StarCraft:BroodWar Thread

Holla Forums You should play StarCraft:BroodWar
it lead me to becoming a hikikomori it's that good, I think if it wasn't for this game I would still be in college or maybe even married.


I played it before, but what is the occasion?

This weirdly sounds like a marketing thread, but the game is free now.
I actually played for the past few days and have been doing the "Enslavers" bonus campaign missions. They are way harder than the real campaign.

But why would I?
If I want custom games, Warcraft 3 had a much better selection, and if I want competitive play, I have SupCom.

The campaign isn't that good, WC3 is better. I'm not a Korean to play multiplayer either.

Its just a fun game


Okay that is true

What is this, a 90s thread?
Anyone into RTS or even remotely into games in general should've already played it at some point.
Hell, even Conan played it already.



fucking awesome game, also it from start to finish on its time
never got into SC2 though, what am I missing?
are they coming out with a third or something?

The remaster came out.

SC2 sucks.
WoL campaign is good. HotS campaign is awful. LotV is good. Competitive game sucks. Custom games suck.

SC2 is awful, some people say its fun but the story seems atrocious.

Blizzard gives us some of the most powerful tools to make UMS maps and they fuck it up. All I recall being played was shitty nexus wars, an ASSFAGGOTS, and SPECIAL FORCES XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX edition

In the beta, they had some pretty kick ass maps. There was a battle arena game where you ran around as a marine and shot dumb fire rockets to kill other marines. Mafia was okay too but anything good seemed to get pushed away in favor of NEXUS WARS

The SP missions are fun, but the story is beyond retarded



tfw even before the remaster SCBW was more popular than SC2

Does the remaster let me play with the old graphics in 16:9?

Do I really need to make a bnet account and use their shitty client to play the remaster? Blizzard disappeared all my games from my old ass bnet account just cause and I don't really want to have to use another shitty ass client if I can help it.

I was glad they let me download the free SC1 version without any kind of hassle but fuck me if I have to deal with that shit for the "remaster".

Did they fix SC in wine?
How well does the remaster run on Linux?

I know that feel


Learn to read, nigga. I don't want to play this unfaithful SC2 looking garbage. But I'd enjoy the fuck out of classic starcraft in 16:9 aspect ratio.

Didn't SC2 had permanently online in the beginning? Was this patched out?

Don't get any Blizzard game that came out AFTER WoW.






You can only do vs AI offline. No LAN


Hey man, I would love to play the game I paid good money for back in 2000 or so. Unfortunately, those fucking cocksuckers at Blizzard decided that I no longer deserve to play the game on an operating system it says it was designed to run on on the box, because recent patches have forced the network stack to only work on newer versions of Windows. I hope they burn in fucking hell for this one.

Why the fuck are you still on windows 95/98?