We Happy Few gets a publisher

It's Gearbox.
Kikestarter cucks and Steam users are pissed.

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Why would they want them to ruin their game just like Stillborn?

Randy and Burch would like you to reconsider that statement. Looks like We Happy Cucks will become a reality.

Right out of the gate and they've shot themselves in the foot, I can't wait to see how this gearbox shitshow goes.

I don't think the dlc, season pass, pre orders and price jump is the worst part.
It's the fact that the developers are not only defending it but the game is nothing like the trailer or teaser.
It's a survival game all along.

Companies aren't human and shouldn't be treated as such.

Still surprised what looked like some shitty Bioshock knockoff turned out to be a survival meme game.

Is this really what vidya PR really turned into? Honestly I'm more mad at the mouth breathing troglodytes who sit on kikestarter and Steam all day looking for every early access game they can possibly find to throw their life savings at just to get fucked over and immediately do it all over again. How many possible times can people sit there and do the same exact shit over and over and over and over and over and over and over again before some infinitesimally tiny part of their brains kicks to life and says "hey, this shit ain't working how about trying something else"?


That was a kikestarter game? I thought it was juts early access meme fodder

Nah, they got money from Kikestarter and also from early access.

So basically, Jews jewing Jews then.

no, it's two tribes of Judaism (Shitty Vidya publisher and Kickstarter Kikes) banding together to milk more shekels out of dumbasses prone to hype wagons.

So wait, does that make this game the perfect shit storm?!
Its a kickstarter, early access, pre-order, DLC/Season pass, and overpriced

All that's left is for it to be an open world survival game with crafting

Dear god it pretty much is!

That what it is.

They'd need to add Denuvo, Always-Online Singleplayer, and In-App Purchases at the very least.

well then, it's finally happened. this is the video game shithole singularity.

Holla Forums is always right.

That's what they're doing.
It started as a Bioshock-like, now it's a rogue-lite in a semi open world and I think that there's some kind of crafting involved too.

Also, pre-order bonuses aren't cancerous enough, we need retailer-specific pre-order bonuses like DA:O and F:NV, 30FPS lock, and a Uplay-esque launcher that needs to be signed into and running in addition to Steam. I could go on, but suffice it to say, there's a ways to go before it's the "perfect shitstorm" of cancer.


Let's meme this. Let it all burn.

What game would hold the title closest to the perfect shitstorm then?
If we include shit like and

So what is it?

Gearbox is in the shitter because all of their recent projects have failed. They've realized that they have no internal talent, and they're looking outside the studio to try and find something good (just like they did when they stole the concept for Borderlands from those college students).

It's old news but Jim Sterling did the voice of one of the characters.

Thanks for letting me know, OP; nuked it from my Wishlist immediately.

That they even had to make a stickied thread for all the Gearbox hate is hysterical. If they're not saying 'Oh shit oh shit', they definitely should be.

What a shame.

This game has been nothing but dissapointment since it was released on early access, it's an interesting concept that gets wasted by being an procedurally generated open-world survival crafting game, and now it gets published by one of the worst vidya companies around.

No one should buy this, ever.

Look up the definition of "insanity", user. That's the world we live in right now.

He also backed the thing, I can't wait to see what else comes out of this game.

Oh, shit, procedurally generated. That's another good one for the perfect shitstorm list.

You'd think so, but the mark of Gearbox is the kiss of death. This game is going to sell worse because of the higher price and the negative associations.

That's a parasitic relationship, not a symbiotic one.

How were the original devs so detached from reality they could possibly think a relationship with gearbox would be beneficial? Did gearbox pay them a shitload to acquire their game in an effort to improve their own rep?

…. That's what it is…



This is some EA/Bethesda-tier kikery.

That's like $50,000 in USD aka real dollars right?

Mr. Wolfecastle, you're needed on set. Paging Mr. Wolfecastle.

Kills me every time.
It was bad enough when you had to pay out the ass for goodies to go with a game, but now you don't even get the game with your goody box.

This game was cool until they released the gameplay.

It is about 260K



Don't forget Microtransactions, Crates, Micro-DLC preorders and somehow shoehorning a competitive matchmaking based e-sports multiplayer scene. Oh, and the preorder bonus being a Fidget Spinner.

Shit like this makes me wonder what the future of jewish practices in the gaming industry will be like.


what fucking timeline is this

We all need now is VR E-sports.

God that's a warm feeling

Micro-DLC but no core game. "Pick the parts you want leave the parts you don't. The ultimate choice is yours!" And the game is unplayable unless you buy at least $400 worth of DLC which you lose if you cancel your subscription and have to buy again.

