But I didn't, I bought it every single (re)release. It truly is a wonderful game, just the best game around town, I tell you.

Empty piece of shit? Lies I say. Preposterous this game Skyrim 5 is amazing. You see those mountains, you can climb them. Those NPCs? You can mod them then fuck them.

It gets better each time I play it, no need for mods!
If I do choose to get mods, I only use the official ones.


When is Skyrim 2 coming out?

wew lad

i actually bought it on steam once because i was too dumb to learn how to instal mods
bully me

you dont deserve those dubs. hand them back

that movie was hilarious

You must like video games to post here.

I like video games, just not yours, Toddler.

Todd you fucker, what did you do to my series?

You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy shitty RPGs, not produce them; bring balance to the Elder Scrolls, not leave it in darkness!

Hey, user. Seems you left the door open so I let myself in. I think we should take a look at your steam library.

Castle doctrine, faggot

B-but Todd! I bought the regular edition, all the DLCs individually, the Game of The Year Edition, AND the Special Edition!

I have Fallout: New Vegas and all of its DLC!

Couldn't agree more, Tjodd Howadnir


Sorry, user. Clearly it's your mother I need to talk to and not you.

New policy. I'm gonna have to check if you at least have the base game for Fallout 4.

pleasure doing business with you user!

I have no steam library.

Why. Wont. You. BUY?!?!?!