the war from the side of the Pacific States too.

Another 2 bite the dust


Is it possible to merge the RandomHoI3 mod with Black Ice?



Excuse me for asking because the answer is probably obvious, but what game is that?

Combat Mission: Black Sea
It happens during a fictional 2017 ukrainian civil war escalation and hypothetical conflict Rus vs Ukraine and USA

Here is magnet: pastebin.com/UzcGhugh

You're a cool person, user. I appreciate it, thank you.

You're a legend & I love you user

as a side question, do any combat mission anons know if there are any recommendations for the best WW2 era combat mission to get into? Are they markedly different beyond time period?

I ask because there are plenty of Normandy torrents, but nothing on the Red Thunder or Final Blitzkrieg side.


What's the best entry level wargame anons? I tried playing red dragon earlier and I got fucked up. The tutorial for that was garbage as well which didn't help.

Wargame: Red Dragon? It's shit. Don't play it. The only function that's used is multiplayer because the AI is horrible, and the game itself is very arcadey. Although it hits all the bullet points I personally wouldn't even call it a Wargame. As for your question, if you're absolutely brand new to the genre play stuff like Total War games to get acquaintanced with the basic controls and functions, then maybe HOI or something. Graviteams' and the Combat Mission games, including the one god user gave a working magnet link to above this, aren't hard to get a grasp of mechanically, it's more an issue of being able to multi-task and remembering/knowing how to utilize units. The difficulty depends directly on your experience with previous wargames, so there are no especially good 'beginner' ones, is what I'm trying to say.

Also, forget to ask- I need a serial number to 'activate' the game, unfortunately. Happen to have one?

Just copy the .exe from the crack folder, and paste into the game install location, overwrite the original.

t. novice pirate but also installer

Actually I've played a lot of total war too, going back to rome, I was just wondering whether it fit into this genre or not seeing as a lot of it is larger in scale.

I'll give combat arms a go then, thanks user.

If you've played a fair bit of Total War, then Graviteam might be a decent entry.

I've not played combat arms so can't speak for it at all - but I came from a Total War background. Once you get your head around the UI and how mechanics regarding leadership and artillery/mortars etc work, Graviteam really is just a WW2 era Total War, done in a really good, albeit more complex way.

I did spend a few days tinkering and watching youtube tutorials first though, but once it clicks, it's not too difficult a game to play. Honestly having gotten used to it, I reckon the Operation Star UI is pretty solid too, even though that's usually what people seem to complain about

Also, additional learnings as of recent - running over AT guns actually disables them - and kills any poor infantry who might hold their post. Ebin.

Dude I went on this earlier and it just seems to have an autistic amount of detail, I actually wonder how much of it is necessary as well. I was messing around in the tutorial level and added enemy tank battalions all around the map, then I put 3 AT squads in a forest and waited for the enemy to attack.

After the battle started the clock began to count down from 30 seconds, after which the game ended in a draw, even though neither of us had even fired a shot. I get that there's supposed to be a lot of depth to this, but I literally have no idea what the fuck I am supposed to be doing. I might give it another shot in a bit, but I'm reserving judgement for now. I'll see what combat mission is like.

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I've enjoyed both "Pike and Shot" and "Sengoku Jidai Shadow of the Shogun - Mandate of Heaven" but those are turn based wargames. Not very hard to get into however, especially if you're interested in the time period.

I like the OpStar UI better than the Minus Front one. I played a fuckload of Dwarf fort when I was a teenager so most games UI's do not bother me, unless they really are non functional.

If you have Operation Star, then try the Shilovo campaign from either side. It's a simple and small operation for you to get your bearings with.

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MSE gave me a warning.

(((MSE))) let me guess your also using windows 10 ?

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