Why did they do that? The original game looked awful, but it looked like one of those games that could still be fun to bash. Now they've turned it into something too boring to even make fun of. Though I suppose any decision that inches Gearbox closer to death is a good decision.

Aw yeah! We Happy Few! So BADASS!

Randy Pitchford can suck my fucking cock. I really really was looking forward to this game's full release and now it's gonna be as soulless as any other game. No, worse than soulless. Gearbox is such a shitty company and Bitchford puts his ego before the enjoyment of players.

We Happy Jew

Wonder what he has to say about it now… Hard roast incoming? Will he pull out of the game?


Oh look, Gearbox found a new project to embezzle funds from.

Oy vey how dare you imply some kind of illegal activity. Bad goy, bad goy!


Great seeing you again, Net Cowboy.

It wasn't even worth $30 in its current state.

Just seems like a symptom of cuckold culture to me

It wasn't even worth my time to play it. You couldn't pay me )30 an hour to play this shitheap.

More like normalfaggots took the "it's just a video game xDD" meme too seriously and won't even consider not wasting money on anything that is shoved in their face because having standards is a cardinal sin.

Cant wait till Gearbox goes belly up.

is there a better sing that says "dobt buy this shit" than this?

What an era to live in, where you can order a special edition of a game, and not get the fucking game with it. How many cases of this are we at now?


That makes absolutely no sense.

This… is a toy for children.

Gearbox is going to use their lion's share of the revenue from this "game" and use it to comission furry artist fro "official" battleborn porn, that tehy will place behind a paywall in their site to increase hype for their game.

Mass Effect did it some months back too if memory serves; might be even earlier examples. Either way, it seems like the idea might be getting popular to sell special editions and the game itself separately. Seen some posts during the thread where that CE with the RC car for Andromeda was announced using logic of "people want to play the game without opening the CE and reducing its value" before as if reselling is the main reason anyone would buy something more than the base edition/first print of a game. Not sure if it was just some anons trying to find SOME reason for why the game's not included, or yids looking to normalize the practice ("Nothing wrong here in the first place goy! In fact, we're doing you a favor!").


I remember finding it strange to see that those were being pushed as a reason to get the LE for ANS Plus some years back (main benefit for that LE was simply getting a physical copy of a release otherwise intended as digital only, as TK didn't want to take the risk on retail). Guess they needed to find someway to justify asking $15 more than the normal price, and thus tossed in stickers, a poster, a microfiber cloth, and a pin. Speaking of which, since then I've noticed more games trying to push microfiber clothes as a bonus. Is there some shitty collector scene for those, or just companies grasping at straws for cheap shit to produce to raise the value of what they're hocking?

I mean, there is a demographic for this shit, it's just not a demographic that anybody who would buy the game actually likes.


If there is a positive out of this, it's they contributed to the death of Kickstarter games.

Same could be applied to what contents such LEs and CEs even have. Game is coming from a developer known for having a good artist and composer? Might be a better idea to put a (physical) full soundtrack and artbook into the special release as a bare minimum, instead of stickers, decal-ed microfiber cloths, pins, and other shit people may or may not care about (I'll admit I don't have much of an issue with posters at least). The sticker shit is especially bad since those are liable to be single use and unless you're rather careful about what you use them on, you're not exactly going to be able to get them back intact for reuse, which means they just sit on the original sheet until the end of time because you don't actually want to use them anywhere.

Is it going to have BADASS Battleborn cameos?

It starts on page 3, anons. It's there for you guys to weaponize until they give up.

I feel nothing but smug since I knew it would end this way.

All it needs now is lootboxes and we will have the end game of video games.

They see an original game they really wanna play so they decide to give it money thinking "this time it's going to be different". Desperation and gullibility.

That would be funny.

Collectors who specifically want items for their reselling value deserve to be jewed.

Everyone knows the developers are complete shitheads

A community manager is again on the case, fixing things and making everything better.

I'm not sure it was "shilled", it had some interesting concepts for gameplay and was somewhat fun at a time. For your standard "open world survival crafting" game, it was quite good since the gameplay itself had some depth, everything served a purpose, there were quite a lot of ways to do stuff and play the game as well as crafting not being that obnoxious.

However it did have quite a lot of fucking problems even there.
Duct Tape (much like Fallout 4) is this material that's needed for just about everything and you never find enough of it.
Items were colored either grey or blue in your inventory, blue being "usable" items, but other than that it was a chore looking for food or water in your inventory when grenades and gizmos followed the same color scheme.

