Post God-tier flash games

Post God-tier flash games.

Other urls found in this thread: Shooter - Starwish - the most epic story for flash shooter game.swf!EnpWERbD!cJcSXGHu53-VW59elFbp7O9wtVvZncVWMs8SRhItFmM!AjpS1ABB!Mkw7b07OfAnkaT6GJoPkJgFCSEGaaet6UBGxkYu0enk

you got fooled by the fox too, didnt you

Submachine and the sequels.







Someone post the impossible quiz

I'm not going to bother posting the rest.

You mean artificial difficulty the flash game?




Still the best but not a game, last one looks fucking strange with his face length and is also not a game.

Why user





Thing thing, bunny invasion, dude and zombies, gravitee wars, darkest days, space game, creeper world, bloons, anything by Arkuni, list goes on.

Also holy shit that second one essentially a run or rape game but actually fun, innocent, and cute.
Thrird game is good too.

time for /f/ shit

Am I supposed to brute force the combiantion?

Stick Arena.

It was the shit for a few years, then they fucked it all up with dimensions and that pretty much killed it.

Did any of you see the huge fucking mess that was Sonny 3?

A shame, since the art is pretty alright.

Anyone got furry table porn?

you mean this?

I guess Gemcraft is considered a given and the reason nobody posts it.

What the fuck didI just play.






fuck wrong thread

Frank's Adventure

Homestarrunner had some pretty fun games.


It feels so fucking bad, so fucking bad. Imageboards are now normalfag central and are filled with retards. I can only image the suffering the Japs that used to go on 2ch feel.


Filesize too big

never been blueballed so hard in my life, i barely had my hand on my dick by the time it ended

Post porn flash games


Advanced Wars inspired games.

Oh fuck dice wars hasn't been posted yet.

The art is shit compared to the old games stylistically even if it's better technically. The new games lack that Gondola-esque yearning atmosphere the surreal old art had.


Someone post it, need a good fap.

I know I posted this zonetan one but I cannot for the life for the life of me get her naked, what am I doing wrong?


Define "game".

You click something and something else happens,that and you can't finish the game in under a minute.

Garbage for ants.

If you can find it I would love to play it again without having to shell out money.

Define finish.

Finish (v.)-to complete,to be done, to see all of which something has to offer.

Well if is the flash that I think it is, then you could finish it in under a minute if you don't take your time but taking your time is kind of the point.


Is this fucking 3d rendered by swf?


Anyone got the script for embedding swfs?



It's a lot about the positioning and knowing how the AI will move as well, and sometimes building up so you can strike later.

thanks doc

Might as well post Undertale.

Madness project nexus 2 when?

We can both reinforce ~5 tiles from 1 back to full strength in a single turn (i.e. even if you fail an attack your province will be back to full strength before the other player can counter-attack). Combine this with the single-province chokepoint and it's just WW1-tier trench warfare right now.

I remember playing this with a friend who used cheat engine to piss people off. Although I stopped playing around when ballistick rolled out cause I think they wanted some money for the newer features

nope, pre-rendered

Luckily I've worked out a way to win: the AI will never attack with less than 8 against an 8 stack while I can attack with 7 against their attack. There are low odds of success but after ~20-30 human wave assaults I can just secure two provinces instead of one. Of course the second province I secure is surrounded by 4 enemy 8-stacks so it normally falls again next turn but I should eventually get lucky and hold it (I estimate it'll take a total of 60-70 wave attacks for the odds to work in my favour since I'm attacking with 7 vs 8 then trying to defend with 8 vs 8x4).

Genuinely didn't notice that.

right, bored now
even went to take a shit in the meantime
how old is that flash? I remember seeing screenshots of it in a magazine in like 2003 or something


Yup, worked eventually. A human player probably would have mirrored that tactic though and we really would have just gone around in circles.

On second thoughts Daily Dice fits better.

Well, for some reason flash games become unresponsive to inputs when I open them.

such a shame

Jesus fucking christ.

It doesn't work on all of them but its better than nothing.

this is amazing, best one in the thread
its a never ending shitpost

Man what happened to myiazaki
is that what anime does to men?

Holy fuck, that second one.
Undertale literally BTFO.

Holy hell man, I was drinking when I got up the Moblin, I nearly choked. That is some top tier bantz.

I still don't get it, is it about a wife who doesn't do anything and then her husband rapes her mouth for being useless or is it her son because reasons I read online a long time ago?
What the fuck is the point of that flash?






Also, I have finished armor_cube and made a guide for myself too. So if your stuck just ask.

Ah, they've patched it. Those links were to a whole directory of games hosted on a flash game site


The whole game is a jab at Indishits, SJWs and most definitely Undertale.

