Does anyone here really like sports games?

Does anyone here really like sports games?
Every year there is another one and all this does is fill up bargain bins. What's wrong with normalfags and sports games?

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Its a genre designed by whites to segregate all the spics and niggers into an easily exploitable sub-culture of videogames, thus preventing them from entering into the larger community and exploiting low-iqs, thus shielding the games core audience from ever realizing they are slurping up the same slop year after year.

Like "competitive" fighting games, sports games are played by 98% non-whites.

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I buy one per generation because they're useful if you have a normalfag friend over.

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This. The only non-white I have ever seen play a fighting game are Arc System fans and nintentoddlers with their Smash and ARMs. The only people I know who play sports games are a few Brazillians.


Well it's mostly mixed as fuck. I went to a tournament in 2013 and I saw both blacks and whites.

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True. Though those whites are always white trash genetic rejects who make a great argument for abortion.

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I wish arcadey/non-realistic sports games would make a comeback.

People just play Football Manager now.

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I really liked this old school soccer game from japan that had your characters doing Shaolin Soccer shit. It was for famicom too.

It's simple trick photography, lad.
There's a variety of ways that picture could have been staged, none of them particularly complicated.

Do racing games count?
Not arcade ones like martyo kart and sanic racers

The only good sports games that are good aren't the official kind. Something like from the mid 90s like Mutant Football which we rarely get anymore. Though, on that same pendulum, when they go too far to create their own original sport, it usually never works out well. You ain't going to see hacky sack or pog video games taking off anytime soon.

Which stinks ever since they turned it into an Iphone-looking app.

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The only worthwhile sports games are the 90's era NHL ones and arcade ones like said.

For a sec there I though that was copy of NBA Elite which was cancelled at the eleventh hour but some copies managed to get out there. It's more or less the Stadium Events of the modern era.
On topic though I would occasionally get sport games for Christmas but I would never buy them myself. They were alright.

Wrestling games are pretty fun if you ask me.


Not unless they have a twist, like Mario Strikers, old sports games were kind of interesting, when I was a kid I used to play Goal 2 and Konami's ISSS DX on the SNES.

I haven't played a sportsball game since Mutant League Football, NBA Jam, and that one Mario Tennis game for the GameBoy. The closest I ever got to changing my mind was during the Dreamcast era when Sega/Visual Concepts told EA to get fucked and made their own sports games that were actually good from what I heard. Thought a few years of healthy competition would actually improve things to the point of being playable. Turns out, EA just bought up exclusive licenses to the NFL and such.

So fuck them.

And that's how i became a chad.

Nah. Whites play them.

I don't care about sport myself, but normalfags do.

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Every normalfag Caucasian I know plays either the FIFA or NBA games.


Motorsports > Sports