The idea of drugs making you happy and later in the game every source of water being contaminated was pretty great. You needed to drink but unless you find clean sources, you're gonna be high all the time.

However they never explained what happens if you stay drugged for too long or why it would even be inconvenient or dangerous at all.
And the concept is badly used too.

In the opening you have a bunch of people eating candies from a pinhata, until the drugs wear off and you see they are just eating dead rats. You'd expect the game to go with this and show you a devastated landscape when you're clean but a wonderfull land when you're on drugs, but this isn't what happens at all, it's just a color filter on your camera. Shitty places\people still look shitty and pretty places still looked pretty even when "Downed".

The saddest part of We Happy Few (ironically enough) is that there was a very interesting idea about a world of people lying to their own senses with a drug to keep them happy.
And this could be implemented far more for visuals and gameplay but it wasn't, except for a few side-quests where you can only see a few strange things when on drugs.


"Hey, I see you like a game about being drugged all the time to induce happiness!"
"Why don't you try a game you can only enjoy if you're on drugs?"

If im not high I cant get into games, it sucks because I was flat addicted as a kid.


Slim pickings for what you get for your $150, too. Half the items are printed and I guarantee the clock and mask are tiny as hell. A wearable mask, for example, would be a better item to pack in there, but gotta Jew fast, right?

I'm pretty much addicted to flat kids myself, if you know what I mean. :^)

You can compare their size to the vinyl there, the mask looks the right size to actually wear it, the clock seems kinda short though.
Still, 150$? Collector Editions for a game without an established IP, fanbase or following cult is pretty stupid.

this isn't mere jewery

Andromeda is art too now?

Have a better resolution.
Gotta say, that vinyl is tickling my nostalgia, but fuck me if it's worth even a dime.
Definitely pirate this garbage if you eeven consider playing it.

Most people buy these collectors editions for the plastic crap anyway.

Game was bought out to be neutered politically and ideologically.


I might not be enough of an audiophile to completely understand this, but isn't the reason why Vinyl is preferred by audiophiles because some fidelity was lost in the conversion process from analogue media to digital media? So basically anything new made on vinyl is not necessarily going to be superior to if it were just a CD or an .mp3?

If so, what amazingly stupid fucking hipsterdom. I know it's a trendy fad, but it's really fucking retarded.

Aren't audiophiles the same stupid fucks that pay outrageous prices for "quality" cables that nobody was actually able to prove are superior to their $10 counterparts?

The only loss is how many little levels the audio has to be binned into, as digital requires discrete levels. It's something I doubt you'd hear because the amount of bins is somewhere in the order of 16 million, so if you can hear that the sound AT A GIVEN INSTANT is one 16 millionth too soft, good luck to you.

t. did some DSP at College

You can still get new records that have high fidelity, it just depends on how it was recorded really. It all comes down to the source. Things like electronic music though are pretty obviously not gonna be any better on vinyl than CD.

What depth? When it was first accessible to pirate all I remember of it was half-assed fetch quests and half-assed stealth. About all that was interesting were those drugged side quests. Felt like an even emptier Bethesda game to me.


There were a bunch of trinkets to help with stealth, loads of traps to use, tools to bypass security, clothing wasn't just armor, it had different perks that made different types of armor useful in different situations.

I liked the oppressive idea of being in a world where you don't fit anywhere full of people that will try to kill you the second they notice you're an outsider. Hiding out in the underground for the night or to store your stuff, breaking into someone's house, killing them and sleeping there when you're too far away was neat too.

The game did manage to make it feel quite oppressive to the player with mechanics, story, ambient and characters.
I only wish Joy affected the game far more and that containers respawned their contents after a while so you wouldn't just run out of supplies all the time.


The owner and head of the studio is sperging out on the forums. Literally calling people out for having private profiles and disregarding them for not being enough of a good goy on steam. archive.is/5RNsC

You couldn't make this shit up.

Is it me or is it just weird that collectors edition started to become figurines or swagbags?

To be fair, this is the better way to release special editions when it's a new game not part of a series. Who is a fan? Nobody… yet. You have to try the game before you become a fan and desire extras, right? Something like Final Fantasy special editions will sell because they have en established fanbase and history of games. People will want that shit on day one. But not for a new game, or at least they shouldn't be that fucking overhyped faggots.

So I totally get not including the game which would just make it more expensive and the person buying it will likely already own the game. This practice is actually consumer conscious, not semetic.

When did that start happening?