The play area has finite dimensions

It has more to do with Gone Home than it does Undertale.

no it doesn't
post video proof, tovarish

Not at all, Undertale has the "hero is the villain and is actually unwittingly slaughtering innocent monsters" thing and lesbian lovers as well.

and the two fag knights you're not allowed to wreck or you never get the pacifist ending


It's a general mockery of games-are-art videogames and left-centric themes, where traditional roles of heroism are portrayed as villainy based off masculinity.
Undertale is an exploration of player choice that allows for interpretation on which is the right and true ending based off what you do and play, and in many ways it can be interpreted that the genocide ending is the true ending.
You're reaching if you think they have parallels other than on a superficial level.

this was posted 4 months ago

Meh. Only if the MC wasn't killed off by a random spook. Historically speaking, those who do the genociding don't get killed off by "ironic karma."

But that's completely wrong. You're either killing them on purpose (in self-defense or otherwise) or you're not killing them at all.

You can be killing them in self-defense but the game still treats you like a murderer and villain for it.

Probably because the games primary theme is forgiveness. I can't believe I have to explain this shit to people.

I'll expand on this concept since I'm bored. Here is what an actual genocide ending would have been.
MC shatters the entire kingdom of monsters, returns to the human world.
MC is accordingly lauded as a hero for removing a threat that had been aggravating the human lands for years. For a direct historical example of this, President Andrew Jackson who both rekt and removed redskins from american territory.
MC lives a good, long life among his people who get to expand into the monster kingdoms and become more powerful than ever before, causing anybody to have second thoughts before challenging them, if they were thinking of attacking them before.

That's what an actual genocide ending would have been, when compared with all of history, not this sappy "judgment day nao killed by a ghost lolololol" ending they made instead.

Well that flash strikes me more as parodying the likes of Undertale where there's such a parallel than a girl reading notes in her empty house.

URB games are pretty fucking good. The Mud and Blood series must have been the one browser game I never tired of playing. The third installment finally came in a few months ago, too.

Can you even get a game over? The screen just keeps getting higher and whiter. It made an eagle noise.

Undertale isn't an artsy game. There's CURRENT YEAR BS in it, but its not trying to be a political statement where you read into shit like 'the inherent toxic masculinity in videogames'.
And honestly, the gay guards? Old joke. Two dudebros who are secretly gay isn't new.

Okay, this was just before a game over.

nice tree

>The dev now wants to make AW2 a 3d game
>quite literally over 9 years in development
send help

I miss early newgrounds, it was back when the internet was fun and not overrun by no fun allowed assholes.

Or any game, for that matter


I'm guilty of doing just that also. Olli3s SAB Trainer, good times pissing off kids with the aimbot and the infinite health. Got to rank 8 with it alone before getting banned. Rinsed and repeated. Such fun..

Could I get a link?
I love AW

This masterpiece here.


finding content in these fetishes isn't fucking easy, man.

I wish there was a proper translation of it. I feel like I'm missing some details or possible interactions, plus I have no idea what these gauges mean.


Mud and Blood is the tits, though I've not played in years.

That got an HD release a while back. Webm related.

thanks doc.


Anyone got this one 2chan flash that used raspberry heaven as ending?(warning: old as hell)

I have this one, not the one with raspberry heavy.

Yeah i remember this one, also iirc, someone switched the bgm for hey sandy

Am I retarded or does anyone else see the similarities between these two games?

Survival offshot:

Apples in the Tree - I remember fapping to the main character a lot.

Bit too big to post. Shooter - Starwish - the most epic story for flash shooter game.swf