People have always complained on the steamusers forums. Big controversies come over the fact that Devs spend all their time policing negative comments on steam instead of fixing their broken shit.

Damn, straight to name calling. Someone have some dirt on you? Just mention how they didn't buy games on steam, or participate in the steam card market!

Looks like the studio and Gearbox were meant for each other.

webm won't work. I'm not downloading software to reduce its size, sorry.

go fuck yourself and leave this site


Are you telling me it's not?
You don't have game that shit without it ironically becoming art

MEA was art until they started to patch it.

He's a cuck

Is there any other game where there is an Autistic Main Character other than MGS3
There is at the very least no other game with a female Autist MC

A lot of the Neptunia cast are autistic for sure.

You can play a full fledged autist in devil survivor 2


Gave me a good chuckle, thanks user.

I know it's fun to shit on things, and this game and Gearbox deserve it more than others, but let's not cherry pick. Pic related.



Bet you neither kid is his.


Canada, a magical place in dire need of a nuke.


14 pages of entertainment
Thank you based geerbux

What was the first game that had a collector's edition without a game? I remember ME:A and before that… Battlefield 1, no?

Wolfenstein TNO?

"Troll" and "entitled" have lost all meaning by now, same as "nazi".

90% sure this is what's happening, they fucked up financially and went crying to publishers for help.

Kill yourself my man.

He actually linked to it.
He did it.
What an absolute faggot.

excuse my ignorance, why am i a faggot?

Stop baiting, you're shit at it.

Say what?

It's not stealing if it wasn't copyrighted, goys :)

They basically stole the idea of Borderlands and the general art direction from some 3D short movie someone made in college.

The intro and artstyle of Borderlands has been ripped off from that embed video, literally ripped it off for Borderlands 2's intro 1:1.

Got any source on this or is it just conjecture?



The game was a pile of shit already. The standard survival&crafting game you see by dozens in early access.

It's gonna get better now lol

Do you have a pair of working eyes? Play the borderlands intros and that video next to each other


It's 2017, we live in a "post-truth" world, it's fair to say that the video game industry is in a "post-vidya" phase.

They actually even stole the explosion crazed loli.


what the fucks a post-truth

Moral relativity taken to extreme.
All Asian ethnic groups, and Jews practice it to the extent where it's bad to cheat your own (family, tribe, nation), but outsiders (other ethnic/religious group) is fair game for scam, usury and such.
Now moral relativism was given to whites (they used to have unique compassion for members of the outgroup, but that was eroded along with western morality) who don't have that limitation, so "whatever makes me feel good, is good" is the default

And then no one is either surprised or outraged.
That's a post-truth.

I see, so basically 2+2=5

Thanks for your insight, user. I was initially interested in this game until I found out it was a survival/crafting game. I intended to pick it up if it went on sale or just pirate it if a newer update looked promising enough. The aesthetic and theming of it made it look interesting enough to at least try it, but now I'm glad I never wasted the time.

I'll still give it a pirate since I last tried it way back, when it was just a beta. Dunno how it looks right now, maybe most of this stuff is fixed. It might be worth some time.
However seeing this thread, yeah not worth the money. Not even 30$, let alone 60$.

Nothing wrong with adding a downloadable code.

You know what post-modernism is? The idea that things don't have an intrinsic value to themselves since everything is constantly changing?
It's the same for Truth. Nothing is ever true or false since everything is always changing.
There's some philosophical wax we can burn talking about this, it's not really that black and white, but in terms of it's current use? It's a fucking joke.

They say they are left or right aligned but when confronted with their actions or words and how it doesn't line up with that side of politics, they'll say that being left or right is being redefined.

They say they are one of the 900 genders and when confronted will chromosses they'll argue that the concept of gender is changing, or that "man" and "woman" now mean different things or that gender and sex are different things, etc.

No, it's more like 2 + 2 = man, who knows. I mean, what's a number really? Are we really summing or subtracting negatively? If you multiplied this by zero it wouldn't mean anything anyway, right? Or would it?

I don't think "game not included" means that, and even then the point of buying a physical copy is to have a physical copy you can put on a shelf.

Is it real life?

Holy fucking shit, it's actually real. Jesus Christ.

Remember that Slate article about how we should stop using facts in a debate but instead appeal to the emotions? It was written by someone who worked for Snopes. Now they're pushing for that "post-truth" shit because they refuse to believe that their candidate lost the election.

But that's what you're supposed to do in democracy and the West in general.
I don't understand what's so bad in following the winning strategy in a given system.