function setupSwf(thumb, url) { if (thumb.swfAlreadySetUp) return; thumb.swfAlreadySetUp = true; var swf = null; var spaceFiller; var swfContainer, swfHide; var expanded = false; var fileInfo = thumb.parentNode.querySelector(".fileinfo"); var mouseDown = false; function unexpand() { if (expanded) { expanded = false; = "none"; swf.src = ""; = "inline"; = "inherit"; = "inherit"; = "inherit"; = "inherit"; } } function getSwf() { if (swf == null) { swf = document.createElement("iframe"); swf.src = url; swfHide = document.createElement("img"); swfHide.src = configRoot + "static/collapse.gif"; swfHide.alt = "[ - ]"; swfHide.title = "Collapse swf"; = "-15px"; = "left"; swfHide.addEventListener("click", unexpand, false); spaceFiller = document.createElement("img"); spaceFiller.innerHTML = "Loading..."; spaceFiller.src = '' swfContainer = document.createElement("div"); = "15px"; = "none"; swfContainer.appendChild(swfHide); swfContainer.appendChild(swf); swfContainer.appendChild(spaceFiller); thumb.parentNode.insertBefore(swfContainer, thumb.nextSibling); } else { swf.src = url; } } thumb.addEventListener("click", function(e) { getSwf(); expanded = true; = "absolute"; = "inherit"; = "inline"; = "50%"; = "static"; = "inherit"; = "inline"; = "inline"; = "block"; = "static"; swf.parentNode.parentNode.removeAttribute('style'); = "none"; setTimeout(expand2, 100); e.preventDefault(); }, false); function expand2() { = "100%"; = window.innerHeight + "px"; = $(swf).outerWidth() + 'px'; = $(swf).outerWidth() * 0.75 + 'px'; =; var bottom = swf.getBoundingClientRect().bottom; if (bottom > window.innerHeight) { window.scrollBy(0, bottom - window.innerHeight); } }}function setupSwfsIn(element) { var thumbs = element.querySelectorAll("a.file"); for (var i = 0; i < thumbs.length; i++) { if (/(\.swf)$/.test(thumbs[i].pathname)) { setupSwf(thumbs[i], thumbs[i].href); } else { var m = thumbs[i].search.match(/\bv=([^&]*)/); if (m != null) { var url = decodeURIComponent(m[1]); if (/(\.swf)$/.test(url)) setupSwf(thumbs[i], url); } } }}setupSwfsIn(document);if (window.MutationObserver) { var observer = new MutationObserver(function(mutations) { for (var i = 0; i < mutations.length; i++) { var additions = mutations[i].addedNodes; if (additions == null) continue; for (var j = 0; j < additions.length; j++) { var node = additions[j]; if (node.nodeType == 1) { setupSwfsIn(node); } } } }); observer.observe(document.body, {childList: true, subtree: true});}

I remember playing this as a kid. Replaying it again now, I truly see the problem with these games.

or alternatively…

realistic, r-r-right??

I could never solve the puzzle in the janitor closet.

Anyone got a playable swf of Motherload?

anyone remember that flash game where you go around doing chores and solving puzzles to gain pictures of hot naked babes?
It was like "something something island" or "something adventure" and it went for 3 or 4 instalments

franks adventure?

that's it
thanks man



Morbid and the Fog Fall are point and click games: one is set during medieval plague, other after apocalypse. They are quite easy, but it's the art style that always brings me back to replay them.

At least it's yuri.


does anyone have that flash where you're a girl running errands in this town but people are tricking you into sexual shit?


There's nothing wrong with this.

There is when one of them is a disgusting landwhale.

She's a dinosaur, might be like that from birth. I'm more disgusted by Mettaton.

Swords and Sandals was fun, please show me similar games guys

Take a few seconds, reflect your result. Now relive your life from sperm to adult.

What is this shit?



I miss when I couldn't understand half of that sentence and knew nothing about furries.

Why are furries so laughably incompetent? How do they even manage to finish anything at all?

whoo golly that was a long game, pardnah

Damn, i tried M&B3 and its still needs some polishing, the game crashes is you insta gib a enemy or one of your guys get gibber, over that the fact that the FPS start dying after 2 or 3 battle screens. Over that there's also my firefox shittery.

Despite that, it's pretty fun

It has potential, it just needs more bug fixing and optimization.

An accurate depiction of modern Europe

Thoughts on Steppenwolfe?

Are good flash games dead now mobile games have taken off?

You must be 18 years or older to post here.
That being said, flash is shit

That was rather mediocre.

i remember an old flash game i played, but i dont remember the name it was a tower defense were you had to protect yourself from a purple fog that grows until it overwhelms you, or you destroy its source. anyone know the game?

Creeper World?

I think if it gets wide enough, the screen will go white and you win, with your score being determined by how low you kept the aspect ratio of your wall.


I feel that feel too my dude

Holy shit, is that what it was called? I've been asking practically everywhere for the slightest clue for fucking ever. Thanks, man. You did me a solid.

Right in the nostalgia

Theory 1: Perhaps it started out as a way to highlight how empty and dead someone's life could be in a bleak environment with no work until the point where their family beings to disintegrate in part due to the mother's neglect or because they're *all* fucked up in ways that never got explored. The person making it got so far, got bored, decided 'fuck it' and whacked that totally sideways ending onto it.

Theory 2: It was a troll from the start.

holy fuck user

Now there's some grade-A Autism

The worst part is, that unlike regular tetris, the game does not get faster as it progress. I believe that was tied to how many lines you completed. Because of that, as the screen get larger and larger, your piece starts higher and higher, and must be moved farther and farther left and right. There is no instant drop either. When the walls vanish they disappear from bottom to top and I can not hit the disappearing wall with my pieces before they reach the top. The game is actually gone from piss easy to slightly difficult simply by virtue of it being hard as fuck to see.