It's what you're supposed to do anywhere, anytime and to anyone. It's how you argue at all.
What they are asking for is literally a fallacy:
Number 5 right there, The Affective Fallacy:
"A fallacy of Pathos, that one's emotions, urges or "feelings" are innate and in every case self-validating, autonomous, and above any human intent or act of will (one's own or others'), and are thus immune to challenge or critique."


I just want to point out that, had they removed the "thirty gorillion need bars that need to be filled every two minutes", you'd be left with a walking simulator.
And if they gave you guns instead to solve your problems, it'd be a generic shooter.

There's a reason those bars are there, and the crafting is only as obnoxious as you want it to be, compared to the usual shitfest that these games tend to be.

Your dubs ring true, but I feel obliged to point out that Pathologic did some of the things you mentioned and it's one hell of a classic. It's all in the execution, as always.


Not just a fallacy but that is part of why we are in this mess. People react with their feelings about those poor people living somewhere else so they end up doing "charity" that makes it worse. Or they react overly strongly to an attack instead of just "lets shore up our borders and get the foreigners out" and decide to bomb some middle eastern country.

But that's the problem, the initial presentation of the game didn't even hint that it would be a survival crafter of any kind, it was all about trying to get around big brother and slowly but surely unravelling the conspiracy and probably finding a way to either escape the dystopia or undoing the blindfold on people's eyes to witness what truly is happening.

It was supposed to be around trying not only to hide in conventional means, but also to do so "in plain sight", to manage the suspicion you raise on people, to see if you could hold a ruse to get around the game's levels, or even coax people into letting on a bit more than they care to admit to know, or maybe even a direct confrontation with the big brother entity if you managed your playstyle correctly.

My problem isn't just "being a survival crafter", some games pull it off to great effect, my complain is that this game didn't hinted at and certainly didn't need that kind of system, especially in the way they so sloppily executed it. The hook was already solid and kept me interested, but they fumbled the ball instead.

I'm pretty sure the trailer shows some crafting or the player gathering shit and storing it for later.
You're also talking about the story, lore, ideas, etc, not gameplay.
How exactly did you expect this to go? Just walk around, find a new suit to blend in a different area, find a new tool that opens another door and do this until you reached the end?
That's what a walking simulator is like.

Again, there's a reason those bars are there, I can tell you about them in detail, but already said a good example: Pathologic also has those bars and uses them to create an oppressive atmosphere and gameplay where you don't just hop around between quest objectives and instead must use your wits to actually survive.

That's in the game. Different types of clothing help you blend among different people, but they might not be the best for combat or hold as many items\weapons, while utility\defense suits are more suspicous (but also last longer).
If you're well dressed or on Joy, the Downers will suspect and eventually attack you. If you're on joy, the local residents don't mind you much and you can even sprint around if high enough.

I'm sure there have been a lot of trailers, gameplay videos and forum posts about those systems user. A marketing campaign isn't the best way to get information about a game.

It does need it, actually. With out it, you'd just breeze about oblivious to everything around you and the world would just be a landscape where you walk around, not something you interact with. It helps with the atmosphere a lot and ties into the story quite well.

Needs are somewhat harder to meet in the first islands since resources are crappy and somewhat rare, but once you unlock a safehouse and the ability to rest or a water fountain, it's a lot more manageable to the point you get a lot of free time to progress into the story. Just play long enough to reach that point first.

When you reach the second island, water isn't an issue anymore, there's tons of free sources around. The problem is that they are all contaminated and this ties story and gameplay very well. Because you need to drink, you'll either end up doing Joy or you'll have an extra hard time getting clean water, all showing what it'd be like to live in a country where the government laces the water of it's citizens with chemicals.

Food and rest also become easier to get since there are confortable and well stocked houses everywhere, but these have more people and security inside of it. You can rob them if you have no morals and can bypass security, earning a larger reward but with a bigger risk.

You still get the whole story about evading Big Brother, chemically doped population, unveiling it all, etc. You just have an extra element to care about that contributes to the setting and atmosphere and introduces many more decisions, gameplay and situations than just running around collecting keys\suits and solving the mystery.
Seriously, think for a bit what the game would be like whithout those elements.

Yes, noone is familiar with this in real life at all.

no, i mean appealing to emotions is how you win in the West, appeal to emotions as half of the audience in politics will be women, the other will be eunuchs.
Instead of talking about refugee crimes and rapes, just tell women the government is evil for stealing "elites" from poor countries and putting them into camps instead of giving those poor blacks a chance to improve their own country that whites look out to keep down.

This is some advanced kikery right here.

Yeah, not seeing what you're getting at here m8y.

If these idiots put up with the crap anymore, they have stockholm syndrome.

You know what burns me the most with this game is how they have some good potential here. I like the idea of the setting, I love the figure of Uncle Jack showing up as a voice or live-action TV broadcasts. I just wish it wasn't procedurally generated.

I feel it would have been much better if it was one very well crafted area, like the city in Pathologic. It's sttatic but there is a shitload of things in there that are hidden away and little details here and there. They could keep the stupid wilderness survival bullshit and randomize that, but the town itself should remain the same so they could up the amount of polish in there with better interactions and character scripting instead of making everything generic so nothing could accidentally break character interactions.

Huh huh you seem to raise a good point but i noticed you had a level 0 steam account so that cancels out you're opinion.


Why would you ever, willingly, align yourself with Gearbox?

>You get a box, some paper, a lamp, a small probably plastic mask, and a vinyl.
Its not even so popular to deserve this. I wonder if Gearbox just wants to kill other companies out of spite.

For all the Battleborn porn Randy commissions

Just saying "if you want to make fun of something do it properly". This way people can't accuse you of taking shit out of context and you won't be caught with your pants down.

It must be fun actively killing video games.

So what he's saying is gearbox didn't tell them to up the price, add a season pass, and DLC, they did and would've done it regardless? Is that what he's saying?

Randy and his shit company are a kiss of death to anyone foolish enough to trust them.

So it's a walking simulator?

Also, for a world that has outlawed negative emotions and forces people to be happy, those propaganda posters look awfully dark and sinister

It's one thing to know the concept, it's another to experience it or have it be something you have to keep in mind during decision-making.
Check out Germany and oxytocin :^)

Greeks actually had long debates about that sort of thing. That it'd be manipulation and not rhetoric anymore, that it's highly immoral to argue like that, especially if you do it knowingly and willingly.

But politicians are elected by the people and therefore you get the politicians you deserve.

The game is only partially RNG for generation. The first islands all have a particular theme and you can find the same interesting zones in mostly the same order. It's not so much RNG but more like set pieces cobbled together to make a whole island, each piece hand craft.

I like the concept actually, it helps with replayability (something the game was going for) and exploring is a bit more fun when you don't know what you're gonna find or can just follow a guide with directions.

At the same time, I get to enjoy locations that were hand-crafted to fit that place, like the haunted mansion or the Yam Cliff, something I doubt I'd find in pure RNG created worlds.

It's by design, stop trying to use morally correct methods which don't work, out manipulate your opponents. And once you've seized whatever you're fighting for try to revert to the good ways, provided you still remember how
Modern education is a scam which raises absolute retards who are also led to believe they're all "independent, critical thinkers" who cannot comprehend idea other than theirs.
Then the same retards go to vote on whoever on the TV/Faceberg/twattor tells them to.

You can't debate leftists and you can't appeal to their emotions no more than you can talk the likes of ISIS down. They are fanatics and the only way to stop them is to kill enough of them to rob them of their positions of power.


Ends don't justify the means and you'd just be proving that their way of arguing is the right one anyway, if you only get results arguing the same way.
If reason and logic does not work, then they are beyond saving. Just leave it to Nature to kill them and let Darwin sort them out.

Smart people play the morality game when their opponents are dead and buried.

Yeah, no fucking luck on that front. They're going to doom us all before they die like the vermin they are.





Depends on the mastering and the source. You're not gonna get anything out of vinyl if you just "press" digital files on it. If you wanna go all analogue you have to use tape or vinyl, all analogue is something that barely happens now a days. So to sum it up, only LPs worth having or using are those from the 80's and before.

There a handful of bands that do put effort into their vinyl editions of album, like adding extra shit, using a special mastering etc. But that too seems to get rare because hipsters just buy this shit blindly.

Thanks for promoting this game with your shitty duck meme, Vinesauce.

Yes, basically.

I never heard of the game before. Are they trying to be like bioshock? This video gives me that bioshock vibe.

That's not only not very smart of you, you already lost the morality game if that's how you think.

Sez you. I got all the games I need in terms of my hobby covered, I have an assured place in my job anyway since I wasn't dumb and invested in an engineering degree and I'm too woke to fall for shallow bitches that will only show affection for my wallet.

It's well known that women are not happier with all the freedom they got, that niggers still do shitty jobs and bankrupt companies doing so, especially media, and every place taking migrants by the buttload is imploding.
The whole world is burning right on the Problematic Safe Spaces and I'm quite happy in my little hole.

I'm sure a lot of Anons have their backlog too, some close friends, a house far away from this shit and a nice beer to see the amazing spectacle that is the world burning.

Save your energy for now, we're gonna be the ones teaching our children how to rebuilt it.

You have no idea what realm we're about to enter…

Post the one with crystal shit.

If you mean because of the artstyle or because of the "blending in with the crowd" that was horribly attempted in Bioshock Infinite, it has nothing to do with those games.
Please don't make shallow comparisons made solely on what something looks like.

every time shit like this happens i nut


You tell me.

While the trailer looks like Bioshock, in truth its a kickstarter, early access, pre-order, DLC/Season pass, overpriced, open world, survival game.

The Camera,the way the game interacts with things,the art style,the false choice.

It jumped out at me like that with that censoring machine.

It happens every month.
I wonder how Friday the 13th is doing now?

So is it a miss print or…?

so… im sure i forgot some details but basically:
its an overpriced early access kickstarter pre-order dlc indie pseudo randomly generated permadeath almost open world survival crafting stealth dystopian clown horror fps

I don't care. I'll never buy it. I'll never play it. I haven't bought a new game (as in, in any capacity that a developer/publisher sees a dime of my money) in probably four years now. Steam is run by the kikey-est of kikes this side of Markstein. Who fucking cares. Fuck gearbox. Borderlands 1 and 2 were AIDs incarnate.

Selling 150$+ boxes with cheap, chinese plastic and no game is all the rage now.

Thanks for the hellish info Satan.


It's first person, dunno what you mean with the camera. Every first person game uses the same camera.

Is the same for every FPS. Do you actually play videogames?

That I'll agree, but please don't be one of those fools that's easily bamboozled by the artstyle…

There's no false choice, it's a cinematic only. At least they are honest about it.

At least that part lets you do different things with it unlike Bioshock…

You're welcome.

user, the whole point of the thread is to laugh at another developer that is so infantile he can't keep enough composure to not embarrass himself online. I can't imagine what hell it must be to work for these people, on top of Gearbox.


That whole festering tumor of a country needs gassed and gassed hard. Alberta and Yukon can stay, those two are 10/10 breddy guud places though

So there's a demographic more gullible than Star Citizen backers?

Is that some voodoo shit to keep the bad juju away or something?

Good old video games.

SC backers and audiophiles are on the same level pretty much, it makes no difference whether you throw thousands at a impossible to make videogame or expensive equipment snake oil to improve audio quality on a level human can't percieve.

For the record I'm not saying it was Jews…

But it was probably Jews.

My sides

Christ, all i want is a disc/cartridge, a box and a manual, but the industry keeps exaggerating this shit a lot.

This is why civilization is on a one way trip back to the dark ages. It is history repeating itself.

If theres anyone or anything to rebuild at all.
And demographics are a thing, unfortunately.
Just be careful with the "waiting and lenience" game or you might reach the point of no return
technology can do wonderful things in the right hands, especially when power is in question


Japs do some cool special editions with art books and drama CDs.

The West throws in some plastic shit.

CE have split off into two things:
- A game/console with a limited print run that will have the people tripping themselves to give money out to you

- An excuse to produce absolute shit nobody wants or cares about, but will buy if it's in a ce

See: gaystation and the WE WUZ ASSASSINS N SHIEET

And the fire rises.

Am I truly living the ancap memes?


Were overpriced headphones not enough?

Audiophiles are not smart

This is perfect.

Member, the best part was the one where they, after their ripoff being discovered, reached out to the makers of Codehunters with some vague promises about "working together" and strung them along for a few months this way.
They did this a second time literally copying shit from another artist for the BL2 handbook.

Would be funny if they only put the nonsense reddit audiophiles do in the anime instead of intermixing it with something that's actually helpful like a gold cable. although looking at the cable it's actually covered in a textile instead of rubber so it probably has shit isolation anyway

This is the single biggest confusing thing to me, honestly.

It's like the devs did absolutely no research or just didn't give a fuck.

Either way, it's the kiss of death for that game.

gearbox was probably the first to come knocking and these guys dropped their pants and bent over at the first whiff of a major publisher

Gold is a meme, it has more resistance than copper or silver, silver is the best material for the wire if you absolutely need the thinnest wires, but it's way more expensive than copper, the only good bit of gold is for plating the terminals because it doesn't oxidize.

God damn faggot. He surely has a punchable face.

Nice dubs.
Do you think /mu/ will like this?

More important question is why do you care what other people do with their time and money, so much so that it's actually making you mad?

Let it be, user. Let it be. There will be an Answer.

Yea fuck caring about something, just let everything be XD y so mad haha

I thought this was some bad kikery/joke move from EA with their Battlefield 1 (((collectors set))) and now other publishers are going to pull this shit? Jesus christ…

Fuck Cuckbox, fuck every single one of them, especially Pitchford
How does this joke of a company hasn't already bankrupted?

source? this looks interesting

What's were they thinking? The devs I mean.

I am loss at words.


Koreans Chinese, Thai and phillipinos are not ALL Asian ethnic groups.

It's always happened, Steam just let's developers prune negative feedback from their forums.
Which is why Forum mods should NEVER be allowed to be affiliated with the company.

If Gearbox manages to pull a Skullgirls on this I'm going to shit my pants.

the game was in development for years, probably ran out of kickstarter money and it wasn't selling too good on steam

Who wants to bet that they will add Handsome Jack's mask to the game now?

Yeah tried to ignore normalfags. Doesn't work THEY ARE LEGION.

If this shit uploads you're a lazy faggot. This is all you had to do. youtube-dl -f 160+139 youtube.com/watch?v=9m0OOurtOj8
You should still off yourself for watching him though.


Game was shit the moment they revealed it to be open world survival crafting faggotry. Gearbox can't ruin it further.


Gold is more conductive than copper silly.

I still wonder how the fucked up the release of world tour so badly. They already had megaton edition, but then they wanted to release their own version that came with less overall content and a less quality port. They even removed mod support in World tour to try and sell more dlc levels. Then the supposed levels made by the original creator were not even made by him. Most of the levels were auto-generated and slightly changed by an intern if I remember right.

Legally, they didn't.


I know the legality, but the whole thing was retarded how aggressively they went after the original release and any attempts to port the other Duke Nukem games just for a shittier version. They make duke spout memes, bazinga, and even talk shit about how bad misogyny is.


It isn't

Well what the fuck did you expect them to do after they realized they were actually barely getting money because of their contract with Devolver?
Do you not remember when they fucking pestered steam for months to take megaton edition away from everyone?

On the contrary. I know a nice little camp where we ought to… Concentrate all these devs. They even get free showers!

Shit, I don't remember any of this. Do we have links? I got Megaton Edition back in the day, how would they have tried to take that out of my library?

Void your steam key.

Front page on Steam running entirely negative. Even Steam users are waking up.

Cross fingers and hope that steam doesn't allow them to just mass delete reviews.


Should've done this sooner


Ayyy guey

Akiba's Trip: The Animation.



The Quebec fag is obviously lying and full of shit at this point. Would Sega really advise another publisher to go with Gearbox after Gearbox stole embezzled money from them?

Another developer I mean. Fuck

Betacuck shit developer detected.




Someone tell sega, they are gonna be SO mad.

It's like they knew the people buying this game were hipsters.

Oh shit, can someone please investigate this, we have to see where this goes. Potentially really lol material.

is that danny devito?

John Belushi. Animal House.

This is the definition of "taking too long to tell the joke". Any western media that takes 2 fucking minutes to say "audiophiles are retards" would be reamed for it. The equivalent of taking ten minutes to tell a knock-knock joke.

I really dont get the whole "collectors set" at launch thing. I mean what if you dont like the game ? Then you are stuck with a whole bunch of shit from a game you don't even like ??

Shitpost master.

Not too difficult to send this much of a cuck into the slaughterhouse.

Well, the guy is Canadian.

I also find it odd that he'd somehow have the producer at Sega in charge of working with Gearbox on his speed dial. And more than that, I find it unlikely that the Sega producer who worked with Gearbox on ACM still has a job.

Better than a single mother at least. (even if the kids aren't his.)

Its a weekly anime, 80-100% of the episode is filler

Guy probably has legit assburgers and didn't catch the JESUS NIGGA DON'T MAKE A DEAL WITH GEARBOX cues the Sony guy gave him.
Game dev isn't exactly a large scene and unless these guys were on a first name basis, talking frankly and bad mouthing Gearbox could've put the other guy in hot water down the road.

Something is amiss here.

You direct linked to EC


He just asked a guy high up in Gearbox if Gearbox was good.. Holy hell, he's been bamboozled!

Holy fuck this.

Either he's been bamboozled, or he is lying to make himself look good. There is also a possibility that Randy Pitchford actually told him to say that.

Kek, is this shit for real?

This whole shitshow is entertaining, I'm sure he'll make up an excuse to justify this.

Holy fuck, even kikes wouldn't try this.