Do you mother fuckers even now about the best game?

Final ratio: 0.03913043478
Height: 9
Width: 230
Beat that.

Also, the top possible scores are:
0.01739130435 4/230
0.01304347826 3/230
0.00869565217 2/230

quality thread bump

Bump at page 12 or later feggit.






Mettatons a reverse tranny if I recall.





Does anyone else remember a 3D maze/dodging flash game where you had to fly through loops and avoid obstacles? It started off slow and got faster as you went on and the primary colors were red and black. IIRC after you died it zoomed out and you were just a sphere. Not sure if it was flash specifically, but I remember playing it on Newgrounds. Anyone else remember this?


Sometime early next year. They are almost done. If you want to sift through 2 hours of live shitposting to find where they say it embed related.

is this the time 8/v/ translates an ancient hentai flash game?

what the fuck is the purpose of translating it?
It's been uncensored already. I jerked off to Risty's a lot and have a well developed fetish for red heads, and women with more firm body tone with big breasts.

wat is this sorcery


does anyone have a full uncensored version of blue jellyfish of forest?

Why has nobody mentioned Arcuz ?

Trees -!EnpWERbD!cJcSXGHu53-VW59elFbp7O9wtVvZncVWMs8SRhItFmM
Boat -!AjpS1ABB!Mkw7b07OfAnkaT6GJoPkJgFCSEGaaet6UBGxkYu0enk

Have some sidescrolling shooters.

Bump. I've been trying to get around to playing all these games so I know what to save.


Wonder how many flash boards there are?
Also inane comment bump

All of them dead unfortunately. /f/ was doing ok for a little bit until the mods their thought it was a cool idea to implement the index feature which removed all the old posts which pretty much killed the entire board in 1 swift move. classic /f/ is never coming back, and this depresses me greatly


But goddamn that Zebra got me diamonds before I even knew what THICC was.


Alright you weeaboo fucks, I need my flash game, and I know some of you virgins want it back too. Pics are of the game, and the embed is of the only song that anyone remembers (aside from santaclausiscomingtotown.midi)

Anyone have a .swf, or does this game not have one? is the original link to the website.

Fullchan is being a shitter, here are the pictures.

H-have we lost another classic?

Check way back machine it can have backups to downloads of files so you might be able to find it and save it even if it won't open in browser via way back machine.

Check way back machine it can have backups to downloads of files so you might be able to find it and save it even if it won't open in browser via way back machine.>>13325453

i spent too much time on this piece of shit

What a loss of time


Tried, no success. Fuck the Albertus dude for dying or whatever he did.


Is it supposed to be that 1 is the easiest, or 5 is the easiest, for that zone-tab game?

I wanted to play this series over the summer for nostagia but couldn't find any working versions.

What the fuck happened to Cartoon Network's flash games? Do they exist anywhere?


Ah, I see you are a man of taste as well.
I still have to play 10, or maybe 9 and 10.
Started with the Mayan tomb one, man that intrigued me.
Always used guides though. I'm just impatient.
I should play them all again in order and use no guides.
What the fuck was 2 or 3 though, infinite fucking rooms at the end, right?

Only true god of flash games.
pics related

I tried to play Wonderputt today, turns out every instances of the game is broken after the first hole, my life sucks

Rough/basic Sinjid guide:
General: Put points into right side to get the mana and health regen to stay alive.
Balanced: Don't
Warrior: Get lots of health. Put lots of points into Avenger. Use Avenger to OHKO while at low health.
Spell Caster: Get lots of mana. Put lots of points into Mana Bomb. Use Mana Bomb to OHKO at full/high mana.
Shadow Ninja: Get lots of speed. Put lots of points into Speed Strike. Use Speed Strike to do consistent damage to everything.

You might as well an hero already.

Peasant's Quest was excellence.


Anyone have any good car games?



You're a good guy

A lot of CN's games were made in shockwave, which is really gay because it's not an easy format to save. pic related

Anyone have a .swf of Sonny 2 that is below 12MB?



Yeah, also all the times flash was disabled site wide is also had a part in killing those boards too.

Here is a game that is really really fucking good and I have also never seen it posted on an image board before.

It's not like the swf format will just magically disappear (and the specifics are already open source).
Just get a flash_player_standalone.exe and save it till the end of time.

Adobe have always been extremely inept considering handling of flash. And finally sucking off to google's cock is no exception. They were the last plugin to yield, but it was only a matter of time (read:money).

Here's the relevant swf archive article: